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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we've been dealing with a couple of accident already this morning, some construction, still waiting for that to clear. but over katie we know maybe some rain is moving our way. >> depending where you are, gun to see it, too. tonight clearly no umbrellas needed here on the skydeck, depending where you are you may want to think about grabbing it on the way out the doorment primarily first half of the dent event we'll see some showers coming through, comes courtesy every frontal boundary moving through. so really seeing the leading edge of it as we speak with some showers again primarily across your lehigh valley region, berks county, starting to blossom further south you go on i95. a matter of time t feels really muggy out here on the skydeck right now. we take a look at the pollen report in the next couple of days, so for now, we've got month proving through, bridges wet weather, so it helps to wash away some of the pollen. primarily tree pollen at this time of the year going to cause issue, but by the upcoming easter weekend notice how they spiker again, if you
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have outdoor plans as so many of you likely do keep the meds at the ready here if you suffer from seasonal allergies, meanwhile temperatures not bad. again, feels kind of muggy and humid outside. mid and lower 60s, up and down i95, 64 in dover, the list goes on, up toward the mount pocono area, allentown, finding wet weather pushing throughment temperatures currently low 50's, yes, you have variety depending on location, but we do expect at least in philadelphia to warm right back up again, even though we bottom out by another couple degrees, still scattered showers to tract, despite the colds front passage we expect we will still have easy time at least flirting with 70 degrees today. >> cold air taking time to catch up to us. >> sounds that way. thanks so much. so, for our morning commute, you could be dealing with some slick spots, for the most part, things looking dry. we are dealing with construction, 422 westbound at route 23. this is what we've been talking about all week long, has impacted some of you,
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still out there, left lane still block. see all of the cones as well as flashing lights, and this is in place until around 6:00 a.m. so we have about another hour to go. that is just when things start to heat up just little bit. good news this friday is tending to be one of the lighter travel daysment construction 95 south at allegheny do, have police lights way up here in the distance, not causing any slow downs per say, but it could as we reach into that 6:00 hour, so, we'll keep you posted on. that will falls bridge opened yesterday at 3:00 p.m. great news for those of you that take the falls bridge, scheduled to be closed up until april 1st, opened like i said yesterday at 3:00 p.m. great news there. construction here, 295 southbound, delaware memorial bridge. two lanes blobbed, right now, make note of that for those of in you and around that area. that will certainly cause slow downs for some of you. also disable vehicle, fox chase road, huntingdon pike, make note of this, as well. sometimes something insignificant specially wet roadways can cause slow downs, make note of that, as well. back to you. >> meisha, thank you. villanova wildcats look like champion contenders after dominating performance against
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miami in the sweet 16. now, this is the casino of game it was for the wildcats here. chris jenkins nailed that long three pointer near the end of the first half. felt like villanova just couldn't miss all night. red hot cats shot 63% on the way to 92 to 69 blow out. eyewitness sports reporter leslie van arsdale caught up with the players after that huge win. >> when ville november is on, they are on. when making three's, they're unstoppable, makes them perhaps the most dangerous team in the tournament right now. >> shooting like that, if anything is showing the way we're showing right now, could east lib the most dangerous team in the country. hopefully keep shooting like that so we can keep playing the way we are. >> no question they're playing the best basketball, 23-point win, defeated first 3ncaa opponent by average of 24 points. >> i mean, we're just all being aggressive. that's what we do. make plays after that. everybody has the freedom to make the right play and be aggressive. >> really talking to each other. defensive ends stepping up for
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each other, not making plays, on the offensive end, just defense making solid plays. >> crazy. but i think a lot of that feeding off the defense, a the love times able to get out there, get a fast break layups, easy baskets, get us in rhythm. >> even coach jay wright cannot believe it. >> we've not shot the ball like this all year. we know we have good shooters, i do think that we're getting really intelligent playing together. i think we played 37 games. so, i think, you know, the last four, five games, we got great rhythm. so villanova keeps playing, final 41st time since 2009. leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> cheering for them. meantime in our region villanova fans also celebrating the big win. >> some student and alumni who
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couldn't make it to louisville cheered on at taproom. some fans so excited they say they're actually going to make last minute decision to head to the elite game saturday in kentucky. >> we're going to louisville tomorrow. now we will road check. real excited. >> we're seniors, our last year, so just happen that i they made it this far. >> villanova class of 2,000. i've been waiting a long time for this. and it is awesome. >> hey, up next for villanova, game saturday night against top seeded kansas in the elite eight. winner moves on to the final four. that game scheduled to start just before 9:00. you can watch it right here on cbs-3. >> 5:05 right now. caught in the crossfire, a teenage girl is shot while just standing on her front porch of her home in hunting park. police are looking for that shooter. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now outside east detective with the latest on this investigation. justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, what a scare for this team, girl,
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standing outside of her own home, talking to her sister, bullets break out, she is struck. this morning she is now at temple university hospital in stable condition at last check. and meantime, east detective are looking for who ever shot her. let's take to you video from last night. police say that odds are high that 16 year old girl is just an innocent bystander, perhaps struck by stray bullet, 25th district police on scene at north seventh and luzerne about 11:30 last night called by that teen's family, months after she was shot. police say tends to go her wounds, gunshot to her left feel or area. investigators say she was out walking her dog, talking to her sister on the front steps of their hunting park home, while talking, the sisters did hear gunfire, then that 16 year old realize that she had been hit and ran inside her house not knowing who opened fire or why. >> we don't have motive for the shooting, we don't have
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any identification of the shooter or shooters, how much, fortunately, we found several businesses, at least four separate businesses, in the immediate area, that do have exterior surveillance cameras. >> and back out live, east detective will go to those businesses, and comb through the footage hoping to catch a glimpse of the shooters. teen again here in stable condition. police say likely in the wrong place at the wrong time, and sometimes, erika, that apparently is outside your own home. >> such a shame, thank you. >> warning signs missed. belgium officials admit there were failures in law enforcement and intelligence that could have stopped tuesday's deadly bombings in brussels. this morning, secretary every state, john kerry, is therefore counter terror talks. >> meanwhile, authorities continue to search for at least one of the bombers still on the run. that bomber has unknown number of acme cents,us state department says about dozen
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americans were injured in the attacks. several are still missing. wipe know at least two of the bombing suspect were on us watch list. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang with the latest from washington. >> french police raided house in paris suburb, arrest ago man they say was in the advanced stages of a plot to attack their country so far they found no links to the november paris attacks, or the brussels bombings. investigators in belgium say they've arrested six people in raids, in connection with the brussels attack. cbs news has learned, two brothers, suspected in the attacks, were on an us terrorism watch list. police believe eastbound ham blew himself in the airport bombing and his younger brother, kale i had likely died at the subway station. officials say interpole had issued a red level arrest warrant for khalid in december when belgium police connected him to one of the hide-out apartment used to plan the paris attacks. turn i shall security offices
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and he is dollars abraham, when he was caught trying to sneak into syria. new video shows the chaos that immediately followed tuesday's bombings at the airport. pro-basketball player, sebastian, who lives in michigan, was seriously wounded. >> remember just fixate g on a feeling, just be like, okay, now, you know, they're not going to get me. >> belgium officials lowered the terror threat level one notch on thursday, but warned another attack is possible and likely. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a 09:00 right nowment and today is good friday. that means, most local government offices are closed. there is also no trash collection today in philadelphia. soap, if today is your normal trash day, your garbage will be picked up tomorrow instead. also heads up, most banks also open along with the post office. >> atlantic city is on the brink of bankruptcy. but what happens next for the resort town is still un clear.
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the dueling plans that saved the city and the impact it will have on people there. also: >> real men don't try to bully women. >> the war over wives heats up in campaign 2016. what other republicans are saying about the nasty feud between ted cruz and donald trump. >> also, a wild scene here when two men fight over a motorcycle right in the middle of the road. and that's not even the most chaotic part of the confrontation. see how this finally ends the. >> ♪ >> the rolling stones getting ready for historic performance tonight, the band's big gig that's a first in their history. when we come back. good morning. >> ♪
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>> atlantic city in financial crisis and the mayor of governor chris christie are going back and forth about what should happen next. mayor don guardian says a state take over is not the answer. it is something governor christie has advocated. the mayor says, the state plan would sell off city assets and force union contracts to be thrown out. dollars the city says it will shut down nonessential services april 8th if it does in the get cash for the state. >> a lot of issues that i
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agree with our governor, by taking over atlantic city, certainly not one of them. we will run out of money because the governor withheld 33 and a half million dollars. no one else to blame here. >> on atlantic city radio station yesterday, the governor reaffirmed his support after state take over, saying, it is the best past forward. >> turning to campaign 2016. donald trump and ted cruz continue their war of words while gop leaders calling for more civil campaign, on the democratic side, the candidates are focusing on foreign policy. core spore doesn't done -- champion from new york. >> the feud between ted cruz and donald trump keeps getting uglier. >> donald you are a coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> crews fired back after the billionaire re tweeted a picture insulting his wife's appearance. >> let me be absolutely clear. our spouses and our children are off bound. >> trump claims cruz started the fight when an anti-trump
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super pack post add picture of his wife millania. the tone has rattled established republicans like house speaker paul ryan. >> when passions flare, ugliness is sometimes inevitable. >> we shouldn't except ugliness as the norm. >> on the democratic side, frontrunner hillary clinton is focused on the general election. she bashed trump's foreign affairs experience on jimmy kimmel. >> i look forward to debating him and trying to figure out where he stance on issues. >> do you think he knows who, like the prime minister of canada is? >> no. >> on the campaign trail thursday, her rival, bernie sanders, also turned his attention to trump. >> he will not become president, because the american people understand that coming together as a people always trump's dividing us up.
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>> alaska, hawaii, washington this weekendment don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we have rain moving in today, a lot of people worried about their egg hunts. >> baby's first egg hunts. >> i am hoping it is dry. >> we are dealing with a weekends sandwiched between two rounds every wet weather so; so the time something on our side here. >> exactly, how often does this happen? so let's go with it, right? but that said, little dreary look to the view here outside palmyra cove nature park here in palmyra, new jersey, see well off in the distance there, track being showers off to the west, that will be eventually, moving in for the rest of you if you haven't already start today see it i personally had to flick the windshield wipers once, twice, on my drive n so out there, the moisture starting to build. feels casino every muggy outside right now, until this cold front crossing through it will sort of refresh the
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atmosphere, will start to see the pollen levels. so that always helps yields to high pressure cents as it does so, allows for more sunshine, pretty phenominal weekends, walk you through future weather with the surface map put over top of. that will cold front still pushing through by about lunchtime, clearing out though easily as the day prague row cents further inland and north that you are, that is the earlier you will start to maybe see the clouds break for bit of sunshine, once high pressure builds in, cooler air takes over, and we actually ends one pretty nice day, depending when your egg hunt may start, outdoor plans by noon tomorrow, under full sunshine, the whole day, nice pleasant saturday. sin day, 10:00 a.m., region under the sun, new storm waiting in the wings will help to start trigger more clouds to build into the region, eventually it also triggers some rain that will pick up for us specially into monday. calling for dry easter weaken, just in general, beautiful
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graphic, to get you through sunday, sunshine, eventually some clouds, mild, 64 degrees, not bad, normal high is mid 50's, this time of year. so today actually still warmest day, even though that cold front crossing through tomorrow, temperatures take a hit and respond to the cooler air, but easter sunday still looking pretty nice, rain arrives again monday shall meisha? >> it is friday, so rain or sunshine, we are happy. good morning, everyone. hope you're waking up with us. what we are dealing with construction 95 south at allegheny. we have police activity right here. as you move in the southbound direction. make note of that. not causing too many slow downs, even over the past it ten minutes starting to see level build basically kind of anywhere you are. make note of that. friday's tend to be lighter travel dates, how much, we never know what we could get. in try could be different. schuylkill eastbound city avenue looking pretty good traveling eastbound, moving in the eastbound direction. now if you look just past those trees moving in the westbound direction, that's where we really are starting to see things heat up for you.
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westbound heating up. eastbound still looking pretty good this very early friday morning. new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, what you are looking like as you approach and take it all the way to 295-6789 usually see a lot of headlight out, they're already in the 5:00 hour, what we are seeingment construction 295 southbound delaware memorial bridge, two lanes block, there make note of that. i have more construction points to let you know about, coming up in about ten minutes. >> thank you, hey, some good news for you bridge back open to cars this morning, city inspectors reopened the bridge after two month of emergency repairs, they finished the work one week ahead of schedule. >> chick this out, suspect in the white truck there, jumps out of the vehicle then tries to steel the motorcycle in front of him. the biker fights back, and the suspect jumps back into his truck eventually running over the motorcycle. see that? then speeding away.
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police say the chase came to end sometime later when that truck flipped over. >> what were you thinking? >> surveillance camera captures when the car drives over a parking garage. police in maryland say a woman pulling into parking space when she crashed through a concrete barrier, and then landed upside down on the pavement. >> fall four floors, expected to make a full recovery. wow. all right, there is a new reason for women to get a mammogram, the other dangerous condition it can detect aside from breast cancer. >> the symptoms go away, the kids need to go to a different gym or not going there at all. >> fight to go survive. huge impact a local gym has on a community, and why it is struggling to stay open. when we come back. hey, thanks for stopping by. you know, i've followed your character since the first episode. i'm a big fan, big, big fan... thank you. listen, your storyline
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>> someone more reason why mammograms are so important.
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we all know they can help detect breast cancer, researchers say mammograms could also be useful to identify women at risk for heart disease. they say the presence every calcium build-up in the breast, which can be seen during a digital mammogram, they can predict early bill up of plaque in the heart's arteries, especially, in young women. >> a local boxing club is changing young lives one punch at a time. but it needs help to keep the stores open. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows you the fighting spirit that's having big impact on the community. >> reporter: inside a small unassuming building. >> chris? >> reporter: in the grays ferry section, greatness, is emerging. but the road there wasn't always so clear. >> i was still messing around on the street fighting, a lot of violence, getting in trouble in school, and when i came here a lot of positive role models were shown to me, and inspired me to do
5:25 am
something greater, inspired me to be something greater. >> reporter: i credit that to a philadelphia police sergeant who graced the boxing club. >> our neighborhood always has a lot of wasted talent. >> reporter: but with each jab, and every disciplined day, champions are built here. >> cha you it is okay to get beat up, knock down, you get back up. >> reporter: message of resilience who puck with vincent who met rafferty on the back after patrol car. >> on the road i was going, probably would have been lock up for couple of assaults, once i come in here, everything goes away. i train, i lever, like i'm a new me. >> for the many ways this gym shaped this athlete, the building it self needs some work, too. >> there is a leak in the back, the rain tearing it up, little things. once you deal with one problem, you see ten other problems. >> now with go fund me page, they hope the community will pull together to fight.
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for this small unassuming building. >> like a second home. >> that's given these athlete great pride and a purpose. >> whatever you do, do with all of your heart. >> let's just say i took that advice. in grays ferry, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". i hope they can keep that building open. helping so many teens. just need that helping hands and little direction. >> really rings close to home. my dad professional boxer, started off with very rough up bringing, boxing basically saved him, then he continued into pro athlete not it mention great, great work out. so awesome to see them doing that. go fund me page. >> absolutely, do it. >> coming up: remembering former philadelphia eagle taken to soon. >> the legacy. >> erika, we are live outside the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. where tonight the sweet 16 rolls into town. i've got a cool story coming up about a local high school
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star, who will be playing here tonight, but coming up next we've got all of the highlights from last night's villanova wildcats win. it was a wild one. we've got that next. >> i always love seeing pat on a friday. also there is guy just looks like an oscar trophy, take a closer look here, what did he to turn a golden ticket to jail. katy? >> oh, my. folks, actually looking ahead to pretty phenominal weekend, given the fact east is her right around the corner, i have good news coming upment meantime we are tracking rain, we'll tell when you to expect the wet weather when we check eyewitness weather coming up.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". total domination. villanova blows out miami to march on to the elite eight. now, march madness arrives in philadelphia. a home-grown star tells us his favorite part about playing in front of the home crowd tonight. >> first though, yes, we new it had to eventually end. after several days every just great weather, katie is tracking some rain this morning. she'll let you know exactly when you need that umbrella for now at least 63 degrees, walking out to your car, this is not bad, right? >> feels great, i think. >> i know the drivers are loving this, i know rain now, but you have been loving. >> and depending where you are, too, finding wet weather already. it is not everywhere yet. it does feel pretty muggy outside. a lot of moisture starting


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