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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, we begin with breaking news right now, egypt air flight is hijack and forms dollars to land. who was allowed off the plane, who the hijack is her still holding hostage. the latest just ahead. also, this morning, parents need to speak out about the hazing controversy at a local high school. why some say the allegations are lies. >> and gusty start to your tuesday morning, we are looking liver. katie test us just when the wind will die down, hopefully soon. good morning, it is tuesday, march 29th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> a check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha a good morning, laid glitz good morning, happy tuesday, yes, certainly seeing some residual effect because of all of the winds, seeing downed trees, and other things like t so katie will this persist all morning long? >> looks like it will be with us for the next couple of hours, yes, if you had the
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wind gusts yesterday, likely to have them still at this point. walking you through the current winds in a second here, what we do have going for us quiet and very tranquil storm scan3 shot. which, you know, as the tri-state sweep is made here, not finding much of anything. granted few higher clouds in the atmosphere, but any precipitation far removed from our area at this point. so, we've got that going for us, we can expect to see more sun than anything today. but you still have that wind hanging tough. here is a look at just some of the current wind gusts that's correct are your wind gusts not the same winds but pretty decent, you know, especially up at mount pocono, check it out, oddball out here, still flirting with 50-mile per hour gusts right now, very, very blustery start. 35-mile per hour gusts report in the at lan continue sick i, but generally speaking into the mid 20's. sustained winds, mid 40's, what it reads on the thermometer. keep in mind probably take anywhere from five to 10 degrees off. do the math in your head, what it will feel like when you walk out the door.
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air go feels like winner outside, cinnaminson, norristown, wayne, mays landing, wind speeds as they change before your very eyes, basically anywhere from between about five to ten upward of 15 miles per hour. quick check on the eyewitness weather day planner expect around the region as a whole it will just stay generally breezy, too windy throughout the entire day, although, technically temperatures will hit the mid 50's, likely not feel like it at any point during the day simply because do you have always factor in what the wind will do to the feels like value. meisha, over to you. >> it certainly does feel chilly. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, like i said, seeing the residual this morning because of the wind and also of course we still have construction out there. that's not going to go away any time soon. construction, 422 east and westbound, between oaks at route 23, that will linger around probably until around 5:00 a.m. that left lane is block on both sides right now. just make note of that. it is not going to cause you any significant slow downs right now, because it is both in the eastbound and westbound
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directions, that left lane, it certainly can cause us some slow downs as we progress through the morning, i would even say on a busy tuesday even into the 5:00 hour if it doesn't get cleared out of the wayment expected to clear by 5:00 hitting the roadways, another point of construction here 95 south at route 413, right lane blocked, likes like they are just getting this cleared out of your way. volume levels still light in the area. new jersey 42 freeway, what you are looking at, looking good there, where we had the downed treat, closed between adams and kirk road. you are having to take alternate route 100 would be your best bet there. sounds like they are just get that cleared out of your way. more construction for you, north broad between jfk and spring garden straight, lane closures seven p.m. to 5:00 a.m. overnight construction this will linger around until late may. make note of that. >> we are following breaking news, egypt air flight is hijack and forced to lands in cyprus. >> that plane currently on the
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tarmac at the airport, as of right now we're told 56 people have been released from the airbus 8320. however, the crew, with passengers, forks today remain on board. >> flight ms181 had just taken offer from the egyptian city of alexandria, man on board said he had on an explosive belt. so far the only demand police vehicles move away from the plane. last few minutes the airline tweeted this update saying negotiations with the hijacker result in the release of all passengers, except the crew and four foreigners. stay with "eyewitness news" for updates throughout the morning. right now, more controversy surrounding the hazing scandal at connestoga high school. >> par lent are speak to go "eyewitness news" saying they believe the allegations were made up. the school held it first public meeting last night since three football players were charged with assaulting a 14 year old with a broom stick. head coach john vogue and stepped down as assistance fired, with several people
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praised former coaches, some saying, the alleged victim is lying. >> does this mean it happened before the coaches were fired? i think they were judged too early. >> i think eventually you will see everything was false regarding the incident. i think it is a complete fabrication, a hoax. >> with some sketch touch from the community, district attorney tom hogan is standing by his investigation, cbs-3 reached out to the superintendent several times regarding the meeting, we were told, he was unavailable. important warning for pet owners. missing dogs reported on the main line. now, many believe those dogs were stolen. sue plans joseph said couple that gold honda tried to snatch his golden retriever from his front yard in bryn mawr, home surveillance video caught the whole ordeal. joseph said the couple told them they believed it was their neighbor's dog, when he grew suspicious after seeing flyers on social media. warning others that a man and woman in a tan sedan were taking dogs from front yards.
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>> i hope you grow a conscious. it is pretty, pretty sick and sad thing to do. and after seeing warning flyers, dog owners say they are keeping a closer lesion their k9 companions. >> it is okay, it is okay. >> panic at the us capitol caught on camera right there. dan was on vacation with his family when someone pulled out a weapon in the capitol visitor center. this is his home video of the aftermath as people are ducking for cover, running, and they were eventually escort intoed an auditorium for their safety. a by stander suffered minor injuries. >> now, the alleged gunman is in stage condition this morning. here's what happened. around 2:30, yesterday afternoon, a man drew a gun inside the security screening area. capitol police shot the gunman after they say he point add gun at them. congress was on break, but washington was full of tourists, many of them children off from school. >> just don't expect something
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like this to that with your family on vacation. >> nothing more to believe than this was anything more tan a criminal act. >> last night they towed the suspect's car. the visitor complex is re-opening this morning. >> now the accused gunman larry dawson, charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed. in october, he shouted from the house gallery that he was a profit from god. charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, judge ordered dawson to stay away from the capitol. neighbors in antioc tennessee called him a kinds, chatty preacher, friendly, and nice. >> 4:37 right now. attention in campaign 2016 shift to go wisconsin which holds its primary next week. >> donald trump may not get a welcome reception in janes ville, last night police arrested six protesters at holiday inn express ahead of today's scheduled appearance. most of the protesters moved to a designated area after
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police arrived. protesters plan more demonstrations later today. the justice department is not saying how they were able to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists, however it, does appear that the court battle between apple and the feds is over. last month, a judge ordered apple to help the fbi gain access to the phone, but the company refused. apple is standing by their decision. the tech giant released a statement saying it remains committed participating in a national discussion about civil liberties. the prime suspect in last week's brussels terror attacks has been released by authorities. it is believed that he was mistakenly identified by eyewitness, as one of the men in airport surveillance photo. belgium place put out renewed call forayed in finding that man. three others who are believed to be involved in the attacks are all dead. >> well, it is a big day for penn state brandywine, as they break ground on their first ever residence hall. it is one of two new buildings
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scheduled to open in august of 2017. the other is a new student union building, the residence hall will house more than 250 student, and penn state brandywine has 1500 undergraduates on campus. philadelphia's franklin square is celebrating a big milestone this year. the park is marking its tenth year. ten years of entertaining families with carousel rides and the miniature golf course, later today park officials will announce big plans for the birthday, including, the chinese lantern festival and permanent additions to the square. >> and villanova is in the final four for the second time in the lifetime of senior guard ryan. >> yes, now he and his well capped teammates focused on making it to the championship game. beat the overall team kansas saturday night in louisville to make it to the final four. teamwork g out un the main line ahead of this week's trip to houston, face another tough opponent saturday, the oklahoma sooners. >> this is nothing like this week, nothing. it just builds, and builds, by
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the time you get to the game saturday, and everybody's in town, everybody's there, the hype is just off the charts. your challenge is to really keep focused. you're just playing a simple basketball game. >> no pressure, right? the wildcats won the national championship back in 1985. they were in the final four in 2009. but they came up short. so fingers crossed they bring the title home this time. >> just like the wildcats are preparing, so are authorities on the main line. radnor police are getting ready in the case after ville nef a win and then the subsequent celebration, a lot of people going out. setting up command post and traffic detours, and restrictions to make sure that fire and medical crews can get to campus. officials are going back and reviewing records on villanova's last appearance in the final four. so preparations. >> exactly, it's going to happen, still ahead, much more than peanut and cracker jack at citizens bank park. >> they're getting fancy. we'll tell you new dishes added to the menu this season. also ahead, another huge fire
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at a skyscraper in the middle east. we'll tell you where this building is burning. >> and changes coming to campbell's soup. what the camden-based company will stop using after four decades. we'll be right back.
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updating breaking news hijacking of egyptian air flight from the city of alex n tree a flight ms181 has been forced to lands in cyprus. egypt air says 56 people have been allowed off the plane but the crew and four foreigners remain on board. we're told the hijacker claims to be wearing an explosive belt. cyprus' president has just said that the case is not related to terrorism. stay with us for updates throughout the morning. meanwhile, fire engulfs skyscraper in the united arab em rid. this is the city of ashman. you can seabright yellow flames coming out of the side of this building.
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the side chunks of burning material tumble to the ground, the police gave no details on the injuries but did confirm the fire in a tweet. the blaze comes less than three months after a massive fire raised up the exterior of a six 3-story hotel in dubai. >> back here at home, man, that wind was really the store story last night. woke up me -- woke me up on a couple times. >> didn't wake me up. i'm still getting used to this shift. >> absolutely, you're right, even the largest trees in our backyard, we have big ones around for long time. they were waiving in the wind, it was nut. and we have some pretty impressive wind gust frost yesterday that we will show you, detail those for you, have some debris in the roadway, driving out of the neighborhoods this morning, so watch for that casino every thing. not any kind of major hazard today, still will find some wind, not as strong as it was yesterday, but still out there. and you will notice it, my biggest piece of advice just take the went coat as you hit the road, even though spring
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time, yes, still quite breezy outside, though, thankfully again not quite as windy as yesterday was. now out to the live camera here in bethlehem up in northampton county. the reason i showed this to you, you can still see the flags waiving in the breeze, out on main street from hotel bethlehem. so expect that again you're going still notice the breeze, though may not necessarily be as harsh of a wind, or as brutal as it was yesterday. now, wind gusts, let's go back to. that will where have we peak so far? 53-mile per hour gust reported at newtown square, west grove, 51 miles per hour, generally mid and upper 40's in a couple of of other spots like the mount pocono airport, wilmington and at philadelphia international airport. 46-mile per hour gust. so you notice. that will definitely blustery outside. storm scan3 actually showing the retreat after storm system as high pressure tries to build in. part of the reason that the wind is here in the first place, kinds whatever i like to call the winds tunnel effect, high pressure taking its place, inbetween the zones of high pressure, almost like you are walking through the
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skyscrapers in center city, winds can really kick up. so that's where this is coming from. but high pressure regardless bringing back the sunshine for us today, though does still remain on the windy side. now when we look at future winds speeds, sustained winds, through the rest of the day, it is predominantly west to northwest winds flow, so that means it is a colder breeze. so it will feel colder any time that wind blows, generally into the teens, maybe couple of spots that peak into the 20's through the day. by the time we are wrapping up typical evening rush, 7:00 p.m., starting to wind down, essentially all day event but daylight hours is when you will really notice that the winds is still out there. it is tapering with every passing hour, at least by a little. moving forward in this forecast, we expect to get you back into the low 70s come thursday, but that with a warmfront is going to also trigger few thundershowers, steadiest round of rain comes like for our area on friday morning. jim, back over to you. >> thanks, katie. phillies home open is her less than two weeks away. >> and for hungry fans there is a whole new line up at the concession stands, love these
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stories, first up the amish turkey burger sharp cheddar unshale the marm he will aid on grilled sesame bun, looks delicious. also new calling it the way back signature burger. it is a cheesey burger pork roll, garnished with a mini corn dog. why not? they are also just more, you will get chick-fil-a, rita's water ice this year, so couple of other options, of course the hotdogs, traditional stuff. >> core even and pork belly with celebrity chef -- >> oh, sounds delicious. >> i like this one there is amish burger, that sound pretty good, turkey burger, healthy, too. >> tony luke's cheese steak. >> classic. it is not a baseball game to me without a hotdog. going there. no, not your snipping. >> not big hotdog thing. >> don't want to think what's in it? >> i'll go with the burger or cheese steak. >> well now they can hook you up. still ahead, feature that could be coming to apple's newest iphone. >> also ahead looking for work
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wawa is hiring. details of major career fair and just how much you could make. stay with us.
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>> everything that's old is new again. paps bringing back to promote colt 45 liquor, strikes back actor now 78 years old, williams says that this is a role that will always be part of his live. hey, nice to get a gig in your late 70s. >> exactly. now 4:50 in the morning, time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, hearing big changes coming to campbell's soup, but not the soup, it is the cans, right? >> that's right. campbell's soup will stop using potentially hazardous chemical bpa to line it cans
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by the middle of next year. campbell says it wants to reassure customers it can increase the risk every cancer, usf d.a. says it is safe at it current level. jim, erika. >> jill, it has only been few days since al epp released the new iphone, but speculation about the next addition. what are you hearing? >> yes, it seems like apple always in the news. a big change should be coming to apple's next iphone, wireless charging. users could potentially rest their phone on a charging pad to power up instead of lugging around a charging cord, looking for an outlet. speculation comes less than a week as we said after apple released its smaller iphone se. jim, erika. >> but do you have to charge the charging pad? that's what i want to know. >> now you're asking too much, erika. >> just to buy one more thing. >> you know they are. >> stumping me at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. jill, thanks so much. >> all right, well, hey, are
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you looking for work? wawa is expanding and wants to add 5,000 workers. the company says every wawa store will have openings for customer service positions, starting pay for those jobs, also, increase to $10 an hour, starting next month. so head on down. >> good news, good news, coming up after the break, katie tells us when the wind will stop. >> hopefully soon. also, our next chance to see some showers when we come
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>> we are expecting another day that feature more sun than anything, thankfully the worse of the winds starts to taper time. you will notice it again today. storm scan, nice and quiet. see the move of the clouds with the satellite picture tax said, you're basically again looking at more sun than anything. but the winds, become what i would call really the main weather headline for us today. winds is straight up out of the northwest throughout the day at 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusts will peak as high as 30. so it is still enough it could bring down couple of tree
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limbs, or specially branches, not necessarily larger tree limbs, but do you also want to secure any loose object. i know our patio furniture specially the cushions were flying all over the place yesterday. so, make sure that those are secure down, if you are leaving the house, 60 degrees come tomorrow. under sunshine, looks like nice day. much warmer on thursday. but by this point, we are going to see more clouds than very likely few thundershowers develop with warmfront lifting in. meisha? >> wind certainly makes difference. thanks, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you, if you are just waking up with us, grabbing first cup of coffee, welcome. construction this morning, 422 westbound between oaks and route 23, until around 5:00 a.m., so right around now, it should be kind of clearing out of your way, left lane compromised. it was both east and westbound, now down to the westbound side. so work to go get that cleared out of your way, make note of that. a look at king of prussia, schuylkill eastbound 202, looking good, nice and quiet, just what we want to see as we tip into the 5:00 hour. ninety-five at girard looking
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good, as well, but plenty of early risers out there. jim, over you. >> if your honor headed out the door get katie's forecast on the go, on our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. plus the simple test that scientists are developing to help diagnosis concussions. >> how the great recession is impacting how much millennials are saving. and a preview of jazz appreciation month for this april. check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", we are following this breaking news right now after a plane is hijack overnight. we have new information about the people still being held on board that plane. >> plus, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. how that car ended up stuck mid-air for several hours. >> and instagram issues, big changes worrying users, what inch stomach gray wants to you know. we are back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> we are following breaking news. a plane is hijacked overnight, several pass inning verse been let off the plane. who is still on board, and what the hijack is her demanding. also: >> he's never going to be really out of my site. so i'm not taking many more chance. >> a dog danger on the main line after someone tried to steel that man's pet. and he's not the only one. why he grew suspicious of some people in his neighborhood. >> hold on to your hat this
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morning, the flags are flapping there on the parkway. katie let you know just when the whipping winds will let up. >> today is tuesday, march 29th. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm erika von tiehl. good morning to you. we check in with katie out on the skydeck, oh, just wait to go see what the hairdos out there, katie, sorry. good morning, guys, morning, meisha. >> good morning, hammy tuesday. yes, the winds is whipping around. we're seeing that some of that this morning, even out on the roadways, so, katie, you still look beautiful. looks like a fan just easily blowing at you. how does it feel outside? >> you know, not terrible. because i'm adequately dressed, you know? i have the winter coat on, obviously scarf, gloves, i feel okay. that's what i would suggest if you want to be comfortable waiting for the train on the platform today, waiting for the bus, yes, have heavier layer ready to go here. granted the wind still whipping, thankfully at my face this time, but we are going to be finding it really throughout the course of the day, not as harsh as yesterday, but certainly still noticeable. let's go to storm scan, start there first, things still pret


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