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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ >> the villanova pep band giving their team a musical send off this morning as wildcats hit the road for houston and march madness final four. good have a noon i'm erika von tiehl. certainly a big day for villanova wildcats and their fans. the wildcats are leaving this afternoon for the last stop in the march madness tournament. our jan carabao was on campus for fanfare before nova's flight to the final four.
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>> one, two, three, four. >> ♪ >> reporter: game is still days away but final four excitement is a a approaching fever pitch at villanova university. the mens basketball team leaves campus today. >> go wildcats. >> reporter: the pep band, cheerleaders and wildcats won't be far behind. >> after being here for four years it is so nice to see them like make it this far. >> reporter: this group has had the best seats in the house throughout march madness. >> this has been like the most unbelievable past few weeks of my life. >> reporter: this weekend there will be fans court side and former villanova basketball players will be in the crowd. >> we're proud of this group. >> reporter: steve opinion behindone is hoping they make it past oklahoma sooners and goes all the way like his team did in 1985. >> the biggest different is we went in as an under dog
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playing georgetown this group is as talented as any team left in the field. >> reporter: if you want to look good for the game you have to act fast. these villanova final four t-shirts are currently sold out but book stories expecting, 600 new t-shirts come thursday. >> ♪ >> reporter: on saturday, this music will give way to cheering students at the connolly center as hundreds, pack inside for the biggest watch party of the season. >> we have 40 pizzas coming. it will be big. >> reporter: championship title only two wins away. >> i can the not even think about something like that. i'm superstitious so i don't want to think about it. i have to think we have a relatively good shot the but man, i would just go crazy. >> let's go nova. let's go. >> reporter: at villanova university, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and our leslie van arsdal has been with the wildcats for their entire trip through march madness. leslie's live reports from houston start tomorrow on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" asville know of gets ready for saturday's game with the oklahoma sooners. all right. back here at home, a nice
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little lamb but that lion could rear his head one last time tomorrow. lets check with katie fehlinger outside on the die deck. >> that is more than anything, erika because we have a storm on the way, wouldn't you know it the but good afternoon everyone. it is calm, collect out here on the cbs-3 sky deck. the obviously very bright because i squint at the camera but bright blue sky. you will need to have shade ready to go as you head hit the road today. temperatures rebound something what. lets look the at is what going on. the not a heck of a lot on storm scan three. high pressure hooking us up with tranquil conditions. area temperatures have started to climb in the last few hours. once that sun came up it did its part to help these temperatures rebound. we were well below freeze helping in spots this morning. now we are back in the 50's which feels a heck a lot better then it did earlier this morning. now moving forward we will expect to see thaw will climb to 60 degrees for daytime high. we will lot the regional wide planner here 60 degrees is the spectation in the city but wall to wall sunshine every where, helping to warm you
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backup too. a lot closer to typical seasonal temperatures for this standard of this time of the year. i mentioned earlier in the show we have coming up we do start to see potential for wet weather moving our way, also a cool down, waits in the wings for us. we will detail in much more detail for you, when any of that wet weather is set to arrive friday. it looks like the wetest at this point. details on it when we return with the full forecast later on, erika. >> katie, thank you. there is a a city wide search this this noon for gunman who left a teen boy fighting for his life at presbyterian hospital. police are working to determine if he was the target, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has the very latest. >> reporter: a neighborhood alert, underway in sections of west philadelphia a, called by philadelphia police. officials left flyers on car windshields after officers found a 14 year-old boy lying here shot last night. what is now under investigation, whether he was
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the target, or caught in cross fire. >> just getting real ridiculous and terrible in this area. >> reporter: the flyers urged residents to report suspicious activity or persons to police, that is what this neighbor said he did when he heard gunfire last night. >> just quick shots, real quick. >> reporter: soon after calling 911 he says police quickly showed up to investigate the area on the 200 block of north simpson street. this is the 200 block of north simpson where those shots were reported fired. nineteenth district police were dispatched. further down vine off 60th is where they found that 14 year-old boy shot once in the back. >> i saw a lot have of cops around, you know, i didn't know what was going on but i saw teenagers outside, they were questioning them. >> reporter: what that neighbor saw was beginning of the police probe after officers raced the teen to presbyterian hospital with his severe wound. meantime southwest detectives were canvassing crime scenes, finding eight spent shell
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casings on simpson street and noticing surveillance cameras on 60th that may lead to the suspect. >> we do not have a motive for the shooting. we don't have a a description of the shooter, or shooters. we're not even certain at this time if this 14 year-old victim was the the intended target or hit with the stray bullet. >> reporter: neighbors hope continued vigilance will bring violence on their streets to an end. justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". terminex is ordered to pay ten million-dollar for using a toxic pesticide to that nearly killed a local family, while vacationing in the u.s. virgin island. just advertise department said that terminex was charged with illegal willly using methylbromide at 13 residence and also one resort in the u.s. virgin islands. terminex has agreed to pay the fine and says that it has, stopped using pesticide in the u.s. and territories. the last year, delaware resident steven edmond, his wife teresa divine and their two teenagers to the sick while staying at a resort in
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saint john's. today president obama remarks on the recent acts of terrorism and urges people to stand up against extremist groups. >> if easter means anything, it is that you don't have to be a frayed. we drawn out darkness with light. we heel hatred with love. we hold on to hope. >> speaking during a easter prayer the president says that the recent a tax, such as ones in belgium and pakistan, quote test us to cast out the stranger and turn our backs on those that need our help. he has been changed by his faith saying it taught him there is always a possibility of redemption. man who held authorities at bay during a bizarre standoff in an airport in cypress could be soon returned to egypt to face hijacking charges. said mustafa was ordered to eight days detention on the court on the mediterranean island where this that plane landed.
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he admits hijacking the plane and authorities say he was motivated by a so-called family feud. everyone on board was, released safely but this is the story here, this selfie, is what people are talking about. this selfie taken with the suspect that everybody is talking about today. twenty-six year-old ben innes walked up to the hijacker and asked to take a selfie. he texted and tweet that had picture to his friend and fortunately for him the situation ended peacefully. also, still ahead this noon, they are one of the most important features on your car and for the first time ratings are out on headlights and they are pretty dim as well. the best and worst coming up next. and then i'm heading back to brutal boot camp more work out moves, little moves with big
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well, welcome back. apple find themselves on the other side of the hacking debate. the tech company now wants to necessity how the feds managed to unlock the iphone belong to go one of the san bernardino terrorists. government official tells cbs news that the fbi now owns the propriety rights to the method used to break into the phone. we know it was provided by a third party. the justice department has since dropped its lawsuit begins apple for refusing to help. next time you are thinking about buying a new car you may want to pay extra attention to the headlights. new report shed light on the differences between on headlights between more than two dozen cars, and some are certainly better than others. danielle nottingham has more on the findings including the
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car deemed the most safe. >> reporter: the toyota prius v is the clear winner in the insurance institute of highway safety's first ever headlight ratings. >> our evaluation involved looking at high beams and low beams, on different paths along the test track. >> reporter: of the 31 mid sized cars tested, the prius v was the only one to earn a good rating, when upgraded to include led lights and high beam assist. >> adding several thousand dollars to the cost of the the prius over the base model to get better headlights. >> reporter: more expensive cars don't always come with better quality lights. many of the poor rated headlights were installed on luxury vehicles. the bmw three series headlights had the lowest scoring system. this shows the difference in visibility between the top rated prius v and the bmw three series. >> over half of the fatal crashes that occur every year occur at night, dusk or dawn helping drivers see the road better a at night can help cut the in to those death and
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injuries. >> reporter: iihs says new high intensity lights and curve adaptive headlights that adjust to steering don't always mean better performance. kia opt man and mercedes benz c class equipped with a captive lights performed poorly while basic lights on the honda accord received an acceptable rating. danielle noting a ham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead this noon, a big week for country music. new additions to the hall of fame were announced. we're getting you ready for 51st academy of country music awards. >> you said it, and we are looking ahead, though to a little dose of winter. yeah. as we get in the month of april. i will have the full forecast and just how low that thermometer drops, coming up.
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the three new members of the country music hall of fame will join other legend this fall in nashville. the class of 2016 will include charlie daniels, his hit the devil was bound for georgia, was cross over hit in the 70's. also inducted, randy travis who had a number of hits in the 80's and fred foster who launched the careers of chris christopherson, dolly parton and willie nelson. the academy of country music awards airs this weekend. tomorrow luke brian will join us live on "eyewitness news" at noon. then our friend from wxtu will be here with their picks for the big awards. then catch ceremony with great performances. this is intriguing, katie, dolly parton and katie perry. >> interesting. >> together. >> interesting. >> what on earth they will be singing, i have no idea. >> it will sound good.
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>> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. on cb. 36789 that is quite the line up. >> that sound awesome. >> yes. beautiful day after. the sun looks so nice on the sky deck. >> i wouldn't say it is necessarily very warm outside but it is very pleasant outside. >> okay. >> not terribly breezy. kind of wind we experienced last couple of days, nothing like that. we do actually have a little bit of the elevated fire risk believe it or not. we have very dry air in place. that is part of the puzzle here but we do have have high pressure in place as well. so it is still sobriety outside. we will take you right to the good news. we will start off with what we always like to call our grim camera, dave grim, a wonderful engineers set up this camera at citizens bank park. they have been testing it the for a couple of days. isn't that just lovely. ahh, i love it. i could go for a hot dog and soda right now i don't know about you guys w that said here's another shot that might have you craving some warmth. check this out. the glistening beach, and the ocean here, it is so beautiful, and just a couple of folks enjoying beautiful
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view right now outside beach patrol headquarters in margate. we have high pressure still on our side. it is completely clear up and down the entire east coast. the here's the latest storm system. the it is looking more organized then it did earlier this morning on "eyewitness news" this morning. we have a cold front starting to be more obvious, on a cross the central plains. that is what will bring us our next best shot for wet weather but tomorrow we will stay in the warm sector of this latest storm system. we are going to start to warm up nicely, we will see in the seven day but eventually some speckled green starts to pop on the radar. we will dodge a couple of scattered showers toward night fall. friday is day i will keep the umbrella haines. round have rain coming through. it looks like the heaviest rain comes friday morning but we will likely have additional round through the rest of the day. i will keep umbrella ready to go anytime. then we will hit late night and that is when things clear out. with that said temperatures will drop off pretty easily here. even though they do tumble for first week of april, beyond that point, we will start to
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rebound nicely. it looks like we will be slightly above average for april as a whole but days of showers on the way, of course, help those, may flowers, get it. get it all right. the lets move forward. lets take a look at that elevated fire risk i was mentioning. we have warmer dry air relatively low humidity, a little hint of the breeze, it is just enough that there is an elevated fire risk out there. it is not a terrible risk but just enough to caution you if you have open flame, lighting the fire pit. tomorrow and friday are warmest days. the coincidently the wetest days of the forecast especially friday. and then, does that chill settle in. by sunday it feels more like february, with a chilly breeze, and at least some sunshine but highs no better than the 40's, erika. >> folks in the 70's for now, katie, thank you. today is the day, my last day here at cbs-3. i'm getting married in a couple months and moving soon afterward. one more visit to the bridal boot camp where i learned
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little movements can mean big results. >> final day of the bridal boot camp, we have worked arms, abs and the seat i will call it. we are wrapping things up here. what are our goals for our bridal seat. >> so, as a bride, you never want that type of middle situation to happen to you. >> yes. >> we don't want that. >> so, we want the bride, to lift their seat higher and tighter. where their cheek meets their thigh, everything is lifted, tightened and toned for the big day good let's get do it. >> lets work our thighs, at the same time. grab the bar and widen your stance where your feet are wider then your hipps out side hand tour head. bend your knees down and bring your feet down to the knee level. pull abdominal in and keep a heavy tailbone. chest is opened. now both arms forward and make two sets. the now push your feet in the carpet and get down an inch, an inch, go down an inch, up an inch, nice, and balance
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here, core stability nice and low. grab back on the bar and rise on your toes. sink lower and go down an inch of an inch. go down an inch of an inch. really feel the thighs start to warm here. you are on tipping toes. you are preparing yourself. to walk in those high heels. hold it nice and low and press back and back. and start the outer thigh as well. you will do this for a few minutes until you have a achieved into the muscles and then we will stretch. next up, hip and thigh area outside, wrap around your waist like a seat belt. outside, your leg back on the dyingal and then bend your left knee. pull the abs in. put your hipps underneath you. now squeeze your outer hip area and just lift up, and up. so engaging in squeezing deep into that muscle. moving from there you will notice our movements are tiny and really small. that is what we want. tiny little circles here. circle and circle. toes are just a little bit.
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and feel fire all the way through the leg and at the hip and into the waist band. really tightening in and lifting it all up. >> one more to go. >> on all four. soft bend your elbows, pull abs in and extend that right leg behind you. and then take the ball and place it behind your right knee. and then lift that right knee up. now bend elbows now put your hipps under and take a strong flex in your foot. start squeezing that ball. the squeeze and squeeze. not only are we hitting our seat but the abdominals, the core, the up are body, the arms. really nice. and then we will do this until we absolutely fatigue the back of the leg and we will repeat the on the other side. >> i'm calling it a day. noel, thanks so much. thanks forgetting me ready for my bridal ready you are all ready. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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before we go as i mentioned earlier today is my last day at cbs-3. i wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone to those in their home every day at noon, i have only had pleasure of being a regular on this show for a few months but i have just loved it. i also want to say heartfelt thank you to the tremendous team behind the scenes. our noon team, got to give you a shout out, monday cars, paul, amanda a, dan they are not the just great at their jobs, they are also just wonderful people too. it has been a pleasure working with you. i will miss you but for now it is on to a new adventure.
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so, it is bitter sweet day, katie. >> it is, i tears starting to well up. i will try to hold it together. i know that everyone in this entire building would agree you are epitome of grace, class, and you have been such a friend to everybody in this building, and it is just, you are so witty, and smart, and you are a heck of a anchor girl. >> thank you. >> to me and so many people here we are all going to miss you so desperately and i know i speak for everybody when we say we wish nothing but the best for you. >> thank you, thank you. >> such a pleasure to be here getting to know your girls and seeing them. >> on to the next adventure. >> indeed. >> yes. >> we wish you nothing but the best, girl. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm erika von tiehl. for katie and everyone here, thanks so much for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues on line at cbs >> the young and the restless is next, have
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>> summer: hey, grandpa. is it true? >> abby: they reached a verdict? >> victor: yeah, i guess the deliberation's been rather quickly. >> abby: is that a good sign or a bad sign? >> summer: i think it's good. i can feel it. >> victor: come here. [ sighs ] thank you for your support, okay? all your love. so, having said that, if -- i mean, when i walk out of here a free man, then... [ sighs ] i just want the two of you by my side. >> nikki: oh, god, i hate th every minute is like an hour.


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