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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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c cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now at noon, a woman is fawn beaten and strangled to death inside of her delaware county amount. police say it was a violent scene and that the victim likely new her murderer. >> good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. colleagues notified police when 36 year old marquis a benson didn't show up for work on wednesday morning. authorities provided an update just a short time ago. and "eyewitness news" reporter tran dough joins us live with the latest on the investigation.
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trang? >> reporter: jim, superintendent mike chitwood describes gruesome scene covered in blood, feces, disturbing message written on wall that co-not share with us, he calls this a tremendously violent crime, that he has put eight detective onto solve. our friend discovered the body of marquis aveeno ton around 4:45 yesterday afternoon, inside her apartment, at the new orleans amounts in secane. he found her in the shower with the water still running. she had stab wound and had possibly been strangled. chitwood said there was no forced entry and the front door was lock when benson's friends arrived. he's convince benson new her killer and that person was very angry. >> who ever killed her, based on what we've seen at the scene, it was done with a hatred, with a vengeance, and with just predatory sadistic violence is the best way to describe it. >> neighbors last saw benson around 8:00 p.m. on tuesday night, she was exiting her
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car, now, detective believe this murder happened sometime wednesday morning, because benson had been texting back and forth with her mother, until about 7:45 in the morning, and now chitwood is asking anyone with information to contact upper darby police, but for now live from upper darby police headquarters, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, frank. powerful storm system is on the move today after sweeping across the southern us. correspondent manuel in tulsa, tells us tornados hammered oklahoma leaving behind injuries and damage. >> reporter: it is on the grounds at the quarries moving eastbound. multiple tornados ripped across northeastern oklahoma wednesday evening. cbs affiliate ko tv captured the chaos from their helicopter. >> we have on the grandee we in the area, see farm buildings, out buildings right now. >> on the ground, violent winds, pounded suburban neighborhoods, leveling houses, and uprooting trees. and an adult and three children were in this pick-up
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truck when a tree crash on top of it. the family was hospitalized, with no major injuries. >> i see a funnel cloud, debris just going around in circles. >> as many as 5800 homes and businesses lost power. the national weather service will be out here assessing damage like this, to try to determine the intensity of the tornados. manuel, cbs news, tulsa, oklahoma. >> now that storm system is headed this way making for messy ends of our work week, let's get first look at the forecast, with meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck. >> for now we do have sunshine out there, definitely mild, breeze is starting to pick up. very minor sign of things yet to come here. you know it is dry at the moment, there is a storm system to track, and we've got to take you wide on storm scan3 to do. that will that's where we start things off here. you can see a loft moisture starting to get pent up from alabama north into the great lakes region, and that is what is headed our way. now at the moment, we really just have couple of clouds
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overhead. we look at the tri-state sweep, and not finding heck of a lot out there. so expect grant clouds will start to rebuild with time, and it is very mild, currently at 71 degrees here at the airport, 07 in dover, flirting with 70 in a couple of other choice locations, the story through the rest of this of and. no warmth sort of setting the stage for the next frontal boundery to move in. it will set up a clash in the atmosphere, expect warmth and breezy conditions the rest of the day, but it looks to me like it is going to stay dry at least through the daylight hours, and very likely right through the typical evening rush. it is probably not until after the sun has already gone down that we start to see any signs every wet weather. now, tomorrow, looks like it is the most wet day of the next seven frankly. so we'll actually be sitting in a marginal risk of stormy weather. i'll explain what that mean, track the wet weather on the way, and eventually tell you about a serious cool-down that's also headed our way. jim it, looks as though by the time we hit the weekend the temperatures will be a little
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bit after dose of february as opposed to april. so, change is on it way for sure, we send it back to you. >> meanwhile the man charged with shooting philadelphia policeman, jesse hartnett, was back in court today. edward archer was formally arraigned on attempted murder and other charges, and stemming from january's ambush style attack in west philadelphia. hartnett was shot three times in the arm and has had seven surgeries since. archer reportedly told police he committed the crime in the name of islam. >> investigators in delaware country trying to figure out what caused the deadly accident early this morning. a car crashed along bryn mawr avenue in radnor township, about 3:30 this morning, the vehicle came to rest near a sign for the radwin complex. the driver was the only person in the car at the time that victim's name has not yet been released. sub contract workers at philadelphia international airport are on the picket line this noon. calling for union right and a safe workplace. workers in philly and nine other airport across the country are on strike today.
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they want their employers to pay the new minimum wage of $12 an hour, and to abide by the city new sick day law. demonstrators say it is only fair. >> no one should have to come to work and have their job be threatened because they want to stand up and better themselves and their family. >> we know we have workers here worked hard for a loft years, we want to keep them working hard for a lot of years, make sure we have the minimum wages and that's important. >> the workers also say they've concerns over their safety on the job. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", donald trump backpedaling. his comments on women and abortion caused backlash from both sides of the issue, what trump is saying now, and how his opponent are reacting. plus: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and it is always a fun night. this year lots of cross-over at the academy of country music awards, i'll talk to the host live when we come back. stay with us.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" now with the latest from the campaign trail, donald trump is clarifying comments he made about women and abortion after five partisan backlash, here's cbs news correspondent weijia jiang. >> donald trump is getting hammered for what he said wednesday, that women should be punished for having abortions if they were made illegal. >> the answer is that it has to be some form of punish.
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>> for the woman? >> yes, has to be some form. >> ten years, what? >> that i don't know, that i don't know. >> why? >> trump's fellow republican candidates immediately criticized the comment. >> that comment was wrong, it is the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. >> women shouldn't be punishment look, i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say it or he was misquoted or whatever. >> trump quickly backtrack, campaign manager issued a statement within hours, that abortion providers not patient should be held legally responsible. democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both back on the campaign trail today. sanders did not address the controversy, focusing on labor, at a rally in pit burying. >> trade agreement have got to work for these people, and their families, not just the ceo's of large corporations. >> even groups opposed to abortions wrote spoke out about trump's remarks, saying he is out of step with their
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movement. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". keep it here for the very latest on campaign 2016. get updates at we're right here on "eyewitness news". >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", the academy of country music awards are just days away, and we have host luke brian, decker bently live to talk about the big night, and very interesting performances planned, katy? >> and jim, looking ahead here to a weekends that will bring us a dose of winter. yep. i'm going to tell you just how cool it will get, and the casino of temperatures that we are talking about, what it means it, feels more like february, down the road. full details on the other side.
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>> the villanova wildcats are in houston for the march madness final four, they'll play the oklahoma sooners saturday night. the wildcats arrived deep in the heart of texas late last night after a four hour flight from philly. coach jay wright says a lop of fanfare, but all of the hoopla will help his young team before they tip-off in the actual game. >> all the american flags, the military people welcoming you, and the police escort, you come to the hotel, it is pack like there is i think they are starting to see how big this is. you know, it is a good, good start for them to get a feel for everything that's going to be going on around them. >> yet the wildcats win one more game, they'll set the school records for the most wins in a season if they win two more game, they'll come back from houston at national champions. our leslie van arsdale has been fouling the wildcats all the way through this march madness tournament. leslie's live report from houston starts today on cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> country music party of the year is back, and it is right here on cbs >> that superstar luke brian will once again co-host 51st academy every country awards live from las vegas this sunday night. >> this year his co-host is dirk bently, promises to be fun night of surprising performances, luke and dirk join us now live to tell us more about the big show, hey, guys. >> hey, can you play my songs, feels like luke brian songs in a row right now. >> just i don't know if you notice, top charts, you know, we'll work on that. >> beach music right now. >> dirk, first year you'll be hosting the show. what are you looking forward to most? has luke given you any advice? >> i'm looking forward to the reviews the next morning, just talking about how i dominated the whole show, how i carried
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it, you know, i'm looking forward to probably monday morning just seeing the reviews, and all of that, you know? >> well, luke in addition to hosting -- >> this is luke's fourth time doing it, so i'm looking to learn how it runs, all of the great collaborations, you know, it will be fun. >> it will be fun, certainly a pro, no. at bs. but we, man, it will be great night. i'm so excited to be sharing this situation with dirt, being on stage, hosting very, very important award show, just big night, performing and all of that, and we have nominations, man, couldn't ask for better night in vegas. we will have a good time with it. >> luke, you are there range entertainer of the year. what was that moment like? >> oh, it is life changing, you never get over it. >> it is up there, you know, when you graduate from
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college, and you know the rest of your life, no one will ever be able to take that diploma away, and nobody will ever be able to say that i never achieved that goal, that for most of my life i thought was un achievable. so it is a bulldog -- big deal to win, and a biggie meisha until experience. >> making me feel bad. >> up for male vocalist. >> i didn't get a vote less nomination. so scientifically means that he is a better singer than i. >> who are some of the performers going to be this year? >> there are some great collaboration this is year, dolly parton with katy perry, i think awesome, nick jonas, and kelsey balance-- ballrini, more performances this year than any other year of the acm. so a lot of cool stuff going
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on. >> any surprises in store? >> i have a surprise but i can't tell you. >> pause, pause. >> see? >> what's going to happen sunday night. >> ya, about me? >> it is about dirt, sorry, budd, get ready. >> okay. >> well, you know, love those pranks. >> dressing room. >> well, katie fehlinger and i are big fans, we will be tuning in on sunday night, we wish you both the best for a great show. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks for your time. we will see you guys soon. >> appreciate all of those philadelphia country fans tuning in. >> there are lots of them. again, you can see luke and dirt and whole host of country music stars at the a first academy of country music awards, that is sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. tomorrow, right here on "eyewitness news" at noon, we already joined by two of our hoses of our sister radio station phillies country station, 992xtu. jennifer read and andy
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summers, give us their picks for the big awards, and what they're most looking forward to on sunday night. >> lovely. yes, those gals know their stuff for sure. so, you know. >> very excited when the guys, oh, they'll be on the show today. >> yes, i am becoming a blossoming country fan over time here. but, those gals will have much better idea of who will win the awards, i think. >> good idea what we expect for weather. >> see, this is where i can come in and be an expert on the subject. yep, eventually dealing with wet weather already the clouds starting to build out, there that's going to eventuallily mean you need the umbrella, in addition down the road, same system also means you have to break out the winter coat again t looks as though it is not just a one day event, actually end up with relatively cooler pattern at least for couple of days in the seven day. you will see that. start it off by going outside. show you what's going on storm scan, last couple of hours, what you are finding again are couple of additional clouds. tour on cameras in a second here, but for now, notice, the wet weather starting to loom in the distance, and that will eventually bring in some
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showers to our area. now, in addition to the satellite and radar, i also through in the color contour map watch this is showing you difference in the temperature reading. so you have your cold front pushing through, worse of any severe weather threat actually down through the deep south today. if you see how dark and the blue shades start to show up the further west you travel. that's the cold air starting to set until in the wake of this storm system. so it is a clash going on in the atmosphere. that is how you get this kind of stormy weather to form in the first place. so as we talk about severe weather threats, and how far that goes, i want to give you little primer course on there is there is a new set of classifications, been out for couple of season now, now we have five separate classifications for severe weather threats. on the highest level high risk, on the lowest set of the totem pole here at marginal. that is where we're going to fall tomorrow. so, our storm threat, sitting in the marginal risk, in other words, we could see the potential maybe isolated severe thunderstorm, main threats at this point though look like it would be heavy downpours, gusty winds, that come along with that, although the entire delaware valley including the lehigh valley
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and pocono region is included in the risk, again for tomorrow. so walk you through future weather, the rest of the day, pretty much sitting here under, again, some sunshine, and few clouds starting to build, especially west to east, but we start to see by later tonight, long after the sun's gone down most likely, couple of scattered showers, spec link the radar. tomorrow ends up being the wettest time period. looks as though part of the morning drive will get impacted as the actual cold front crosses probably few residual shares then, too, the second half of the day get underway here, so see 5:00 p.m., may still be wet weather to dodge. so comes through sort of in off and on fashion through the day, not a wash out, but enough that i would keep the umbrella at the ready throughout the day. looks like may be two separate rounds, one comes in the morning, another comes later in the afternoon. look outside right now, live look for you outside middle township high school. beautiful blue skies, streaks of clouds, 59 degrees, not bad. by comparison, quite the darkening sky. the further inland you go. so taking you out to berks county kutztown where those clouds are starting to bill owe in.
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and that's kind of what you are seeing that gradient form from west to east. so cloudier skies the further inland you are, still getting in on more sun than anything out toward the shore towns. but partly sunny skies what we call it, sort of split the difference there. 71 degrees the expected hi, we might do little bit better than that in some spots, depends where you are, how much sun you ends up with. watching for the showers to start getting triggered tonight. should be spotty lush any, with time should be series of rounds of wet weather comes in effect, everybody, so do watch for tomorrow. tomorrow still very warm. behind the cold front, cold air does eventually catch up to us. actually reinforcements come in saturday night into sunday, jim, so at 47 at best on sunday, and with the winds, it probably won't feel any better than the 30's. >> oh, last stretch of cold. once we get past this. >> we're sure hoping for that. >> no, i'm not a meteorologist, what the heck? >> thanks, katie, so much. long lines in california this morning for the roll-out of test less new electric cars. it is called the model three. and it is expected to have
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arrange of 200 miles, when fully charged. the starting cost is $35,000. it can be brought down by federal and state tax credit, if you want to add features to the base model, expect to pay more than 35 grand. >> that's a little pricy. >> i don't know if i want to plug in my car. >> little too much extra. >> exactly. when we come back thriller of an ending for with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean,
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 philadelphia in style. how many the city of brotherly love is taking the spotlight in the world of fashion. we'll gave you a behind the scenes look today at 5:00. well, the flyers playoff push is taking shape. they now hold a two-point lead on the red wings, for the last playoff spot in the east. the flyers trail the league-leading washington capitols last night, in the third period. but braydon schenn evened things up after over time we go to shoot-out where the flyers have always struggled, but not last night. sam gag yeah wins it for the home team two-one, flyers and senators saturday afternoon. >> important games on saturday. >> exactly, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00. always on line for you at the young and the restless is next, have a great day
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>> kevin: victor newman is going to prison. >> mariah: couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. >> natalie: i can't get my brain around the idea. a man like victor newman doesn't get convicted. >> kevin: and yet he did. >> mariah: can the world even function if he isn't running it? >> kevin: we're about to find out. >> mariah: so what's the protocol here? do we throw a parade, fireworks? popping champagne seems appropriate yet weird. >> kevin: considering how many folks he took down with him, weird is right. and michael purposefully threw his defense. >> natalie: oh, wow. [ scoffs ] that's brave, or stupid, or both. >> kevin: according to lauren, he could get disbarred. and victor disowned almost his entire family, of course. >> natalie: yeah, okay. hurt feelings, all of that. but what does this mean for us? >> mariah: human emotion is foreign to you, isn't it? >> natalie: you were wondering the same thing. >> mariah: okay, yes. we betrayed victor, as well.


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