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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight stars like us and some other stars not like us at all. >> does your night out look like this? we're looking at you kim mobbed by fans and instagraming topless photos. hello jessica with her daisy dukes. taking private jets on exotic vacations. >> and who gets massagesed by three people? come on. >> and there are some having bad days just like the rest of us. find out who got in a fender-bender. then beyonce drops the mike again, your first look at her ne fitness fashion line, facing off with kate hudson. plus, they woke up like this, stars without makeup. big news on the top gun
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sequel. big news from jerry bruckheimer. >> what they say about their buddy blake's new girlfriend gwen. >> when you date blake shelton -- >> i just hop it's not affecting her iq. >> now for march 31st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hope you're having a great day, everyone. nancy o'dell and kevin frazier taking break. >> and we are in front of the news making headlines right now. jessica's jet setting, kaley's collision, we have got the stars like us and other stars not even. confessions straight up. we are obsessed with these shots of jessica simpson. sure headlines are all about her back in her daisy dukes, but honestly the immediate reaction as i examine her insane body is, are the rumors that she had a breast lift and a tummy tuck too? she's totally flat here, but not here.
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that's just a jealous me talking. after all, the girl does work out. but the fact is jess was on a girl's vacation in cabo, celebrating her best friend's 40th birthday. my fave is this insta groom, jess's yellow dangerous curves ahead swimsuit. by the way, it cost $325. now here's how jess is like us, she's got her favorite piece of comfort clothes, hers just happens to be those teen daisy dukes, she's instagramed herself in that same pair several times in the past. how she's not like us? that private jet. how we want to be like her? able to leave kids at home with hubby for a few days. and kim k, her like us mo singing in the car. >> we're about to do car pool karaoke with the kims. ♪ >> she's also in love with a face swap app like us. that's her and courtney.
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their littlekardashian -- because we sure don't instagram topless photos of ourselves in a public bathroom. the kim swarmed by paparazzi and fans wanting selfies when they left dinner at hollywood's hot spot last night. here's a stud like us moment we can all relate to kaley cuoco in a fender-bender. and of course, it would be a mercedes. the crash happened yesterday at 4:20 a.m. front of her home. then the big bang star went to work. >> i think it's safe to say that justin bieber is not like us, backstage getting massaged by three people. and getting that interesting cupping treatment on his chest and abs. ♪ baby you should go and love
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yourself ♪ >> leonardo dicaprio is not like us, not only because he gets to shake hands with an orangutan, but britney spears is not like us and the rock's like us too, showing off his bay watch spot on instagr i totally want to hang out with that cutie on the right. here's one more star that's kind of like us that's misha barton heading into her dancing rehearse school,. we are just five days away from the last episode of the people versus oj mini series. even though we all know how it's going to turn out. the cast has got a lot to celebrate and they did that last night in new york at a special screening. john travolta brought wife kelly preston out to celebrate the next tusz's finale that many fans and critics are dieing to see. >> today's the day.
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>> they told me years ago is the highest critical acclaim i have ever gotten was playing an aging lawyer i wouldable have believed it. i would say really? >> plus, shocker, there's one person not watching the guy playing oj. >> no, no, i don't watch it. i have to step away from this. >> this scene had viewers going crazy on twitter. was there really a relationship between the members of oj's prug prosecution tea >> i have my theories about what i thought was happening there. >> we talked about it in our book, i think it's just the agreement they came up with between the two of them. >> we never had any confirmation from either one of them. so if we did have any concrete proof, we were not going to give it t the audience as concrete fact. >> that's good. i'm obsessed with it. >> tina fey was fan girling all over the cast. >> it's so good. i need to fill out my paper work for the emmys so i can vote for sterling and john travolta.
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>> as last night's premier for her show, kim my smith was excited about this, "snl's" seth meyers new baby. >> amy texteme, the baby came. ordered a ppesent, but i haven't sent it yet. >> tina fey, speaking of fan girling, i'm fan girling over some of my favorite actresses and by the way we have solved the mystery behind this epic sell fi from jennifer lopez. she still has spilled the beans on why she posed with so many famous wo this issue will be out in june. now there's another p woman, beyonce, she's tapping into the hottest new star business trend, fitness fashion. i can vouch for this, this is nothing that puts a smile on a girl's face, even when it's sweaty, like an oh, so cute pair of yoga pants. >> time to go running. >> beyonce's hosted the beehive
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this morning, running and sweating in a surprise video for her own fitness line. >> it's more to convey the lifestyle than really the individual pieces of the 200 item collection. >> the highlight sports bras and matching leggings, head bands and these low rise waist bands. the collection goes on sale in mid-april and the prices st at about $30 and cap out at about $300. fitness rival lululemon spoke out and said imitation is the best form of flattery. lu lu aside, the singer is now part of a booming celebrity trend. >> they said we're just a week away from the exposure. >> i can't stand it? >> "e.t" was another kate hudson's side at the opening of her fitness wear line.
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>> my thing is if you get your workout clothes, marybe you'll workout, if not, at least you'll loo >> i didn't live a lot of my life in fitness apparel. we are on our own journey. >> a lot of people are diving in, but the products have to be of a certain quality. >> you caa walk down any street anywhere in the country and you'll see women wearing these types of things all day long. >> carrie underwood is right, in fact i walked in to work this morning in my yoga pants. sometimes we all feel like our world has flipped upside down right? you know why we love them? it's because they sculpt the bo they lift it all up and they suck it all in. you know what i'm talking about. coming up next, luke brya and dierks bentley arehere,
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before they host the acm awards. country stars go wild on the "e.t" stage. >> and later, celebrity wedding dos anddon'ts. listen up julian and gaga, have have celebrity wedding dos and don'ts. >> we have some advice from hills star turned wedding planner lauren conrad. >> oh, my god, weddings are crazy. >> and jerry bruckheimer breaks big sequel news, when is the next pirate, bad boy and top gun. >> there were rumors that tom and val did not get along.
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in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. welcome back, everybody. i kicked cameron out here because i've got true news co-hosts here for a little bit,
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and i'm glad i do. there's dierks bentley and luke bryant. you're going to be hosting the acms. luke here is the veteran, do you have any advice, anything? >> i'm going to bring in the >> this year, you know, you guys did kick blake off as a host, but you are going to let him perform, right. >> we might. we might give him little opportunity. >> i think he's going to come and perform your song. i love it, it's a beaut song. do you know if he's bringing a platinum blond with the initials gwen stefani? >> he wouldn't let me know. i try to find out things like that. >> how does she fit into the country music. >> i think when you date blake shelton, i just hope it's not affecting her iq?
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maybe she's got a good sup group around her to keep the positive influences of blake versus the negative. >> miranda lambert is also going to perform, she's also up for have call vocalist of the year. >> i think miranda is miranda because she brings so much energy, she brings so much, is estrogen is right word? >> it is. >> this is kinds of the warmup for your tour. because both of you are to go n tour, correct? >> i have already done a few dates for my tour. i require more practice and more war >> >> can you do me a favor, please try not to fall off the stage. >> there's no word around. >> whaa happens then? >> when you're on stage that much, it's going to happen. thank you guys for com but stick around with me, okay? because we're going to be talking to one of your country music cohort's. taylor swift's bff. then we have stars without makeup.
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see what celebs we saw rocking ah natural. >> i like women without makeup on. >> i'm getting some secret about the new top gun movie from producer jerry bruckheimer. >> i'm mad they're doing it. >> we don't have it down. >> we'll work on that. >> they tried to steal the scene, all that's coming up, stay right here.
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now it's stars without makeup. cameron diaz had to pose without makeup. clearly she's doing something right. >> i've got to see myself. i would rather see my face aging than a face i don't recognize at all. >> gwyneth pa also out looking freshfaced. it must be her new skin care line. >> what we want to do is look our bests we age gracefully. >> yesterday gwyneth pose this picture in a $40 trench coat. last night nacho posted their dinner date eating argentinean, in where else? in where else? buenos arie i know one place you won't see a woman not wearing makeup, standing at the alter getting ready to get married. but you know a bride's got to make more decisions than how much blush she puts on so we
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have the celebrity dos and don'ts. >> are you going to go into wedding mode? >> i vnlts haven't even thought got it. >> i'm not going to give a thought about it. >> we don't have wedding plans yet, but we are so happy. >> i said i don't mind doing the little white chapel thing. thh question is, go big or keep it small. lady gaga and taylor kinney want intimate i dos. in italy. while mariah wants a wedding in tahiti. rumor is that she wants a carnival theme. but there's already a petition with more than 80,000 signatures hoping to bang from using live baby elephants and white tigers. now what about the sticky issue of exes? will nick cannon be invited? and in bride-to-be julianne hough would we see ryan sechrest? lauren conrad recently released
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her ninth book called celebrate. >> kind of an unwritten rule of weddings is that not allowed to invite your ex-boyfriend. all rules are made to be broken, whatever's going to represent you as a couple and whatever makes you happy. >>roke, okay so how does a bride avoid breaking the bank? >> the moment you say wedding, the price triples. it's important to do your research. meet with several different people and compare clothes because you can get reasonable prices, you just have to do a little hunting. >> lauren is kind of pro in party planning since her 2014 walk down the aisle with william tell. we caught one the $25 million minimogul at the leading ladies dinner in new york. >> i heard you were really real about what a lot of women do. that you had a wedding pintrest board and then you unveiled it. >> i did it at the table and he had just proposed and i was like, i have some thoughts.
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>> i love a w who's prepared, right? if you love movies, this next guy is a big reason why. jerry bruckheimer is the master mind behind guns, pirates of the caribbean, if you want me to keep going, i can, he's produced so many blockbusters. it's actually taking the entire mo april to pay tribute to him with a big movie festival at ucla. >> when they tell you we're going to honor you for an entire month, what do you say? >> it means i've made too many movies, that's what it is. >> many, but not too many, jerry, after all, your hits have totaled $1.2 million in box office openings. do you ever sit back and say holy cow, i have really been working? >> i'm always looking forward to the next one, so we just finished another pirates so i'm always looking to the future.
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>> also in the works a new top gun. >> you posted a picture of you and tom cruise on twitter will he come back. >> of course, you don't have top gun without tom cruise. >> no word on whether maverick's nemesis val kilmer will be on >> there were all those rumors that tom and val didn't get along on the set. is that true? >> no, that's not true. >> there's also a newwbad boys in the mix. >> will wants to do it, martin wants to >> so will and martin will be back tog one more time? >> of course, i wouldn't do it any other time. >> >> next may, johnny depp in his fifth go round a captain jack. >> even in australia, he went the hospital and visited all these te ill kids as jack sparrow. he carries the costume his trunk and whenever he goes to a city, he makes sure he visits the children's hospit
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>> a key to jerry's success can be found in armageddon. >> i said, so i had this meeting and there wouldn't be this seismic activity. >> that's kind of what jerry told us when he visited the set in 1998. >> this is barreling toward e >> we're going to catch up with it and land on it and then we're going to split it in half. >> also on the set that day, 25-year-old ben affleck. >> jerry was really helpful to me. i didn't know anything about big hollywood movies and i was very intimidated and he helped me along and it was a really thrilling movie and experience for me. >> another thrilling movie for jerry and ben was pearl harbor. >> we need to honor the men who fought there and died there. and then you have the veterans who a arriving at the premier
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of pearl harbor. just the joy they had watching the movie. >> jerry really lit up when he was talking about making movies honoring the men and women of the armed forces is really a passion of his. he'' an amazing tv producer as well. all the csi shows, without a trace and cold case, and jerry has won ten emmys for "the amazing race." now in "entertainment tonight" birthdays which "star wars" actor used to play the french van horn? the answer is next.
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photo. >> it's crazy. >> it's all on tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which "star wars" actor used to play the french horn? that is jim mack mcgregor who turns 45 today. >> happy birthday you and we have unfortunately reached the end of the show, but we have one more thing for you to check out. >> good luck, everybody, good night. >> we're on the set of hot country newcomer peter pan, quizzing her on a new bff. >> you know, i have to ask about your most famous friend taylor swift.
7:27 pm
met taylor a couple of times in a meet and greet situation, because i am a fan. still am. but then she tweeted, when it first came out before anyone even heard it. >> now kelsey is up for an acm award this sunday, female underwood and miranda lambert. on the show, she'll be singing peter ppn with nick jonas. >> i have never driven a stick shift until today. >> i heard. >> i could never do kit in real life, but in the video world.
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...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking tod number one, the calculating kardashians at it again. >> we come under fire all the time. >> from kim's racy selfies to lamar and kaitlin back in the news. why is it that we can't get
7:30 pm
enough of reality tv's first family. and the nba faux pas gone viral, but ha iggy azalea's fiance in the hot seat. is a secretly are recorded cheating video the end? and number three, prince william, a knight in flying armor. >> to why is his duty first self second kindness now touching the world? plus our "insider" bonus, reality mom kendra wilkinson under attack? >> your mother is going to be coming out with a tell all. >> my exclusive sit down with her as a mama to mama face off reduced to a family feud? >> i prayed that she doesn't write this book.


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