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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 eyewitness just. keep that umbrella hand i. our weather team is tracking some wet weather. at least you don't need a coat right now, but it is steamy, and could get even stormy. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. well, some strong storms already moved in through part of our area, so what is in store for the rest of the friday? right over to katie.
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just talking about it, not very fun at all for april? >> not at all, especially what's coming up here, if you were like okay, now we hit april, time for spring time weather, hold on, i know you said were you about ready to put on the winter gear, in general, i don't think you should do that yet, guys. because we do actually still have some very chilly weather waiting for us here, down the pike, and it comes courtesy after series of fronts, so, first and for most, what is happening right now somewhat of adjust stormy afternoon. we have already as rahel mentioned seen pretty nasty storms rumble in. see the last three hour loop on storm scan, cape may count any severe thunderstorm warning, now not only weakened somewhat, but the brunt of it moved out to sea, not done yet folks. entire front needs to cross through, the back edge of this starting to become more visible though back through northwestern pennsylvania, eventually, we will be rid of it, but here are your bullet points for the rest of the day. most everything that pops up should be pretty scat nerd nature. there may still be a locally strong thunderstorm out there. however, it does look as
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though that first round may have helped to de-stabilize the atmosphere little bit here. regardless, watch potentially for gusty winds within any thunderstorms that may still develop. here's where we are temperature wise right now, it is warm, folks, 70 degrees in reading, and lancaster, upper 60s both at the airport and down i95, in wilmington, but anything again that comes for the rest of the day is still expected to be somewhat scattered, keep in mind, the winds is still an issue, but the winds is actually expected to crank even more so, leading into this weekend, and i'm going coming up tell but high wind watch taking effect, how strong winds will get and also, what remains a very busy pattern, much more on that as we move forward, rahel? >> katie, we'll check in with you then, thank you. and you can track the forecast any time, download the free cbs-3 weather app, it is available on itunes, and google play. >> well, the villanova wildcats are in houston for tomorrow night's march madness final four game. the oklahoma sooners, but now, it is time for the fans to head south to cheer on the
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wildcat. our trang do is live on the villanova campus where excited fans just left for date with the final four. hype, frank. >> reporter: student charter flight to houston left the philly airport about half hour ago, and the kids were all decked naught their blue and white, caring these signs, leaving no question who they're rooting for. >> go cats! >> novanation out in full force. >> the lucky students chosen through lottery to take a charter flight direct to houston. 500 game ticket went to super fans, and the other 200 put in a lottery. >> it was pretty hard to get -- i got the ticket. they ran out within the first ten minutes, then the same with the plane tickets, ran out within the first ten minutes. so i was lucky to get both student tickets and plane ticket. >> it has been electric, i mean, the passion from our students, the fans throughout the whole entire year. >> game ticket just 40 bucks, charter flight, 700. hefty for college student but by all accounts worth it.
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>> really excited to go to houston. and it is like such an experience. once in a lifetime for sure. >> now, that charter flight is expected to return on tuesday, now, that's nova winning game saturday, and playing in the championship game on monday. for now, live from villanova university, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, frank, thank you. once in a lifetime indeed. good luck to villanova. and our leslie van arsdale has been with the wildcats through all of march madness, thousand with the team in houston. look for her live reports, from the final four, later today on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a baby is safe and sounds with his family this noon, after being snatched from his mom, inside of the king of prussia mall. the woman who allegedly kidnapped the seven week old is behind bars, and due in court this afternoon. jan carabeo live in king of prussia with the very latest,
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jan, what can you tell us? >> rahel, good afternoon, we are expecting the suspect in court right around 1:30 this afternoon, also expecting an update from police at that time. in the meantime there is family is just holding their baby a little bit tighter today. >> prayers answered, and overwhelming relief today, for the family of baby ahsir simmons, seven week old back in their arms after police say he was kidnapped by a complete stranger, during a shopping trip to a montgomery county mall. >> that's a bad tragedy right there, not knowing where your baby is at. and something got the baby and gone. i think is real hard for somebody to go through. >> their ordeal started around 5:30 thursday, at the king of prussia mall. surveillance video captured the moment this suspect walked away, baby in her arms. moments earlier, police say, she had befriended the child's family and joined them in the food court. at some point, the baby started crying and the woman asked to hold the child. police say mom took a phonecall, got distracted, and that's when the suspect took off.
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word quickly spread to shoppers. >> they were right then and there, completely searching for this young lady and the baby. i didn't care about any clothes or anything that i came to the mall for. >> amber alert issued, and detective with upper merion township montgomery county and the fbi spent about five hours searching for the suspect and infant. through tips, they folds the pair to number of locations. >> we're moving from point to point. the woman who was found with the child had been taking the child around, other people had seen her with the child. >> police say she was showing the baby off to family and friends. they track her through upper merion and malvern before both were finally located in tredyffrin, chester county. baby unharmed, suspect in custody. >> they think the police officers -- they thanked the police officers and all of them for doing their job. >> police have not named the suspect, also mom commented on possible motive. of course we'll keep you
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up-to-date on this estimate for now reporting live from king of prussia, jan carabeo, back to you. >> okay, jan, thanks so much. >> and the driver of this car, and a philadelphia police officer are being treated for minor injuries, after a crash near broad and vine st. about 5:00 this morning, investigators say alcohol was not a factor in the clicks police investigation not over. >> national honor today. "eyewitness news" at the smith memorial playgrounds and playhouse. and east fairmount park. the park now a nationally certified as a nature explorer classroom. just in time for spring, children across the region will get to learn outside with hands-on activities, using natural materials. this historic park was founded in 18999. very neat. and coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", why donald trump called an emergency meeting with the gop. plus, an out of control whale watching boat coming into dock doesn't stop.
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we have the video of the moment it crashed, into the pier. and one every pennsylvania's newest residents is getting the checkup. why this slot is headed to the doctor's office before he starts his new job. we're coming right
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reported overnight. there were no reports of any injuries. the crews are now surveying damage to determine if this was actually a tornado. that's a whale watching boat smashing into a pier peer in san diego, california. investigators say mechanical problems prevented the 150 long adventure form loading while it was stocking yesterday afternoon. several people were injured. three of them taken to hospitalization. turning now to campaign 2016, tensions on both sides of the ticket are becoming afraid after month of campaigning. correspondent weijia jiang is at the white house now with more on how the competition is heating up between the republican and democratic presidential hopefuls. >> donald trump left rnc headquarters thursday with the wave and thumbs-up. >> very good meeting. i think they wanted to really discuss, you know, unity, and i like discussing it, too. >> trump announced this week he would no longer honor a
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pledge to support the republican presidential nominee. >> they're not going to get the data and the tools of the rnc and run to be our nominee and tell me that they're not going to support the party. it doesn't work that way. >> trump's chan cents of getting enough delegates to win before the convention could be in jeopardy, if he loses in wisconsin next week. he's down by ten points in the latest polls. tensions are growing in the democratic race, too, after agreeing -- green protester confronted hillary clinton at a rally on thursday. >> like about me, sick of it. >> bernie sanders campaign accuses clinton of taking money from the fossil fuel industry. she claims she has donors who happen to work for those companies. >> if you take substantial sums every monday i, talking about millions of dollars, from paid lobby's of the industry, are you going to be inclined to be as aggressive as you should be? >> an estimated 15,000 people
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showed up in the bronx thursday night to hear sanders speak. both democratic candidate have strong roots in new york, where 247 delegates are at steak. clinton has a 12-point lead there. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, stay with "eyewitness news" for the very latest on campaign 2016. when we're not on tv you can always get the latest updates on our website still ahead on "eyewitness news", we are gearing up for the 51st academy of country music awards. and the host of our sister station,92 we're looking ahead here to significant drop on the thermometer. wait until you see the seven day. i have a feeling you'll be doing a double take. wait and see. it's coming up.
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>> welcome back, of course it is april fools day, officers at the lansdale police department, they're having a little fun. they posted some photos on facebook, claiming to be sort of baseball cards for officers. the post said officers will be giving us a cards, cards gave officers size, fun, most likely fake backs such as dislike cowboys fans from philly and buying donuts, in uniform. good to see some of areola enforcement there have a sense of humor. >> that's funny. >> katie joining us now, now, you are telling me this is not an april fools joke, this forecast? i certainly thought it was. >> this is hilarious to me, the one time we have a really active pattern and a lot of recent weeks here, and of course, i'm telling you all about it on april fools day. i swear to you i'm not lying. >> promisee. >> we can pinky swear on it and everything, folks, exactly. but there is wet weather on the way, coming in the form after couple of different fronts that will be moving through, the first of which is
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actually the strongest of the pack here. so let's go ahead, start things off basilica of saints peter and paul getting you right back outside. first and for most, looking at the evan flow, if you will, taking place on the they are mom term. expecting high of 76 today. in early april, not shabby, but look at the difference, you see, from tomorrow, into the upcoming weekends, by the time we hit sunday and tuesday, we are actually going to be ending up here with temperatures far more reminiscent of february, than anything. so, here's what's up. first and for most comes this cold front t brought in again that severe weather earlier this morning across cape may county for example. now area of low pressure developing on its tail ends. this is going to ride up the coastline and very likely bring us additional showers tomorrow. for now still sitting in marge mal risk, lost he is possible of severe weather region wide here. so i would say at this point anyone is still fair game, to see a scattered, but localized heavy downpour, maybe gusty winds embedded within that, anyone again within that zone. but, with that round that came through earlier, it did help to sort of destabilize the
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atmosphere little bit through southern new jersey, so wild start to april. you have got this cold front, area of low pressure rides along very likely bridges in some showers, especially from philly on southeast tomorrow, specially in the morning. and it is a keel day by comparison. but there are cold area of reinforcement, guys, first of which comes saturday night into sunday, sending us back to the 40's for the first time sunday. it will probably feel no better than the 30's, guys, maybe even not even better than the 20's for some of you. another system comes along to reinforce even monday night. that will will lead to p.m., specially, nighttime shower of rain or snow. now, i don't think you are talking any accumulation out of that, but who want to see snowflakes in early april at this point, right? high wind watch takes effect that's tomorrow night into sunday. this is where it gets really, really blustery, guys, gusts can peak as high as 06 miles an hour, will send your trash can down the road with no problems. secure the loose object. pleasant valley middle and high school here, live neighborhood network, sort of you can tell that there is
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some juice in the atmosphere, and that there is maybe potentially some stormy weather looming. soap, watch for it, keep the rain gear at the ready, and then we take you through the seven day where the temperatures again go on roller coaster ride of sorts. we will be in the 40's for two of the next seven days. sunday, tuesday, definitely the colds he is of the pack, with just again a series almost like one of those kitchen sink where everything but the kitchen sink type forecasts, rahel, potential for snow, rain, selfie weather, every temperature imaginable, all therefore you. >> april almost like pay back for march. >> yes, you're absolutely right. i feel like that is what this could be. april fools joke. >> there you have it. thanks, katie. well, take a look at this. this adorable baby sloth gets a checkup just like any other infant apparently. his home is right here in pennsylvania, five month old valentino was check over by doctors at the national avery in pit burying. right now only three and a
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half pounds, but will grow another 15 pounds. the sloth is being raised to eventually work as an educational program. >> very cute. >> precious. >> some people are crazy about sloths. i can tell but my friends from grad school who was just obsessed. >> i was wondering how you develop an obsession with sloth. >> and you never see them except right here in pennsylvania, apparently. when we come back, insider look at the
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>> the 51st academy of country
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music awards will be handed out sunday. >> indeed. always fun night with many performances from country stars as well as pop and rock stars, and this year, some fun ones are planned for sure. >> for sure. and joining us now to talk about the big night, from our sister station, 92.5, xtu, host andy somers and -- >> glad to be here. >> thank you. tell me what you're most excited about sunday. >> first of all, dirt, and he and luke go way back, like brown, the other co-host of the show, good friends, good budd frist a long time ago. i think that they will be a lot of fun topping. the other thing i'm looking forward to is tim mcgraw, his new song, humble and kind. he asked listeners to send in photographs of themselves holding a word that meant something to them. >> love that. >> yes, so they're going to be throughout the performance, they're going to be like on the screen behind them. >> okay. >> neat to see people that we might know. >> way to incorporate the fans
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that way. jennifer, what about you? what are you looking for? >> i love the collaborations, i love it when we bring the different genre of music together. so i love it that, like, miranda lambert is performing with philly, zz top, and keith urban, that will be so much fun. i love that dolly parton is going to be teaming one katie per. >> i wow. >> yes. >> i know? >> we don't know what they're sinking yet, right? >> we do not, we do not. i think it will be fun. >> let's talk about awards. who are your picks for female vocalist of the year? so nominees we have are kelsey ballerina,. >> ballrini. >> all right, we also have dana kramer, miranda lambert, kacie must graves, kerry end wood. what do youy? >> i'm going carry underwood, new baby, new music out, i'm going with my katie pick. >> katie had babies, she deserves awards, kate had i
12:25 pm
babies, she deserves award. >> why can you not love katie. >> i'm going with miranda lambert. she has had a rough year with the whole blake shelton divorce. you know, i love mir canada. she is a tough cookie, and i hope she comes out on top. and maybe she is going to be for the seventh time in a row female vocalist of the year. >> that would be very well deserved, but then also the male side. so male vocalist of the year, here are the picks, what do you think, andy? >> i'm going to go with chris stapleton. he rocked the house at the cma's, he's won gram thinks past year, he's going to be the guy to keep an eye on. i know we don't hear a lot of him but people who know him love him. and i think will be hard to take this away from him. >> okay, how about single record of the year? >> you know, that's a tough one. that's such a great category. i love cam and burning house, the vocals on it are haunting. and she just so talented. i think she's got a lot more
12:26 pm
to go in the whole country world. so i'm excited for her. >> i'm going sam hunt. >> i'm with andy. >> real quick we want to get your albumn of the year picks ahead. >> i'll go chris stapleton again on this one. >> and i'm going sam hunt. the hotty on this one. >> ya, i can't complain there either. we have to wait and see. all right, ladies, thanks so much for for being with us. the 51st academy of country music awards are sunday night here at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm rahel solomon for katie all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. remember we're always on line for you at >> and the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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