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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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still shaken up, the mother of a seven week old baby abduct from the king of prussia mall speaks out. her message now to the woman accused of stealing her baby. nova nation is ready to go, fans are houston bound to cheer on their wildcats in the final four. sports director don bell tells us how players are preparing for tonight's game. and the weekend is ushering in wild weather from summer-like temperatures to a a high wind watch and you may even see snow flakes. today is saturday, april 2nd, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon let's send it over to justin because we're talking snow in april. >> march, april, the toughest
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month in the forecast because it is all about sky cover, yesterday, 80 degrees, incredible. >> sunshine. >> enjoy it now. milder temperatures in the 60's but things will change and it will get windy as well but right now, no problems as far as temperatures are going in the 50's and 60's over most locations. philadelphia checks in at 62 degrees. we have a light wind out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour, weak cold front that has push through taking its time to get out of here but we have a chance for some light rain showers, mainly during morning hours, we have a shot to see that south and east of the city. steady rain developing across cape may county, atlantic county along the shore and a couple of light showers north and west of the city, north and lehigh county and temperatures not bad right now, 62 at the a airport, reaching our high temperature right now, right now these numbers may drop a few degrees in the afternoon an afternoon. forty-four in mount pocono.
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into the suburbs we will go, low 50's in doylestown, mid 50's in willow grove. tonight wind starts to kick up, a high wednesday warning in effect throughout the region, we could have wind gusting to 50 to 60 miles an hour. it is not a long term event. the it is from midnight to noon time tomorrow. through the overnight and sunday morning. wind sustained 25 to 35 miles an hour during this time period there could be down branches and wires, leading to power outages. forty-six for the high. morning showers, pretty much where ever you are across the region. we are talking about more cool downs in the seven day forecast, in 15 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, justin. well, a seven week old baby abduct from the king of prussia a mall is safe at home with his family and now his mother is speaking out about the frightening ordeal. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has her message for the alleged kidnapper. >> reporter: for almost five hours, seven week old ahsir simmons was with the stranger,
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one whom authorities say took him from his mother inside king of prussia a mall. >> i'm just blessed and lucky to be holding my son right now. to be holding him in my arms after what happened yesterday is a a blessing. >> reporter: malika hunter is paranoid about losing her son again. police say woman in they will this surveillance video is cher a amoore who appeared before a judge on friday and faces several charges. >> she has told our investigators that she did not go to the mall with the intention to steel a baby. >> reporter: malika hunter says that is what happened, amoore's attentions do not matter. he told "eyewitness news" that she started a friendly conversation in the the mall. the hunter was distract tend to go another child and amoore took ahsir out of his stroller and made the escape. >> she said that she gave birth to a baby boy february 11th which died a few hours later. we have not been able to confirm any of that story. >> my sister, suffered a loss just as well as you did but you don't see her running
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around taking people children. that is no excuse. no excuse to to what you did. >> reporter: police arrested a more in wayne late thursday night. authorities say she voluntarily gave ahsir back to his family according to documents, amoore toll authorities that she had a out of body experience and was overwhelmed by feeling of the holding an infant again. a more's public defender had no comment when asked if his client was ever pregnant or if she ever lost a child. >> i don't even want to take my children no where. i don't even want them out in the public. i want to stay where i'm at. i'm with family. i don't want to be out. >> reporter: cherie amoore is daughter of the the renee a more, the amoore family is not speaking on camera but released a statement thanking people for their thoughts and prayers. the younger a more will appear before a judge april 15th. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 eyewitness as you. stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge in the story, when we are not on
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tv we are on line the with the latest, cbs i 13 year-old boy is in stable condition after he was accidentally hit the by a police car. the officer was reportedly responding to an assist in the the area, when a child was hit at the intersection of the broad street and fairmount avenue. the boy was taken to the hahnemann hospital, the officer was not hurt. police are investigating a homicide in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. now a a fire broke out in a row home, on the 1900 block of west bristol street around 7:00 last night. the fire fighters took 25 minutes to get the flames under control and then when the smoke cleared, fire fighters found a woman's dead body in the basement. early reports suggested that the woman died from severe head trauma. and, the villanova wildcats are taking over houston. four bus loads of students, left campus yesterday for philadelphia a international. they have boarded a direct charter flight. the university received 700 student tickets for tonight's
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final four game and they were distributed through a lottery system. so those who a tended the most regular season games have the best chance to win. now we are just hours away from villanova's big game against oklahoma, sports director don bell has more on how wildcats are preparing for this match up. >> friday or saturday nighttime to relax, child, and get turn, with 2t's. for wildcats this trip is more like a monday morning, time to focus on the work at hand. wildcats with an opened practice, fans got a chance to watch the team prepare for tonight a's match up with oklahoma. wildcats have been razor sharp for both tournament and jay wright wants to keep it that way. >> just keep talking to them about it. we have to take it in but we have to remain hungry and humble, and i just try to teach them before each event, you know, how we can handle it. >> it is definitely fun but we are trying to be here on a business trip.
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everything else is fun but once we are on the court we know the basketball we have to play. >> vegas likes their chances. wildcats are two-point favorite over the sooners g luck to the cats. i'm don belfor "eyewitness sports". from basket the ball to baseball phillies season begins in just three days. the team is at citizens bank park for some final tune-ups before monday's opener. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff visits the ballpark for all of the excitement. >> programs here. >> reporter: it is sound of the season and what james waits for all year every year. >> i think they will surprise everyone. >> reporter: in the final home exhibition game before the official start of the season, fans arrived to watch phillies take on the orioles with high hopes. coming off a solid spring training season in clearwater, fans could travel to florida saw strong starting pitching and plenty of new faces. >> we have a lot of young players i'm excited about,
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franco, knoll a. >> reporter: last year phillies had 99 losses over 63 wins but fans are looking for better in 2016. >> it would be nice to be in the 70's and maybe 80's, 82. >> reporter: fans were treated to extra perks for their early season support but not everyone was overly impressed by this match up with the orioles. after sticking through a rain delay, someone likes jane, proves that these are far from fair weather fans. >> i'm for them. i'm going to root for them because i think they will surprise a lot of people. >> reporter: jane says that this is probably her last season coming here to citizens bank park in the because she plans to give up on this team. no, she wants to move down to clearwater where she can root from the phillies from there. the regular season starts monday. reporting from citizens bank park, alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". test result are in, we have new information about the knife found at o.j. simpson's former estate. what forensic tests revealed,
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coming up next. and if you have been told you have an allergy, it turns out it may not be true after all, we will tell what you medical testing can save you a lot of money, stay with us.
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to you, they're more than just a pet. ♪ so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. back on "eyewitness news" with an update on the knife a allegedly found at o.j. simpson's former home in brentwood, california. investigators say it was not weapon used to kill simpson's ex-wife and her friend back in 1994.
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simpson was acquitted in the case, a retired lapd officer claimed a construction worker gave him the knife years ago but that he never turned it in because he thought the case was closed. simpson meantime is serving a prison sentence for 2007 robbery convictions. and the fbi will not reveal who helped him unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters but signs point toward an israeli company. according to cnn an elite group of engineers at the cellebright a company with a history of helping fbi. on the day feds said they unlock the phone they signed a contract with cellebright. they make a device that can down load a phone's memory to the flash drive-in just second. and in campaign 2016 donald trump is shrugging off criticism from both sides of the aisle over his recent comments on a borings. weijia jiang takes a look at the current state of the presidential race heading into tuesday's wisconsin primary.
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>> reporter: donald trump told john dickerson that he is not ready to change abortion laws. >> at this moment the laws are set and i think we have to leave that it way. >> reporter: he has been under a tack since suggesting there should be punishment if abortion is out loud and woman has one. people on both side are attacking many of his proposals. president obama a closed his nuclear summit by questioning trump's remarks that south korea and japan should arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> the person who made the statement doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> reporter: tempers are also flaring on the democratic side, bernie sanders is accusing hillary clinton of being in the pocket of energy lobbyist. >> in fact, both democratic candidates have taken donation from his employees of oil companies. clinton lost her cool during a stop thursday when asked about accepting campaign contributions from the
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industry. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> reporter: but sanders, who leads clinton in wisconsin refusing to back down. >> secretary clinton you owe our campaign an apology. we were totally mistreated. >> reporter: clinton campaign says they have in plans to apologize. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, mayor jim kenney pulled an april fools day prank. he tweeted this photo with a big bandage over his nose and says you can only visit so many before you get tired of hearing kid point out your large nose. of course, mayor did not have surgery, he has previously used self deprecating humor to describe his nose. and officers in the lansdale police department, also had a little april fools day fun, it was a photos on facebook, claiming to be sort of baseball cards for officers. the card gave officers, astros logical signs and fun but
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faced facts about the officers such as buying doughnuts and uniforms. >> good to see everybody have a sense of humor. justin is not joking about this forecast. >> you need a good sense of humor to deal with this weather. we are jumping, to 80 degrees, thunder, humidity and bringing in the winter-like conditions. it happens, it is april. we will get wild swings in weather. we will break it down. up and down over the next couple days. outside it is not that bad, maybe running into some light rain showers, and best chance to have the rain will be during the morning hours but right now in the city we are dry just some cloud and pretty mild, temperatures in the lower 60's looking live, from our roof camera but check out storm scan three this is the cold front that came through our region last night. it is stalled to the east of us right now, still left over moisture so some light rape in the lehigh rally, maybe up to the poconos. we're in the break philadelphia, trenton, wilmington and down the shore more of the steady shower
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developing especially into southern delaware. more rain west of the d.c. that could get through here in the morning hours. nothing heavy. might want to have the umbrella around just in case but is there cold air waiting to get in here. you can see that surge indicating snow showers a cross the upper great lakes. that is an arctic cold front that will come through later tonight. it will kick up wind and that will transport in that colder air. we are a's mild still 62 at the airport. fifty-four allentown. mid 40's in mount pocono. we will drop a few degrees this morning. we will climb up to near 60 later this afternoon. thinks our high temperature for today. look at this, 32 in chicago. thirty-six minneapolis. so that cold air has to get here. we will get that surge in here later on tonight. wind not so bad today, we will gusting close to 20 miles an hour later this afternoon but it is not until after midnight, when all of the wind energy starts to arrive in the region and high wind warning goes into effect. the gusts start going over 30 miles an hour, up to 50, maybe 60 miles an hour through
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overnight. very windy sunday morning 9:00 g well over 40 miles an hour near 50. as we hit the afternoon those wind relax and it does get better just a short term surge of some wind. for today, showers in the morning, cooler, in the 50's and 60's as that front moves off shore and secondary arctic front comes through tonight maybe even a few flurries north and west of the city, cold, windy on sunday, highs only in the 40's. that is typical for late february and then monday we will get another surge of milder air from this little will weak system bringing in some showers and then behind that another shot of cold air. through the morning again some showers around, mainly from the city on south and east, again, maybe a sprinkle or two up toward the poconos, very early this morning. then overnight tonight, still a shower possible in the arctic front and then notice maybe even some snow showers, that northern, bucks, montgomery county in the lehigh valley. we're back to sunshine on sunday but that sun will not the help out at all. check out these temperatures, today upper 50's to around 60
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in the afternoon. cold air surges in, we are close to freezing in the suburbs tomorrow. tomorrow we will be stuck in the 40's, that is half of the battle. look at these wind chill values. this is what it feels like tomorrow morning. the teens and 20's for early april, pretty cold and those wind chill values hold in the 30's, you figure sunday afternoon. today, cooler, morning high of 64 degrees with some showers possible, tonight still a chance for a shower, windy, much colder, low 38 in the city and near freezing in the suburbs. look at the seven day all over the place, we will go from 64 to 47, backup to 60 on monday and then back down in the the 40's tuesday and wednesday, into the 50's on thursday, with more rain, so very active pattern, rahel, you need that heavier coat. look at the that look you are giving me. it is like a scowl. >> i wore my heavy coat this morning because i thought it was cold and then it wasn't. i don't know how to prepare. >> you will need it tomorrow for sure. >> thanks, justin. on the cbs-3 healthwatch are you a leverage i can to
5:19 am
penicillin? many people who think they are allergic to the popular antibiotic, really aren't. health reporter stephanie stahl, explains. >> claire brenman ace machining millions of americans who think they have annal will gee to penicillin, what her mom said. now at 26 she's getting an allergy test to find out for sure. >> ten to 15 percent of the u.s. population thinks that they are allergic to penicillin but you in actuality less than 1 percent are truly allergic to penicillin. >> when we're children and we have this added to medical record, overtime, as we get repeated infections we don't ever address the issue again. >> reporter: doctors have been prescribing penicillin reliablely for years but when they can't alternatives are more expensive, lessee effective and can cause serious side effects. >> there was a nightmare. i actually ended up having my stomach messed up for a few years since then. >> reporter: for claire alternative antibiotic for a minor dental procedure led to much bigger health problems.
5:20 am
>> i was given another drug and i got cdif which i thought if i was allergic to penicillin i could after void that had. >> reporter: penicillin allergy prevents patient from his taking amoxicillin and august men continue. claire was given the all clear for penicillin which could make a world of difference the next time that she gets sick. doctors say that a bigger issue related to antibiotics is they are often over prescribed causing antibiotic resist tense where the drugs just do not work. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, we're taking you behind the scenes of the movies new in theaters this weekend. >> hi everybody i'm kevin mathieson, melissa a joe heart starts as a teacher speaking up and facing controversy too
5:21 am
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only fios can. welshing mark your calendars for july 14th because a reunited guns and roses is playing the lincoln financial field. the bandies embarking on a 20 day tour of the america's largest outdoor stadium. take a look at that lines wrapped around the block in hollywood yesterday for fans trying to get tickets to a pretour concert. the line up features original members slash, axle and duf, philly tickets for the general public go on sale next friday at ten. >> ♪
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>> and there is country superstar luke brian, rehearsing for sunday night's ac m award. brian is co host and up for entertainer of the year. the his fellow co host i did, bentley is seven for male vocal list of the year. you can see the 51st academy of country music awards tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. batman verse super man is expect to dominate the box office again this weekend but there are new movies generating buzz. cameron mathieson from entertainment tonight has a sneak peak at a follow-up to a surprise hit. >> reporter: this week melissa joan hart stars as a teacher speaking up for her beliefs who becomes involved in the trial and test of her faith in god's not dead yet too. >> when he said we should love our enemies. >> yes. >> when grace a public school teacher answers a student questions in class that
5:25 am
incorporates her christian beliefs a backlash ensues that threatens her job and faith. it resonated with star melissa joan h theart hoist an frayed to sharing her personal beliefs. >> i feel like i have a a great life and i want to share that with people a lot of that is my faith. >> judged by the world, but the world needs to be judged by god. >> reporter: issue goes to trial where larger questions of freedom of religion comes into play, played by jesse met calf who sharing the passion of the deeper challenge of the topic. >> it brings attention to an issue we have in our society about the separation of church and state. we need to have an open conversation and discussion, and i feel like the movie opens up that conversation. >> reporter: fate isn't on trial here but that is exactly is what on trial. >> i will not be afraid to say the word jesus. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm cameron mathieson now back to you in the studio.
5:26 am
for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. ape still ahead in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news", dozens of people will be running up the steps of the center city high rise today, coming up next, the good cause that has them taking the stairs. and take a look at this, this baby just had his checkup why he went to the doctor's office for his new gig in pennsylvania, we will be right
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well, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us today. let's send it tout meteorologist justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck. the justin, you probably don't need coat to take but you will really need it tomorrow. >> unfortunately we are moving deeper in the spring season and we're going backward. last year we had summer, 80 degrees. today where we should be for early april. tomorrow will start feeling like february. still a threat for rain showers especially early to take checking out storm scan three, light stuff we are seeing showers across the new jersey shore. maybe some light rain, up toward lehigh valley and southern poconos, but even here in the city we could see a couple showers later this morning. and then perhaps some sunshine, for the afternoon but temperatures close where they should be, pretty much reaching our highs right now. we were in the mid 60's last
5:30 am
hour. sixty-two officially in philadelphia. fifty-nine wilmington. we will drop a few degrees maybe coming back to near 60 this afternoon across philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. the tonight though that is when wind starts to kick up, high win warning will go in effect for the entire region. wind gusting to 60 miles an hour. that will usher in the colder air and look at that freeze watch is in effect for the overnight hours, for western suburbs, chester county, cecil county maryland and northern montgomery county as well. temperatures in the suburbs could drop to near freezing or below for an extended time. today's high again 60's and tomorrow only in the 40's, and sunny, but it will than windy. it will feel more like 30's when you factor in the wind. we have temperatures all over the place in the seven days forecast and we will time it out in the few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. a seven week old baby abduct from the king of prussia mall is safe at home with his family.
5:31 am
his mother is speaking out about the frightening ordeal. seven week old ahsir simmons was missing for almost five hours on thursday night, the authorities say cherie amoore befriended his mother and when she became distracted took off with the infant. the little boy's mother is now paranoid about losing her son again. >> i'm just blessed and lucky to be holding my son right now. i don't want to take my children no where. i don't want them out in public. i just want to stay where i am at. i'm with family. i don't want to be out. >> amoore is behind bars on half million-dollar bail, she will be in court april 15th. amoore is daughter of the prominent republican and business woman the in the state, renee amoore is deputy chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania. she a period on "eyewitness news" when we hosted local voters during a g.o.p. presidential debate earlier this year. she's not commented on the investigation but family did release a statement saying in part that the a more family
5:32 am
appreciate is a all who has reached out with prayers and positive messages in this difficult time. our focus is on our daughter a's health and wellness. we would ask thaw respect our privacy and we have no further comment at this time. now to an cbs-3 exclusive, philadelphia police are gearing up to battle growing crisis of human trafficking. it is destroying lives of children lured in the sex trade. a a landmark new task force in our area is among the first of its kind in the country. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us the new initiative is targeting predators and bringing new hope for victims. >> he is a human trafficker, prosecutors say, charged with padding his pockets with cash, earned by a 16 year-old girl he supplied with drugs, as he push her ever deeper into prostitution. >> is there so many people victimized by this it is absolutely scary. >> reporter: these two women accused of prostitution at a
5:33 am
main line massage parlor also suspect victims of traffickers but shockingly as adults they are the exception. for most the horror starts between the age of 12 to 15. >> you hear 12 years old my god, it is just something that is absolutely astounding. >> they have been stripped of everything that a child normally would possess. >> reporter: judge laurie says the children she size in her special human trafficking court almost all carry the same emotional scars, 90 percent sexually a boosted as children, run a ways with no families, perfect targets for predators luring them into the sex trade. >> they are looking for love, in all of the wrong places and that is exactly how they become so vulnerable to the predators. >> the kid who wants to be a model or singer or background dancer fine themselves victimized. they are selling young girls
5:34 am
on the internet every day. >> reporter: human trafficking so profitable here that some drug dealers now air abandoning narcotics, selling women instead, of a hidden crime that unlike drug dealing rarely leads to investigations or anyone being a rested. >> you can sell a drug on time. you can drug a victim over and over and over again. >> reporter: but now for the first time philadelphia police are in effect declaring war on human traffickers. a special task force among the first of its kind in the country with a single mission, saving victims and putting predators behind bars. >> it is a new thing, something we have not done. >> reporter: and it is a huge challenge because police say in human trafficking unlike most crimes, before you can arrest suspects, you must fine the victims who almost always hide from police as well. >> they have been brain washed into believing that everyone ace against them except the
5:35 am
trafficker. in one is standing up, you you know, i will say pick me, pick me. >> reporter: even before they find the first victim, arrest the force suspect this landmark task force has an urgent warning: human traffickers are destroying an ever growing number of young lives here, lives that these dedicated police and community members now vow that they will protect. >> these young people have never experienced what true love is, unconditional love like we will love on you you until you get better. >> reporter: walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today, the tenth annual philadelphia fight for air climb, the local athletes and first responders will climb a center city sky scraper to raise money for the american lung association. "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live where participants will be climbing over a thousand steps. good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. i'm kind of out of breath thinking about what will get
5:36 am
underway in just a few hours. fire fighters and other athletes will race up 50 floors here and it is all for a great cause to raise money for the american lung association. the president joins us now bright and early to be with us today. how many participants are you expecting. >> there are 800 participant will climb those 50 flights of stairs, 1,088 steps to raise awareness for lung disease. >> reporter: fire fighters have to raise a minimum of a hundred doll a ars to get to start this and also pay a $25 registration fee. where is this money going to go and what are the benefits. >> the goal today is to raise $240,000 and those dollars will go toward our research, for lung disease, education programs, and advocacy efforts throughout the delaware valley. >> reporter: 35 million americans suffer from asthma, other lung diseases, so this isn't just to raise money but to raise awareness what do you hope participants take a away
5:37 am
from this event. >> i hope they start to climb the stairs and feel shortness of breath and what it is like to have lung disease. hopefully they will take away that jena awareness that it really is difficult and shortness of breath is one of the most prevalent signs of lung disease. hopefully they will know what it is like to have, lung disease on a daily basis, and to put into place prevention measures that will help them live healthier lives. >> reporter: what makes you so passionate about this cause. >> well, i may self have been certainly affect by lung disease. i think everyone if you you ask anyone, i think they know someone who has had lung disease somewhere in their life. for me i lost my brother, my sister and father from lung disease so i'm very passionate about making sure that people understand the importance of protecting their lungs the best way that they can. >> reporter: for people who want to come down today when can they register and when did the event start. >> if you are just waking up you can still register. the at 7:00 registration opens and anyone can join us.
5:38 am
>> reporter: well, anyone can join, so thinks all for a great cause. if would you like to come down registration starts at 7:00 and event starts a at 8:30. live from center city i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hopefully we will see you climb those steps, thank you. we are just hours away from the final four match up, featuring villanova the team, of course, will face off against oklahoma and houston. sports reporter leslie van arsdal is traveling with the wildcats and hanging out the with the teams captain ahead of tonight's game. >> reporter: there are i am similarities between jay wright and ryan archie dea ago know, they are both from bucks county, ryan's parents went to villanova and grew up not only watching know of basketball but dreaming of the wearing the jersey. now as a senior star he has led his team to the final four. he said coach wright made him the player he is today. >> definitely fiery on the court and in practice which you appreciate and hard to do throughout the whole season of bringing it every single day. i think i try to do that. he definitely does that.
5:39 am
>> i think he has a unique combination of physical, mental toughness, high skill level, and then there is that intangible that he is playing for a school that his family loves, that he loves, and there is something in there that is magical about that. >> reporter: the strong relationship is something that i talked to ryan about as we walk the campus. it is home for the past four years. >> he is a grade guy both on and off the court. everything that i have done here is all because of him. appreciate him. letting me play for villanova, just lucky. >> when he puts on that jersey, it just means that it is a little bit more to him then it does anybody else. >> reporter: win or lose, ryan arcidiacono will be always the player that led this team to the the final four and create memories for his families that they will never forget. reporting from houston, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". and wild cat fans are arriving in houston, four bus
5:40 am
loads of students left campus yesterday for philadelphia international airport where they boarded a direct charter flight. the university received 700 student tickets for the final four and as you might imagine they disappeared very quickly. the tickets were distributed through a lottery and so those who attended the most regular season games, had the best chance to win. >> pretty hard to get, they ran out within the first ten minutes and then the same, they ran out in the first ten minutes. i was lucky to get both student tickets and a plane ticket. >> reporter: that charter flight comes back on tuesday giving fans a chance to get to monday's championship game as wildcats make it that far. we hope they do meantime stay with cbs-3 and cbs we will bring you excitement from houston as wildcats tip off in the final four. and, slow down when you are typing, coming up next, find out how those fast fingers could put your personal fur at risk.
5:41 am
we all love baby pictures, watch as this little one gets a checkup before he takes up residents right here in pennsylvania. still some showers hanging around, how long will the rain impact your weekend and winter chill that follows, coming up next.
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welcome back. who among us hasn't made a typo. it turns out it could put you at risk. it is called typo squatting and there are hackers out
5:44 am
there who are banking on our mistakes. this is how they do it. they buy web sites with similar names to very popular ones and when you go to them they may infect your computer, hackers could also start up loading all sorts of personal information so if this happens to you, you want to immediately close your browser, and make sure you have security software. and justin is joining us now and justin you claim this is not an april fools joke but i'm still holding out hope. >> if you you do not like cold temperatures you will in the like this forecast coming up. i cannot change it. this is delaware valley. we go through this every time, every year, we get warm days and cold days right after. that march was warm. overall we average everything up it came out to seven and a half degrees. we had an inch of snow. highest temperature was 82. coldest was 27. april certainly started off warm. we hit a a high of 80 degrees yesterday. we will not see 70's at least for another week and a half, maybe even two weeks at this point with this pattern that is developing. still mile.
5:45 am
we have cold front that brought the heavy showers and thunderstorms yesterday. starting to move off shore but still left over showers, mainly from the city on south and east later on this morning. what we're seeing right now across the poconos should start to move off to the south and east, so things get better. maybe we will get sunshine this afternoon. cold pocket of air from the great lakes, that is arctic front that arrives tonight. that will bring in some cold air this time of the year. it also kicks up the wind. we have 55 in wildwood. sixty in dover. sixty-two in harrington. you get up around the city, upper 50's to lower 60's, cooler north and west in the suburbs. mid 50's at this hour, that ace above average for our early morning hours in april. but wind today, not so bad, they are out of the west ten to 15, gusting to 30 later this afternoon. tonight after midnight that win does start to kick up, sustained near 30 miles an hour, gusts possibly 50's to 60 miles per hour, into sunday morning. so we could be dealing with some down trees, wires, and could lead to some power
5:46 am
outages overnight as high wind warning will get in effect throughout the region. very active pattern. we have cold front number one coming through this morning bringing left over showers, and it is not strong, it does have moisture witt but arctic front that comes through tonight that ushering in the colder air overnight into tomorrow and bringing in a flurry in some spots north of the city tonight, and another front will come through, on monday, ahead of this though we will get a surge of warmer air and that brings in cold air behind it. that will be shown in the seven day forecast. throughout the morning chance of light rain showers not everybody sees it. depend where you are. tries out this afternoon. maybe left over shower tonight with the arctic front, snow shower or flurry is possible, north and west of the city, sunshine tomorrow, so at least we have the sun going for us, temperatures will struggle to get to the upper 40's and we will have to balance some wind, wind chill values tomorrow morning, teens, to lower 20's so that is what it feels like on exposed skin early sunday morning in the afternoon those wind chill values hang out in the 30's,
5:47 am
even though our high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's. pattern really for early april next week or so is for the jet stream overall to remain to our south. we will get hit, of cold air, every few days, brief warm up but overall cold air wins out when we average it all together. maybe the month of april turns out to be, average by the time we will get through. cold tore day, morning showers, 50's and 60's, tonight, windy and colder, shower possible, low 38 degrees, freezing in some spots. look at the seven day forecast it is all over the place. forty-seven tomorrow, win, sunny back to 60 on monday with some showers, and then it is 40's again, tuesday and wednesday, and wednesday morning, rahel, upper 20's. for those temperatures. ouch. >> bundle up. >> that hurts. >> good thing i didn't throw away my winter clothes. >> keep them around. >> justin, thank you. good advice. well, an adorable baby sloth gets a checkup just like any other infant. "eyewitness news" anchor
5:48 am
jessica dean has a look is what next for the 59 month-old sloth hoist being raised at national avi a ary in pittsburgh. >> reporter: little valentino is getting used to his new digs. >> he is a very healthy baby boy. >> reporter: doctors at national avi a ary in pittsburgh gave the two toed sloth his five month checkup. he was weighed, measured and check over to make sure he is meeting his milestones. >> well, he weighs three and a half pound and when he first came on board here, he was, he was just 2-pound, right now he weighs 3-pound. he is growing well. >> reporter: eventually he will grow to be 15 to 20-pound, valentino was purchased from a breeder in florida and has been living in the aviary since february 8th so why a sloth when aviary mostly features bird. >> it gives them a chance to help talk about the need to help protect the environment in the rain forest, which our little sloth valentino wild
5:49 am
counterparts help out. >> reporter: sloth is being hand raised with the expectation he will be used to participate in educational programs. >> so valentino has already started working on some work here at national aviary what we're doggies comparing these different experience was food. >> reporter: valentino's favorite dish is spinach and he likes rice, sweet potatoes and eggs, somebody he would have gotten in the wild by stealing from birds nest. >> when valentino does, we have food to give him. >> reporter: van teen owe is on display for the public to see the at care center window at noon and 4:00 p.m. visitors can also book a private, 30 minute encounter to learn more about it. jessica dean for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how cute good well, art lovers are in for a treat in one south philadelphia a community. "eyewitness news" at st. mary's church hall at tenth and ellsworth for fifth annual
5:50 am
square art auction. they check out creations from more than 40 local artists all under the sound track of the live band, proceeds benefit the passyunk square civic association. take a look our jim donovan was there and our morning show anchor brook thomas. they are out there having fun. are you ready for something new and fun in the morning? starting monday, wake up with the official team for morning people, jim and brook will be joined by katie fehlinger and meisha johnson to start your day off right with just the right mix of information you need and stories that will make you smile and feel great about living here. watch the new "eyewitness news" this morning starting monday at the 4:30. it was an april fools day to celebrate for one philadelphia man, that is because he just turned 100, but he decided to part which his bowling league what he says keeps him going strong, we will be right back.
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5:53 am
tonight is biggest game in ryan arcidiacono's career. if it looks like he was born to play for the villanova wildcats there is a reason for that. leslie van arsdal is with the team in houston with more. >> reporter: imaging to go villanova, having a son playing in the final 46789 for the arcidiacono's, life is pretty good. >> it is pretty surreal. it is incredible. >> reporter: arcidiacono's met in college. now they have a son, playing in the final four. it is amazing. >> it is like, i this they have been in the papers all the time ryan has been a villanova fan since he was little because we were. and, it is a dream come true. i cannot even explain it. >> reporter: ryan grew up around villanova watching villanova but something that jay wright said to him when he
5:54 am
was in seventh grade that planted the seed. yes, some day he would play at villanova. >> jay goes ryan, ryan, come over here. we both walk over. he goes ry, he goes your parents, you, both bled blue and white. he goes so will you some day. >> reporter: ryan is men for tough, gritty play but growing up he was good at everything. >> he was competitive. anything that he was into he was good at. he was good at football, baseball, good at basketball. >> reporter: win or lose ryan arcidiacono will always be the player that led this team to the final four and create memories for his family, that they will never forget. reporting from houston, leslie van arsdal, for "eyewitness sports". on to the pros. sixers lose games at an alarming rate. that is not exactly breaking news. last night they had a chance at being the best, at being the worst.
5:55 am
they lost against hornets officially locked up last place in the nba. how about the owner of the hornets, michael jordan, the greatest of all time. we will pick it up in the fourth quarter sixers down double digits. tj on top, sixers trailed by 11. later on, deficit down to four but, kimba walker three of his 27 points. sixers lose 100-91. they have the worst record in the nba, it is now official and most ping-pong balls in the draft lottery. like stepping food in your own house after a long vacation it is time to get reacclimated. after a long off season phillies back on the field at citizens bank park. phillies hosting baltimore orioles, fourth inning, down six-one, miguel franco swinging with cruel intentions going upper deck. his ninth jack of the spring season. next batter though big piece ryan howard. he goes yard, off a left
5:56 am
hander, that is a good sign for fightin phillies. back to back shots but they lose eight-seven, your final score. now to hockey red wings hosting wild third period detroit with a one goal lead. riley she an knocks home rebound as red wings beat minnesota three-two. they are tied with the flyers for final playoff spot. fly guys hosting ottawa this afternoon at the center. that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. a party in ardmore marks a very special occasion, "eyewitness news" at the bowling lanes where he celebrated his 100 birthday last night. his nickname is cy and bowls times a week. everybody thought everybody got to sing happy birthday and cy says this friendship is all about. >> well, it means i have friend that i have been bowling with for 40 years and you cannot beat that.
5:57 am
>> and cy bold 137 average, which is pretty darn good. we watched him bowl, and then walk back and give a high five to his friend there. way to go, cy. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a baby abduct from the king of prussia mall is safe at home but coming up later the little boy's mother has an message for the alleged kidnapper. we will also have this. forget 3-d now watch a move any 4-d, the seats move, there is wind and even snow. i'm hen ny daniels in new york with that story coming up. break out the coat, when you will need to bundle up again, we will be right back.
5:58 am
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still shaken up, the mother of a seven week old baby ab duck from the king of prussia a mall, speaks out. her message now for the woman accused of stealing her baby. and just thinking about this might make you out of breath we are live this morning, where fire fighters are getting ready to take on a a unique fitness will challenge, why they are climbing 50 floors inside a philadelphia sky scraper. and boy, oh, boy weekend is ushering in wild weather from summer like temperatures to a high wind watch, you may even see some


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