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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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still shaken up, the mother of a seven week old baby ab duck from the king of prussia a mall, speaks out. her message now for the woman accused of stealing her baby. and just thinking about this might make you out of breath we are live this morning, where fire fighters are getting ready to take on a a unique fitness will challenge, why they are climbing 50 floors inside a philadelphia sky scraper. and boy, oh, boy weekend is ushering in wild weather from summer like temperatures to a high wind watch, you may even see some snow flakes.
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yes, i said snow. good morning, today is saturday, april 2nd i'm rahel solomon. lets get over to justin drabick to talk about this snow, fortunately nothing too much but still snow nonetheless. >> it is possible to see a few flurries later tonight. not widespread. just don't be surprised. it is april. we do get snow. we had a trace of snow in may. >> we don't even want to speak about that. >> no, it is hard to believe coming off 80-degree day but it will bring those changes in here starting already today, close to average where we should be for early april, today is a transition day but still left over showers around this morning, we may have umbrella around keeping it hand any case because the morning is light but depending where you are you could run into wet weather but perhaps a little sunshine this afternoon, this cold front taking its good old time to move off shore, all right, temperatures dropping to this time yesterday, eight to 19 degrees colder, so that is that cooler a air mass building in but still mild,
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early this morning. fifty-nine in philadelphia, 52 allentown, 51 in reading. the suburbs, same situation. couple hours ago we were still in the mid 60's here in philadelphia tonight at midnight high win warning goes into effect as that wind energy moves in behind this arctic cold front, entire region could see wind gusting to 50, maybe close to 60 miles an her throughout overnight hours and early sunday morning. high today, again lower 60's around philadelphia, 50's every where else, best chance for the showers will be early this morning, maybe into early this afternoon, tonight though, look at that by the time you wake up sunday morning, air temperatures, close to freezing, in a lot of suburbs but it is going to feel colder when we factor in the wind we will talk about how long this cool down last in 15 minutes. >> thanks, justin. a seven week old baby abduct from the king of prussia mall is safe at home with his family but now, his mother is speaking out about the frightening ordeal. "eyewitness news" reporter
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david spunt has her message for the alleged kidnapper. >> reporter: for almost five hours, seven week old ahsir simmons was with the stranger, one whom authorities say took him from his mother inside king of prussia mall. >> i'm's blessed and lucky to be holding my son right now. holding him in my arms after what happened yesterday was a blessing. >> reporter: malika hunter is paranoid about losing her son again. police say this woman is cherie amoore, who appeared before a judge on friday and faces several charges. >> she has told our investigators that she did not go to the mall with the intention to steel a baby. >> reporter: malika hunter says that is what happened so amoore's attentions don't really matter. amoore started a friendly conversation in the mall. hunter a said she became distract tending to another child and amoore took ahsir out of his stroller and made the escape. >> she told investigators that she gave birth to a baby boy february 11th, which died a few hours later. we have not been able to
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confirm, any of that story. >> my sister suffered a loss, this is as well as you did but you don't see her running around, and children. >> there is no excuse to do what she did. >> police arrested amoore in wayne late thursday night. she voluntarily gave ahsir back to his family. according to court documents amoore told authorities she had a out of body experience and was overwhelmed by feeling of the holding an infant again. amoore's public defender had no comment when asked if his client was ever pregnant, and if she lost a child. >> i don't want to take my children in where. i don't want them out in public. i just want to see where i'm at, i'm with my family, i want to be out. >> reporter: cher amoore is daughter of renee amoore. they have not spoken on camera but release add a statement last night thanking people forethoughts and prayers. young's more will appear before a judge april 15th. reporting live from the sat center, david spuntwo.
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 13 year-old boy is in stable condition, after he was accidentally, hit by a police car. the officer was reportedly responding to an assist in the area when the child was hit at the intersection of broad street, and fairmount avenue. the boy was taken to hahnemann hospital, and the officer was not the hurt. police are investigating a a homicide in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood, a fire broke out in a row home, on the 1900 block of west bristol street around 7:00 last night. now it took fire fighters just about 25 minutes to get the flames under control, but when the smoke cleared, fire fighters found a woman's dead body in the basement. reports suggest that the with man died from severe head trauma. and happening today, the tenth annual philadelphia fight for air climb, hubs will scale a center city sky scraper to raise money for american lung association. "eyewitness news" reporter a neat owe oh is live there.
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are you wearing your running sneakers, are you taking part? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, rahel. we talk about being healthy drinking our juice, substituting, taking stairs instead of the elevator but thinks a whole new level. fire fight are and other volunteers and athletes will be climbing, 50 floors here all for a great cause and joining us now is american lung association president deborah brown. thanks for being here with us this morning. what is this all about. >> reporter: this event is to encourage people to climb 50 flights of stairs, 1088 steps to raise a wearness about lung disease. >> reporter: why is this event and lung disease in general, just such an important cause for you personally. >> we also say you only have one pair of lungs. the it is important to make sure that we take care of them. one of the unique things about this particular stair climb today is the first responders challenge. we have over 100 emt's, fire fighters, police officers, will be donning gear and who will be climbing all 50
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flights of stairs. and one particular team, the philly fire team, has been here all ten years here at the climb and they have actually even made this particular climb part of their wellness initiative, meaning that they are trying to encourage fire fighters to make health a priority, and participate in the event such as the stair climb today. >> reporter: i'm hearing some are super ambitious and will be a tempting this more than once. >> we have century climbers and so they will go up, one time and then they will come down and hopefully take a breather in between but they will climb for a second time, so they will be doing 100 flights of stairs. >> reporter: this is the tenth annual event, very good cause, as well, and what do you hope that people who come here today take away from this. >> i hope that people understand lung disease is really critical, one in six deaths is related to lung disease and we want to just keep raising awareness about how important it is to prevent
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any type of lung disease and protect your lungs as best you can. >> reporter: fire fighters have raised just to participate a minimum of a hundred dollars, $25 registration fee as well, what is the goal. >> it the is to raise $240,000, 85 cents of every dollar stays here in the delaware valley a area for our research, programs and advocacy. >> thanks very much for being with us this morning. if you want to join you still have time to register. come down the at 7:00. it will cost you you $25. we are here at three logan square on arch street. actual event starts at 8:30. we are ready for. that back to you rahel. >> all right, thank you. turning to campaign 2016, donald trump is shrugging off criticism from both side of the aisle over his recent comments on abortion. correspondent weijia jiang takes a look at the current state of the presidential race heading in to tuesday's wisconsin primary. >> reporter: donald trump told face the nation moderator john
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dickerson he is not ready to change the abortion laws. >> at this moment the laws are set and we have to leave it the that way. >> reporter: he has been and attack since is going to suggest that abortion is out loud and woman has won. people on both side are attacking many proposals, president obama closed his nuclear summit by questioning trump's remarks that south korea and japan should arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> the person who made the statement doesn't know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> reporter: tempers are also flaring on the democratic side. bernie sanders is accusing hillary clinton have being in the pocket of energy lobbyist but both democratic candidates have taken donations from employees of oil companies. clinton lost her cool during a stop on thursday when she was asked about accepting campaign contributions from the industry. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about things i'm sick of it.
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>> reporter: sand hours leads clinton. >> secretary clinton you owe our campaign an apology, we were totally mistreated. >> reporter: clinton campaign says it has in plans to apologize. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead on "eyewitness news" putting smiles on the faces of children with autism, how some area police officers are doing just that, with a bunch of new ipad. we will also have this. it is a very philly visit and it is in the doylestown bucks county. we will take you through a century of fashion, coming up surprising role philly played in the ind
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today marks global awe advertise am a wearness day. local children living with autism are getting free exams all thanks to one of the philadelphia finest. philadelphia police officers sammy sanchez raised thousands of dollars in order to make the donations possible. >> these happy, smiling people here are people of the faces with autism. the pain, on this man's face, apparently a parent who just wants the best of his son. >> this is my football, baseball player and all of the dreams that i had and then i found out, i learn what autism was all about. >> reporter: autism effects people differently but tends
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to include trouble with social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication. philadelphia police officer sammy sanchez says his son, who has had autism, was largely non-verbal until using the program, on the ipad. >> my son went from being non-verbal to 30 or 4 percent saying one ward syllables to actually speaking a sentence. >> reporter: seeing how much it helped his son officer sanchez, wanted to make sure that other children benefited too. through his bowling for ipad program he raised $15,000 to donate ipads to 76 children at different philadelphia schools. >> when you are a parent and you have things going on with your children and you don't understand what is really going on, i think it is awesome because my son only thing that helped him to learn and to eat and things is through computers. >> it is a greater way of communication to communicate their need and answer a question, and, event act with all of the other kid.
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>> reporter: sanchez says it is his small contribute, to have a gesture helping out 76 children, communicate in a way best for them, so they, themselves can continue to contribute to this world, more and more, every day. >> they have to be reached and see them learn and engage, it is an awesome thing. >> and, officer sanchez tells us that this was his second year of donating ipad. justin joining us now with the weather watchers. justin a good day to enjoy that mild weather today. >> thinks it at least. we are still dodging rain. you may want to have the jacket on heading out over next three hours. it depend where you are. up toward lehigh valley where we're checking with julie in allentown, 55 degrees. she has light rain this hour and another area that is seeing a little bit of rain is in chester county right now fran, in nottingham at 51 degrees. he has light drizzle. then in northern delaware not
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too far from nottingham in newark, delaware delores lee cloud which cloudy skies and 57 degrees. the mostly cloudy almost 60 degrees already. i love spring. delivery another 12 to 24 hours and we will head into new jersey as well, and peter, a at 57 degrees. he has been just reporting cloudy skies. the shore is another part where our we are seeing lighter rain. the lets go up to bethlehem. live look from hotel bethlehem main street you can see wet roads, indicating light rain in the lehigh valley. keep that in mind, traveling around, it is not too heavy and should not impact your travel too much at all. there is storm scan three. is there a cold front that brought showers and thunderstorms last night, kind of just stalling off of our coast, still some left over moisture with height rain, especially during morning hours and should begin to taper off in the afternoon and could see some sunshine. arctic cold front coming through wisconsin, right now, cold air indicating by the
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snow, that cold air will be heading our way and closer look here, a cross the region, steadier showers at the shore, and then north and west, heavier showers in southern lancaster county moving in western chester county in the the next half an hour. wind gusts to day, not so bad. they will be basically 0 miles an hour or less, but tonight, that changes with the arctic cold front. those wind increase, 2:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, we're gusting to near 40, 50 miles an hour and that wind energy sticks around through the morning on sunday. gusts 50, maybe enclose to 60 miles an hour but by the afternoon wind start to back off a little bit but nonetheless bringing in colder air. check it out freeze watch goes into effect for northern montgomery county, chester county, cecil county maryland for overnight the hours as many locations outside the city may drop below freezing. it is not uncommon to get the a freeze this time of the year. check out average last freeze across the region. early april for coastal area of delaware and new jersey. mid-april around philadelphia,
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surrounding suburbs and late april for lehigh valley and berks county a and then early may all the way up in the poconos. we still have time to go to get colder era cross the region. so front slowly moves off shore, weak cold front. still mild. fifty's and 60's a. a arctic front comes through tonight, bringing in the colder air. the sunday's high stuck in the 40's. that is equivalent to late april. it will feel colder when we factor in the wind. brief surge of milder air on monday with this clipper system but it reenforcees cold air by middle of next week. through mid-morning, still under the gun with the threat for light rain depending where you are, it does get better in the afternoon, those clouds break up. arctic cold front comes through tonight. shower or two. maybe a flurry or snow shower possible north of the city overnight. and then tomorrow we will have have mostly sunny skies but that sun struggles to warm us up. today's high, backup to near 60 this afternoon. tonight it is cold, look at that below freezing in the far northwestern suburbs and lehigh valley, in the 30's here in the city and tomorrow just stuck in the 40's with
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that surge of cold air. we have morning showers today, otherwise some sun this afternoon 62. tonight 38 for the low for city. colder in the suburbs. look at this extended forecast, no warmth coming at us in the next week, and today is warm day. forty-seven for high sunday, backup to 60 monday. rain late in the day. tuesday and wednesday, stuck in the 40's again, overnight lows will be below freezing, and this really is not one nice day there. we have the sun rahel tuesday and wednesday but highs in the 40's, typical for february, just don't want to be outside. >> no, back to march now. >> yeah, right. >> thanks, justin. >> well, philadelphia is known for many things, cheese steaks, our die heart fans and of course rocky statue but did you know the city played a major role in the fashion world. our jan carabao takes you inside mitchnor art museum in doylestown where a new exhibit showcases last hundred years of philly fashion. >> reporter: from chanel to
6:20 am
armani, to who will exton and oscar delaurenta thinks a century in fashion. >> it is an incredible experience of stories about philadelphia a's role, in american and international fashion. >> the new exhibit at mitchnor exhibit in doylestown comes from drexel university robert depend i fox historic collection. pieces include shoes, hats to full length gowns spanning from the 1890's to the 1990's. >> it is a a philadelphia socialite. >> this dress is so dell wait but this is probably only time it will ever be seen on a manikin. >> reporter: there are 34 ensembleness this exhibit and each one was either bought, sold or designed in philadelphia this gown design by philadelphia james gallonos. >> you cane in the 60's. we have this interest in beading, and decorations, we have this heavy rine stone, design on the front of the gown and it just makes for what is otherwise a simple
6:21 am
streamline gown into this stunning, show stopper. >> reporter: fabric of this jacket made in north philadelphia, the design, by irene, a high end philadelphia adept store. >> i think story of like wanamakers, et cetera, and way woman access high end fashion in the city will be exciting. >> reporter: fashion for new york, paris and milan but found here in philadelphia over the last 100 years. philly in style runs through june 26th. in doylestown bucks county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and taking the movie theater experience to a whole new level, the added dimension to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action, and how much more you have to pay for those tickets when we come right back.
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dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. well, 3-d technology brings the movie into the a audience but now, handfull of theaters is offering 4-d, with moving seats and smells, with the added experience which isn't cheap. hena daniels got a first hand look. >> reporter: car chase scenes get an added dimension in 4-d action the audience moves with the movie. >> you feel like you are immersed entirely in the film. >> i got to experience it while watching batman verse super man.
6:25 am
4-d combines a 3-d movie on the screen with special effects in the theater. the seats vibrate and role in every direction, and giant fans, create wind gusts. when it rains in the movie, the audience is hit with water. >> the water has these coils. >> reporter: there are even smells like burning rubber during a car scene. 4-d is popular in asia. now regal cinema is expand nothing america. it just opened in two new york theaters following one in los angeles and another near chicago. >> how much does it cost to reconn figure a movie theater. >> the technology is pretty expensive. it is a million and a half dollars to retro fit one auditorium. >> reporter: regal entertainment ken says a ticket cost $8 more than regular 3-d but audience members we have talk to said it is worth it. >> i think it was in 3-d, i have seen move is in imax and so forth but i have never felt like i was right next to batman like right next to
6:26 am
super man. >> reporter: regal wants to move 4-d into more large cities. hen a daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the stars are getting ready for a big night in country music. >> ♪ >> well, luke brian is rehearsing for the ac m award. brian is co host of the show this year and also up for entertainment of year. his fellow co host dirks bentley is up for mail vocal list of the year. you can see the a country muse ache ward at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. still ahead next half an hour this might put your morning work out to shame why dozens are running up 50 flights of stairs inside a philadelphia sky scrape they are morning, a a live report on this unique fitness challenge when we come right
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well, get ready for a roller coaster ride with the weather, something for everyone, including even a snow flurry or, yes, i did say snow, justin will break it all down next. nova nation ready to go, fans are houston bound to
6:30 am
cheer on their wildcats in the final four, sports director don bell tells us how players are preparing for tonight a's big game. many of us would prefer to take elevator but you today is not date for that. i'm anita oh in center city and i will tell you why fire fighters are voluntarily climbing 50 flights of stairs. good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. lets get out to justin on the cbs-3 sky deck. the justin, it felt mild when i left this morning. hard to believe is what next. >> at this time tomorrow, temperatures will be a good 20 to 25 degrees colder. enjoy now if you like mild temperatures. today's typical for relevant i april, temperatures in the 50's. forty's up in the poconos right the now but 59 in philadelphia. fifty-six at the airport in atlantic city and some areas are dealing with showers. we are seeing heavier shower developing across chester county right now, that is moving off to the east, north east and light rain toward lehigh valley.
6:31 am
nothing happening in the city, just some cloud, we could are dealing with some showers, but have the jacket around heading out this morning. we should get better later this afternoon. fifty-nine at the a airport. fifty-two in allentown. close to 60 in dover delaware and then similar conditions to our north and western suburbs, low to mid 50's. tonight we will bring in some pretty good wind energy with an arctic cold front, a high win warning goes into effect at midnight tonight through sunday morning for entire delaware valley. wind gusting over 50 miles an hour, today's high temperature close to average. we will be in the 50's and 60's best chance to get some rain will be during the morning hours and we could see sunshine this afternoon but this arctic front does mean business for relevant i april, it is pretty chilly. we will see low temperatures by tomorrow morning in the 30's and many spots are below freezing in the outer suburbs. we will talk about how long it will last, there is several, cool downs coming down in the forecast and we will break it down in a few more minutes,
6:32 am
back to you. >> one apparently not enough. >> thanks, justin. >> seven week old baby abduct from the king of prussia a mall is safe at home with his family but now his mother is speaking out about the frightening ordeal. seven week old ahsir simmons was missing for five hours thursday night. authorities say that cherie amoore befriended his mother and when she became distract took off with the infant. meanwhile little boy's mother is paranoid about losing her son again. >> i'm just blessed and lucky to be holding my son right now. i don't want to take my children no where. i don't want him out in public. i just want to stay where i am the at. i'm with my family. i don't want to be out. >> amoore is behind bars on half million-dollar bail, she will be in court on april 15th. amoore is daughter of the prominent republican, and business woman in the state, renee amoore is deputy chairman of the republican party of pennsylvania. you might remember she appeared on "eyewitness news" when we hosted local voters during a g.o.p. presidential
6:33 am
debate earlier this year. she said she's not commenting on the investigation but that the family did release a statement reading in part quote the amoore family appreciates all who have reached out with prayers and kind messages in this difficult time. our focus is on our daughter's health, wellness and ask that you you would respect our privacy and we have in further comments at this time. switching gears now happening today the tenth annual philadelphia fight for air climb, now local athletes and first responders, they will be climbing the center city sky scrapers to raise money for american lung association. "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live in center city where participants are climbing over a thousand steps anita, good morning. >> good morning rahel. that is correct good 50 flights of stairs, a thousand steps is what fire fighters will be testing today. we are here on the 50th floor of this logan square building, we did take the elevator but fire fighters will not do that
6:34 am
today. we will be coming out of the door right behind me in a few hours after this event gets underway and joining us to speak about this is president of the american lung association deborah, and thanks so much for being with us bright and early this morning. can you tell us more about that and what you expect to see. >> this is american lung association stair climb, one of the nation's premiere events for our organization. we have these throughout the entire country and we have over 800 participants will be climbing the 50 flights of stairs, 1,088 steps to raise awareness for lung disease. >> what is the financial goal today. i understand that fire fighters wanted to participate actually had to raise a minimum of a hundred dollars. >> that is correct, it is 240,000 and we are closing in on that goal every minute that we're working here and anyone can still register today. registration opens up at 7:00 and we will be glad to have them join our efforts. >> there is ambitious climbers, first time climbers
6:35 am
may in the the do this but there are some climbing twice is that right. >> that is correct, we have century climb hers climb for first time, they go down, take a breathe era and come backup but we have individuals who are climbing in honor of someone that they have lost from lung disease or a loved one who has had lung disease. there is a whole scope of climbers, some are century climbers and some are first time climber. anyone is able to do this. this is a personal cause for you, president of the american lung association what does this cause me for you. >> i have lost a brother, sister, father all to lung disease and many other people, you can ask anyone, i'm sure someone knows an individual with lung disease. not just myself. >> absolutely. so, the fire fighters, who are climbing this today also will be coming back a second time with gear is that right as part of the wellness program. >> that is correct. we have 150 fire fighters who will mostly climb once without
6:36 am
gear. they will go back down, put on 45-pound of gear and then climb again. it is just a great event. it is part of the new wellness initiative that the fire fighters have to encourage fire fighters to think about their health and make it a priority and athletic events and programs such as motivation are part of wellness initiative. >> thank you so much. we are thankful to our first respond hours did this and train this every day and rahel, i'm going to attempt this. you asked if i would. i will try. i will to have say you may have to carry me or someone will to have come pick me up from this afterward. we are live, from center city i'm a knee a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i have full faith in you, you can do it. >> thank you. villanova wildcats fans are taking on houston. students left campus yesterday for philadelphia's international, where they boarded a direct charter flight. the university received 700
6:37 am
students tickets for tonight's final four game and they were distributed through a lot theory. so those who attended most regular season games >> sports director don bell has more on how wildcats are preparing for this match up. >> reporter: for fans a trip to the final four feels like a friday or sat the day night, time to relax, chill or get turned. that is with two, t's. this trip to the final four is more like a monday morning time to focus on the work at hand. the wildcats with an open practice, fans watched, the team prepare for tonight's match up with oklahoma a. they have been razor sharp for both tournament and jay wright wants to keep that it way. >> we have to take tonight but we have to remain hungry and humble and then to try to teach them, before each event, you know, how we can get a handle on it. >> definitely fun but we are trying to be here on a business trip.
6:38 am
everything else is fun but once we get on the court we know the basketball we have to play. >> vegas likes their chances. wildcats are two-point favorites over the sooners. good luck to the cats. i'm don belfor "eyewitness sports". >> good luck indeed. >> stay with cbs-3 and cbs we will bring you excitement from houston, as wildcats tip off in the final four. well, from basketball to baseball the phillies season begins in just three days. the team is at citizens bank park for final tune-ups before monday's opener. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff visits the ballpark for all of the excitement. >> hey, programs here. >> reporter: it is the sound of the season, and what jane waits for all year every year. >> i think they will surprise everyone. >> reporter: in the final home exhibition game before the official start of the season fans arrived to watch phillies take on the orioles with high hopes. coming you have a solid spring training season in clearwater,
6:39 am
fans could travel to florida and saw strong starting pitching and plenty of new faces. >> we have a lot of young players, frank co, nola. >> reporter: last year phillies dealt 99 losses over just 63 wins but fans are looking for better. >> maybe 80, 82. >> players did post with fans treated to some extra perks for their early season support but not everyone was overly impressed by this match up with the orioles. after sticking through a rain delay, someone like jane, proved that these are far from fair weather fans. >> i'm going to root for them because i think they will surprise us. >> jane says that this is probably her last season coming here to citizens bank park, not because she plans to give up on the team, no, she wants to move down to clearwater where she can root from the phillies from there, the regular season starts monday. reporting from citizens bank park alexandria hoff for cbs-3
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and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. welcome back. looking for a new job? how about heading to e harmony. the dating site has launched web site elevated with a matching people to jobs that they love. the company claims the will algorithm is very similar to is what used in the love matches. e harmony says it has matched more than 2 million married couples. good odds. forget those sitting a at desk for eight hours a day, is there a new you look for traditional desk so you don't to have sit. jim donovan shows us a new december thank may make your workday more relaxing. >> this desk gives a new meaning to the expression lying down on the job. >> absolutely perfect. >> the work station was designed for people who spent majority of the day at their
6:44 am
computer like eric miller at the nomen school, visual effects in los angeles. >> it is not uncommon to be at our desk, really on the box for ten to 12 hours a day. >> reporter: users cab stand, sit, rekline and even fully lay down all while continuing their work. the desk has a thin sheet of metal and magnets are used to keep the keyboard mounts and other items attached to the desk top. the monitor is bolted on, this is the creator. >> we wanted to make it as a press of the button you can transform from one position to the other without putting any mental energy into it. >> reporter: more and more office workers are getting a way from sitting at desks, standing work stations have become popular some walk at work with the treadmill desk. the doctors say it is a good thing. review in the annals a of the internal medicine said that sitting for prolong period of the time increase risk of cardiovascular disease by 4 percent, cancer by 13 percent and nearly doubled risk for diabetes. the all work station may
6:45 am
improve your health but it comes with a hefty price tag, flexible desk will retail for $5,900 when it becomes available later this year but don't be surprised to see more desks heading in this direction. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. well, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday, and anthony mason and vanita nair joins you live from new york with the preview, good morning, guys. >> good morning. coming up a look into the future, one of the most anticipated technology in years is released to the public but will the objecting lust rift be the break through moment for virtual reality. he gave up danger of war photography for swimming with sharks, find out why a single decision changed one man's career and saved his life. >> also he is man at mike for this years final four, bill rafferty calls and catch phrases have made him a broadcasting legend hear where he gets his lines. their song turn up was
6:46 am
chosen as a theme song for the march madness tournament, the band the heavy will perform in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> all right, thank you. a lot of philadelphia fans watching the final four very closely tonight. a party in ardmore marks a special occasion, "eyewitness news" at wynnewood bowling lane for susan, who celebrated her 100 birthday. his nickname is cy and he else would three times a week. everybody at the lanes got together to say happy birth the day and cy says this friendship, it is what it is all about. >> it means i have friend, i have been bowling with for 40 years and you cannot bead that. >> can't beat that at all. cy bold a 137 average which is pretty darn good. we watched him bowl, and then walk by and high five his friend there, way to go cy and happy birthday.
6:47 am
the just continue joining with us a chillier forecast, maybe in the a bad day to hit the bowling lanes and stay indoors. >> definitely dodging a few showers around this morning and certainly tomorrow. we will feel colder, more like late february but at least we have the sunshine going for us but big change compared to 24 hours ago when we were dealing with temperatures, around 80 degrees, yesterday afternoon. now it is close to average for this time of the year with temperatures in the 50's, but these current numbers are starting to come down, this cold front finally pushing through, and we are dropping to 52 now in eagleville, pennsylvania. here in philadelphia, phil checks in, in the mid 50's, earlier this morning around 4:00 o'clock. ed connor in chesterfield is at 54 degrees. lawrenceville, blue bell, low to mid 50's. similar numbers in cherry hill, lynn has 56 degrees. little bit mild inner newark delaware, delores lee at 56, perkasie john jerk instant 51 where we have rain as well in nottingham and allentown. wind are on the light side, they will increase later on tonight.
6:48 am
check out this time lapse, pretty cool, from yesterday morning, we woke up, it was cloudy, maybe drizzle in some spots, and this is from the global leader ship academy. then yesterday afternoon we broke out to the sun, if you were outside, and felt warmth, little humidity as well and then front came through, approached us, brought us a few showers and thunderstorms. now we're left over with a little bit of rainfall from that cold front but taking its time to get out of here but eventually we will start to see some improving conditions really, over the next six hours or so as we head into the afternoon hours. and it looks like i'm stuck on this graphic for some reason. now, let me see if i can switch out of this. there we go. is there storm scan three. you can see heaviest rain shower activity over chester county, west chester, downingtown, route 30, heavier showers, moving off to the east and north east. here's the front. this is what left over rain showers, slowly moving eastward. morning is best shot to see wet weather.
6:49 am
arctic front over wisconsin right now, that moves in here later on tonight. so still heavier showers, still up across chester county, lancaster count that i still needs to get through here and seeing improving conditions as far as sky conditions go this afternoon. today wind gusting to 30 miles an hour, later this afternoon but really tonight we will get win energy, gusts over 50 miles an hour overnight into tomorrow morning, that is when high win warning goes into effect. cold front number one comes through. it is weak. here comes arctic front coming through tonight, strong, bringing in the colder air. we are dry on sunday with the sunshine. then we will watch the next arctic front come through monday. active pattern. temperatures up and down for the next week or so. mid to late mornings, still a chance for some showers, this afternoon as cloud start to break up. not full sunshine and then here comes arctic front tonight, midnight, rain showers along that front, maybe a few wet snow flakes north and west of the city particularly lehigh valley, poconos, overnight with that colder air surging in and then
6:50 am
tomorrow, sunshine, but much colder and we have to talk about wind chill values now, tomorrow morning we are waking up six or 7:00 a.m., we may feel like teens to lower 20's when we factor in the wind. wind chills hang out in the 30's throughout your sunday afternoon. so for today, rain around this morning, cool other, 62 for a high temperature around philadelphia, tonight windy, much colder, shower possible. low of 38 for the city and then near or even below freezing in the suburbs. extended forecast much colder tomorrow feels like late february. forty-seven for the high temperature. little surge and warmth monday backup to near 60 but watch out for some rain. that is the second arctic front that comes through. that cools is right back down to the 40's next tuesday and wednesday with overnight the lows in the 20's and 30's and more rain for thursday, and then maybe friday we will see another surge of colder air remarks hell 54 next friday may be generous. really three shots of cold air coming at us in the neck week. >> keep the coat around,
6:51 am
thanks just continue. art lovers were in for a treat in one south philadelphia community. "eyewitness news" at saint mara's church hall at tenth and ellsworth for fifth annual passion square art auction. get check out for more than 40 artists all under the sound track of the live ban. it benefits the sieve ache so. our jim donovan was there with your new morning show co anchor brook thomas. welcome to town. are you ready for something new in in the morning. starting monday, we wake up with the official morning people, and jim and brook will be joined by katie fehlinger and meisha johnson. start your day off bright with the right next of information you need plus store that is will make you smile and feel great about living here. watch the new "eyewitness news" this morning, starting on monday at 4:30. we will be right back.
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now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ born to play for villanova wild cat is there a reason for. that leslie van arsdal is with the team in houston with more. >> imaging to go villanova inn a having a son playing in the final four, for the arcidiacono's, life is pretty good. >> it is pretty surreal. it is really incredible. >> arcidiacono's met in college, and now they have a son playing in the final four. it is amazing. >> it is like they have been in the papers all the time. ryan has been a villanova fan since he was little because we were, and it is just a dream come true. i cannot even explain it. >> reporter: ryan grew up around villanova watching villanova but something that jay wright said to him when he
6:55 am
was in seventh grade, that planted the seed that yes, some day he would play at villanova jay goes ryan, come over here. we both walk over. he goes ry, he goes your parents, and you both bled blue and white. he goes and so will you some day. >> ryan is known for tough gritty play but growing up he was good at everything. >> he was competitive, anything that he was into, he was good the at. he was good at football, good at baseball, good at basketball. >> reporter: win or lose ryan arcidiacono will be always the player that led this team to the final four, and create memories for his family, they will never soon forget. reporting from houston, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> all right, leslie, thank you. on to the pros, sixers lose games at an alarming rate, that is not exactly breaking news but last night, they had a chance at being the best at being the worst. they have lost against hornets
6:56 am
officially locking up last place in the nba. how about the the owner of the hornets michael jordan the greatest of all time. the sixers down by double digits. tj mcconnell on the break to jeremy grant. sixers trailed by 11. later on, deficit down to four but kimba walker with 27 points, sixers lose 100-91. they had the worst record in the nba, now official, and the most ping-pong balls in the draft lottery. like stepping food foot in your own house after a long vacation it is time to get reacclimated. after a long off season phillies back on the feel at citizens bank park. phillies hosting baltimore, orioles, fourth inning, phillies down six-one, miguel franco swinging with cruel intentions going upper deck. the his ninth jack of the season. now next batter though big piece ryan howard, and he goes yard, off a left hander, that is a good sign for fightin
6:57 am
phillies, back to back shots, but they lose, eight-seven, your final score. >> now to hockey red wings hosting wild, third period detroit with the one goal lead, riley sheehan knocks home rebound as red wings beat minnesota three-two and they are tied with the flyers for final playoff spot, fly guys hosting ottawa this a afternoon at the center. that is all for sports i'm don bell have a great day. >> all right, that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs this morning saturday is next, for justin and all of us here of a great weekend. in 25 feet turn right.t. turn right now. recalculating... (that fades out) ♪
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