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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," go wildcats. the villanova men's basketball team is fighting for a spot in the national championship and cbs3 has you covered. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. jay wright's squad is minute
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away from tipoff at the final four in houston and we've got live team coverage for you tonight. alex hoff is on the nova campus. lesley van arsdale is in houston. lesley we'll start with you of course. a huge night for nova nation. >> reporter: oh, you know, natasha it doesn't get much bigger than this. we had the vice president just pull up here a few minutes ago with his wife who is a villanova grad and the kids know how big this is. they're enjoying the moment but jay wright has done such a great job of keeping this group focused and, hey, they are ready for oklahoma. oklahoma may have handed villanova their worst loss of the season back in december but they're a different team now. still, they're not taking the sooners for granted. >> they're a great team. they're in the final four for a reason. they smacked us earlier in the year and we've continued to learn from that game. >> don't take them for granted. what happened in hawaii and it's a new game, a different team and we're a different team. go out there and guard and win
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battles. >> reporter: the key for villanova is to stop buddy healed who wouldn't the oscar robinson college basketball player of the year award. he leads the sooners in scoring. >> you can't stop him but you got to try to keep him under control and try to keep the other guys under control. you probably could stop him but the rest of the team is so good they'd kill you. what it would take to stop him and the rest of the team would kill you. you got to find a balance to play them as a team and that's easier said than done. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you these guys are definitely ready for this game. i can't wait for this tipoff in a few minutes. i'm going to send it over to alexandria hoff on the nova campus. i can't imagine how excited people are over there. >> reporter: lesley these students are certainly putting the party in watch party. i heard a couple people describe as lit. yeah, that's good thing, my little brother described that. this party is lit herely we want to show you some footage
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from what's going on inside. these students have been lining up for hours. doors opened up at 5 o'clock. it was pretty much a stampede to get the best seat possible to watch the wildcats face off against the sooners. this has been a very exciting past couple of weeks that these guys have certainly earned and these students are so behind them, it is so incredible. this is definitely a party. i want to welcome over here caitlin stuart. she's part of the student activity organization that puts on events like this. you've will to take on a lot in the past couple weeks. you can't always plan for wins and stuff like this, so what has it all taken to make this happen and make it so exciting for students? >> well, as soon as we won we started planning immediately. we textd each other, my advisor, co-director we've been planning ever sincely definitely a lot of hard work. i was here last night this morning and this afternoon and seeing the turnout for this has been so worthwhile. >> reporter: yeah and you have not only what's going on in the couldn't leap center over there i guess this is all the conley center but we have a couple different watch
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zones. one is movie theater style which is going to be awesome. tell me about the vibe on the campus. i'm sure it's been electric. >> it's been the best experience ever. i'm only a sophomore but nothing has happened like this since 2009 so no one has ever experienced this. it's the best atmosphere. everybody is so excited in there. literally the best atmosphere i've experienced. i've been to playoff games of other sports teams. this is the best yet. there are students standing on chairs. i'm sure happy i wore my blue today. this game is about to be under way and these students are so excited. we'll be sure to bring you all the latest tonight. reporting live from the campus of villanova university, i'm alexandria hoff. back to you guys. >> thanks alex. i think we all got the blue memo today. appreciate that. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of nova's chase for the championship. when we're not on television you can get the latest on our web site now let's turn to weather around the area. it looks like we're in for a pretty wild weekend include something dangerously high
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winds. meteorologist lauren casey is in our cbs3 weather center with a look at what's in storm activity looks like a lot, lauren. >> there is a lot going on, natasha. i hate to say it but i am the serious bearer of some bad news in the weather department as we head into the next several days with high winds, a chance of snow and some cold but, hey, looks all right right now getting a live look at center city philadelphia, some low clouds, some sunshine mixed in. feels all right. 58 degrees. winds on the lighter side but this is all going to go downhill starting tonight and storm scan3 showing us we do have some patchy low clouds in place, maybe a sprinkle here and there but there is a fast moving system pretty speedy spinning out of the midwest right now and you do notice some snow embedded with this system. we'll talk about the best chance of seeing a few flakes as we head into tonight and also into sunday night as well. current wind speeds, they're starting to pick up a bit in the lehigh valley, a little bit of a breeze. philadelphia and points southward not too much of a breeze going on rider now but on the backside of that system, once it moves through
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as we head into the night tonight we are going to see those winds pick um. we have a high wind warning in effect for the entire area with the potential for wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles an hour starting midnight tonight and then running through midday tomorrow. as i mentioned temperatures right now not feeling too bad. generally in the upper 50's to near 60 degrees, a little bit cooler down the shore in the low 50's but we do have some cold spring air in store and we actually have a freeze warning in effect which you typically don't see as you push into spring. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning for parts of montgomery county, western montgomery and chester county because we are going to have some very cold air moving in so we'll talk about the winds, we'll talk about the cold, what was we'll talk about the snow and maybe even a few storms tonight coming up in your full forecast. a lot to get to in just a few minutes. >> all right, thanks lauren. developing right now a fatal accident involving a septa bus in montgomery county. authorities say 93-year-old
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edward hill senior was struck and killed this afternoon when the bus was making a left onto limekiln pike from glenside avenue in glenside. the driver had a green light at the time. the roads have reopened but close police are continuing to investigate. a camden man is under arrest accused of shooting and killing his own mother. police say twenty two-year-old pedro marcotto shot 38-year-old iris sanchez yesterday. it happened about 5:30 p.m. inside a home on the 1100 block of north 18th street. sanchez was arrested near the intersection of haddon and benson streets. about two and a half hours after the shooting took place. it's not clear what led to this shooting. police say their investigation is ongoing. we are turning now to campaign 2016 news. presidential candidates from both parties are in wisconsin rallying support just ahead of tuesday's primary. correspondent wendy gillette has the latest. >> the next president of the united states, donald j.
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trump. >> reporter: sarah palin introduced donald trump. he's back on the campaign trail after one of his most difficult weeks including coming under fire for saying he would punish women who seek abortions if they were made illegal. trump said saturday the media manipulates his words. >> they take things and they say it's -- it's very, very interesting. the problem is they don't do it with everybody. they do it with me but i don't see them doing it with other people. >> reporter: ted cruz was the only presidential candidate to attend the north dakota republican state convention before traveling to wisconsin. the crowd was mostly filled with cruz supporters though sum are lukewarm. >> not my first choice but of whose left i do support him. >> reporter: a couple recent polls show cruz running ahead in wisconsin. >> doing something pretty unusual in american politics. we're telling the truth. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton also held events in the state.
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>> hello,. >> reporter: the campaigns are arguing about setting the date for a debate before new york's primary later this month. it's a critical state for clinton who wants a win where she served as senator. both can candidates will attend a wisconsin democratic party dinner tonight in milwaukee. wendy gillette for cbs news new york. >> hundreds of activists gather in philadelphia today to kick off a 10-day march to washington, d.c. the national coalition known as democracy spring started at the liberty bell. their goal is to improve democracy by taking big money out of politics. they say they want congress to assure free and fair elections. once they arrive in d.c. they're planning week long sit ins at the capitol building. autism affects 70 million people worldwide. today many are donning blue for autism awareness day. that includes one team in burlington new jersey whose mission is to create hope and healing through art.
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anita oh introduces us to this remarkable young man. >> reporter: with focused eyes and a steady hand, renaldo bird brings his dreams to life. >> i love to draw. >> reporter: it started as early as two years old his mother says when she realized this was no ordinary child. >> he was not speaking early. and i noticed that he was always drawing. and one day i noticed on the coffee table that he drew this bus that was almost like he was trying to make it three dimensional and then i said something -- there's something really special here. he's going to be an artist. >> reporter: 25 years later in their burlington home, it is filled wall to wall with his work. >> this is my passion. >> reporter: work he hopes to share as murals at schools across the globe. with every brush stroke what renaldo envisions becomes reality. everything you see on this wall is hasn't painted. he's letting me take home this masterpiece. and like the colors that seep into paper renaldo hopes his
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art will inspire hope. >> this is my life. >> reporter: especially in children who like himself fall on the autism spectrum. >> my passion is hope and this is -- this is my drive. a dream to show the world that our differences are the very parts of us that should be celebrateed. >> being who you are, never give up on something that you do. >> i believe that all children have a gift. i really believe that in my heart and if they just search for it, we will find it. >> reporter: in burlington, anitanita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> amazing. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" traditional car companies are on notice after drivers rush to put their names down for the new tesla. the incredible number of preorders the electric car makers have already received for its new model. lauren. >> and a high wind warning is in effect for the entire
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delaware valley until noon tomorrow. i'll let you know when to expect the strongest wind speeds plus a chance for rain and even snow. all of that is c
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>> welcome back. it's only been about two days since we got our first look at tesla's new less expensive vehicle. the company has a lot of work to do to meet the high demand. tesla's ceo elon musk reports 232,000 preorders of the new
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model three. musk tweeted his company will have to rethink production planning. it costs $1,000 down to preorder the vehicle which is slated to roll out next year. the price starts at $35,000 actually. not bad at all. philadelphia's own patti labelle is in town today to receive a very special honor. "eyewitness news" at the women of excellence luncheon at 38th and market streets. labelle received the trail blazing woman of excellence award for her diverse and very accomplished career as a singer and actress. brook thomas was there as well to see labelle accept her award. >> i'd like to thank everyone here. i would like to thank the das family for honoring me and all the great honorees that i'm being in the midst of. and i hope i can live up to this award. >> oh, we love our patti
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labelle. this event is run by the radio station wda it's the event's second year. are you ready for something flew in the morning. starting monday wake up with the official team for morning people. brook and jim donovan will be joined by kate fehlinger and meisha johnson to start your day off with the right mix of information you need and stories that will make you smile and feel great about living here in philadelphia and the surrounding area. watch the new "eyewitness news" starting monday at 4:30. let's check the weather for that day and others. >> yes. >> we've got a mixed bag coming up, rider, lots of wind. >> a lot going on. it's a season of transition and we're going to be transitioning back and forth real quick here over the next couple of days with a lot going on. an arctic and active pattern taking over. two of everyone's favorite words when it comes to weather. >> not mine. >> a snow shower possible, another favorite word northwest mainly northwest of the city tonight and then we're going to be contending with those high winds late
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tonight through tomorrow morning and even partial into tomorrow afternoon as well. cold air settles in for tomorrow, wind chills in the 20's and 30's all throughout the day. another snow shower possible. i think even in the city as we head into monday night and then cold and windy on tuesday, so, yeah, taking a little bit of a break from spring but soak in these temperatures while you can. 58 degrees in philadelphia, low 50's down the shore but upwind there's this much colder air mass, temperatures in the 20's and 30's across portions of the midwest on the backside of a system that will come swinging in overnight in the delaware valley. because of that cold air in place and we're already starting to see some spring growth we have a freeze warning in effect for parts of the area, chester and western montgomery counties, overnight tonight through the morning hours tomorrow, so if you have the spring planters want to bring them inside or cover them up and protect them because of these cold temperatures that will be in store. storm scan3 showing us pretty quiet across the delaware valley right now but this is a system we have our eye on
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right now, an area of low pressure swinging out of the midwest. not a ton of moisture in association with this system but there's enough t it will move very quickly as well but as we zoom closer in just a couple of sprinkles right now as we head into the overnight period that will bring us a round of mainly shower activity and i think we could even hear a rumble of thunder overnight tonight. look how quickly the swings through into the 1 o'clock hour. i notice your eyes focused on the white and purple. sans chance of a snow shower in the higher elevations of the poconos, maybe into the lehigh valley. i don't think we'll see anything in the way of wintry weather in philadelphia overnight tonight but it's going to feel like winter as we wake up tomorrow morning. check out some of these numbers, in the 30's, luckily it's sunday, we can just lang hg indoors, watch netflix. temperatures will struggle. 5 o'clock still in the 30's and allentown 20's in the poconos low 40's in philadelphia and then we have those strong winds on top of that to make it feel even colder.
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future weather taking us into sunday night and early monday morning, a much more formidable band of moisture moving in. do notice some snow showers breaking out across the poconos. we could see he maybe a snow shower sneaking into the city but again we won't see any accumulation from that on monday morning, just a kind of unpleasant sight as we head into april. current wind speeds right now a little bit of a breeze starting to kick up but that is going to be an intense wind as we head into the overnight period. winds gusting a bit but we could see wind gusts potentially as i was talking about at the top of the show 50 to 60 miles per hour. you think about if a thunderstorm has winds potentially of 60 miles an hour, it gets a severe thunderstorm warning so these winds are going to be very strong. if you have the patter yo' furniture, i know a lot of us have gotten things and but them outside because of the warmer weather want to bring them all in because tonight and tomorrow we'll see these winds west to northwest steady 25 to 35 miles per hour, gusting to 50 to 60 miles per hour. that could contribute to some
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down branches, even downed power lines so do prepare for that just in case we see these things happening tonight. a round of showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm, very windy down to sledge degrees. tomorrow very windy, chilly, 45 our high temperature. mostly sunny conditions but that's really not going to help us out too much with the temperatures struggling. we bounce back a bit on monday up to near 60 degrees but periods of rain, windy conditions, it's going to be windy all week long. chilly again on tuesday, highs only in the middle 40's. still pretty chilly into wednesday, visitor degrees. another round of rain and storms into thursday. temperatures even struggle as we head into the end of the week. so,. >> oh boy,. >> not everyone's favorite forecast but, you know -- >> i know. don't shoot the messenger. >> i know. >> we still love you, don't worry. >> i'm sorry. >> thanks so much lauren. we'll head back to houston where lesley van arsdale is standing by with the nova nation fans. can't wait for this game.
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lesley. >> reporter: oh, i'm telling you, it's already neck and neck between villanova and oklahoma. a chance to play for that national championship title with a win tonight. we can only hope and keep our fingers crossed. but let's talk about another important game that happened earlier in the day today. that was the flyers taking on ottawa at the center. they're still tied with detroit for that final playoff spot. let's get to that game and in the second period, we have voracek passes to simmonds for his 27th goal of the season. the flyers leading one to nothing. later on, we had sean couturier denied but then knocked in his 11th going of the year. flyers up two to nothing. and then in the third period, the flyers with a two-one lead, simmonds able to make his second goal of the game. steve mason with 33 saves. the flyers win this one, three-two. >> the guys are playing some solid hockey. we found a way to win today and, you know, we just have to keep building on it. tomorrow is going to be a real
6:22 pm
tough test. they're playing some of the best hockey of the year right now so we got to be ready. >> we don't have the luxury of rest. the schedule doesn't afford it right now so it's something that we got to take care of ourselves and mentally be ready to go again tomorrow. >> reporter: well, right across the street we had the phillies taking on their top prospect. this is the final tune-up before the season opener cincinnati. let's get to the game and in the first inning the big fella, ryan howard at the plate and just able to crush this pitch right here. went off the base wall. darin ruf is able to score on this one. ryan with a double. and the phillies take the lead. then in the ninth inning of the game it's all tied up cesar hernandez with a walkoff single. major leaguers win this 16 to five. >> will a real gun spring. guys are swinging the bat wel well. i'm anxious to see how it plays out during the course of the early season.
6:23 pm
like i said, we take what we did in the spring training very positively and the guys are really ready to play. >> reporter: and back here live in houston, we have villanova taking on oklahoma and hopefully the next time i talk to you we'll be talking ab
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>> certainly a nice day today, a nice turnout for the drexel hill little league opening day. "eyewitness news" in drexel hill delaware county where families came out to march in the parade to kick off the
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comment on abortion, donald trump refuses to rule out running as a third party candidate. >> when we meet at the convention, we'll see how we're treated. i want to see how we're treated. >> axelrod: also tonight, the exroortd new security at brussels airport. a preview of what could be coming to an airport near you. can a collar worp by humans inspired by woodpeckers help reduce the impact of concussions. >> so it's like bubble wrap for your brain. >> yes, exactly. >> axelrod: and when a homeless girl needed help, this very cool cop didn't skip a beat. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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