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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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"eyewitness news". brilliant performance by the while cats. right now at 11:00 o'clock, championship bound. villanova rolls into the finals of the march madness with a record-breaking win over oklahoma. and walking off the court it certainly looked like business as usual for the cats. even after stomping the sooners by more than 40 points. jay wright's squad is locked in on their ultimate goal a national championship. >> go nova! >> check this out on the nova campus. a completely different story. it's rocking into the night right now as students celebrate their first trip to the title game since 1985. it's been a long time. well deserved though. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. villanova 95-51 vick story at the largest in final four history on monday they will face the north carolina tar heels who have just defeated the syracuse
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orange. live team coverage for you tonight. lots to talk about. alex hoff on the campus where the party has only just gun. but let's begin in houston, texas where it all went down earlier tonight with lesley van arsdall. lesley. >> reporter: natasha, villanova was just unbelievable. they shot 71% which is unheard of. choke that again monday night, i think they have a pretty good chance of winning the whole thing. let's go back to that amazing game today. villanova had lost to the sooners back in december. they wanted revenge and that he got it first half ryan arcidiacono with the three. that put up nova up by 14. and they're just getting warmed up at this point. final play of the first half, josh hart on fire. hits another one of his threes notify veigh were 14-point lead at the half. he shot a team high 23 points in the second half the cats just dominated. they won this 195-51. setting a final four record for largest margin of victory ever.
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but the players, they're focused on the big prize. >> happy we have one of these guys we just mack every shot. end of shot clock shots. we just through up and went in. >> it's crazy, you know, something you always dream abo about. so to have that, you know, be -- the night of the championship is crazy i hope it doesn't hit us until monday -- after monday. so -- we're not thinking about it. >> reporter: now, i'll tell you the players as you mentioned natasha they were very calm, very collected leaving the court. there was no celebration. i'll tell where you celebration is. over on the villanova campus where we fine alex hoff. >> reporter: well you know we managed to escape some of that madness outside. we're back here in the student center. you know what, those big final moments you would have thought
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someone called for evacuation because these students just went run and i'm quite sure anyone stopped yet. it was standing room only in april signed the connelly center's nova room and by standing we mean standing on chairs screaming at the top of your lung. nova nation journey to the final four can be heard in any voice. she hardly has one. >> a little crazy. everyone is so so excited to be here. a great time to be wildcat. >> reporter: for many this has been a legacy experience. >> my dad graduated in 1985 and he was actually at the championship game and i'm a senior and i wanted to be here on campus. >> reporter: at the final buzzer this campus pretty much burst at the seams. with a solid reassuring, new york city overwhelming lead over oklahoma throughout, the boys pushed this win in a big way. now, headed to the finals with the finest kind of sports story there is. >> this is insane.
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eyeing weight until monday. i'll probably run around for the next 30 minutes. >> he joinder everyone on campus an on a mad dash to the quad joining students and faculty move likely never been this excited for a monday. we're told there were some crowd control issues outside but we do know now that lot of those have been resolved. lancaster avenue is back open to traffic. reporting live from here at villanova university, alex hoff cbscbs3 white news. >> the party continues. thank you so much. social media is blowing up over nova's big win. golfer jordan seats tweeted this "nova versus 76ers who you got? the eagles took a dig at bud deed hield who was shut down bite villanova defense much there's only one buddy in this time hash tag fly eagles fly and former eagles head coach buddy ryan. as we mentioned villanova will face north carolina in the national championship game. the tar heels beat syracuse
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83-66 tonight. this will be a rematch of the 2,009 national semi finals when north carolina beat the wildcats on their way to the national championship. nova isn't done in houston and neither are we. not by a long shot. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the cats request for national championship. you can get the very latest on air and on our website turning now to our weather. it look like we're in for a wild weekend including dangerously high winds. meteorologist lauren casey in the cbs3 weather center with a look what's in store. looks like it's a lot going on, lauren. >> wild is just starting up. we have severe thunderstorm warning for kent county and delaware but also a small portion of gloucester and salem counties also chester county and delaware county in pennsylvania is that so well for the possibility of 60 miles per hour winds. these cells moving to the east at about 40 miles an hour so moving very quickly. you can see the active weather
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really starting to ramp pup and just up wind of center city philadelphia on storm scan3. so this is the area of concern right now. we're seeing these lightning strikes imbedded with these thunderstorms continuing to move off to the east. now approaching kent county, delaware and they will continue to race eastbound also the possibility of small hail is a likely as they have a history of producinproducing some small hao small hail reported with these cell right now pigged over atlantic city and new jersey continuing to move off to the east moving very quickly. 40, 50, 60 miles per hour so racing on through. heading north and west seeing some snow coming down in portions of the poconos or trying to makes way down to the surface very dynamic storm system a fast-moving storm system so we'll get a quick hit of showers and imbedded thunderstorms over about the next two to three hours and then once that storm system moves out, the winds are really start to ramp up and we have this high wind warning in effect for the entire area until midday tomorrow. wind gusts possible to 50 to 60 miles per hour.
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you think about that. we're talking about a severe thunderstorm warning with winds of 60 miles per hour. so very intense winds and not even win thunderstorm activity just throughout the day tomorrow so we'll a keep close eye and talk about the wild weather and who has the best chance at seeing a few snowflake as we head into tonight and also another chance coming up in all in coming up in for full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thank you. remember you can always stay ahead of the severe weather with our cbs philly weather app. now available on i tunes and google play. also tonight, a pedestrian is killed after being struck by a septa bus in glenside, montgomery county. this happened about 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. police say the bus was turning on to lime kiln pike from glenside avenue and hit the victim while he tried to cross the street. 93-year-old edward hill, sr., was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say the driver of the bus had a green light at the time and is cooperating with authorities. also a camden man arrested in the shooting death of his own
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mother. police say 22-year-old pedro mercado shot 38-year-old iris sanchez yesterday. it happened about 5:30 p.m. inside a home on the 1100 block of north 18th industry. it's still not clear exactly what led to the shooting, but police say their investigation is on going at this hour. horrific scene on a southern california freeway after a small plane crashed into a car. a 38-year-old woman who was sitting in the back seat of the car was killed the one the plane plowed into the car on i-15. the pilot and his passenger suffered some minor injuries. three other passengers in the car were also hurt and all are expected to survive. also, an interesting fact here. that same plane safely landed on that same road 16 years ago. we are turning now to campaign 2016 news. the candidates were in wisconsin today getting ready for tuesday's primary. the state could help decide if drum many can out right within the republican nomination
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avoiding a fierce fight at the party's convention. correspondent wendy gillette takes us on the campaign trail. the the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> sarah palin introduced trump in rally in wisconsin he's back on the campaign trail aft one of his most difficult weeks including coming under fire for saying he would fun initiate women who seek abortion if's they were made illegal. trump said saturday the media manipulates his words. >> they take things and they say it's very very interesting. the problem they don't do it with everybody. they do it with me. but i don't see them doing it with other people. >> reporter: ted cruz was the only presidential candidate to a 10 the north dakota republican state convention before traveling to wisconsin. the crowd was mostly filled with cruz supporters though some are luke warm. >> maybe not my first choice but from the left i do support him. >> reporter: a couple recent poll show cruz run aig head in
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wisconsin. >> we're doing something pretty unusual in american politics. we're telling the truth. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton also held events in the state. >> hello, oh-claire. >> reporter: cam papers are arguing about setting the date for a debate before new york's primary later this month. it's a critical state for clinton who wants a win where she served as senator. despite building tension between the two camps both candidates came together saturday night to add tendon wisconsin democratic party dinner in milwaukee. wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. hundreds of active visits gather in philadelphia today to kick off a 10-day march to washington, d.c. the national coalition known as democracy springs started at the liberty bell. their goal is to improve democracy by taking big money out of politics. they say they want congress to ensure free and fair elections. once they arrive in d.c. mayor planning week long sits in at the capitol hill.
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>> stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up to date on campaign 2016. you can always get the very latest any time at cbsphilly.c stay with us. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" we can soon be seeing a whole lot more electric cars on american roadways. the incredible number of pre orders of the new tesla. lauren? >> our severe thunderstorm warning has now been extended until midnight and now includes philadelphia county and i'll have the latest on the severe weather coming up just after this. ♪
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welcome back everyone. only been about two days since we got our first look at tesla's new less expensive vehicle. and the company has a lot of work to do to try to meet the demand. tesla ceo reports 253,000 pre orders of this new model three. he tweeted that his company is going to have to rethink production planning. it costs $1,000 down to pre
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order the vehicle which is slate the to roll out next year. the price starts at $35,000. autism effects 70 million people worldwide. and today, many donned blew for world autism awareness day. that includes one very special young man in burlington, new jersey, whose mission to create hope and healing through his a art. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh introduces us to this remarkable man. >> reporter: with focused eyes an steady hand, renaldo bird brings his dreams to life. >> i love to draw. >> reporter: it started as early as two years old his mother says when she realized this was no ordinary child. >> he was not speaking early. and i noticed that he was always drawing. and, um, one day i noticed on the coffee table he drew this bust that was almost like he was trying to make itchy dimensional, and then i said, something -- there's something very special here. he's going to be an artist.
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>> reporter: 25 years later and burlington home is filled wall to wall with his works. >> that's my passion. >> reporter: work he hopes to share murals at schools across the globe. >> with every brush stroke what he envisions back reality. everything you see on this wall is hand painted he's even let mowing take home this masterpiece and like the colors that seep into paper, rinaldo hopes his art will inspire hope. >> this is my life, you know. >> especially in true chirp like himself fall on the autism spectrum. >> my passion is like hope and this is -- this is my dream. >> reporter: dream to show the world that our differences are the very parts of thus should be celebrated. >> be who you are. never give up on something that you do. >> i believe that all children have a gift. i really believe that in my heart and if we just search for it, we will find it. roar report in burlington, anita
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oh cbs3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" also at anthony' restaurant in drexel hill for the perfect paws rescue fundraiser. the crowd came together to help raise money to save the lives of stray animals. rescue celebrating their tenth anniversary tonight and guests enjoyed dinner, dancing and raffles all while supporting a great cause. philadelphia's own patti labelle was in town to receive a very special honor "eyewitness news" at the women of excellence luncheon at 35th and mark streets. 38th and markets. labelle received the trail blazing women of excellence award for her diverse and accomplished career as a singer and actress. our new morning anchor brook thomas was there to see labelle accept her big award. >> i'd like to thank everyone here. i would like to thank the vega family for honoring me all the great hahn noor reece i'm being in the midst of.
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and i hope i can live up to this award. >> well this event is run by the radio station wdas and after the event labelle headed to atlantic for her concert tonight. and are you ready for something new in the morning? starting monday, wake up with the official team for morning people. brook and jim donovan will be joined by katie fehlinger and meisha johnson to start your day off right with just the right mix of information that you need and stories that will make you smile and feel great about living here. watch the new "eyewitness news" this morning starting promptly on monday at 4:30am. exciting times there. but i can tell you i'm not excited about this forecast much it's a lot going on tonight. >> a lot going on. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for center city philadelphia until midnight as these storms race through. you can see that warning has been extended now until midnight, and a pretty sizeable portion of the delaware valley now included within the severe thunderstorm warning. new castle county, camden,
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gloucester, mercer, burlington, chester, bucks, montgomery and philadelphia counties in this warning which includes the possibility of 60 miles per hour winds. the storms are racing to the east at about 60 to 70 miles per hour that is very fast forward momentum these storms will be upon us very very quickly. do you notice the storm are trending to strengthen and also this line much storms starting to grow off to the north and east as well. very cold air a lot of show the storms feeding on that and growing very rapidly and intensifying we're seeing some of the strongest activity right now across portions of the delaware already hailed to an inch in diameter reported in new castle, delaware. frequent lightning strike imbe imbedded within these cells particularly as they're moving into delaware county. next up philadelphia county as these cells continue to race their way eastbound and as i mentioned the northern extent of this line is starting to stretch up now into the lehigh valley. these storms continue to grow and strengthen. and they will cross the river
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and move into new jersey as we head very quickly about the next 30 minutes so expect a quick hit of heavy downpour, frequent lightning and that possibility of hail. winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. we do have a cluster of cells now working off the jersey shore. have already produced some small hail along it around the atlantic city area. notice will continue to race through over the neck 30 minutes and moving to the northwest we have snow trying to come down right now in the higher elevations towards the poconos. a very dynamic storm system but it will move very quickly through the area really as we head into the next couple of hours. you can see behind this main batch of precipitation, really not much going on but once we clear the precipitation out, which will happen over the neck sever hours and future weather showing us that, that line of strong and severe thunderstorms down the shore by the 1:00 o'clock hour. snow coming down in the poconos and we could see measurable snow in the poconos not looking at a lot but as we head into the 3:00 o'clock hour, still some snow showers in the higher elevations. by tomorrow morning, all of that
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clears on out. a quiet day as far as precipitation and sky cover is concerned for tomorrow but those winds will be whipping as i mentioned we can see measurable snow up tour the poconos. so maybe about a coating, an inch or two by tomorrow morning. maybe a dusting up tour the lehigh valley. everyone going to seat winds toll. that high wind warning in effect until midnight tomorrow. wind gusts possible to 50 to 60 miles per hour and the winds already starting to pick up now as the system continues to race in. winds up to 31 miles per hour right now in reading and those gusts upwards of 48 miles per hour so these winds will pick up dramatically and very quickly as we head into the overnight period. so what to expect tonight and through the day tomorrow? winds constant winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts to 50 to 60 miles per hour and that's not even in thunderstorm activity. we could see downed branches and wires and watch out for localized power outages as well. temperatures are starting to now drop off behind the system in the 40s because of this much
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colder air mass behind this fast moving system and because of that we have freeze warning in effect for parts of the area chester and western montgomery counties until 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. quick hitting round of showers and thunderstorms becoming very windy. winds continue through the day tomorrow. very sunny and very cold. 45 degrees the high temperature with those wind chills in the 20s. and 30s all throughout the day. we bump back up to 60 degrees on monday but periods of rain, wind as well and windy conditions will take us all the way through the week. another chance the rain of storms on thursday but again our main focus until midnight is that thunderstorm warning including philadelphia county large portion up and down the i-95 corridor in the delaware vally. >> lots going on. thank you so much, we appreciate it lauren. >> lesley joins us live from houston with sports. lesley? >> reporter: well, what a day for villanova making history in so many different ways and now going to national championshi
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>> villanova will play north carolina monday night. national championship on the line after that monster win today over oklahoma. let's show you the game. we can't say it enough. villanova with a 14-point half time lead. then exploded. halfway through the second half the cats up by 18. phil booth with free ball in the -- three ball in the corner. villanova up by 20 at that point. then chris jenkins comes on. he hits another three. so nova went on a 25-zero run. to put the game out of reach as they walked back to the locker room there was no celebrating, they were all business, 95-51 the final. i caught up with guard phil booth after the huge win. >> it was just one of though days, you know. guys making shots. we got guys that can go deep and score. josh and chris can score. maikel what he does surprising also. one of those days for us.
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we have have to give prop to the other end. >> i'm watching you come off the court. you guys have ice in your vapors. you're not celebrating or anything. why? >> kind of just how we are. realize we're not done yet. we'll celebrate if we win monday night. right now it's strictly business. get ready for the neck game. we're ready for the next game. >> reporter: let's talk about that. second game north carolina took care of syracuse. bryce johnson had 16 points and nine rebound for the tar heels within 83-66 win and as we mentioned before, they're going to be takin takeing on villanovy night. switching gears to hockey the flyers had a very important game today. taking on ottawa still tied up with detroit for that final playoff spot. let's take to you that game and the second period, we had jake vorachek to wayne simmonds for his 27th goal of the season. the flyers with a one to nothing lead. then later on in the second sean
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core tour yea fighting for his 11th goal of the year and that makes it two-zero flyers. to the third we go. the flyers are up two-one. simmonds second goal of the game. steve mason with 33 saves. tow they win three-two. they'll play pittsburgh tomorr tomorrow. okay. let's talk about some hoops. the sixers taking on the pacers down at the center. brett brown's team looking for their tenth win of the season. the game tied at 98 under four minutes. cj miles hits the pointer. three-point right there. he led the pacers with 25 points to beat the sixers 115-102. and back here live, in houston, villanova playing for a national championship for the first time. they have a chance to win in 31
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>> nice turn out for the drexel hill little league opening day. "eyewitness news" in drexel hill delaware county where families came out to march in the parade to kick off the big season. special needs kids from the league's challenger division also joined in on all of the fun. also joined in on all of the fun. we'll be right back. eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention.
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lauren i hear the thunder out l it's time to go. >> rolling in. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. i'm natasha brown. for
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