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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  April 4, 2016 1:35am-2:09am EDT

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>> it was crazy nothing like this ever happened.
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>> a quieted sunday shattered. when an amtrak train ran into a backhoe. >> a bank and the whole train shook. >> the smashed engine, windows on the train blown out. inside the damage train cars. passengers describe being tossed around. can you please of off fee flying through the air. >> window beside me was shattered in. >> passengers describing the terrifying motels inside the number 89 train. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. among the questions tonight why was the backhoe on the tracks and how will it effect the morning commute. it happened rt shortly before 8:00 this morning. and tonight federal investigators are examining date tan video from the train to determine what went so terribly wrong. now here is what we know at this hour. train 89 was down bound from savanna georgia to new york.
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two a.m. track employees were killed when the train slammed senate backhoe. people on board including conductor hospitalized. we do have life coverage. we begin with anita e live in trainer near the crash site. anita? >> reporter: good evening natasha. officials say they guilty a call about a crash in chest. then quickly realized the train had come to a stop not too hard behind me in trainer where investigators have been trying to piece together what happened. so far very few answers and a lot of questions. while their work may be over the investigations far from it. >> trains are moving again now. but all service along the northeast corridor stopped around eight on sunday morning after officials say amtrak train 89 collided with a backhoe on
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the tracks in chester derailing lead engine. >> hard different thing is not everyone made it. >> reporter: killed two on the ground and 36 passengers. travel from new york city to georgia. >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying pass the train, then there was fire flashes and then we came to a stop. >> reporter: ntsb and federal railroad investigation haven't pinpoint today what caused the crash. the biggest question now, why workers would be on the tax if t if dispatch is required to alert them. >> we have recovered the event data reporter. and the video from the locomotive to send to laboratory in washington d.c. >> reporter: back here that data reporter should show them how fast the train was moving at the time of the crash. we're told it was likely more than a hundred and 20 miles per
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hour. we're live here in trainer tonight. i'm anita oh cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much. due to the accident amtrak and septa will be sharing tracks during the morning rush. amtrak will be running on a normal schedule between. northeast regional. on wilmington and knew ark line septa will run on inbound schedule from delaware with delays up to 40 minutes. outbound from 30th street and university and then express to marcus hook the first stop after university city will be marcus hook. 36 people were taken to area hospital after this deadly accident. eyewitness news reporter is live at taylor hospital with more on that. >> reporter: two passengers are receiving extended treatment here and one other passenger has been admitted. i'm told that none of these
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injuries have been deemed life threatening, down write astounding considering how many people were on board and what they saw from therapy perspective. these photos are pretty incredible. cabins torn and contort ted. some. >> some of the seats moved into the i'm e parts of the trains exterior your charred. >> i saw the flames coming toward me. >> reporter: one shows a window frame that went into passenger seatting. >> we knew something was going on i called some of my church members and asked them to pray. >> reporter: like the photos the smolder ring train and tracks as seen from the front porch made her fear pho h for the possibility of dozens of passengers serious injuries instead just about everyone of more than 340 passengers and crew members made it off with nothing more than minor bumps and scrapes if anything. >> a bruise on my left knee from when the train jolted: after
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being escorted from the tracks to a near by church passengers transported to riled hospital and crozer medical center. three admitted for further care the rest treated and released. yet today am tracks and those on board keeping them calm throughout the southbound journey that came to a holt. >> what do you do in a situation like that, you thank god you are okay and hope everybody else is as well. >> reporter: passengers experience upon impact had everything to do with where they were sitting. that woman told us with the wind today she figured a large tree had blown over and fallen on to the tracks we know that is not the case now f at this hour, three of those passengers remain hospitalized all the rest treated and releasessed. reporting life in ridley park. >> all right. thank you so ouch m the men who actually died have been identified as the backhoe operator and a supervisor.
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eyewitness news reporter is live in chest with more on what we know now about the victims. >> reporter: if you look overnight shoulder hear off in a distance you can see the front of the train that was involve in the accident as well as ntsb investigator still on site. amtrak and ntsb officials will not releases names of the victims, they have notified the families. in the meantime several lawmakers are calling on the agency to reevaluate safety procedures yet again. >> we would like to offer our couldn't condolences to the families of the diseased. >> reporter: two police lost their lice sunday morning just before eight a passenger train passing through chester crashed into a backhoe that was on the tracks. >> two men working there. one was 40 year employee one was a 20 year employee they knew what they were doing: new york senator said the workers we're a
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backhoe operator and supervisor. identified the victims as members of the union. accident happened in us congressman bob brady's district he speculate ted that a breakdown in communication was to blame. >> when they do that they have to let everybody know their workers are there and to get out of the way when the train is coming at 1230 miles an hour. >> reporter: his team will snow all possible causes. >> we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, tracks, human performance and survival factor. >> reporter: after two derailments in this district less than a year brady is bound to get answers. >> when we find out what happened we're going to look at what we can do to make sure it doesn't happen again. we got two men dead. >> reporter: taking another look at the front of that train you can see that it's all smashed in.
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ntsb investigators still on site. showed up a around five p.m.. it's likely to be a long night for them. delaware county medical examiner office is expected to perform the autopsy on the two victims tomorrow morning. for now live in chester cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much. pennsylvania senator bob case meantime says thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the crash. he released this statement. safety of passengers on our major railroad system of the utmost importance. we must carefully review the results of the investigation in order to ensure passengers can continue to travel with confidence. this is not the first time an amtrak train has crashed in this same area in chest. january 29th, 1988, a train with 130 people on board slammed into had maintenance vehicle. track was supposed to be closed at the time. 24 people were hurt, none seriously. the ntsb said the fault felt on both amtrak and tower operator
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who fled his on the poster after the crash that controller then resigned. less than a year since the last deadly amtrak deailment may 12th, 2015 a train flipped off the track while rounding a corner in port richmond. eight people died. more than 200 injured. the train was traveling more than a hundred miles per hour when that accident happened. of course stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage of this ongoing and developing story. we'll have the latest on eyewitness news tomorrow morning begin at 4:30 and force on h of course on our website all the tile frightening moments or fans piling out of saturday's flyers game escalator malfunction. take a look at what happened. machine seemed to speed up a bit. sending the crowd on the moving steps spilling into each other some falling over the side. thankfully there were no reports of serious injuries.
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they say investigation into this incident is currently under way. now, this time tomorrow, villanova will be taking on north carolina for national championships. let's bring in don bell. this is the biggest game in 31 years. >> 31 years. three decades. its amazing. we've been waiting a year. its been a long week. villanova comes into the national title game as three point under dog. remember the last time they bet against them, that was only last weekend when they upset kansas. wildcats or battle tested 40 game minutes away from history. back back in practice. whatever approach they are taking goes working. just ask oklahoma, wildcats beat sooners 44 points. they shot 71% from the floor. that number is only second to nova in 1985.
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jay wright with the keys to the game. >> obviously we're going to have to deal with their size, length, remound are bound, inside game. this is going to be a hell of a game. this is going to be a good game. >> it would mean a lot to our whole program program to everyone, something everyone has dreamed about their whole life. >> i hope we just go out there, you know stick to what we do play 40 minutes of villanova basketball hopefully outcome as good thing. >> coming up later why does jay wright have a special bond with his players. don't miss amazing message he delivered. he was named neigh smith coach of the year. amazing coach back to the final four for the first time since 2009. he is all control. he's got everything working. >> well deserved swerved. thank you so must see you later.
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you think jersey church fire take a look at this picture. a near by tree came tumbling down on power lines which started that fire. no word tonight on injuries the church suffered heavy damage. weather may have played a factor in a partial become clappings in west philly bricks and other debris came crumbling down and warrington avenue damaging several cars and ripping down electrical wires. worker at an auto repair shop suffered minor injuries. after all of that wind we are in for temperatures on a roller coaster it seems, right, lauren. absolutely. temperatures are going dob heading up and down after we got a double dose of extreme winds tonight and day, i'll talk about when the coldest air will a drive how cold it will get
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coming up. highlights from music awards and special anniversary for a local couple married live on
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>> update timing our top story amtrak will opt regularly schedule. injured dozens of others this morning. expect delays between philadelphia and wilmington. however keystone service between new york and harrisburg will opt at scheduled. train 89 was headed to savanna georgia when it struck a backhoe that was on the tracks. nearly two weeks after sue suicide bombers attacked brussels, planes are taking off again. a flight took off for portugal today one of three flights scheduled to depart. starting tomorrow it will be operating at 20% capacity. 32 people were killed in the march 22nd attack at the
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brussels airport and a subway station 270 wounded. country music night and you saw it right here on cbs3 huge night the biggest stars showed up for academy and country music award only one could earn the top honor. container of the year. lam bert female vole list of the year. sitting in the audience a local couple celebration a special anniversary. brook thomas has their story. >> its been four years since they were married live and academy country music awards.
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the washington township couple 0 are maded. it was mcbride who had the idea to mary frank and christina on the acmas after reading a story about their engagement in a south jersey paper. and they later named their first daughter together march tina. >> thank god we found each other. >> tragedy first brought them into each other's lives. they both lost share spouses seven years ago. christina's husband died in a boatting accident. frank's wife died of thyroid cancer. christina started a support group where the two met and fell in love. back and in 2012 loved once thousands of view worries watching the wedding with teaser of joy in their eyes.
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>> it was like a ferry tail wedding. they have been through so much. four years and countless joyful memories later, frank and christina say they don't take what they have for granted. >> we always say thank you and you know i love you. and you know we appreciate one another because we know that you can leave won never come back and your life can be changed forever. brook thomas, cbs3 eyewitness news. well, train and christina celebrated their anniversary and franks birthday today will tonight. and they got to go backstage. are you ready for something new and exsite tipping in the morning starting tomorrow wake up with official, brook and jim donovan will be joined by katie and johnson to start your day off right with the right mix of information you need and stories that will make you smile and feel great about living here. watch the new eyewitness news this morning starting tomorrow
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at 4:30. exciting times there. so i'm kind of excited about the weather it's going to get warmer. what's happening? >> it's all over the place. its a season of transition, spring she doesn't know what she wants just yet. those winds. storms, rolled in, severe winds. and then we had the winds on top of that after the storms rolled out a potent clipper system rolled in. severe weather last night and winds were whipping even after that all through the night and through the first half of the day today check out some of these peak wind gusts. gusting at 63 miles per hour in cape may. 62 in wilmington. 60 miles per hour gusting to 58 miles an hour highest at the airport 52. now we're getting a big break from those extreme winds, winds are light out of the northeast not even a wind chill component, 41 degrees getting a live look
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at center city philadelphia many winds have calmed all cross the area, hard to believe we're dealing with winds just this morning and into midday now they have relaxed. temperatures dropped off significantly after that system came through last night. temperature change after the last 24 hours. 10, 15, even 20 degrees, chilly air is in place. 20 in the poconos. 40 degrees in allentown. 38 degrees in reading. freezing mark in atlantic city. most of us dealt with severe storms. poconos picked up an inch and a half of snow. a a few showers tonight, maybe a. air is very dry so the snowfall is going to have a hard time reaching the surface not concerned about any snowfall in philadelphia and surrounding counters had counties. we head into the overnight period a few more snow showers up towards the poconos.
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could see isolated rain shower tomorrow morning as warm from front, bulk of the precipitation will come after afternoon hours. cold front swings in in association with same system, a band of showers embedded thunderstorms moving into lehigh valley early afternoon hours. arriving in philadelphia. around commute time continue to move off to the south and east of the shore dealing with rain and shower activity. as we head into the evening hours then eventually clearing out for everyone as we head into the late evening tomorrow and that's when temperatures will drop once again overnight tonight, 37 degrees clouds increasing, much less wind but a bit of a breeze will start to pick up tonight. windy tomorrow not nearly as windy of the gusting to 30 miles an hour. 60 degrees a very brief warm up. rain developing as we head into the second half of the day. once the rain moves out cold air right back in. freeze for a larges portion of the air tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. so if you have nice spring
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planters spring flow worries outside cover those up they will be in jeopardy with temperatures falling subfreezing 29 degrees. and that's in the city. you know what that means for the suburbs chilly day on tuesday 46 degrees. nice sunshine in store. wednesday still cool starting off again in the 20s. back up into the exhibit by thursday afternoon another round of rain and storms. chilly again friday and saturday. and warmer again on sunday. >> look at long. >> up and down. no consistency. mother nature. >> i thought that was you. >> we are, actually we're talking about something different from basketball shocking right. are you ready for baseball. the phillies are. his guys are ready to play a flyers and penguins square off again orange and black have
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>> whose hot is hotter whose better is better p back in january the flyers and ben begins -- penguins. they scared off in pittsburgh to see whose clutch is more clutched. first here we go. guess height is, sidney crosby on the power play. thorn in the side. 33rd goal. one nothing pen. second period fly guys down three nothing until wayne simmons scored 29th of the year for the pennsylvania rolling on -- penguins rolling. fly guy still hold the second wild car spot in the east. opening day for the phillies in cincinnati. first pitch at 4:10. manager says his team is ready to roll. >> got a real good swing. guys are swinging the bat w i'm anxious to see how it plays out during the course of the season.
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like i said, we take what we did in spring training positively and the guys are really ready to play. >> coming up next in sport zone preview of nova and tar heals, leslie vanarsdall. 94wip will join me in studio, coming up in a few moments. whose got the bright future phillies or sixers. think about it and join us in the show and listen to our debate. >> that's a good one top bond. thank so you much don. when we come back find out who
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>> all right lauren's got that wake up forecast. chilly tomorrow morning. 37 degrees. up to 60 in the afternoon. brief periods of rain during the afternoon few rumbles of thunder. not going to feel so good. we have to break out the umbrella. >> all over the place. >> thank you so much. that is going to do it for eyewitness news tonight. thank you so much for joining us. as always we appreciate it. we are always on for you at >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nick vertucci real estate academy's "fortunes in flipping"


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