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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. investigators remain at the scene after deadly amtrak train crash this morning. we will tell you which rounds are open and running, place the latest on what went wrong. >> we're just thinking about playing north carolina, not what's at steak. >> first national championship in more than 30 years. hear coach wright for the seniors on his team. >> the freeze watch continues, feels more like february than april. live look at storm scan3, showing showers heading this way. katie tells us when they'll reach our area. today is monday, april 4th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm so excited to introduce you to my new partner, brooke
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thomas. >> happy to be here with this team, this amazing team. we are getting your day started with a check on weather and traffic. as always with katie and meisha a good morning. >> yes, good morning, everyone, i can tell you, there are changes to amtrak, septa, i'll be updating zero g you on those. no accidents, dry roadways. will it linker? >> dry weather not so much. looks like we have yet another system on the way. we take you right on out to storm scan already in fact a little activity to track off to the north and west every us. we put things into motion on storm storm scan3, three hour loop, cold you have no have produced some snow ex folks, now it will have difficult time accumulating, how much, you go up toward the i80 interchange in the poconos in general, we are tracking some light stuff. we mentioned the freeze, as well, this is the next warming -- warning will take effect, later tonight, generally overnight, starting 1:00 a.m. into tomorrow. so, for now, yes, it is cold outside. but it is not cold enough to prompt any freeze warnings,
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again it, doesn't go knee effect overnight tonight into tomorrow. for now i would still grab the winter coat on the way out the door. below freezing in mount pocono at the moment, still holding tough in the 40's at philadelphia international airport. but, again, you can't really expect it will rebounds all that much at best 60 degrees today, even though that's technically seasonable, wet weather on the way we showed you on storm scan, primarily the brunt of the system getting here into the afternoon hours. so, we've got more wet weather on the way, meisha a keep the umbrella at the red. >> i we have tonight just the season we're n it is spring, good morning, everyone, happy monday, waking up with us, so happy you're here, maybe grabbing your first cup of coffee. first look at the vine this morning, looking pretty good. we know mondays will be busy, there is no doubt about it. 4:30 in the morning we're looking good, folks moving in the westbound and eastbound directions on the vine. ninety-five south at cottman also looking really good, day i -- dairy say quiet. fifty-nine south at cottman looking good. you have nice open roadways to
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travel on if you are traveling in new jersey, as well, 42 freeway northbound, looking good. you can see certainly early risers, in fact, usually what it, like on a monday morning in new jersey. to 295. that's what you are looking at. in the worlds of mass transit, i'll back out of the way, because of yesterday's derailment with amtrak, amtrak is running today. but you can expect delays between philly and wilmington, you can see right here, also take note of this, wilmington, newark line sharing tracks, outbound running from 30th and university city running express to marcus hook, then normal from marcus hook to newark. expect 30 minute delays there, inbound service completely normal, make note of that, paoli thorndale, trenton, cross honoring amtrak ticket. check your schedules on line, brook, over to you. >> investigators now have data and video from the amtrak train that crashed into a back hoe in delaware county. train 89 was head today savannah georgia from new york when it crashed sunday at sixth and boot streets in chester. the crash killed two amtrak
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workers, 36 people on the train, including the conductor, were hurt. those injuries, though, are not life threatening. >> brooke, the accident forcing amtrak and septa, amtrak operating at normal schedule between philadelphia and wilmington it, asks, how much, you should expect delays for the acela express and northeast regional on the wilmington-newark line, septa will running a regular inbound schedule from delaware, with delays up to half hour. out bound trains from center sitly operate from 30th street station, and university then express to marcus hook, that means the first stop after university city will be marcus hook. this morning investigators are returning to the crash scene as they try to solve what went wrong. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live near the scene in chester. jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, the investigation continues today, also, on the schedule today, the autopsies, for those two amtrak work
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mowers who were killed in the accident. their names have not yet been released but we are told by lawmakers who have been briefed on this accident that they are two long time employees of amtrak, one with 40 years of experience, the other with 20 years of experience, than they were the back hoe operator and the supervisor on scene here yesterday. now, take a look at the video. you can see what the crash site looked like, when you had daylight. >> this was the scene here in chester, delaware county. where amtrak train 89 crashed into that piece of construction equipment. the train was traveling from new york to savannah, georgia, with 341 passengers and seven crew members on board. now the two amtrak workers again were killed, and three dozens others who were on the train had to be taken to the hospital. fortunately, those passengers only had minor injuries. now, those who weren't injured were taken to 30th street station, shaken up, now, the ntsb is leading the investigation, they have recovered the data recorder and both the outside and inside facing cameras, they are going to be looking for a
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cause of the crash today. take a listen. >> we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal track, human performance, and survival factors. >> now, at last check, all of those people taken to the hospital, except for three, had been released. we'll hear much more from the people on this train coming up in the next half hour. of course we'll stay up-to-date with this investigation here on scene. for now, live in chester, delaware county, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brook, jim, back into you. thank you so much, jan. meanwhile stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to cover the deadly amtrak crash. our coverage continues on line at well, tonight is the night. villanova will be taking on north carolina for the ncaa national championship, first shot at the tight until 31 years, team getting red any their final barak at this cents in just two days ago the wildcat made final four history beating the oklahoma sooners by record 44-point.
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villanova comes into the national title game as a three-point underdog, also the last game for senior star players, here's what coach jay wright has to say about this. >> for this senior class i am really happy for them. i just want them to go out playing villanova basketball. i don't want us to go out changing something and not playing to our best, and then if you don't win that way it kills you. if they play their best, give their best effort, it is a good chance it will be good enough. >> our leslie van arsdale is with the wildcats in houston, look for her live reports from championship game later today on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tip-off is at 9:19 p.m. well, now it is the latest on the campaign trail. >> most candidates are stomping for votes in wisconsin. ahead of tomorrow's primary. republican frontrunner donald trump wants governor john case he can to step out of the
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race. a new cbs news battleground tracker pole shows crews leads trump 43 to 37 with case he can at 18%. now, ted cruz insists he is the republican's best shot at winning the white house. on the democratic side, bernie sanders was at a town hall in wisconsin. >> nominating donald is a gift wrapped present to hillary clinton in the democrat. >> do not allow the trump's of the worlds to divide us up, the truth is there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> polls show sanders leading clinton 49 to 47% in wisconsin. meanwhile, hillary clinton stomped in brooklyn ahead of april 19th primary. >> well, still ahead this morning, we will tell you about what a group of children were able to do, when a police helicopter couldn't. >> crazy. also this morning, talk about a lucky dog. the crazy ordeal this chihuahua survives, and when officials have named him. plus this.
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>> ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ ♪ >> dolly parton and katy perry team up at last night's academy of country music awards. the big winners when we come back. stay with us.
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>> blake sheldon crashes the academy of music awards in las vegas, he and co-host luke brian, in country legend, dolly parton, honored last night, for tv move bye her childhood. but, the biggest winner of the night, jason al dean, picking up a trophy for entertainer of
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the year. we will check out big moments from acm and more big winners in the next hour. mean meantime the time is 4:42, meisha is watching -- the other day i didn't look at the time and i got nailed. (laughing). >> let's take a look at traffic. katie is here with wetter. >> roads are looking good, nice and dry out, the big inning thing is amtrak. we will be covering that all day both in the news and in the traffic. but other than that, things are looking pretty good. getting bus. >> i and eventually the wet weather certainly will have impact on you. i would say specially for midday on when things starting to more downhill in terms of the weather department. expect you'll need the umbrella later today. right outside. show you what's going on with storm scan, nice wide zoom for you, guys, almost winds driven system here, as you see, it is almost like the leading edge of the precipitation getting drawn out, and that's because winds is helping to push this along. right now, though, too, look what bulbs on the tail ends,
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squawl line setting up across west send at any palazhchenko. -- pennsylvania, pushing through the area, some of you already seeing couple of showers pick up, because it is still cold enough for it. some of it might be coming through in the form after ice pellment, or in the form of very wimpy snowflake, but you have to be pretty far north for. that will through the course of the morning still tracking some stuff on storm scan3 again, built of variety pack, not enough to mess with your travel i don't think, but enough you have to have to flick your wind shield wipers. midday, after lunchtime generally, wet weather learn push g through in its heaviest format, looks at though it will come through with some thunderstorms as well, that's what we are dodging later today even toward the typical evening commute, 7:00 p.m., might still be heavy rain to track on storm scan. tomorrow, this same time, all out of here, high pressure takes the lead back, we will keep that around, although windy, very cold by that point. so for now, your basic scenario, scattered showers, thunderstorms, windy
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conditions, gusts generally to up 30. 60 degrees, not bad, pretty typical. but by tonight we bottom out. brisk, very cold night, 29 degrees, the nighttime low, freeze washing taking effect, and on variable roller coaster ride here on through the seven day, meisha? >> look at that bouncing from 60s to 40's, 60s, that's the spring, that's our problem child. happy monday to you. what we are looking at right now construction, boulevard southbound between the exits to ridge avenue, and also the schuylkill, that right lane block right now hoping it gets cleared out of our way it, won't pose too much after problem, how much, an area breaking into the 5:00 hour, certainly can if that doesn't get out of our way. so taking a look at that, right lane down, still have two lanes to maneuver around, 95 north, 452. looking good, looking very good. looking night and quiet, the vine also looking pretty good, even over the past ten minutes, heating up little more, moving both in the westbound and eastbound side. you can see some brake lights going off. that's not congestion.
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that's just the brake lights going off as you merge there. construction here, make note, this is starting today, kelly drive road work repairs and resurfaced between art museum and hurting -- hunting park area. 6:30 p.m. over night, to 6:30 a.m. this is going to be going on weekly from monday to saturday until late may. make note of that. >> thanks so much, meisha a women, maybe he was making a run for the border. >> yes, police in california found themselves chasing pretty unusual suspect, a chihuahua. >> check out this video, that k9 caper on the bay bridge, darting in and out of traffic at one point weaved across five lanes, california highway patrol actually had to block off the road. >> the chihuahua now safe and with the california highway patrol who shared this post on social media. officers are now err searching for the dog's owner, get this, they've named the little guy
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upon. , of course, after the character from the 80s tv show chips. he was running really fast. i know, i'm so glad he's okay. >> wonder where he was going in. >> home, maybe, i don't know. >> how does a chihuahua get lost on a bridge. >> maybe board, maybe wanted to go for a lip trail. >> lip trail. why customer complaints about airlines are their highness more than a decade. >> but first, here's look at what's on tonight, on cbs-3.
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>> now for another look at this morning's headlines, deadly train crash in chester, investigators want to know what caused the amtrak train from new york to hit a piece of heavy equipment on the tracks in chester. two amtrak employees were killed, and more than 30 people injured. >> republican presidential candidate, donald trump, wants
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rival john kasich to drop out of the gop race. trump says he should because he can't win. now, kasich says neither trump nor ted cruz will have enough delegates to win the nomination. both republicans and democrats have a primary tomorrow in wisconsin. >> tonight's the night for the villanova wildcats, facing north carolina tonight in the finals of the march madness tournament. wildcats are three-point underdog to the number one seeded tar heels. well, now 4:49. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live interest thinning moth new york stock exchange. jim, what's expected for the markets today? >> well, good morning, jim and brooke, and brooke, welcome to the morning team. >> thank you. >> all right, this week, some more companies will be reporting their earnings, for the last quarter. on friday, both the dow and the nasdaq jumped after the big jobs report. so the labor department says the us economy added about 215,000 jobs last month.
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which is slightly more than what economists had expected, the unemployment rate pick up slightly to 5%, mostly because more americans decided to get back into the job hunt. brooke and jim? >> well, jim, also some new numbers out about customer complaints when it comes to flying, it turns out, the airlines have some work to do? >> reporter: yes, that's right. new report finds that traveler complaint are at their highest level in more than a decade, they jumped 34% last year, and it comes even though more flights are arriving on time, airlines are losing fewer bags, so the author of the report thinks that passengers recent extra fees, for things like checked bags, that makes them quicker to complain when something goes wrong. i recent those fees, i don't know about you. >> the nibbling he will and diming doesn't bother me, real. >> i no? of course it does. >> thanks so much, jill. we ' check in with you a little later on. >> now, meanwhile, for one group of kids in glands, they spent their easter egg hunt in the middle of a manhunt.
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>> i know you won't believe this. when the kids were looking for eggs, they saw two men run across the grass with a helicopter overhead. so, the group realized police were chasing those two men, and they formed a human arrow to point authorities in the right direction, can you believe that? a short time later, the two suspected burglars were arrested. >> smart kids. >> i know. >> meanwhile, talk about cliff hanger, the driver of this car got out just in time, the vehicle left stranded yesterday, 300 feet down a canadian cliff. it happened on signal hill in st. johns new finland, it is unclear how the woman lost control. she suffered some injuries. but is expected to make a full recovery. that's good. meanwhile, coming you have after the the break, katie tells us when the freeze watch will end. >> not soon enough. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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good morning, everyone, once again looking at another disturbance, pushing through the delaware valley.
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that more than anything is what's going to keep us onto this romer coast ride of thermometer readings. i know you felt the chill this weekend. get ready for more. here comes our latest system, yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, playing tricks on you this early in the morning. that will is some light snow currently falling across the pocono region. it is not going to have easy time sticking although we did end up with some accumulation across the mountains over the worse of the weekender, but see almost how this storm is getting drawn out to the east. and, strung out if you will. that's actually partly because it is so wind driven. so we will see the winds kick in once again here today. likely couple of thunderstorms cents as time goes on, likely more of rain event this afternoon, simply because temperatures are rising. behind this system, though, 1:00 a.m. tonight into tomorrow morning, freeze warning takes effect, if you have got the easter little its, maybe still holding tough outside, bring them inside, guys, or throw a clot over them or something. because, we're going to see the temperatures easily bottom out below freezing overnight tonight, region wide in philly
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we should be down to the 20's. so it really will be a dose of winter more so like february, by tomorrow, the winds is going to make it feel that much colder, meisha, not too much movement up on the they are mom term, at least not in the near term right now. >> kate, so glad you reminded me to take the plant i just bought, my first one, i bought a plant yesterday. i would have forgot to bring it back inside. so yes. >> keep a rock garden, you know? don't worry about that. >> i've had one of those. a lot easier. good morning, hammy monday to you, looking outside, construction here 422 eastbound between 202 and trooper, back out of the way, see, yes it, looks like it has moved out of the way. great news. one of the areas on a monday morning, keep my eye on overall. now, i'll go through mass transit here for you just so you know, because of the derailment yesterday. some changes here. definitely going to want to make sure you're checking your schedules on line today. amtrak running today obviously but you can expect delays, between philly and wilmington, make note of this right here. also, wilmington, newark line sharing tracks with amtrak,
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out bound service running express, from 30th and university, to marcus hook, you can expect delays there, as women, it will be about 30 minutes or more. so check your schedules again. paoli thorndale, trenton, cross honoring. >> if you are headed out the door stay to up date with katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also there is morning, 25 years after the deadly plane crash involving send for john heinz, hear from student who survived the fiery wreck. the three spots in his administration, mayor jim kenney has to fill, why two philly broadcasters spent their off season learning spanish. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> and coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we are live with a lingering problems from yesterday's deadly amtrak crash. >> plus, one more win, that's all villanova needs to bring the title home to the main line. true story of
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> big crash, bang, loud bang, and the whole train shook. >> passengers are rattled after a deadly amtrak crash kills two workers there is morning, investigators are trying to figure out just what went wrong at the impact the crash will have on the morning commute. >> plus, one more win for the wildcats. the villanova is on the brink of a national championship tonight. we have the keys to the game as the wildcats try to make history in houston. >> and, get ready for some april showers. storm scan3 shows us rain heading our way today. katie will let you know when the wet weather arrives, that's not the only big weather story you need to know, as the temperature just
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dips and dips, keeping going down. today is monday april 4th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. we're also welcome brooke thomas to our morning team. >> good, more good morning, happy to be here. this fantastic team, katie and meisha, a you, jim, everyone on the staff here, i'm happy to be here in this area. >> we're thrilled to have you. >> absolutely. >> really are. >> so fun. >> she's been getting her lay of the landover the past few days. >> yes. >> meisha, how is she doing in traffic this morning. >> did you do pretty well brooke? >> i went out of my way to find mcdonald's. >> did you? >> eating a burger at 2:00 a.m. in the news room. >> cheese burying nerve my purse. >> you're not kidding? >> no! >> boy oh, boy. >> well, i hate to be the one that bridges the party down, although i am going to right now, but it is about to get very chilly, my friends, you know, it was cold enough over the course of the weekends, right? now we've got reinforcements on the way, it


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