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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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dips and dips, keeping going down. today is monday april 4th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. we're also welcome brooke thomas to our morning team. >> good, more good morning, happy to be here. this fantastic team, katie and meisha, a you, jim, everyone on the staff here, i'm happy to be here in this area. >> we're thrilled to have you. >> absolutely. >> really are. >> so fun. >> she's been getting her lay of the landover the past few days. >> yes. >> meisha, how is she doing in traffic this morning. >> did you do pretty well brooke? >> i went out of my way to find mcdonald's. >> did you? >> eating a burger at 2:00 a.m. in the news room. >> cheese burying nerve my purse. >> you're not kidding? >> no! >> boy oh, boy. >> well, i hate to be the one that bridges the party down, although i am going to right now, but it is about to get very chilly, my friends, you know, it was cold enough over the course of the weekends, right? now we've got reinforcements on the way, it was so dank windy over the course of the
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weekend. it continues in fact to be a running theme, look specially into tonight, tomorrow, we will talk more about. that will but starting offer with a look what's happening now, not just april rain showers, clearly, you're eyes are not deceiving you here, cold enough to be producing some snow up toward the mountain us terrain, even locally, couple of very nasty thunderstorms, let me see one more time out here, what happens on the tail end of the loop, nasty little cell developing. little squawl line setting up here with very heavy but brief downpours, pushing east now, basically, just north of the i80 corridor. that's eventually crossing through over area, behind that storm, big blast of cold coming our way, so the bottom sort of gets taken out from under us, they thermometer drops down again, freeze warning takes effect for our entire region here later tonight, further south you travel, freeze watch. but gives you sense of just how cold it will be. at the moment, cold, but not terrible. still at 43 degrees at the airport, below freezing though up at mount pocono, that's why it is coal enough obviously to
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support couple of wimpy snowflakes, not banking on ton of accumulation out of it, but that's where the weather watch letters come in, hopefully a chance to send in your reports this morning, meanwhile we walk you through the next couple of hours it, will ends up pretty seasonable day, all things considered, but not the prettiest day with scattered and locally some steadier showers specially through mid to late afternoon. and with the wind picking up, unfortunately, 06 degrees isn't how it will ever feel any time today. meisha, over to you. >> kate, we know the nature loves that rain, but i tell you what, those days where we just don't see the sun, all right. well, good morning, it is monday, regardless, we're so happy you're waking up with us, maybe grabbing your first cup of coffee, roadways right now looking nice, dry. we do know that's probably diagnose to change a little late. right now looking dry, looking good, i would say in good company if you're at home just thinking about hitting the roadways. we had some construction here, 422 eastbound between 202 and trooper, cleared out of the way, great news. also, the schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction, that gladwynn, you can see, kind of what you are dealing with,
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anywhere we look, early rides ers out, there dry roadways, construction cleared here, as well, the boulevard southbound between ridge avenue and the schuylkill. right lane block for quite some time. now it has moved out of the way great news as we are now just breaking into the 5:00 hour on monday morning when things slowly start to heat up just little bit. kelly drive repairs and resurfaced starts today between art museum and hunting park avenue, 9:30 to 3:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., the times they're dealing, with this is weekly monday through saturday, and this will kind of linger out there until late may. make note of these changes, i'll be tweeting those out as well. jim and brooke, back over to you. >> investigators are looking moore caused deadly amtrak crash in delaware county. have new clues the data and video recorders. >> the crash happened sunday morning, you know, at six and boot streets chester. train 89 was on it way to savannah from new york when it hits a back hoe. two amtrak employees were killed, 36 people were hurt including the conductor, they
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are expected to be okay. >> septa service on the wilmington into arc line is back up this morning, but, the investigation is forcing amtrak and septa to share two tracks. two others are out of service. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in chester where investigators are returning to the scene of the crash. >> morning, jan. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, that's right, we just saw one of the first early morning trains move through this area very slowly, in the meantime, as you mentioned, this investigation is continuing, investigators have now recovered the data recorder, and both the outward facing and inward facing cameras all of these hopefully providing vital pieces of information that can help investigators figure out what went so terribly wrong here yesterday. now, take a look at the video. this was the scene her in chester, delaware county, where amtrak train 89 crashed into that piece of construction equipment. autopsies are scheduled for those two amtrak workers today. the two workers who were killed. now, their names have not been
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release you but lawmakers briefed on the accident say they're veteran employees, one with 40 years, the old with 20 years of experience. the pair they say were the back hoe operator and the supervisor. train was traveling as you heard from new york to savannah, georgia, 341 passengers, seven crew members on board, three dozens of them had to be taken to the hospital, fortunately, those passengers who were injured only had minor injuries. those who weren't injured were taken back to 30th street station, very shaken up. >> now, all you could see was a lot of dirt, debris, flying past the train, then if i flashes, then we came to a stop. >> now, at last check, all but three people who were taken to the hospital have now been released. the ntsb now leading up this investigation, they're going to be looking at any cause, and that includes operational, mechanical signal or human error. and coming up in our next half hour, the call to action from local lawmakers, this accident
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coming just about a year after another deadly amtrak accident in port richmond, that one claiming eight lives and injuring more than 200, we'll stay up-to-date on this investigate, but for now live in chester delaware county, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", brooke, jim, back to you. >> thank you very much, jan. the second time in less than 30 years amtrak train has crashed in chester. on january 29th, 1988, a train was w 130 people on board slammed into a maintenance vehicle. the track was supposed to be closed. twenty-four people were hurt, non-seriously, the national transportation safety board said the fault fell on both amtrak and a tower operator, who fled his post after the crash. that controller then resigned. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the deadly amtrak crash. and when you're not near a tv, go to our website >> excitement is heating up for tonight's ncaa championship game. villanova will be taking on
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north carolina for a shot at their first national title in 31 years. i know. let's get right to "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live at villanova campus with more on the preparations, i'm assuming the excitement is building, pat? >> good morning, guys. yep, who is ready to party like it is 198 an in i know everyone out here s maybe not quite. i mean, tell hire on campus, it will be filling up quite soon. you mentioned it, 31 years since the villanova wildcats had been in the national championship, so i don't want to get ahead of myself with the party, but how did they get there? well, they dismantled old oklahoma team had the number one in the country earlier this year, let's take a look at some moving photos here. nova shot over 71% from the field and held the likely national player of the year, buddy healed, to just nine points, the defense was out standing, the offense just as good, everyone contributed. josh heart, ten of 12 from the field for 23-point. chris jenkins, 18 points.
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ryan arcidiacono, 15 points, in one of the greatest effort in tournament history. nova beat oklahoma 95-51, the national championship game is tonight, ryan arch and mikhail bridges, they are ready to go. >> nothing is going to change, we'll go out there, try to play as hard as we can. >> hopefully at the end of the night monday, i'll be one of the happiest guys out there. >> it would mean a lot to our whole program, to everyone, something i'm sure everyone has dreamed about their whole life. and to have the opportunity to win this game, just big. >> so, villanova takes on north carolina who got by syracuse 83-66 saturday. couple of names you need to know from unc, point guards marcus page, their gem, six-nine, poured for the bryce johnson, just athletic freak. he scored 16-point, go cats, he scored 16 points the other night against the orange in that win, so unc is long
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athletic. they are just freak i shallly fast, and very good team. one of the top teams in the country. so, we're out here on campus, we have got up elf fans here at the davis center, keep our eye out, see if we can meet up with every anyone this morning, see if wildcat fever is at an all time pitch. >> pat, i is it zero still cannot believe oklahoma lost by 44 points. >> she is from oklahoma. >> forty-four points, nobody expected that, right? forty-four-point? what? >> forty-four. >> that's a lot. >> right? hopefully tonight's a good game. hopefully tonight is a exciting game. >> exactly. thanks, pat, we'll check back in with you an in a bit. >> exciting game tonight, but history is not exactly on the wildcats side tonight. this is the seventh time villanova and north carolina have met in the ncaa tournament, and the tar heels have won five times. >> but the one villanova victory was back in 1985, when the wildcats went onto win it all to hopefully history will
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repeat itself tonight. >> beat a team by 44-point, it is looking prepped -- pretty good. >> should be. >> stay with cbs-3 all day long for continuing coverage of tonight's championship game. coming up in the next half hour we'll have the story after different casino of brotherly love for tonight's big game, that's good stuff. and we'll get live reports from leslie van arsdale tonight on "eyewitness news". >> wicked winds below through the area. we will show you some of the major problems caused by the powerful gust. >> plus, hillary clinton coming to philadelphia, when she is bringing her campaign to our area. >> and, back in business. brussels, after the deadly terror attack, we'll show when you flights from philadelphia are scheduled to restart. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you're watching the brand new "eyewitness news" this
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♪ channel three "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, brooke thomas, katie fehlinger and meisha johnson. >> good stuff, good stuff. but not some good stuff, welcome back, everyone, investigators believe sunday's thunderstorms apparently played a role in this church fire in cumberland county. >> yes, kim low actually shot in video every mt. pleasant united methodist church in millville. we're told strong winds knocked down a tree that fell on power lines, which apparently sparked a fire. luckily, there are no report of injuries right now. >> officials think severe weather may have also played a role in partial building collapse in west philadelphia. bricks and other debris came down on the 5,000 block of warrington avenue sunday.
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it damaged several cars, tore down electrical wires, and a worker at an auto repair shop was hurt. >> well, it has been rough start to spring, some parts a little further outside of our area, in the new york city region got hit with strong storm over the weekend. heavy winds knock down trees, damaging homes, and cars. and taking down power lines. wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour reported in queens. residents describe the moment they noticed the damage. >> i heard a big loud crash, then my mom went downstairs, looked out the window, and she was like oh, my god, the neighbor's house fell down on us. >> i woke up to big crash, my house shook. >> we had winter, we had 70 degrees weather. now we have spring and we're having winter weather. >> some places in long island got more than 5 inches of snow on sunday, just glad it wasn't us. >> so glad. >> meanwhile, still, stormy weekends around here, now the temperatures about to take a real dive. >> how cold are we talking, katie?
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i'm not ready. >> i know, yes, said the oklahoma gal. you came by way of texas, too, where it tends to get a lot warmer. it is looking like february, folks, over the next couple every days, now, today, today at less will be seasonable day, but still comes with its own sort every bag of tricks up its sleeve. we do have another system moving our way. yes, when you go out first and for most, storm scan3, there is snow. what's going on? okay, guys, this is april. early april, still transition month, this can happen. it is not the most atypical thing in the world for us to still see some snowflakes around the greater northeast region, certainly in the poconos, not atypical. cold enough to produce that, even some signs of pink, another shall, potential it might get slick traveling up the northeast extension over the next couple of hours, watch for that, with time, these temperatures will rise to seasonable levels g thinking about 60 degrees here today, right where it should be, however, still some rain, and thunderstorms before the system is totally gone. and, it is moving through
5:17 am
relatively decent clip. primarily through the midday when you will find the worse of any wet weather that this storm has to offer up. here you go. warmfront lift to the north. don't expect much warmth out of t we get to 60 today. then the the wet weather comes in the form of showers, even call it steady rain, likely thunderstorm, i would say generally between three to 7:00 p.m., the window of time the worse pushes through, then we clear out, variable winds tunnel effect takes a grip on us between low and high pressure, really going to see the winds start to crank again, casino of like what happened yesterday. high pressure at least going to bring us back into some sunshine, but it will be awfully chilly. storm system two, waiting in the wings, come thursday, arriving here, in the meantime though at least our winds aren't terrible. so depending on location barely have any at all. however further south you travel, pretty southerly wind flow here, wouldn't call it warm breeze but at least not terribly cold, 15-mile per hour winds right now in atlantic city for example. that's going to change with time. gusts likely peak into the 30's, region wide at some point today.
5:18 am
then the bottom gets taken out from under us, skies clear, 46 at best, tomorrow, and again, little dose of february, and we're all over the place for the seven day here. meisha, a simply just because we have system after system seconds us on the roller coaster ride. >> brr, 46 g going to feel so cold. thanks, katie. a nice but, you know, quick weekends, they always are, aren't they? glad you're waking us with us. involving injuries, just follow all of the flashing lights over here, northbound boulevard approaching ninth street, outer drive, make note of this, up close and personal, completely overturned vehicle, a loft crews out there, some people, make note of that, let you know it will be moving, to 95 south at girard, you can see, a loft early company this morning. ninety-five, especially moving in the southbound direction right around girard, what we are looking at.
5:19 am
you should be right around five a miles per hour but just know that that will change, as we've progressed even toward the 6:00 hour, we know this area will be one of the first to change. moving on, looking at the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, before spring garden, as you move, toward center city, beautiful shot here. what you are seeing right now, everyone, still traveling at they should, again, one of the areas that is going to start to change, no doubt about it on the schuylkill. updates coming up mass transit. also downed pole, coming up in about tents minute. back to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. brussels airport gradually getting last month's deadly terror attack. left the airport since the march 22 also, the airport chairman calls the first flight symbolic. >> we're turning a page, page full of blocks, but we have to rebuild this airport, and we will do so. >> the flights between
5:20 am
brussels and philadelphia should be back later this month. hope service is back this summer. >> well, now it is time for your morning newspaper headlines, from across our region, including big decision in westhampton, the burlington county times reports off initials westhampton will vote today on whether to eliminate the fire and emergency service chief's post. the outcome could jeopardize $372,000 federal grant funding three firefighter positions, that grant requires staff levels be the same as when the grant was awarded. >> police in northampton lower southampton and upper southampton soon will join 27 other bucks county law enforcement agencies, in caring opiat overdose anti-dot narcan. the bucks county courier times reporting that the life saving drug would be supplied by the county at no cost to the municipalities. >> and, local anglers were out early saturday for the start of trout fishing season in
5:21 am
chester county. the delco times reports cars were lined up, for several miles, along the branch of the white clay creek. fisherman began to gather as early as 6:30 in the morning, even though the they had to wait to cast the lines until eight. those are your morning headlines. trump, cruz, kasich or someone else? which republican insists he won't jump into the race for the white house? >> which one? >> right, which up? >> and taylor swift goes to disneyland. but, all everyone is talking about is her bodyguard. see this hilarious reaction
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eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. >> impact could have an impact on dolled ailed trump. meanwhile, cbs news battleground tracker pole shows tight race for both parties. cbs correspondent brian web has the numbers.
5:25 am
>> at campaign rally in west alice, wisconsin, donald drum said his time for john kasich to get out every his way. >> you shouldn't be littering up the process, because, that's what he's doing, it is real a disgrace. i'll tell you. >> kasich tweeted: that's not how a republic works, donald, we'll keep fighting until someone reaches a majority of delegates. >> ted cruz makes several stops in wisconsin sunday, insisting he is the republican's best shot at winning the white house. >> nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. and that's not frayer to train wrecks. >> cbs news bat many ground tracker pole shows ted cruz six points ahead of trump in wisconsin, with john kasich far behind. >> it is probably the last chance for awhile to put a dent into donald drum's lead. it is that kind of conservative state. >> the same pole shows bernie sanders two points ahead of hillary clinton. sanders spoke to crowd of several thousand at the university of wisconsin madison.
5:26 am
>> if we do not allow the trump's of the worlds to divide us up, the truth is, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> i am ready on day one to serve you, to be your president, and your commander in chief. >> clinton spent the day campaigning in new york ahead of the state's april 19th primary. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> hillary clinton is coming to pennsylvania this week. she's going to be in philadelphia, and pittsburgh, wednesday, but, her campaign isn't saying yet exactly where. they are, however, saying she will be talking about barriers that could hold americans back. her opponent, bernie sanders, was in pittsburgh this past thursday, know, both gearing up for pennsylvania's primaries, it is april 25th. >> paul ryan insists he'll not be the gop nominee. >> the wisconsin lawmakers on his first trip abroad as house
5:27 am
spear speaker, yesterday he told the press in israel it is not going to men. who mentioned as concensus nominee should donald trump, ted cruz or john kasich fall short of 1237 delegates needed to claim the nomination. >> meanwhile, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", a true story of brotherly love, at tonight's national championship game. jan? >> reporter: and the investigation continues today into that deadly train accident, here in chester, delaware county. i'm january can bear owe, reporting live. coming up what investigators have now recovered that could help determine a cause. >> jan it, may be dry on the cbs-3 skydeck, however, already another storm system set to push through today that will set us into a deep freeze again. we'll tell you how low that thermometer is set to drop
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one more win. tonight is the night villanova could bring home a basketball championship to the main line for the first time in 31 years. it is a huge night for novanation. good morning. i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. we have the true story of brotherly love in tonight's championship game that's divide ago family, but first, here's what you need to know in your morning


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