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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this. listen, villanova a has been playing hoops since 1920, thinks one of the biggest games in school history. think about it more than 57,000 are expect to show up a at nrg stadium there will be more fans in the stance in houston there were at super bowl 50 in santa clara a. with all that attention, jay wright delivered a special message to his players. >> i don't want this to define you. i want you to do better things in your life, you know, this is big. you will always have this experience but i want to you be good husband, good fathers and do other great things in your community, just enjoy the hell out of this while you are here. >> how good is that guy. jay wright, and nation national coach of the year, he spoke with our leslie van arsdal and that is what we're doing right now as well. leslie joins us live from houston, leslie. >> what a ride this has been. we are one win a way from winning the national championship. it is unbelievable. the players say, that they say
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that they are treating this just like another game but we know how big this is. they went from 64 to sweet 16 to elite eight, to the final four. but now only numbers that matter is number one. villanova wildcats, just one win away, from the national championship. >> it would mean a lot, for our whole program and to everyone involved, it is something for everybody dreaming about their whole life and glad to have the opportunity to win this game. it is just exciting. >> it is everything that we live and play for is to win. this is all the hard work in the summer, preseason, this would mean everything for the school and to be to this team. >> reporter: you no he what fans not only want to win, they need this win. >> jay wright coaching and the ability of these seniors have and the rest of the team because they are phenomenal basketball players and nobody gives them as much credit as they deserve. >> there is no problems with this team. they are all good kid. they come from good families.
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they have work together. they respect each other as teammates. and, i mean that is why this is so special. because, it is clean. the it is like wholesome. >> reporter: it is a special, special group. i talked to jay wright after practice yesterday. he says he felt that they were playing in that practice even better. i don't know how that is possible considering the way they have been playing lately but coming up at 6:00 i'll go one on one with coach jay wright. back to you in the studio. >> all right, leslie, thank you this team is above the rim right now. one of the things jay wright has said all along is every time they practice, they get a touch better. that is special around this time of the year, march madness and have the first week of april. official start time tonight at 99:00. >> they are focused, man. >> and the excitement continues, to build and build and build we will check out is what happening on campus now, vittoria woodill live at the pavilion with more on that, torey. >> reporter: focus, focus,
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focus is what i'm hearing from you in the studio and i think that is the vibe that we have here on campus. the that is right we are live at villanova university. tonight is the big game and it may be raining but i know that a lot of the community here, is hoping that it will be raining number one tonight. and right now it seems like a lot of people are wrapping up their classes and they will be focusing on the game a little bit later but it is not stopping people from really, coming out and supporting the community. lots of traffic right here on lancaster avenue and ethan avenue and i think later on what you will see is not really a sea of water from the rain we have right now but a a sea of blue and villanova pride. i'm listening to leslie too, being a part of philadelphia, being a part of the community, we really all have that same pride and respect for villanova that everybody has here. we're all rooting for them. it will be an exciting game tonight. and, my perspective, or what i hope to bring today, over to the newscast not only at
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6:00 and 11:00 is what you'll feel. we will feel that pride and feel that enthusiasm and we will feel passion that philadelphia has for this amazing team and its coach. we're all a community. we're a team of one. hopefully they will be taking number one to take but i know right now we are just focused, we're getting held i for game time. when we get game time i have a feeling that the hats will come off and things will get crazy but right now sort of the calm in the storm, back to you guys in the the studio. >> yes. >> vittoria is going to feel it the all tonight this brings up a good question, what is a tar heel? we have the answer to this special digs of the good question segment coming up at 5:30. >> now nova nation, of course in full force tonight but people also talking about the fightin phillies. >> we cannot forget this. today so many people had on the calendar a long time, opening day and you are still here to tell us about that too. >> it is funny, what a day we have in philadelphia, we have
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nova, we have fightin phillies, not playing here, but opening up their season in cincinnati. they are in progress right now. pete mackanin got that new deal, armed and dangerous, and so is freddie galvis, get up and getting go to right field. a two run shot. he had seven jack is a all of last season. right now they are playing in the third with the fightin phillies on top two-one. hello, it is opening day. >> it is on. >> don, thanks. lets talk about much different side of sports right now former eagles running back lesean mccoy will not face any criminal charges in connection to an allege bar fight that left two philadelphia police officers hurt on super bowl sunday. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter live outside sent rat detectives to explain how prosecutors came to their decision, walt. >> reporter: ukee, the investigation here at central lasted nine weeks, 44 separate interviews with 27 different people but when the detectives here bundled up their evidence, sent to it district attorney seth williams, he
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could not find a base is in that evidence to charge lesean mccoy or three companion was any criminal charges in a bar brawl. it was february 7th that it all began at an after hours club a fight between three off-duty philadelphia police officers, mccoy and three of his friend but d.a. says no evidence of mccoy or anyone else throwing anything criminal. that decision did not rest well with john mcnesby the president of the fop, he is very upset about it. here's what the d.a. and mcnesby had to say this a afternoon. >> all is clear a physical altercation took place. that several people were injured. there is insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the participants was the initial a gress orr whether some participants were acting in self-defense, or in the the reasonable defense of another. >> what happened here today
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was an absolute disgrace. i think that every defense attorney now who takes a client on from a bar room brawl just got a free pass in the city of philadelphia is there two sets of rules, one for officers and one for everybody else. >> reporter: the district attorney says one of the biggest problems he found was that the two injured off-duty officers both gave conflicting statements what happened and did not immediately demand an arrest or even hospital treatment for themselves. meanwhile, dennis cogan the attorney for lesean mccoy, says his client is expressing relief at not having to face arrest for any alleged crimes. >> it was important for him to be in a position to represent to his team, to represent, you know, to his family, that this thing, you know, it is now over and i think that the player is happy that it finally is over. >> mcnesby had threatened if the d.a. declined to file charges he would go to the
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state attorney general. the d.a. saying this after afternoon that he didn't believe that was legally possible. of course, it is always possible on the other side of this decision, that there could be a civil case filed involving damages. so far that has not happened. we aring back with all of the develop details of this store friday central detectives, for now live from center city, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. national transportation safety board is at the site of the yesterday's deadly amtrak crash in chester, trying to determine why a backhoe was on a active line. train 89, slammed into that backhoe, killing two amtrak workers and injuring 37 others. autopsy results are expect today, meantime, the data recorder and video from the train are at the ntsb lab in washington d.c. the ndsb has scheduled a news conference for later this hour. "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live in trainer, delaware county where a community came together, after
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that crash, anita ? >> reporter: hi, jessica passengers getting a off of that train cleaned a very heavy, somber mood especially knowing that two people lost their lives. today we have learn that 37 people, that is how many people were injured in that crash but in the middle of tragedy part of this community is pulling together and that is thanks to this church behind me. the sign is clear, everyone is welcome and on sunday that could not have been more tree for trainer united methodist church. >> we went from what i have heard expressed worship, to work ship. >> reporter: nearly 350 passengers were aboard amtrak train 89 when it somehow collided with construction equipment on the tracks behind the church. derailing the lead engine. >> i was very upset because i immediately heard that they had hit a backhoe and it just didn't make sense. i didn't know how that could occur. >> reporter: impact killed two
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workers on the ground and injured 37 others on the train. those who weren't hurt took shelter at the church a short walk away. >> you would say about six people wide, just a constant stream. >> reporter: as investigators try to piece together exactly what happened there are still few answers especially why those workers were on the track if the train was scheduled to pass. >> it is just hard. this is hard. it is painful and it is tragic. >> reporter: one thing is clear, something must change. >> someone made a bad mistake and cost two people their lives. >> although this was a horrific tragedy, because of tragedies, more times than not lessons are learned and more times than not corrections are made. >> reporter: back here live ntsb officials plan to hold a press conference with an update on their investigation 59:30. we will car that i live on cbs
5:11 pm but for now we are live in trainer, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as anita mention that had news conference is speculate they are hour. we will continue to monitor developments, we will have have very latest for new a live report at 6:00 o'clock. winter just doesn't want to give up a freeze warning will soon be in effect and we have rain in our area meteorologist kate bilo joins us to tell us about it, kate. >> ukee, this is type of pattern we see in the wintertime in january, february in the so often in april these persistent cold shots and storms that feed on the cold. you can see how much snow is falling across portions of connecticut and massachusetts. for us it that is time of the year where it is just too warm for a whole lot of snow. we did get some overnight the saturday night and poconos but tonight we have got rain, and some of that rain is heavy. zooming into southern chester and delaware county and northern new castle county delaware you can see red shading an indication of the very heavy rain moving through not seeing much in the the way of lightening but pockets of heavy rain through this evening. it will end a after 8:00 and
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then cold comes n i will tell you how cold it will get and more about the freeze warning coming up. thank you. also ahead on "eyewitness news" it is called the wikileaks, what the document revealed about the world leaders, rich and powerful and how they are hiding their fortunes. an easy way to save money, the trick aloft people don't know that will get you the best price possible, that some of your favorite stores. a new use for botox, how the injection commonly used as an anti aging treatment can now, help injured athletes prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention.
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allen iverson is now a member of the basketball hall of fame. the honor was a announced earlier today, iverson was a fan favorite during nearly a decade with the sixers, leading the team to the nba finals in 2001 while winning the league mvp. ai was an all-star 11 times in his career and won the all-star game, mvp, twice.
5:16 pm
a monk others getting the call to the hall shaquille o'neal, cheryl swoops and don i zzo. which philadelphia event is most meaningful to you, today. number one, iverson elect to the basketball hall of fame, number two phillies opening day or number three, villanova playing for the national championship? go to cbs to vote. a major document leak out of panama is revealing how the rich and powerful may be hiding billions of dollars. the so-called panama papers released by a a none must source are the millions of documents are from the panama law firm which establish off shore bank accounts. this could be the largest leak of insider information in history. >> it really toll us something about how the off shore financial system works, and especially about who are the kind of people using it. >> a monk those named in the investigation the presidents of the ukraine and argentina and king of saudi arabia.
5:17 pm
the documents also show allies have russian president vladamire putin secretly shoveled around as much as $2 billion. well, easy way to save money but when was last time you asked a store to match the price of their competitors? >> as jim donovan find out in this three on your side report, it is easier then you might think. >> wal-mart, best buy, target, the list goes on. when it comes to matching prices of competitors, big box stores have quietly been upping their game. >> these stores will match, not just the local competitors prices that have local stores but they will also match specific on line, only stores such as amazon. >> reporter: dozens of smart phone apps help shoppers compare prices, among them red laser, price grabber, even amazon price check. the is there only one problem. >> it is estimate that had fewer than 5 percent of shoppers take advantage of any kind of price matching policy. >> reporter: many are una wear of the policy that would be
5:18 pm
something i would be interested in. >> i didn't realize that. >> reporter: when secret shoppers at consumers checkbooks visited dozens of stores to test out price matching. >> we were quite surprised, really easy and fast to get them to match a lower price elsewhere. >> reporter: to get a price match at wal-mart we don't even need to contact a human being, the company's own app wal-mart saving catcher does it for you. >> they have their own app which lets you scan your receipt, once you check out, as it find, you know, items for less elsewhere according to the price matching policy. it will give a difference in the e gift card. >> see i didn't know that. that is good to know. >> reporter: moral of the story is. >> you can realize big savings off quickly asking will you match a competitor's price. >> reporter: for those that already do that. >> i haven't had any problems. >> reporter: after all. >> if i could save a dollar, i will. >> reporter: in fact only problem checkbooks experienced with regard to price matching was at home depot. they say they will match local competitors plus beat them by
5:19 pm
10 percent but secret shopper found a manager has to be called and even some managers didn't know about that extra 10 percent. i posted lots more information on this topic on cbs reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> kate bilo joins us now with your forecast. we have a line of rain moving through here now. >> we do, we have a line of heavy showers moving through right now but what comes behind these showers that will feel really nasty. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning it will feel like the teens. >> oh, no. >> sub zero in the poconos tomorrow morning. the it is very cold for this time of the year. >> we are supposed to have april showers. >> april showers and then april cold. >> yes. >> basically what we are looking at. april freeze, a warning, freeze warning, will go in effect around 1:00 a.m. and continues around tomorrow morning. i will tell but that in a moment. lets talk first and foremost about the rain moving through. lets go up to the northern suburbs, bethlehem in northampton county. you can see road looking wet out there right now. showers have just passed through but they are intensifying a bit as they move south. that is because they have warmer air to work with the
5:20 pm
further south they go. we have had a impressive temperature. and would have broke out, in the blue skies, not too bad but then clouded backup again and now here comes the showers, and it is starting to look a little ominous outside at the moment. you can see this line of rain, moving through the region. we still have a marginal risk of severe weather for portions of southern delaware. we have had sunshine there, more sun then we saw in philadelphia temperatures in the 70's a. the as this line moves through that area this evening could see rumble of thunder, flash of lightening and gusty thunderstorm. for rest of us it is looking like pockets of heavy rain as we zoom in on these. mainly, chester county, delaware county moving to south philadelphia at the moment a and right back into lancaster county right now this will quickly cross i-95 leading to major evening commute slow downs this heavy rain will be slamming against the windshield and pockets of orange and red shading, that
5:21 pm
is steady rain downpours at the moment. if you are waiting for someone to get home expect that it will take a while. here's that impressive temperature gradient. it is 34 in mount pocono. 70 degrees in dover. take a look at how those temperatures rise as we go further south. it is 56 in philadelphia, but we're already down in the 40's in allentown. the once this front passes through, temperatures are going to drop, like a rock. right now 33 in scranton. twenty-five in albany. forty-one in new york. they have been having snow across southern new england all day long and that cold air is starting to shift to the south. we have had up and down temperatures, pretty much for past few days. we were at 80 last friday. the distant memory. forty-seven on sunday. tomorrow, temperatures back down to the 40's. as far as tonight is concerned watch out how these temperatures drop. by 8:00 it is in the 30's in the northern suburbs. forty-six in philadelphia by midnight we are looking at 30's in philadelphia and it just keeps on dropping in the 20's, by early tuesday morning. your freeze watch in effect for vast majority of the region. looking at northern suburbs
5:22 pm
and wondering why they are not included it is going to be below freezing there but in the really growing season yet. growing season hasn't started yet. the freezing warning with sensitive vegetation that may be growing, flowers, plants, fruits, apples, peach trees, things like that temperatures overnight the below freezing. protect any plants and sensitive vegetation. this will last until 10:00 o'clock tuesday morning. overnight showers coming to than a even. windy, colder. 29 degrees. tomorrow mostly sunny. blustery and cold. the high of 46. it is not going to feel much better than maybe 35 at best even in the afternoon. wednesday another cold morning, freeze watch issued for wednesday morning and then 53. we have got one day this this weekend in the 60's, sound good until you realize that is our one rainy day in the week as well, rain, thunderstorms thursday, behind that it looks like another cold spell heading in to next weekend. >> did you say cold spell. >> yes, freeze warning. >> freeze watch. >> it is not good for april.
5:23 pm
>> we are just trying to get out of this. >> pay back for warm weather. >> exactly. >> thanks, kate good to see he. still ahead tonight a fugitive lead police on a wild chase across the bridge. the unusual suspect. the mystery behind this runaway and a fitting name he was given by police. beat obese toty with a new non-surgical weight loss treatment? the procedure researchers say will curb hunger and melt away unwanted pounds. stay with us.
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now to the the most unusual chase on the california freeway. >> thinks unusual, check out this video, the k-9 caper involving a chihuahua. it happened early yesterday morning on the bay bridge, it connects oakland and san francisco. at one point this little guy, weaved around five lanes. >> wow. >> california highway patrol actually had to block off the road. now the chihuahua is now safe with authorities and are now searching for the owner, the
5:27 pm
chp shared this post on social media they have nickname him punch have a the character from the 80's tv show chips. >> puppy love for eric estrada. >> how about that. >> i cannot believe it. >> traffic on the bay bridge, wow. >> crazy. philadelphia international festival of the arts opens up next weekend. preparations are underway. >> 42 tons of sand are being dumped in penns landing for kick off event called article 13, once completed it will use sand, fire, what the tore pay tribute to the immigrant experience. one of the 60 public events around town beginning april 8th and lasting more than two weeks. coming up, new developments in the atlantic city financial crisis. governor chris christie a nunsed a lawsuit, we will tell you what it could mean for schools and the cities employees. new at 6:00 another local school with dreams of a championship, the delaware chess team, that is looking to check mate their way to a title, and why it is so
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and a lot of rain moving through the area right now, and then get ready for the cold. temperatures where to plunge. "eyewitness news" continues 59:30. good evening i'm's ukee washington. i'm jessica teen. the lets get over to kate bilo live from the cbs-3 weather center, kate. >> jessica and ukee, if you thought yesterday was cold you will not like tomorrow, we have got a brief respite today in the wake or i should say out ahead of this front with a lot of cold air lock up behind it. temperatures in the 20's in portions of new york right now and here comes the front through our region. we will see rain through next hour or two and then, that is when dramatic drop begins. lets zoom in, you can see heavy rain over the city of philadelphia at the moment. extending right along i-95
5:32 pm
toward wilmington, that will be a very slow go with the heavy rain coming through and another round of it, just poised to move into i the five throughout northeastern maryland this will continue to cross into south jersey and delaware, could pack a punch as well, temperatures very warm down there or see a gusty thunderstorm developing in kent county and sussex county delaware especially. you can see heavy rain over chester county and moving east. what to expect through rest of tonight, rain heavier at times through next couple of hours, should come to an end at 8:00. then wind pick up. wind north at the 15 to 20 miles an hour, gusts a a high as 30 overnight. temperatures dropping through the 40's, through the 30's and eventually in the 20's, our freeze warning goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. i will tell but the cold coming up tomorrow and more cold late in the week, back to you. >> in the news tonight there are new developments in the financial crisis, hitting atlantic city. with the city scheduled to run out of money on friday, the state of new jersey filed today a lawsuit that aims to
5:33 pm
stop the atlantic city from making a payroll payment because it owes its school district more than 30 million-dollar. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is in trenton with more on what the governor had to say about the atlantic city situation today. >> for second time in five days governor chris christie is applying public pressure to get the atlantic city take over bill he wants this time he is taking unusual step of the bringing the city to court so it will pay school district before other city employees, which he claims are benefiting from fat union contracts. >> i don't want to see school children and families damaged, apparently the speaker doesn't care about that. i informed the speak they are morning that we were taking this action before we filed the suit. >> reporter: christie wants assembly speaker vincent preit o to post the takeover bill. he a says if he post bill his members will vote it down because they want a say in how take over should go. >> i'm calling on the senate president to come and work on a bill that we can both agree on to put on the governor's
5:34 pm
desk that will help atlantic city any a mindful way, that doesn't have things like the state being exempt from unfair labor practices. >> reporter: atlantic city's mayor and council president met with the preito in trenton h they say governor twisting facts by suggesting the city is inappropriately delaying school payments. he said state monitors oversee every dollar that the city spend. >> if he wants to take legal action i guess he would have to ask the attorney general to take legal action against himself and the staff that he has put in charge that tells us when to make payments to the school. >> reporter: mayor guardian says regardless of the governor's actions there will not be a city shut down on friday as previous liz announced because unions have a agreed to a monthly pay skill but all parties agree that the city is running out of money. in trenton, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". april is likely to be a pivotal month in the race for the white house. candidates on both sides are gearing up for primary day in wisconsin tomorrow. correspondent craig boswell
5:35 pm
explains just how much is at stake. >> reporter: battle for g.o.p. delegates in wisconsin remains personal. >> i don't think it is a state secret that donald's personal life has in the been immaculate, but i have no interest in going there. >> reporter: ted cruz and donald trum have gone there repeatedly trading comment and accusations concerning their wife's. >> i have always been faithful to my wife. i love my wife. she's my best friend in the whole world. >> reporter: trump mock cruz during one of his three events in wisconsin on monday. >> i'm the only one that has proven that i can beat donald trump. >> reporter: latest cbs news battle ground tracker shows cruz with the slight lead in wisconsin. >> if we do well here, folks, it is over. >> reporter: john kasich insists it is far from over and responded to trump's calls for him to quit. >> i have got news for him i will get a heck of a lot of his voters, that is what will happen. >> reporter: there are 42
5:36 pm
delegates in the wisconsin g.o.p. contest, the democrats are battling for 86 delegates. they awarded proportion nate thely meaning a close outcome in wisconsin has very little impact on hillary clinton's lead. clinton is campaigning in new york which votes in two weeks. bernie sanders holds a trio of events in wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. craig bswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will both visit philadelphia this week. the both democratic presidential candidates will make appearances at the pennsylvania afl-cio convention. clinton is scheduled to speak during the general session on wednesday, sanders will deliver an address on thursday. governors of new york and california, both signed legislation today raising their states minimum wage, california will bump the state's ten doll are an hourly minimum up to $15 by 2022. new york will also get workers $15 an hour but that begins in
5:37 pm
2018, and that is only for workers in new york city. workers in other parts of the new york would earn a minimum $12.50 an hour. still to come on "eyewitness news" a break through in weight loss, nonsurgical and researchers say it can make you lose 10-pound in a short amount of time. and a popular cosmetic procedure to help with knee pain, why more and more athletes are turning to an common anti aging treatment, kate? much colder air is moving in, as we head through overnight hours, in fact a freeze warning going in to effect and that is not the only cold spell in the seven day forecast, i will tell you how cold it will get coming up when we come right back.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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well, villanova university campus went crazy after saturday night's win and you can imagine what things will look like if the wildcats beat tar heels tonight. >> yep, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live with more on how police are preparing for possible celebrations, david? >> reporter: good evening. it is rainy right now but police here in villanova a they don't think that win will hold people away. they expect a lot of people on campus tonight. they are looking at tapes from 1985, to see how things got but i have got to tell you, fbi, home land security, philadelphia police, a lot of people involved. according to the lieutenant there he told me even coach jay wright knows best way to handle yourself, win or lose, take a listen. >> villanova a has taken a pro active a approach, message on jay wright on how to be a good fan, whether you win or lose, and how conduct yourself. celebration is fine. having funnies fine.
5:42 pm
if people start committing illegal act they will face the police and we hope that does not the occur. >> reporter: authorities hope that does not happen. they will be out here regardless of what the outcome is, they hope it is a quiet night. they hope not to be intrusive but they will be here if there is, some sort of problem. we will be following that angle all night. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep it problem free. have a good time. the eyes of the the nation will be on the villanova wildcats and carolina tar heels. >> that is right, it brings up a good question, what is a tar heel? well, something we have been debating in the news room. a lot of people might wonder. it is not a traditional team name but experts at museum of the american revolution, and it turns out, during the revolutionary war, north carolina's economy relied on timed products like bars and it came in handy when british came. >> the foulke lure has it that the the north carolina a patriots dumped a whole lot of tar into the river, the tar river, to slow them down, and
5:43 pm
the legend is that they had tar in their heels and that is what kept them from getting to york town as quickly as they otherwise would have. >> now, the foulke lure continues that if you go into the tar river right now, you could come out with tar on your heels. >> how about that. >> even now. >> tonight at 11:00 nicole brewer has another good question why do we say bless you when someone sneezes. this is a popular question. at least 14 viewers wanted an answer to. that she will have it the tonight at 11:00. >> i think i know the answer to. that i think i do. i heard something a few years ago. >> ill a feeling too. >> he we will find out at 11:00. coming up a freeze warning will go into effect. the meteorologist kate bilo will have your
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
always thought april showers was supposed to bring may flowers and in the freeze warnings and watches. >> yes, cover up the plants. >> this time around april showers might kill your flowers. >> how about it. >> you have to be careful, moving through with temperatures tonight that are going to plumet and we are talking about any sensitive vegetation, any flowers, putting flower boxes in front of your house which i did because i was lulled into that nice warm weather. they can be on notice. >> oh, many should know better. we get freezing temperatures in april but definitely cover
5:47 pm
anything up that may be sensitive here tonight and into tomorrow morning and possibly tomorrow night into wednesday morning and possibly again saturday night into sunday morning. this is not last of the cold, it is not just a one day fluke. cold spell lasts through the entire week. take a look outside you can see it looking ominous here, gray over center city philadelphia we have heavy rain, not seeing a whole lot of lightening but moving down in south jersey and delaware we can see more of that. still seeing very slow evening commute, in philadelphia, thanks to the rain, that is coming down, the at the moment. our eyewitness weather watchers reporting with temperatures generally in the 50's right now. 53 degrees moving over into new jersey. cherry hill, check with lynn springer, a at 53. don't think mize poor tulips will make it through the night. lynn, maybe take a bed sheet, pillowcase, if you love them that seven, that is what i will be doing, tonight. 56 degrees up in norristown. checking in with david mitchell. he is a at 56.
5:48 pm
he says 56 degrees cloudy. one more hum top get over, go know of a he is always rhyming. he has great poems, he send us all the time. thanks, david. walt inner newark delaware 54 degrees. mostly cloudy. we have rain. driving home from dover, hit a few pockets of light drizzle. the it will get worse through the rest of the night. let look at what is happening on storm scan three. there is that line of rain moving through. we have pockets of heavier rain embedded within that entire area you can see heavier rain moving into northern delaware. if you have light drizzle, in newark, expect to get heavier before it gets any lighter, and cold is lock upright behind this area of rain n fact you can see how cold it is over new england, snow continuing to fall in portions of massachusetts and connecticut, portions of massachusetts just south of boston could end up with 6 inches of snow before all is said and done. luckily for us here in philadelphia at calendar is our friend. it is just not cold enough to support snow for us. heavy rain still moving
5:49 pm
through this line developing, just off to our south and west and this is area that is still a risk for isolated severe weather this afternoon. mainly portions of kent, sussex counties in delaware. once that line moves through in the next hour or two could produce gusty thunderstorms, downpours, gusty wind the biggest threat. speaking of gusty wind we got confirmation from the national weather service that it was a micro burst straight line event happened that bridgeton cumberland county. 85 miles an hour wind. path length of 5 miles. micro burst event. cause god amount of damage but no injuries, no fatalities which is of course the best news of all. sixty-five the high in philadelphia 27 in wildwood. we only got to the 40's in allentown and mount pocono and take a look at our real feels like temperatures by 5:00 a.m., feeling like one in mount pocono. feeling like 20 in philadelphia it will feel like 14 in reading. the worst by 7:00 a.m. sub zero wind chills to start tomorrow morning. in the poconos. the here's your freeze watch and freeze warning. this is a a freeze warning
5:50 pm
tonight into tomorrow morning have the freeze watch has been issued for tuesday night, into wednesday morning and the cold, just keeps coming. tuesday into wednesday it is cold, brief fall on thursday and then another blast of cold into the weekend. overnight showers ending, windy, colder at 29 degrees. tomorrow's high only 46. we should be in the lower 60's this time of the year. we will get back to the lower 60's for one day on thursday and another blast of cold hits into the weekend. the saturday night into sunday, some spots will be sub freezing, again and may turn milder, by the start of next week. ukee and jessica, back to you. on the healthwatch tonight a new procedure that seems to help people lose weight the by targeting hunger hormones. here's how it works, doctors make a small incision in the groin or wrist and send microscopic beams to the part of the stomach that releases hunger hormones. the beams restrict blood flow to that area, suppressing the body's hunger signals. researchers say clinical trials have been successful. so stay tune.
5:51 pm
also on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new use for botox and it is not about looking younger, this one, it is for feeling better. let's put it that way. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details on new research. >> yes. >> i know. >> wait until you see this one. you know it started out for wrinkles, bee toxicity being used to treat everything from migraines to excessive sweating. today new research from london says it can also relief certain kind of knee pain that often strikes active people. doctor michelle jogs every day but splintering pain around her knee nearly sidelined her passion for the pavement. >> it was a stabbing pain in my knee. i could not run through it. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with lpo thes a common injury impacting muscles around the knee and thigh. one in eight runners have it. >> for many of those patients it would have just been
5:52 pm
physiotherapy, and more physiotherapy and surgical options were extremely limited. >> reporter: physical therapy is called fist ohio therapy any london where they tested botox to treat knee pain. botox is often used to relieve wrinkles. researchers say it relaxes injured muscles associated with lpo thes, she was one of the 45 patients in the british study to receive a botox shot in the front hip muscle, which runners tend to over use. >> about three months after i was relatively pain free and back to my program since then with in pain. >> reporter: researchers found just a single small injection a long with continued physical therapy, had a 69 percent success rate. >> reporter: now botox to treat knee pain is still being researched, doctors say it will probably only work for issues related to muscles, and while not specifically approved by f.d.a., it can be used off label. for joint pain caused by osteoarthritis where cartilage is damaged there are different
5:53 pm
kind of injection that is can be helpful for that. ukee, i'm's not just botox. >> i was getting ready to say. >> no, no. >> get the surgery, that is what i did. >> just get the surgery. >> thanks, stephanie. still ahead on "eyewitness news", taylor swift at the iheart radio award. >> also what justin beiber did backstage. entertainment tonight's kevin frazier breaks it down when we come right back.
5:54 pm
it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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5:56 pm
iheart radio music awards were last night and a lot of people were talk about taylor swift. >> entertainment tonight's sketch frazier joins us from los angeles with more on that. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, taylor was the big winner last night and she made sure that she declared her love for the man in her life.
5:57 pm
>> for the first time, i had the most amazing person to come home to in the spotlight, and walk out and i want to thank my boyfriend add tomorrow for that. >> reporter: taylor's love story confession gushing over her boyfriend dj calvin harris. couple who just celebrated their one year anniversary enjoying their date night holding hand, dancing and celebrating swift's five wins. >> my still very young prolific friend, taylor swift. >> reporter: taylor thanking justin timberlake for his touching tribute. >> taylor swift. >> reporter: and selena surprised her bestty with the a ward for best album of the year but taylor's rumored bad blood with beiber is getting buzz. >> ♪ >> reporter: beiber winning in ballooned dread locks was get nothing love from taylor's table. here's the moment just as audience raced into place for justin's opening performance.
5:58 pm
taylor stopped to grab her drink. people think she's a non-beiber who snuck in after justin left the stage. ultimate squad leader. we will have more on taylor's weekend including a trip to disney land with the very famous friend. it wasn't you, ukee. back to you guys. >> is that where you you were. >> i will never tell. >> sort of the happeningness hollywood watch entertainment tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 high hopes in houston, tonight is the night, one more team between villanova and a national championship. coach jay wright goes one on one with leslie van arsdal. and no charges begins lesean mccoy in connection with the bar fight in philadelphia, the district attorney defend his decisions, and the response that the from op. plus the investigation into the deadly amtrak crash, continues. what officials are examining, as they try to figure out what led to to that crash.
5:59 pm
a kate? temperatures will be plumetting tonight, a freeze warning will go into effect but first we're tracking rain and some heavy, moving through right now, i'll have the latest coming up. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. nova nation, fired up. it all comes down to tonight, one more team, stand in the way of the wildcats and a national championship, and fans hope their team will be walking off the floor again this time, as ncaa mens champions but before they earned a spot in the record books, they will need to beat a very good north carolina a team. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tip off just a few hours away and sport director don bell joins us on the set. the anticipation is really thick. >> i love how tip off is at 9:19. >> 9:19. >> guys, very much looking forward to this game.
6:00 pm
villanova looking for its first title will in 31 years but a familiar faux stand in the way. let's just say they old north carolina a pay back. since 2005 the tar heels have eliminated cats from the tournament a total of three times. the big within came in 2009 a final four match ups at detroit's ford field. i was in the the house that night. nova shot 32 percent from the floor. that north carolina team full of future pros and know of lost by 14. james brown song the big pay back? yes, they owe them something. so we have team three coverage tonight, from texas to delco, fans are fired up for national championship match up, but lets start with leslie van arsdal live in houston. leslie. >> reporter: well hey there, don. can you imagine being jay wright, right now. about to coach the biggest game of his career. you have to wonder what is going on in that head of his? well, i caught up with the coach before the main eve


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