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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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villanova looking for its first title will in 31 years but a familiar faux stand in the way. let's just say they old north carolina a pay back. since 2005 the tar heels have eliminated cats from the tournament a total of three times. the big within came in 2009 a final four match ups at detroit's ford field. i was in the the house that night. nova shot 32 percent from the floor. that north carolina team full of future pros and know of lost by 14. james brown song the big pay back? yes, they owe them something. so we have team three coverage tonight, from texas to delco, fans are fired up for national championship match up, but lets start with leslie van arsdal live in houston. leslie. >> reporter: well hey there, don. can you imagine being jay wright, right now. about to coach the biggest game of his career. you have to wonder what is going on in that head of his? well, i caught up with the coach before the main event later tonight.
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just when you thought villanova could in the play any better, they do. >> we have been able to continue to get better as we keep playing. sometimes when you have an older team, they are tired of hearing coach's stuff. we have young enough guys that they are still learning and older guys, kind of being patient, with me. so, if we can get a little bit better which we might be. >> reporter: there is no doubt wildcats were at their best saturday night demolishing oklahoma 95-51. now one game away from winning it all. >> i just want them to go out, playing villanova basketball. if it goodies enough to beat carolina, great. i don't want us to go out changing something and not playing to our best and then if you don't win that it kills you. if they play their best, give their best effort, it is a good chance it will be good enough. >> reporter: while coach jay wright and his players are focused on the game they know how big this moment is. >> my wife and i today just said hey, pinch me, we really did. this is just awesome, you know, and what is cool about
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it is these guys are focused man. they are in the caught up in it. and, as a coach that is what you really love. so i have been inspired by them. i really have. it is fun. it is a lot of fun. >> reporter: well, i will tell you, you can see the pride on his face when he talks about this group. he is just beaming. he should be, because this is, quite an extraordinary team. we will send it back to you, don. >> thanks. i love how jay said he is inspired by his players, not the other way around. good stuff leslie. thank you. wildcats fever is running high at villanova vittoria woodill is on campus where fans are gearing up for the game, torey? >> reporter: don, the energy, the energy, i was out in the parking lot. it was raining. it was the calm in the storm, and now, right now, we are live in the pavilion and it is all about let's go nova for tonight's big game. the what is happening right now is sound check as we have
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the wild cat dancers, on the floor here getting ready to dot the routine tonight to entertain, this pavilion holds about 500 people. you can only imagine how many students are going to becoming out to show their support for the game tonight. take a look, i will be jumping in with them. not only do we have dancers here doing a great job as they perform but we also have the twirlers in the background. now you guys, you know would i normally attempt to do baton swirling but this is such a big night, such a big game, i will let them do their preps as they get ready for one of the biggest nights in villanova history, since 1985. the energy is out of control. i just can't wait to take my seat in here and get my watch with the rest of the students. new back to you in the studio. >> all right, vittoria. do you see everybody shaking it up. >> yes. >> you know, yes. >> yeah. >> that is how we get ready
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for big game. >> there you go. >> let's go. >> get it. >> she's all fired up. >> ball of energy there, all of us are, 9:19, very specific time for tip off tonight. >> you got it. >> phillies are playing this afternoon too. >> yes, they are playing, the fightin phillies. it is a big day here in philadelphia fightin phillies, opening day in cincinnati, is there pete mackanin, the manager, armed with that new contract, how about freddie galvis swinging with cruel intentions. gone. out there in right field. two run shot. they are still playing in the seventh, with your fightin phillies on top two-one right new full highlights coming your way in sports. >> so much to cover today. >> that is right. >> yeah. >> thanks, buddy. >> a nine week investigation into an alleged bar fight that injured two philadelphia police officers, end with no charges filed against former eagle lesean mccoy and his companions. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live outside central detectives with more on today's developments, walt.
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>> reporter: well, district attorney says it the began with an investigation into a fight involving a woman, and $350 bottles of champagne. after nine weeks of investigating by detectives right here at central detectives it ended today when the d.a. ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge mccoy or anyone else with any crime. >> we have insufficient evidence to be able to charge mr. mccoy for assault and behavior. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams announced after a nine week investigation, 44 interviews, with 27 people, that there was insufficient evidence to file charges a begins former eagle lesean mccoy or his three companions, in a february 7th bar brawl that left two off-duty philadelphia police officers beat up, one with the fractured skull. >> there is insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the participants was
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the initial agreesor. >> reporter: among top factors in his decision the d.a. says no one could say how the fight started, and both injured officers gave conflicting statements. the d.a. pointing out under the law that mccoy had the right to help his friends if he thought they were being harmed. >> we take no concern for who people are or what their role in life is or what they do when we do an investigation. >> it ways important for him to be in a position to represent to his team, to represent, you you know, to his family that this thing, you know, is now over. i think, of course, he is happy that it finally is. >> reporter: mccoy's attorney says the star is relieved, no charges will be filed but fraternal order of police president john mcnesby expressed outrage at the decision. >> what happened here today was an absolute disgrace. i think that every defense attorney now who takes a
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client on with a bar room brawl just got a free pass in the city of philadelphia a i think there is two sets of rules, one for officers and one for everybody else. >> all i can say is we attempted to be fair and to be neutral. not to be driven by our passions. >> reporter: mcnesby had previously threatened to take this case to the state attorney general for prosecution, if the d.a. declined to file charges. today the d.a. said that would not legally be possible. the it is still possible for officers to take some type of civil action, file a civil suit, so far, that has not yet happened. live from central detective division i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. national transportation safety board has examined the data recorder and video from the amtrak train involved in yesterday's deadly crash. they held a news conference just a short time ago and "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch was there and joins us from southwest philadelphia, justin? >> reporter: ukee, jessica, just a few moments ago the
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names of the dead were released by delco me's office. peter adamwitch age eighth 59 and joseph carter junior age 61. both dead from blunt force injuries. just a few moments ago ntsb said they are at a tender point in their investigation, still probe going very many details, which include interviews with amtrak workers as well as video from outside and inside the train car, seconds before the crash. this afternoon, ntsb officials called a press conference giving the latest on their probe into the deadly amtrak 89 crash. >> the video shows that there was construction equipment, on the track and work trainee quip. on the track immediately adjacent to the amtrak train's track. >> reporter: amtrak reportedly maintains a 20 step protocol, sort of the safety checklist to keep workers from danger when making track repairs. question is, what happens sunday? the crash investigation will
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explore signaling, speed and mechanical operations in a search for a cause. meantime today the delaware county medical examiner was working too, conducting autopsies this morning on two amtrak workers, killed on those chester area tracks sunday morning. the just before 8:00 a a.m. yesterday, amtrak 89, bound for savanna, georgia for new york with more than 300 people a board rammed in the backhoe and two person crew, identified as an amtrak equipment operator and supervisor. one worker with 40 years experience, the second with about 20 years. on facebook brotherhood of the maintenance way employees posted that those two workers are part of their union and that one of their members was called to the crash site on sunday. that member is a director have safety who tells us via statement that he is sending his condolences to the two families involve, as is his fellow union. we know that the train at the time of the crash apparently was not speeding, going 106 miles an hour in a
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110-mile an hour zone and also, slamming on those brakes within five seconds of this crash, the investigation will continue in ernest tomorrow. jessica and ukee, back over to you. justin finch, thanks very much. taking a lot the weather, you saw justin hold ago this um will bell a we are tracking rain ahead of the cool down. meteorologist kate bilo is live with more on that, kate. >> you may get wet if you go he outside right the now but last you will feel of these generally mild temperatures for a while. once these showers move through, much colder air will felter in and temperatures will drop rapidly, later this evening and overnight tonight. but right new we are starting to see steady rain especially just to the south and west of philadelphia a, let's zoom in. it is lining autopsy long i-95, from philadelphia down toward wilmington, toward maryland, heavy rain, you can see that red shading and orange shade ago this will slow you down considerably. waiting for someone to get home keep their dinner warm, it may be a while as slow downs move through this will push through south jersey a and delaware through next two
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hours or so and then start to move out. once it clears we will feel that cold air, start to move in. here's what to expect this evening. rain will be heavier at times. comes to an a end after 8:00. then wind pick up north at 15 to 20 with gusts as high as 30. by ten or 11:00 tonight. temperatures drop through the 40's, through the 30's and into the 20's with your morning wind chills feeling like the teens. i will tell will but a a freeze warning in effect overnight tonight. we will talk about how cold it will get. ukee, back over to you. still to come tonight more championship hoop dreams. >> villanova isn't the only team from our region with a national championship in their grasp, i'm's rahel solomon in wilmington delaware with that story, coming up. the answer he was looking for allen iverson entering the nba hall of fame, and he hasn't lost his touch with the media, what ai had to say about that honor.
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it turns out villanova a wildcats are not the only local group playing for a championship. >> wilmington junior high students are looking for their
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second, chess title in the past three years. as "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon explains, it is about much more than just a game. >> reporter: outside, the tough streets of the wilmington delaware, inside library ate thomas edison charter school. >> just something good in my heart and soul. >> reporter: even playing field a chess board. >> we attend these national tournaments, you don't see, minorities and some of the toughest areas, and, in the state, but they understand that it is not, and. >> reporter: they are going to indianapolis, april 15th, for the national junior high championship. and it is been to nationals before and they have also won before. >> villanova is trying to win their second title will in 30 years. we're trying to win our second title in three years. >> reporter: for students here at thomas edison the game of chess is more than just about play, in fact, it is an opportunity to check mate, this perceptions and
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stereotypes, about playing of the game. >> and a lot of people think we're not very good but that if they lower their expectations, on the board, we will usually win. >> reporter: overcoming challenges is something they are used to, to get around this fact that most parents probably wouldn't be a able to afford the trips, the school fundraisers had a go fund me page. i learn the hard way just how good they are. ever the skeptical journalist, i decided to get in the ring and take on one of the best players. >> you don't think i can go ten minutes. >> it depend how long you take. >> reporter: this sixth grader about three, two, one. >> check mate. >> good game. >> reporter: in wilmington, delaware, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". great program. thomas has been doing that starting in the city back in the 90's, and developed young people throughout the year. >> outstanding.
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>> wonderful. >> absolutely wonderful. allergy season is in full swing. lots of sniffling, sneezing in the news room that brings up a good question. popular question, why do we think, less when someone sneezees. the it turns out we have had, 14 viewers. and, nicole brewer will have it at 11:00. >> little sneezing thing during the break. >> everyone says bled you. we're like um. >> why do we say that. >> yes. >> kate joins with us our forecast, still track ago this rain and cold temperatures i still can't believe that. >> i can't not figure out what is worse in the 50's, 60's, rainy and in the 20's and feeling like the teens. >> and a warning. >> yes. >> freeze warning. >> we're used to april showers. that is a thing. we're used to talking about april showers bringing may flowers but we are in the used to april freeze warnings and wind chills in the teens and we will have that not only tomorrow night but possibly, right into the weekend as well. lets go outside, take a peak what is happening. this is a time lapse that shows what an interesting day it was. we have had cloud and a few
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showers, sprinkle this morning and then in the afternoon sun comes up, turns into a nice afternoon, just briefly and then cloud role back in. it gets ominous and that is how it looks right about now as those dark clouds have moved on in and with it, the rain. storm scan three shows what is happening with this system, across eastern seaboard but luckily for us we are too far south to tap into the snow. we have some snow, lovers watching. most of us wouldn't want to see it here this time of the year but they are getting snow, sleet, freezing rain from portions of massachusetts, boston, all the way through connecticut and northern new jersey some reports of the icing in sussex county, new jersey. for us we are looking at rain and possibly some thunder now as we zoo this intensification right along i-95. let's zoom in from baltimore, right up through wilmington into philadelphia you can see it lining up with i-95, not a great time of the night to do that either, just in the swing of the evening commute but very heavy downpours, we will need windshield wipers and that is going to slow things
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down. behind this boundary really cold air starts to filter in. future weather shows this will clear in south jersey within the next hour or so. it should be off the coast by 9:00 o'clock tonight. a few lingering showers by 9:00. and then we will see rain moving out and that is when we will see the drop in temperatures. right now, 55 degrees in philadelphia it is 43 in allentown. thirty-one in mount pocono. dover the at 60. we can see cold lurking just off to the north. twenty's and 30's. the these are wind chill values, look at these wind chills dropping through the overnight hours. as the rain moves out, and, we are in the 20's by 10:00 p.m., and poconos, by early tomorrow morning, wind chills in the teens and every where and feeling sub zero in the poconos. this is our freeze watch for tomorrow, so, we have freeze warning in the same locations for tonight, next two nights any sensitive vegetation will certainly be, again, on notice. we could see those flowers, fruit trees dying as we go through next couple of nights.
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definitely protect sensitive vegetation you may have. eyewitness weather forecast, it the is better on wednesday, thursday comes another front with heavier rain possible and then it is much colder again, friday, right here into the weekend. we will be right back.
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we have been here to talk basketball but we cannot forget it is also opening day. >> it is crazy because it doesn't feel that way outside, rainy, but these guys are on the road in cincinnati where it the is nicer. phillies starting line up, and, you are probablying having a better chance of reciting a periodic table. sixteen new players on the players 25 man roster five are rookies. today, the phillies making their 2016 debut, in cincinnati. the skipper pete mackanin
6:24 pm
first full season leading squad second inning we will go phillies down one to nothing, it is freddie galvis, only had six home runs all of last season two. run shot. that thing looked like it would get caught at the wall. how about jeremy hellickson, surprised he got opening day start giving up six innings, punching out six. right now they are in the eighth inning with the phillies on top two -one. switching gears, he was the good, the bad and ugly. he was the question and answer. but, he was also the greatest little big man to ever play the game. now allen iverson legacy will live on forever. today ai what's electric in the basketball hall of fame with had shaquille o'neal, yoa meng and others, he is 20 on one league mvp and four time scoring champion, averaged 26 points per game. ai said it took a whole lot of people for him to get in the hall. >> you need your teammate, coach toes put you in position
6:25 pm
physically, and, you know what i mean to set the screens for you. your fans cheering you you on and your family members to be there for you. your girl, to rub when you are hurting, waking up and walking around in the morning, you know what i mean. she's saying i know you are not playing today. yes, i am because i have to look in them dude's eyes. that is what i loved about 2001 team. you look to your left and your right, it was always in the fox hole with you. >> buba chuck. >> nova and north carolina tip off at 9:19. philly hasn't had a winner since phillies in 2008. city hasn't had a hoops winner since wildcats in 85. wildcats win tonight they will be on live, we will be object live as soon as the game is over and overall, it has been one massive day in philly sports. that of course, got us to thinking, which of it is most meaningful, to you.
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iverson elect in the basketball hall of fame, opening day forfeit inn phillies or know of playing in the national championship, 58 percent go with nova. 11 percent, phillies, tied with iverson, into the hall at 21 percent. i will ask you guys, what do you have? >> oh, wow. >> i like all three. >> i mean, come on. >> meanwhile is there a whole generation googling fred sandford. >> yes. >> yeah, we have to check it out. >> good show. >> we will ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 a at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". from new york here now is scott pelley.
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take care family. we will see you tonight. >> pelley: on the eve of wisconsin, trump and kasich go at it like all get-out. >> he ought no get the hell out. >> i've got news for him, i'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters, okay. >> pelley: also tonight, breaking news, a sight-seeing helicopter has crashed in tennessee. there are many fatalities. the growing toll from a drug far more powerful than morphine. and a family rivalry in houston. tonight meet the brothers' mothers. >> if villanova win, we win. u.n.c. win, we win. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: on the eve of a possible game-changer primary in wisconsin, our cbs news battleground tracker shows that ted cruz has a six-point lead


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