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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> for the championship! villanova! the national champions. >> wild about those wildcats. villanova wins their first national championship in more than 30 years. >> from the big game in houston to villanova's campus and all over the main line fans are flashing the v for victory.over the main line today is tuesday, april 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. congratulations to the villanova wildcats, the 2016 national champions. we've got katie and meisha here with us, what a day.
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how do you do the wave? like a peace sign. >> i like that, peace sign. >> what a game. and like our producer was saying in the morning, i think hands down that's the best game ever. >> of course, local, too, it makes it all the better. >> all the better, yes, yes. awesome. >> our roads, though, are people sleeping? >> everybody is sleeping in. there might and couple cars out there, but if you're thinking about leaving the house right now, looking good. >> that construction what got me this morning, at the vine. >> oh,. >> that vine, man, i know you'll have more on that, yes. let's take a look what's going on at the moment, thankfully nothing. won't worry about any wet weather today. any wet weather at this point is moving out to sea unless you're watching us from extreme southeastern most sussex county currently finding little hint of snow. the rest of the region just stuck in a freeze warning, make no mistake, folks, it feels like winter out there.
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this freeze warning lasting us until 10:00 this morning, basically all it means, it is cold enough for any sensitive vegetation to freeze over. hopefully you had a chance to cover up the protect your plant, anything sensitive. hopefully you did come into the house with you last night, or at least get a clot thrown over t temperatures near or below freezing, region wide, right now, and as the day goes on, it is not really going to rebound all that much. mid 40's, by 3:00 p.m. at best, with blustery wind it, might as well be february, meisha. >> yes, katie, lets talk about the vine, too. i know, i had to take it too this morning, so the vine right now, good news, it is open westbound and in the eastbound direction. where you're still going to hear little problem, though, is the schuylkill east on the ramp to the vine closed. not, westbound, eastbound open, but the schuylkill eastbound ramp to the vine is still closed. ill of course let you know when that lift, but just make note of that, that it is closed right now.
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construction, 422 westbound, between the schuylkill and oaks, also construction eastbound, between oaks and trooper. make note of that, as well, over night construction, hopefully will get cleared out of the way. make note it is still out there. then 95, before girard, looking good. looking really good for those of you hitting the roadways this morning, jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a if any villanova professors are watching, please cut your student break this morning, the campus was absolutely bonkers throughout the night. >> yes, the game came down to the final seconds, with nova pulling off one of the best finishes ever. they say, we'll ask pat gallen about there is check out the pal i have john, wildcats hit three pointer at the buster win it all. pandemonium. roof almost came off that place. pat with this miracle finish, best finisher? >> best finish of all time, college history, yes, believe it, guys, did you stay up and watch in? >> no, i woke up about 10:00,
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11:00 saw were you tweeting. >> i was up all night. >> i figure. >> up all night. very little sleep. it was worth t no doubt. at the ends of every ncaa tournament, luther vandrose, great place, throughout the feel of 68. but it might be time to retire that, because last night, villanova's chris jenkins had the shining moment of all time, one that may never be topped. let's pick it up late in the second half. nova would start to pull away, ryan arcidiacono nails a three, nova's up six. rollie massimino loves it. unc, though, would storm back, here is marcus page, with impossible shot to tie the game. michael jordan, he said a few of those shot in his life. about a thousand of them, he can't even believe it. 4.7 to go. take us home, chris jenkins. arch finds him. and he nails it. chris jenkins with perhaps the greatest moment in college basketball history, i still have goosebumps from it, still have it. people just freaking out, and why not?
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villanova is a champion. take another look at this one. cool, calm, championship. love it. wildcats win 77-74, ryan arcidiacono says this is one play they new well. >> we know what play we were going to at the end of the game. we work on it every single day in practice, i wanted to be aggressive so i could get a. who i was going to shoot t i heard someone screaming in the back of my ear, back of my head, and it was chris, and i just gave it to him, let it go with confidence. >> unbelievable. not every day you win a national nam chon chip or any title on the final play. chris jenkins is now a legend. what a game. start to finish. i mean, these are the games you honestly live for as sports fans. bring on the parade! we're ready to party. i was attempted to drive out there last night hang out with the kids and make me feel young last night. >> all right. >> but i had to make it back in. i'm here. >> head coach jay wright the coolest guy in the room. talk about cool many, calm,
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collected, that was jay, no fist pumping, not even a smile, instead it was more after exhale for one of the best coaches in college basketball. now, we want to get you out to the campus now where the party went long into the night. >> yes, the crowd was ready. but so were the police. our coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, jan it, has to be calm out there now, right? >> good morning, that's right. the crowds are all but gone, along lancaster avenue, and here on villanova university's campus, this morning, off to bed for now, but certainly, a whole lot to look forward to later on today. not only is this championship team coming home this afternoon, but happening here outside of the book store later this morning some 5,000 championship t-shirts are on the way. i can't say what time just yet. but they're in route. take a look at this. this was the reaction when nova hit that game winning shot, student watching inside the pavilion just went wild.
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shop per three over the scene as well over the campus as those students spilled out of the arena and across the main line. fans flooded and shutdown lancaster avenue for some time, that road, how much, is back open this morning and by and large all of the student i think have gone home to get much needed rest ahead of the excitement today. unfortunately, not everyone followed the rules last night, police say there were at least five arrests, overnight, seven minor injuries, were reported as well, after people were spotted throwing cans, bottles into the crowd. and on top of that, there were two minor fires. now, police extinguished those, and majority of the fans continued to celebrate this big win. take a listen. >> it is unbelievable. i got the theme in lexington in 85, my kid wanted me to come down to campus to see it on campus, i said i always regretted not being here when they won in 856789 so i got to see both. it has been great. >> so he got to see the eight a win, and now 2016.
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national champions. of course the university says there will be a bick celebration on campus today. they're still put that together. the team is expected to land right around 4:00 then be back on campus right around 5:00 this evening. so we will keep you to up date with all of those details. now the big question is will there be class today? the university says they're make that decision right now, and that should be outright around the 6:00 hour. so stay tuned for that. for now, live on villanova university campus, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, jan. >> i wouldn't be surprised if people were still cheering right now somewhere. look at these cheers inside corner pizza on lancaster avenue. they shared this video on twitter, and anyone who goes or went to school at villanova knows this is one of the go to spot for hungry students late at night. there is somebody in the house somewhere. >> exactly. another great spot, manila
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diner up the street from the campus, tweeted this invitation overnight saying we would love to host coach wright and the nova basketball team for a championship breakfast. "eyewitness news" was on the air when villanova won. >> you got to see ukee's reaction. >> we are tracking the national championship game, 4th left. villanova has the ball. it is tide, and of course they win, once again, full coverage here on cbs-3. >> all right, we'll take a quick -- >> oh, they just -- excuse me. >> hold on. >> i have seen it ten times,. >> he has really good eyesight, sees those monitors over there. good for ukee sharing in the nova victory. >> so fun. >> i so great. >> all right, stay with "eyewitness "eyewitness news", as we follow the villanova wildcats and the big welcome home the fans are expected to give them later today. our coverage continues on line at >> now there is other news to tell but this morning, still ahead, the reason former eagle lesean mccoy will not be
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facing charges in a bar brawl. >> also ahead, it is primary day in wisconsin. the candidate leading the polls this morning, and what's to come to philadelphia this week? we'll be
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>> we're celebrating our 2016 villanova wildcat to the ex you can rans on campus. >> what a feeling. now, there have been a hands full of arrests, but, for the most part, people have been good. pretty peaceful out there. >> look at that, crazy. >> i mean, i don't know if i would call that peaceful, but they've been good. >> obtained excitement. >> appropriate excitement. >> exactly. 44:00 it, meisha is watching the roads this morning. >> indeed i am. everyone is still sleeping, as you can imagine. >> all is quiet? >> but katie, you have check
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outside? are we in alaska? >> oh, you. it does feel like february for philadelphia, i won't lie. it is really chilly outside. so if you are going to be going out celebrating villanova's big win, running into the streets, don't do that, at least wear your winter coat when do you that. yes, so proud of the wildcats, go nova. but, yes, you know it, does feel like we are stuck in the depth of winter right now. as we start things off with a look here, live look at the intersection of broad and spring garden, this is take friend our very own station headquarters here at cbs-3, all calm, folks. i saw what one bus moving through the shot there. very tranquil beginning to the morning. that said, it is also really cold outside. let me take you next to storm scan. we did yesterday have frontal boundery sort of draped through the delaware valley t really took a while to get through. but once it did, it has now left behind pretty vicious chill out there, folks. you can see the brunt of any wet weather at this point, pretty much confined across the southern most delmarva. folks in sussex county
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watching us in the southern southeastern most communities, where you are actually still finding little hint of wet weather. but generally speaking, skies are completely clear at this point, say for couple of lingering clouds, starting to clear out nicely throughout the course of the day high pressure now regaining control. now, that said, as we move forward in this forecast, you will be in full sunshine here today, guys, but the wind and the fact that that cold air has taken over means, yes, feels like february. so mid 40's at best for daytime highs. next disturbance does come along for us looking ahead to thursday, so we get two days of quiet weather, chilly weather but quiet weather. then the next storm system does come along. later on tonight, we will see freeze watch take effect with temperatures overnight below freezing once more, make sure to protect that sensitive vegetation guys. it will be going out of effect by tomorrow morning. meisha, over to you. >> katie, i brought my plant in the other day just because you reminded me. i always forget to water them, take them in. so thank up for. that that's a problem. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. looking outside the vine, all
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good. all clear. for awhile there schuylkill east on the ramp was closed that's now all since opened, eastbound and westbound on the vine, looking good. look add. that will almost nobody out on the roads this morning, construction here, 422, this is both moving in the westbound between schuylkill and oaks and eastbound direction between oaks and trooper. make note of. that will you can still see the cones and the flashing light, but overall, they are getting this cleaned up. usually overnight construction will certainly get out of our way sometime soon. talcony palmyra bridge, all up right now, for those of you having to take that, also an accident outside that's just been cleared, where vehicle went in the ditch. madison ford road, went into the ditch, all since cleared, you won't get any of the residual, garden state parkway northbound at route ooh, left lane block, jim, back over to you. >> thanks so. campaign 2016 focuses on wisconsin, which is holding it primary today. >> yes, the cbs news poll shows specifically tight race in both party. the democrats are starting to
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pay attention to pennsylvania, and it is april 26 primary. hillary clinton is scheduled to address the afl-cio convention in philadelphia tomorrow. bernie sanders will be there thursday. sanders will be in town tomorrow, though, early for a rally, at temple's liacouras center. >> former eagles running back, lesean mccoy, will not be charged for his alleged role in a bar fight. may still get in trouble with the nfl. mccoy and three other were reportedly involved in the brawl with two off duty police officers, at an old city night club, on superbowl sunday. authority say one officer, suffered a broken nose, broken ribs in the fight, the other suffered a skull fracture. the district attorney says there isn't enough evidence, though, to charge mccoy. >> while it is clear a physical alter take took place, and that several people were injured, there is insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the
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participant was the initial aggress or or whether some participants were acting in self-defense. >> i think that every defense attorney now who takes a client on with a bar-room brawl just got a free pass in the city of philadelphia. >> the da also says both off duty officers told different stories, and didn't immediately demand an arrest or go to the hospital. >> in other news, ntsb will interview surviving members of the construction crew today, to determine why a back hoe occupied the same track in the deadly amtrak crash in chester. workers, 61 year old joseph carter, jr., and 59 year old peter adamvich, several say the passenger train headed from new york to valve and a was going 106 miles per hour in 110-mile per hour zone. the national transportation safety board says the engineer placed the train into emergency mode 52nd before impact. thirty-seven passengers were injured. >> meanwhile still ahead on "eyewitness news" this
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morning, two words: meatball cone. >> you heard right. more on some of the stadium food out there. but first, here's look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> instant class nick march madness, the villanova while cats win the national college basketball championship on buds err beater over the favored north carolina tar heels, might be greatest game in list history, first buzzer beater, and the first national history in 30 years. >> campus of villanova errupted at the end. game. thousands spilled into the street, dancing, cheering, and climbing light polls. police say they made three arrests and seven people were hurt. entheusiastic celebration, but pretty well bee lived. outside of that, that little bit there, pretty well behaved. >> villanova championship gear on sale now, the crew provided with us video of their staff, hard at work, get that gear good to go.
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it says: villanova. it is the true philly fans fashion statement for today. >> that's casino of cool. >> now 4:51, time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner is joins us live there morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. there is another merger in the airline industry? >> that's right. alaska air is buying virgin america for $2.6 billion, having out bid jet blue. the combined company create the country's fifth largest airline, so what's it mean for travelers? it is a little too soon to tell. most analysts say more consolidation in general, in the industry, means fewer bargains, although new merged company would compete with bigger airlines like united and delta, means it could force them to lower prices, so hopefully it is the latter, jim, brooke. >> they never lower the prices. just in time for baseball's opening day, major league stadiums are trying to compete for the most over the top foods. soap, what are the craziest concoctions you're hearing
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about? >> okay, atlantis turner field, how about a burgerizza, 20-ounce patty, five slices of cheddar, on a bun, made of pepperoni pizza houston sweet potato waffle chicken sandwich, and the st. louis cardinals have new meatball cone which is pretty much what it sounds like, meatballs in a italian bread cone, no forks required, perfect ballgame food, i think. >> it sounds look good stuff. >> and she is always looking for snack food. >> i was going to say this may be above my level. >> i think we're going to get along. >> thanks, jill, we'll get back with you. >> meanwhile, another check on traffic and weather together. >> katie tells us when we may see storms and when it will start to feel like spring. i hope she says in a hour.
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>> certainly is chilly outside. this morning, i would highly, highly recommend some winter weather gear walking out the door. because you will thank yourself when you have the nice heavy coat ready to go. take a look, cold enough even in the central delmarva peninsula. southeast most sussex county, we are talking to you, to even produce some snow on the back edge of this cold front. the rest of us, we are clear now, we lend up with more sun than anything, but currently we are sitting in a freeze warning, with temperatures that are all across the board, at or below freezing, and with a blustery north wind, meisha, definitely going to be feeling very, very chilly here today. >> yes, 30 something degrees we're waking up with, all right, 33 right now, i can see this at the bottom of the screen. that's very, very cold. yep, make sure to have those jackets. certainly need them today. right now, a the love people still sleeping after the game yesterday. i don't blame them. talcony palmyra bridge back down, opens to traffic, great news, not that there are a lot of travelers, construction 422 westbound and eastbound, between the schuylkill and oaks and oaks and trooper, now
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starting to get cleared out of the way. back to you. >> if you are headed out the door stay up-to-date with katie's forecast and our sister station "kyw news radio" 106o plus, governor wolf promises veto on abortion bill, philadelphia one step closer to banning the sale of pets, from so-called puppy mills. and the new program coming to big brothers big sisters. check in at two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> meanwhile, coming up in the next hour, on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", our live team coverage of the wildcat huge win continues. >> we are taking you on the course for the postgame celebration and showing you some great reactions to that game winning shot. so reactions you didn't see on tv. >> and i'm giving brooke a taste of philadelphia including her very first cheese steak. so, is it with or without? we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> to jenkins for the championship. the national champions. >> well, it is a storybook ending for the wildcat. they're bringing in the national title home to the main line after that miraculous buzzer, beating in one of the greatest college basketball games ever. hear what was going through chris jenkins mind during his heroic moment. and novanation is still celebrating. the huge win this morning. >> we're live on campus with the problems police had during the aftermath, though, and how you can get your hands on
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championship gear, this morning. >> and, the wildcats are the cover story today, across the area. we'll show you some of the best newspaper headlines celebrating the wildcat first national championship in 31 years, you want to grab that today. today is tuesday, april 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm brooke thomas. a lot of people were speechless after that incredible ending. we have live team coverage of villanova's big victory. first, up, katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, what did you guys think? >> oh, awesome. so excited for everybody. >> of course i was sleeping hoo through the whole thing, you know? but first thing did i when woke up, went to twitter and started looking through the feed, like all right, did they win? then yes! fists up trying to keep the babies asleep. >> can't blame you. >> first thing i when i saw when i woke up, ukee's reaction. >> oh, we'll talk about that a little later, too. >> how are the roads right now, quiet, everyone sleeping in from the win? >> still


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