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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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championship gear, this morning. >> and, the wildcats are the cover story today, across the area. we'll show you some of the best newspaper headlines celebrating the wildcat first national championship in 31 years, you want to grab that today. today is tuesday, april 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm brooke thomas. a lot of people were speechless after that incredible ending. we have live team coverage of villanova's big victory. first, up, katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, what did you guys think? >> oh, awesome. so excited for everybody. >> of course i was sleeping hoo through the whole thing, you know? but first thing did i when woke up, went to twitter and started looking through the feed, like all right, did they win? then yes! fists up trying to keep the babies asleep. >> can't blame you. >> first thing i when i saw when i woke up, ukee's reaction. >> oh, we'll talk about that a little later, too. >> how are the roads right now, quiet, everyone sleeping in from the win? >> still sleeping, easy
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piecey, easy for me, jim. >> at least we can say that it is dry now. everybody is nice and dry, and clear, and, un for the lip, just feels like february, that's all, you know? throw that in there at the very last possible second. we take a look at storm scan, guys, still see the front responsible for yesterday's rain pushing to the south, that temperatures had chance to bottom out overnight. down across southeast, as soon as my name gets out of the way, you will see here. sussex county, we start today see some that far wet weather pushing through and turning over to snow. there it is. all right, there you see that down through southeast most sussex county, little had hint of left over snow. at this point everyone clearing out, still freeze warning in effect, that lasts us until 10:00 this morning. you might be wondering why the heck is the lehigh valley at poconos not included in the freeze warning, basically all it means is that you have had the potential see freezes right through this point. so it, doesn't warrant you actually having a warning issued. but, everyone is seeing the freezing temperatures,
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obviously, at the freezing mark, in philly, in ac, much colder by comparison in mount pocono, and everybody stuck in that really cold northerly breeze. through the course of the day, with bliss i conditions, despite sunshine, you need to bundle up, guys. it will feel no better than the 3's at best through the day today. mid 40's, technically where we top off in the city as well as down near the shore towns, feeling like february, though, folks, although i do promise you a warming trends come thursday, the problem is, it comes with a trade-off, i'll explain as we move forward through the show, meisha, over to you. >> oh, always a trade off in the spring, katie, i tell you what. let's just get the warm weather back. happy tuesday, talcony palmyra bridge back down open for traffic. great news, also, 422, we still have morning construction lingering about, see it right here, all of the flashing lights, this is westbound-eastbound between the schuylkill and observation and eastbound between oaks and trooper, make note for those every in you and around the area, sure, you get used to it, make note it is still out
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there, has been cleared for the morning -- hasn't been cleared as of yet. forty-two northbound at creek road, first look, approaching 295 and looking good, looking very quiet. certainly a loft vehicles out, there i will say that typically, even in the 5:00 hour, just breaking into the 5:00 hour, this typically looks even little busier, on the 42 freeway a lot of people still sleeping after the game, yesterday. last night. construction 295 north at 95, that left lane blocked, until about right now. so, hopefully that's been cleared out of our way, overturned vehicle, garden state parkway, now all since cleared, looking all good. brooke, back over to you. >> thanks a lot, meisha a all right, if you didn't stay to up see the villanova game you missed one for the ages. we missed one for the ages. >> he can actually, wildcats bring home the march madness championship in the last second. chopper three, over some april madness, on the campus every villanova immediately after the game. joining us for more on this spectacular game, pat gal end. >> you didn't miss a thing. >> i did not miss a thing. i missed sleep. did i miss. that will but did i not miss that game. how could i miss something so
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amazing, normally a sit of heartache when it comes to these things, you had patrick cane scoring in over time back in the 2010 stanley cup finals to help the blackhawks beat the flyers. less we forget joe carter's walk off homerun in the 1993 world series. still have flashbacks to. that will but last night, philly sport found redemption. we went back and forth all night. but here is ryan arcidiacono for three. that gave nova a six-point lead. would lead by as many as ten late. there is royal massimino, under ten seconds to play. marcus page, basically, hangs in suspension, hit wild three, and ties it. oh, no. not this. not this again. michael jordan oh, yes, i've done things like that before. 4th left. chris jenkins, gets the pass. and he does not miss. jenkins nails it at the buzzer. the villanova wildcats win their first title since 85, when that man, rollie massimino, led them there. novanation goes bonkers. and i can assure you, that chris jenkins will never buy a drink in this town again.
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legendary shot to win the title. seventy-seven-74, over unc, lesley van arsdall has ring in houston. >> with archie de. gets it it jenkins, fosh the championship. >> the national champions punk up. >> this has been an amazing season, and to win the national championship with a buzzer beater by chris jenkins, well, it just doesn't get any better than that. >> i'm still in shock right now. for us to win a national championship, for these seniors, who gave so much to our program, what villanova basketball is all b it really means a lot. >> he takes those shots a lot. he took some that deep, i wanted to kill him, but he does take those, and make those a lot. so i was confident with him shooting it. but still, ends of the game, i
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wasn't positive about the win. >> after 31 years, the national championship trophy belongs to villanova again. it is their time to enjoy their one shining moment. >> it is unbelievable, something that everyone always dreams about, making the right play, hitting the last shot, just to execute our game plan, our last play of the game, chris made unbelievable shot. >> just to do it for our university, for the great city of philadelphia, the biggies, you know, just very special. >> words can't describe this feeling, you know, 15, fought through everything this year, you know, to stay focused, not pay attention to the media, to the outside world, just to the care to the program. >> championship this city needed so badly. villanova, the one to give it to them. reporting from houston, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> jay wright wits his first title as head coach. what a job he d had this team playing hard-nose defense, every game, drew up the final play where jenkins nails t
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amazing job by everyone involved with the villanova program. guys, i've seen this play like 15 times, at least, and i still get goosebumps every time. >> he's always so calm. >> jay wright. >> i think he meditates or something. i mean, he is just always just okay. >> just the coolest dude. >> this is what was supposed to happen. maybe that was what was in his mind. what we do. >> thanks, pat, we'll check in with you a little later. >> celebration spilled outside the pavilion, onto lancaster avenue, after a game nova fans will remember for the rest of their lives. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live near villanova's campus store, which is expecting a special delivery today. >> oh, oh,. >> jan? >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, a special delivery indeed. the store here behind me on villanova campus is expecting some 5,000 national championship t-shirts at some point today. now, i asked villanova university, and they'll be in, they couldn't say exactly what time, all they'll say it is en route. now the store opens at 8:00 this morning, we do anticipate quite a few people milling about, in anticipation
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of those t-shirts. meantime, the crowds are all but gone, along lancaster avenue, and here on campus, but novanation still has so much to look forward to. after all, their national championship team is coming home this afternoon. now, take a look at this, this was the reaction when nova hit that game winning shot. students were watching inside of the pavilion. they absolutely went wild. chopper three was other campus, as women, as those student that spilled out of the arena, and across the main line. fans flooded, and shutdown lancaster avenue for some time. that road, how much, is back open this morning. soap, no problems there. unfortunately, though, not everyone followed the rules last night. police say they were at least five arrests overnight, seven minor injuries were reported, as well, after people were spotted throwing cans and bottles into the crowd. and on top of that, there were two minor fires, now, police extinguished those fires and the majority of fans then continued to celebrate this big win. "eyewitness news" actually found quite a few alumni, who were get to go share the
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experience of winning a national championship with their kids. take a listen. >> i was out here with the whole family, they took me out, 12 at the time, we just went wild, my ten year old son here, continued the family tradition, he has lived and died for every game this year, as have i. >> it is unbelievable. it is everything i wanted it to be. it is amazing. >> great school, great story for the main line, great little university. >> such a great story for the main line. now, villanova university is planning a big celebration here, on campus later today, still working out those details, but they will tell us, is that they do expect the team to land right around 4:00, and then make their way back here to the campus, right around 5:00. so, we will continue to update you, on time and location, and what that celebration will entail. but again, meantime, if you want to get your gear it, goes on sale here at the book store at some point today. those new t-shirts, the book store opens at 8:00 this morning. soap, we will continue to follow all of the excitement.
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but for now, student are just wondering, jim and brooke, if they're going to have class, we'll keep an eye on that, as well as bring you the latest as soon as we have it. >> i vote for cancel. i vote for cancel for today. no one will be in that class. i wouldn't be in the class. the kids shouldn't be in the class. thanks so much, jan. >> thanks, all right. the national champs will get back here sometime this afternoon and you can bet we'll be there to greet. >> this make sure to stay with "eyewitness news", whatnot near a tv check us out at cbs philly. com. meanwhile, coming up: the focus is on philadelphia in campaign 2016. when you can see some of the presidential candidates in town this week. plus? >> it is decision day in wisconsin, day that could change the fate for presidential candidates on both sides of the race. i'm don champion at the cbs broadcast center with the latest from the campaign trail coming up. >> ♪ ain't know stopping us now ♪ we're on the move ♪
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>> ya, ain't know strong the villanova wildcat. they're on top of the basketball world for the first time in 31 years. we have much more coverage of the championship, including some hilarious reactions, you didn't get to see on tv last night. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back everyone, by now you've seen chris jenkins miraculous shot for villanova again and again. >> here is a whole new perspective on this game winner. you haven't seen yet. >> (cheers). >> katie's cracking up over there. that's former sixers charles
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barkley going wild after the buzzer beater on the set for the post game show. he looks just as happy as the wildcats fans. >> i mean, that's good stuff. that's great stuff. look at the dance. happy dance. >> wee, wee. i love it. >> i've seen it. >> look at. that will that's amazing. >> he might have taken the floor out from under him. 's' big guy. >> first win 1985. good for the novanation, good for our community, good for the whole delaware valley, everyone is waking up in good spirits today. >> that's true. >> and it was a pretty chilly morning for the nova fans, celebrating outside. >> katie, it is so cold. >> yes, it is very, very chilly. i'm not going to lie, feels like little dose of february for us, in early april. so haha, thanks, mother nature. it looks lick it will last us a day and a half though here guys. we are still in a freeze warning as we speak. we are actually going to see freeze watch go knee into effect again tonight. hey, at least one thing that we have going for us this time of year is that the days are getting longer and longer and
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longer. in other words, you are getting more daylight, all courtesy of daylight saving time, and also of course more than anything the sun angle. so let's talk about, that sun actually won't set until 7:30 tonight. you have probably already started to notice, again, part of that, because of daylight saving time. the fact that it just feels like these days are so much longer now, you lose the light of day a lot later into the early evening. but by april 15th, it will be ten additional minute to your day, by may first, you are almost at 8:00 p.m. for the sun to set. so talking two and a half minutes with every passing day this time of year. got to love. that will storm scan3, shows retreat of the same front that brought in the rain yesterday. right now, look like there is still some residual sprinkles, even snowflakes flying. i don't want you to worry about that, at this point clearing out the atmosphere, high pressure regaining control watch it does mean is that we will be stuck with a pretty brutal day whether it comes to win. you know, these winds aren't necessarily damaging winds, but they come out of the north, they come from colder place, through the course of the day, i mean, more than
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anything, don't pay so much attention to the numb bedrooms. notice the arrow, direction they're coming from, you know, cold winds. straight up out of the north. and the depth of canada. so when you talking ten to 15-mile per hour sustained wind, it will feel easily like it is no better than 39's here today. but thankfully that wind should ease up later tonight. by that point, freeze watch goes into effect. let me get you through the day and the night and we will see what the seven day has up its have sleeve, gets better from here, i promise. 46 degrees today, under full sunshine, grab the shades, grab the heavy winter coat. later tonight we bottom out at 28 degrees again under clear sky. but with much lighter wind. looking forward in the forecast, take a look, back to pair of five's tomorrow, not as harsh, low 60s make return appearance on thursday, but meisha, there is always a trade off. rain and thunderstorm comes along with the warmth. >> yes, i was just going to say, that there is always a trade off, especially in the spring, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you, if you are just waking up with us, maybe grabbing your first cup of coffee, we're so
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happy you're here, looking at the bryn bridge, looking good in jersey traveling in the westbound direction, see, just couple of early risers, a lot of people still sleeping after the game, late game yesterday. i don't blame you. i certainly can't blame you for. that will 95 south, at cottman, starting to maybe heat up ever so slightly, starting to see maybe couple of brake lights go off just around the s curve. overall everyone traveling at the speed limit. looking good on interstate 95 moving in the southbound direction right now, construction, still out here, but the construction is only on the westbound side between the schuylkill and oaks, make note of that for those every in you the area. westbound side, eastbound has always since cleared, good news, for those of you in the area. kelly drive, started yesterday, repairs and resurfaced between the art museum and hunting park avenue, the ram top ridge avenue. this goes on 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., overnight, 30:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. again starting yesterday until late may, jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. in less than three hours, the polls open in wisconsin where
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the race also tight, and the candidate are given the state their undivided attention. >> why the badger state is considered key victory in the race for the white house. >> reporter: on the eve of the critical win cost sin primary, ted cruz reminded reporters what's at steak. >> a victory here tomorrow will resonate across this country, will change the outcome in state to come all across this country. >> a cruz win today will increase the chances of the contested gop convention in july, the latest cbs news poll shows him ahead of done add trump by six-point in the state, monday trump's wife made a rare appearance on the campaign trail trying to rally support. >> no matter who you are, a man, or a woman, he treat everyone equal. >> we have millions more votes than cruz. we've beaten him in most of the state.
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>> on the democrat democratic side hillary clinton all but conceded with constance monday, her campaign in doubt of emails, saying, quote, we're down in almost every pole in wisconsin. tomorrow's primary is going to be a tough fight. bernie sanders hopes today gives him momentum. >> if we win here, we're going to have a bounce going into new york state where i think we can win. >> clinton still holds a significant lead over sanders in delegates, but lags far behind him in fundraising. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, with the pennsylvania primary on april 26th, democrats are focusing on the keystone state, tomorrow, hillary clinton will address the afl-cio convention, and bernie sands letters address the convention on thursday. sanders will be in philadelphia tomorrow night for a rally at the liacouras center. >> lesean mccoy in the clear, why shady won't face any charges for a bar brawl, with off duty police officers.
5:21 am
plus: >> do i have cheese every. >> , no you're fine. >> i'm giving brooke a real taste of philadelphia starting with her first cheese steak. see the other iconic spot where i took her on our trip around town. stay with us, everyone.
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>> accident investigators will interview survivors of construction crew today to find out why a back hoe was on the same track in the deadly amtrak crash, in chester. sixty-one year old joseph carter, jr., and 59 year old, peter adamvich were killed in the crash. headed, was going 106 miles per hour in a 110-mile per here zone. the national transportation safety board says the engineer placed the train into emergency mode. five seconds before the crash. thirty-seven people were hurt in this. two people lost their lives.
5:25 am
>> no charges against former eagles running back, lesean mccoy, for his alleged role in a bar fight, but he may still be in trouble with the nfl. mccoy and three others were reportedly involved in the brawl with two off duty police officers, and at an old city night club on superbowl sunday. authorities say one officer suffered a broken nose, broken ribs in the fight, the other suffered a skull fracture. the district attorney says, there isn't evidence to charge mccoy. >> there is insufficient credible evidence to determine which of the participants was the initial aggress or. >> n and i think two set of rules, one for offers earns, one for everybody else. >> now the district attorney also says both off duty officers told different stories and didn't immediately demand an arrest, or go to the hospital. >> coming up in the next half hour, of "eyewitness news", it is a villanova victory, for the ages. >> the wildcats are heading home from houston with a national championship. we have more moments from the
5:26 am
historic win you didn't see last night. katy? >> it was an amazing night, now, we are starting the day off feeling like we're in the depths every winter. yes, it feels more like february, right now, i'll tell if you there is any kind of warming trends in site coming up. >> and, meisha is watching the tuesday morning commute. she'll let you know about the early trouble spots to avoid.
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what a finish for villanova. they are the top cats in college basketball. that miraculous buzzer beater sparked a wild celebration on the main line, too, it was good stuff. some people are calling this the greatest college basketball game ever! pat gallen is one of those people, and you probably won't find too many people arguing with him around here. >> we'll have much more from the wildcats big win including the championship merchandise, that's raising a few eyebrows, and first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minutes. >> nothing but love for
5:30 am
novanation. >> i don't even know if you can hear me! >> villanova wins their first national championship, in more than 30 years. >> former eagles running back lesean mccoy will not be charged for his alleged role in a bar fight. >> 42gop delegates are at steak in wisconsin. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie. >> i'm going to get the biggest votes. i'm talking check marks so huge you're going to need two ballots just to fit it on there. >> but you can't win an election just by increasing your font size. >> i guarantee i've never been accused of having a small font. >> lots going on out, there but a chilly morning to start


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