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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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nova nation. >> pelley: looking for a win in wisconsin. >> it's a beautiful day. we can have a big surprise tonight, folks. >> we're going to be fine. this race has national implications. >> help me keep the republicans out of the white house. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news exposes a danger behind bars, a broken health care system. >> he didn't desire a death sentence at grant county jail. >> honors for an american hero. >> she's absolutely the only reason i made it home to my family. >> pelley: and the mother of all three pointers. >> she was like, your baby just hit the shot. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton is far and away the democratic
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front-runner, but she just can't shake bernie sanders, who is on a winning streak lately and looking to extend it tonight in wisconsin. 86 delegates are up for grabs, but even if sanders won them all, clinton would still have nearly three-quarters of what she needs to clinch the nomination. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: wisconsinites like to back a front-runner. since 1988 every democrat who won the badger state went on to clinch the nomination, but this time the state could go for the underdog. >> we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries. >> reporter: sanders is a hit with the state's progressive base and in big college towns. daniel miller is a student in milwaukee. >> i don't think it's a long shot at all. he only needs to win 55% to 60% of the remaining delegate vote. >> reporter: that's easier said than done, as clinton reminded the women of "the view" today. >> i have 2.5 million more votes
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than he does. ( applause ) and i have... i have a very significant lead in delegates, which is what eventually decides who the nominee is. >> reporter: and the next state up is new york, which clinton represented in the senate. sanders ran into some trouble with the "new york daily news" editorial board this week when it pressed him for specifics on one of his biggest campaign themes. >> if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. >> reporter: "how would that work," the paper asked him. "how would you break up jpmorgan chase?" "i'm not running jpmorgan chase or citibank," sanders said. "no, but you'd be breaking it up." "that's right," he said, "and that is their decision as to what they want to do." sanders also admitted he was unsure whether the executive branch had the authority to break up banks. he said he tried to do it with legislation but it plays into one of clinton's main arguments,
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scott, that his ambitious plans are lacking some key details. >> pelley: nancy cordes. thanks very much, nance. on the republican side in wisconsin, national front-runner donald trump is cruising for a bruising. ted cruz led in the last pre- primary polls. 42 delegates are at stake tonight. trump already has 60% of what he needs for the nomination, cruz 38%, john kasich just 12%. major garrett's covering the republicans. >> reporter: at a firehouse in waukesha, donald trump met campaign volunteers and looked for a comeback against ted cruz. >> i hear the polls are busy, huh? >> they are busy. >> we could have a big surprise tonight, folks, big surprise. >> reporter: cruz expects a victory here, aided by governor scott walker and a strong grassroots campaign. kenosha voter sarah freeborn: >> i like his ideas for the country. i like that he's a little more conservative on things.
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i think that he presents himself well as a leader compared to some of the other candidates. >> reporter: as voting began, trump unveiled his most specific proposal yet to force mexico to pay for a wall on the u.s.- mexico border. in a campaign memo, trump said he would threaten to block mexicans working in the u.s. from sending money home to their families. trump said he would tell mexican officials, "make a one-time payment of $5 to $10 million to make sure that $24 million continues to flow into their country year after year." today at the white house president obama called the idea impractical. >> the notion that we'll track every western union, you know, bit of money that's being sent to mexico, you know, good luck with that. >> reporter: mr. obama also criticized cruz, calling his immigration proposals "draconian" and said people expect more from the president of the united states. >> they don't expect half-baked notions coming out of the white house. we can't afford that.
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>> reporter: turnout was brisk statewide amid projections that voter turnout, voter participation could be higher than for any wisconsin presidential primary since 1980. scott, trump typically benefits from a surge in turnout, but his advisers tonight are bracing for a reversal in that trend and a cruz victory. >> pelley: major garrett for us tonight. major, thank you. joining us now on election night, as always, is our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation" john dickerson. john, what are you looking for tonight? >> reporter: delegates. how many does donald trump get? if he wins and he gets all 42, well, then all this talk of his no good, very bad week will disappear, but if the polls are right and he's on track to lose, the question is, does he get zero delegates or does he get less than ten? in that case that means he'll have to do that much better in future states like new york and pennsylvania where he's expected to do well, but he'll have to do really well to get that magical 1,237 delegates. that would be the majority he
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would need to avoid a contested convention. then i'm going the look in the exit polls. if he loses in wisconsin, did he lose because wisconsin's the state where the voters just aren't donald trump kind of voters the way they were not his kind of voters in iowa, or is there something in the exit polls that says all those people trying to stop donald trump actually did something that actually stopped him? then, what's his concession speech going to look like? he does exciting things when he wants the change the news. so is he going to do something exciting, or will he listen to those who says he needs to be more presidential. a concession speech is somewhere where you can act more presidential if you want to. >> pelley: humility, but not all that often in the trump campaign. john, thanks very much. we'll have continuing coverage of the wisconsin primary. you can go to our 24-hour digital news service cbsn. today the online payment service paypal said that it is canceling plans to open a facility in north carolina and will take the 400 jobs elsewhere. it is the latest reaction to a new state law that critics say
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allows discrimination against gays and lesbians. 21 states, mostly in the south, have enacted similar laws that allow businesses to refuse services to people who offend the business owner's religious beliefs. today, mississippi took it one step further, and here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: after weeks of protest, mississippi now offers gays and lesbians the least discrimination protection in america. its new so-called "religious freedom law" allows business people and government workers to deny services based on their religious beliefs. the law applies to marriage licenses, jobs, housing, even an employer's dress code and prevents state government from intervening once religious beliefs are the reason given. governor phil bryant signed it into law. >> i think it protects the religious freedom of people who have deeply held religious beliefs and so did the legislature and so did the
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people of the majority of the state of mississippi, so we signed it into law. >> reporter: a recent poll indicated nearly two-thirds of mississippians support the new law. pentecostal pastor david tipton is one of them. >> we should be able to freely express our religious views and live by our conscience. >> reporter: including who you do business with? >> certainly. >> reporter: gay rights activist were outraged. one tweeted that mississippi has enacted the most toxic anti- l.g.b.t. law ever. also critical were fortune 500 companies like chevron, m.g.m. resorts and nissan, who said its policy is to prohibit discrimination of any type. and what else? mitchell moore owns campbell's bakery in downtown jackson. a gay couple walks into your bakery. they want a wedding cake? >> i sell them a wedding cake. it's what i do. we sell cakes. >> reporter: this 43-year-old registered republican calls the law "a big mistake." >> i am a christian, but i don't think that christianity tells me that i have to discriminate against people.
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in fact, i'm here to serve people, not to turn them away. >> reporter: georgia's governor vetoed a similar law last week, and, scott, lawmakers in eight other states have similar legislation pending. >> pelley: mark strassmann in jackson for us tonight. mark, thank you. a college in new hampshire is a college in new jersey is officially out of business tonight. its mission accomplished. turns out the school was a government sting, not hanging out sheep skins but outfoxing criminals. here's our justice correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the university of northern new jersey promised students the highest quality of undergraduate and graduate education. it looked legitimate. there was a twitter page with school closing announcements, as well as a facebook feed of students wearing hats and shirts bearing the university's crest but it was all fake, part of an undercover homeland security string cracking down on immigration fraud. at this kranford, new jersey,
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office building, agents posed as school administrators. investigators say brokers then contacted the fake school to help foreigners secure fraudulent student and work visas. sarah saldana is director of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. >> we told them there was no school and the brokers came. and with the brokers, they brought many, many students, people purporting to be students who enrolled in the university knowing full well there would be no classes. >> reporter: this morning 21 of those brokers were arrested. authorities say they took kickbacks in the pay-to-stay scheme that involved more than 1,000 foreign individuals who were allegedly willing participants. they include some of the people posing for pictures under the u.n.n.j. sign. and many of them will likely face deportation. scott, investigators say
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suspects were working on behalf of people for more than 26 countries, but most were from china and india. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom tonight. jeff, thank you. tonight we have the results of a cbs news investigation into the deaths of jail inmates who were denied medical care that might have saved their lives. one of the nation's largest health care providers for county jails is fighting multiple laws. lawsuits. jeff glor and producer laura strickler have been looking into this. >> reporter: six months ago 49- year-old dante wilson was in a wisconsin jail for a child support violation. he complained of chest pains. the jail nurse concluded he had heartburn and gave him two tums. less than an hour later, wilson asked for help again. "relax" was the nurse's advice. soon after, wilson died of a heart attack. the nurse told the detective weeks later: the nurse was fired. she worked for advanced correctional health care. a company serving 255 correctional facilities in 17
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states. dante wilson's death was not unique. we found a.c.h. settled at least six lawsuits with families whose relatives died from preventable causes. like wilson, the inmates were charged with non-violent offenses, including danny ray burden, a diabetic accused of insurance fraud. a police investigation showed he asked for insulin but never got it and collapsed. >> he didn't deserve a death sentence at grant county jail. >> reporter: his brother mark burden is a retired kentucky state police detective. jail records show burden had prescription drugs in his system and his cause of death was inconclusive, but a later police investigation found that burden should have been sent straight to the hospital. some might say, listen, you're an inmate, you got yourself in this position in jail, you can't expect the best possible health care coverage. >> i think that if you go to jail and you got a medical condition, like my brother was disclosing, an emergency condition, you should be checked
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out by a physician at any hospital. >> reporter: what's even more troubling for mark burden is that his younger brother asked for medical care and there is a hospital just next door-- so close, you can walk there in less than two minutes. >> always protect your younger brother. if he gets in a fight at school, who is supposed to protect him? the older brother. and it's just hard to accept as a family when you can't do that. >> reporter: six weeks before danny ray burden died, the u.s. department of justice sent this letter to the jail, warning unqualified staff for serving as gate keepers to medical care. a.c.h. would not talk to us on camera. they told us staffing decisions are dictated by local jail administration, but problems with a.c.h. medical staff extend beyond kentucky. one nurse in tennessee was convicted of covering up his failure to take an inmate's vital signs. the inmate died of a drug and alcohol overdose. another inmate in ohio died from a bleeding ulcer. the medical examiner concluded
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the need for medical attention would have been obvious to anyone. in one alabama jail, three wrongful death lawsuits are pending, including one for this 19-year-old accused of shoplifting, who was found naked with gangrene in his leg. in their promotional material, a.c.h. claims they provide better health care than inmates would receive outside of jail and at a competitive price. >> they say they can save jails a lot of money. >> at the expense of someone's life. at the expense of my brother's life. >> reporter: a.c.h. lost their contract with the jail where danny ray burden died. the company is still promising other jails it can save them significant amounts of money. a.c.h. told us they "do not hire people we believe to be dangerous or unfit for the job." >> pelley: jeff glor, thanks. well, we told you last night that the panama papers would have consequences, and today iceland's prime minister resigned. the panama papers are millions of leaked documents from a
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panamanian law firm detailing how the rich hide fortunes off shore. thousands protested in iceland when the documents revealed that the prime minister and his wife owned an off-shore company that held big stakes in the banks that his government oversees. still ahead, big men on campus. the champions return to a hero's welcome, when the "cbs evening news" continues. d these tires. or put them on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires.
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7:18 pm
this one. >> impossible! >> reporter: from u.n.c.'s marcus paige with less than five seconds left to tie the game. >> how did he do that? >> reporter: but paige held that honor for about four seconds. >> three seconds at mid-court. >> jenkins. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship... yes! villanova! phenomenal! the national champions with jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer. >> one, two, step and let it fly. >> reporter: and you sunk it. >> it's unbelievable. >> how about that? >> reporter: i just stood there. i didn't know what to do. before i knew it, i ended up on the ground because my teammates tackled me. >> reporter: kris jenkins' game- winning three-pointer left his opponents stunned. one of them was his brother, nate britt. >> he just told me how happy he was for me and how he was upset they lost, but he was happy that i was the one that made the shot. >> and he caught it and let it go.
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>> reporter: no words? >> i took off running. >> reporter: felicia jenkins is kris' birth mother. in 2007 she faced a personal crisis and decided kris needed a more stable home. at the time, kris and nate were close friends, and they played basketball together. so nate's parents, nate, sr., and melody britt said they would adopt him. last night both families savored the moment. >> it wasn't about the game. >> it never was about the game. >> it was never about the game. >> reporter: what was it about? >> it was about helping someone else that needed help. >> and look at him now. >> ask and it will tell you what it means to him. >> if it wasn't for my family, i wouldn't be in this position. i owe them everything. >> reporter: a lifetime of sacrifices leading to a moment of glory. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, houston. >> pelley: manuel sure knows how to pick 'em. we'll be right back.
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>> pelley: 14-year-old abigail kopf wasn't expected to live after she was wounded in a mass shooting in kalamazoo, michigan, six weeks ago, but now in a new video, she is walking and talking. eight people were shot at random, six of them died. her mother calls abigail amazing. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell announced today that twitter will live stream ten thursday night football games this fall. the games will stream for free. the league is hoping to reach fans who don't subscribe to cable. in a moment, honors for an american hero. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" news is sponsored by the venture card from capital one. ll set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles.
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>> pelley: today, britain awarded a medal to a retired u.s. marine. here's debora patta. >> reporter: trained to sniff out explosives, 12-year-old lucca went on hundreds of missions in iraq with the u.s. marines. her success was extraordinary. not a single soldier died on her watch over six years. gunnery sergeant chris willingham served two tours with lucca and says she was, well, just one of the boys. >> she is absolutely the only reason i made it home to my family, just through her detection capability, locating i.e.d.s. >> reporter: in afghanistan, lucca served alongside corporal
7:28 pm
juan rodriguez. they were inseparable as they worked together clearing the homemade bombs left by the taliban. but in march 2012, her career came to an abrupt end. a huge blast blew off one of her left legs. rodriguez says lucca saved his eife so many times, now he had to save hers. she was rushed into surgery with severe burns to her chest, neck and leg. he even slept by her side at the les. base in kandahar. "semper fi" reads this bandage, the marine motto for "always loyal." since leaving active service, lucca was adopted by the willingham family. i bet she's spoiled. >> yes, ma'am. we take her to the dog beaches. she loves the water. >> reporter: and when she's not swimming, she spends her retirement relaxing at home as one of the family. debora patta, cbs news, london. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around
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tonight trouble and back from paradise? just weeks after the final rose, are they already ready for a breakup? what inside sources are telling us about these troubling shots as we go inside the hollywood x files. drew barrymore is still wearing a wedding ring after her split. and why gwyneth and chris still haven't finalized their divorce. and could there be another kardashian wedding in the works? >> all those night stars are just like us. kind of, soft of, well, not really. lunch with the girls and who needs the gym when you look like this and who got mauled by a cat? meow. then you won't believe what it takes to land an exclusive beyonce interview. the real story behind this much talked about cover.


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