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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is no laughing matter. comedian amy schumer calls out a magazine for mentioning her on the cover of the new issue. find out why she's so mad and what the magazine had to say back to her. good morning, i'm brook thomas. i'm jim donovan. we will get a check of the frigid forecast, coming up. >> it is so cold but first here's what you need to know to start your day in your morning minute. >> nova. nova. >> nation. >> thousands of fans packed the stage as they catch a grams of the crowd chants. >> this is something we will remember forever. >> how about the crowd. >> incredible. >> thank you for everything 2016 national champions.
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>> tonight is a turning point. >> we won in wisconsin. >> wisconsin was an easy win for texas senator ted cruz and vermont senator bernie sanders. >> more than half of the republican voters in wisconsin said they were either concerned or scared of the trump presidency. >> what do candidates you see he out there looks like they are in the getting enough sleep. >> my god, trump has confessed that he only gets four hours sleep and he displays ought of the symptoms of extreme chronic symptoms, memory loss, unable to process information. grab your cup before you walk out the door this morning. >> katie is outside on the skies deck with the chilly forecast, katie. >> i'm bundled up with good reason my friend. it is still quite chilly. we have a freeze warning in effect for another couple hours until 9:00 this morning. that is, of course, because our temperatures are all at or below freezing mark depending
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on your location which we will walk through. it is nice and clear. i expect a gorgeous sunrise and we will bring you views of that as we move forward in the show but no light of day on the horizon just yet. you walk outside the door and this is what you will fine. storm scan reflecting the fact that it is nice and clear out there very well and we will keep that sunshine all day. eventually a few clouds build in but a freeze warning is still in effect as we mentioned lasting us until 9:00 this morning. the obviously the whole region embedded here with that cold. so yeah, you have to bundle up, that is bottom line. take a look at those areas temperatures it is chilly, 23 degrees. at least wind has tapered off. that will pick up with time here today but at the moment it is pretty tame. thirty-two at the airport. we're at 14 degrees, up in mount pocono. the it is a chilly start the two morning for sure. walking you through hour by hour a couple of choice hours through the morning and afternoon we're expecting that sun to give way to a few
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additional clouds but this is still expect to be a dry day. officially we are expect to go hit 55 degrees but by 3:00 p.m. we are at 54. so yeah, send the kids outdoor were not just their heavier coat. mittens are not the worst idea. they might get rid of the couple of those layers later this afternoon since it the is not as harsh but there is a nice warming trend coming our way and we will talk about that later in the the show, meisha, now back inside to you. >> not just kid but also, 32 degrees, bring those dogs n don't let them outside too long either. good morning, happy wednesday to you if you are just waking up with us. we are so glad you are here. we have an accident outside, ramp from girard on the schuylkill east bound. vehicle will in the retaining wall. you can see they have cleared the path. you are able to use the ramp to get on the schuylkill. just make note because you will get a tap of the brakes as they slow to get behind. good idea when we have officers, pedestrians out of their vehicles. just make note of. that we did have construction broad street between vine and spring garden that has all
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been cleared. not that it was slowing down just a few early risers out there vine street expressway looking good both directions. it was closed due to overnight construction at the broad and schuylkill. vine is looking nice. construction, king of prussia road is closed, take a look at this between lancaster avenue and matsonford road, use an alternate north wayne avenue is your best bet to navigate your situation around here. well, half cleared this morning street road westbound between rich lou road and hulmeville road that has been since cleared. this will east some tension there for those in and and that area, brook, back to you. cover i controversy, comedian amy schumer is saying size does not matter. >> as correspondent serena branson shows us schumer is unhappy with the the new addition of glamour magazine. >> it is just very had natural. >> reporter: amy schumer isn't laughing off her feature in this special digs of glamour magazine a bonus issue geared to plus size women. i think there is nothing wrong
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were being plus sized, beautiful healthy women. plus side is considered size 16 in america. i go between size six and eight. at glamour mag put me in their plus size issue without asking or letting me know. women and men weighed in. >> there is no way, she's same size as me and i don't think aim plus side. >> she's attractive and funny. >> amy is awesome, she looks good, and i would love to be featured in the plus size feature. >> reporter: glamour loves schumer that is why they featured and they are sorry if they offended her. cover line which is aimed at woman aimed at size 12 and up, women who inspire us. the addition did not describe her as, plus side. a representative for schumer said she was una veilable for comment tonight but actress did tweet out this video in the bikini with the caption bottom line seems to be we are done with unnecessary labels. that was serena branson reporting. kerry washington also has an
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issue with the magazine. >> she called out ad week for photo shopping this cover shot. what do you think? washington wrote on instagram, strange to look at a picture so different from what she sees in the mirror. magazine's editorial director responded, also on twitter saying they added volume to her hair for dramatic effect and didn't mean any disrespect. >> i like women, wanting to look more like themselves and being okay were not being perfect. she is pretty close to perfect, anyway, but you know, i really appreciate that message. little girls growing up looking at this, they a appreciate that message too. >> well, good for kerry washington taking a stance. the time is 5:36 in this morning's business news, star bucks is getting even bigger. >> yes, international experts are having an impact on wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning jim
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and brook. head of the interest monetary fund is giving a down beat look at the economy. dow jones fell 133 points, nasdaq down 47, futures are pointing to a higher open today. investors are waiting for fed to release minutes from the last meeting. they are looking for insight about when the fed could raise interest rates again. well, largest ever health care merger is reportedly, dead. wall street journal says drug giant pfizer is ending its 160 billion-dollar plan to take onal again, the move comes after the treasury department unexpectly a announced new rules that will make tax inversion less profitable. pfizer's based in new york and would have paid dramatically lower taxes fit moved its headquarters to ireland where allergen is based. star bucks is opening its biggest cafe ever, 20,000 square foot store in manhattan's meat packing district. new star bucks roastry and tasting roomies expect to open
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in 2018, described as a place where customers learn about roasting and brewing small batch coffee. customers are encouraged to interact with the barist as. >> i don't know, i say give me my coffee glim a's there with you, jill, thank you so much. >> you are not. >> star bucks looks like a home depot. for goodness sakes it is coffee. >> thanks, jill. time to raise your wine glass and say cheers. >> the third annual philly wine week is underway, many restaurant and bars around the city are offering special tastings and hosting events this week. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at a center city restaurant, patrick. >> yes, and then she said in way, oh, hey guys, how are you, it is wine week right here and we are here in the basement of the urban farmer, this is my friend kate miller, she works ativan stage. >> this is wine bar. >> in midtown village. >> what we will do is learn a little will bit of wine.
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i will in the drink this glass of wine. we will smell it. i think it ties early to start drinking this wine. what time is it 5:30 in the morning. it is noon somewhere. so kate, tell us about wine week and how this concept was born. >> sure, philly wine week started three years ago and the idea was to make wine approachable, to make wine fun, get a little bit of education and just get philadelphians out at local bars and restaurants to just kind of celebrate the great options we have all around town. >> everyone knows about philly beer week this has been so popular throughout philadelphia a we're sort of known as a beer town but we can be known as a wine town. >> we're beer town, foodie town and for that trifecta we have to be a wine town as well. the it is all about that celebration. we are excited philly wine week is happening right now. >> now i'm someone that is a novice when it comes to wine drinking. i enjoy it but i can't say i know a whole lot about it. for someone like me if you were to teach a class for
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beginners of the wine, where would it start. >> it would start were not being intimidated. >> i know. >> you cannot be afraid to miss pronounce things. you have to have a sense of adventure and don't be afraid to say you like something. there is in right or wrong answers. the it is all about drinking what you like. >> that chatoe is not correct. >> it is just a starting point. >> what are highlights from wine week. can we learn things as we go out for wine week. >> yes, stirring wines specifically and rest of the year one of the best ways to learn something is to try a flight of wine. instead of ordering one glass, you get three smaller portions. >> sure. >> great way to comparison wines and learn a little bit about something. you might not have the same flavor profile when you have one from new seal land verse california verse france. >> true. >> so start there, it is an
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easy way and utilize resources in our town, bartenders, wine directors, they know a ton and they are going to be a world of help. >> so as someone who might be scared and learn about these sorts of things give me link get so i can sound like i know what i'm talking about. >> don't say too much because they will necessity if you are faking, right, right? so white wine you want to kind of start with looking for notes of citrus. lighter colored fruits like apples or pairs, stone fruits like peaches, and then some non-fruit items. sometimes you'll have have something like this a little bit of grassiness. think about nature. think about the things thaw are around every day and kind of translate those aromas into the work that you will use to describe things. >> beautifully said. coming up at 6:00 we will pair these wines with some food, and i'm hungry so let's do it. jim and brook back inside to you. >> i took a wine class once
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and i don't remember. a cab had to drive me home. it was so many different selections. i left my notebook behind. i don't know what happened. >> was it a class. >> it was. >> so every take we are picking a spot on the show to do a live facebook chat to check out what goes on behind the scenes. grab your phone, tablet and check out face back right now, let's start this up. also think you are too old to do something bold? think again. you have to see a picture of the 90 year-old on vacation and this one is pretty inspiring. and stop what you are doing and look at this wild video, incredible, close call on the road, after that truck lost control. stay with us, we will be right back.
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i got to tell you it looks like wedding bells are ringing for another member of the kardashian clan and a lot of you have a lot to say about this. i have been seeing you on line. this time it its rob kardashian hoist engaged. black china, a model, she posted this picture on instagram with this huge rock on her finger. the caption, all it said was,
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yes. >> and now here's where it gets interesting, this is why you guys were talking about this. black china's ex, tyga, is dating rob kardashian's little sister, kylie jenner. that sound awkward. tyga tweeted everyone deserves to be happy. the kardashians on the other hand complete silence. all right. you mess with the beehive you might get stung. just ask a company in texas. beyonce is suing the company called ceyonce for ripping off name for its product. it included coffee mugs that said beyonce put a ring on it. that sound incredibly, familiar. company has not responded to the lawsuit just yet and got to tell you, you you are never too old to rock a bikini, just ask this woman. that is 90 year-old irene, looking great in a bikini while on the cruise with her family. company that makes the bikini
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posted the picture on facebook. they said friend, worker at her nursing home encourage her to wear the two piece and she wears it well. you go, irene. i think it is everyone wear what makes them comfortable. >> absolutely. >> i like that. >> she looks great and happy. >> there are no rules. >> she looks adorable. >> she looks good. >> she looks happy. >> but she could not wear that in this morning's weather. >> nice transition, yes. >> let me bring you back down again. it is cold outside. temperatures are all below freezing no matter how you slice it. we will check in with the eyewitness weather neighborhood network here. big variety pack of observations copping in and they are all coal but there is a variety. we will see what i'm talking about. it looks like it is deceiving, guys. look at this gorgeous view this morning. >> beautiful. >> not even one cloud in the sky right now, that will eventually change time but it
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looks completely clear. we're expect to go see an absolutely gorgeous sunrise underway. i will bring you those videos or pictures i should say live as the sun does rise over the horizon. no light of day just yet but we will take you back here, to the eyewitness weather watcher network and we will check with these areas observations first and foremost. if you look closely we have a variety. we've got the some 30's, 20's and even a couple of teens. that is where we will start things off. 18 degrees coming in from john, now, of course, it is april. we are calling it a perfect february morning. yeah, 18 degrees, it is freezing cold outside. just to hit sewed, 24, it is not as harsh but it is still cold for steven, and you saw in souderton at 24 degrees, but it really like what he mentioned here if you got a remote start on the car, i would use it on a morning like this don't want to be sitting there waiting for to it heat up. by comparison 31 degrees, comes in more urbanized area from gabe bradley. no profile picture for him yet.
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welcome to the program, dave. he sent in clear skies as well as beautiful, crisp, and feeling like fall out there. it is a very chilly start to the day. let me take you back to storm scan three, we are clearing and dry right now. storm system looming in the distance; starting to gather, and strength and intensity, a lot of moisture already, that gets here tomorrow, so what do you need to know about that scattered granted, showers and storms but heaviest comes through midday and we will have a few then are storms embedded within that. rain amounts upward of an inch in the heaviest pockets of rain. we will see wind gusts a around 30 miles per hour, give or take. over the next couple of days though, again, tomorrow, milder day, although trade off comes with the rain and then it is time for nova a nation to celebrate with their championship parade we're back in sunshine but i highly suggest sweat shirts as opposed to t-shirts for that parade. it is cooler out there, meisha. >> we will certainly need sweat shirts. i was heating up my vehicle 20 minutes before i got into it today.
5:50 am
isn't that crazy. >> in. >> i call myself normal. thinks where we had an accident, right off of schuylkill eastbound that has been cleared. you cane volume levels starting to heat up on the schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction. blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction, at route one, you can see them, in the looking too shabby. but then when we look the at taillights moving in, the north bound direction, south wound direction rather it is heating up. blue route is certainly one of of those areas, we are starting to heat up a little bit, still to come we are looking okay, 95 north at 452 take this up to the airport, basically what you are looking at. i would say that is still holding fairly steady, fairly typical, so that is good news. we have an accident in new jersey, 295 northbound at 42 freeway just make note for those in and around that area we know this is an area that heat up quickly n fact we were looking at it early in the 5:00 o'clock hour and it certainly was. that construction on the king of prussia road has been reopened, jim, back over to you. thanks, so much meisha. some heart stopping video,
5:51 am
we've got the to show you here. >> yes, thinking its lucky stars after a miss with the jackknife tractor trailer. check it out, dash cam video in australia shows the big rig, plowed through a fallen tree and barreled right ahead at another truck on the side of the road. thanksfully the skilled truck driver manages to control the slide and avoid i major crash. wow. and before you leave home, we have three things you need to know including the effort to clean up a community. >> stay with us. >> we will be right back, good
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all right. this is good news, this years sixers will not set a record for the worst record in nba history. that is good. last night against pelicans at the wells fargo center the sixers won their tenth game of the season. the 1973 sixers won only nine games. karl landry had 22 points and sixers win, 107-39. the sixers will try to make it two in a refriday night against the knicks. that is possible. u-conn lady huskies are also winners of their fourth straight national women's basketball championship. norristown own's geno and his huskies beat syracuse last night to win women's march madness tournament. u-conn has won this thing 11
5:55 am
times. they have also won 75 straight games and 122 of the last 123, that is kind of record you want. >> exactly. >> hey, the masters, t's off tomorrow but the pros aren't the only ones hitting the golf course. >> "eyewitness news" morning team is busy working on our golf skills too. we have pulled outputters for our own morning masters at mini golf course at franklin square. we will have lots of fun. more than just bragging rights on the line here. see who came out on top in our cut throat competition tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". >> good stuff. >> katie was dressed as if she was going horse back riding in the fields of england. >> come on. before you head out the door there are three things happening that you need to know, it three is to go. >> hill willry clinton and bernie sanders are both campaigning in philadelphia today. clinton will speak a at afl-cio convention around 11:15. sanders is holding a, rally at liacouras center starting at
5:56 am
8:00 tonight. camden clean up campaign kicks off at nine this morning, city leaders and volunteers will clean up the east camden neighborhood of marlton and stockton. put on your sneakers, because today is national walking day. american heart association is organizing a walk from logan square to the art museum. steps starting a at art museum steps, excuse me start a at 11:30 and that is three to go. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", shelter dogs seen in a whole new way, we will show you how you can get a cup of coffee and rescue a fury friend at the nation's first dog cafe. we think this is a story you will love. and art hot spots in philadelphia a i take brook on a tour and tell her why one mural in particular is so special to me. that is coming up. stay with us every
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more.
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well, it is a gorgeous sunrise but at this hour a freeze warning is still in effect. although, the temperatures will climb, katie is tracking another cold blast and rain, she times it all out for us. ted cruz and bernie sanders are celebrating this morning for sure after primary wins in wisconsin. now the campaign trail is
6:00 am
in pennsylvania. two candidates will be in philadelphia a today. >> nova nation is still flying high after winning the national championship, our jan carabao is live with what is next for the wildcats. today is wednesday, april the sixth, good morning, i'm jim donovan. happy hump day i'm's brook tomorrow to as. katie and meisha are here. we are making it to the mid of the week. >> we are making it over the hump, and things are looking good on the roadway. i will say we have a couple accidents. those started early. roadways are dry but i will have updates in a little bit. >> and you you guys mentioned the weather, it is cold outside. that is the big head line. it is freezing cold. it will get better with time here today. it is not as harsh as yesterday, thankfully but that is something to look ahead to here, but we still have rain, ebb and flow, we have lots to discuss. let me get you out here. >> you have a lot to get to. >> yes. >> nice clear spot that beautiful sunrise underway, beginning with the light of


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