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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in pennsylvania. two candidates will be in philadelphia a today. >> nova nation is still flying high after winning the national championship, our jan carabao is live with what is next for the wildcats. today is wednesday, april the sixth, good morning, i'm jim donovan. happy hump day i'm's brook tomorrow to as. katie and meisha are here. we are making it to the mid of the week. >> we are making it over the hump, and things are looking good on the roadway. i will say we have a couple accidents. those started early. roadways are dry but i will have updates in a little bit. >> and you you guys mentioned the weather, it is cold outside. that is the big head line. it is freezing cold. it will get better with time here today. it is not as harsh as yesterday, thankfully but that is something to look ahead to here, but we still have rain, ebb and flow, we have lots to discuss. let me get you out here. >> you have a lot to get to. >> yes. >> nice clear spot that beautiful sunrise underway, beginning with the light of the day popping up over the
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horizon, lovely but here on storm scan looking just as lovely when it is empty like this. with that said we mentioned freeze warning lasting until 9:00 regional wide for temperatures at or below freezing mark. the wind does start to turn more southerly and that will help temperatures begin to climb but make sure you protect your sensitive plants out there. i wouldn't be shock if we saw another freeze warning by this weekend, head up there. more to come on the weekend forecast later in the show but for now, temperatures, yeah, they are cold, guys. you are at the freezing or below that every where, the best you can muster up is 32 in both wilmington and at philly international. i feel so bad for poor folks waiting for that economy shuttle bus to get you to the terminal. it is so frigid on mornings like this not as windy though. around the region we have mid 50's in the city. still below average but it is better than it was yesterday and we will continue this warming trend into tomorrow, but with that said, that could be the trade off because eventually we will track more wet weather, meisha and i will
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do that track throughout the show. >> there is always a trade off, isn't there, all right. i feel like it is 11 inches. leave us alone. ninety-five south at girard looking good. the beautiful shot. plenty of vehicles at this time. every time we break in the 6:00 o'clock hour it will heat up. look at that sky, so beautiful, almost a pinkish purple with that sun. we will have fun today, yes. schuylkill, moving eastbound at boulevard looking good in both directions. still traveling around, 65 miles an hour. exactly what we want to see but slowly we are seeing bright lights. make note. it will be a busy wednesday. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road, looking busy. now speaking of this area right here for those in new jersey take a look at this. we have an accident, 295 northbound at 42 freeway, thinks pulled off to the shoulder but you might get slow downs, passer buys, tapping their brakes and we will get that gaper delay we know all about that. here's construction, walnut
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lane bridge is closed until early september. septa bus 65 is detour. lincoln drive will be your best bet, all right, brook, back over to you. thanks, meisha. villanova mens basketball team is back home after a thrilling victory, in the the national championship. >> now philadelphia is planning a parade to honor them. "eyewitness news" reporter, jan carabao is live with more on that and how the school welcomed them home last night, jan. >> reporter: jim and brook good morning. even though classes resumed the at villanova university i think today is a much needed day of rest for the national champions. however they cannot rest for too long because they have a big party to get to on friday and everyone is invited. take a look at this, the parade of champions starts at 1:00 p.m. in center city kicking off at 20th and market and ending at dilworth plaza at city hall. if yesterday's home coming was any indication, friday's parade will be a big one.
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it was a home coming fit for a champion. students, alumni, and wild cat fans a liked packed villanova stadium tuesday to welcome home their national championship title holders, all still reliving that dramatic win. >> i just started to scream and i fell on the floor and started to cry. >> we're so exited to celebrate right now, amazing. >> reporter: student and waving through crowd jumping on stage head coach jay wright kept party going. >> when i say nova, you say nation. >> nova. >> nation. >> nova. >> nation. >> reporter: he went on to thank the players, family, the team shout out to nova nation. >> we support you guys coming out this whole year. >> this is something they will never be able to take a way from frustrates, so go cat. >> reporter: this team got royal treatment as soon as they touched down at philly international airport, first an inverted v for victory from the fire department and once on the road a police motorcade to the main line with fan
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applause all along the way. support not lost on the college a athletes. >> very special. this is i cannot say enough about this. it is a long journey for sure but i wouldn't change it for anything. >> reporter: now a day to rest. next up center city philadelphia for the parade of champions. >> it is unbelievable. i know the phillies in 08 was spectacular. i'm sure it won't be to that magnitude but it will be something to remember growing up in the area always watching every single team. >> reporter: the parade is expect to cost about $22,000, the mayor says, villanova has agreed to pick up the tab and, of course, philadelphia ace more than happy to play host. reporting live outside villanova university, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brook back to you. >> we are looking forward to it. all right. if you cannot make it down to the city a's pride day you can see that parade of champions, live, right here on cbs-3 and on our web site at cbs meanwhile in other news
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road to the white house comes through philadelphia today, with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders making appearances. >> clinton will address the afl-cio convention this morning. sanders gets his turn tomorrow. he is having a rally this evening though at the liacouras center. both candidates are going after votes, and delegates in the pennsylvania primary, it is april 26th, it is coming up. >> sanders claims he is gaining momentum after winning the wisconsin primary, the state has a large number of independent voters, sanders swept all but three counties. republican ted cruz calls his victory overdone old trump a turning point but as don champion reports the presidential contenders are now turning their full attention to new york's upcoming primary. >> reporter: ted cruz quickly pivoted toward the general election after his victory overdone old trum in wisconsin. >> together we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary
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clinton in november. >> reporter: the texas senator pick up a majority of the state's 42 delegates making possibility of the contested convention even more likely. last night trump's camp bashed cruz and the republican establishment in a statement, saying quote ted cruz is worse than a puppet, he is a trojan being used by party bosses attempting to steel the many in nation from mr. trump. cruz and trump will hit the ground in new york where trump hopes he has a home state advantage. on the democratic side hillary clinton is also looking to rebound on home turf after lose to go bernie sanders. >> i believe that we have an excellent chance to win new york, and a lot of delegates in our state. >> even with the win political analyst say the vermont senator still has a long road ahead. >> the truth still remains bernie sanders is behind in the delegates. he needs to win and keep winning and then win by larger margins to pose a, make up
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that delegate deficit the or create a sense of momentum that he can convince those super delegates to flip and leave her and come before him. >> reporter: clinton and sanders will debate in new york next thursday ahead of the state's prim willry april 19th. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile a new poll just released shows is there only one republican date who could beat hill willry clinton and bernie sanders in the race for the white house. find out who that is coming up at 6:30. philadelphia police are looking for the man who shot someone, and endangered a house full of people including children. it happened in the 1,000 block of wagner street in logan late last night. investigators say a 24 year-old man was shot in his right arm, he ended up running three blocks to einstein hospital. shots went through the front door and window, but luckily no one in the house was hurt. so you want to retire early? i do. coming up at 6:30 i will show you how it is possible with
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the right plan. >> not going to let that happen. >> it looks like something out of the wizard of oz, an entire trailer blown over by a huge gust of wind. find out what else was damaged on the property. >> every time you look at yourself, they are crawling up your legs or on your back or neck and even when they are not crawling on your legs it feels like they are good that is creepy. >> he is talking about these caterpillars but where are they coming from, reason behind the invasion is coming up. >> ♪ it is philly wine week so our pat gallen is showing us perfect parings in our next half an hour, stay with us everyone. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it.
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you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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you can get information on improving your home and other city programs as part of today's spring cleaning campaign, in camden. >> well, camden clean program is now in its seventh straight year volunteers will clean, repair, paint areas that needed it in camden today. first of 11 days to devote to sprucing up the city, staging area is alberta a woods park in east camden. >> newly released video shows nature's fewer friday last weekend's storm that hammered the region. a wind gust, knocked over this 32-foot trailer in a farm in cape may county. farm owner says wind gusted up
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to 74 miles an hour which also damaged part of his farm. >> fortunately, we are not expecting wind like that today but it is chilly. katie, when i woke up it was cold. but other than that things are looking well. >> we have had a gorgeous sunrise. here's a sunrise indeed but we are looking ahead to a beautiful looking day, looks are very deceiving on mornings like this. i mean you have a gorgeous sunrise, eventually underway. you do not see actual sun but just a day now but over kutztown area middle school and off in the distance the lone silo. this is one of my favorites to show you on mornings like this because it gives thaw beautiful east facing view. we are in the freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. further north you are you don't have the warning posted but cold enough for a freeze. only reason you don't have the warning bay your average last freeze doesn't even happen until late april or early may. it is early forewarnings to be posted. in fact, even that said for portions of the urban corridor around philadelphia. but because we are coming off a warm couple of months,
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recently that is where they came from the national weather service, but regardless, it is cold and we are looking at sunshine throughout the day. warming trend through next day and a half but then storm comes through and core of the center of the circulation will bypass us to the north but cold front doesn't sweep through and that happens tomorrow. would i say about this same time we are likely to track something close by here, on storm scan three but the heavier batches of rain and thunderstorms are moving through generally midday. about the time we go on the air at noon we will probably have very heavy rain to track and very likely thunderstorms as well, right around lunchtime. think about ordering lunch in at the office. there will be scattered but lingering showers, that hang on for us in the early evening rush but then clears out quickly by overnight and then back in the sunshine folks just in time for the big champion ship parade on friday. there is a westerly wind at that point, guys so would i suggest having a sweat shirt or navy and white heavier jacket ready to go to be
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celebrating with nova but yeah, overall looking good-bye friday. >> very good. >> sweat shirt for jim, hat, gloves, long johns. >> yes, exactly. >> yes. >> i'm with you, man. >> it is a 60-degree difference in how you dress outside. >> yes. >> this is a really good thing for me, actually not that we want to talk about snow but when we talk about 30's and 40's, and when in doubt, throttle out, just remember i said that. good morning. happy wednesday. traffic is looking goody got to tell you. we are looking at that is why in new jersey things are looking good. i will touch base on that accident. it is coming up in just a moment. what you are looking at beautiful skies at 202 in the north bound direction a approaching 422, looking good here, dairy say almost a little quiet here. i think it does.
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just a while ago this camera flipped around and we saw that sunrise and it was a absolutely gorgeous. blue route taillights in the north bound direction before the turnpike. you you can see sun starting to rise, gorgeous day. chilly, cold, starting onto go early maybe even. overall we will see that sunshine. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road this is what you are looking at here, certainly starting to heat up here and then that is because we have an accident 295 northbound at route 42 freeway on the shoulder. we will get a gaper delay there. back to you, jim. thanks so much, meisha. now for a check of the morning newspaper headlines from across the region. >> burlington county times report 42 year-old kelly bryant has admitted to selling tickets to a phone he show concert. bryant promoted the event at flying w airport resort in lumberton last year. she faces third degree theft by deception. press of atlantic city introducees us to 12 new officers, sworn in yesterday,
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four of them are former camden county police officers, the sheriffs called it most diverse group that the department has ever received. two of the recruits are of egyptian dissent and speak arab. three african-american. there is also and female office are. intelligence reports a group of buddhist monks visiting. they are creating a 6-foot the by 6-foot, sand sculpture at bucks county community college. that is a look the at your morning headlines from newspapers around our region. meanwhile as the all american pastime, but who can afford it anymore. coming up how much it cost for two people to get to a baseball game and whether citizens bank park, ranked as one of the most expensive ballparks in the u.s. plus we're talking coffee cups and rescue pups, it is happening at the nation's first ever dog cafe and you will love it just like meisha does next. caring for someone with alzheimer's means
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in the last eight years,
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the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. welcome back. meisha, we know you love animals. i hear you are excited about this next story. >> yes, brook i absolutely love this i love these segments, but this one i really got to say my heart just absolutely exploded, when i heard about this. so get this, there is a place in california merging together two of most favorite things: coffee and spending time with fury friend in need.
6:21 am
the first ever dog have cafe has opened up, featuring shelter dogs in need of the loving home. we will go in order your cup of coffee and then you can play with, maybe even bring home, one of the little pups looking for love here. the talk cafe is helping to give exposure to beautiful dogs that get overlooked and overcrowded shelters, such as ones that were poorly treated and need extra emotional support. now health laws do require the ground and hound be separated by a wall but once customers get their coffee they can spend all the the time they want with these little will guys. what i love so much about this is whether you adopt or not people who visit gave coffee, and cuddling with these dogs, and think about what a great way this is to get these dogs adopted. >> i like this idea. >> love that. >> can't find homes because they may be too emotional or
6:22 am
may need medical a tension. people can go in there have their cup of coffee ape love on these dogs. >> exactly. >> win/win. >> because their apartment or something like that they can go there and get their pet fix. good for them. >> yes. >> tnks, so much. >> perfect story. well, from cute pup toys creepy crawlers, coming up, a town invaded for time. >> we will show you why ukee washington has a dance part which this young cancer patient, it is this weeks story of brotherly love and guarantied to put a smile on your face. you are smiling over there. >> ukee puts on dance moves anytime anywhere he gets an opportunity. we know that. in our forecast we are still looking at a lieutenant of ups and downs, courtesy of one storm system moving in, i will track wet weather that is on the way for us and also tell but that villanova parade weather, plus full forecast on
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at michelle obama plant her final white house kitchen garden, the last one. >> well, students from lou san, colorado, wisconsin and washington d.c. loaned her their green thumbs. they planted same kind of
6:26 am
lettuce grown on the international space station. several schools have several community gardens, the first lady plans to make surprise visit to many of them this week. hopefully it will not be infested with insects. >> gardens in texas have their hands full with creepy crawlers. caterpillars at this texas summer camp are crawling up trees, dangling from porches and covering everything. daniels jacob says he has never seen it this bad. he blames the bumper caterpillar crop on the mild winter. so, definitely. >> we haven't had that amount of cold weather for licensing enough to kill the eggs in the soil so we are just getting more and more and more of them each year. >> good thing? experts say caterpillars don't sting or bite and they will eventually fly away, but for people living in this part of the texas say they are leaving
6:27 am
behind a big mess. >> stay in texas, stay in texas. >> leave them there. >> yeah. >> coming up one candidate who has what it takes to win the presidential election, a cord to go new poll results just released this morning. meanwhile it is in the just about money, three on your side with what you need to do now you to retire early, pat. jim, did you know it is philly wine week? here we are, john williams, from urban farmer, we have got some food, wine, we will pair them together and teach you about all that coming up next.
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oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. it is still cold as we wake up this morning. the is there a freeze warning still in effect until 9:00 a.m. the weather roller coaster ride continues, katie is tracking rain and another cold
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blast. good morning i'm jim ton van. i'm brook thomas. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> nova nation is looking forward to the next big event and that is big parade in center city philadelphia a. national championship shirts are selling quickly. >> do i get a student discount. >> i need a student id. >> i left it in the news van, we will be right back. >> gunfire erupted in philadelphia's logan section wounding a man. >> tonight is a turning point. >> we won in wisconsin. >> wisconsin was an easy win for texas senator ted cruz and vermont senator bernie sanders. >> more than half of the republican voters in wisconsin said they were either concerned or scared of the trump presidency. >> so you know i have made this maybe once. >> i want them a couple hundred times. >> too late to say sorry.
6:32 am
>> cold start to the day, katie is outside on the sky deck, what is it looking like out there, katie. >> beautiful, clear sky, we have that going for us but yah, you have to bundle up, folks, this might as well be again, february at this early morning hour but we do see a rebound from what yesterday produced. we will get in the mid 50's later today but different and lovely sight. empty storm scan three. it will not necessarily stay that way. earlier we showed thaw broader zoom on storm scan with the storm on the way. a handful of clouds barely even that up through northern edge pa, but, that is eventually going to start to fill in a little bit with time. but for now we have gorgeous sunrise. thirty-two current temperature at the airport. we have been holding tough at 32 for last couple hours but little variation depending on location. mid to lower 20's if not teens in the more outlining suburbs and we're going to eventually see these temperatures rebound
6:33 am
but even a at the shore it is freezing this morning at or below freezing mark generally speaking. we will give you a b plus, we will rebound here today as we promised, 55 what we are shooting for at 3:00 p.m. as kid are leaving school. fifty-four. bit of the breeze picking up here as well so watch out for that. meisha a, it beats yesterday we will continue to see that warming trend tomorrow which we will discuss later in the show. >> it certainly does beat yesterday and good news is that we will have that sunshine, so i could deal with the cold if we have sun. happy wednesday, if you are just waking up with us here we have debris in the roadway eastbound vine, ramp to i-95 north, make note of that causing some problems for u.s. specially for the unsuspecting driver that drives by make net that debris in the roadway and also, we have a disabled vehicle southbound blue route, past the schuylkill we can see pulled off to the shoulder but certainly you can start to gaper delays. things are flowing by here really nicely. the disabled school bus here
6:34 am
pulled off to the right lane block ago this right lane and shoulder. ninety-five north before woodhaven make note of. that travelers are looking good driving past it but it is there just thinking about heading out sometime soon. overall looks good there. accident 295 northbound 442 freeway, that right rain is blocked. for a while it was just shoulder. now we are seeing that right lane is block. brook, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. lots of traffic issues today and tomorrow also as democratic candidates for president come to town. hillary clinton will address the afl-cio convention in center city this morning. bernie sanders will speak there tomorrow. tonight, he is holding a rally at liacouras center. >> well, he may trail in the polls but there is only one republican who can beat either democrat in november. >> yes, quinnipiac university poll that we have just got our hand on shows john kasich beating hillary clinton, 51 percent to 35 percent, a 16-point margin. the poll which questions
6:35 am
pennsylvania voters shows a closer match up between kasich and bernie sanders. 46 percent to 40 percent but kasich is still on top by six points. with days to go before atlantic city is set to run out of money, two top politicians will hold dueling news conferences. first up is new jersey governor chris christie. he want lawmakers to a prove a state take over. once christie finishes talking to reporters atlantic city mayor don guardian will hold a news conference to respond to the governor. governor christie is adding ten million-dollar to this years budget for lead clean up efforts in new jersey. the last month elevated levels of the lead were detect in drinking water in half of the newark's public schools. governor christie says the state is working hard to make sure lead poisoning never becomes an epidemic in new jersey. in other news people retire every single day, most of them are 65 or older but have you ever wished you could give up working earlier in
6:36 am
life? well, experts the say it doesn't have to be a fantasy with the the right kind of planning, even the average person cannery tire early. >> bob and his wife pat are younger then most retirees. >> i love every day of it. >> reporter: he he stopped work going three years ago at age 55, she left work at 51. it is all thanks to a plan bob hatched in his 20's. >> you have to get time on your side. >> reporter: parents of the two children track their spending down to the penny, they decided to live below their means to pay off their mortgage in 12 years. >> when i made more money, invested more money they deliver a 8 percent rate of return, they maximized their company's 401k plan, never had credit card debt and paid cash for their cars. the couple shopped sales and took advantage of reward programs. >> if you really want to retire early, you can do it. >> reporter: financial advisor nicole says most of perfect clients on track to retire early make between 60 to
6:37 am
$100,000 a year and follow a budget. >> it doesn't matter how much you make, it matters how much you spend. >> reporter: for clients who want to walk away early, starting early is crucial. >> it isn't that hard. it is just about discipline and time. >> reporter: she tells us that people need 25 times their annual budget by retirement, and now bob and pat have plenty of time to enjoy retirement. many people dining out will be raising a glass, this weekend. >> yes, third annual philadelphia wine week runs through this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at a center city steak house learning about the perfect, paring, this morning, pat, you are having just too much fun. >> i always have fun. how do you not have fun when you drink wine and eat foot together. i'm at urban farmer on the parkway and thinks kate miller. we have talk to her earlier. she will tell but wine week, and some of the things that you can look forward to up until sunday. >> so philly wine week is
6:38 am
happening right now. it started this past sunday and goes through the following sunday the tenth. is there over 55 participating bars and restaurants all throughout philadelphia, hundreds of events, and we just want people to go out, have a date night and drink some wine, have fun this week. >> what is web site. >> www dot philly wine >> i love that you do www. >> all right, now it is fun time for me, and i'm hungry. so john williams is here and he will pair some wines and let me eat some food. >> absolutely. >> let's dig in. >> what is first. >> here at urban farmer we have taken pride in our butchering program. so, first this year what we have is highlighted here the porkrea and we take it, break it down, cook it, delicious seasoning, making it flavorful for you. >> how do i eat this thing do i just dig in. >> there is no wrong way. >> no wrong way.
6:39 am
>> just my suggestion, just have it. >> i will put this down. >> thanks for holding it for me. >> i have had it before. i don't want to hold it back. >> is that a good way. >> there is never enough. >> why did you pair with this, john. >> we have gale shab produce inner southern rome, so you got to go with pork, right. >> um-hmm. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> kind of a perfect paring. >> well, that is so good. >> my goodness. okay. so this is the stake. what would go with the stake. >> we have our 1855 bone in rib eye, lots of salt flavor, delicious, so napa cow, 100 percent. >> with the stake. >> thinks a white oak cab in a, bill meyer, good friend of mine, mighty oak, putting it out for you. we can just after it. >> you guys, we will get into this 24-ounce steaks here
6:40 am
while you do whatever you guys do i guess that is the news. we will eat and drink wine. we will throw it back to you. i will be here for about three days. >> we will join new 20 minutes. >> thanks. >> thanks, pat. coming up a boy fighting cancer had a big wish and only ukee washington could make it come true. when i heard about this young manny had to help. >> his wish came true. >> the special favor we set up for him when we come right back. also ahead philly has a great arts scene so i took brook on a mini tour to see hot spots i took her too including a special mural that spoke to me when i first moved here to philadelphia a. >> wait until you hear that story. we have incredible video as a wild fire closes in on a man in his truck. see who came to his rescue up next.
6:41 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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a wild fire is burning out of control in woodward county, oklahoma. >> buildings have burned and evacuations are happening,
6:44 am
meantime, a tv news crew was able to help a man escape the flames. lets take a look. >> he needs to get out. >> i know he needs to get out. >> come on. >> hurry up, hurry up. >> come on. get him. >> when flames from that wild fire spread dangerously close, they yelled to the man to get out, and they were all able to escape with just seconds to spare. >> wow. >> talk about a close call. >> um-hmm. >> so glad they got out. >> wind whipping up. winds outside, katie, seem to be relatively calm. >> thankfully, yes, they are. you want a calming view? let me show you this video that came from eileen murray. she took this yesterday at plum creek in gilbertsville we will put tonight motion. the beautiful current out there on the creek. lovely shot. you can see with the vegetation here on the ground a hint of the breeze also picked up from her out there but thankfully at this point that wind is much calmer. we will go next to the actual eyewitness weather watcher
6:45 am
screen and get out to the temperature readings. we are off to a cold start guys and we will start off to the south, a lone foulke out here on the shoreline. i have not seen fluff before, fluff duffy, so this in, some nice clear skies in the egg harbor township area he has beautiful sunrise. it looks lovely out identify despite the chill. now 25 degrees comes in from stacy. another newby. i have not the scene her reports before. welcome to the program. clear skies at 25 degrees. this is a comment that requires some participation, when i say know of, you say nation. nova. >> nation. >> nova a. >> nation. >> hopefully it warms up for the parade. it looks like it will be cool but we will get to that. the lets take a look at the what storm scan has up its sleeve. at this point not a lot to see, say for the storm system. this is starting to blossom. a lot of moisture, snow off to the north, great lakes, all heading our way, core of the circulation passes to the north but cold front does get
6:46 am
them. that will come true tomorrow. let's talk know of a we're talking about lower 50's generally through the course of the parade route and they will have wind at their back traveling from west to east here. but there will be sunshine i would definitely wear sweat shirt. it is cooler then average. quick check of the seven day, 60's tomorrow. back in the 50's friday. cold they are weekend, meisha. >> it looks like that back in the 40's this weekend. thanks, katie. good morning everyone. today, it is chilly but at least we will see the sunshine. that is great news. we have an accident here schuylkill westbound before conshohocken pulled out to the right shoulder now but you will still get gaper delays for vehicle also that drive up. and then they try to move over southwest lanes. make note, this is going on, schuylkill westbound before conshohocken. we have a disable school bus which you can see pulled off to the right shoulder block ago this right lane. ninety-five north before woodhaven, again, these vehicles, coming up, putting on the brakes and then trying to move on over. it the is causing slow downs
6:47 am
around this area take a look at that, sun up, slow down, pack your sunglasses, you will need tonight delaware county. ninety-five north at 452 that sunshine as gorgeous as it is, can be blinding. 295 northbound for 42 freeway, it is still out there blocking that right lane. we have emergency vehicles on site there, make note because you will certainly get slow downs around that. hate been out there quite sometime, jim, back over to you. >> did you get your gear yet? villanova fans are snatching up championship gear as quick as it hits the shelves. >> fans were lined up, at villanova book store to find shirts and hats yesterday. the stories actually working extra hours, to fill all of these orders and they say you can get more stuff like glasses, and mugs, this week. >> take a look villanova will be on the cover of the next sports illustrated magazine, who else but chris jenkins, the headline super nova. >> love that. >> once you get your nova gear you will be all set for this
6:48 am
friday's parade of champions in philadelphia. >> here's the parade route, going from 20th and market to dilworth park plaza at city hall and all of the action starts at 1:00 p.m. if you cannot there been in person, you have to work, things we understand, we have you covered on cbs-3 an own line at cbs meanwhile phillies play the red in cincinnati again tonight. they played first home game this monday. >> now we know what the phils rang when it comes to the cost of going to the ballpark. a banking web site says that the phillies are the tenth most expensive ticket in baseball this year. ten tickets, hot dogs, beers, parking go for $28. they say philly, boston and cubs charge the most for beer in the major leagues. most expensive trip, fenway in boston, followed by wrigley field in chicago. well, tenth, it could be worse, we could be number one. consider that a budget saving option. >> meanwhile it is 6:48.
6:49 am
there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview. good morning, gayle. >> i just want to say welcome brook. i know you are new to the team. jim, i necessity you are not the new to the team but you guys are new to the morning. how is the morning gig going. >> moving along, it is a 2:00 a.m. wake up call but we are plug ago way. >> we're a having fun. >> let me just tell you this you never get used to the hours but when you love the job it the is a okay. i will be here every wednesday. we will talk with john dickerson and bob schieffer about whether last night's programry results will shake up the presidential results. closer look at donald trump's new plan to get mexico to pay for a border wall. only on cbs this morning, notice only on cbs this morning, i love when we can say that, a big announce b. how your facebook change business to change, but they say in a very good way. news is back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes and counting.
6:50 am
back to you brook and jim in the studio. >> thanks, gayle. a follow-up to a great moment of brotherly love n december a boy with leukemia made a big impression during our joy of sharing toy fest. >> he stopped by to donate some of his toys to needy children. he also had a wish. wanted to meet ukee washing ton. >> we also have this little gentlemen over here. >> kate bilo was first one to meet ronnie coffee. >> ronnie, you have leukemia. >> yes. >> all you wanted to do was meet ukee washington, right. >> right. >> he donated two of his own toys and the money that he was saving. i was off that day so we wanted to catch up with the young man with the big heart. ronnie broke his leg and wrist in july that is how doctors discovered he had leukemia. he had been in and out of st. christopher's hospital. >> we are under going chemo now. we have a couple more months, of aggressive chemo.
6:51 am
>> reporter: with help from his mom felicia we were able to make ronnie's wish come true. >> merry christmas. >> i'm a little late, somewhere between here and north pole santa a clause took a wrong turn. give me hug, boy. >> he thought his cousin was coming to take pictures of him. then ukee walk in the door. >> that is so nice. thank you for that. >> what do you want to be when you get older. >> a fire fighter. >> come on, man. >> ronnie's leg is still hurting him but that did in the stop him from inviting me to have some fun. >> are you kidding. >> we rock on his wii >> ronnie and his sister guillen a had another surprise, it was their favorite song. >> ♪ fight song take back my life song ♪ >> take it back. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> beautiful. >> quite a beautiful moment and yes, as you might imagine he has a ton of fight left in him, a battle he plans to win. >> thanks, ronnie for that fight song. if you have a story of brotherly love to share, do it on our web site cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> these are happy tears. >> that was good stuff. >> i'm an emotional sponge. i was there when he came out that night and ukee wasn't here and he had a sign i want to meet ukee. >> yes. >> you see it. >> good stuff. >> okay, let's gather ourself. this week jim and i went to the city's great historical sites and takes us to philadelphia food. >> mini tour of the city wouldn't be complete without a glimpse of the rich collection
6:53 am
of art, lets take a look. >> reporter: my first day to philadelphia i happened to be standing on this street corner, i was lost, confused thinking oh, boy, i don't know was this a good move or not moving to philadelphia a. >> weren't having a good day good this mural jumped out at me. it is called reach high and i you will go far. philadelphia has largest mural arts program in the world. over 3,000 murals. this is what welcomed me. reach high and you will go far. i thought someone is trying to tell me something. the i can make it in this city. this is my special mural i wanted to share with you today. >> this is what you have been telling me about, i love it in my book you too can reach high and you you will go far, we will do it as a team. >> i like that. >> we're here along ben franklin parkway home to our famous museums. this is where the barnes collection is kept and that is the largest, most impression early modern art collecton in
6:54 am
the world. >> all in there. >> all in there. >> do we have time. >> not right new you. >> okay. we're now at rodan museum which has largest collection of rodan sculptures outside have of paris. what are you thinking. >> do you like that. >> seriously. >> i'm thinking. i made the best decision coming to philadelphia. i love it. we're finally here. i have been dying to see this. >> we wrap up our tour here at world famous art museum, brook thomas, there is philadelphia, all for the taking. now we have to get to work. >> good stuff, good stuff. we will be right back with three things you need to know, before the day. this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you've lost your game. literally.
6:55 am
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well, here are three things happening today that you need to know. >> three to go. >> ted cruz and bernie sanders are big winners in last night's wisconsin primary. >> focus now shifts to pennsylvania where sand's and rival hillary clinton will speak today. >> this just in janet jackson is delaying her tour. forty-nine year-old is planning a family and under doctors order to rest. she promises to resume a tour as soon as possible.
6:59 am
lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> certainly wish janet well. >> yes. >> we want to give you a gorgeous shot. we will look at the neighborhood network. the beautiful sunrise, cold start for sure. keep it in mine. tomorrow, umbrellas not worst ideas, scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in. they will turn gusty too, meisha. >> we have an accident outside, schuylkill westbound before conshohocken pulled off to the right shoulder. we have fire truck on site and pedestrians on foot, be careful in this area. >> tears key off tomorrow but pros aren't only ones hitting golf course. >> eyewitness morning team is pulling out its putter for morning masters at mini golf course at franklin square. we came out on top, it was a cut throat competition. tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". >> yes. >> cbs this morning is next. >> have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, april 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz and bernie sanders crush the front-runners in the wisconsin primaries. their victories create new uncertainty in the presidential race. >> donald trump finally unveils his plan to force mexico to pay billions of dollars for a border wall. with you wi but will it work? >> new changes to your facebook page and we will launch the new feature right here on morning." we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i don't know if the audience knows it, but we won in wisconsin! >> setback for the


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