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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> we are running to win. we have won seven out of the the last eight primaries and caucuses. we have got a road to victory and i look forward to coming back to this beautiful city. >> new poll released wednesday
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shows hillary clinton ahead of sanders 5044 in pennsylvania but that doesn't worry his supporters. >> clinton is the way of the old and bernie sanders he's -- his ideas are bit morrell vent to this time period. >> i feel like he is truly does care about minorities, women, people of color, and i just -- i don't know. just more reliable than hillary. >> earlier in the evening sanders visited with a crowd at united methodist church in south philly. sanders said he's very much focused on new york, his birth date and clinton's adopted home state the primary there is apr april 19th. >> reporter: pennsylvania voters and delaware voters will go to the polls on april 26th a week after that. new york primary. meanwhile new jersey voters they will go to the polls for their primary on june 7th. meanwhile tomorrow former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia for a community event with philadelphia mayor jim kenney. reporting live tonight on temple's campus david spunt cbs3
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"eyewitness news". >> a lot more in the weeks to come. david, thanks so much. hillary clinton made two stops in the city earlier today. democratic frontrunner greeted hundreds of union workers at pennsylvania afl-cio convention in center city. clinton took on sanders as she pledged her support to organized labor. the former secretary says she is more likely to succeed in promoting their agenda. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. others won't even pass congress or they rely on republican governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressives. well, in number of important areas, he doesn't have a plan at all. >> clinton rounded her trip to philadelphia in port richmond. there she met with community leaders and students and participated in around table discussion with mayor jim kenn
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kenney. >> we're giving young people an exposure to the criminal justice system who in many instances have absolutely no reason to be there. there may be something going on that somebody needs to be helping these kids deal with. but don't turn them into criminals. >> from there it was on to pittsburgh where tonight clinton toured the robotics institute at carnegie melon university. she later greeted thousands of supporters during a rally on campus. donald trump holds his campaign rally since his big lost to ted cruz in the wisconsin primary many thousands turned out for a donald trump event in beth page, new york. he call last night's win in wisconsin a turning point cruz said. trump has a commanding lead in new york ahead of primary there on tuesday, april 19th. just a busy sports week gets busier now the sixers are in the mix. >> there are reports tonight of some front office changes for the team and sports director don bell joins us with late breaking
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details. don this has been developing in the last few hours. >> yeah, it has by the way you guys done talking about hoops yet. >> no. >> busy enough for you. >> keeps oncoming. trust the process. that catch phrase introduced to philly by sam hinkie. tonight, he's no longer part of the process. sixers confirm that hinkie has stepped down as general manager of the team. over the last three years, hinkie stripped the roster down to the bare bones while acquiring draft picks so-call assets. the idea was to get bad so the championship can get championship good. the problems the sixers sting outloud. terrible right now. 46 wins and 195 losses during hinkie's tenure with no sign of becoming competitive. now, we are hearing report that the sixers their chairman jerry coach angelo that his son brian coangelo is slated tock the general manager of course we'll keep you posted on that right here on cbs3. >> interesting turn of events. >> indeed.
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>> see you in a few minutes, man. thank you. >> the big game wasn't enough the villanova wildcats are now preparing for another unforgettable experience. this time a parade in center city philadelphia. >> the national champions will go down market street on friday. now the parade starts at 20th street and heads over to dilworth park at city hall. the par rater will cost about $22,000. villanova will foot most of the bill to cover police, ems and cleanup. the city will though in about $6,500 we're told to pay for barricades and a sound system and mayor kenney says that's no problem. >> we'll way recover that in the a people coming here and spending money. the amount of national profile the city will get as a result. >> just so you know septa is increasing service on the norristown market frankford and broad street lines. which is how many people are planning to travel to the parade. the celebrations should wrap up around 3:00 p.m. now if you can't make the down to the city friday, you can see the parade of champions live at 1:00 p.m. right here on cbs3 and on our website
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more fallout from the massive leak of documents showing where the rich and powerful hide money. ice land fishery john agriculture ministry says he will seek the president's approval to become the next prime minister. the previous leader stepped aside this week after the so-called panama paper scandal. leaked documents revealed he owned offshore company with millions of dollars in caribbean tax haven. the money allegedly came from ice land's failing bangs. the huge leak put offshore banging in the spotlight. >> is it even legal? good question. nicole brewer is here with that answer. nicole. >> ukee and jess, the financial data was actually released on sunday to group of investigative journalists then shared by media outlets all around the world. of course, that's left many people like matt in south jersey wondering, what is offshore banging and is it legal? it's a good question, matt. with a rather surprising answer. ♪ >> reporter: what comes to mind when you think offshore
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banging? >> people stashing money away. >> avoiding taxes. >> people trying to hide their members from ex wives, ex husbands trying to dodge something. >> reporter: perception of offshore banging stems from high profile cases of financial fraud. most recently the panama papers. >> how the rich and powerful hide money. >> reporter: some are calling it the biggest leak of financial data in history. 11 million files implicating world leaders, celebrities and the uber wealthy. >> so often associated with something fraudulent but is it legal? >> it is legal. >> it is. >> probably shouldn't be. >> there's no laws that said you cannot have a banking relationship with a foreign bang. >> reporter: dr. jay jay chow professor of finance at temple university school of business says offshore banging involves any accounts set up outside your country of origin and anyone can have one. so long as you disclose it and pay taxes. >> you have obligation to report
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income and income with it from the u.s. government. >> what's the point of having an offshore account if you still have to pay taxes on it. >> reporter: according to financial experts there are a couple of reasons. asset protect. a lot of people use accounts overseas as way to safeguard their money in case they get sued. another involves political risks should the government or bank system collapse. >> caiman islands, bahamas, switzerland, panama, why are these places popular for having offshore accounts? >> secrecy number one reason. >> reporter: that way you can keep your wealth legally under wraps or not. >> clearly, there's small number of people who make investment in bahamas and switzerland and others for the explicit purpose of evading tax,. >> i wish i can hide some money. i wish i some money to hide. >> reporter: once again, dr. choi stressed most people who have offshore bank accounts do so legally it's only a small percentage of people who do their banking overseas as a way to evade taxes.
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but that certainly is the general perception out there. >> no question. >> the stories we often hear. >> exactly. >> big money. >> big money. >> nicole thanks so much. >> what's your big good question? log on to question to submit your question. you can also tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear your good question. atlantic city is on the verge of a shut down but tonight there are new developments surrounding the crumbling seaside resort town. >> what the city is to you doing in hopes of delaying that crisis and the harsh words governor christie has for ac's mayor. kate? cold front headed our way tomorrow. it's going bring showers and thunderstorms and behind it another dramatic drop in temperatures. feeling like we're heading back to february this weekend. i'll tell you how cold it will get and time these showers out. could impact both commutes tomorrow. i'll have the latest. >> also tonight, mastering the
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game. viator woo ill shows you how children in our area are getting lesson not only in golf but in the game of life. >> coach jay wright has had quite the week. so what was it like when villanova's head coach got a call from president obama today fine out when "eyewitness news" couldn't.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don
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bell. ♪ pass new tonight atlantic city council made a change to how it paid its workers in attempt to delay a financial crisis. workers will now get paid once a month instead of every two weeks. governor kris tee was down the shore today to push for a state takeover of the gambling resort town. the governor clashed with mayor don guardian who claims did a 180 or supporting the takeover that would allow the state to void union contracts. >> there's no purpose in meeting with a liar. now he's asking for prayer and all the rest of it. it's wonderful thing. he's great guy. he has no idea what he's talking about. >> i'm sorry that he has to use name calling. esche use facts and information. he should be trying move the city forward. >> state aid for atlantic city has been delayed by a takeover bill that has stalled in the legislature.
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officials warn the city could be broke by summer. tradition unlike any other. the first round begins tomorrow as the masters golf tournament returns to cbs this weekend. >> and local group of kids can't wait to watch. they're learning how to master the game at a young age as vittoria woodill shows us they're learning live he is son at the same time. >> golf is in the area afdr park in south phil al group of kids are kicking off their season as part of the first tee. the first tee is an organization that builds character and leadership through golf and the empowerment of solid coaching, and guess what? it's powered by the pros. >> the first tee has support from the usga, lpga and pga and tour. we're lucky to have a lot of support behind us to become a program where these students are becoming the next best golfer and not just best golfer but the next best person. >> reporter: with that kind of wind at their back the first tee allows kid golfers like annika,
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marish today, julian, franco and vittoria to learn about golf and life. >> they teach us respect and in golf but also like outside of golf. >> we use golf as a vehicle to teach live skills, leadership skills, healthy habits and core values. >> reporter: as each student moves through the course of core values, coaches and parents can see their little golfers swing get bigger as they grow taller. >> it's probably one of the best things about being a coach and working here with the first tee is watching our students, you know, not only grow as in get taller but also watch their swing grow. >> reporter: one of the best things for me our own masts tournament. >> there he goes lining up the putt. nice form. no nerves. ooh, tough course. tough course here. >> your name is tori. so you have to make this look really good. we have a reputation to protect. >> okay. >> got it? >> yeah. >> go ahead, tori go get them.
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(applause) nice. >> wow. makes it look so easy. >> tori is walking over the hole getting ready to set up. good form. good form. she's studying the hole. getting ared to take the shot. good breather there. >> oh, just missed. so close. i don't think i'm going get my green jacket today. tap, tap, tap it in didn't work for me. >> tap it in. >> the first tee program has been around for 14 years. and has more than 1200 students in play right now. this saturday is their opening weekend and for the first time ever they are offering a full-time summer camp in june, july and august at fdr park. now how much to be involved? 50 buck. 50 bucks for 12 hours of instruction with all equipment included. >> that's big the equipment included isn't yeah. >> everything. >> that's very important especially at that age. i was shooting junk shots at
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their age. >> did you see their form. >> i'll get chubs from happy gilmore to work with you. >> this one? >> one handed or two handed. >> right. >> going back now. >> thanks, tori. good stuff. good stuff. >> i was even thinking tee time this weekend i might have to rethink. >> this weekend you should sit inside and watch the pros. >> i think i will. right here on cbs. >> i think i will. >> things are not looking quiet as good for us. but speaking of the masters masters always a huge weekend my dad's favorite weekend like hole until my house. let's take look at the master's forecast and it's looking a whole lot better than our forecast. in fact, don bell walk over zahn this forecast and got really excited and reeled lived it's for augusta georgia. it's not for me. tomorrow 73 degrees in augusta and lots of sunshine right through the weekend. looking beautiful. for the golfers g to sit inside and watch it right here on cbs3 and enjoy that sunshine and 60 that is we had not be having this weekend. here's your time collapsed video from today.
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from the kutztown area mill school. lots of sunshine out there then the clouds start to do roll in just little bit in the afterno afternoon. heralding the riflely our next storm system. it's 43 degrees right now in kutztown and here is a to have mentioned storm system moving from the west. decent amount of rain with it. thunderstorms as well for portions of ohio and down into kentucky right now. and this is all lifting to the north and east. that means it's going to be a decent duration of steady rain tomorrow especially midday. the snow missing us off to the north but we may see snowflakes before this weekend is out. temperatures right now, 49 degrees in philadelphia. 46 in allentown. we've actually risen a degree since last hour. temperatures will stay pretty steady overnight. possibly even rising a bit as this system approaches. so far cry from the past two nights we're not talking freeze warnings or anything like that. quiet overnight. showers invade tomorrow morning but it does look like midday is when the heaviest rain comes through. this is 1:00 o'clock and you can see this area of heavy rain possibly a gusty thunderstorm as well. then just some lingering scattered showers through the evening commute.
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so clouds, a few stray showers morning commute the worst of it through your lunch hour you may want to pack a lunch and stay and side tomorrow. in the evening we do have few showers that could impact the evening commute. friday we start to see some clearing. it will be pretty nice there for the villanova parade you can see sunshine who are but then we've got oh watch this next system it will dive south and could even a few snow showers here saturday morning to the region before moving out saturday afternoon. it doesn't look like it would reareally stick. you could see grassy accumulations if you get heavier snow showers here and there. depend how much that system intensifies. even to see snowflake this time of the year is something to the not a lot of people are looking forward to. what to expect for thursday. scattered showers and storms. half inch to an you have inch. winds 30 miles an hour but temperatures in the 60s overnight we hold steady at 49 degrees. for your thursday it's cloudy and breezy. a couple of showers around. steady rain midday. 62 your daytime high. if you're headed to the villanova parade as many people are, you can see it's not too bad. the cold air is on notice not coming in until saturday really
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even though it's below average low 50s you need a coat, could be a lot better. but it could be a whole lot worse as well. a little bit better for your first pitch forecast. phils home opener on monday. we'll be back to 60 degrees but we got to get through a cold february like weekend first. possibly even with a few snow showers on saturday. sunday's cold but sunny. might want to cover up those flowers again on saturday night. i cep those trash bags on my daffodils handy. >> put them right back on. >> for sure. >> thanks indicate. >> don is back. a busy man this week. >> talking a lot of hoops and now we're talking about the pros here. the winds of change blowing through the sixers front office. and the flyers have some work to do in motown. fine out if they can push closer to the playoffs. sports coming up next.
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we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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based on the sixers official statement, they got hefty surprise tonight. general manager sam hinkie stepped down from his post and what's the reasoning? well nba insiders around the country believe hinkie were you about to be marginalized. the team is looking to add brian co al angelo to the front office of the son of jerry. at any rate hinkie presided over the worst stretch of basketball in nba history. 46 wins, 195 losses during his three year tenure. four games in five nights that's the gauntlet facin facing the fs and their play off hun. they came into the night tied with the islanders for the final wild card spot. to the highlights we go in detroit. flyers the red wings in must within situation as well. darren lighting the lamp. his 11th of the season. one to nothing wing. it's a break away. andres, making it happen. a shorthanded goal.
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eighth of the year. red wings take two to nothing lead and shut out the flyers three to nothing. flyers now with some work to do with just a few games remaining. phillies and reds first inking we go may kell franco going big fly to right feel. two run shot. phillies go up two to nothing. aaron nola flat out dealing. billy hamilton sit down, bro. nola with eight punch outs in seven innings. he only loud one run. to the ninth we go. remember how the bullpen blew it on opening day? yeah. more of the same. loading the bases and the reds taking care of the rest. the phillies lose three-two. now zero-two thanks in large part to that bullpen. villanova starters josh hart and kris jenkins will test the nba draft evaluation process. however, they are free to return to school if they don't formally hire an agent or declare. meanwhile the head coach got a special call from the president. >> he said, you know, his
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daughters are rooting for villanova because they went to school with josh hart in d.c. and invited us to the white house. i told them my wife has a crush on him and he said peak sure she comes. i want to take a picture we are her. he obviously watched the game and was very insightful about the game and very complimentary. >> this is what you call, um, living a dream. >> yeah. >> the president is calling. >> motorcade. >> going to the white house later. nice. nice. thank you don. appreciate it. >> good stuff. >> what's peyton manning doing in his retirement? he's singing karaoke and yes, we have the video for you.
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♪ peyton manning is a legend on the football field but now that he's retired it appears he has little more time for other endeavors. >> take a look at this cell phone video from nashville. >> ♪ >> look at this. go ahead now. >> that's an oldie but a good die from tennessee. that is manning sinking karaoke at a bar on monday he join country music star lee bryce on the stage at winners bar and grill in nashville. he sang rocky to know the
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unofficial fight song of his alma mater the university of tennessee. notice the bright orange tie. he doesn't just sing he dresses the part. >> always. just yesterday he was playing in tennessee and now retired hall of famer eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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be sure to waft new "eyewitness news" this morning with jim donovan, brook top mass, meteorologist katie fehlinger and meisha johnson with traffic. team is op from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with stephen colbert with anna kendrick. >> thanks for watching, everybody. have a good night and sleep well.
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