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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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waiting for some rain. >> don't you love the trade off. >> right. >> keeping track of things this morning. >> yes. >> things are looking good. roads are nice and try but we have a couple accidents and we're still fighting that construction. we have a lot of morning construction that has not cleared out of the way and it is causing slow downs. i will touchdown in a minute. >> but a police -- like you said, roads are dry. that wet weather will be getting here. when it does i will give you a window of time you want to keep rain gear at the ready. i always like to tell you if you can leave umbrella at home because i'm never a fan of carrying stuff around with me if i don't have to. today would i keep it ready. here's when, would i say especially through midday. tail end of the typical morning drive, towards the time when kids are getting out of school really but looking at storm scan right now if you are only heading out, maybe going to the gym, something like that and you are booking it the right back home again don't worry about the umbrella. it is late they are morning throughout the midday and toward tail end of the
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afternoon that things start to get active here. the here's y wet weather is not here just yet but bubbling up, moisture building in the atmosphere and once it does get here some of you will get drenched through middle part of the day. here's the checklist of what you need to know, everything at least initially will be scattered, we might see a scattered thunderstorm. we want to you head inside because you you cannot have have thunder without lightening, they go hand and hand. rain amounts in total up to an inch. there will be ponding on the roads for sure, gusts, generally around 30 miles an hour but there is a wind advisory in effect in an hour or two that goes into effect specifically for southern new jersey, whole southern half of the state as well as all of delaware but temperatures are rebounding back to the lower 60's. that is good news. fifty-six right now. the it will feel kind of mild to you when you walk outside the door but that warmth is in hand, you know, just a a sign of things to come because eventually with the clouds overhead and that system on the way, showers will start to move through and they will, bring i would say too with the actual line of precipitation
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steadier pockets of rain. maybe that thunderstorm as well. again, midday that is window where wetter weather moves through our area. >> good news is morning rush will be moving on by so that is good news but like katie said pack an umbrella awe will need to it day. we have construction here 95 north between girard anal gain that i right lane still compromised. make note of. that when we look the at northbound side we are looking okay. when we look at the southbound side we can see we are starting to heat up already. we have just crack through 59:00 o'clock hour. make note of that giving us a good indication that we will be fairly busy on the roadways this morning. the construction street road westbound between rich lou road and hulmeville road, make note, one lane is blocked in and around this area we dealt with that yesterday as well. the and also mercon trucks here, west chester pike eastbound between valley drive and west town way, one lane block here as well. a lot of this morning construction does eventually get out of the way but make note that it is still out there so this is where we have a down pole from an earlier
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accident in trenton, new jersey. route 29 north was closed at sullivan way and now only the shoulder is squeaking by, make note you have an alternate but shoulder is getting by for now and i'll have another update coming up in a bit, jim, over to you. well, pennsylvania primary still weeks away but democrats for president are not taking this region lightly. >> campaign events are set for a second day here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in center city where bernie sanders is set to speak at the afl-cio convention later today, jan, good morning. >> reporter: brook and jim, good morning. the democratic presidential candidates are not taking this region lightly. they are spending time in pennsylvania, and philadelphia is in particular, and as you mentioned happening today senator bernie sanders will be taking the stage behind me here at the sheraton. he is taking same stage hillary clinton took yesterday speaking to labor leaders and union members. in the meantime, president bill clinton will be a cross
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town in mt. airy stumping for his wife. now take a look at the video. both clinton and sanders they are campaigning hard hoping to gain support of the organized labor. clinton yesterday promising a team at the table should she secure the democratic national nomination for president. she spoke at afl-cio convention in philadelphia yesterday before rounding out her trip here with the round table discussion including mayor jim kenney, civic leaders and students. meantime sanders made stop at temple united methodist church in south philadelphia and temple university. sanders is fresh off his 13-point win, wisconsin primary win. he is hoping to take pennsylvania as well. now 246 delegates are up for grabs and despite trailing clinton by more than 200 delegates, sanders remains confident and he actually escalated the rhetoric yesterday saying clinton is not qualified to be president. clinton's camp called it a new low, take a listen. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get 15
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million-dollar from wall street through your super pac. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. others won't even pass congress. i will stand with you. i will have your back. i will stop dead in its tracks any trade deal that hurts america. >> now hillary's husband president bill clinton is making a stop at dorothy emmanuel recreational center today as well as at 12:30. he is expected to speak about hillary being the candidate to raise incomes and get results. a new quinnipiac university poll released yesterday shows clinton leading sanders, 50 to 44 in the polls here in pennsylvania, and voters head to the polls in pennsylvania on april 26th. we will keep you up to date. we are reporting live from center city philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", brook and jim, back inside to you.
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meanwhile donald trump holds his first campaign rally since his big loss to senator ted cruz in the wisconsin primary, thousands turned out for a trump event in bet page new york, long island. senator cruz stumped in new york calling tuesday night's win in wisconsin a turning point. a new poll shows trump with a commanding lead in new york ahead of the primary there on tuesday april 19th. septa driver, a salted by a passenger, and it the is all caught on camera. surveillance video shows the suspect, sucker punched the operator have a 101 trolley just as he was getting off at springfield mall station. police in delaware county say that the attacker a parentally became upset after he realized he had slept past his stop. >> after he slept through his stop he wanted to get off in the middle of the road. the driver wouldn't do so and told him he could get off at the next approved stop. it was unprovoked this driver
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is just doing his job and this just shouldn't happen. >> this all happened last thursday night around 10:30. now the driver wasn't seriously hurt but if you have have any information on the suspect, call police right away. now for a look at newspapers head lanes from across our region. >> in the delaware county daily times police need your help finding a miss would go man from the fair acres geriatric center. seventy-nine year-old annie woodall is from philadelphia but last seen in middletown around 5:00 p.m. wednesday getting on a septa a route 111 bus bound for upper darby. she has dementia a. the intelligence is report ago this five bucks county, based credit unions and sixth in delaware county of been deemed insolvent and shut down by national credit union administration. the president of one of the credit unions said he was informed an investigation is underway of alleged impropriety in the credit union accounts.
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over in the burlington county times, tax relief may be on the way. new jersey state lawmakers advanced several bills intended to help this week. within bill would return millions of dollars in money collect from energy companies and utilities to municipalities. the other two bills would allow towns to create programs for rewarding people with property tax credits if they frequently shop at local businesses, or perform volunteer work for the municipality. meanwhile in other news it is national championship thing is working out well for villanova students who don't want to go to school. >> yes, classeses at nova are canceled again friday so students can go to the team championship parade in center city. now there was a celebration tuesday morning, a at nova, of course, but parade in center city this week will cost about $22,000. villanova will cover most of the cost that police emergency medical services and clean up, and philadelphia will pay about $6,500, to pay for sound
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system and barricade. mayor jim kenney says even if nova isn't in the city, it is definitely part of our community. >> i grew up in the big five. i'm a life long philadelphian. the big five, count drexel six but big five most of my life and one of the big five members did good and won national championship. that is something we should applaud and be proud of. >> septa is increasing service on the for is town market and broad street lines tomorrow, they really want you there. fyi, the celebration should wrap up around 3:00 in the afternoon. here's the parade route, and national champions will travel on market street from 20th to dilworth plaza at city hall. parade steps off at 1:00 p.m. if you cannot make it to center city tomorrow check out parade of champions live on cbs-3 beginning at 1:00 and if you air way from the tv, see the festivities live on our web site the at cbs it looks like the national
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championship craziness will keep going for wildcats and their fans. >> and it seems like nova has a new fan, in a high pre file one at that. >> really high character team throughout this thing. it was a pleasure to watch. congratulate all of them and tell jenkins he looked pretty cool out there taking that shot. >> it get better too. the chief executive is inviting the wildcats to the the white house, later this year. nova coach jay wright a says the chat was really cool. >> a girl and said coach wright, this is kathy from the the white house i'm with president obama. i said, wow, president obama was cool, as usual, he talk about the game, and it was the best college ncaa final ever. >> i love that. >> if i got a call from someone assaying they are from the white house would i hang up. i would think it was a scam
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call coming through. good for jay wright. >> you wouldn't believe it. >> exactly. >> it got the coach excited. >> good for him and the team. good stuff there. a major shake up for sixers. the abrupt change after three pretty horrible seasons. i like getting people to know the truth. >> she's digging for details at center of the controversy, the backlash, that a young reporter is facing for breaking a big story in their town and message she has for critics. plus atlantic city is on the brink of the financial disaster, we have the drastic step being taken to keep city hall working.
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the flyers hit a bum in their push to make the playoffs. a huge shake up in the sixers front office. >> well, a lot of sixers fans have been waiting for this one. meanwhile sports director don bell has sports news that you need to know this morning.
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>> trust the process. that catch phrase was introduced to philadelphia by sam hinkie. this morning he is no longer part of the process. sixers confirmed that hinkie has stepped down as general manager of the team. now to the ice we will go red wings have put the flyers in a tough spot. the wings winning last night in detroit three to nothing. that means flyers have three games remaining in the season to try to clinch a playoff birth. orange and black in philly tonight to take on toronto mapel leafs. phillies/red first inning, miguel franco, get up and out. two run shot to right field. phillies go up two to nothing. how about aaron nola flat out balling last night. sixth inning, seven innings, 8k's for nola. remember how we talk about that phillies bull pen having issues on opening day? a ah, it will be a licensing year. he loads bases and scott takes care of the rest.
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phillies lose three-two your final score. that is all for sports, now back to you guys on the desk. thanks, don. lets get latest on the rain heading our way. i'm curious about that. >> katie, will today be a wash out. >> i feel like it is a glass half full, half empty type days where some people might call it a wash out. if it becomes a wash out if you are out strictly through middle part of the day. that is when heaviest of the rain comes in. if you are going out right new it is dry, folks but it is obviously something on the horizon to our west here. central pennsylvania, speckled debring on the radar. this is moving our way and throughout the rest of the day we will dodge at minimum scattered showers, perhaps a thunderstorm. storm in its entirety though we have a classic set up here it looks like a candy kane and comma shape with the core of circulation expected to bypass well off to the north. we don't worry about any kind of snow, confined primarily across canadian border and cold front that crosses through that brings in that
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rain threat. we will walk through future rain amounts. even through 8:00 a.m. most have not seen one drop of rain so bulk of the first half of our morning rush should be okay. then we will get toward very tail end of it and things go downhill especially further toward central pennsylvania. even by the time we hit lunch and shortly thereafter there is a half inch of rain that has fallen. ponding on the roadways and through middle part of the day anywhere from a half to up to an inch worth of accumulating rain is possible out there, it will all run off, obviously but will lead to showdowns for you out there and then clears out much later on tonight. let's go to tomorrow, big parade down market street, 50 to 52 degrees is general range for that window of time for the parade but some sunshine but there will be a breeze and it will be at the backs of the basketball players as they are heading down market street. the this is more westerly push but cool, obviously and cooler then average too. sweat shirts as opposed to t-shirts and wear your navy a and white, go know of a so proud of you guys. mid to upper 40's, and yeah,
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meisha, i have a rain and snow icon. the just a couple of snow showers, nothing that will accumulate. >> man. >> yeah. >> but even just saying the word snow, and in april, no, all right. good morning, everyone. happy thursday. the schuylkill taillights are moving in the eastbound direction past montgomery. this is what you are looking at in the eastbound and westbound sides, certainly a lot of early risers jumping on the roadways now. i don't blame you. this is what you are dealing with on the schuylkill, actually not looking too bad i would say for 5:00 p.m. hour -- a.m. hour. we are dealing with construction here. we have been dealing with all morning long. i-95 north. a pol guys about the camera. ninety-five north at girard, between girard and allegheny these flashing lights letting people in the north bound direction of to move over to this far left lane. that is all you got. you can see how many vehicles every out there you you are going to still driving at 55 miles an hour but we know
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that will change. if that construction doesn't get out of the way it will pose a problem for us. the in the world of mass transit new scheduled for septa regional rails sunday. patco running a new schedule starting saturday. i have got an accident coming up i will tell but in about ten minutes. jan, back over to you. well, this next story is getting buzz on social media, reporter from pennsylvania facing criticism after covering a suspected murderer. >> it is not a reporting that is making people mad but her young age. this reporter is just nine years old. >> i'm disgusted that this little girl thinks she's a real journalist. nine year-old girls should be playing with dolls. >> she did in the like that. she's defending herself, and her dad, a former reporter, standing by her side. >> because of my work i was able to inform the people that
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there is a terrible murder. >> unaudible. >> do i want my daughter a at a a crime scene? it is a little uncomfortable? have have of course, it is, we worry about our kids but we would worry about far more than her at a crime scene is stifling that passion. >> she has run the orange street news, since 2014, in three hours northwest of philadelphia. so good for her. >> i love her so much good good for her. >> do not quash that girl's sense of responsibility and accomplishment there. she can play another day if she wants to cover a murder on a fire, good for her. >> do not tell little will girls they are only supposed to be playing with dolls or tea parties, this little girl is journalist at nine years old. celebrate that. >> indeed. stepping up security at boston marathon, the changes coming to the race this year to protect runners and
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spectators. plus t it up for success we will show you how some children are learning lessons about golf
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good morning. we're a few hours a way from the first round of the masters ting off and local group of kid cannot wait to watch. >> well, they are learning how you to master the game at a very young age and as victoria woodill shows us they are learning some important life lessons too. >> reporter: golf is in the air and at fdr park in south philadelphia a group of kid are kicking off their season as part of the first t. the first t is an organization that builds character and leadership through golf and the empowerment of solid coaching and guess what it is powered by the pros. >> first t has support from the u.s. ga, lpga and pga tour. they are lucky to have support
5:25 am
behind us, to, become a program where these students are becoming the next best golfer and not just best golfer but next best person. >> reporter: with that kind of wind at their backs the first t allow kids golfers line a annika, julian, franco and victoria to teach about golf in life. >> they teach you respect and golf also outside of the golf, we use golf as a vehicle to teach life skills, leadership skills, healthy habits and core values. >> reporter: as each student moves through the course of core values coaches and parent can see their little golfers swing get bigger as they grow taller. >> it is probably one of the best things about being a coach and working here with the first t, it is watching our students, you know, not only grow as in get taller but watch their swing grow. >> reporter: one of the best things for me our own masters tournament. >> lining up the putt, nice form, no nerves. >> tough course, tough course here. >> your name is torey, so you
5:26 am
estimate this will look really good. we have a reputation to protect. >> okay. >> got it. >> yeah. >> go a head. >> nice. >> wow. >> torey is walking over to the hole, getting ready to set up, good form. she's getting ready to take the shot. deep breather there. just missed. so close. >> i don't think i'm getting my green jacket today. >> that was vittoria woodill reporting. first t program is offering a full-time summer camp at ftr park for the first time. it cost $50 for 12 hours of lessons with all of the equipment included. >> eye/hand coordination problems. i usually don't do well. >> that could be a problem. >> i don't do well in golf or anything where things come flying at me, no. >> we were talking about core
5:27 am
values because one of of the things about golf is patients. that is one of those sports you need a lot of it. i don't have a lot of it. i never learned to golf by the way but man golf is a tough sport. i like driving cars. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> you learn how to play and you drive a car and i will be here. >> we can manage that. coming up next on "eyewitness news" atlantic city's last gasp mov to keep doors at city hall. clothing company ad is banned. we will show you what is so controversial about this picture. before you you pour a bowl of syrup for breakfast you have to hear this why experts say you should ditch skim milk and whole milk instead. >> katie. >> we are looking to quite a chill in the forecast for the weekend, so cold in fact our area coulde snow flakes, i will explain coming up.
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it is a cool, windy start to the day, but, some rain is on the horizon. you can see wet weather heading our way on storm scan three. good morning i'm brook thomas. >> i'm jim


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