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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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it is a cool, windy start to the day, but, some rain is on the horizon. you can see wet weather heading our way on storm scan three. good morning i'm brook thomas. >> i'm jim donovan.
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katie times out the rain in just a minute but first here's what you need to know to start your day in today's morning minute. >> this sounds to me like the sounds of a political revolution. >> campaign 2016 comes to philadelphia a. >> when unions are strong, families are strong and america is strong. >> president bill clinton will be across town in mt. airy speaking there stumping for his wife. >> he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. >> reporter: republican candidates are in a new york state of of mind. >> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. >> sam hinkie has stepped down as general manager of the team. >> pleasure to watch, congratulate all of them and tell jenkins that he looked pretty cool out there. >> i told him my wife has a crush on him. he said make sure she comes i want to take a picture with her. >> i mean seriously.
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>> where is james corden. >> he lost me blowing bubbles through his nose. >> he has a talented team of writers, they do an amazing job and someone that does an amazing job our katie. >> you're outside on the sky deck. >> what a transition, jim you just made my week. in rain just yet but you can see i have my beyonce fan on my. i'm in the quite as, awesome of beyonce would look though but it is starting to get breezy, that is a sign of things to come the. i stole that beyonce line from our wonderful producer jeremy but no rain just yet. let me show you localized zoom and show you what is coming. off in the distance central pennsylvania, several start to pop up here a little hint of precipitation. atmosphere is moistening up, we are seeing wind from the
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south and it is a mild start to the day but eventually the rain will get here. i would say tail end of the typical morning rush when it starts to build in from west to east and wind advisory also goes into effect late they're morning for wind gust that is peak as high as 45 miles an hour. it does not include any of pennsylvania but all southern half of new jersey and entire first state of delaware are in that wind advisory. the here's your current wind speeds out of the south at 20 miles an hour. this is sustain wind in atlantic city and wildwood so a breezy beginning to the day at the shore. hour by hour we will go and it is a milder day, we expect to hit 26 before the cold front crosses but right around lunchtime but then as it is crossing through pockets of heavier rain on the way, i will track that for you later in the show. stay tune. here's a heads up for weekend by the time we hit saturday we are stuck in february territory with mid to upper 40's at best and yes, meisha,
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there are a couple of snow flakes on that saturday icon and we will explain more about the next system that might bring white stuff later in the show as well, now back inside to you. >> no fun at all. >> i guess we will have to deal with the punches that are thrown, right? forty-two freeway north bound at creek road in new jersey to 29 five a lot of the drivers are on the roadways but at this 5:00 o'clock hour this is typical of what we see. a lot of early risers, good indication that it will be busy as we know thursday typically are. here's i-95 south right before girard, earlier we did have that construction i-95 north between girard and allegheny we have lost that far right lane pushing you into the right lane that has been since cleared. what i have my eye on is 95 south at around girard we are looking okay. this is where we have an overturn vehicle down pole and wires absecon boulevard westbound at turner avenue this will slow you down a bit
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until this gets cleared out of the way. we have reports about a serious accident. down pole from an earlier accident in trenton new jersey. twenty-nine north bound at sullivan way only shoulder gets by. for a while it was completely closed. shoulder gets by. an ultimate nate is clear field avenue at riverside drive. you won't need it new that the shoulder gets by but it is out there if you did need it. construction west chester pike between valley drive and west town way. within lane is block. atlantic city officials made changes to how it pays workers hoping to delay its financial crisis. >> workers will get paid once a month instead of the every two weeks. governor chris christie was down the shore pushing for a state take over. you know, he clashed with mayor don guardian calling him a liar and saying he originally supported the takeover. officials warn city could be broke by summer. >> it is ugly, smelly politics. he asked for pray are and all of the rest of it.
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the wonderful thing. he is a great guy. he has no idea what he is talking about. >> this is not an atlantic city bankruptcy but you a chris christie bankruptcy. he is forcing us into it. he is stalling us into bankruptcy. >> state aid for atlantic city, has been delayed by a stalled take over bill in legislature. boston marathon is ten days away and members of the fbi are discussing safety ahead of the event that will draw 1 million people to the city of boston. lessons have been learned since the bombings three years ago, some 5,000 law enforcement officers have been added to the route but they stress there has been no specific threats against the marathon this year. >> i feel firmly we have a well throughout out plan which will continue to be updated, as needed as the race day a approaches drones are being banned through 26.2-mile course, spectators asked to leave large backpacks and bags at home, personal items car mid clear plastic bags and
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coolers and glass bottles are prohibited. this years mar then takes place on monday, april 18th. speaking of drones, pretty varied group of industry representatives want to change the rules. faa currently bans drones from flying over people but airlines, realtors and drone manufacturers are suggesting drones aloud to fly 20 feet over peoples head with the buffer on all side. faa is accepting public comment on suggested rules. time is now for business news this morning. is facebook to blame for up tic in plastic surgery. >> which way investors went after hearing from the federal reserve. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning. wall street snapped a two day losing streak, dow jones jumped 112, nasdaq up 76, investors were in a buying mood after minutes from the fedes last meeting showed that the fed board is unlikely to raise interest rates this month because of the local
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economy is slowing economy. before the bell this morning the labor department will release weekly unemployment numbers. it follows a pretty strong jobs report for march which showed that hiring is still steady despite turmoil in the stock market. chrysler is laying off, 1300 workers at a michigan plant, first major layoff at a u.s. plant since the financial and auto crisis in 2009. the plant makes the chrysler 200 a mid sized car that has not been selling well, lower gas prices have more americans buying bigger suv's. and more millennials are going under the knife. new survey plastic surgeons say patients are getting younger with social media adding pressure to look good. some of the trend are nose jobs, fuller lips and botox. the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery, butt implants. brook and jim. >> butt implants. >> kardashian effect, right. >> you say so jill we will take your word, thanks so much, talk to you. meanwhile we're hearing
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criticism and a warning. >> yeah, it is from the white house, this aims at the halls of congress, in particular, republicans. >> correspondent kim hutchinson shows it is over lack of funds to fight the zika virus and obama administration says americans are at risk. >> reporter: white house leveled a warning at republicans in congress: authorize money for zik a a prevention now or pay price later. >> republicans will look back at this time to act on the zika virus and deeply regret it. >> reporter: at issue $1.9 billion requested by the obama administration in february to be used for measures like mosquito control and vaccine development. >> congress has completely in the done their responsibility to follow through on a proposal that the administration put forward. >> reporter: world health organization say zika virus represent a global healthy mergecy. sixty-four cases have been confirmed in pregnant woman in the u.s. but they got the virus elsewhere.
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since that february funding request has in the been approved, the administration is repurposing 600 million-dollar originally intended for use against ebola. congressional republicans had advocated shifting fund and they say they will machine for the situation. but he says with temperatures warming and mosquito populations rising, 600 million-dollar is not enough. >> there is no way this should even be a partisan dispute. they will have to choose whether or not their animosity toward president obama trumps their desire to try to pretech pregnant with man from this terrible disease. >> kim hutchinson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a apple will a day does more than just keep the doctor away. big benefit from adding more fresh fruit tour diet. also you will recognize this guy, right? a parentally not everyone does. so see how philly a's own kevin hart when someone confused him with another comedian. plus. >> promise you me you won't
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spill anything and take your feet off the coffee table i just had it refinished. >> tv's odd couple back on cbs, i sat down with the stars to talk about is what new in the second season of the hit comedy,
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hey there, there has been a lot of talk lately about women's body issues. the debate yesterday was about
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amy schumer being called plus sized, this time it is opposite end of the spectrum. check out this ad for gucci, it has actually been banned in england because model is too thin. there is a watch dog in england making sure models are not sending wrong message to girls. gucci defended ad says the model is toned and slim. i got to tell but a huge loss in country music, merrill haggard died yesterday, on his seventh ninth birthday. haggard, as you know, helped put my hometown of oklahoma a on the map. this guy got on the country music, hall of fame in 1994. big loss there. philly's own kevin hart, he is one of the funniest men around, comedy rock star, on tv, in movies and even working on a book but some people still don't know who he is.
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>> yes, i am. >> okay. pleasure to meet you. >> to. >> come to my show tonight. >> okay, all right. >> it is called rock the world. >> oh, no. >> hart posted this video calling out a fan who thought he was chris rock. you have to give him credit for playing along. it looks like he sold his ticket to chris rock's new show. he said these are moments that keep him humble. >> i love that about him. we have loved kevin hart from the start but he is so town to earth. >> and he is really funny. >> very calm. >> that poor fan. >> that fan is like what happened what did i do? >> yes. little fopa. >> now to the weather. we will totally switch gears. we are looking ahead to the windy, rainy day, our latest cold front set to cross through. the it is cool calm and
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collect. we will at this shot facing south overlooking center city. yeah, you know, we don't have any shaking in the camera. it is quiet. it is tranquil. it is breezy. i can attest to that having been out on the cbs-3 sky deck but still dry for now. that will be changing with time. as i mentioned you will note that is wind out there as the day progresses as well. now i want to take you back in time if i can here we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers and go out to the new video future. this video came in from fran, from chester county in nottingham showing just visual that the wind is whipping outside in his backyard here among the trees. so it is definitely, the breeze is a running theme of our forecast and it has not let up all that much and new we will than dealing with the wind advisory through southern new jersey and the entire state of the delaware, for this storm system, so this storm is what will be pushing through the rain, entry today, even though it is right now if you plan to be out at all
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during midday i would have the umbrella rid to go. the don't get crushed when this rain comes through because you can get doused. we will take you out to 8:00 a.m. starting the time stamp there. net is brunt of heavy wet the weather pushing from the western most suburbs by about lunchtime two noon or so when we will see the most widespread coverage at least around philadelphia you could get doused by this. if you had lunch plans to meet collogues i would take the umbrella at that point or order lunch in. 3:00 p.m. kid getting a out of school in east central new jersey you might have heavier rain. lingering showers toward night fall but we will clear out. the hint of spring coming our way. phillies first pitch forecast first pitch at home, maybe a shower. just a chance right now. i want to you stick with me on that one. we will keep a close watch on that possibility. very quick check of the seven day as well dropping off for the weekend and couple of rain and yes, snow showers, on tap for saturday, meisha. >> yeah, no fun happening on a saturday but i guess only
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thing is it forces us to stay in and need to get done, go through mail, laundry, catch up on that stuff, right? there is, i guess a approach to that. producer eyes shaking his head over there yeah, we like. that vine looking at west and eastbound side we are starting to heat up especially on the eastbound side of the vine. make note of that. roads are looking okay. ben franklin bridge kind of the same story here. look at this, looking nice and quiet. the as we push toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. ben franklin bridge, those traveling through new jersey, you're looking nice. ninety-five south at cottman we are heating up here. starting to see brake lights around s curve but things are looking g still traveling at around 55 miles an hour which is where i want you but know that will start to drop ever so slightly. we are looking at girard and that seems to be the casement the accident here, alternate vehicle down pole and wire, absecon boulevard westbound at turner avenue. this will slow you down. early in trenton new jersey
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route 29 north it was closed at pole but now jim, back to you. oscar and felix are back. >> second season of the odd couple premiers tonight on cbs >> i don't know why i put up with you. >> you have to be the single will most irresponsible, man on this earth. >> oscar. >> have you finally driven me insane. >> tonight oscar and felix are obsessed, and, i talk with the show's star matthew perry and, and,. >> we have started, accidentally hearing the people upstairs and then we go out of our way to make it not accidental so we can hear them all the time. then we decide that we will get into their life and start fixing all of their problems. >> and it is all done. >> but for someone living in the condo building i can
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understand this episode already. back for second season, fans really like the show what do you think about the show that made it such a big hit. >> the show hinges between the chemistry between thomas and i, we got lucky, the show is at its best when we're arguing, that is sort of the funniest scenes that we do is when he and i are fighting and then we generally make up and in a sweet way at the end of the show we also have a great ensemble cast around us. >> you can catch season premiere of the odd couple tonight on 8:30 right here on cbs-3. speaking of that great cast matthew told me they asked good guest stars coming up for the season including terry hatch are and gary marshall who i'm a big fan of. he is a macing.
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good you like sharks adventure aquarium is giving you a new chance to get a rare look at these under water creatures. brand new shark bridge exhibit opens up tomorrow giving you the chance to walk right above the sharks. this is next best thing to swimming with them. tomorrow morning we will take you their life for a special preview before the exhibit opens. you won't want to miss it tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. good stuff, good stuff. before you leave home we have three things you need to necessity including plans to improve your cell phone reception. and skim or whole milk what goes in your cereals this morning and why experts say you should skip the skim milk.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. if you are planning to drink a latte or eat cereals this morning you have to hear this. >> full fat dairy, like whole milk may be better for you then skim milk. researchers found adults with high levels of full fat dairy biprod new jersey their blood had a lower risk of developing diabetes. it is not clear why but experts say consuming high fat foods keeps you fuller, longer so might not eat, you may eat fewer calories overall each day. eating fresh fruit every say may lower your wristing of heart attack and stroke
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according to a brand new, seven year study out of china researchers found people who ate fresh fruit daily lowered their risk by a third, fruit they at most apples and orange. jim donovan has an orange. >> right here in a little baggy, frozen oranges. >> lets talk about trash becoming treasure. >> retired new york city sanitation worker operates a museum of memorabilia. from the outside it is an unmark warehouse in harlem but inside nelson molina has acquired odds and end that chronicle decade of life in style. things like projectors and basketballs to a letter from the white house. nelson began his collection as a child. >> i look in the bags and see what i can take out, i have two brothers, three sisters. we didn't get much for christmas. >> nelson says mess surprising thing he has found was a star of david made with steel from one of the fallen world trade
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centers. this collection, he says is priceless and i agree. before you head out of the door here three things happening around town today, it three is to go. >> today is day two of the bernie sanders campaign stop to philadelphia, he will speak at pennsylvania afl-cio convention around ten this morning. >> at&t will unveil plans to upgrade cell phone network leading up to the democratic national convention in july. camden county police will receive sensitivity training today. this he will learn how to better handle calls with people from autism. first local department to receive training from bank croft and that is three to go. >> coming up, in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", people are paying hundreds of dollars to see hamilton on broadway but what if i told you how to get a ticket for just a few dollars, $10. it is possible. i will tell you how. star bucks can be a expensive habit but i have ways to save money every time you order up, coming
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storm scan three is working hard this morning and katie tracking rain, thunderstorms even a chance of snow, in the forecast, and she's timing it all out for us. plus, dueling democrats, the presidential candidates campaign in philadelphia, and they have had a lot to say about each other, and our
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city. and the visits don't stop there, happening today a former president, comes to philadelphia. today is thursday, april 7th, good morning, i'm's jim donovan. hey, it is friday eve, i'm brook thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes. >> one day closer, i can just feel it. starting to wind down in the traffic department come thursday and certainly friday. we know people are gearing up for weekend. now that we're cracking in the 6:00 a.m. hour we are seeing vehicles hit the roadways. >> we will see a lot of wet weather too. i would say toward lunchtime you have got to have your rain gear ready to go if you plan to be out as we head that middle part of the day. we will start off by getting you outside to the live neighborhood network guys. it is all calm. never necessity there was a storm on the way by looking at this shot. we have a beautiful clear view of the skies line being taken from one of of our trusty palmyra cove nature park shots here in the live neighborhood network where we are finding again just


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