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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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city. and the visits don't stop there, happening today a former president, comes to philadelphia. today is thursday, april 7th, good morning, i'm's jim donovan. hey, it is friday eve, i'm brook thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes. >> one day closer, i can just feel it. starting to wind down in the traffic department come thursday and certainly friday. we know people are gearing up for weekend. now that we're cracking in the 6:00 a.m. hour we are seeing vehicles hit the roadways. >> we will see a lot of wet weather too. i would say toward lunchtime you have got to have your rain gear ready to go if you plan to be out as we head that middle part of the day. we will start off by getting you outside to the live neighborhood network guys. it is all calm. never necessity there was a storm on the way by looking at this shot. we have a beautiful clear view of the skies line being taken from one of of our trusty palmyra cove nature park shots here in the live neighborhood network where we are finding again just a lot of clouds but
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we have wet weather on the way. the as we go throughout the course of the midday, we will see that stuff that is starting to pop up here across central pa migrate and cross through central portion of our area. the timing is this that you will end up with i would say between 9:00 and 3:00 p.m. heavier rain coming through. scattered showers anytime. in addition to this wind advisory initial to effect at 7:00 this morning from southern new jersey and state of the delaware for wind speeds and gusts specifically that peak as high as 45 miles an hour. this front means business. so make sure that stuff is secure before you hit the road and we will track it down later today. >> don't to that. >> mid 50's from philadelphia down to ac definitely breezy and as the day goes on, we are milder, but of course it comes with the trade off, and eventually, behind this cold front it is in the name we will start to cool down from here, just as a nose dive we are set to go on this week
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coming up. >> it is kind of aness evil, all right, thank you so much. good morning, everyone. headlights moving in the southbound direction, looking good, like i said, earlier, risers, travelers new jumping outside on the roadway. not a bad idea. i-95 north at 452 we are looking at, all of the way up to the airport. we're not bad at all. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction, approaching schuylkill, looking good in both directions keeping an eye on it. looking good in both directions. speaking of the boulevard, we have an accident, roosevelt boulevard, northbound outer drive at tyson avenue. make knows in and around this area because we know as we push deeper to the 6:00 that doesn't get out the of the way that will slow us down this morning. jim, back over to you. well, another big day in the race for people here in philadelphia former president bill clinton is coming to town to campaign for wife hillary. bernie sanders is set to speak at day two of the
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afl-cio convention. that is where we will find jan carabao in center city with what the two candidates are saying about this region and what they are saying about each other. jan, what are they saying about this. >> reporter: well, brook and jim, good morning a a lot is happening on the campaign trails here in philadelphia, today as you mentioned, senator bernie sanders will be taking a stage behind me here at the sheraton a little bit later on this morning. he will speak to the same crowd hillary clinton spoke to yesterday and later on a visit the by president bill clinton across town in mt. airy stumping for his wife. at yesterday's comments were any indication it certainly looks like this race is new heating up. >> you know, every time i say politics has a lot of drama, something happens, like that villanova game at the end. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping for a pennsylvania win for herself, campaigning in philadelphia, wednesday and find for support of the organized labor.
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>> i will stand with you, i will have your back and i will stop dead in its tracks, any trade deal that hurts america. >> speaking in front of the afl-cio convention in center city former secretary promised labor union members a seat at the table should she win a nomination. the clinton also spent time differentiating herself from opponent bernie sanders. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. others won't even pass congress. >> reporter: across town senator sanders called for a political revolution. >> we're not going go to solve those problems with old fashion establishment politics or establishment economics, we need a political revolution. >> reporter: sanders made stops at temple united methodist church in south philadelphia and temple university yesterday, fresh off of his 13-point wisconsin primary win, he is hoping to take pennsylvania as well, 246
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delegates are up for grabs and despite trailing clinton by more than 200 delegates, sanders remains confident. >> we have won seven out of the last eight primaries and caucuses. >> reporter: sanders escalated rhetoric saying clinton is not qualified to be president. >> i don't think thaw are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street, through your super pac. >> now, clinton's camp immediately called that comment a new low, former mayor, michael nutter also weighing in on twitter asking sanders to take the comment back. in the meantime new quinnipiac university poll puts clinton ahead of sanders 50 to 44 here in pennsylvania and voters head to the poll here in pa on april 26th. reporting live from center city philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brook, and jim, back to you. republican candidates are in new york ahead of the state's primary on the 19th. >> donald trump spoke for the
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first time since lose nothing wisconsin. he was in bet page new york where he was quick to remind voters about comments rival ted cruz made several months ago. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're in good. like we're in good. >> cruz spent the day in the bronx where he took a shot at trump. >> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. he likes to yell, and scream and insult and curse. >> now polls show cruz trailing trump in new york, ohio governor john kasich was off the campaign trail yesterday, he delivered his state of the state address. in other news the search is on for suspect police say assaulted a septa a driver and random attack is all caught on camera. surveillance video shows the suspect sucker punching the operators of the 101 trolley as he was getting off at springfield mall station. police in delaware county say
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the attacker became upset after he realized he had slept past his stop. >> after he slept through his stop he wanted to get off in the middle of the road, the driver weren't do so and told him he could get off at the next approved stop. >> it was unprovoke, this driver is just doing his job and, you know, this just shouldn't happen. >> this all happened last thursday night around 10:30 the driver was not seriously hurt and if you have any information call the police. it the is a gift that could save a lot of lives, district attorney seth williams has announced a 50 you this dollars donation from independent blue cross, and the pennsylvania district attorney's association. money will be used to purchase narcan a nasal spray given to heroin overdose victims, by police, to prevent deaths. new for your local at newspaper headlines across our region. >> the delaware county daily times report did the ui task
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force will conduct a sobriety checkpoint this weekend. officers are dedicating it to the memory of 18 year-old dahntay decide monday who was killed in the dui related crash back in january 2014. >> from the burlington county times a multi million-dollar park slate todd open a year ago will open up this saturday. delran community park faced several setbacks including tough winter and grass not taking root. and great news for three quakertown a area fourth graders, in today's intelligencer. codey ross, gavin basil and mike a by annika are heading to the robotic's championship. and, bexiq robotics championship. 180 teams, from more than 40 countries, will compete being held in louisville, kentucky. >> good luck to those, it is an amazing job, wish them well as they compete. one of the most dangerous road in the country are right here in philadelphia, the
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effort underway to make the roosevelt boulevard, safer. plus 76ers general manager sam hinkie hand in his resignation, and it is 13 pages long. what he said in his manifesto about the teams problems. and this young man wants katie's job just kidding, katie, he is one of the our cbs-3 weather watchers. brook and katie met up with him and ended up wearing his clothes. we will have more coming up next. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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thanks for joining us everyone. well, philadelphia a has two of the most dangerous intersections, get this, in the nation. >> they are both on roosevelt boulevard. over the past five years there have been at least 3,000 crashes, on the 14-mile highway, including at least, 20 pedestrian death. now, mayor jim kenney is doing something to make the boulevard safer. city officials along with septa and penndot will host five forums this month, the first one is next thursday night, at the four points sheraton along the boulevard. any problems on the roads, this morning, meisha. >> well, funny you were talking about the boulevard because we do have an accident right the now on the roosevelt boulevard. touch base in just a second but right new look at this blue route headlights moving in the southbound direction a at baltimore pike. look at how busy north and southbound side. the blue route has started to heat up over the past 15 or 20 minutes or so. also schuylkill taillights
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moving in the eastbound direction at belmont avenue you can see how busy it is as well. eastbound predominantly and westbound but really eastbound side we are taking a peak at now. the accident 95 south approaching 322, that right lane is compromised but it is looking okay, so make note of that. also in the world of the mass transit, schedules for all regional rail lines on sunday and patco resorting a new schedule on sat kay. check your schedules on line. the here's the accident i was talking about, roosevelt boulevard northbound outer lanes at tyson after new is there an accident there indeed so make note of that for those in and around this area because that is certainly going to slow you down, and interesting point that the boulevard is scary, katie. >> we have seen a lot of accidents there over the years that i have been here, that is for sure. yeah, slow it down out there and be weary what is going on around you at anytime. the especially on a day like this we have wet weather. things are dry. if you are just running to the gym, running back home in an hour, you will be avoiding this. however, later throughout the
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afternoon, even as early as tail end of the morning rush all this wild bill in. this is leading edge. it will trigger any wet weather here today. severe threat, guys, it could be a rumble of thunder but of course if you hear thunder, there will be lightening involved. you cannot have one without the other. if you hear thunder head inside but we are all sitting in that very minor threat, for thunderstorm today. i say bigger issue is wind and downpours that come with this here today as cold front crosses through, i will give you a window of nine, as early as 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for heavier rain to be pushing through. moving through west to east. further inland you you are, earlier it gets there. closer to the shore later it will retreat. that is when brunt of the wet weather comes through, still lingering the scattered showers through this evening and then starts to clear out. we will back into some sunshine, breezy, cooler, cold front in the name, but in time for villanova parade. big day, it looks dry. heading in to saturday, i
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know, little will disturbance pushes through and snow showers but that gets out, we will break for sunshine on sunday. the winter chillies still with us this weekend. quick check of the seven day because we have phillies home opener coming on monday and at this point it is a chance that we see a shower. keep a very close watch on that as we get closer, but we are going to moderate up on the thermometer. brook you are brand new to this city, we will talk weather all the time. you have not found a daze you are loving just yet but the weather across the delaware valley, entire delaware valley, is variable by dynamic. we took a trip outside to the burbs to meet a member of the extended cbs-3 weather family one of our very own eyewitness weather watchers. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> so brook here has been a eyewitness weather watchers sin we launched it a couple years ago. you would be very proud to say
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you are a weather geek. >> i just love it. every storm that comes by here i video tape it. >> reporter: peter is not a meteorologist yet but studying communications at rowan college in gloucester county. >> do you think you will be a meteorologist. >> somewhere down the line i hope, fill katie fehlinger's shoes some day good don't take my job yet. >> he fosters his meteorology as part of our team end ising observation from his this weather station. >> temperature, humidity and barometer and i always necessity what is going out here in my backyard. he host a you tube channel where he discusses storm scenarios. >> it can go way lower or higher. >> reporter: and keeps local weather data that dates back years. >> how far do these record go back. >> these go back to 2010 some of them, some 20 is 11. >> reporter: peter's passion does not stop with weather. talked neatly in his closet he cultivate a massive collections have plaid shirts. >> you are serious.
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>> yes good look at that. >> so of course brook and i seized the opportunity and don some plaid and made a cameo on peter's you tube channel. >> thank you you for having us. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much, letting us crash your show. >> yeah, in problem. >> so much fun. >> and he i have to say, he was so grateful we came out to his house but truly peter we are grateful to have you because eyes on the ground reports are valuable to the forecast for sure. >> what do you think? i love it. i love his family. they were awesome. we were our own plaid shirts. i may be similar to peter, we did not raid his closet those were brook's shirts. >> he need aid plaid shirt. i have options. maybe i'm a plaid collector too. >> now we need to get you a you tube channel, impressive. we have to continue on, villanova is best college basketball team and sixers are worst pro team so here is the
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question: could nova actually beat sixers. >> no, no, no college team can beat a pro team. >> we have a computer program that can predict these kind of things and we will get the answer next from a pro. plus wifi is a necessity for these students, but what happens if you have no access to the internet. see how one high school principal is putting wifi on wheels next.
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fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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we now howie sentence it is to have internet access. >> meisha, you are and so now finally these student nor longer at mercy of someone else's wifi, you got to love this. california's valley school district was first to give ipads to every single student a great plan with one problem. lots of families there can't afford internet access so superintendent darryl adams came up with the brilliant, fix. they all outfitted ten school bus west routers and left them overnight in various neighborhood. the it gives students a chance to connect, and, gets their work done. >> yeah. >> i have put a router on a pigeon if i have to, fly around a neighborhood whatever it takes to get these students connected, we will do. i love this.
6:22 am
school district, continues to turn salvaged cars in mobile hot spots for these kids. get this you guys, graduation rate, is up by 8 percent. it goes to show that one person can make such a big difference. >> i love that. >> i love that. >> yes. >> isn't that such a great idea, he saw a problem, and he fixed it. that is power so many people have. >> good for school kid. >> absolutely. >> tomorrow is a big parade for villanova wildcats. people are wondering who is footing the bill that is next. >> people are paying hundreds if in the thousands of dollars to see the broadway show hamilton. but now there is a way to score a ticket for just $10, coming up.
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helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising. well now hinkie is out of a job after he has stepped down. he surprised the team with the the 13 page manifesto using more than 7,000 word to talk to the sixers partners. he says that the sixers have the best odd ever to get the top draft pick, insiders say hinkie was losing power but was not being fired. well, another basketball team around here is getting
6:26 am
ready for once in a lifetime experience at center city championship parade. we're talking about the national college basketball champion villanova wildcats, their parade is tomorrow and starts at 1:00 and runs from 20th and market to dilworth park. parade will cost about $22,000, and villanova's footing most of the bill, city of philadelphia will chip in $6,500 to cover barricades and a sound system, the celebration should wrap up around 3:00 p.m. if you cannot make it down to the city friday, tomorrow, see parade of champions live right here on cbs-3 or our web site at cbs people are comparing wildcats and sixers and wondering who would win between the two. >> interesting question, and now we're giving you the chance to weigh in. sixers have won ten games this season in the nba and villanova won that many games just in the last month. including the march madness tournament. predictions crunch the numbers and they say sixers would win
6:27 am
pretty easily. hit us up on twitter at cbs-3 mornings and tell us who you think with win sixers or nova. still ahead, the atlantic city financial crisis. >> it is ugly, smelly politics. >> tough talk from governor chris christie about ac's mayor and what is being done to prevent shore town from running out of money. plus grand changes are coming to the star bucks reward program, it will be harder to get free stuff but i have secret ways to save money there every day coming up.
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. clear but the rain is moving in, katie is tracking chance of thunderstorms, too. is there even a chance of snow, yep, i said it, snow, katie will let us know when worst weather will hit. good morning, i'm jim donovan.
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i'm brook thomas. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> this sound to me like the sound of a political revolution. >> campaign 2016 comes to philadelphia. >> when unions are strong, families are strong and america is strong. >> president bill clinton will be across town in mt. airy speaking there and stumping for his wife. >> he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. >> republican candidates are in a new york state of mind. >> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. >> sixers confirmed hinkie stepped down as general manager of the team. >> pleasure to watch. congratulation all of them and tell jenkins he looked cool out there. >> i told him my wife has a crush on him. he said make sure she comes i want to take a picture with her. >> i mean seriously
6:32 am
is that james corden i don't know how i comes up with that stuff. >> how do you come up with the weather forecast. >> i can just look at crystal ball and it tells me exactly what will happen. >> yes. >> we do put a lot of analytics when it comes to the forecast so you know exactly what we are thinking and give you most accurate depiction of how things will shake out for the day. today will be the wetest day of the next seven. at the moment it is mild here on the sky deck and at the moment it is also dry. the notice what happens though over this three hour loop, things start to bubble up, moisture building in the atmosphere and eventually that out to the west will roll on through our area, i would say window of timing for the steady yes, sir, heaviest rain is leakily between about eight or 9:00 a.m. from west to east out until maybe 3:00 p.m. at the latest. further you you are inland,
6:33 am
earliest it gets here obviously and it might be until early afternoon you will see heavier rain pushing through with that front say toward shore towns but temperatures rebound to the 50's. we will have decent gusts, they will be higher to the south east but 30 miles an hour wind gusts around southeastern pennsylvania and it is gusting decently on the skies deck right now with that said you can see gusts as high as 45 miles an hour across southern delaware and southern new jersey, and all of delaware. mid 50's up and down i-95. it is a mild tart to the day. forty-three in mount pocono. that is in the the bad. you cannery bound here to actually seasonal territory for a change, lower 60's at the shore in philadelphia as well but again, it is the wetest day of the forecast so some rain to track for sure as the behind this meisha, another nose dive on the thermometer and we will tell you how cold it will get coming up. >> it will be chilly, thanks, katie. >> well, what we have right new if you are just waking up with us by the way we have an accident at 95 south approaching 322. vehicle went off the road here. right lane is compromised
6:34 am
because of this. take a look at this, this does in the look good at all but what we are seeing when we look around the camera right around this area it doesn't look like it is causing too many slow downs. it looks like a very serious accident with the flatbed truck here. the just make note of that here coming around again i-95 south approaching 322, that right lane is compromised and might slow you down a bit. make note of that. i-95 headlights in the southbound direction before cottman see how slow this is now as we are's pushing toward our rush hour we can expect that. so just know you are traveling less than what posted speeds are around 55 miles an hour. schuylkill headlights in the eastbound direction for the conshohocken curve. we are both looking in the eastbound side and on the westbound side it is looking slow. we are seeing brake lights off the schuylkill right the now. also an accident here involving injuries, roosevelt boulevard northbound outer drive at tyson avenue, all outer lanes, are blocked right now, they are completely block so just make note. we will help you navigate around that in a moment. the mass transit, new schedules for all septa a
6:35 am
regional rail lines. the patco running a new schedule as well. back to you. you know you have to expect delays in the the city to day as candidate continue their campaigns for president here in philadelphia a. hillary clinton spoke to the afl-cio cop convention yesterday, bernie sanders is set to take the same stage today. >> we are running to win. we have won seven of the last will eight primary and caucuses, we have got a road to victory. lie forward to coming back to this beautiful city. >> i am concerned, that some of his eye tea will not work because of the numbers not adding up. others won't even pass congress. >> former president bill clinton is also in town to speak at the dorothy emmanuel recreation center in mt. airy at 12:30. on the republican side, donald trump and rival ted cruz both campaigned in new york, yesterday where polls show trump in the lead. the primary there is
6:36 am
april 19th. in other news shock ago rest for child pornography in new jersey. sixteen people face charges including a teacher, a school bus driver and a high school student. new jersey state attorney general announced they are arrest this hamilton township mercer county this was all part of the operation safe guard. authorities targeted suspects using on line file sharing networks to distribute child porn. suspect thomas guzz i fridays pitman and taught at winslow elementary school in vineland. >> we have no evidence that these defendants assaulted, or inappropriately touched any children. if there are any witnesses, or victims out the there who have any evidence concerning these defendants, please let us know. >> guzzi has been suspended from his rob. atlantic city, made changes to how to pay workers hoping to delay the financial crisis. workers will get paid once a month instead of the every two weeks. governor chris christie was
6:37 am
down the shore yesterday, pushing for a state take over. he clashed with mayor don guardian calling him a liar, and saying he originally supported the takeover. officials warn city could be broke by summer. if you are a fan of star bucks you have heard that the coffee chain is changing reward program. beginning next tuesday april 12th star bucks reward will be based on how much you spend rather than how many times you visit. in today's three on your side report we will look at ways to save when visiting star bucks. if you make a daily trip to star bucks you you know it can really put a grande dent in your wallet. >> if you go star bucks every day for a year and only gets small size that is $700 they have put in their coffee habit. >> reporter: rebecca a dolan says regardless of the changes to the star publication reward program, you should still sign up. >> you get a free birthday treat, you get free coffee or tea. >> reporter: build up certain number of points or stars, inn a you can cash them in for
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free drinks and food. >> they are double star days where you get obviously double the stars on your purchases and then there are just a number of different benefits throughout the year coupon for half price breakfast sandwiches or buy one get one drinks. many different promotions throughout the year. >> do you want to trim your spending, order a short size. >> short size, if they don't advertise is 8-ounces where it is tall is, 12 ounces. and you know when we calculated price difference we found that downgrading from the tall to short will save you $90 a year if you go every single day. >> reporter: another way to save. >> we recommend checking outsides like car, people will cash in this card that they don't want to use and then, you can buy them at a discount because that is basically like getting free coffee. >> when all else fails consider a barista as employees are entitled to 30 percent off, drinks, food and american. i have posted more information
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on cbs >> i love you when you save me money jim donovan. coming up teaching kid about saving money, what you should tell children at each age. do you remember when that little will boy rush the basketball court to give carmelo anthony a hug. this morning there is major fall out. >> it is not masters but cbs morning team decided to hit the golf court, miniature golf court and one has major bragging rights, can you guess who? next.
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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what better time to talk to kids about money. >> a cord to go research money habits form by age seven. we compared them to develop those all important saving habits. jill schlesinger joins us live from new york with advice, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> how early should you start talking to your kid about money, jill. >> i know this is crazy but between the ages of three and five, you start, and you do it
6:43 am
by saying okay, this is what a coin is, this is value of a coin, difference between something that is free like hey you are playing with the friend, that is free and something that cost money like an ice cream cone. you should interest cues a concept of work, and the idea that you may have to wait for something that you want. that is a biggie. >> all right. >> what should parents focus on when kid are in elementary school. >> you know, you can start paying your kid an allowance as early as age six, lots of dispute around allowances, most experts say it should not be based on how hold chores but rather much better to choose an amount based on what you already spent on some sort of small discretionary item that your child likes but does not need like a toy. make it clear, this is what i'm giving you, it replaces what you would have been spending on your child. we have to start early guys. opening up a savings account, explain concept have of earning interest and to reenforce savings habit, you
6:44 am
may want to consider a matching plan. kid puts in a dollar, maybe you put in 25 cents. >> what about teenagers and young adults, jill. >> well, you know, what is going on in that case is bigger questions, right? because now you are having conversation about debt. whether it is credit card debt, how it works, how it can ruin your life not forever but obviously the perils of it. it is very important as your kid get older that you start to talk about college. we are waiting to have these conversations for far too late in the process, how much the family can really afford and what the spectations are for the child as he or she enters college financially, what that kid will be on the hook for. they are hard conversations but really better to start them as early as possible. >> great information, jill thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> all right. you must remember when we showed thaw video of the little boy dashing into the basketball court to hug
6:45 am
carmelo anthony. well, unbelievably cute moment cost two people their jobs. an usher was fired and police officer was rhea sign have after the boy made it to the foul line in new orleans last week. officials say it could have been worse because it would have been a little boy was a an adult with other moments. >> wow, it is a shame. >> it really is. >> little will bye just running out there. >> but i totally get it. you have to keep those guys safe, right. >> that is a shame all the way around. we can uplift you here with some good news, in the eyewitness weather forecast here. we will start off with a check of the eyewitness weather watchers and they have been send nothing video for us all this week. delores send this in from state park here, she's out in the new washing area and it looks like we have got either ducks sitting out here or some debris but just a very calm, beginning to the day. this is actually taken yesterday, but at this point we are starting to see the wind pick up out there and we will go to the full screen
6:46 am
view of the weather watchers we are going to take the format here. mid 50's currently reported by that and we are off to a mild start. factor in the win it does make it feel cooler. lynn reports from cherry hill 14 miles an hour wind out of the southwest but for predominantly we are seeing win direction out of the south east in these spots here. more southerly then anything. what that tells you is that you are starting to see that push from the south, to warm things up and all out in advance of our next round of rain. there it is, on storm scan three. still not reaching us yet just jumping out the door heading to the jim and coming back home and staying there for the day you might beat wet weather entirely. if you plan to be out in the middle part of the day, guys i would have wet weather gear ready to go because once this front comes through it will douse them. time stamp 11:00 a.m. today. that is, i would say as early as eight or 9:00 a.m. when we will see heavier rain push in the western most suburbs and then it all just rolls east.
6:47 am
lunchtime is soggy it looks like around philadelphia and it is starting to clear out later this afternoon but even toward evening, residual wrap around moisture could lead to additional showers but they will be scattered for evening rush. it is lunchtime when things will end up being at their worse around philadelphia and by the time we get to tomorrow drying out for villanova parade and this by comes along and yes, dry throughout the scene it is bringing potential for snow. i don't think we are talking about accumulation. minor disturbance but cold enough to support it, yep, meisha you might see a few snow flakes on saturday. >> sound that way. sound like we are getting a little bit of a dose of minnesota where i come from, snow in april, may, sometimes june. so fun. no fun at all. ninety-five south an accident a approaching 322, you can see pulled off to that right shoulder, flatbed truck went off the side of the road but not causing too many slow downs. you might have a few people tapping their brakes a bit as they look at is what going on
6:48 am
there 42 freeway north bound at creek road looking us about a approaching 295. make note, we have been watching it slowly heat up all morning long and it is certainly busy right the now. been franklin bridge on the other hand, by the way, is this shot not absolutely gorgeous? it looks like a post card it is so beautiful. looking good, as we move in the westbound direction from new jersey it is looking very slow, very, very slow. when i talk about driving your car slow but just not a lot have of volume at all out there. take note of this, soville 'nova championship parade, yah friday at 1:00 p.m. will be a awesome. closures at the is 11:00 a.m., market between 15th and between the third, and also, parked cars will be towed for parade route starting at 6:00 a.m. we will talk about that and i will tweet it over the next five minutes. brook, back over to you. here's your chance to see a matinee of the broadway hit hamilton and not break bank. >> musical reinstated live lottery that allow 21 theater go tours get tickets to the
6:49 am
sold out wednesday matinees for ten bucks. drawings will be held outside richard rodgers theaters a the 12:30 every wednesday, entries will be accepted until noon. if you like sharks, adventure aquarium is giving you a new chance get a rare look at these under water creatures. brand new shark bridge exhibit opens tomorrow giving you a chance to walk above the sharks. this is the next best thing to swimming with them, tomorrow morning we will take you their life, for a special preview, before the exhibit opens. well, it is 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york the with the preview, good morning, charlie. we're covering fiery new attacks between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and all of the major news of the day. the plus this how police say to brothers pulled off one of the most elaborate lottery scams ever. they tried to steel 19 million-dollar. and this, anderson cooper and his mother are right here in studio 57 with a new revealing look at their lives.
6:50 am
and jim nancys at augusta with the masters ceremonial t off featuring jack nicholas and gary player. all that and more, the news is back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes. >> all right, thanks charlie, that would be good. from basketball and now golf it is an exciting week in sports. masters kicks off today. >> but before the tournament players, and their families, gathered for a fun competition "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen joins with us a look at the highlights. >> yes, we opened up masters. weak go from one tournament to another. it is just as ncaa tournament wrapped up, masters begins at the augusta national and witt all pomp and circumstance. the yesterday some light hearted moments at annual par three event, all the youngsters were out with their dads on the course playing contacteddie for the afternoon. look at those cuties. nice relaxing day before the big majors. i love that is his son doing
6:51 am
the dance feeling the flow, working it. then came the wave, a hole in one. there were nine of them during the par three event, including back to back right here. just continue thomas. he goes furnishes. he buried that one. but wait, there is more. up next ricky fouler, you might know him, pretty good golfer. he will do it as well. i can barely get it on the green and these guys are going back to back holes in one. look at this one. rolling it back. one of the nine on the day. highlight of the day, that one goes to the 80 year-old gary player, perhaps you heard of him. he is winner of the masters three times and he shows that he still has it as well. this is seventh hole on the nine hole short course. player takes his time slowly. backing it up. how is this for a career. gary player has 30 aces, make
6:52 am
it 31. he drops in a hole in one. eighty years old. a little will kick. high kick from the 80 year-old gary player. you can see all of the fun, actual masters this weekend on cbs-3, coverage saturday at 3:00. final round coverage on sunday starts at 2:00. we will go from the pros to the joe's. our lovely morning show team got together for round of mini golf at our own augusta national in philly, we played at franklin square a beautiful course at sixth and race. this is not as pretty as the masters. take a look at this right here. this is just a taste of it really. that is jim missing completely. there were high jinks. this is katie fehlinger. >> katie is so cute. >> different sport. brook thomas too strong. >> leave me alone. >> meisha, i don't know what that is. that one works for a winner
6:53 am
because we have a green jack tote give away for a morning show. this is our green jacket. we do have a winner. >> that winner is meisha johnson, congratulations, meisha. we will put that on for you you. there you you go, probably too big for you. do you have any parting word for us. >> my parting word would be i'm in the quite sure i really want that. >> some winner between the four of you. >> i had had a ton of fun with you guys, worst mini golf i have ever seen but i love you all. >> so sad. >> concentrate, concentrate. >> yes. >> we will be right back with three things you need to necessity before you go. >> that is lovely.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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three things you need to know,. >> bernie sanders spend a second day in philadelphia speaking at afl-cio convention. bill clinton is campaigning for his wife hillary. >> atlantic city employees will be paying just once a month as local officials clash with state lawmakers looking to take over the shore towns. >> sam hinkie steps down as sixers general manager, team chairman jerry colangelo may
6:58 am
hire his son brian as a gm. and lets get a check of weather and traffic. >> yeah, you you know we're really looking ahead to the unsettled day, and wind is starting to whipping in the neighborhoods. lets go to the shore shot, it is an angry looking ocean. those waves were very large a second ago not as bad right now but it is very, very, hazy out there a sign of the moisture building and here it comes, large storm system warming up, just rain, and that may change by the weekend. i wouldn't be shocked to see a couple, and, and midday meisha which you will want to keep that gear ready and slow down on the roads. >> and we have an accident though speaking of slowing down, i-95 south, make note of that and show you something to pull this up, and, help me there, accident schuylkill west, off ramp to conshohocken and, not too many slow downs. more of a eye sore and get
6:59 am
that gaper delay. we have, outer lanes block from the boulevard northbound at, tyson avenue. you can see, and you can see certainly showing down. so you may meade extra time. tomorrow morning on back the to the road for my dream drive segment and this time i have my beautiful side kick, brook to take with me, so much fun. i wanted to show her some of the neighborhoods that make our neighborhood unique. so, make sure, come with us tomorrow morning on dream drive, right here, 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3. thanks so much, meisha. we will looking forward to it. cbs this morning is next with anderson cooper and his mother gloria vanderbilt. >> join us bright and early each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. i hope you have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, april 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." bernie sanders slams hillary clinton as unqualified to be president. and the big apple fights back at ted cruz over his comments about new york values. violent video shows a texas police officer slamming a 12-year-old girl face-first to the ground. what led to the confrontation. luck runs out for two brothers accused of stealing 19 million dollars in lottery jackpots. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. s


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