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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 8, 2016 2:22am-2:53am EDT

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>> ♪ >> right now at 11:00 the salaries of city officials released to the public. hundreds make six figures. how does that compare to other major cities? nicole brewer crunches the number. >> former president bill clinton stops in philadelphia to campaign. >> the stage is being set at
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dillworth park in center city as we prepare to celebrate the villanova wildcats and that championship win. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm ukee washington. after a stormy afternoon and evening villanova fans hoping the weather cooperates for tomorrow's parade of champions. >> let's get right to meteorologist kate bilo. kate, a lot of people wondering will they need the rain gear tomorrow. >> we definitely needed it today guys. just want to recap some of our storm reports we had before we get to your parade forecast. scoreboard was blown over at a school easton east strouds burd had trees uprooted, trees down in atglon and quarter inch hail in follow so many. we had heavy rains, gusty winds and the showers remain out that right now. we're still tracking a few scattered showers here on storm scan3. you can see one next batch of just light showers, nothing strong or severe with this moving into the philadelphia area as we speak. the good news is that even though we've got more rain and
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snow showers in the forecast for the weekend we get one day in between where things are pretty quiet and that day is tomorrow just in time for the villanova parade. i think things look pretty good its a little bit below average. normal highs in the low 60's. we're only going to be in the 50's. it's breezy as well. 50 degrees your parade time temperature. you'll need the coat, you'll need the nervous. but it could be a whole lot worse. i'll talk about that snow coming up ukee back to you. >> the parade will go through center city. >> the national champions will be honored for winning the ncaa basketball tournament. tens of thousands are expected to line the parade route. classes at villanova radnor campus are canceled. others will likely fly in from across the region. >> septa police officers will be out making sure everybody is having a good time and celibating respectfully and also safely. >> it's good to see everybody like come together with sports. it brings people together from all walks of life. >> and here's a look at the
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parade route. it runs down market from 20th to dillworth park. our coverage of the parade of champions kicks off tomorrow with a special hour of "eyewitness news" at noon followed by the parade live at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow right here on cbs3 and on we hope you can join us for all the action. >> in other news tonight the sanders and clinton campaigns are are pulling out all the stops to win the support of voters ahead of the pennsylvania primary. philadelphia is a battleground as the candidates fight for the biggest delegate prize of the states voting on april 26th. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the latest on who was in our area today. >> reporter: the pennsylvania primary is april 26th. and 210 delegates up for grabs. get used to seeing hillary clinton and bernie sanders in our area over the next few weeks. sanders met with afl-cio members in philadelphia today. >> republicans good nervous when we talk about redistribution of wealth.
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the truth is there has been a redistribution of wealth. the problem is it has gone in the wrong direction. >> reporter: sanders took heat for calling clinton unqualified. he salt down with char -- sat down with charlie rose. >> do you believe that secretary clinton is unqualified. why can't you say she has a first rate resume. >> absolutely. >> in terms of the life and public service. >> look char lease. >> she's one of the most qualified people to run. >> she has years of experience, she is extremely intelligent. >> reporter: clinton was in town yesterday in front of the afl-cio. former president bill clinton was in town today stumping for his wife. >> i owe philadelphia a hot. this city voted for me in record numbers the last time i ran. >> reporter: things were going as planned when two protestors threw up signs criticizing the passage of the 1994 crime bill under his watch. >> i heard it. can i answer. here's the thing.
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i like protestors but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth, that's simple. >> reporter: after philly the former president made a stop in scranton. both hillary clinton and sanders plan to do some heavy campaigning in new york next week. the primary that is april 19th. then one week later, pennsylvania and delaware. a new quinnipiac poll released yesterday has hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by six points right here in pennsylvania. new jersey votes late. the primary there for voter center city scheduled on tuesday june 7th. reporting live in the sat center tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and david, the gop candidates in the race for president are firmly focused on new york. texas senator ted cruz caped today in brooklyn. at one of the stops he made mat is a with rabbis and some children. ohio governor john kasich hit the campaign trail. he at tracked a crowd during a stop at a deli in the bronx. donald trump did not have any public events today. >> the woman accused of
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abducting a baby from the king of prussia mall is out of jail tonight. 32-year-old sherri amoore of tredyffrin posted bail. last week police say she befriended a woman at the mall and then took off with her baby. that a baby was not injured. >> a west chester university student is charged with sexually assaulting a fellow student. prosecutors say austin eaddy attacked the young woman in new street parking garage april 1st. in response to the charges west chester's interim president says sexual violence and misconduct will not be tolerated at the school. >> governor tom wolf has used his executive powers to take a stand against lgbt discrimination in pennsylvania. the governor signed two orders barring state agencies under his jurisdiction and state contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity. governor wolf also called on lawmakers pass nondiscrimination legislation statewide.
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new tonight celebrating 40 years of the philadelphia gay news. founder mark segal unveiled the cover of the commemorative edition during a big party at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts. he was joined by mayor jim kenney former mayor ed rendell and others the award winning philadelphia gay news is the nation's most honored lgbt publication. ukee and i were honored to be there tonight along with don and kate and our new morning team jim donovan and brook thomas 40th anniversary issue goes on sale tomorrow. >> a dine are has been serving up comfort foot ford past four decades. >> the husband and wife team make the place are run. >> i can in the believe the people that you meet. >> how even in the face of adversity the love of food and family trumps all. >> also, a dream come true. the 10-year-old who is getting ready to throw out the first pitch at monday's phillies home opener.
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kate. >> and as i mentioned we've got pretty decent weather for the parade. but things will change this weekend. in fact, we may see some april snow as this next clipper dives in. i'll tell you how much snow could fall and we'll time it out for the weekend coming up when we come back. >> ♪ in youblank
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ earlier this week the salaries of city officials were released nearly 700 employees make six figures. >> that brings up a good question. how does philly fire other cities? nicole brewer joins us with the answer.
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nicole? >> for the most part, salaries are a taboo topic, right? but when you work for the city, your paycheck is public record. so how do the salaries of philadelphia city officials compare to other cities? it's a good question. i turned to financial experts to find out. ♪ >> reporter: which city official do you think make the most money. >> i would say the mayor. >> the mayor. >> he's like the head honcho. >> actually the medical examin examiner. >> oh, wow. >> that was my second choice. >> why? >> because maybe of his degrees. >> in order to attract talented doctor to man that position you want to make sure you pay a salary that's comparable what they can get in arrive practice. >> they compared philly's highest paid employees. >> they're right next to philadelphia in terms of population rank. >> how do our city officials stack up? >> on the whole they're comparable comparable. >> how much do you think the
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medical examiner makes. >> 140 a year. >> 500,000. >> 260,700 and $30. >> according to our experts, that's less than houston more than new york and about the same as d.c. >> that's very important job right there. >> number two the highest paid list the police commissioner. >> philadelphia police commissioner makes $240,000. >> i go to temple i feel like that's fair. >> higher than new york. little bit lower than d.c. higher than phoenix and lower than houston. about in the middle. >> then there's the mayor. the fourth highest paid employee in the city earning $217,820. >> for what. >> the mayor? >> the mayor a little less new york makes more than the d.c. mayor. significantly more than the phoenix mayor and makes less 17,000 less than the houston mayor. >> i'm running for mayor. >> according to our expert san francisco mayor makes the most in the country earning $285,000. compare that to the $20,600 salary ocean city mayor jake
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jill began waves every year. >> i take my hat off to that man l buy more sand with it. >> build up their sand dunes. >> now our experts also found the philadelphia fire commissioner and district attorney made less than their national counterparts sometimes by as much as $75,000. >> huh. >> kind of interest to go talk to people on the street. the fire commissioner and the police commissioner two positi positions they defended to the death saying they've earned their money. give them the money and they're very protective of that. >> sure. i like that young lady. i'm running for mayor. >> that was good. >> good gig if you can get it. >> thanks nick appreciate it what's your good question. log on to question to submit your question or you can tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. so looking forward to hearing from you. ara machine will continue to serve up food from world headquarters near philadelphia. today the company announce it's not leaving the city. mayor jim kenney says he's
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thrilled. philadelphia has been aramark's home since 1961. it's unclear if the company will remain at its 11th and market street location. the company does employee more than 1,000 people at that world headquarters. a 10-year-old from glenolden is getting ready to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at monday's phillies home opener. >> matt collins was diagnosed with leukemia in february. he absolutely loves playing baseball and he's an even bigger phillies fan. so some great people at nemours ai dupont children's hospital pulled some strings to make sure he gets to the pitcher's mound. >> i love baseball. i play it. i go to games a lot. i'm just used to pitching. and i think i can do it. >> ahead of monday's game there was a peppily rally in the hospital lobby today and even the philly phanatic as you saw joined in on all the fun. go get them, matt. >> um-hmm. if you want to take a step back in time, you don't have to go very far. >> there's spot in montgomery county that serves up great food
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an hearty doze of nostalgia. in tonight's taste tori she introduceintro this real gem. ♪ >> reporter: welcome to the 50s. checkered floors, red leather booths, records on the wall a spot for johnny b. good and homemade american comfort food. like chipped beef the classic club, and cheeseburger soup. >> wash down my cheeseburger soup with milkshakes. okay. >> make this doo wop diner in east norriton is true gem. jenn restaurant has been a happening spot for more than 40 years. serving breakfast all day on its original counters in an original setting decorated by owner linda bellow in 1974. >> my sister and i had just done a dance at our church. somebody said you love doing that 50s dance why don't you make it like the 50's. >> a many familiar spot with something to talk about at every
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table and it's run by her family, too. her sister, daughter, son and the person who started it all. >> all in his head. >> all by himself. >> there he is. >> tony bellow linda's husband realized his love of food after being an army cook. a passion that swung into building his business in norristown. with a feel good menu that's kept local favorites. >> provolone, cooked salami, onions and tomato. >> for the past couple of years tony had to look after the jem from the side lines after developing an auto immune disease. >> how was it for when you you got sick? >> um, in in the beginning to be honest with you tori i was very very devastated. >> however he didn't stay down for long. >> his sister took him to the shrine of padres pee ya. >> when i came out of there i became a different person. the positive thinking of what i had came out of me. >> with his family as his rock tony has taken on the role as greeter and the jem restaurant still remained a classic.
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and that happening place the infamous chicken croquette. doo wop, doo wop. >> to grab bite -- >> it sticks to your ribs and your heart. >> and feel at home with -- >> family. >> you thought i'd be wearing a poodle skirt, didn't you? >> sorry to diss appoint. i should mention tony is doing fantastic. and at one point after he was diagnosed, doctors said he would need braces to walk. he took those braces put them in the closet and they have been there ever since. i want to give a shout out as well to viewer maryann sacks who wrote to me about jem restaurant it was fabulous if you would like to see your favorite places and fantastic people behind them on taste with tori drop me a message on facebook at faceboo woodill amazamaze spot. >> it look like. >> sticks to your ribs. >> sticks to your ribs. chicken croquette. >> you're always going deeper than just the food. you're giving a little extra. the behind the scenes.
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>> that's what it's about. hard-working people putting out food. the just food. it's them. there's so much that goes into it. that's what we like to do on taste of tori. bring it all out. did you. >> kate joins us with the forecast. didn't i hear you say something about the possibility of accumulating snow, the possibility? >> yes. we do have the possibility of a accumulating snow. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes, unfortunately sadly enough on saturday now with that being said mainly grassy surfaces we'll take a closer look at this in just a moment. let's start off way look how today was. kind of an interesting day. we little bit of everything. sun up to sundown time lapse at the leadership academy in philadelphia. we started the day with cloud cover. midday is when we had that burst of instead yesterday rain right there. then it clears out. blue sky turns into nice afternoon we get another shower and look at what i found took me awhile, guys, to go frame by frame and stop it on this frame for you but i've done it and you have a rainbow there over the city of philadelphia what a great shot that is. i retweet add few photos of people that actually saw double
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rainbow in delaware county and chester county this afternoon as well. 49 degrees right now at the leadership cad me there in philadelphia. storm scan3 shows our large scale pattern so we do still have a few spotty showers moving through the area right now but you see this big area of rotation a large upper level storm dominating our weather pattern. this next little piece of energy right here a clipper it will rotate down through this system as we head into the weekend and it's do to go to bring us the threat for rain and snow showers mainly on saturday. it's going to be cold enough just a little bit high up in the atmosphere even surface temperatures are above freezing you go a little further up you get temperatures cold enough to support snowfall. so tomorrow like we said lots of sunshine here's one cun p.m. the parade looks fine a little chilly. clipper friday night into saturday morning approaches. here's saturday morning and notice we do have some falling snow even into saturday afternoon. going to mix with little rain here and there but we can see a grassy accumulation through the day saturday. it may be on and off snowing
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much of the day may end up like white rain not seeing a ton of accumulation here but the further north and west you go the better chance you have of some of the snow really actually piling an up. inch or two possible in the poconos. this is the chance of at least a coating here. philadelphia points north and west i do think we have a chance to see coating of snow on unpaved surfaces and a little bit further to the south and east we have a low chance but still a chance. now there are some limiting factors here. this is mainly falling through the day. it's april. we have that strong sun angle. daytime precipitation with temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. the surface is warm. it really needs to snow hard in order to pile up on the roads we saw it happen in massachusetts this past week but here in philadelphia, it's even further south i think we're looking at mainly grassy accumulations. something to see snow in almost mid april. for your friday partly sunny, chilly for the parade at 54. phillies home opener looks better at 60 degrees with a possible shower. got to show that you masters forecast if you're watching the golf here on cbs3 this weekend.
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it will be cool. but sunny. beautiful weather there. if only we can swap just one day with them because we don't have any nice days like that really until next thursday. look how cold the weekend is. 43 on saturday. that may be over estimating. may stay in the 30s in some spots. >> wow. >> sunday is cold. monday and tuesday showers. next thursday looks pretty g that's about all i got for you. >> way down the road. >> hang on to that. >> over estimating. may not be that good. >> may not be that georgia we're talking villanova hoops. what nba team reportedly wants jay wright. we'll tell you which one. the flyers force overtime but what happened after that may haunt them for days to come. sports coming up next.
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it ain't rocket science. the flyers want in they've got to win by win i mean pick up points of time they take the ice at the very least. they came into the night tied with boston for the final wild card spot. standing in the way of their play off push the toronto maple
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leafs. to south philadelphia we go. third period flyers down two andrew mcdonald gripping and ripping. that's a goal and the flyers trail just three-two. under a minute left. mark, for the point. wayne simmonds deflects it in. a career high 30 goals on the season for the wayne train. we have overtime. in ot the maple leafs power tr tripping. jake gardner with a massive buzz kill the flyers lose four-three in ot. they gain a point but they have two games left to earn playoff spot they're now one point out of that final wild card spot. now when you have something nice other people will want something nice, too. sometimes they'll want exactly what you have. welcome to the world of villanova basketball. mitch lawrence of sporting news is reporting that the phoenix suns have made jay wright their top coaching candidate we reached out to villanova the cats have a policy, though, of not commenting on speculative reports. meanwhile the sixers at practice today.
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it's been 24 hours since gm sam chip key stepped down from his post. hinkie resigned and sent the front office a 13 page letter explaining why and more. today header coach brett brown expressed sadness over the move. >> earned the right to see this through. the fact that he's not to go over and see a practice facility or see joel embiid play on court or see our young guys grow that diss app points me from human standpoint as much as professional standpoint. >> a lots of passion there. day baseball phillies and reds not a good day for the fightin' phils really good day for jay bruce. homers twice here in the fourth and later in the seventh. fightings kept swept they lose 10-six. they play the mets tomorrow in new york. the eagles preseason opponents have been released they'll host tampa bay week one off to pittsburgh and indianapolis and as always they will end their preseason slate with match up yen the jets although dates subject to change except the final one on
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september 1st. first round of the masters in the books. jordan speith your leader at six under but the story is ernie e els. set a masters record but not the kind of you want on the first hold he took a nine that's highest score in the first hole in 80 years of the tournament. 80 years. finish the day with an eight over 80. it is painful to watch a pro struggle like this. >> oh, man. >> i don't feel so bad now. >> oh. >> that makes you kind of go -- >> oh. that was painful. >> by the way covers of the masters here on cbs3 saturday and sunday. >> well, we'll deal with that. >> that hurts. >> that's nightmare. >> golfers know that hurts
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♪ new tonight eighth annual fund raiding event for the mission kids child advocacy center held at the franklin
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institute in physical. mission kids is an organization dedicated to healing and justice for victims of child a bows. april is child abuse prevention month. our own stephanie stahl emceed tonight' fundraiser.
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be sure to watch the new "eyewitness news" this morning join jim donovan, brook thomas, meteorologist katie fehlinger and meisha johnson. >> for everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jess at a cocoon. up next the masters highlight show followed by the late show with stephen colbert. >> i'll watch ernie els again. that was tough. that was tough. >> have good night, family. sleep well. executives from several major corporations including pepsi, levis and dow chemical sent letters to the governor condemning the law as discriminatory. georgia's governor vetoed a measure last week.


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