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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and, for the first time since 20 on will, we are celebrating a a championship, we're live in center city because in just one hour theville know of wildcats will parade, down market street. and the crowd is gathering along the parade route,
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everyone will be dressed in a few more layers to guard begins the chill but warm hearts filled with pride are out today to cheer on the ncaa champions. hi good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. we will get to the celebration in center city in just a moment but first we have some breaking news to share with you. >> that we do key suspect in paris suspect has been captured. authorities say 31 year-old mohammad was arrested in brussels. belgium media reports indicate that he may be the suspect describe as the man in the hat. and seen on surveillance cameras, after the deadly terror attacks in brussels, last month. we will continue to follow this, throughout the afternoon, and evening. >> right now though back to our big story, we are about an hour away from the parade forville know of wildcats, and, of course, we have live team three coverage. >> let's start with "eyewitness news" anchor jim donovan and brook thomas, they are front and center in front of the stage the at dilworth park, jim and brook.
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>> that is right, ukee. it is a great afternoon here. the place is pack. we're on the west side of city hall. the entire area from here over to the clothespin and down market street is starting to fill up at this point. we've got our signs. we're all ready to go. in about an hour, the parade will kick off from 20th and market and make its way down here and people are in i great mood, wouldn't you say. >> people are in an amazing mood the i check out beginning where everything will start. what are we an hour away. the it is crowded. people videotaped, they have their phones up, taking pictures, their they are v's up, they had their signs. it took me 15 minutes to just get to jim. it is crazy. everybody is in such a good mood. everybody is pack like sardines and they are so happy to be here. >> we thought it would be cold. i'm wearing a coat. you are always coat you took off your coat. the sun keeps come out. >> it took me so much to get through the crowd. >> but if you are in the shade do you need to bring a sweat shirt or something. i saw one gentlemen on the
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side celebrating his 91st birthday today and he is nova class of 1950. so, everybody is out here, makeshift signs as well. so we are looking forward to the kick off of the parade at 1:00 p.m. >> big smiles all out here, happy times? back to you in the studio. >> all right, gang, thanks. stand by we will back shortly. our coverage continues with leslie van arsdal at the staging area for start of the parade. >> leslie is a at 23rd and market streets where wildcats will get on the floats in less than an hour, leslie, good afternoon. >> reporter: that is right, guys, if you can see right here, the team has pulled up, and will make their way down to these buses over here, where they will board and yeah, parade will get underway in an hour. this is staging area we have even fans get by, lots and lots of police action, as well, all a waiting the big moment, for the parade, to march down here over to the plaza, and, what a week, for the villanova wild cat,
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winning the championship and just being honored by the city, the players, should be making their way down here, moment trily, and i'll let you know when they do. back to you guys. >> all right, leslie, see you shortly. our next collogue has best seat in the house. "eyewitness news" has a bird eye view of the action. >> that is because you sports director don bell, he is live on one of the open route bus's long the parade route. you have have the best seat in the house, don, how does it feel. >> hey guys, we are in the corner of 22nd and market on a bus here as you can tell with no have roof and we're taking a look, just down here market street, facing, west, you can see, law enforcement, all of the lights, flashing about, and now fans are starting to gather here on the sidewalks here, jared, if we can get a shot as fans start to make their way down toward the parade route. we're situated next to an office building which is next to i think trader joe's. you can catch people peeking outside of their offices,
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taking a break from work to pay attention to what is going on out here. once again we will have 2016 ncaa mens basketball championship villanova a wildcats making their way down here, not too long from now. probably about an hour or so. been a long time since we have seen something like this in terms of the college basketball in the city. last time was 1985. we don't have a whole lot of parade in this city, as you know, last time 2008 with the fightin phillies before that 85 and 83. so this is a rare opportunity to come out and celebrate, a champion, and we are along the parade route once again, 22nd and market, waiting for the 2016 villanova wildcats. i'm don bell, ahh, enjoying nice open air situation here from the top of the bus. good stuff, good way to get the friday started. >> yes, taking it all in. >> on top of the world and the bus. >> taking it all in. >> thanks much. our team coverage continues with rahel solomon
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in center city. >> rahel is live on the parade route hanging out with excited fans, right, rahel. >> that is right, nicole and ukee. what i place to be, main line coming to center city, market street, look at all this know of nation out here, everyone out here so proud of their mens basketball team. of course, this being the first time sips 1985. lots of reasons to celebrate. >> go nova. >> they are doing a lot of that today a lot more to come. i was talking to people out here we haveville know of grad student and her young daughter, madison. hi madison. >> hi. >> reporter: how cool is it to be out here right now. >> it is really not that cold. it is kind of cool. >> reporter: and mom, what a time to be a villanova student. >> yes. >> reporter: what has it been like. >> it has been a macing. this is a once in a lifetime thing, i was a graduate student at villanova just
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graduated in 20 five communication graduate student so i'm pumped to be out here. >> reporter: they proved them all wrong make it to the finals and actually win, incredible. >> it is incredible. i thought would i cry when he hit that shot, i was like go nova, we're awesome. >> reporter: enjoy your day. thanks so much for talking to us. we have lots of fans out here. we will keep talking to them but again, what a time to be aville know of student. a time to be philadelphia native. lots of excitement out here. we will stay out the here and keep talking to fans. now back to you guys. >> know of nation in fully affect, beautiful thing, rahel, thanks very much. we will get back to you. fans will need sweat shirts, shirts heading out to the parade. >> rahel had gloves on. the meteorologist katie fehlinger is in the studio sky deck with her, forecast, and katie, you are always cold. >> you know me i'm always freezing cold but wind is whipping, wow, right out here in the sky deck. i need my beyonce fan to point this way so it blows my hair out of my face and not the in to it. the let me show you what is
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happening on storm scan to bring the wind in the the first place. we cannot see on the the satellite and radar but you will notice movement of the residual precipitation and cloud. truly a partly sunny day that is unfolding here, and wind is picking up as we are between systems. you know, it really does turn blustery between the city sky scrapers. so westerly wind right now at the airport is 20 miles an hour. yeah you are standing between city sky scrapers here in the next hour you will notice it. i would suggest dress nothing layers. nova parade will step up at 50 . we will call it a truly partly sunny skies. cloud come in they will roll out for the sunshine. the cloud come back in and roll back out again. you will see that intermittently for rest of the the day in the just for the parade. it is dry for the chance but i have to give you a heads up on what is down the pike here, guys, yep, the s word. there it is. not saturday. snow. but it does come on saturday. we will have much more details on what it means for your
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weekend. do we see accumulation? all that information is coming your way later on in the broadcast. the guys, back inside to you. >> katie, break it to us gently. >> snow, come on. >> villanova parade of champions is a affecting traffic and mass transit. >> meisha johnson has what you can expect. >> that is right, it will be the biggest one. i will show you center city cam. this is market at 23rd. once you you a approached 23rd you can only go right. i just want to give you a a sneak peak at backups that are starting to form there. also, let me back out of the way so you can see this. so, champion ship race starting at 1:00 p.m. these are closures in effect. market street, between 15th and 23rd, 15th street between jfk boulevard and chestnut. make note of that. parked cars have been towed from the parade route ever since 6:00 a a.m. this morning and they continue to do so. if your car is park in the line of fire you can bet it will be towed. take a look at this, they are offering extra capacity on norristown high speed, market frankford inn broad street
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line and also for those taking the bus, buses are detoured around city hall between 10:30 . one more i will back out of the way if you are taking norristown high speed line and sub regional rails board at villanova stations and transfer to the market frankford line at 69th street transportation center. this is a lot of information, so for those taking mass transit, like i said that will be your biggest hiccup this afternoon. just make sure to get on line and check your schedules because they are constantly changing. ukee and nicole, back over to you. coming up on "eyewitness news" at noon other stories making headlines today. a dashboard camera catches a car speeding out of control in philadelphia and crashing into a building. we will hear from the driver who watched the entire scene unfold. and pope francis wants catholic to experience the joy of love, how he is urging them to do just that, when "eyewitness news" a at noon returns.
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a hh, yes, you are looking live, at center city philadelphia. we are less than an hour away, from villanova's victory celebrations. >> that is right, parade end with a rally a at dilworth plaza. we have live team coverage straight a head. well, right now we are seeing video of the car involved in the deadly accident earlier today. it was careening all over the road. >> video was caught on the dash cam have of a uber koran columbus boulevard. our anita oh is live where that car crashed this south philadelphia with what the uber driver thought as he saw
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that car racing by, anita. >> reporter: well, nicole that driver may have been driving more than double the speed limit here on columbus boulevard when she lost control and slammed into this peco building behind me. as you can see crews are still working to sure up the damage. dash cam video as you said from a witness recorded the whole thing. so what we know so far is that the impact killed two people were riding in the back seat of that car and they were pronounced dead on the scene while driver and front seat passenger were taken to local hospitals. driver was taken to jefferson hospital. police say she suffered cuts and bruises but is in stable condition. passenger was taken to hahnemann hospital in guarded condition. police say this crash happened around 2:30 this morning and it appears the driver lost control after speeding down columbus boulevard, and we spoke to both the police and uber driver who watched the wild ride unfold. >> the vehicle lost control, struck the median strip, after
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striking the median strip, and, she continued to lose control and struck a building, on the west side of the 2600 block of columbus boulevard, and then bounced off of the building where it came to rest on the sidewalk. >> when i first got out i could not believe it. i watched the whole thing. i watch the whole thing. and when i seen her hit that building i knew she just darted, she didn't even hit the brakes or nothing, she just jumped off median and right in the building. it was so loud, my camera actually pick up the impact. >> reporter: that impact left a lot of damage on this building. as you can see crews remain on the scene, ten hours after this accident, to board up any damage left behind. it is pretty extensive. but the licenses and inspections department was out here this morning to check on the building and make sure that it was safe for peco employees out here at this time. police say, their procedure in the fatal accident they will
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do a toxicology test on that driver, to see if drugs or alcohol played a role in this accident. for now we are live from south philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime cherry hill police say their investigation of the an alleged luring incident is not over but they have identified the man involved. investigators say man, asked two young girls if they needed a ride wednesday near lincoln and garfield avenues. the girls ran off. police say that man is not from the cherry hill area but was in cherry hill at the time of the incident. turning to campaign 2016, a new associated gf thek poll find an overwhelming number of voters are unimpressed with donald trump. seven out of ten people surveyed including close to half of the republican voters view trump unfavorably. that opinion was shared by a majority of the people across demographics including gender, race, age and political affiliation. hillary clinton and ted cruz also polled negatively. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will
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visit the vatican next week. the sanders will attend a conference next friday on social, economic and environmental issues. he will visit vatican just four days before new york's primary. sanders did not say whether he would be meeting with pope francis during the visit. pope francis urges the roman catholic church to be less judgmental, pontiff released a a 256 page document today called the joy of love. the pontiff is calling for priests to be more accepting of gay men and lesbians, divorced catholics and other people living what the church considers irregular situations. the pope didn't change the catholic doctrine on homosexuality, marriage, birth control or abortion. he reiterates marriage between a man and woman remains the catholic ideal. still ahead on "eyewitness news", live parade coverage from center city. >> villanova wildcats celebrating their national championship, we have every angle covered for you, with crews fanned out all over the parade route and katie, it will be a chilly day for a
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parade. >> indeed it will be, nicole. i think more than anything it comes because we have got that wind to deal without there right now but you want a taste of winter just wait for the weekend. there is snow on the way will folks and i'll outline those
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okay. there is a little nip in the air but that is not stopping the crowd from converging on center city. >> oh, no, they are out in full force and we are getting ready to celebrate villanova wildcats at least the snow is holding off for a day. >> that is right. >> we said snow. >> wow. >> katie. >> wow. >> why do we have to meet again in these circumstances. come on. >> that is right. >> our warm hearts will melt it all. >> see how is that. >> sunshine and our hearts. >> right. >> but there is snow on the way. i know it is tough to believe but this is not most atypical thing to happen in april. we have had it happen before. actually when i show you these statistics you will be doing double takes on this. the let me show you what i'm talking about here.
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we will look at april statistics and late season snow, we had over 19 inches of snow, between april 3rd and 4th of 1915. yeah. it can happen. now we're not talking about those numbers with this next disturbance but what we are dealing with here is a clipper system that has a little bit more power to it, as the gathers strength and intensifies. for now that is a a partly sunny sky right there blue skies, sunshine and couple clouds. that is what you will find around the region throughout the day. sometimes it turns more cloudy then others but generally just a dry afternoon but that wind is cranking, man. outside middletown hip high school observation there west to northwest wind at 19 miles per hour. so here's your system still trying to make a full retreat and did lead to a few speckles on the radar earlier this morning. even still a lot of this is having trouble verifying at the ground level. nice wide zoom shows next disturbance, here it comes, coming our way and by tomorrow it is here bringing with it generally a mixture of some
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rain and snow showers. a lot of different factors will limit the potential for snow accumulation even they this is trying to intensify. we have a stronger a after sun angle even though you will not see a lot of sun. this comes through daylight hours. temperatures above freezing in the 40's. we have got warmer ground. you can still have snow when temperatures are above freezing, basically cold air that drops to the ground having a tough time sticking. that is what is going on there. thinks our exclusive eyewitness weather snowfall map. it is tough to see in the dead of april but regardless there is a possibility that especially with further north up to 2 inches may fall but mainly on the grass or unpaved surfaces. when it comes to travel we are talking mainly slick roadways for sure but primarily wet weather on the paved surfaces, all right. forty-seven is the current temperature meanwhile at the airport but factor in the west north west wind at 20 miles an hour. let me show you what it feels like more like 40's. feels like wintertime and certainly between sky scrapers if you are waiting for the
12:23 pm
parade coming up here it will feel colder then that because of that wind tunnel effect that takes effect. looking ahead to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast there is just in time for phillies home opener, we will start to see temperatures rebound nicely but there is a trade off. we are looking ahead, a couple days away obviously but i'm concern we will see a few rain showers out there. it looks like it would be second half of the day, obviously monies a very important forecast because of the home opener. we will keep a close watch on that. but it looks like showers might linger into tuesday as well. so at least by then it feels more like spring. >> yes. >> you know. >> that is a good thing. >> good taste of rain at 50 degrees. >> thanks, katie, a appreciate it. you know excitement in center city because everyone loves a parade. we have a team of anchors reporters, photographers and crew members all across center city, set to bring you the entire event and we will do it live. so exciting, stay with cbs-3 we are coming right back. at giant, shoppers are discovering
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back on "eyewitness news" a police chase in southern california looked more like a scene from the hollywood movie. two robbery suspects put the top down on their blue mustang and then took police on a wild ride through streets of los angeles. at one point the driver started to do doughnuts right in the middle of the hollywood boulevard. tour bus even tried to block them but it didn't work. eventually a flat tire brought the bizarre pursuit to an end
12:27 pm
and while suspect waited for the police to arrive, they took a few selfies and handed out high five's. >> crazy stuff. ukee, you played a little golf, right. >> every now and again. >> i do, nick. >> have you seen the new form of the golf carte didn't until i came in the station today. it is a half snow board and half segway. let's show it to you. it the is called a golf board. some pros are using them instead of the golf carts but not at masters this weekend of course. the golf board go for $6,500 a piece and unlike a golf cart you need a driver's license to operate one. i am a walker myself but that looks like kind of fun. >> that looks dangerous it could be. >> all right. >> good stuff. >> you can still see your regular afternoon programming, the young and restless, bold and beautiful and the talk will be aired live on our sister station the cw philly over the air, of course on channel 57, comcast channel 811, verizon fios channel 516.
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right now villanova wildcats are getting pretty used to the spotlight right now. >> our pat gallen caught up with guard ryan arcidiacono gearing up for today's parade with the new haircut, pat's exclusive story still ahead. so is big moment, villanova victory parade, more live coverage on the other side, we will be right back,
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