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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 9, 2016 2:22am-2:53am EDT

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♪ there it is. nova nation takes over center city philadelphia and estimated 60,000 people turned out to cheer on the national champion wildcats. it has been amazing. i mean, this is like a once in lifetime thing. >> the excitement of the fans front and center as the team made its way down market street a top double decker buses and rallied outside city hall. the message, it was pretty cle
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clear. >> thank you philadelphia! >> we love you! unbelievable sight as the sea of blue and white cheered on their champions a perfect end to go a memorable week in philly sports. we will have complete wrap up of today's parade of champions straight ahead but first, we're talking about april snow on the way. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean has the night off. let's get right to meteorologist kate bilo even though none of us want to talk about it. you're tracking when the snow arrives much kate. >> a week past april fool's day here we go. spring snow to talk about. it's a clipper system that's headed our way dynamic system got a lot of energy with it. you can see pretty heavy snow around the cleveland area at the moment. this all swinging out direct overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. you can see still snow on the back edge here near the chicago area. this is all kind of rotating into the region as we head through the day tomorrow, and could be over our area for an extended peer of time mainly through the entirety of the
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midday hours tomorrow. winter weather advisory is now in effect for north and west suburbs including bucks, moment and chester counties as well as berks county the lehigh valley and the poconos. timing this out, the snow and rain will begin between six and 9:00 a.m. between 9:00 and 3:00 is the instead yesterday precipitation taper between three and sick p.m. all different types of precipitati precipitation. we'll narrow that undown and tell you how much snow to expect where you live coming up in just a few minutes. back over to you guys. >> all right. >> nova! >> nova? nation! >> nova! nation! >> that's beautiful, philadelphia. thank you. >> v is for victorious, villanova what an mazing day for philadelphia and of course the surrounding region. >> um-hmm. of course that parade throughout center city honored the champion wildcat wildcats fg their dramatic win in the ncaa tournament. >> sports director don bell was there in the thick of things. whoo, it had had to be exciting, electrifying, all of above and then some. >> i was on double decker bus in
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the parade really really exciting stuff. this doesn't happen very often. alumni proudly pumping out their chests. kids skipping along, students waving the v. and worker bees peering out of their office building windows. dynamic scene in center city where an estimated 60,000 greeted the 2016 national cham champs. thousands line the streets in center city philadelphia cheering on the national champions. the villanova wildcats. the players got a rock star welcome and they loved every second of it. >> this is great. you know, nova nation is the best fans in the country. i seen them all out here celebrating us. very humble link for all of us and appreciate us. >> nova's run was nothing short of a mazing and the parade, just the icing on the cake. the team saying the crowds and the celebration were bigger and better than anything they can ever imagine. >> i'm going live this up as much as i can. this is special. i'm going to celebrate this.
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i'll enjoy this. >> we were actually supposed to get out of the buses at one point to go into the crowd and the police said, it's just too big. it's uncontrollable. and then, turning the corner here and when we saw this here at city hall, we were shocked. >> reporter: all of this possible because of this winning shot. >> jenkins for three to win it! he made it! >> you hit that shot and throw the threes up. tell me what that moment was for you. >> it was -- it was dream come true. i was shocked i made the shot and, you know, before i could come back down to earth i got mauled by my teammates. that was pretty cool. >> good stuff. i also asked big smooth about him possibly turning pro. he says that he and his family are weighing his options. >> wow. >> he'll go through the process. >> go through the process. see wait holds for you. >> one more year. >> thanks buddy. >> thanks, don. >> for some of the crowd it wasn't their first parade honoring the national champion wildcats. denise smith of blue bell was at the villanova victory parade
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when they won 1985. it was such a memorable moment for her she knew she had to experience this parade with her children. nine-year-old addy, 11-year-old luke and the family friend iain. >> i watched the game and the next day my mom let me skip school and come down to villanova parade so i figure i'd honor the tradition. >> by the way the kids told us they loved going to the parade and that they've been waiting to see the team in person. now mayor jim kenney made the celebration official during the huge rally at dilworth park. >> i jim kenney mayor of the city of philadelphia do here by proclaim fiss friday april 8th 2016 to be villanova wildcats ncaa men's basketball championship day! congratulations! >> the city of philadelphia was proud to host nova nation and the 2016 national champs. not surprisingly parade went viral on social media and the team they were in on the action.
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>> coach wright was having a good time on the way to the parade. he tweeted this shot of ryan arcidiacono with the national championship trophy. the trophy had seat belt on much that's what i'm i'm talking about. during the victory rally coach wright sent out this tweet of kris jenkins known as the big smooth much nicely done. if you missed the big event or just want to see the again we got you covered. we'll have encore broadcast of the parade tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. on the cw philly. every since villanova won the national championship there's been a lot of buzz about the school not just locally but all over the country. >> and that brings up a good question. how does a national championship impact a university? i spoke with the provost of the villanova to final out. ♪ >> did you see the game. >> of course. are you kidding. >> we were at the game. we went to houston. >> kris jenkins made to shot. >> was your reaction. >> i woke my wife up. i jumped so high.
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>> we were all screaming going nuts. >> i thought it was one of the best college basketball games i've seen. >> buzzer beater finish folks can't stop buzzing about. >> talk of the city. talk of the whole region. >> the pope is a fan of us i heard. >> how does national championship impact a university. >> sponsorships i imagine endorsements. >> huge for recruit. >> this is changing people's lives. >> how does a national championship affect a universi university? >> in so many ways. >> dr. patrick, villanova's provost. he says you can't buy this kind of press. >> it's got to be a couple million dollars. >> i would say like $10 million. >> got to be in the millions, billions. >> ballpark what would you say. >> it could be 50 to $100 million. i mean it's really difficult to say. it's a big number. >> he was the former dean of the business school so i don't doubt him with those numbers. >> probably a little conservative. >> compared to estimates in the past. the media exposure butler and george mason received during their impressive cinderella runs for example was estimated to be
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worth 450 million and $677 million respectively. >> oh, my god! that's up credible. >> at villanova he expects to see expanded relationships with corporate sponsors and more licensing opportunities already they've seen 450% increase in merchandise being sold online. >> you want a kickback? >> maybe give me a hundred thousand like, you know. >> we'll see about that. >> how about it? >> but kind of interesting. 2009 study found ncaa success does increase the number of applications anywhere two from two to 8% for the top 16 schools in the tournament and private universities like villanova that number was two to four times greater. >> which brings up another good question that folks have been talking about for years. should athletes get paid? >> hmm. >> will you research that for mow. >> there's lost money to be had. i'll look into it g thank you. >> in the meantime what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question or tweet us
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using the hash tag cbs3 good question. can't wait to hear from you. in other news tonight, a south jersey police officer is being hailed a hero. saved not one, not two, but three lives on three different occasions. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the officer's heroic actions. >> reporter: these men have never met before. but the one on the left owes the another a debt he says he can never repay. officer brian, saved pete's mother after police say her husband tried to kill her. >> we able to hug her and say i love to you our mom, grams, sister and friend and for that my family is forever grateful. i appreciate it so much. >> reporter: on march 8th he got a call about woman who appeared to be dead on the front lawn. she was brutally beaten, had no pulls and wasn't breathing. he started cpr.
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after three minutes, she started breathing again. the 69-year-old who wants to keep her name private told police that her husband tried to kill her. >> we don't do this job to be thanked or for the recognition. i mean, i love being a police officer. and that day made me so proud. >> reporter: just four days later he saved another live. this time after a bad car accident on busy route 73. >> smoke filled one of the cars. an man inside was unconscious. struck wine broke the car window and brought the man to safety. five days after that, he revised another woman who was unconscious. strockbine says it's just part of the job. in that day i was so proud to be police officer. i was so proud to work for this department. it remain immediate why i wanted to this job and those he directly impacted insist he's more than evesham township officer of the month, he's a hero.
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>> just love. i love him. >> one responsible for saving three lives in 10 days. >> i didn't realize how emotional something like that would be just because it is a real impact, i was able to make a real impact on somebody's live. in evesham township, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, sir. we salute you. >> absolutely. >> beautiful. bruce string stoning and e street band are taking a stand. >> the group canceled upcoming concert in north carolina. we'll tell you why their refus refusing to play. also ahead tonight all eyes were on pennsylvania landing to night. vittoria woodill takes you behind the scenes at the philadelphia international festival of the arts and shares the meaning of this very special exhibit. kate? >> and we are tracking april snow. here it is. clipper system heading our way. we'll produce snow tomorrow and temperatures in the 40s so when do the 60s return? i'll have some good news as well with the seven day forecast and the latest on the snow when we come
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ authorities in belgium have arrested the last known fugitive in the paris terror tack. 31-year-old muhammed abrini was arrested along with five others today. authorities are now investigat investigating whether he could be the man in the hat scene at the brussels airport the day of the bombings there. video shows him returning to the neighborhood where the bombs were built. pope francis is calling for the roman catholic church to be less judgmental. that's one of the big messages in the joy of love a new document that some are calling a modern guide for catholics when it comes to faith, family and marge. pope francis rules out same sex unions. holy father also calls divorce evil but doesn't rule out communion for those who have
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remarried without an annulment. >> new tonight springsteen cancels his concert in greenberg, north carolina to pro testify the state's new bathroom law. it requires individuals to use bathrooms that correspondent to the gender on their birth is t the. this has drawn criticism from the transgender community. springsteen says the concert cancellation is a quote fight against prejudice and bigotry. fans who bought tickets to the sunday show will get a forlore fun. the philadelphia international festival of the arts is underway at penn's landing. >> our vittoria woodill is there right now with a look at all it has to offer. tori? >> reporter: that's right, you guys. i know it doesn't look like much behind me right now, but let me tell you something. this festival is going to impact a lot of people and it's starting tonight. art is always meant to invoke a feeling, and tonight, it was sort of an erie feeling because it's a powerful message that was being curated by these artists. take look. ♪ >> reporter: the philadelphia
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international festival of the arts kicks off its festival opening at penn's landing. first performance art piece the u.s. premier of a theatrical fire spectacle entitled article 13 meant to address one of the hottest topic right now. >> it's a performance about immigration topic of immigrati immigration. it's not only about immigration between mexico and the u.s. it's also about immigration in europe and africa. it's general -- it's not about -- it's more about the feelings. inside of this big installation there is another small installation. >> reporter: as you walk through each installation you'll feel a message. >> takes all of the words of immigration and puts it in to i think the real meaning of what
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our country is about. bringing it together. so i'm excited about it. i'm glad i'm here. >> reporter: we were really glad we were here, too. that's the great thing about the arts in celebrate the arts in philadelphia that there's so much to offer and the festival which starts april 8th this is exhibit will be here physical the tenth but you can find tons of performances all throughout this month until april 22nd and you definitely want to visit the kimmel or kimmel for more of those performance and and dates. really powerful stuff. i mean, i hope that you guys felt something in the desk from that piece. i know i felt something on such a hot topic it's really art like this that invokes all of those emotions and bring it out, and for people to talk about it, i think that's a great an event like this throughout the month. >> as the saying goes you'll love the arts in philadelphia. >> i was just thinking that. thank you tori. >> wonderful artists. >> have to switch gears to the
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weather now. >> yes. >> talking about some snow. >> who is excited. >> snow? >> anyone? that's not the word i'd used. >> crickets. >> you're just the messenger. >> crickets, crickets. >> don't shoot the messenger. i'm to the looking forward to this either. i love snow. >> i know do you. >> i'll tell you i'm taking a hard pass on april snow. >> right. >> this is some seriously late snowfall. it's not out of the question. it's not unheard of. we've had snow this late. we average half an inch of snow in the month of april but it feels like we were so close to spring, and then we've taken few steps in the wrong direct. let's start off with a recap of today. it started out pretty nice outside today. here's time lapse video for you. we did have colder air come in mid morning and the clouds rolled in. a quick sprinkle, some grapple, snow pellets and ended up a beautiful afternoon. chilly about degrees below average and windy afternoon as well built a little break if the precipitation at least today. but now we've got another system it's all pro rotating through this large upper level storm
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dominating the pattern across the mid eastern united states and the mid atlantic states. snow spreading into eastern ohio into the pittsburgh area as well that will shift off to the north and this whole precipitation shield kind of see how it's start to go rotate a little bit and this is something we're going to watch as we get into the day tomorrow. as this precipitation shield rotates notice this area, this snow is just not really moving. and there is a part of our area that could get under a band of snow that just doesn't move for couple of hours. those are the areas that may over achieve as far as snowfall amounts are concerned. keep in mind, it's april. it's not february. big difference when you're talking about daytime precipitation you'ringing about strong angle, temperatures above freezing. sometimes it snows so hard those factors really don't matter. and those are the areas that we'll have to watch for again closer to three or 4-inches of snow. that's mainly in the higher elevations in the colder spots in the far north and west suburbs you can see this bulls eye from western chester county into berks county, and into the lehigh valley. notice temperatures in the city
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mid 30s to upper 30s. it will be back and forth here between snow and rain along i-95 it's mostly rain in south jersey and delaware. this all starts to rotate out of here slowly through the day. it's 6:00 o'clock it starts to push to the south but this is pretty much all day long duration event. it will be snowing or raining through the afternoon into the overnight hours and then temperatures crash into the 20s by early sunday morning. so how much snow are we talking i think we end up way slushy coating to an inch or two in philadelphia the mainline into portions of he can treatment western new jersey works to 4-inches in the higher elevations off to the north and west. mainly on grassy surfac surfaced some spot end up with 5-inch, it could. high variability in our snowfall amounts mainly thanks to the fact that the snow is kind of convective some spots get more than others. we have to watch the i'm ting of the snow that inverted trough set up i talk about how quickly do temperatures drop allowing it to stay snow and again that high variability in totals and here's your freeze warning late saturday into sunday as temperatures crash behind the
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storm. so tonight, we're down to 36 degrees. the snow begins by about six or 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. periods of snow and rain depending on where you are. phillies home opener not too bad possibly sunny, possible shower finally back to 60. after a february like weekend, monday is more seasonal and then the end of next week looks kind of cool for this time of year but pretty quiet. >> pretty quiet. >> we'll take that. >> yes. >> kate, thanks. >> don? >> let's just hope the phillies get a win before monday. hope we don't run into monday looking for the first win of the season. he has or went to the phillies championship parade and now he has his own. we'll hear from ryan arcidiacono plus allen iverson is happily in the building but what question made the answer cry? find out
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the wildcats punctuated madness of march with a victory march down market street. estimated 60,000 fans lining the streets in center city. alumni, students, children, sports fans in general.
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mad love for the 2016 champions. after the parade i caught up with senior captain ryan arcidiacono. >> you were here in 2008 when the phillies did this thing. what's it feel like to have your own parade? >> surreal. it's unbelievable. and that had 2 million people. nowhere near close but for us i think we appreciate all the support we got. >> good stuff. moving on now, no doubt monday was a day to remember not only did nova within it all but allen iverson was septembered as an all time great. elected into the basketball hall of fame. the sixers hosting the knicks tonight. iverson was in the building. he talk to the media about his hall of fame fate. he was also asked about being the person that he is. >> like i love who my mom made me and who my dad made me, like, this is who i am. my family and my friends love
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who i am. that's the only thing that matter toss me. >> ukee, what did you say about allen he wears his emotion where is -- >> right there on that sleeve. >> right on his sleeve. you see it there tonight. on the court fans still love him. because chuck as sixers take on the knicks. how about robert covington in the fourth quarter tough bucket didn't matter. rocco clear high 30 points and the sixers down just a bucket. but the knicks get the ball gab and jared grant the mother of sixers forward jeremy sticks the jumper. new york beats the sixers 109 109-102. speaking of new york how about the phillies up in new york taking on the national league champion mets. michael couldn't fort tow rbi double in the sickth drove in three runs the mets beat the phils seven to two. the fightings start a season zero-four for the first time in a decade. second round of the masters defending champ jordan speith struggling. shot a two over par 74.
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still has one shot lead over rory mcilroy. they will be in the final pairing jordan and rory have won four of the last six majors. you can see the third round tomorrow right here on cbs3. i wish i can struggle with a bunker shot like that. (laughter) that was pretty good, right. >> jeez. >> thanks don. >> don, thank you up next how you can get up close and personal with sha
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♪ a thrilling new exhibit opens at the adventure aquarium in cam. >> check out the shark bridge. it spans 81 feet across the shark realm exhibit. guests can journey across the suspension bridge for one of a kind experience directly over the tank. the 550,000-gallon tank is home to nearly three dozen sand bang, sand tiger and nurse sharks. >> going to need a bigger boat! good whatever you like.
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going take a short break. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us. thank so much for watching. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7am. for kate, don everyone here i'm


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