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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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breaking news this morning, an out of control car crashes into the schuylkill expressway. we're live at the scene where divers get a body out of the water of the our calendars say april but it is feeling more like february. we are talking cold temperatures, and the chance for snow. yes, snow. >> and novanation takes over center city philadelphia an estimated 06,000 people turn out to cheer on the national champions. today is saturday, april 9th, thanks for spending part of your weekend with us, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. let's sends it over to justin drabick, justin, april, talking snow. what? >> i don't control this. >> what are you talking about? >> guys, be nice. >> this could be winter's one last shot here in the delaware valley, i think beyond this, though, we'll get some
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improvement, more substantial warm ups. but we do have fast moving system, clipper system, you know they don't have a lot of moisture with it, but temperatures just cold enough to support some snow. it is not uncommon to have snow in april. i mean, we had trace of snow already in may here in philadelphia. this is not really big system to talk about. could be a nuisance to travel later on this morning, into the afternoon, what we are talking about, storm scan3, dry over the city, still partly cloudy skies, so actually seeing some stars out there. the clouds will thicken up over the next couple of hours, light snow trying to break out across looks like york county, pennsylvania, just north of baltimore. so, give it another our or two, could start to see light snow, rain, depending where you are. best shot to see the snow will be from the city on northward today. really elevation event. winter weather advisory will go in effect at 7:00 this morning, until 8:00 this evening for the northwest suburbs, all the way up through the poconos. this is the area best shot to see possibly some accumulation, mainly on grassy areas, because temperatures
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during the day will just be too warm, women above freezing, we are below freezing in allentown, 26 in mount pocono, 37 at the city. so initially, if you could get heavier burst of snow, could be quick coating on roads. should quickly melt as we head through the morning, as the early april sun is pretty strong even with the clouds. so today just periods of rain, snow, at times, it is not going to be snowing or raining throughout the entire day heaviest precipitation, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. just be aware of low visibility. then tonight floater freeze warning goes in effect, temperatures dipping down to the 20's, talk about when we finally warm up, when we check out the eyewitness forecast in just a few, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. we begin this morning with break news, philadelphia police have found a body and a car that crashed into the schuylkill river. ice witness news reporter anita oh live along kelly drive watch can you tell us?
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>> rahel, divers pulled a body out of are out of the river about an hour ago, you can see, still pretty active scene. screws actually just pulled the car, 2012 volkswagon out of the water. police have not identified the victim. we know he is a 26 year old asian man. now, witness told police that she saw the driver speeding down ferry road when he lost control and police also say it took about an hour to recover that body because of the way that the car flipped into the river. philadelphia police captain robert richie told us that the car was actually about 40 feet away from the wall. we do have a witness to the accident. and the witness did say that it appears as though the car came down the off ramp here from route one, and may have lost control, hit the wall, it became airborne, it then flipped mid-air, and went into the river.
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>> again, crews just pulled this car out of the water, we're told, this part of the river is about six neat deep, so for the time being there is area will still be block off by police. that's the latest on the schuylkill river, anita oh, "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. and, other news this morning, a parade through center city honored national champions, villanova wildcats following their dramatic win in the ncaa tournament. and sport director don bell was therefore all of the excitement. >> alumni, proudly puffing out their chess z, kids skipping along, students waiving the v, and worker bees peering out of offers building windows, a dynamic scene in center city philadelphia, where an estimated 60,000 greeted the 2016 national champs. >> thousands lined the streets in center city philadelphia, cheering on the national champions, the villanova wildcats. the players got a rock star welcome and they loved every
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second of it. >> this is great. you know, we know the novanation is the best fans in the country, and i see them all out here celebrating us, have you humbling, and appreciate it all a lot. >> the tournament nothing short of amazing, and the parade just the icing on the cake, the team saying the crowd and the celebration were bigger and better than anything they could ever imagine. >> i'm going to live as much as i can, this is special, so i'm going to celebrate this. i'm going to enjoy this. >> we were actually supposed to get out of the buses at one point, go into the crowd. the police said -- the police said it is just too big, uncontrollable. turning the corner, seeing this at city hall, we shocked. >> all of this possible because of this winning shot. >> from the championship! >> you hit that shot, and you throw the three's up. some new what that moment -- tell me what that moment was for you?
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>> a dream come true. i was amazed i made the shot. and to come back down to earth, i got mauled by my teammates. that was pretty cool. >> i also asked big smooth about him possibly turning pro and chris said he and his family are weighing his options. i'm don bell, for eyewitness sports. well, it may be spring, but it felt much more like winter. frigid temperatures for the parade, but fans, they decided to brave it anyway. >> standing tall, the 2016ncaa men's basketball champions, met their fans. there were the alum, and spiritually loyal. >> i have not missed a villanova game since 1968 probably few maybe here and there i missed, but no, we are after i had alumni and fans. >> the young nova hopefuls here to get aglimmer p of team captain ryan arcidiacono. >> he is a great team player and he -- >> they were great it watch. >> really good ball handling
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and all around player. >> sports fans just here to cheer on a team for a job well done. >> i think it is amazing. >> it was a parade built for champions. beginning at 20th and market, and ending at dilworth park where a pep rally took place. >> we love you, 2016ncaa champions. >> and while the team look on from above, it is how they played, the teamwork, the heart, how they are so down to earth, fans say make them the true champions. >> it has been amazing, i mean, this is like a once-in-a-lifetime thing. >> all right, not once in a lifetime for this woman, for some in the crowd it wasn't their first parade, honoring villanova as national champions. denise smith of blue bell was at the villanova victory parade when they won in 1985. it was such a memorable moment for her, she said she had to experience this parade with her children, nine year old add i, 11 year old luke, and family friend iaian.
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>> i watched the game and the next day my mom let me skip school and come down to villanova parade. so i figure i would honor the tradition. >> and the kids said they loved going to the parade and that they have been waiting to see the team in person. >> and mayor jim kenney made the celebration official during that huge rally at dilworth park. >> i, jim kenney, mayor of the city of philadelphia, do hereby proclaim friday april 8th, 2016, to be villanova wildcats ncaa men's basketball championship day. congratulations. >> and kenny says the city of philadelphia was proud to host novanation and the 2016 national champs. >> and the parade went viral on social media and the team, yes, they were in on the action, too. coach write having little fun there on the way to the parade. tweeted this shot of ryan arcidiacono, national championship trophy. take a look, the trophy has a seatbelt on, you got to keep
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it safe. and during the victory rally, coach write also sent out this tweet of chris jenkins, also known as big smooth. >> and if you missed the billing event or just opportunity see it again, it was that good. we have you covered. and encore broadcast of the parade airs today at 2:00 on the "cw philly". frightening moments from a crash captured on camera. coming up video shows a car careening all over the road in philadelphia and crashing into a building. hear from the driver who watched the deadly scene unfold. >> and if you're depending on school you may be in for a surprise, health reporter stephanie stahl shows you how more and more states are dropping the ball when it active. we'll be right back.
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back now on "eyewitness news", and philadelphia police are trying to track down the person responsible for shooting two people in point breeze. it happened last night, near 22nd and tight on street. a 22 year old man is in critical condition. a 20 year old man is in stable condition. this morning police have no suspect, no motive, and no weapon has been recovered. >> new this morning, a car has crashed into a chain east restaurant in chester, delaware county. police say the car caught fire when it hit a gas line, then hit the chinese restaurant at ninth and tillman.
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minor suffered minor injuries, there were customers inside the restaurant but they were not hurt. there was however some damage to the restaurant. take a look at this video, terrifying crash in south philadelphia is captured on camera. sparks fly, as an out of control car speeds across columbus boulevard, before smashing into a building. police identified one passengers killed as 23 year old ben jimmy of upper darby. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh talked to uber driver who captured the tragedy on his dashboard camera. >> on a stretch of columbus boulevard, that posts 30-mile per hour limit. >> i would say she doing about 70, 80 miles an hour. >> dash cam footage from his car shows the accident in its entirety from the moment the 23 year old driver in front of him somehow lost control, raised through a median, then slammed into this peco building. >> sparks started shooting. and the car was like fishtailing, then shot across the road, and that's when tended up slamming into the building.
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>> police say the black 2005 mazda crashed just before 3:00 friday morning. >> medics pronounced the two back seat passengers dead on the scene. >> meantime, paramedics rushed the driver to jefferson hospital and the front seat passenger, who is 25, to hahnemann hospital. >> i seen her hit that building. i knew it wasn't good. she just darted. she didn't hit the brakes or nothing, just jumped off the median, right into the building. it was so loud my camera actually pick up the impact noise. >> impact caused heavy damage to both the car and the peco building which crews spent much of the day repairing. the licenses and inspections department did their check on this building friday morning, and said that it was safe for employees to go back inside. and the police say that they are still investigating, and as per their procedure in a fatal accident, they will be doing a toxicology test on that driver to see if drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. reporting in south philadelphia, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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a patient who escaped a pschiatric hospital in washington state is now in custody. anthony garber was charged with stabbing a woman to death in her home but he was found too mentally ill to stand trial. on wednesday, he and another patient crawled out after window at western state hospital about an hour south of seattle, the other patient was caught the next day, police caught garber in spokane. >> it is my hope this time the department of corrections in the state of washington find a way to make sure that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. >> and the escape is the latest problem for western state hospital, where violence assault on both staff and patients have led to federal scrutiny. >> authorities in belgium have after arrested the last known fugitive in the paris terror attacks. thirty-one year old hue ham add abrani arrested when five other, authorities now investigating whether he could be the man in the hat seen at
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the brussels airport the day of the bombing. video shows him returning to the neighborhood where the bombs were built. and, it is certainly hard to believe we are ending the first full week of april and expecting snow today. i'm guessing some people in ohio will probably shocked to see it as well friday night. take a look at this, what it look like in toledo last nightment huge flags, accumulating on the cars and the grounds. there were also several accident reports, and white-out conditions. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for northern ohio, until 10:00 this morning. well, certainly, puts things into perspective, that could be us. >> right. >> it is all about timing, yes. if it was a month or two ago, i would be talking about maybe three, 6 inches of snow around here, now it is early april, coming down the day, a lot could melt. could be a coating on some areas, inch or two, especially up in the higher elevations, lehigh val. >> i not a white snout. >> no, no, we'll break it down for you.
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take it outside, still quai net center city. if you have to get out, don't want to get wet. now is the time to do it. >> few hours to go here. not totally overcast just yet here in philadelphia. but that will occur over the neck couple of hours. starting to see first batch of some snow arriving across parts of central pennsylvania, and it is mixing with rain. temperatures still above freezing, in a lot of locations, do you have get up to the lehigh valley where it is cool enough. radar shows know across york county. thomasville, reporting light rain, 39 degrees, which is near york, pennsylvania, and a mixture of some rain and snow, maybe just in the suburbs of northern baltimore. this is headed our way. not large storm systgem you can see the spin in the atmosphere, the core of the cold air, so it won't be snowing or raining all day today. you are going to get breaks from now and then, maybe even see few peaks of sun possible. but just keep in mind, off and on rain and snow showers throughout your saturday morning, into the afternoon. not unheard of to have snow in time of year. this is the past six of years late season snowfall. last year, march 30th, we had
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tent of an inch, trace in 2014 on april 15th. and now also we did have snow, trace of snow, in may, so it has happened. you can get the cold pockets of air lingering across the region late in the season. so we are get that today. thirty-two in cherry hill, 33 millville, 41 dover, delaware, around the city. 37 degrees at the airport, and then the suburbs dropping to about freezing right now, then 30 up in allentown, 26 mount pocono, again, higher elevations best shot to see some accumulating snow toed. so temperatures eventually climb into the low 40's, at best, from the city on south and east, probably stuck in the 30's, just north and west. off and on snow and rain at times. clearing out for sunday, but still chilly. temperatures struggle to get to the mid 40's, as we're locked into this high pressure system, containing a loft cool air. finally, that cold air moves out. monday we bring back some warmth near 60 degrees. opening day, but how much, we may dodge few showers, especially later on to the
5:19 am
afternoon. so let's time today out between 6:00 and 9:00, areas of snow and rain develop, between 9:00 and 3:00 we see the steadiers precipitation, again, could be brief drop in visibility, if you get stuck in one of the heavier snow bursts, between 3:00 to 6:00 we start to see the rain and snow taper off from the northwest to southeast. so let me show this forecast model. again, here is 9:00. start to see some snow arrive. specially north and west of the city. rain across southern new jersey, part of central delaware, but again, you're going to get pockets of snow even around the city potentially into south jersey, then as the system moves off shore, we start to clear the skies out, this is 8:00. those clouds break out. the winds is going to kick up tonight. it will your nerve some cold air. so looking at another freeze warning, tonight, with temperatures dropping into the 20's. all right, accumulation wise, mainly on grassy surfaces, temps, coating to inch around the city. then maybe one to 3 inches specially into the lehigh valley and certainly the poconos,, where temperatures are colder, and you have the higher vagues gag for you, highs again struggle to get to
5:20 am
the upper 30s, low 40's, tonight look at that, sunday morning, we are waking up into the 20's. even here in philadelphia, parts of interior south jersey, dover delaware, you guys below freezing, then we struggle to make it back to the mid 40's, for highs on sunday afternoon. so rain, snow today, chilly, 43 degrees, tonight, start to clear out, windy and cold, 26 for the low temperature, winds could gust to 40 miles per hour, here is the extended forecast, so still feels like february tomorrow. then back up to 60 on monday, maybe showers late in the day, then gradual warming trends, starting to see some 60s returning, consistently next thursday and friday. so there is good news, rahel, if you like spring wetter. >> light at the end of the tunnel for sure. thanks, justin. on the cbs-3 health watch, we all know the importance of physical education for student and school. but now, a new report card gives most states a failing grade when it comes to keeping kids physically fit. health reporter stephanie stahl has the new report on the shape of the nation.
5:21 am
>> guys, you can do it. >> student at this school start the day with morning movement. >> also gets us gloving they exercise their body before hitting the books. >> nice work. there you go. >> children at this school get 45 minute of physical education twice a week, but a new report shows, that is not the case at schools across the country. the 2016 shape of the nation report shows most states get a failing grade in physical education. >> physical education has to be increased, that it has to be viewed as an important part of the daily curriculum. >> children should get at least a hour-a-day of mod moderate to intense physical activity. recommends states require 150 minute of physical education each week for elementary students, and 225 minute for middle and high school student. >> we're giving our children and their teachers an opportunity to create that avenue for learning in their brain, and setting them up for success for the rest of the
5:22 am
day. >> they get you pumped up and ready for if we have a test, that upcoming day or something. >> the report also says many states allow children to substitute other activities for pe. and, also, allow physical activities to be withheld, or used as punishment. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, still ahead, melissa mccarthy is back on the big screen. >> i'm kitchen mccarthy. it is so wrong, it is right, disgraced business leader trying to use a bunch of brown toys reclaim her former glory
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>> bruce springsteen cancelled his concert in north carolina to protest the state's new bathroom law. it requires individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. this is drawing criticism from the trans gender community. springsteen said the concert cancellation is a quote fight against prejudice and bigotry, fans who bought ticket to the sunday show will get a full refund. >> melissa mccarthy best on the big screen, this time, a business mogel attempting a come back after busted for inside err trading. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has more on the boss. >> this week melissa mccarthy back with her bold brash politically incorrect signature humor, as a flamboyant business lead here pushes her former assistant played by kristin bell and troop of brownies to the brink with her delusional plan for a come back.
5:26 am
>> under arrest for inside err trading. >> michelle darnell played by melissa mccarthy major business tycoon, until she is arrested for inside err trading, sent to jail, and faced with the loss of her empire. the characters over the top from the hair to the turtleneck, and it is one mccarthy felt intimately familiar with. >> a character that i developed 15, 16 years ago, and she looked the same she still had the red hair, when she came into my head, very strangely, i was i know exactly who she is. >> melissa power house just like michelle, not only created the character, wrote it, and produced it, she also handled her own stunt. i try to do as much as i can. >> i think i can do it. >> let me try. >> not so bad. >> helping michelle out after jail is her assistant claire,
5:27 am
played bye kristin bell, who had a hard time playing the straight man in her scenes with melissa. >> it was really hard for me to keep a straight face during the teeth whitening scene. i'm 3 inches from her face, and all of her improves, i can't understanded what she is saying. >> she's hungry. >> what do we say if somebody doesn't want to buy? >> buy my brownies or i'll kill you. >> don't say that crystal. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and for all of the latest news from hill wood, watch entertainment tonight. it is on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> and there is much more coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news". >> novanation. >> tens of thousands gather to show their pride for the wildcats. more team three coverage of the pair aid down market street celebrating the national champions.
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>> we are following breaking news, deadly crash tonight, car goes out of control and lands in the schuylkill. liver at the scene.
5:31 am
>> and bundle up. tracking snow and cold temperatures for the start of your weekend. >> good morning, aim rahel solomon. just waking up and headed out it is chilly out there. let's sends it out to justin drabick out on the cbs-3 skydeck, justin, i know it is spring, but it feels like the dead of winter. >> that's right, more like february, not just today, it will be tomorrow, as well. so we have gradual warming trends holding off until next week, so weight got to get you there a couple of chilly daysment today talking about spring snow, not un come ton have snow in early april. we will get that today. mixture of rain and snow across the region, so check it out. still dry in center city right now. skies are starting to go overcast right now. snow and rain starting to show up on radar across lancaster county, baltimore, again, temperatures right now, in philadelphia, are above freezing, but there are some suburbs below freezing, so initially could have little snow at the start it, will mix in with rain once we get the sun up today. winter weather advisory does go in effect for the
5:32 am
northwestern subject, all the way up to the poconos today, kicks off at 7:00 this morning until 8:00 this evening. these locations have the best shot to see minute or accumulation, again, a lot of that mainly on grassy areas. temperatures from the city on southward, generally above freezing, upper 30's in philadelphia, and wilmington, below freezing though in lehigh valley. so periods every rain and snow developing over the next few hours, will continue off and on today. the heaviest precipitation between 9:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. mainly wet roads because that far strong early april sun angle. this weekend, entire weekend feels like february, core of the coal air is settling on in, talking about another freeze warning tonight. temperatures down to the 20's, i'll let you know when we finley warm up when i show you the seven day forecast in a few. >> justin, thank you. update now to our breaking news, a car crashes into the schuylkill river killing the driver. "eyewitness news" reporter, live near kelly drive, and eat, a police still on the scene there.
5:33 am
>> officers did pull the body after man out of the river just before 4:00 this morning, and they have not id him yet, but know he is 26 year old asian man, which who was apparently speeding down ferry road then crashed through this wall, flipped over, then landed in the river. crews also pulled the 2012 volkswagon out of this river, not too long ago, we just saw the wreckers pull the car away. also saw officers measuring the remaining area loft behind. we saw pieces of the bumper on the ground, as well. now, a witness told police she saw that car speeding down ferry road, perhaps trying to avoid the red light. no skidmarks on the road, so they believe impact of this crash that killed the driver. happen also seems some of the barriers here have been broken by the impact that far car,
5:34 am
took more than an hour for drivers to recover the body, police say, that that is because the car was actually about 40 feet away interest this wall in the water. and the driver was pinned hail the wheel, so it took divers quite a bit of time to rescue that body. and there are about 40 firefighters and police officers as well on the scene trying to recover that body. philadelphia police captain robert richie said crews first had to pull the car closer to the wall here before they could recover that driver. >> it is not from this accident. >> before if went airborne, clipped that sign, it has the fish ton right there, maybe did some damage to that sign. >> now told the watt here is her about 6 feet deep, and that the cold also complicated some of the rescue efforts.
5:35 am
as i say, much the scene now clear, this road between kelly drive, hunting park avenue, fumes bridge, was closed but we have seen some cars moving down the street, seems the road is open. on the schuylkill river, anita oh, "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. >> philadelphia all decked out in blue to cheer on the wildcats. and estimated 60,000 people line the parade route in center city. twentieth and market, then headed five blocks down to dilworth park, that is where the wildcats address the crowd, thanking them for their support during their amazing run through the ncaa tournament. >> thank philadelphia basketball for everything they do for us. >> going out as national champions, and thank you for: we love you guys. go cats. >> crowd was larger than
5:36 am
anticipated for villanova championship team, their first of course since 1985. our lesley van arsdall talked to some of the players. >> this is special. so i'll celebrate. >> this i'll enjoy this. >> thousands line the street of the city, cheering on the national champion villanova wildcats, the players treated like rock stars, happy to take it all in. how many people care about villanova basketball, how much they support us, we love him back. this is great. novanation, you know, the best fans in the country, and i see them all out here celebrating us, appreciate it a lot. >> magical season, parade unlike anything they had ever experienced along with crowds far bigger than the team expected. >> incredible, a lot of fans. >> are you guys blown away boy this? yes, big crowd, biggest i had ever seen. >> actually supposed to get out of the buses at one point
5:37 am
to go into the crowd. the police say too big, uncontrollable. then turning the corner here, we saw this here at city hall, we were shocked. amazing, neck up, a trip to the white house. live is pretty good right now. reporting in center city, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sport. >> and, few parents could be as proud as ryan arcidiacono, the langhorne native of course had the game winning assist in villanova's buds err beater win. his parent spoke with new morning team, jim donovan, and brooke thomas, at the rally. >> how proud are you? >> very. the whole team, everything, the whole city, like this is awesome. yes, it is great. >> amazing day. we are here, eight years ago with the phillies about now the fact that ryan is in that, everyone to call that, just hard to clark eyes. just amazing. >> and the turn out here, i mean, this is huge.
5:38 am
>> un believable. >> i know, it is phenominal. it is like what can you say? can't stop smiling. >> philly loves sports, you know, embraced villanova. >> thank you philadelphia. thank you nova nation. >> ryan arcidiacono named the most outstanding player. >> if you missed the big event or just want to see it again, we have you covered. encore broadcast of the parade airs today at 2:00 on the "cw philly". >> easy way to save money. the trick a lot of people don't know. best price possible at some of your favorite stores. and scary moments with a great wide. this paddle border has proof of his close encounter. >> and snowy start to the weekend, justin's back with your
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>> welcome back, an easy way to save money, but when was the last time you asked the store to match the price of one of their competitors? as jim donovan finds, in this "3 on your side" report, it is easier than you might think. >> wal-mart, best buy, target, the list goes on. when it comes to matching prices of competitors, big box stores have quietly been upping their game. >> these storms will match not only local economy tours prices with local stores, also match specific on line only stores such as amazon. >> dozens of smart phone apps help shoppers compare prices, among them, red lazer, price grabber, even amazon price
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check. there is only one problem. >> it is estimated that fewer than 5% of shoppers take advantage of any price matching policy. >> many are unaware of the policy. >> that would be something i would be interested in. >> i didn't realize that. >> when secret shoppers, consumer checkbook visited dozens of stores to test out price matching. >> actually quite surprised it was really easy, really fast to get them to match lower price we found elsewhere. >> to get a price match at wal-mart, you don't even need to contact a human being, the company's own app, wal-mart savings catcher, does it for you. >> they have their own app which lets you scan your receipt once you have checked out if it finds items for less elsewhere according to its price matching policy it, will actually give you the difference in a e gift card. >> that i didn't know. good to know. >> the so the moral of the story is you can realize saving quickly asking will you half match an economy tore's price. >> for those that already do that. >> i haven't had any problems. >> after all. >> i can save a dollar, ill.
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>> in fact, the only problem checkbook experience with regard to price matching was at home depo, they say they'll match low economy tours, plus beat them by 10%. the secret shoppers found a manager usually had to be called, and even some managers didn't know about that extra 10%. i posted lots more information on this topic on reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. who knew? >> two men break into massachusetts home as the homeowner watches from his cell phone. damian girard watched the video from a camera he installed after a previous robbery. girard called police, then rushed home himself. now, take a look, the video shows police, wow, going inside while the burglary is in progress, and they arrest one suspect, the other jumped out of a window, so girard chased him along with police. >> i had full on adrenyline rage. i don't want to be a victim again, and i was mad. >> and police did arrest that
5:44 am
second suspect, they say the surveillance cameras with a very helpful in catching the suspects, and that many burglaries go unsolved. and, justin joining us now, it is coal maybe on some snow. >> god thing i didn't delete all of my snow graphics. i am let them in there just in case, because this time of year can be cruel. it has happened. >> yes, i'm just glad i didn't put away my boots. >> all right, got you. chilly all weekends long, not just the snow, another freeze warning tonight, temperatures tomorrow morning, down to the two's, will feel like the teens when you factor in the win. so feeling like april certainly throughout the entire weekend. good spin, core of the cold air, canada into the great likes, seeing first outer edge of the storm system moving into the delaware vale, western portions of the viewer area, possibly seeing light rain, snow mixing in, western chester county, down to cecil county maryland, again right on the border line here. temperatures very marginal right now, that support snow,
5:45 am
but i think a lot of areas from the city on north and west will see some wet snowflakes today. as the system pushes off to the east, finally clearing skies, later tonight. could be worse. our biggest april snowstorm in philadelphia, april 3rd, 4th, of 1915, 19.4 inches of snow, how about that? latest measurable snow was april 19th and 20th, 1983, where we had just shy of 2 inches of snow, and the latest snow ever, a trace, may eighth, 1947. so yes, it can get cold. i think beyond this, we have good warming trends coming at us in our forecast, so this could be the last round of wintery weather. thirty-seven at the airport, 41 in the capitol city every delaware, there is the cold air with this system, chicago, 24 degrees, 21 minneapolis, so that's still has to rotate on through the northeast. over the next 24 hours, so later this afternoon, low pressure right on top of us, mixture every rain and snow, good thing it is coming during the day.
5:46 am
if you don't like snow, good timing. early april sun pretty strong, even with the clouds. so it can certainly melt the snow. high pressure replaces the storm tomorrow. still chilly though. warmfront through monday, however the front will bring chance for few showers, not the best news for opening day. shouldn't be a wash out. but we could dodge few showers of snow. zoom it in, 9:00 this morning, heaviest precipitation starts to move in. could be period of brief heavier snow burst, across parts of the region. then off and on rain and snow at times through the afternoon, 8:00 start to tapers things off northwest, through south and east, then back to some sunshine, maybe a coating to an inch of snow on mainly grassy surfaces around the city possibly one to three up toward the lehigh valley and poconos, will get windy tonight. we get brief surge of some winds behind the system, winds could gust 30, 40 miles per hour later on tonight threw the overnight, that bridges windchill values down into the teens, early on sunday morning, also, freeze warning goes into effect throughout
5:47 am
the entire region even down toward the show, potential to go below freezing, waking up sunday morning for the city 26 degrees. low 20's, up toward the lehigh valley and berks county upper teens, mount pocono, weren't the windchills, the actual air temps. today though, chilly, we should low 60s, 43 that's it, may struggle to get to. that will rain, snow, with east north winds, 15 miles per hour, gets breezy tonight, behind the system northwest winds ushers in cold air, 26 for the city, colder out in the suburbs, with the rain and snow ending right around 7:00, 8:00 or so. here is the extended forecast, still chilly sunday, 45 degrees, with some sunshine, monday, opening day, milder though, 60 degrees, but there will be more clouds, maybe shower or two specially in the afternoon and evening. better chance of some showers early tuesday, highs in the mid 50's, then beyond that, each day gets little warmer, we will keep it dry and sunny next wednesday, thursday, and friday, like potential to
5:48 am
reach the mid 60s on friday. so there is some good spring weather coming at you. >> that's the thing about florida. >> summertime, the beach. >> well, justin, i know that you are an is her if he -- surfer, take a look it, one close encounter one paddle boards err captured on his go pro camera. yes, that's shark knocking right into the water. now, you might not believe it, had he not had video of this, for the lip, we can report, he's okay. >> this video as you might expect now making him the talk of juno beach, florida. >> maxmo said he doesn't want this end counter to stop people from learning to paddle board or surf but always reminder to just be aware of your surroundings on the water. >> that's craze. >> i that is crazy. luckily he's okay. have you ever seen a shark? >> no, i mean, i know they're there. you know they're there, you're surfing, you know, it is an erie feeling. >> like mentally? >> you can't think about it, you snow. >> or else would you never get back on. >> exactly. usually they don't bother you.
5:49 am
luckily the guy, the paddle board, bigger board, but still got knocked off. pretty good size shark. >> that would freak me out little bit. >> for sure. incredible video, too. >> all right, well, if video like that excites you, then new exhibit at the adventure aquarium in camden, right up your alley many check out the shark bridge, spans eight is feet across the shark rum exhibit. guest cz journey across the v shape suspension bridge for one every a kinds experience directly over the tank. now, the view typically reserved for biologists at the aquarium. but now, you can get a behind the scenes look. >> from the side, from underneath, now get to see them from the top. really neat element. >> real cool experience to be next to something much bigger than you. >> now, the 550,000-gallon tank is home to nearly three dozen fan bank, fan tiger and
5:50 am
nurse sharks. very cool. and, coming up next, it is masters weekends at augusta national golf club. with younger policer on the course, it is not the same game any more. >> golfers are getting pumped up for the mass nerves more ways than one, i'm jamie, hitting the gym to bring toe story. >> and, allen iverson is happily in the building. but what question made the answer cry? finds out next in sports.
5:51 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. >> by the time the day was over, he was the ought our of arguably the greatest shot in the history of march madness. it has been a wild week for
5:53 am
villanova wildcat kris jenkins. after the parade i sat down with the big smooth. >> have you come back yet, when you consider how many thousands of people came out here to support you guys? >> man, for it to turn out like this, man, we didn't expect. that will we didn't know what to expect coming into it. we're so thankful, hon orders to get this kind of turn out. we appreciate t we definitely love everybody who came out and showed us love today. >> what's the best thing that's happened to you over the last week? >> president obama calling coach write and telling him that i was pretty cool. i thought that was pretty cool. >> i know you are flirting with the nba. does this make you think twice when all of the people chant one more year? >> one more year, one more year. >> i thought that was pretty cool t does make me think about it, but i'll just go through the process, me and my family, and, you know, just evaluate it from there. >> that kid is living a dream. no doubt monday was a day to remember. not only did nova win it all, but allen iverson was cemented as all time great.
5:54 am
bubba chuck elect intoed the basketball hall of fame. sixers hosting the nicks last night, iverson was in the building talked to the media about his hall of fame fate. he was also asked about being exactly who he is? >> i'm so proud, like, when my family and my friends tell me they are proud of me, like i'm proud of myself. like i love who i am. like i love being me. like i love who my mom made me. >> and philadelphia fans still love you, allen iverson at the gahm last night, as -- as the sixers take on the knit, fourth quarter, sixers trail by 15. robert covington, career high 30-point, and the sixers down
5:55 am
a bucket. nicks get the ball back, jared grant the brother of sixers forward jeremy grant. sixers jumper, as the nicks hold onto beat the sixers 109-102. >> baseball now, phillies in queens, taking on the defending national league champion mets. didn't go so well. michael had himself a ballgame. rbi double in the sixth. drove in three runs as the met beat the fighting phils seven to two, phillies zero and four to start a season for the first time in a decade. >> second round of the masters, defending champ george spieth struggling, shot two over par 74. but still has one shot lead over rory mcelroy, will be in final pairing, have won four out of the last six majors, you can see the thirds round right here on cbs-3. >> and, the flyers play the penguin this afternoon at the center. still fighting for the final playoff spot. that is sport. i'm don bell, have a great day. >> and, don, giving us an
5:56 am
update on the masters, and speaking of golf, that's a sport, right? that used to be a tongue and cheek question. but in the any more. with younger players hitting the gym, just as much as the driving range, the game has changed. jamie uke as shows us how from augusta. >> three time masters champion, gary player, made a hole in one in this year's par three round at augusta, at age 80, still role model on the course and in the gym. >> because i'm trying to get young people to look off to the most important ingredient in their life. and that's your health. >> not all champions have been so physically fit. >> jack nicklaus is a incredible athlete for the prime of his career, probably 25-point over weight. >> golf has become a much more athletic sport. for many pros, that means the only thing as important as their swing is heavy metal. >> treanor damond goddard showed me how he keeps range masters champion jordan spieth
5:57 am
in shape. >> harder than it looks. >> it is. >> he says it is the little details that can maximize a golf game. >> mobility is always first with us. and then we can work on the fun things like hip and glutes strings and all of the core strings. >> many say the focus on fitness, started when tiger woods, but there are also dangers. >> there is way more injuries to the back, and other muscles, and joint, from the gym than there are on the golf course. >> rory mcelroy criticized for spread in men's health magazine with some saying he was too big. advertisers saw big opportunities. >> companies want them to endorse them. they want them as representativesment and the fitter they are, the more marketable they are. >> goddard said the key is balance, on the course, and off. in augusta georgia, cbs-3, off. in augusta georgia, cbs-3, i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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only fios can. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. an out of control car crashes into the schuylkill river. we're live at the scene where divers pulled a body out of the water. >> our calendars say april. but it feels much more like february. we are talking about cold temperatures, and the chance for snow. justin is here with the latest on what you can expect where you live. today is saturday april it, thanks for spending part of your weekends with us, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. justin, i guess
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