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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  April 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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struggling for the season the flyers make it to the playoffs. now they say why it is important for them to win this year. >> today is sunday april 10th, good morning to you, justin drabick enjoying his morning off, katie fehlinger is joining us this morning. good to see you. >> very funny and cold morning. >> yesterday i'm taking a nap on the couch. twin girls taking a nap. my husband is watching the game. and they make that last goal, and he is like screaming and we all woke up. >> yes. >> yes. >> it was hilarious actually but thankfully we did have the flyers win to warm our hearts because we need it on a morning like this. it is chilly out there, of course, we will bundle will up if we are heading out the at all this morning, do expect that we will need, to have some winter weather gear, we will take you out to the look overlooking south mountain here in bethlehem, right here in the foreground we are taking a shot from hotel bethlehem, beautiful view for us here, but, that said, looks
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can be awfully deceiving. it is very chilly outside. lets look at storm scan three next which has emptied out, no wet weather at this point. we are still sitting in a freeze warning. this time of the year it is about the time to see the last freeze of the season. take effect here, so this may be the last or one of the last that we have seen before we start to get the chance to warm up. this week is still going to be chilly and we will explain that in the seven day forecast later in the show but for now bundle up. 32 degrees at the a airport. twenty-nine in ac. twenty in mount pocono. it is a chilly start but we do not have that wind to contend with. around the region we will go and in the resort town we have low to mid 40's, but under sunshine upper 40's the spectation in the city. we will see how we do. we do not think we will have a chance to break out of the upper 40's so normally our high in the lower 60's at this point and obviously a below average kind of a day but there is easing up that will
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take effect for the a area in the days ahead and i'll tell you when we are back to seasonal coming up later in the show, rahel. >> sound tropical at this point. >> um-hmm. katie, thank you. runners are stretching, layering up and getting held i for love run half marathon. 10,000 runners will begin their tour of the city in just about an hour. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw 1060 is live in the middle of the action at eakins oval, good morning, cherri. >> good morning, rahel. love run will start around 8:00 o'clock this morning and it does not feel like it is in the middle of the april, it is quite cold. i will move over to the shivering group of runners here and let me tell but these ladies and gentlemen. they are the pacers. i will let mike explain. break it down for us. you are very important part of this half marathon. tell me what it is that you do. >> we run at a particular pace. we are human metro nomes where we run an exact time and
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people that run to run that same time can run with us and not be worried bit and focus on their running rather than how fast. >> reporter: you run 7:30. >> 7:30 per mile. >> we all are all set for our particular times, and paces and we have been doing this, most of us for years and years. so runners can enjoy themselves and have a good time during their run. >> 7:30 is good. say your first name and pace. >> i'm lou, i'm eight man pacer. >> reporter: katie. >> nine minute pacer. >> reporter: wayne seven minute pacer. >> elaine, ten minutes. >> susan at 10:30. >> i will be rolling with susan. >> anyone go slower than that or these are folks that keep time with that. >> we can go up to 12 minutes a mile. everyone can participate, makes their distance and mix their goal. >> the love run is all about, the love, the city of brotherly love, love statue, people will be towering the entire city. so how are you keeping warm,
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it is in the 30's right now. >> we have four layers that i will put back on and strip off before we get started. race stars starts at 33 degrees. the that is perfect. >> reporter: perfect weather. you guys are staying positive. you throw your clothes off but by what mile are you sort of warmed up. >> one or two, quickly. >> so we're good. >> reporter: so, this is the first year you have done this every year obviously. this is a big deal for a lot of people. this is the first half marathon of the year. >> it is early in the season. many of us running during winter and that is how you get yourself prepared but we are looking forward to helping the runners out there today do their first race of the year. >> reporter: this is a an awesome team, of course, reason they are all running is to impart raise money for fair mount park conservancy, and also to organizations, they will get money to this run, the organization has gives them away $175,000 over the
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past three years. this run, kicks off, at 8:00 o'clock can you wait for it to happen for it to warm up. >> we're ready to go. >> yes. >> it is hard to believe thaw are fired up because i see people moving around trying to stay warm but the love run kicks off at 8:00 and will be live all morning sharing frigid temperatures and all of the anticipation with you. live at eakins oval cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i would be more of a slow runner, 12, 13 minute mile. >> i'm with you. >> switching gears, a driver is in the hospital after a car accident, in burlington, new jersey. police tell us that driver hit a pole, flipped over, and was thrown from the car. it happened around 2:00 in she monk. no details on the rick tim's condition and the causes under investigation. slick roadways may to be blame for this accident in bensalem. police tell us a car slid off the road and right into a
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home. this happened around 5:30 this morning along the 2200 block of monroe avenue. emergency crews on the scene say while the vehicle is totaled and wall crumbled in pieces, it is a a miracle that the driver wasn't injured for anyone in the home. if you were at the right place at the right time you may have seen a winter wonder land, snow fall was intense in parts of the region. "eyewitness news" reporter will alexandria hoff has more on how gloucester county faired in the snow. >> reporter: after a season of hunkering down, and an additional winter-likening brought saturday night back inside. >> we have quite a bit of snow, thick flakes but great to come out here to bowl. >> reporter: much of the south jersey was hit with nearly blinding snowfall at times with dense a accumulation in certain areas. >> i was wearing shorts yesterday to work and now it is coming down like it is december. >> it is snowing. >> reporter: in mullica eight year-old steph seemed less
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than enthused at first but ended up showing us how he makes the best of the snowy, spring situation. do you like the snow. >> yes. >> reporter: yummy, right? >> it taste like water. >> reporter: since our winter was on the mild side, there is no sense in complaining. >> it is april. i think i like march better. >> reporter: whether it is bowling or simply settling in, this region took this snow as a great excuse to simply stay inside. >> i think i'll just go home, watch a movie, eat some food, that is all. >> reporter: like everyone's honesty today, the focus for the rest of the evening will obviously be on the roads, they are wet from all of the snow fall and temperatures continue to drop. reporting from gloucester county i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and no escape from snow at new jersey shore, these photos were sent to us from eyewitness joan silk, and snow covered the boards and on the beach in ocean city,
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certainly, certainly, summer certainly feeling rather a long time away. and spring flowers get a coating of snow in plymouth meeting montgomery county, the snow was pretty to watch, leaving the roads and the grass for the most part very wet. also not an ideal day for a lacrosse game on the temple university campus, winter team faced off against vanderbilt in the snow. some of the players take a look even in shorts out there, snow doesn't matter, plenty of people showed up to cheer on the owls and even though conditions weren't great. well, flyers are playoff bound, they did it the by beating the pittsburgh penguins but flyers got some help when detroit and boston lost. the game was tied in the second period, then, wayne simmonds tipped in his second goal of the contest, and gave the flyers the lead for good. they beat the pittsburgh, three -one. after the game the flyers thoughts were all about ailing flyers chairman ed snyder.
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>> guys in the room, you know, it is a win and a playoff birth for mr. snyder and for the unbelievable fans of the philadelphia a flyers. >> emotional when we start thinking about it, and we know that he is happy that we're making the playoffs, and he is excited, and we will go play for him. >> flyers will square off against washington capitals. they have the most points in the league this year but flyers split the season series against them. ncaa champion villanova wildcats watched flyers clinch. head coach jay wright tweeting this video of the players celebrating with the fans at the wells fargo center. chris jenkins looking like he is having a good time. good to see them enjoying themselves after their hard
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for the win. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", a deadly tragedy in india. we will tell what you set off a fire at a temple. and battle for new york, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fight the for votes and delegates, find out why both, call it home. you can feel the chill for now but not for long, katie fehlinger has the seven day forecast for return of springtime, and we're supposed to know when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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a crowded hindu temple in southern india where a fire has claimed more than a hundred lives. a spark from the fire works show ignited a separate batch of fire works stored in the temple complex. huge flames engulfed a bidding within minutes trapping hundreds of people inside the temple, the fire injured at least 200 others, and gutted the temple. belgium prosecutors are saying that the terror group that targeted brussels was planning new attacks against france this fall is the arrest of the so-called man in the hat in connection with terrorist attacks on march 22nd. the as jonathan vigliotti reports, authorities say the suspects confessed. >> reporter: belgium prosecutors have the so-called man in the hat. they say he is mohammad abrini one of the terror suspects rounded up in raid in brussels on friday. during interrogation, sources a say abrini admitted he is person in the surveillance
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video seen next to the suicide bombers in the brussels airport. abrini is also linked to the paris attacks last november. he was caught on the gas station security camera with terror suspect salah abdeslam two days before the coordinated massacre in the french capitol. a beanie is one of the four men charged with participating in terrorist acts. thirty-two people died last month at the airport and brussels subway station. authorities say one of the suspects in custody is osama a, a accused of being second man at deadly train station attacks. belgium police carried out more raids sat the day, as they looked for additional accomplices, and worked to counter fierce criticism. they have not done enough to battle terrorism. beyond than vigliotti for cbs-3 eyewitness news. b52 are taking part in the u.s. led bombing campaign against isis. the cold war era heavy bombers a arrived in qatar on sat kay. u.s. air force says licensing range bombers will join a
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national multi the national coalition carrying out air strikes against isis targets in syria and iraq. the first time b52 a's will be based in the region since 1991 golf war when they operated from neighboring saudi arabia. bernie sanders chalks up a a win in the wyoming caucus but splitting delegates down the mid with the hillary clinton. each get seven a piece. meanwhile ted cruz pick up 13 more delegates in will colorado adding to the 21 he pick up earlier in the week. the as brian web reports, the attention now shifts to new york. >> reporter: home turf battle is brewing between brooklyn born bernie sanders and hillary clinton who made new york her adopted home. >> i actually think, new york values are really good for america. >> reporter: whooping 291 delegates are up for grabs in new york. the sanders is behind in the delegate count but making up for it with momentum taking eight of the last nine contests with a win in
7:16 am
wyoming. sanders got the news from his wife and announced it to a crowded auditorium in queens. >> news bulletin, we just won wyoming. >> reporter: ted cruz, grabbed colorado's 37 delegates saturday and then rush off to nevada a where we poked fun at the democrats. >> the democratic field right now, consists of a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. >> reporter: john kasich spoke in rochester, new york, vowing to fight for average americans. >> trying to play by the rules and get somewhere, we just want to believe that the system is ferreter report front runner donald trump leads in the polls heading into next tuesday's new york primary, brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". things continue to heat up on the campaign trail and katie joining us now. are things heating up here. >> we will start to ease up a
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little bit. >> yes. >> bear with me on this one. it is a chilly start and i'm starting off with a view of a little bit of the snowy landscape right now. this is being taken from our live neighborhood network. the beautiful bright sunshine and blue skies here. you can see that sun reflectioning off the snow that still has to surface. 27 degrees in bernville, one of the most outlining suburbs we have got cameras located at but a nice, light wind. that is going to help things out. the it is cold but we can see what you can get on the thermometer on days like this where we are in the accounting for wind chill. highly suggest bundling up before we hit the road here. storm scan is nice and quiet. we will zoom things out here, system that brought in the snow, nice distant memory at this point. what is next? we've got two separate systems right now. two branches of the jet stream that come together and form just a line of some rain that will be moving through. it will come through primary as rain, because temperatures are having a chance to moderate up. we will not worry about anymore snow at this point.
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i do want to walk with you future weather. at this point there maybe more cloud cover then future weather is depicting but regardless it is a dry night. overnight, things start to go more downhill, beginnings of the moisture starting to pop up on the horizon and especially by tomorrow morning, you're likely to be dealing with a couple of showers, scattered in nature. not everyone gets hit by this but, of course, it is phillies home opener. a at this point at least there is going to be something out the there to track on the radar, and it is possible to that we will see a a little bit of wet weather in the form just showers pushing through for phillies home opener but would not be a wash out. if it were tuesday that is a wash out, that is wheel see pretty heavy period of rain throughout the day and even toward the tail owned of the evening. look at this the at 7:00 o'clock that rain is pushing through all day and still lingering by 7:00 p.m. at the shore. that is a soggy day. temperatures in the meantime right now as we mentioned are off to a chilly start 30's and 20's for many in the outlining suburbs. even as far south as rally with i durham north carolina we are still below freezing.
7:19 am
colder there then it is here but with that said eventually we will see some warmth, pick up here by the way, down in georgia this morning and in the afternoon looking good in augusta specifically for masters under sunshine it will be a pleasant day for golfers. we will take a look at the rest of the the day has in store for our area, 49 degrees at best, still chilly, normal highs at 62. 49 degrees with sunshine, followed up by eventually some clouds, and those will be overhead through the overnight hours. that means because we have got blanket the essentially overhead it is much more seasonal. 41 degrees the expected low and taking a quick peak at the seven day forecast, yeah, we have gotten and flow in the temperatures but generally it is a uphill climb back to the lower 60's where we should by friday and saturday and tuesday will be a day that you will want the umbrella at the ready. >> we can get through that, and upswing. >> there you go. >> i like where you are taking this katie. >> thank you. >> time right now is 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving. here's ann evans in the cbs-3
7:20 am
traffic center, good morning, ann. >> good morning rahel. watch out for icy patches here and there driving this morning. the traffic cam is in bucks county between i-95 and action forward valley road. as dawn see route one shut down between i-95 and oxford valley road due to a serious accident. we have police crews on the scene and rescue crews on the scene as they try to help the people, involved and clear the accident out. well, once again bucks county route one shut down between i-95 and oxford valley road. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new back to you rahel. >> thanks for that report. dangerous products that may be in and around your home, jim donovan has the information you need to know in this weeks three on your side and scarves are being recalled. the scarves do not need federal flammability standard posing a burn risk. the recall involves ivanka trump beach wave and brush
7:21 am
slope oblong scarves. century 21, lord and taylor, marshals, tj max, low man' and sold the scarves for between 12 and $68. stop using them and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. about 2100 busy loops table toys are being recalled, round plastic beads on the toy can break posing a choking hazard. model number 7470 and lot code fh are printed on the bottom of the base. the toys are sold at bye-bye baby and other toy stores nationwide as well as on line at and kohl' for around $15. stop using the toy and return it to the store where it was purchased, or contact the manufacturer, manhattan toy for a full refund. take a close look inside your pantry, two companies recalled their products because of shards of glass. emerald's 100-calorie packages of roasted and salted cashew halves and pieces have been
7:22 am
yanked from the store shelves, and roland foods say containers of the roasted red pepper strips may contain small pieces of glass as well. no injuries have been reported in either of these food recalls, returning items to the the place of purchase for a refund. that is this weeks recall round up. i have posted links with more information on cbs reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the dogs that wear shades. in the for style but as part of his recovery, first of its kind procedure here in the philadelphia region. meisha gets company for her latest dream drive with meisha and new morning anchor brook thomas around our neighborhoods, that is in our next half a an
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ 3-d technology is saving lives of dogs. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl, has the story of how the university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine is taking brain surgery to a whole new level. clobber has gotten used to wearing sunglasses for fun at penn vet where he is treated like a movie star. >> he loves all of the people he meets, all of the dogs he meets, he just loves, he is a a happy dog. >> kerry, a vet student who rescued clobber found him, and images showed a rare skull cancer. only hope first of the kind brain surgery using 3-d technology. >> all this is fantastic and all the way down to the front
7:26 am
of his nose. >> reporter: using these scans, the design fabrication lab created 3-d models. the red shows mass before the surgery. white one is what it would look like afterwards showing how much of the skull had to be removed. >> if you do not have have a model in front it is hard to say, that an eye will sit there. we will move it out of the way. >> reporter: jonathan wood a vet neurosurgeon said the team had this mesh implant custom fitted made ahead of time to replace portion of the clobber's missing skull. >> you did the surgery before you work on the dog. >> exactly. >> we did the surgery, the second time. >> reporter: this is clobber three months have a the surgery for a checkup and doing belter than expected. >> he has been doing great, like normal, happy self. this is why i got into veterinary medicine to know that this will help other animals, and, you know, other people like me to be able to help their dogs is just amazing to me. >> penn vet doesn't charge anything for animals being
7:27 am
treated with 3-d technology which is still considering experimental. it is now collaborating with the nih to create a web site that showcases three dimensional technology to help owners, and vet students better understand k-9 brains. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" this morning, two convenient stores robbed minutes apart, we will bring you up to date on the investigation cities are having to make big changes to the way they build, i'm jamie youkiss in boston to show you what they are doing here. >> chillies our big story right now on a sunday morning, at least the sunnies out, however, it is cold outside, if there is any sign of spring on tap, i will have the answer coming up.
7:28 am
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today is sunday, april 10th, thanks for spending part of the weekend with us, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. well, no, your eyes do not deceive you, katie fehlinger here on the cbs-3 sky deck, hi, katie. >> good morning, rahel. the it is a chilly start the
7:31 am
two take but thankfully not too much wind out here. that was running theme for our forecast essentially this past week. in longer. now we are just nice, calm, quiet and cold, i see my breath in front of my face. bundle up as you head outdoors here today, whether you are going down for love run which we will have a report on coming up or maybe just hitting sunday brunch this morning i highly suggest dress nothing layers. lets look at storm scan, hey, that is quiet thank goodness. we have snow yesterday, we will have more on how that ended up panning out later in the show but for now you you can bank on walking out the door and thankfully in the finding anything falling from the sky. we do however have a freeze warning in effect until ten this morning. the basically at this point we might still have a crunchy grassy affect. if you didn't have snow a accumulation regardless you will have the freeze here because this is a regional wide warning in effect with temperatures like this, 29 degrees in atlantic city and trenton and mid to upper 20's, generally in the outlining suburbs outside of
7:32 am
philadelphia. but it is cold in the mountains, boy. only teens at this hour. around the region we will go throughout the rest of the day we will see cloud building with time here. i think more than anything it is a bright, sunny day that will unfold for our area. but, we are just one day away, my friend, from the phillies home opener and nothing says spring more than a baseball game, right? however, it is chilly now so what are we looking a head to here? as we come back to south philadelphia for that first game, what is the weather going to do. i can tell you this much there is wet weather in the wings. we will tell you whether it impacts that season home opener coming up later in the show. >> oh, boy, all right, thank you. we will check with you then. maybe a little will chilly out right new but that is not stopping 10,000 runners from participating in today's love run. renders, are out stretching, trying to warm up before the start of the race. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live on eakins oval with the preview, hey, good morning,
7:33 am
cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. i'm moving around too. there is music playing here, and everybody is trying to keep warm before the race. i'm here at the love run, 10,000 people will be lacing up, and hurry up, i see you, she has a message here. 10,000 people will be here, this half mar then, the first of the running season and i'm here right new team determination. they are very hyped. they are all here, for the american cancer society, jamie will be running the boston marathon next monday. this is a warm up. so jamie, how are you feeling, trying to stay warm. >> i'm trying to stay warm and represent philadelphia a next week. i'm real excited. i'm excited to be here with my team. we're just so awesome. i don't know, we rock. >> reporter: they really do. the individual here, raise
7:34 am
your hands like multiple people lost, friend, family members to cancer. so there is actual cancer survivors here as well, raise your hand. so this is about, you know is what the goal here, financial goal to raise money as you tackle these roads. >> our gel for broad street is $500 and then there is athletes that raise money for marathon in the fall. so that is about 1200. annual commitment here. >> reporter: annual commitment. >> in addition to the half marathon that is going on here is there folks running a relay, for the relay ladies, where are the relay. what is your leg of the relay. >> i am the third leg of the relay so i'm doing from strawberry mansion and i will be finishing the at the finish line. very exciting. >> reporter: wonderful. not everybody is running the 13 miles, so close to breaking that up, as well and all this will start in just a couple, less than a half an hour.
7:35 am
there is the starting line over here. we have got a tent with some beer in it. there is all sorts of stuff. is there cool swag bag, they get a coffee cup, nice little neck arm or right, is that part of the reason why you do this too in addition to raising money for cancer, is that right. >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: so give me a little cheer because team determination is a very hyped team. do you want to say anything before we go off in. >> wow. >> team d nation. >> reporter: they will raise with $25,000 for fair mount park conservancy and that will be presented later today. starting line, the whistle will will go off at 8:00 o'clock this morning and we will be be live and bring that to you then. live at eakins oval cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. i hear beyonce playing in the background to get people pumped this morning. thanks a lot. well, police are investigating a pair of armed
7:36 am
robberies at 7-elevens in northeast philadelphia the first robbery happened at a 7-eleven on the 7900 block of frankford avenue around 2:00 this morning. second robbery happened about ten minutes later, at the 7-eleven at bridge and thompson streets. investigators say three men arm with the gun got away with some cash and cigarettes before leaving in a maroon vehicle, no details on how much money was taken but thankfully no one was injured. off-duty officer was shot or has shot and killed a robbery suspect rather, during an attempted hold up in philadelphia. police say a man with the gun, tried to rob an elderly man on the corner of broad street and chew after a new in olney. off-duty officer, who happened to be nearby, leaped into action, police say the robber had a weapon and pointed it the at the officer before the officer opened fire. philadelphia police continued their investigation into a fatal crash, into the schuylkill river. police tell us that the car was traveling towards kelly drive when it missed the turn,
7:37 am
slapping into a wall going airborne. it happened around 2:30 around fairmount park. rescue crews say the 26 year-old man died on impact. runners and walkers say tragedies like these are preventable. >> the people are just not paying a tension and speeding around the bend been and one quick turn like that and you are going in. >> reporter: speed limit is 35 y drive, the cause remains under investigation. secretary of state john kerry is in japan for a g7 meeting. he and others will discuss ukraine, north cover least a and nuclear weapons. meeting is in hiroshima where the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb leading to the end of the world war two in 1945. japan hopes to use the location to send a message of the non-proliferation and peace. there are grave new warnings about climate change hain how quickly sea levels are rising around the globe.
7:38 am
scientists have found antarcticas ice sheet is melting faster then they had thought. as jamie youkiss report the threat is not only to beach communities but to major cities. >> we have actually added sea wall here. >> reporter: austin blackman is the with the city of boston. he said you can tell sea levels are higher in the just in coastal storms but right downtown. >> is there one portion called morecy boulevard that used to flood maybe once, twice a year and now we are seeing it much more frequently then that. >> reporter: new rutgers university study shows sea levels can rise up to 4 feet by the end of the century. boston is taking steps now to protect begins worsening storms. backing up streetlights and traffic signals with solar power. supporting new building designs. >> hospitals have to operate 24/7 even when they are exposed to extreme weather. >> reporter: john with partners health care showed us spaulding rehabilitation hospital. it sit right on boston harbor.
7:39 am
>> we have raised ground floor level up to the 500 year flood level. >> reporter: unlike most whose window will open in extreme heat if the power fails, generators and electrical equipment have been moved to the basement the to the roof to protect them from floods. the boston is third biggest city in the country for coastal development, so sustainable real estate developers say these new designs are crucial. >> we need to understand that a first floors will be floodable and how does that change how we use them. >> reporter: while sea level is rising so is population here. with views like this everyone want to be close to the water and not under it. jamie you kiss for "eyewitness news". >> study by nature climate change shows boston is not alone, up to 3 million people along american coastlines could be displaced by the end of this century, because of rising sea levels. it shows every where from florida to california, to new york, need to make plans for higher water levels. still to come this morning
7:40 am
on "eyewitness news". >> what do you know about south jersey. >> lets see that is a a big question. >> so what did he tell our new morning anchor brook thomas find out when meisha johnson takes her on a dream drive showing us favorite neighborhoods that makes this place so special. the flyers making it in the nhl playoffs, see how they made it past the regular season. and, what to wear for tomorrow's phillies home opener, meteorologist katie fehlinger will help with your wardrobe, eyewitness weather
7:41 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. if you are a loyal viewer of "eyewitness news" you know our traffic reporter meisha johnson likes to check out local places of interest. she takes our new morning anchor brook thomas on a trip that stretches from parts of the pennsylvania to south jersey. >> reporter: we started in ardmore on the main line and ended in collinswood. >> so i have to start off saying, brook i'm so glad to have a side kick because it the is so much fun. >> main line is amazing, plus not to mention, there are some incredible mansion is here. ton of history. >> every where i go there is history. >> it is just beautiful. >> new we will go to some of the best shots. >> yes. >> we're on to suburban square in ardmore one of the america's original shopping centers and still going
7:44 am
strong. >> here we are. >> this one is very nice. a lot of people come in here they know my name and i know their name and there is a lot of one on one. >> unaudible. >> we're going to go into new jersey and see a darling little, neighborhood looking around. now we are in will collinswood, new jersey and they tell me this is not just the cutest, all these little homes. it is a quaint town where we have very thin roads, we have all of the tiny little shops, coffee shops. >> you you can pop in the record store, antique store. >> i'm not sure what it is, but i like it.
7:45 am
>> i can't wait to go in this record store, so cute. doesn't this just have a great vibe. >> david frankel quit mortgage business to open inner groove record in collinswood. what do i need to know about south jersey. >> south jersey is not all girls like snooki, that is the big misconception. there is a a vibe to collinswood. there is an artsy vibe. we have younger people who are kid, some call it stroller way. fifteen years ago this this town had a problem. but we have really reborn ourselves. >> yes. >> meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". katie joins us now. people in south jersey happen to hear that. >> absolutely, right. i noticed brook picked out a jamaican vibe record, because it does not feel like jamaica in the delaware valley.
7:46 am
>> you you can hit the beach but i will need your snow boots right now. we have a veil of some snow that was left behind from yesterday, out toward the jersey shore but we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers, checking in with these folks reporting cold air. twenty's in the a lot of spots. 26 degrees the temperatures. from delores, she has got bright sunshine. thankfully not very windy either but she's reporting it is nice, clear and sunny. lets see it more, we will go out to the mount laurel area where it is 28 according to robin. let me know if i'm's wrong on twitter, i would love to hear from you robin. we have sunshine. 28 degrees. cold beginning to the day as well as every where else. it will be a beautiful looking day but you have to prepare for it, obviousry with some warmer weather gear or colder weather gear, in other word a nice warm coat. lets go to a couple pictures. if you were watching us earlier in the week we had our first in studio weather watcher, peter, and he sent
7:47 am
this beautiful shot of the gorgeous, robin's egg blue sky out there right now. we have another similar view here bright sunshine over the horizon coming to us from phil and talk about the difference that within day can make, right. lets go out to another camera, a live look, taking you here first to the of roof shot that we have from our very own station headquarters. talk about a blue sky, so lovely to start, looks are deceiving obviously since we have a chill in place but it is dry and will stay that way today. that does change with time which we will get to but we will go back in time as well. look at how much snow fell. this is a short list but it gives you an impression, malvern pick up 5 inches of snow, yesterday, glen mills just over three, mullica three even. the list goes on. we are at philly international we picked up .2 of an inch. no huge deal but fact that it was in the middle of the april it was a big deal to a lot of us. looking at storm scan, things are nice and carman quiet. this is a disturbance that
7:48 am
will be the next big thing for us in the form of some showers tomorrow. also some rain on tuesday but for now, you have also got the that hidden issue, of black ice. it is the temperatures that are at the or below freezing, anything that looks wet will very likely have a chance to refreeze. use caution. there may be slick travels to contend w extra caution is always a good idea on days like this. thirty-two is the actual temperature right now at the airport. we're only in the 20's across northern suburbs here. 236 doylestown. mount holly where national weather service regional headquarters is located also below freezing mark right now. let's talk philadelphia. i do think there will be showers in the the area for the phillies. it does it hit south philadelphia it tea pend where they set up. regardless we will a how for a shower or a few, through the day tomorrow, in time for first pitch, 60 degrees. but there might be a hint of wet weather regard rest of some clouds overhead, and that is just as we watch this next system approaching. so, on tuesday, it is i think
7:49 am
going to be dry in time for the next home game because it is a night game but there will be periods of rain. i wouldn't be shocked if they put that tarp out on the field for tuesday. very soggy looking day with the front moving through and it will produce quite a bit of steady heavy rain throughout the course of the afternoon. come wednesday we should be in the clear here and temperatures will make a slow creep up, to the point that we will hit seasonal conditions for a change on friday, and, saturday. and guys we just showed you our great eyewitness weather watchers. if you love watching weather as well you too can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. super easy, just sign up at cbs we will get awe approved. rahel, back to you. and time new is 7:50. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. are you still seeing slick spots or just it look like everybody is dried up. >> we have slick spots. we have some debris on the area highways as well from yesterday's storm. you what are looking at now is
7:50 am
route one out in bucks county, route one shut down for a couple of hours now rahel between i-95 and oxford valley road due you to a very serious accident. you can see it is a multi vehicle accident, emergency crew is still on the scene as well as police crews trying to get this cleared up, so it will be out there for about another hour at least. we will definite the liz keep you posted. we will move traffic cam here to the ben franklin parkway much more happier sight, ben franklin parkway look at that. art museum circle just crowded with people. ben franklin parkway shut down between spring garden street and art museum circle with martin lieutenant are king drive to the left between ben franklin parkway, falls bridge and kelly drive to the right between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion drive not only for love run is ship shut down but manny flick regatta a couple events going on. that is very latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans now rahel, back to you. ann, thank you. still to come this morning
7:51 am
on "eyewitness news" flyers celebrate after making playoffs. find out what it is like to head to the post season, coming up next, on "eyewitness sports". but first here's is what on cbs-3 tonight.
7:52 am
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katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:54 am
because their playoff seeding. late in the first period, the friars down a goal jay voracek pass to to wayne simmonds, buried it. thirty-first goal of the season. the flyers tied the game. second period over three minutes left shane gostisbehere with the shot, simmonds with the redirects, flyers take a lead on wayne's career high 32nd goal. to the third period. pens pull the goal and bellmawr gets the puck and goes in the empty netter. flyers are back in the playoffs. three-one the final. they will take on the capitals. >> unbelievable. we have worked so hard to get to this point. i thought we deserved. that that is just one step but huge step for us. >> it is amazing. we have had a tough time, but, in the middle of desi think we played good hockey and we deserved to be in the spot right now. >> it is a sense of relief right now. it the is for everybody in this locker room a well deserved good feeling. we have worked hard to get to
7:55 am
this point to a man. it feels good. now we are on to our second goal. >> now to baseball phillies wrapping up series with the mets, jeremy heelickson on the mound for fightins. they got their first win thanks to ryan howard and great pitching. fifth inning no score ryan howard bat ago begins bartolo cologne the opposite field solo home run. the forty-fifth of his career with the mets. phillies take the lead. vince velasquez on the mound for phillies. he was dealing. he threw six shut out innings, allowed three hit, walked three and struck out nine. then bull peb came in and threw three innings of the no hit baseball. mark gomez got him to line out. phillies get their first win of the season one to nothing the final. red sox a begins blue jays boston pablo sandoval at the plate, he swings so hard he broke the belt on his pants. what did dough? he will just toss the bell, who need it. he finishes that at bat. he is 5-foot 11 and weighs 255-.
7:56 am
sixers final home game of the season tonight with the bucks before the game, josh harris will hold a news conference and he is expect to name brian colangelo as general manager replacing sam hinkie who resigned on wednesday. brian is son of the sixers chairman of basketball operation jerry colangelo. defending champion jordan spieth crossing until final two holes where he bogey 17, double i boeing on 18 and one over 73 and had one shot leading nothing to die's final round at the 2:00 right here, on cbs-3. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great the day. young fans of the 76ers, took the court, with the pros. team hosted a an open practice for sixers camp participants at philadelphia a university in ease falls. 450 children in different age groups ran through hand on drills with sixers players and coaches. the sixers dancers, flight squad, mascot franklin and sixers legend world be free, helped make this day very
7:57 am
special for the young one. very fun. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what we have at 8:00. >> temperatures whoever around freezing so be careful heading out for icy spots, coming up next, katie will tell us when the warmer weather a arrives, and the latest on the first pitch forecast for tomorrow's phillies home opener. fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides.
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love run. a couple minutes from right not. live report on the conditions coming up. we will check road conditions where there could be icy spots, we are lag live at route one, situation that we have been following, rain we will get a traffic report during the show. katie will tell us when to expect warmer temperatures. also ahead two robberies just seven minutes apart at 7-eleven convenient store. we will tell what you police say about the investigation. it is sunday april 10th i'm rahel solomon. well, katie is here or a sunday morning filling in for justin as he catches up, on some south jersey sleep. >> yes, what a novel idea no kidding. >> chilly morning. >> thankfully not terribly windy. we have that going for us. snow is gone. >> it is saturday. >> i know, those flakes were huge. >> they were huge. >> we have had a lot of moisture within that and mp


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