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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  April 11, 2016 2:05am-2:39am EDT

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fall! ♪ ♪ >> and there can't be an x-men movie without wolverine, right? >> while there is no official confirmation that hugh jackman will appear in the latest movie. a surprise cameo by wolverine is probably a pretty good bet. ♪ coming up we'll take a look at some of the best family-friendly films blooming this spring. >> jennifer aniston and julia roberts start in "mother's day." jason sudeikis lends his voice for "angry birds" and johnny depp reprizes his role as the mad matter. so stay tuned. >> hi, i am jason sudeikis. you are watching "made in hollywood." hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food.
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♪ made in hollywood ♪ if you are looking for something the whole family can enjoy this spring check out the ensemble comedy mother's day. >> her ex-just got remarried to like a 12-year-old. >> hi. >> hi. >> i am here for a job. >> tell me more about this tween and your ex-husband. >> i am sure i exaggerated. i will have i a better idea once all the acne clears up. >> the lives of four very different people intertwine as they struggle with what it means to be a mom. >> i am adopted. >> i have always wondered did she just throw me away. >> what you have to do, you have to find your mother. >> do you have kids?
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>> career. keeps me business. >> i who should i make it out to? >> after the success of the movie's "valentine's day" and "new year's eve", director garry marshall has once again put together an all-star cast to highlight the joys and struggles of motherhood. ♪ ♪ >> dad, are you okay, dad? >> happy mother's day. ♪ ♪ the "angry birds" video games have been downloaded more than 3 billion times making it one of the most downloaded games ever. >> and the franchise is now focused on concurring your local theater with its animated feature film debut. >> hi, josh gad you are watching "made in hollywood." here is a scene. >> hey, red, how are you? >> oh, i am horrible. >> mr. red. >> there seems to be a recurring issue here. >> anger. >> am i a passionate bird?
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yes. but why does it mat their we are not the same? >> jason sudeikis, josh gad and danny mcbride lend their voice to his the iconic birds, red, chuck, and bob. >> and our flightless heros must band together in order to retrieve their precious egg that his have been stolen by evil, green pigs. >> is that what i think it is? >> excuse me, those fragile, not yours. >> you are making our give guests feel unwelcome. >> and you are not asking basic questions. >> well this, just got awkward. >> hey. >> huh. >> on go. >> owe oh, sorry, this game is really addicting. >> i know. >> "angry birds" is going to slingshot to a theater near you on may 20th. >> we are not done. ♪ ♪ >> if superheros aren't really your thing but you want to go on an adventure with your family look no further than "alice through the looking glass." >> i am johnny depp, scheyer clip. >> what's matter. >> the hatter is the matter. hatter is my truest friend if he's in immediate i will help him. it will be a race against time.
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>> he is not something do you want do. >> time is a re? >> your time is up. >> in the sequel to the 2012 film. alice returns to wonder land to save her friend the mad matter. >> hatter is counting on you? >> oh, no. >> we all are. >> if you are looking for a little fun a little whimsy and a really good time, then head to the theaters over them ore yell day weekend and check out that fantastic film. >> hold on, everyone. >> i don't want to hold on. ♪ ♪ >> if you like what you just saw and want to see more of what's hot on screen, like out facebook. >> up next, a sneak peek at russell crowe and ryan gosling
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in the crime thriller "the nice guys." >> and we are also going to look at some of the hottest home video release with his harrison ford, ice cube and kevin hart. >> i am harrison ford. welcome to "made in hollywood." welcome to "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad someone helped. hunger lives closer than you think. purchase participating items at walmart and you can help secure a meal for someone in need through feeding america member food banks.
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notice made in hollywood ♪ made if you like your movie to have an edge to them "the nice guys" starring russell crowe and ryan gosling should be right up your alley. ♪ >> i am not in the yellow pages. if you got trouble with someone, you might ask around for me, jackson healey. >> i work for the department of justice, my daughter amelia is in danger. please find her, protect her. >> there are a couple of people that i trust, say you are pretty
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good at this. i want you to find amelia. >> you are the guy who beat up my dad. >> sucker punched your dad. >> set during 1970s, los angeles, a private eye and a hired enforcer work together to solve a mystery involving the mob, a missing girl, and a dead porn star. >> the mop is trying to spread its operation to los angeles. somehow amelia is involved. >> one thing we know for sure, something funny is going. >> on coming to theatres on may 20th, "the diary of a teenag"the nice guys" willkeepie edge of your seat. >> oh, this just keeps getting better and better. ♪ ♪ now available on your homescreen. >> the biggest movie of last year is finally out on blu-ray and hd digital. "star wars: the force awakens" is now on your homescreen. >> hi, it's j.j. abrahams director of "star wars: the force awakens" and here say scene from the trailer.
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♪ ♪ >> who are you? >> i am no one. ♪ >> i have to know what it's like for you over 30 years later, stepping onto the set and skiing life-size the version of this and the millennium falcon again. >> it was fun to be back. it was fun to play the character especially since i think the script was well craft today give me the opportunity, the character the opportunity for some unanticipated influence over the lives of some of the this characters. >> obviously you are imagining a story. you are creating a story as you go along, but you didn't have to imagine any of the extra things, you didn't have to imagine the heat or the dirt or the sand because it was there. you didn't have to imagine the little droid next to you, because the droid is there. so, yeah, it was amazing. >> camera, action! >> one of the things that made the first star wars films so authentic and zola git was that
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they were. they were things that were shot often in places like tanisha. this was all to actually film on actual film the story we were telling and not just do it against blue or green screen and put it in later. >> this is crazy, look around. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> it was all real. it was all in front of me and i felt like i was on a different planet. >> it's true. all of it. >> not bad for your first feature film. >> not bad. >> what happened when you found out that you were cast in this film? what was going on. >> j.j. told me and then we had to end the call and i had to go and watch the second half of a play and not tell the guy that i was with. it was like a good three or four hours until i could get home and tell my mom and my sister. >> i was atta cafe in london. >> did you freak out? >> no, no, i didn't freak out. >> did you yell, scream. fall to the ground and cry.
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>> we were in a public place and j.j. told me not to react. >> i auditioned for j.j. the seem week of the oscars i remember that. i don't remember who told me exactly that i had gotten the role. i just remember thinking, oh, okay. and shortly after that i was in london. >> i had a very wonderful problem in that i was sort of filming game of thrones at the same time that star wars was filming. i did at some point have to entertain the possibility that this might not happen. but when i knew it was happening. >> i would have totally freaked out. >> the dark side. >> the jedi. >> you talked about how from the very beginning you wanted to focus feelings. >> uh-huh. >> what were people feeling when they first saw the star wars episode four and you wanted to carry it on no to the film. what were the feelings that you
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had when you first watched it? >> the first thing that comes to mind is awe at some of the scale and spectacle. but the most important i think was -- was a joy at experiencing these characters. >> it allowed us to participate in a world we could believe in, but was beyond our personal imagination and that we were led there by a master story teller. >> and action! >> fun, great characters and, of course, happen solo being my favorite i was exposed in to a new level of geekness. >> it also had an unbelievable sense of scope and scale. amazing adventure, great romance. some of the best music, sound effects, visual effects you ever heard o or seen. it was a remarkable accomplish. sort of at every turn. >> i was just enthralled by it. it was so magical. it literally transport immediate to a different place.
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it took me in to a different universe. and a universe i wanted to be a part of. there were wookies and robots and robots that you fell in love with. and women with really strong personalities that wouldn't take no for an answer. >> the goal that we had was to take people back toll a place that they had been before. but not for nostalgia but to tell a brand-new story that moved forward. ♪ ♪ >> just let it in. ♪ ♪ for my full uncut interview with harrison ford and the rest of the cast from star wars the force awakens and to see the cast singing the star wars theme song head to our you tube channel made in hollywood tv and don't forget to subscribe while you are there.
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>> also available on your homescreen. >> and coming to blu-ray and hd digital on april 26th, ice cube and kevin hart team up once again for the action comedy "ride along 2". >> hey, what's going on this is kevin hart. >> and i am ice cube. >> we want to i want dudes you a club right here on "made in hollywood." >> good job, cube, you killed that. ♪ >> all the new dealers in atlanta are getting supplied through antonio peep in miami you need to get plea something on this guy immediately. >> two days top. >> put me in on it, james i am like half cop. half puma, i will get in your ass. >> i had so much fun watching this movie. i had so much fun. >> did you poop your pants? >> really? >> yes. when you poop your pants is when you have the most pan when you laugh you poop. >> this is what you have to deal with? >> all the time. >> yeah, i think it's it takes a lot of skills to not laugh, and i think i owe it to him not to lap because if i laugh it messes up the tape and you are shooting
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and you have to catch the managing i while you are shooting and you can't mess it up. >> i'll get you but whether it's when i want to. >> he always has something new to say, something new and fresh and he always keeps it fresh and that's what is exciting about working with kevin. i did not keep my composure. it was literally i was like you guys are going to have to replace me because i can't -- you can't use any of these takes. i mean, it's so -- i laughed and the -- and cube, i am like how do you do it? and he's lake you get used to it. he never breaks. >> cube is the ultimate straight man he's so great at keeping a scene together and grounded. i think his acting is so under rated in a sense of like he can keep a scene together for people like me and kevin to play. and just kind of like be loose because he can kind of hold the whole scene. [ laughter ] >> that was a good one. >> i know. >> kevin is exhausting. but you know who is worse? ken. >> ken. >> ♪ ♪
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>> they are just master improvisers. they really are. they are both comics at the top of their game. >> doing our thing, we out gheerting busy. we getting busy, babe. >> i great to film here. it's fun to be here. you feel like you are on vacation. it's a working vacation in a way. and it adds to the production value. you want to be there. we got a movie called ride a long so you want to ride along. so we want to do everything to make you want to be with us. >> you want to go bigger and better you put yourself in an environment that's bigger and better. miami is that environment. >> partners, james, we protect each other. james! >> you had on a vest. >> i definitely saved your life, man. >> don't go too far now. ♪ ♪ >> james. ♪ stay tuned there's more coming up on "made in hollywood."
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through feeding america member food banks. but pantene is making my hair hairpractically unbreakable.ff. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. but so we don't have tormin wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. and change for watching our spring movie special, everyone and the big news is star wars can be watched at home right now because i haven't seen it. >> what? >> i have been seen it yet. >> oh, my god i am going to watch it every night. can we talk about what movie we are most excited about that we talked about today? we talked about so many good ones. >> star wars, stars wars.
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>> good, always excited for disney marvel film but can't wasn't for so olivia munn on "x-men: apocalypse" because i follow her on twitter and she looks amazing. >> it will be a good one. >> don't forget to go online to >> see you. ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪
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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news" a close call for a bensalem homeowner an suv come puts crashing into his house while sleeping few feet away. incredibly the family walked
2:31 am
away. the driver of that suv is on the loose at this hour. it happened about 5:30. greg argos spoke with a homeowner and has the very latest on the search for that driver. >> reporter: when you see the tire marks up the hill. >> i heard a boom. >> reporter: the damage to the shed and what's left of his home. >> my front room and that was about it. >> reporter: you may not believe no one was seriously hurt when a man driving an suv slammed into his bensalem house around 5:30 sunday morning. >> it was like parked in front of my stairway. >> reporter: davis's wife was sleeping downstairs recovering if an earlier hospital visit feet from the destruction, she's back in the hospital tonight. stress of the whole thing just too much. >> blood count was low. her pressure was low but it ran her pressure way up.
2:32 am
>> reporter: investigators say person first hit neighbors shed. >> he was over there. >> reporter: dislodging it from it's foundation before crossing the street and hitting davis's home. >> he was going fast. >> very fast. >> reporter: police say driver ran off and took part of their property down. everyone here glad he didn't take their lives. >> we could have been dead. but the grace of god we're still here. that's all that counts. >> reporter: you can see just the extent of the damage here. davis says so much damage in fact it's not safe for him or family to at any inside. as for his wife, she is still in the hospital but expected to be ok. i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." turning now to the weather after a winter-like weekend. it's about to feel a little more like spring. meteorologist justin drabick is out there on it sky deck with a look at the forecast. much better. >> certainly if you like spring
2:33 am
weather you're going to like the temperature forecast coming up. we're feeling the difference right now compared to this time yesterday. it's chilly outside right now but we're not going to be deal with 20 and 30's for overnight lows. these were the highs above average, good 12 degrees above average, only made it to 50 officially at philadelphia international airport. at least we had the sun going. 42 the current temperature, 43 well, 30 in mount pocono. temperatures uniform, clouds roll in that's going to help keep the temperatures up tonight. tomorrow morning when you're waking up around sunrise, generally upper 30's for the is that yours to low 40's. partly cloudy right now over philadelphia. more clouds move in from the west tonight ahead of our next storm system. we're talking about rain mainly during the morning on monday from the city on north and west. this could impact morning commute a little bit. should be light rain don't expect a whole lot of problems.
2:34 am
we'll talk about if the showerses will linger. that may mean it could impact the phillies home opener. natasha send it back over to you. speaking of that home opener, season baseball is coming back. opening day tomorrow at citizens bank park. let's bring in lesley van arsdale. >> doesn't feel like baseball weather but we know it will be coming. the good that you say is the phillies have momentum going against the san diego padres. two-game winning streak after starting 4-0. the leapfrog, the u.s. navy parachute team got in a practice jump to prepare. there's a lot of planning to make sure the jump is absolute perfect. >> today we jumped out of 4- hundred. every time we go up to our
2:35 am
elevation, we get winds and the direction of them. >> it's awesome being able to see philadelphia downtown be above downtown from the sky very majestic. >> every year we come here and talk about we're in the fanatic costume. it's been a few years. >> such a cool sight. >> can't wait for that. big day. thank you very much, lesley. to 2016 news now where the battle for new york is heating up. large number of delegates are on the line and the empire state. cbs3 correspondent bryan webb shows us there are new accusations of cheating from one candidate's camp. >> reporter: donald trump says there's something wrong with the way republicans choose their presidential nominee. >> this is a crooked system. >> trump campaign says ted cruz is using under handed methods to pick up delegates loyal to the
2:36 am
texas senator. >> you see the. >> reporter: cruz's campaign caused the accusations live. >> we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> reporter: trump can clinch the nomination before the convention but needs to win nearly 60 percent of the remaining delegates to do it including a big win here in new york next week. >> trump and hillary clinton both have double digit leads. clinton went to several churches sunday before campaigning in baltimore where she slammed sand sanders's record on gun control. sanders and his wife ate hot dog. >> maybe her judgment is not quite as high as it should be.
2:37 am
bryan webb cbs3 "eyewitness news." college community is mourning the loss of one of their own the 22-year-old student was found unresponsive at a home on it 200 block of more head avenue. officers say someone to try to perform cpr but the students could not be revisited. police removed evidence from the home and conducted interviews. neighbors were shocked to hear the news. >> there's really the only college house but this house has been, you know, nice kids. they won't cause huge problem or anything. i've gotten to know them. we helped shovel their cars out. very sweet. never dis respect or anything like that. >> i've never seen anything crazy going on in this general area since i've been here. >> no word yet when the autopsy be performed. nfl player will smith was shot and killed this weekend in an apparent act of road rage. it happened in new orleans on saturday night when a car driven
2:38 am
by car dell haze reportedly rear-ended smith's mercedes. that prompted an argument and police say haze shot smith and his wife. mrs. smith is expected to recover. haze is charged with second degree murder. >> one life over and another life ruined. at this time we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another. >> there is a possible connection though. in 2005, haze's father was shot and killed by police. he won a civil lawsuit against the city. last before the accident smith had dined with one of the officers involved in the prior shooting. india more than 100 people killed and 400 injured when explosions went off inside a hindu temple. that sound is a batch of firework being stored in the


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