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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 11, 2016 2:38am-4:01am EDT

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by car dell haze reportedly rear-ended smith's mercedes. that prompted an argument and police say haze shot smith and his wife. mrs. smith is expected to recover. haze is charged with second degree murder. >> one life over and another life ruined. at this time we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another. >> there is a possible connection though. in 2005, haze's father was shot and killed by police. he won a civil lawsuit against the city. last before the accident smith had dined with one of the officers involved in the prior shooting. india more than 100 people killed and 400 injured when explosions went off inside a hindu temple. that sound is a batch of firework being stored in the
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building. authorities had denied permits over safety concerns but temple authorities reportedly went ahead with the fireworks. the state government is now launching a criminal investigation. in the wake of the 2012 sandy is hook school shooting a group of cyclists has vowed to ride from connecticut to washington every single year. they're calling for tighter federal firearms laws. motorcycle said he was disappointed when gun laws did not change after the elementary school shooting in connecticut. >> shooting are hunting down children in our city. without the gun, all you have is a fistfight. we can recover from a broken nose or black eye. we can't recover from a gunshot. >> is riders are bring a petition call for tougher restriction on guns, signed by
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36,000 people so far. a villanova basketball star was honored posthumously today for making the ultimate sacrifice. cherri gregg tells us the soldier was a hero had a suffered years of discrimination before finally getting the recognition he so deserved. >> reporter: a 6-2 inch sharp shooter was the only jew in villanova starting five when he helped lead the team to a 19-2 record in 1942. instead of going into the nba he joined marines. >> he was a hero. >> reporter: he presented a memorial and drives his name at the jewish war veteran's post. lieutenant drizen was part of the first wave of marines to land in iwo jima. led a platoon that took out three japanese tanks and kill dozens of enemy soldiers. the us government finally
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honored him in 2014 with a post human melt of honor. >> not just jewish war veterans many were discriminated against. >> that's why all over the wall you see lieutenant drizen's name and those of other jewish war veterans a fraction of the half a million who fought for america during war world war ii. >> my dad was proud of his military service. >> he served in the battle of the bulge. he lost several toes to frost bite and earned a purple heart. he gifted his family his burial flag. >> it's a real honor to our entire family. >> drizen his brothers and sisters in war are standing firm. making certain his exploits on the court and in battle are never forgotten.
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stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news" special delivery what arrived at the international pace station that could help pave the way. a very costly fast food prank. how burger king employees were tricked into smashing outlet the window of their own store. justin. >> showers on the way for the upcoming work week. i'll let you know when you can see the heaviest rain when we check
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world's first inflatable room for astronauts. they delivered the pioneering pod once inflated it will be the size of a small bedroom. this could one day play a major role in deep space exploration. a prank call fools employees of a minnesota burger king. the caller claimed he was from
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the fire department and there was a gas leak in the building. he told workers they needed to smash out the windows. sure enough, employees went to work shattering all the windows. it's boarded up right now. drive-through is still open. police try to go track down the prank caller. the power of social media on display. dozens of people set out to right a wrong for a deserving little boy. 30 people were invited to gerald hamilton birthday party but no one showed up. gerald has under gone several brain surgeries in his young life and his grandmom was furious no one showed up for his party. she took to facebook. >> i want to have as many cards as i can to my little guy. he's just a kid who wants friend to play with. >> he may actually get the wish along with the dozens of gifts pouring in for him. the family of a boy who had the
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same surgery as gerald contacted his grandmother and they're now trying to set up a play date for the two kids. the duke and duchess began a week long visit to india. they were greeted by hundreds of onlookers as they made offerings at the site. they will also visit the neighboring kingdom. they're traveling without their kids this time. very special honor for dozens of students today. "eyewitness news" temple university where student were presented with the congressional metal award. i was honored to serve as m c of this career's event. the silver and gold metal awards were given to 100 students from around the state who have donated hundreds of hours to community service. brendan boil was on hand for the big event. to you hear the one about the goat who walked
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bucks, she warneded into a star bucks. they tried to give her a banana. she started justin drabick bring along the warmer temperatures. >> thanks for having me. wild weekend with the snow. it's pay back from the mild winter. >> are we done now? >> i think we could be done. never say never. you had trace of snow in may back in 1947. let's not talk about it. let's talk about the warmup coming up this week. one last shot of the snow from this morning. this is the beach here, margate live look, time laps this morning 7:00 look at the snow on the sand. as we move through the morning with strong early april sun. that quickly melted.
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gone, people out on the beach. wind blowing. temperatures chilly. down near freezing in spots. 62 is where we should be. we hit that thursday. over the weekend cold, 43 that was it for yesterday's high temperature. we did make it to 50. tomorrow back to where we should be for early april low 60's. 40's, upper 30's in the coldest spots. some areas mostly clear skies. there's milder air a. st. louis 63. 49 in chicago. warmer air mass tracks eastward. we do have rain, moving into western pennsylvania. headed east best chance to see the showers tomorrow morning. parts of south jersey and delaware see a shower. vest percent chance for the rain monday mainly during the
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morning, a hundred percent tuesday. good chance of seeing showers. we're dry wednesday and thursday. second half of week is dry. here's the set up. we have a warm front moving through. pushes out the told air. few showers around the morning, nothing heavy. here comes the actual cold front. this is it bring steadier rain tuesday into afternoon hours once the front passes we clear out the skies. temperatures table a little bit of a hit. 7:00 tomorrow morning, scattered light showers. you can see showers mainly north and west of the city. could impact the morning commute a little bit. add a few extra minutes. afternoon looking better. clouds we could get a few breaks, this is 3:00 first pitch for the phillies home opener. model not showing any rain. that's great news if you have tickets. still dry through most of the night. here's tuesday morning 7:00.
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here comes the steady rain, pockets of heavy rain, this will slow down the morning commute for sure tuesday. by tuesday afternoon evening we start to dry things out again. temperatures tomorrow morning waking up generally in the 40's, cold spots could be in the 30's. off to the races. low 60's be maybe mid 60's if we see enough sunshine tomorrow and tuesday little bit cooler with showers around temperatures get knocked back to the upper 50's to near 60. cold pocket of air, that's moving on out, gone, all the purple, you don't even see that. we'll get shots of cooler air for the middle of the week, a little cool pocket going to come out of the central u.s. for the weekend. this isn't cold air. it keeps our temperatures close to average. for opportunity, not as cold, 40's low temperature, tomorrow watch out for few morning rain showers, high of 62. first forecast 3:05 against the padres 60 mostly cloudy should
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stay dry. tuesday watch out for showers. we're back to sunshine, pleasant conditions upper 50's, low 60's pressure through the week. next week we have a good shot of reaching 70. >> we're getting there. some sense of normal see. >> flyers regular season, phillies going for the first series win and the sixers reshape the front officers. we
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. shake-up with the sixers. >> we knew this was coming, the sixers named bryan coangelo as the new president of basketball operations replacing sam hinkie who resigned. he'll become an advisor. home against the season overtime
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ish smith came up short. 109 to your 108. flyers against the islanders. the orange and black beat the islanders 5-2. next against the cap thursday in dc. baseball phillies wrapping up series against the mets. odubel herrara. win their first season. home opener we're talking about tomorrow against the padres. aaron nola gets the start. coming up sports zone we're i want to go to talk more about the sixers fronts officers shake-up. villanova wildcats and of course, yes, the phillies home opener tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. there is a new championship at the box office when we come back with you. find out who concurred bat man
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versus super man
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. welcome back. there's a new boss at the box office this weekend. >> careful it's a bet. the melissa mccar they raked in 23. $.4 million, continues it's strong showing taking in 14.3 million, hard core henry round out the top five. justin back
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. 10 how to return runners from 44 state decedent on philadelphia. it's a half marathon which means the course a little more than 13 miles long. go around city hall and all the way to fairmount park and back. in three years the organizers have donated 1 $55,000 to local groups and charities.
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justin is back. >> we going to wake up with a little bit of rain. nothing too heavy. by the afternoon, should be dry. the home opener stays good. maybe clouds, peaks of sun, 62. upper 50's tuesday. that's the best chance for showers, especially through the first half of the day. sunshine for the second half of the week. temperatures right where they should be. lower 60s on average. potentially next week, make a run at 70. >> so much up and down around here. >> we're inching closer. the glass half full. that's going to do it for us. we thank you for joining us and staying up late with us. we're always on >> to 40 years. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road in west palm beach, florida. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us later for the morning news and
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"cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor. ted cruz and bernie sanders win this weekend's contest in campaign 2016. as the battle for delegates intensifies, we'll look ahead to what is next. also tonight more than 100 are killed in india after an explosion at an illegal fireworks show. a former super bowl champion is shot dead. what happened after a traffic accident in new orleans? and, climate change, a fierce image with flowers. >> what do you think of pit bulls now? >> they're so loving, so gentle. it is kind of crazy to think the public image they have. >> announcer: this the "overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news," i'm jeff glor. ted cruz and bernie sanders scored small victories with potentially big implications in the race for president. cruz picked up 34 delegates. inching closer to donald trump. sanders won the wyoming caucuses
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saturday. and has now beaten hillary clinton in seven of the last eight states. clinton remains far ahead in the delegate count. the next big contest is new york. one week from tomorrow. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: the battle of the boroughs today. bernie sanders grabbed hot dogs on brooklyn's coney island. [ cheers and applause ] hillary clinton visit ed several churches in queens. so i am humbly asking for your support. she needs a victory to halt bernie sanders' winning streak. while delegate math is still stacked against him he is flushed with cash and showing no signs of exiting >> i believe we have a real path to victory. sanders may have backed away from questioning whether clinton is qualified to be president, but he is not backing down. >> maybe her judgment is not quite as high as it should be. >> i don't have any, anything
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negative to say about him. i expect to be the nominee. >> reporter: even as sanders' aide predict a contested convention, clinton says her sights are set on the republicans, facing the far more likely open convention scenario. and sanders found an unlikely ally today in donald trump, who was in rochester, railing against the emphasis of delegates over voters. >> so i watch bernie. he wins that if say he has no chance. why doesn't he have a chance? because the system is corrupt. and it's worse on the republican side. because i am up millions of votes on cruz, millions. >> y'all have been part of something incredible. >> reporter: ted cruz's colorado sweep this weekend shows he is long understood the importance of securing supporters as delegates. trump's convention strategist says he is not playing fair. >> you see the tactic, gestapo tactics. the scorched earth tactics. >> gestapo tactics. >> how about the "boston globe"? it's useless, sold for $1. >> reporter: in another twist, the "boston globe" published its
3:03 am
front page satirically imagining a future under a trump presidency. >> the stories range from trump starting mass deportation and financial markets sinking result of trade wars. hillary clinton got help from president obama when it comes to the fbi investigation into her private e-mail server, jeff, in an interview with fox news he downplayed classified information saying she has not jeopardized national security. >> julianna goldman. thank you. for more on awful this let's bring in cbs news elections director, anthony salvanto. it seems the campaigns are less focused state-by-state, but delegate by delegate. each one so important. what its happening right now? >> because it is so closely contested and because these states are coming, in new york, giving out their delegates on a local, district level. even candidates who feel they might come up short in new york like kasich or cruz are going through looking for pockets of support in some of the districts. maybe they can cut into donald
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trump's lead by doing that. >> not just the primaries. this week, ted cruz got more delegates in colorado state convention largely because he was better organized on the ground. >> the really interesting thing here, jeff, is that when you start fighting for delegates. these campaigns are looking to a potentially open or brokered convention. they want the most loyal supporters in those delegates slots. so that if there is a floor fight, if delegates start arguing on the floor of the convention, it's their most loyal supporters who were there fighting for them. >> trump still holds a solid lead of 200 delegates over ted cruz. could the state contests stall his path further at this point? >> yeah, the trick for everyone trying to catch donald trump is to try to slow him down enough that it denies him the majority of the delegates. and in order to do that, they have to not only cherry pick delegate counts here and there as we go through the states. but, donald trump's path is now very close to the majority he has got to keep winning and keep winning big, or he will fall short. >> anthony salvanto. thank you.
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belgian authorities say the terrorist whose struck brussels last month were initially planning to attack france again. changed their target and sped up their plan as police closed in. yesterday, belgian prosecutors said, the terror suspect confessed being the man in the hat at the scene of the deadly bombings at the brussels airport. he was arrested friday and has also been linked to the paris attacks last november. >> 100 killed, hundreds more injured in southern india when an illegal fireworks show set off a huge explosion and a fire at a hindu temple. jonathan vigliotti has more on this. >> reporter: from a distance they look like ordinary fireworks. the crowds cheered on. but upclose, it was a firestorm. the chaos began at 3:00 a.m. during a hindu new year fireworks celebration at a temple complex.
3:06 am
authorities say, a stray fire work landed on unused round and set them off as thousands looked on. schlep nell from the powerful shrapnel from the powerful blast injured hundreds of spoke spectators. amid the chaos, ambulances struggled to reach the wounded. heavy machinery brought to sift through rubble looking for survivors. victims rushed to hospitals. many had severe burns and broken bones. blood covered the floors and walls. injured continued to pour three in out the night and into the morning. daytime images of the temple revealed what looked like a war zone. the series of explosions was so powerful, they demolished nearby buildings and sent bricks and concrete flying as far as half a mile. witnesses reported finding shoes, even body parts on the roofs of their homes. sunday's new year tragedy could have been worse. authorities found dozens of fireworks that never went off.
3:07 am
still the stockpile that did ignite was all it took to level part of this village. officials say the temple was not authorized to hold the fireworks display because of safety concerns. jeff, police have launched a criminal investigation against temple authorities. jonathan, thank you. tensions boiled over near a migrant camp at greece/macedonia border. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on refugees attempting to cross into macedonia on foot. 300 migrants were injured. the border has been closed to them since february. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ ♪
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all: cbs cares! a former super bowl champion and well-known player is new orleans was killed last night. shot to death in his car following a traffic incident. jamie yukas has details. >> reporter: the former pro bowl defensive end will smith and his wife were in new orleans headed back from dinner when a hummer hit them from behind. smith's mercedes hit the car in front of them. police say that's when smith and the other driver, 28-year-old suspect kardell hayes got into an argument. officers say hayes went back to his hummer, pulled a gun and started shooting. >> one life is over. and another life is ruined. smith died in his car. his wife raquel was shot in the leg.
3:11 am
police booked hayes on second degree murder. new orleans superintendent of police, michael harrison. >> at this time we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another or this was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute, disturbance, that turned violent. >> reporter: police are investigating a possible connection. in 2005, hayes' father was shot and killed by police. hayes won a civil lawsuit against the city. just before the accident, smith had dined with one of the officers involved in that fatal shooting. in 2010, hayes was charged with illegal drug and weapon possession. he was on a local amateur football team. smith spent nine seasons with the saints and was just voted into the team's hall of fame. new orleans sports reporter, lyons yellin. >> he is a guy that has earned the respect of this community. people embrace saints down here. and they're the heroes. and, so, when you see a tragic event like this the support is
3:12 am
just unwavering. >> reporter: hours before the shooting, smith posted this photo with his wife on instagram. captioned, having a blast at the french quarter festival 2016. former teammates and other athletes offered condolences on social media. nfl commissioner roger goodell posted a statement saying "this is such a tragic loss of life." fans created a memorial at the scene of the murder. along with his wife, smith leaves behind three children. a statement from smith's family members express thanks for the support they have received ask for privacy as they mourn a devoted husband, father and friend. jeff. >> thank you. for the first time since 1919, the price of a first-class postage stamp dropped today. from 49 cents to 47. postcards go from 35 to 34. old rates were temporary to help pay the bills. the postal service is not happy. they say the reduction will cost the agency $2 billion a year.
3:13 am
this past week, u.s. labor department issued new regulations requiring financial advisers handling 401(k)s and retirement accounts to act in the best interest of their clients. for more on this story, our business analyst, jill schlessinger is here. jill, a lot of people might wonder, shouldn't the financial advisers be acting in the best interest of their clients already? >> they were held to lower standard, suitability. what i recommend has to be suitable. if you are 85 years old, no social media startup. but i could have recommended a product that was maybe expensive not in your best interest. with this rule, now i must put your best interest first, ahead of mine or my company's. now, i want to reiterate. only for retirement accounts. if you have a nonretirement account, there still may be cases where the person is held to suitability. to figure out whether your adviser is or is not held to the standard ask them. >> how might this help retirement savers?
3:14 am
>> there are estimates over the course of your lifetime this could amount to $140,000 for a typical saver. >> at 1% fee if that is changing. what does this mean for the industry? they scant be entirely happy about it? >> no they're pushing back. the biggest disrupt tugs financial services since online trading. what this means really is they there fearful a lot of the small accounts are going to be pushed aside. there is an interesting alternative for the people. they can go to a robo-adviser. automatic trading platform. betterment, wealth front, rebalance ira. you will save all that money in your cost. you may not get a human beg to get advice. >> jill, thank you very much. >> thank you. documents show a history of sexual harassment violations at a famed university. and the royals play an important round of cricket. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ ♪
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one of the nation's premiere public universities, university of california-berkeley is under fire and under federal investigation for its handling of sexual harassment cases.
3:18 am
danielle nottingham is following this. >> reporter: when an assistant to the dean of berkeley law school filed a complaint against him alleging sexual harassment, she said she was told to find another job within the university. he resigned as dean but remains a faculty member protected by his tenure. what did you think when your boss got a pay cut had to go to counseling and apologize? was that enough? >> it was absolutely not. i was, i was devastated. >> reporter: documents released by uc-berkeley show as many as 19 employees including faculty may have violated the university's sexual misconduct policies in the past five years. filing suit against the university for failure to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and retaliation. the case has become so high profile, university of california president, janet
3:19 am
napolitano, stepped in last month and banned chowdry from campus. >> the academic world is part of society at large that has continued to undervalue this type of misconduct. and it is 2016, and it's time to say enough. >> her lawyer claims the actions offend any notion of fairness or due process. after other cases were uncovered, including accusations against an assistant men's basketball coach, and a renowned astronomer, the university is now overhauling its process for handling sexual misconduct. >> no student, graduate, or undergraduate, no member of the staff, should come to the university of california and be fearful of either sexual harassment or sexual violence. >> reporter: berkeley is known for being at the forefront of social change. she says that reputation may be why cases like hers aren't more public. >> if you have this brand and you have this image and yet you are found, this campus is found
3:20 am
having these, these things happen, horrible things happen, then i think that is all motivation one needs to keep it suppressed. >> reporter: she isn't sure she will return to her job at the school, but hopes her story will help others come forward. danielle nottingham, cbs news, berkeley. next here the scam that has people following orders to smash windows.
3:21 am
a bizarre wave of property crimes is leaving smashed windows at fast food restaurants across the country. but the windows aren't being broken from the outside they're being broken from the inside by the people who have been convinced to do the damage. >> reporter: you can hear the sounds of broken glass at this burger king outside of minneapolis. police say more than 20 windows
3:22 am
were broken by employees in an effort to clear out the air and prevent the building from exploding. ethan grue was one worker frantically broking windows. >> my other co-workers were doing it, i followed along. >> reporter: employees stated that a person called the restaurant stating they were a fire department official. captain tom holly says the caller spoke to the female manager. seemed to indicate he was monitoring the business remotely. kept giving her updates telling her if they didn't act quickly to relieve the pressure inside the building by breaking out the windows the business would explode. >> reporter: in california, police said the manager of this burger king -- rammed his car into the building for the same reason. this year alone, similar incidents have been reported in arizona, oklahoma, and at other fast food restaurants like wendy's and jack in the box.
3:23 am
police have not made any arrested in the cases but say if they do, they'll pursue felony charges. any time you terrorize somebody and cause them to do something that they probably wouldn't normally do they could, not only damage property, but very easily could hurt them or somebody else. >> reporter: police and fire officials say they would never call a residence or business and ask people to take that kind of action. jeff, we reached out to the fast food restaurants involved and have not received a response yet. >> jericka, thank you very much. still ahead here, the bar its raised in the battle of the skyscrapers. a special cargo delivery for the international space station today. the dragon capsule from space x successfully docked carrying
3:24 am
innovative cargo. an inflatable room that could someday serve as habitat for astronauts living on mars. for now it is experimental. back on earth, but edging closer to space, a developer in dubai announced plans to build the world's tallest skyscraper. the billion dollar tower, scheduled to open in 2020 will be slightly taller than the 2700 foot building, a similar sized tower is being built in saudi arabia. bit of cricket diplomacy, beginning a royal visit to india. william and kate played with children from a slum in mumbai. not too badly either. it was not all fun and games though. the royal couple also laid a wreath to commemorate those killed in city's 2008 terror attacks. coming up here, changing the image of pit bulls, with flower power.
3:25 am
3:26 am
3:27 am
when some people think pit bull they think attack dog. chip reid met a photographer trying to change mind. >> pickles, sit. good boy. >> reporter: you might wonder why someone would go to the trouble of trying to put a crown of flowers on a pit bull. and then asking it to sit still for a photo session. i got it i think. captured his essence. photographer sophie gamon says she is on a mission to save the lives of pit bulls wasting away in shelters by showing their inner beauty. >> the flower power series is really about challenging the perception we have of pit bulls. >> reporter: the perception is based on a series of highly publicized incidents most involving pit bulls trained by people to be violent. more than 550 jurisdictions have passed laws imposing restrictions on the dogs.
3:28 am
come on, chopper. initially gamon says even she was uneasy around them. that was before she discovered what they're like when they're treated with kindness. >> reporter: what do you think of pit bulls now? >> they're so loving, so gentle. it's kind of crazy to think the public image they have and the reality of the kind of dogs they are. but today their bad reputation results in the euthanizing of 1 million pit bulls every year. far more than any other breed. there are so many loyal, good affect, that pit bulls. >> reporter: the director of the animal shelter in new york where 70% of the dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. >> are you a big fan of what sophie is doing? >> huge fan of what sophie is doing. what she is doing is trying to give them a softer edge which they really deserve. >> reporter: it is working. many of the dogs she ha photographed have been adopted. after two years in the shelter, there was little hope for brownie. but someone saw this picture and
3:29 am
gave him a happy home. >> sit. >> reporter: soon after we visited. pickles was adopted too. after all who could say no to that face? chip reid, cbs news, hempstead, new york. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later. for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor.
3:30 am
welcome to the "cbs overnight news," i'm jeff glor. new york state holds its primary a week from tomorrow. candidates are spending time and money in the empire state. ted cruz trails donald trump and john kasich in new york. he won 13 delegates in colorado over the weekend. on the democratic side -- bernie sanders won the wyoming caucuses saturday night. but due to state rules he and hillary clinton came away with seven delegates. sanders spoke with john dickerson. >> is the victory in wyoming kind of a picture of where the campaign is at this moment? a win for you, which sounds good, then you look at delegate numbers and split it with hillary clinton. >> john that's the eighth victory we have won in nine contests.
3:31 am
there is no question, i think that we have the momentum. if you look at national polling, where we started this campaign, we were 60 points down. some of the recent polls have us, national polls have us ahead of secretary clinton. we are closing the gap in new york, pennsylvania, california. i am feeling really great. and, and i believe that we have a real path to victory. and that at the end of the day we are going to win this. >> let's talk about the path to victory though. because the you still have to make up the deficit in pledge delegates that hillary clinton has the. so the people who look at the math here say that that path requires you to have, you really need to, really, really big wins. do you think that's probable? how does that happen? what's the path? >> let me just say this, john. we have cut our lead by a third in the last three or so weeks. i think we are now 214 delegates behind. we used to be more than 300 delegates behind. we have got some big states coming up. look when we began this campaign. we had to deal with the south,
3:32 am
the deep south, a pretty conservative part of the country. not a stronghold for me. we are out of the south now. heading to new york. heading west. i think you are going to see us do very, very well in many of the states. and the reason is -- that our message is resonating. people really are tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. they do not believe that a candidate who receives huge money from wall street or special interests like secretary clinton really will be capable of addressing the major crises facing the working families of the country. what i have been saying is that we are waging what we call a political revolution. and what that means is that no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can do what has to be done for the middle-class of this country. raise the minimum wage. pay equity, health care for all.
3:33 am
make sure we are not the only country that does not guarantee paid family and medical leave. making public colleges and universities tuition free. i can't do that alone? what we need is a strong political movement where millions of people, working people, young people, stand up, fight back, and demand the government that represents all of us not just wealthy campaign contributors. a contemporary example of where that its happening. i have believed for a while now that we need a $15 an hour minimum wage. secretary clinton supported a $12 an hour minimum wage. what you are seeing all across this country is workers standing up fighting back and now you got california, oregon, new york state, passing $15 an hour minimum wage because people demanded it. that's what our campaign is about. >> let me ask you about political movements. i was thinking about the 1980 democratic race. jimmy carter won in the delegates. ted kennedy said he had a movement.
3:34 am
he contested it though he had not won the majority. took it to the convention. they had a big fight. though kennedy lost. he won the platform fights. he really, used that moment to, to get across his message. have you contemplated or thought about doing anything like that? >> well, obviously, we will play an active role in shaping the platform. and what we are going to fight for is to demand that at time of massive income and wealth inequality, the wealthiest people and largest corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. we will demand vigorous action in combatting climate change. so we leave this planet in a healthy way for our kids. we are going to take on the pissue of poverty in america. that very few people talk about. it is unacceptable to me we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth. we are going to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create $13 million jobs improving our water systems and waste water plants and roads and bridges.
3:35 am
those are the, use that we will fight for to get on the platform, whether i am the nominee or whether secretary clinton is the nominee. >> what kennedy did, he contested the actual nomination to get his message across. is that something you have contemplated? >> well, our plan right now is to win this thing. and again, i think we are looking pretty good. in new york, in pennsylvania, in california, in oregon. i think we have a real shot to end up with more delegates. and the other point, john. if you look at most of the national polling. what you find is that bernie sanders won stronger against donald trump and against other republicans, some times by pretty large numbers than does hillary clinton. you are going to see, you are going to see a lot of delegates wanting to beat trump. saying, you know what maybe bernie is the guy to do that. >> where are we on the question if hillary clinton is qualified to be president. you said she wasn't. then you said she was.
3:36 am
give us the bottom line? >> well we were attacked harshly by the clinton campaign who suggested that i was not qualified. and weep responded by saying, you know what? a candidate who receives an enormous all. money from special interests. a candidate who voted for the war in iraq, a candidate who -- who voted for virtually every disastrous trade policy which of course does millions of jobs, well you know what -- maybe her judgment its not quite as high as it should be. but, john, i want to get away from this stuff. i respect hillary clinton. known her for 25 years the what i want is debate on the realer use impacting the middle-class of the country. >> do you think her judgment is irrevokably broken in a way that makes her incapable of doing the job of being president? >> no, look, she has enormous experience. everybody that knows her, knows she is very intelligent. but i think her judgment, for example on foreign policy. let's be clear.
3:37 am
the war in iraq the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. i heard the same evidence that secretary clinton did. sunny was in the senate. i was in the house. i helped lead the on session to that war. she supported that war. i think that is something that the american people might want to take into consideration when you think about the judgment of the candidates. >> what the clinton campaign would say, they want people to take a look at your interview with the new york dailies news on the core issue of the big banks. "the washington post," "mar sanders's shocking ignorance of his core issue." what its your response? >> let me be clear, "the washington post," not one of my strongest supporters. hillary clinton and i have a difference of opinion. i believe that when three out of the four largest bank tuesday, are bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. i think they should be broken up. i think we should re-establish a 21st, legislation, supported by john mccain and elizabeth warren. something i think is the right thing to do. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. new york could play a
3:38 am
3:39 am
3:40 am
new york could play a starring role in donald trump's quest for the white house. looking for a landslide victory in his home state and competes against ted cruz and john kasich. kasich discussed his strategy on "face the nation." >> governor, let's start with your path to the nomination. don't you have to win more delegates than you have been winning so far? >> yeah, we are going to win more delegates. that is our strategy. here in new york we are rung in second place. here where i am right now, the town of greece. this congressional district. running even with donald trump. and the crowd are growing, john. i mentioned. i had 3,000, 4,000 people here today this morning. we will accumulate delegates. we will go into the convention. we believe, with momentum. >> what happened in wisconsin though.
3:41 am
you had a smaller number of combatants. in the midwest, good for you. and you left the state with no delegates? >> look, i think wisconsin and the republican part is far more conservative than what we saw in michigan or ohio. secondly it turned into a stop trump effort. and ted cruz spent over $1 million smearing me up there. we didn't spend the resources to fight back. we were prepared to live with that result. now we will be in new york, pennsylvania. the proof will be in the pudding. we will accumulate delegates. you will see it. go to the convention. the interesting thing. more and more, people, the political establishment is beginning to look at two things. one who, can win in the fall? i am the only one that consistently beat hillary clinton in the fall. and there is great concern in the republican party that we are not just talking about the presidential race. that frankly if we get blown out in the fall, which i think we would with both cruz and trump. we could lose the united states senate. we would lose seats all right way from the state house to the
3:42 am
courthouse. and i think this is going to be a big consideration at the convention. secondly, actually try to figure out who can be a good president. >> you will go into the convention with the least amount of delegates probably of the three people who are in this contest still. is your main competition then cruz and trump, or is it, you know people are talking paul ryan, some people even have talked about mitt romney. who do you see your competition? if it is as wide open as it will need to be for you to win? >> well, i don't know it is going to have -- look here is what is going to happen, john. i don't want to get into all the process. i think you will see significant changes in the delegate voting after the first ballot. and we have like the best people who can know how to manage a convention. the key for me there is going to make sure that i am able to visit all of these delegations. as you know, the process of picking delegates now varies from state to state. so it is going to be very interesting. we will have a full court press.
3:43 am
we have the people that knowhow to do this. the key for me is to be there. here's what is interesting. i amount second choice of the cruz people and, and also the trump people. it's interesting. and also, as you know, we have had ten contested conventions. and only three times has the the front-runner won. and i don't want to go back in history. too far. but i think old honest abe went into the convention, third or fourth. and came out the winner. so, we'll see. >> people are, people are looking at this now and they, they thing the people who got more delegates shouldn't those delegates have some value? you will go in with fewer delegates than anybody else. >> yeah, sure. you have to meet the magic number. sort of look when you take a test. if an a is 90. you get 85, you don't get an a. look, i have been talking about this for a month even on your show. >> governor, you are going in there with a 60? >> wait a minute. we don't know what we have yet, john the we will half to have
3:44 am
momentum and accumulate more delegates. we will. our strategy is to continue to move forward to accumulate delegates. and so, we'll see what happens out in new york, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, we'll see what happens there. so don't be trying to predict how many i will have. because i am not going to predict it. i will have more than i have right now. we will be viable. john, at the end of the day, i'm the only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. okay. are we going to pick somebody that can't win. that would be nuts. >> let me ask you about hillary clinton. debate on the democratic side this week about whether she is qualified to be president? do you think she is? >> well it's not my job to be running around questioning people's qualifications. let the voters decide. look, i beat her in virtually every state all of the time. my biggest challenge now is of course the republican primary. and we just have off to keep moving on it. and we get into the fall, you
3:45 am
talk to democrats, experts, they say, kasich can attract crossover votes. conservative democrats, and independents. and i have demonstrated an ability to do that in the general election so. weep just got to got to that point. i am not going to start saying this person is not qualified. or start attacking their, i just don't want to go there. >> let me ask you a question about a -- something that your colleague, governor in north carolina did. he signed a law in north carolina that banned anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and mandated transgender people use public bathrooms based on the sex indicated on their birth certificates. would you have signed that law? >> probably not. i mean, look, we are not having this issue in our state about this whole religious liberty. i believe that religious institutions ought to be protected and be able to be in a position of where they can -- they can live out their, their deeply held religious purposes. but when you get beyond that it gets to be a trickier to.
3:46 am
and -- tricky is not the right word. it can become a contentious issue. in our state, we are not facing this. everybody needs to take a deep breath. respect one another. the minute we start trying to write laws. things become more polarized. become more complicated. obviously i don't want to force people to violate their deeply held religious convictioned. we would have to see what that is all about. i wouldn't have signed that law from everything i know. i haven't studied it. but the governor of georgia, vetoed another one. look, you got to see what the laws are and what the proposals are and why you need to write a law. why do we have to write hey law have ever time we turn around in this country? can't we figure tout just how to get along a little bit better and respect one another? that's where we ought to be. everybody chill out. get over it. if you have a disagreement with somebody. that's where i am now, john. unless there is something that pops up, i am not inclined to sign anything. >> all right, governor john
3:47 am
kasich. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. new york city the media capital of the world which means plenty of photo-ops. as chip reid reports. they don't always work out as the candidates plan. >> reporter: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. but for politicians doing photo-ops, a picture can be worth 1,000 unpleasant words. it happens when they try too hard to look like regular people. for hillary clinton, a trip on the new york subway got her a one way ticket to the bad photo op hall of fame. it should have been easy. but it took hillary clinton five tries before she finally cleared the subway turnstyle. >> out of her element. >> it is so convenient. just the best way to get around. >> the democratic front-runner isn't the first to fail at the photo-op. vice president dan quayle wanted to look smart and tried his hand at spelling potato.
3:48 am
[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in 2000, republican presidential candidate. gary bower flipped a pancake and himself. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> who can forget this photo op of richard nixon. >> only richard nixon would walk on the beach with a full suit and black shoes on. >> he worked on half a dozen gop presidential campaigns. >> what are the riskiest kind of photo-ops. >> children, animals. you don't know what is going to happen. try to kiss the baby is the baby going to cry. is the dog going to have an unfortunate accident on the set. >> reporter: even with careful planning, accidents happen. in 1988, democratic nominee michael dukakis' team put him in a tank to bolster national security credentials. it tanked. >> he looked like the character in the peanuts cartoon. as we all know.
3:49 am
he worked on the dukakis campaign and says it is risky for a candidate to try to appear ordinary look when the media mistakenly reported president george h.w. bush didn't know what a scanner was. >> even though he didn't do anything wrong. it hurt him. >> it hurt him. and chip it made him look like he was not tonal, not connecting, he was distracted. a distracted candidate. >> if you are not a regular guy don't try to pretend you are a regular guy. >> the challenge is that none of the folks really running for office are regular guys. he says photo-ops involve a lot of planning. the goal is to make the moment the picture of a day. a photo-op gone bad can stick around a lot longer than a day. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
3:50 am
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after being nominated three other times, the 80s rap group nwa was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, deep purple, chicago and steve miller. who had some harsh words for the people who run the hall of fame. molly hall has more on this. >> reporter: steve miller, got an ultimate rock 'n' roll recognition friday but used the spotlight. >> i encourage you to keep expanding your vision to be more inclusive of women.
3:53 am
>> that drew a standing ovation from singer sheryl crow. 749 individuals inducted into the rock hall. only 63 of them are female. and none of this year's honorees are women. ♪ i'm a picker i'm a grinner >> later the 72-year-old songwriter continued to air his concerns. >> they said you can have two tickets. one for your wife and one for yourself. want another one it's $10,000. he would not be interrupted. no, we are not going to wrap this one up. i am going to wrap you up. >> reporter: before receiving the prestigious induction, miller spent the better part of the '70s and '80s, pumping out, classics, abracadabra, and fly like an eagle. ♪ fly like an eagle >> steve had something on his mind.
3:54 am
he wanted to express it. kind of a rick and roll gesture. >> reporter: "rolling stone" magazine editor anthony decurtis is on the rock 'n' roll hall of fame's nominating committee. >> he got two tickets. does he have a right to complain? >> everybody complains. the hall of fame is a nonprofit. not like they're raking in tons of money. >> reporter: in a statement the rock 'n' roll hall of fame said it was honored to induct steve miller and congratulates him. although miller didn't seem to enjoy the experience. >> they make this so unpleasant. >> reporter: steve mill were usn't alone in his criticism. ice cube of nwa says he was also unhappy with organizers of the show. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
3:55 am
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what's a little promise between friends really worth. steve hartman found out on the road. >> steve morris is waiting for an old friend. hoping the guy he hasn't seen in years and complete leap lost touch with will suddenly appear. just like he promised 40 years earlier. >> i can remember, joe reached in his wallet pulling out a dollar. he tore it. he got half and i got half. no matter what happens. 40 years from this day. you saved it for 40 years? >> saved it 40 years. >> reporter: they each left the bar with half the dollar bill. on one side they wrote the day's date. 4/4/76. on the other the far off reunion date of this past monday. growing up in west palm beach, florida, steve morris and joe whitehead were best friends. they even went on a
3:58 am
cross-country road trip together in this contraption. but that was then. shortly after the trip, joe moved away and they lost touch. decades passed. but all the while, steve held on to his half of the promise. hoping joe would too. >> reporter: what are the odds of caring enough. not many guys would hold on to half a dollar bill from some drunken night. >> the odds have to be astronomical. >> reporter: and yet, guess who showed up at the bar this week. right on schedule. >> hey, brother. how you doing, man. >> so happy to see you. >> so happy to see you. >> reporter: a few months. joe called steve out of the blue to remind him of their date. >> i think if you are the rejoe, you have to have the other half of this guy. >> i do. >> reporter: astronomical. >> just happen to have it right here. >> reporter: it means so much -- >> it means so much he had the same thoughts. >> i went under the broad assumption that since i did. he did.
3:59 am
>> such a pleasure. >> reporter: the old friends spent a couple hours, turning back the clock. >> catching up on family. >> there is our daughter. >> making plans for the future. >> i already have the dollar bill. the new one is dated 4/4/17. >> only shooting for one year. >> i'm 63. i don't buy ripe bananas. >> reporter: at one point or another we all lose track of at least some of the people who made us who we are. but steve and joe prove it's never too late to reconnect. >> if there is one person that you would look to talk to, go back and talk to them. if they're not around, you'll regret it. >> reporter: bet your bottom dollar. >> to 40 years. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road in west palm beach, florida.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's monday, april 11th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." a former saints player is gunned down in a road rage incident. the connection between the super bowl champ and a killer. a texas teacher yanked from the classroom, caught on camera slapping a student. the charges she is facing this morning. the front page of the future? "the boston globe" takes a look at what a trump presidency might look like, and it's not pretty.


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