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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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relationship with the city. >> i cannot imagine over the last half century anybody in the philadelphia sports scene having more impact then ed snider did. >> reporter: often when snider saw an opportunity, a profitable business followed. in 1966, he established the flyers as part of the nhl expansion, and today current and former flyers remembered mr. snider. >> it is a very sad day for hockey, overall. we wish we could have seen him a little bit more during the season. you know, we missed him coming into the room after games and kind of, after a win he gets pretty fired up. >> no, no way. like i said, we always talk about compassion, he was passionate about his players, he lived here and he did great things for his players. >> reporter: in the 70's flyers started playing god bless america instead of the national anthem, an idea that didn't go over well with the
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chairman. >> ed jumped up and got the in my face and told me off. i said i told you i would do this. he said i didn't think you were crazy enough to do it. we were playing toronto, and in those days we didn't beat the established teams. by end of the game we win six-three. we for the, scored, exciting. people are streaming up the aisle saying to ed congratulations that should be the flyers song all the time. that should be our national anthem. he gets up and comes over and said you sob, i don't know how you did it. >> reporter: good stuff. guys, i want to let you know that one thing about ed snider is that we talked, first of all, more than a dozen people, probably about 16, 17 people but one word that came up in every interview, passion. the passion, over and over, passion is the way people described ed snider. >> doesn't that go hand and hand with the city of philadelphia. >> and, lauren hart has continued with god bless america, daughter of the late gene h art. >> thanks, buddy. now more on what snider considered his greatest achievement. >> our trang do is live in
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cobbs creek where young hockey players are owning their skills, trang. >> reporter: they sure are. now, this is one of the seven ice rink s in the area that host ed snider's youth hockey program serving 3,000 kids. we got to see a packed house here tonight, just as snider would have wanted. many of the kid come here to skate in his honor and share memories of the man who impact that went far beyond. as he explains growing up in kensington wasn't always easy. >> in the neighborhood where i grew up there was a lot of things going on and reallies i to get knocked off. >> reporter: the most unexpected sports, kept him on his right path. >> i was than the into the whole idea of trying ice hockey but the coach, who was there, he was participating in it and he eventually got me, to take it to my parents and got me on the ice and ever since then i fell if love with it. >> reporter: that is exactly what philadelphia flyers chairman ed snider intended when he started his youth
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hockey foundation more than a decade ago. foundation fund program for inner city youth across the city. >> he was such a great person , like this, the word great, isn't doing me justice. i'm thankful every day for everything that he does for me for the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: snider has passed on his legacy will continue. >> he will leave this as his legacy. when we think about it, we had this conversation, 30, 40, 50 years from now snider hockey will affect these communities in the positive way. >> reporter: now a freshman double major, archie credits snider who can toy give him and countless others the skills to succeed in and outside of the rink. >> all of my friend achieving just like i am, it is something that, you know, i cannot even say thank you enough. so, mr. snider, like his name will live on forever. >> reporter: like so many who
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can a alumni, archie is still active with the program serving as part-time coach and like snider says he wants to be a entrepreneur and use his success to help others. we are live from cobbs creek i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> his name will live forever. flyers flag at wells fargo center was flown at half staff, orange and black will be back under center next monday for game three of the opening playoff series against the washington capitols. tribute to mr. snider came in from all across america. >> there is a moment of silence at phillies home opener. phillies chairman david montgomery spoke about snider's legacy before that game and said quote i can't imagine over the last half century, anybody, on the philadelphia sports scene having more impact, then ed snider did. >> so a week have after opening day phillies finally come home. but very nice crowd at citizens bank park this
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afternoon and that is where we will find our justin finch, he is a man of the people right now. justin? >> reporter: well, ukee, jessica, that is right, to show it, most phillies fans what it is like. good news i think most fans got what they came for today, some nice weather, a good time, their home team back in town and good times started very early, with a carnival at noon time today. >> it is a sunlight, and phillies red ape white, the gray gusty day at citizens bank park where crowd came in early and ready to root foresees on's first home win. >> i like it, it is great. >> he was just so happy. >> sitting out here and everything, so happy because get down here for a great day. >> reporter: free hats for fans coming through gates and 15 month-old cameron likes the looks and taste of his. >> do you think he likes the hat. >> i think he likes it. >> reporter: some wanted a bird eye view of the phillies fan carnival from the ferris wheel or atop the budweiser
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balcony where a regular is stick to go her tight schedule. >> we will go, tenth street and then go right behind them. >> reporter: it sound like your whole day is mapped out. >> every year, every year. >> reporter: fans here followed the phillies on to the field, outside a live concert. some fans took their turns at pitching, others, took to the hill where grilling and games inn good times were going. and young fans broke in their catchers mit. as you can see a wave of red and whiteys coming our way. the game more or less appears to be over. most fans say they were hoping for that flyers magic to walk this way over here for the phillies, good thing season is just getting started. we are live, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". enthusiastic fans there, thanks much. baseball tradition, the seventh inning stretch, but have you ever wondered how this baseball costume was born? well, that is tonight's good question. viewer fran had asked why do
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we do the seventh inning stretch? our nicole brewer goes in search of the answer for you tonight the at 11:00. skies cleared for phillies home opener but more wet weather is on the way, meteorologist justin drabick is tracking some showers for us, outside on the sky deck, okay, yd what about that time line. >> we have a few hours to go here with dry weather. nice evening, well deserved break from the harsh weather from over the weekend. temperatures warmed up, almost near 70 today but right now we are looking at temperature change near 24 hours ago, sign of that springtime air mass. anywhere from 12 to 22 degrees warmer over past 24 hours. the this is what we are getting used to, typical april weather coming at us, 57 still at the airport but then we will get up to the lehigh valley, berks county where we have cloud cover, temperatures in the 50's. the nice push of southwest wind bringing in the warmer air. that is the trend tonight. temperatures stay mile. as for where the showers go, right the now northern bucks, montgomery county to the lehigh valley. light showers through the
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evening. bulk of the rain still holding off, mainly until after midnight. so through this evening early tonight, a few scattered showers north and west of the city, mild, southwest wind 15 to 20. tomorrow's morning commute will be impacted. i will let you know when we will see dry weather in a few minutes. >> see you then, thanks. philadelphia police are looking for suspects who stole $64,000 worth of cigarettes. they got in the business on hunting park avenue by using ladder and prying opening a rear door. once they got inside they used lad tore reach unopened cases of cigarettes and then simply wheeled them out of the door this happened friday night, around 3:00 in the morning. governor chris christie chooses a democrat to fill last vacant seat in the new jersey supreme court. >> today i will smith a notice of intention to nominate walter capone for associate justice of the new jersey supreme court. the senate president has agreed to see his nomination will be scheduled for hearings and in a timely manner.
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>> he is expected to be confirmed by the state's senate, the selection will maintain the current partisan balance in the state supreme court, three republicans, three democrats, and one independent. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney appoints adam thiel to be the cities new fire commissioner. thiel most recently served as virginia's public secretary of home land security. before that he served as fire chief in alexandria, virginia. coming up next on "eyewitness news" neighbors fight what they called a construction crisis. >> unpaved street and unfinish work, neighbors are speaking out against a local developer who has not kept his prom toys finish the work. i'm anita oh and we will tell you why the township is getting involved. summer is just around the corner, snow is over. summer is coming. we will find out which shore town beat out california favorite to beat out for best beach in america. are you more with or
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without. >> well, that is a good question, it is according to what the with is. >> okay. >> why is tony luke, junior talking cake instead of cheese stake, with vittoria woodill. answer tonight at 11:00. she works the rope at the student run cake boss contest. we will be right back.
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well, some residents, in bucks county... residential development there are calling for action after they say developer started but never finish the job. >> "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh is in middletown and explains why the township may step into help, anita. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, homeowners in this neighborhood say they have been left high and dry by a developer who despite starting work years ago has yet to finish paving the roadways, painting and installing add on like a glass shower. now they are demanding answers
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and action. since 2005 neighbors say these brand new middletown homes were for sale. >> $500,000 range. >> reporter: home owner like martin feel forgotten. >> you feel robbed, cheated. >> reporter: his property is one of the 32 units in the durham ridge subdivision, developed by american corp homes but the company sold every unit, development was never finished as promised says township manager stephanie cool. >> things like the paving, the landscaping, some issues with the basins. >> reporter: many had unfinished work inside too but ended up paying for private contractor, after failing to get in touch with the developer. >> i would say it business 20 grand, to pay for all of our floors out of pocket. we have been extremely disappointed. we have two kids this was our dream house. we saved up. >> we have been trying to reach him for e-mails, phone calls but nothing at this point is being honored. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" tried to get answers from the headquarters in newtown but wore's told, he was not
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available. middletown township is getting involved, declaring they had defaulted on its $406,000 bond. >> the township is ready to step in, and bid the project. >> reporter: relieved these neighbors to an extent since developer is in the middle of building a new property in bristol called island view. >> somebody need to take him down. >> it looks like it is new to me. that is my advice stay away. >> reporter: we tried to reach that developer by phone, e-mail and facebook but he has not responded for comment. now that company has 60 days to respond, to the township but if the township does, in fact, end uptaking care of this work, they were here and expect it to be completed by the um iser. reporting from bucks county, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more than 39,000 east coast verizon employees could go on strike by wednesday morning. they have been without a contract since august 2015. union leaders say verizon wants to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely more
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on contract workers. verizon says it has been moving the bargaining process forward and says strike threats are not constructive. the two side will meet again, tomorrow. a judge just ruled that the state have of new jersey can seized oceanfront land for a protective dune project in margate. this is the second major ruling in favor of the state department have of environmental protection. it tried to assemble strips of privately owned land along the coast to build dunes, margate says it is wooden bulk head is sufficient to protect from storms and sued the state to block the dunes. rest of the country finally find out what we have known all along, ocean city, new jersey is named best beach, in america. that is according to travel and lifestyle magazine coastal living. the shore town beat out huntington beach california with over 100,000 votes and march madness style bracket. how about that. >> look at that video, yes.
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short sleeves. >> and it will be jammed packed. >> yes. >> but we do have some warmer weather coming at us, rough weekend. cold temperatures. we have to get through some rain and warm things up nice, consistent temperatures coming at us over the next seven days. woke up a little dreary. we had cloud, couple light showers around. take you back in time to the time lapse view here from the global leadership academy in west philadelphia this is 7:00 d overcast skies. heading through morning and afternoon those cloud did break up. we got sunshine. this time of the year it is all about the skies cover, that april sunnies strong, warmed us up to near 70. the right now still sitting at 64 degrees. the nice breeze out of the south at 11 miles an hour. april cooler then average, two and a half degrees below average. the even coming off high temperature of 80 degrees earlier in the month. .3 of an inch of snowfall. we actually averaged .5 inches of snow for month of april. the right there. it was cold though. twenty-nine.
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good news we are not talking about any freeze warnings coming at the us, anytime soon. we could be done with that. we will wait and see. visible satellite shows break up of those cloud basically from the city on south and east. that is where we had warm temperatures but cloud stubborn to the north and west, lehigh valley, berks county, northern bucks, montgomery we still have showers. that held temperatures down. sixty-seven still at the airport. sixty-six wilmington. look at capitol city of delaware at 68 degrees. still in the 50's north and west. is there a cool pocket of air not cold though 50 in chicago. fifty-one des moines. that colder air will track east over next 24 hours. the the reason is a cold front. couple spotty showers ahead of the front this evening north and west, the city, the steady rains holds off until tomorrow morning. that arrives just in time for morning commute. so this evening, north and west could have a shower or two overnight steady rain arrives mainly after midnight and tomorrow that rain pretty much just through the morning, dries out in the have afternoon. here comes the front passes up during the morning hours. we will get shot of cooler air
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in the afternoon, and 60 close to average, wednesday still cool, upper 50's and nice warm trend develops thursday, high pressure stays in the control, and locks in the sunshine. not much happening through the evening hours, and early overnight hours and steady rain. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. slow morning drive from the poconos on south, through delaware and new jersey and there could be, steady rain across portions of southern new jersey and central delaware but by early afternoon, we are drying out and we are back to sunshine and get used to the sun that sticks around a while. heaviest rainfall amounts over half inch possible, south and east of the city, little will bit less towards fill at. between a quarter and half inch possible from this cold front. showers wait, breezy, mild, 53 for the low. tomorrow morning rain afternoon clearing high of 59. missed today's home owner, it is cooler 54. first pitch at 7:00. here's the extended forecast. once we get through this rain testimony morning, dries out,
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nice stretch of weather coming at us, 60's through end of the week and lower 70's arrive on sunday into next week. nice warming trend. that will stick around, yes. >> cooler air good all right. >> that is good. >> thanks, j.d., appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> eye ukee and jessica, great to be with you in philadelphia the here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. scarier then initially thought, that is what the cdc said today about zika virus. plus classified documents, that could reveal secrets of the 9/11. and truck drivers, hiding medical conditions, that should keep them off the road, the cbs news investigation, we will have those stories just ahead, on the "cbs evening news". in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist
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it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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welcome back, don bell with your sports. the red were second worst team in baseball so what do fill does? they get swept in cincinnati. the mets are raining national league chapel sops what he do they do, they take two out of three. been unpredictable start to the season. to south philadelphia we will go to the home opener, four game series with the padres, 22-year old aaron nola, phillies down two to nothing. corry, gone. solo shot. off of nola. so we go to the bottom of the fourth. odougal herrera thinking outside batters box. here comes caesar hernandez. fightins are on the game. now to the fifth, peter borges, new to the phil this is year. so are a lot of guys. cameron rup making the turn. phillies down three-two. the game is tied in the seventh, runners on corners, alexis arista with the sack bunt and four-three. padres take the lead. so last chance for phillies,
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fernando rodney, gets cameron rup to pop out and phillies lose the home opener, four-three your final score. recapping our top stories in the sports world where they are mourning loss of the hockey hall of famer ed snider. he was big on charity work and big on business opportunities. in fact he launched very first all sports radio network in the country. wip radio. >> ed snider has embodied for our city what we want, which is a play it, all out, every day, go for it, spend the money, do whatever it takes. >> he is the reason when you look at hockey in the united states, remember this was one of the expansion teams nobody knew if it would work, in the you had, snider took a chance. that is a shane gostisbehere coming from florida, so many americans are drafted, and ed snider is one of the crown jewels of owners in the the history of american sports. >> these guys are spot on. one of the things he said was
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go for it. that is what i think, go for it mentality he went for it. no doubt bit. >> we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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thanks for watching eyewitness news at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight why the cdc says zika virus is scarier then originally thought. hiding medical conditions how dangerous it is behind the
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wheel. here's sco >> pelley: the c.d.c. makes an urgent appeal for more must be be -- money to fight zika. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> pelley: also tonight, the 9/11 findings locked behind those doors. pressure grows to reveal the secrets after a "60 minutes" report. highway hazards you never see coming. >> reporter: how often do you sea driver who is medically unfit cause an accident? >> all the time. >> pelley: and new kids on the block playing with the kids next door. [screaming] captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the centers for disease control told congress today it needs money and it needs it fast to fight the zika virus in the united states.


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