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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the weather starting to feel like a broken record for the second straight day, we are waking to up rain. >> this is a live look at the wet roads in bethlehem, and now, that wet weather is headed toward philadelphia. katie times out the storm and lets you know he when to expect a sunny spring stretch, just like yesterday. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. we will get the updated forecast in just a minute. first, here is what you need to start your day. your morning minute. >> it appears that this victim was sitting in the drivers seat. when he was shot and killed. >> now, police tell us, that the officers who responded tried to revive the victim to no success. it makes me nervous. yes, i don't know how serious it is. >> elevated levels of lead have surfaced at two elementary schools in hamilton
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township mercer county. >> the zika virus is more dangerous than scientists first thought. they say the virus can result in miscarriages, premature births, even blindness in newborns. >> join the phillies in a moment of silence. >> pausing for moment of silence to remember flyers owner ed snider. >> snider died yesterday after two year battle with cancer, he was 83. only one of donald trump's three oldest children will be able to vote for him in the next fuse's primary in new york. ivanka trump and eric trump failed to register as remember public cans to cast their ballot for their father. >> crazy weather all over the country, the national weather service even reported softball size hail in while i texas, yesterday. >> yes, so, drum more glass falling. >> i can't believe that. i cannot believe. that will but that is what i'm used to growing up.
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that type of weather. that type of hail this big pounding your cars, breaking your windows. >> don't bring it here. >> no, no, no, right, katie, not coming here? >> thankfully, actually part of the very same storm bringing us the rain today, guys. not talk anything where near that casino of severe at this, actually start things off by going back out. you will also know, because i had to break the umbrella out, just start today rain even within the last couple of minutes, but going to storm scan, i want to show you what's happening, very wide zoom on storm scan, shows very broad frontal boundary, responsible for the severe weather down in the deep south back into the lone star state. now all again headed east, but we won't be dealing with the severity like what they saw down in texas, now, here at the local level, we got rain to track for sure. it is coming down heavier than it did yesterday. at the moment, it is most notable across the northern suburbs, lehigh valley, poconos, getting in on brighter shades, yellow, orange, so that indicates obviously heavier rainfall intensity, breeze also still noticeable. much like it was yesterday. with the southerly wind flow, you're like right now seeing
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the wind speeds, even as high as 20's, down in dover. but generally, some say ten to 15 or so miles per hour give or take depending where you liver. but that said, again, breeze will be noticeable throughout the course of the day. hour by hour, we take you here, temperatures holding relatively steady through the course of the day. about 60 degrees is where we end up this afternoon, but notice, the skies start to clear at that point. so it is really just the next couple of hours that we end up with the wet weather before things start to clear out, much like they did yesterday. average high is 63, guys. notice, as temperatures gradually start to climb, it looks as though we will actually have chance to surpass the average, the question is, in the days ahead, do we stay dry through that whole time frame? i'll have the answer for in you my fuller forecast coming up later in the show. meisha? >> good to know 70s are going to feel spectacular. good morning, everyone, 59 south biff girard, looking good, both directions, northbound, southbound, certainly starting to heat up at this point. overall things are actually looking pretty darn good. still traveling at 65 miles per hour basically anywhere we
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look. schuylkill taillights eastbound direction past the con cons curve, volume, it is all good. for those every you just can't leave your homes any time soon, great company. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open right at around 5:40, make note of that, coming up in about five minutes or so. see tractor traffic still going by. boulevard headlights looking good here, basically, anywhere i look for busy tuesday morning which they heat up fairly quickly we are looking pretty darn good. we do have jackknife tractor-trailer still out there in new jersey, take a look at this for those of in you this area, new jersey turnpike southbound, delaware memorial tolls, lane still block. in the world of mass transit septa regional rails, patco, running new schedule. check your schedules on line. brooke, back to you. >> more now on the break cents news we brought you little earlier in the broadcast. it was disturbing discovery in west philadelphia. police found a man dead inside his running car. they say he had been shot and killed. neighbors called police after they noticed the man's car
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running for several hours on north redfield street. police say the 25 year old victim was in the drivers seat with a gunshot wounds to his chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word yet on a suspect nor motive. all right, thinking of buying a large pick-up truck. well, you might want to pay extra attention to which ones are considered safer. >> results from new crash test found that some of these trucks are not as tough as they look. correspondent teri okita has the details from los angeles. >> in the rough and tumble market of large pick-up trucks, the insurance institute for highway safety, iihs, says the ford f150 suber cab earns its top raiding performing best in all of it crash tests. >> when ford redesigned this vehicle, they clearly did a good job of targeting all of the crash modes. >> iihs says the ford f150 help at helping occupants with stand serious injuries specially leg and foot injuries after a crash.
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these crash tests replicate what happens when a pick-up truck runs off the road and hits a tree, pole, or another vehicle. among the tests, two front impacts, and a side crash. >> we looked at rear impact tests, and then we also look at roof strength test. >> in addition to ford's top rating the iihs says the chevy silver add owe 1500 double cab and the toyota tundra double cab each garnered acceptable safety ratings. but, both the dodge ram 1500 cru cab and quad cab did not fair so well. receiving poor ratings for vehicle structure. the iihs says the force of the crashes in these two models shoved portions of the door hinges, instrument panels and steering columns, toward the occupants. >> the iihs does not make recommendations to automakers, but encourages them to redesign their vehicles for ultimate passenger safety. teri okita, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> in other news, verizon
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strike could commas early as tomorrow and today the two sides plan on meeting. more than 39,000 east coast verizon lands line phone and cable workers including workers in the delaware vale, could be involved in the strike. the union members have been without a contract since august. they say verizon wants to freeze pension, make layoffs easier, and rely more on contract workers. verizon says it is hopeful and has been moving the bargaining process forward. the time is now 5:37. and in business news this morning, day one of the controversial starbucks rewards program. >> and it is the start of something else for the market analysts. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning again, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke, jim, the start of earning season here on wall street, expectations are pretty low. yesterday the dow fell 20 points. the nasdaq dropped 17. futures are pointing to higher open. goldman sachs will pay $5 billion to settle claims
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that it duped clients with rotten mortgage investments, the goldman new likely to fail. >> this was part of the widespread mortgage fraud that triggered the financial crisis in 2008. goldman the last of the big banks to settle with the government. the deal though does not include criminal sanctions, or penalties. all right, here is one more thing you can do on facebook. ticket master will soon start selling tickets for concerts, games, other events, directly on facebook. users could click on the new buy tickets link, facebook will take a cut for each ticket sold, ticket master says convenience feast will remain the same. and, starbucks new controversial rewards program kicks in today. customers will earn stars based on how much they spend, not how often they get coffee. starbucks admits if you only buy one drink or pastry at a time it may take you longer to get a free reward. members though will still get free birthday drink and free refills on brewed coffee and tea tea. brooke, jim? >> thanks a loft i can't believe i was never a member. >> i know. >> i've cut down my visits.
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because of the show. they're not open at 4:00. >> thanks a lot. >> two philadelphia police officers are cleared after violent confrontation during a traffic stop. keith robinson and sean mcknight both acquitted yesterday. surveillance video showed them hitting najim laachraoui i riviera after pulling him over back in 2013. but the officers said they only used enough force to subdue rivera. both officers say they want their jobs back. >> more than 400 people who march from philadelphia to washington, dc are under arrest this morning after a sit in on the capitol steps. it took hours to process the so-called democracy spring protesters, the group demonstrating against congressional inaction, and the influence of money in politics. they left from independence hall after a rally there earlier this month. supreme court nominee merit garland making the rounds on capitol hill. among the senators, he is meeting today, pennsylvania
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republican pat toomey. he is among the gop senator who thinks president obama should not be allowed to fill the position during his last year in the white house. the president, though, says he's sticking with garlands to the ends of his term. >> too many i is running for re-election this fall, will face katie motorcycle guinea, john sestak, or john fed err man in the election. >> school off initials hamilton township are taking action because of water safety concerns at two elementary schools. evaluated lead levels were found in several contaminated samples at the william b morgan elementary school. officials there have turned off all of the water fountains and are giving bottled water to students and staff. food preparation was also moved off site. ed greenwood elementary, one want err fountain has been shut off. no word on how many of the 24 district schools have been tested. the zika virus proving to be more serious than originally thought. >> during white house briefing, experts urge more
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money for treatment and mosquito control. scientists say the virus can result in miscarriages, premature births and blindness in newborns. zika also likely to be a problem during the entire lent of pregnancy, not just the first trimester. cdc sales the mosquito that carries the virus can be found in 30us states. more than twice as many as originally thought. emergency funding is being stalled in congress so fund left over from the ebola outbreak are being re allocated to zika. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. so while we absolutely hope we don't see widespread local transmission in the continental us. we need the states to be ready for that. >> no more than 300 travel associated cases of zika have been reported in the u.s. so far, doctor rob will be here to talk a little bit more in depth about the concerns coming up in our next hour. medical experts say a daily dose of aspirin could help prevent cancer and heart disease in some adults. new study focuses on people
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between 50 and 69 years old, who are already at increased risk for cardiovascular problems. experts say, low dose aspirin is better for adult between 50 and 59. older adults still show benefits, but should talk to their doctors about the risk of an aspirin regimen. >> well, coming up: singer ignites a war of words on twitter. >> got to tell you what she said in her rant about young girls that is upsetting many people. plus: wick weather drops damaging hail across parts of the south. i'm don champion at the cbs broadcast sent war look at the mess some people are wait waking up to coming up. >> and beach battle down the shore, the controversial decision to help prevent flooding like this. stay with us.
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a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> unbelievable weather in north texas, that's hail, falling into a pool. >> the national weather service sass the haim in wylie texas was softball size, it broke windows, and damaged a lot of property, even prompting the city to shut down the schools today. correspondent don champion has more of this unbelievable
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video. >> violent storms created frightening sounds, devastating sites in north texas. >> in a matter every minutes, hail the size of baseballs and bigger broke countless windows, exposed homes, and even peers add hole in jim burton's roof. >> i've never been through some -- i've never been through anything like this before. >> car windows didn't fair any better, there is so much damage in the sit of while i outside of dallas, the local school district cancelled classes today. >> i just looking at the damage, just casino of going oh, where do i begin? you know? so more glass falling. >> storms marched across the south, arkansas, powerful winds knocked trees over onto homes including michelle
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helmsley. >> when i heard the boom i duck. i look up there was a tree in my house. >> elsewhere in the state, lightning even sparked a fire that destroyed this chuck, the severe weather threat is lower across the region today. >> don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> thankfully, we won't be dealing with anywhere near that casino of severity, it is the same system headed our way. >> fast naturing. >> yes, further north you go, you see the swings in the severe weather system, we tends to see the worse of the severe weather typically in the summertime. ways to go. can happen at any time, any time mother nature decides to throw us a curve ball she will. generally speaking with things get underway. so at least we can report it is pretty quiet start to the day for us here. we will check back in with what happened in texas in a second, but at least at the moment, things are vet quiet, few raindrops starting to fall here in spring garden, this is actually the intersection
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taking from our own station headquarters here, this live shot of the intersection at broad and spring garden, so let's bring it back out here, talk about the weather watchers, reporting this morning, some pretty mild air, at the local level. we've got temperatures generally speaking up ear's, zoom it on in, take you on baby tour around the region, 56 degrees comes into us from eileen this morning, she at the moment finding some clouds, but she has been reporting throughout the morning that there has been some soggy conditions, definitely feeling a lot more like spring one of the colder spots we tends to find, in the 50's, not bad. essington, where it is 60 degrees right now, comes into us from dave, one of the newest eyewitness weather watchers. welcome to the program. in he is inning, to just clouds, saying it is feeling bit like spring, certainly with the birds chirming, you can tell there is a loft moisture in the air, that's definitely also noticeable, where bill is, reporting right now, from cart inning ton, he actually has couple of
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raindrops, and noticing some light rain in that area. back to the radar, down to the deep south, i'll put this on 18 hour loop. look at what errupted over northeast texas here yesterday. we go through that loop one more time. real nasty thunderstorm cells pushing through, producing the hail we saw all of the reports from yesterday. but again, this is the tail end after much larger system. that's pushing through our area this morning, start to see skies clear out, freeze watch takes effect for the outlying suburbs outside the i95 corridor, for now expect the rain for the next couple of hours, then skies start to clear, and then high pressure sets in and sticks around for awhile, and nice warm up. >> look at that, that looks gorgeous, thank you for that. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. all right, seeing some slow downs now, as we push toward the 6:00 vine, headlight, moving in the westbound direction, toward the schuylkill. you can see moving in the eastbound direction, we're
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having some police activity right there. i'll find out what that s overall, just stop blocked right here. make note of this for those of you moving in the eastbound direction, this you want to make note of. we know the vine certainly starting to heat up right now for those of in you jersey same story here, 42 freeway northbound creek road, take this to 295 basically what you are looking at. you're still traveling six a miles per hour, where i want up berks we know we will start to see that slide into the 6:00. 422 headlight moving in the eastbound direction past oaks, looking good here, burlington bristol bridge is just starting to go up. scheduled 54:00, just about ten minutes ago. just going up right nowment make note of that. brooke and jim, back over to you. >> i got to tell you, twit is her blowing up over comments musician erika made last night. after reading a article about the dress code at new zealand school, started tweeting about sexuality and the way teens dress. she says if she rana school, young women would wear
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knee-lent skirts, so as not to, and this is a quote, not to distract male teachers. she also added the nature of men is to be attracted to young women. now, some fans and followers say she was victim blaming so she tried to clarify her comments. one says in part we must all be aware and responsible. we must protect our young women. and we must teach our young men. so a lot of talk about that. also, celebrity dog whisperer ceasar, he's out of the doghouse on cruelty charges. california officials were looking into an incident broadcast in a february episode of ceasar 911. in it a dog under his care bit the ear of a pig. complaints followed, but the that the geo network defended him saying clip of the incident was out of context. >> jim and had i a blast at the phillies home opener
5:52 am
yesterday. best moment. day happened before the day even started. jesse hartnett throughout one of the ceremonial fishes pitches. his arm is still in a sling, because he is of course recovering from being shot during a ambush in his patrol car. hartnett saved the best pitch for last. he proposed to his girlfriends little any front of 45,000 fans. she said yes. >> that was awesome. congratulations. >> indeed to the happy couple. >> meanwhile, coming up next, three to go, three things you need to know today including where you can meet an olympic champion. >> we'll be right back.
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>> supreme court judge rules against the sit i have margate. >> can now seize city owned land for the beach replentishment project there. state department of environmental protection, trying to acquire strips of privately owned lands across the coast to build dunes, margate says its wooden bulkhead is sufficient to protect it from storms, it sued to block the state building those dunes. >> before you head out the door, here are three things happening today. it is three to go. >> philadelphia city council will hold a hearing at 6:00 tonight on mayor jim kenney's proposed budget. that includes a 3 cents ounce
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tax on soda and other sugary drinks, the hearing is at hunting park. >> march and rally to support atlantic city and its workers, that starts at 12:30, march goes from ceasar's atlantic city to sit hall. >> and you can meet olympic gold metal wrestler jordan burrows tonight, wind low towns ship graduate will return to his old school to share his training secrets as he gets ready for the summer olympics in brazil. that's three to go. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", food trucks, are a big hit in philadelphia. so, our pat gallen headed out with wip, to see what all of the hype is about. and, listen, this is a man on a mission, find out why he's trying to hit 50 food trucks in 50 days.
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>> we are following breaking news, what started as kale for medical help leads to the discovery of a man murdered in his car. live with what police are saying at this hour. storm scan3, is full of green right now. katie is timing out more rain and whether we can finally expect a sunny stretch of weather. >> and, concerns about water safety at some new jersey schools. where all of the water
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fountains were turned off, and bottled water was handed out. today is tuesday, april 12th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are also here keeping an eye on things this morning, what's going on? >> yes, roads actually looking pretty guide. we saw the jackknife tractor trailer in new jersey, construction still out there. overall things still looking pretty nice out there. >> i can't say the same. more rain on the way already, affecting portions of the west and northern most suburbs, actually pretty steady rain coming down, so there you have it, nice little snapshot of storm scan, you can see, how there is essentially a line, this is radar 101, guys, brighter the shade on storm scan, the more intense that rainfall is so across portions of bucks county, lehigh county, rain. all needs to push through before we can wipe our hands clean of the entire system and say okay, we will break for some sunshine and finally hold to that for awhile. sixty-one the current temperature at the airport, little cooler obviously mount pocono, but still flirting with 50, not bad. fifty-six in ac. in the, that


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