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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> katie, we are just dealing with is construction so that is not bad yet either. weather and traffic we will go hand and hand. >> with the dry roads we are looking good here. sun glare is an issue for next couple mornings but storm scan empty but meisha, i would say use weather as one of your segments coming up here because we are all loving this. it is so quiet outside. storm scan completely empty and will stay that way throughout the course of the day. we have one little hiccup that comes in the form of the freeze warning until 8:00 this morning. most note thably and specifically for far northwestern suburbs. draw a line from western, chester, go northwest and lehigh valley that is where it is posted with temperatures in the 30's. protect that sensitive vegetation if you have flowers, sitting out on the deck that kind of thing. we are at 30 after all in mount pocono but well above freezing at this moment around the urban kardon and up and down i-95. thirty at the airport. thirty-four in atlantic city. little chilly in south central
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and interior new jersey as well. but this is a nice day. i still dressed in layers. you tend to want to do that in early spring but sun will shine all day. as every day pass that he is sun angle gets higher and higher and it feels warmer to you. when you are out identify in that full sunshine. nice day. this is just beginning, folks of the stretch of sunshine, with temperatures that warm up. it is just fantastic. i haven't had a nice forecast like this in a a while. >> i know, it is so great because it just starts off on the right foot, there is no word to wake up and saying rain, wet roadways and all that. good morning everyone. happy hump day. it will be nice, warm and road are looking good. here's i-95 at girard, first look at the roadway in the 4:00 o'clock pushing in the 5:00 o'clock. they are holding steady. ben franklin bridge just a beautiful will shot moving in the the westbound direction from new jersey looking nice and quiet. look at this, you can literally count how many vehicles are on the ben franklin bridge, looking very nice and quiet for those in
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new jersey. blue route taillights moving in the northbound direction approaching route one, you can see glare and headlights but is there not a lot of headlights. just looking good there as well. we will have construction, county line road, thinks where we, did it is just new you been cleared between second street pike and bustleton pike. great news. pennsylvania turnpike between downingtown and valley forge, left lane block there. also on the left bound side, been sale he will and virginia drive left lane blocked there jim and brook, back to you. less than one hour and counting until union work are a at verizon walk off the job. >> the communications company now says that they are ready to handle a strike. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in center city where picket lines are expect to be up real soon, jan? >> reporter: brook and jim, good morning, that is right. verizon says it is prepared for a possible strike, more on the company's strike readiness plan in just a minute but union says it has been negotiating in good faith for months now and now they are ready to take to the picket line in order to secure a fair
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contract. workers here at the verizon on ninth and race streets along with 39,000 others from massachusetts to virginia are prepared to go on strike wednesday morning a rally like this one during the last strike in the summer of 2011 is planned for 8:00 this morning here in center city. >> what the company is trying to do take work and call center environments and move it the out of state and even out of the country to have it done by someone else and not return investment to the local community. >> reporter: edward moon i is international vice-president of the communication workers of the america, district two-13, union for verizon technicians and customer service representatives. he says over the last ten months of negotiations verizon continues its push to cut jobs. the meantime the union he says has made 180 million-dollar in health care concessions. >> we have work with them not only this time but last contract to make dramatic changes in these contracts and structures to save them almost a billion dollars last time.
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we have offered to save them a couple hundred million and they are still saying it is not enough. >> reporter: verizon says its strike readiness plan is in place and that includes training for thousands of non-union employees, and rhea signing employees from across the country to handle everything from customer inquiries to network maintenance and repair. now verizon issued a statement ahead of the the potential strike writing in part our primary goal, to ensure our customers can count on the critical communication services that they pay for and we provide. we have looked at every area of the business from network operations to call center management, to ensure we have the tools, the skills, and the people ready to step in. verizon says it is willing to work with federal mediators if the union extend the strike deadline but i just check in and with union officials and a deadline is set at 6:00 a.m. and they are ready to picket. we're reporting live from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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back to you. meanwhile medical mar juan ace one big step closer to reality in pennsylvania. the the house could consider the bill, as early as today. the a mended bill cleared the senate, 42-seven, the bill will allow patient toss take the drug and pill, oil or liquid form but they cannot legally obtain marijuana to smoke or grow on their own. governor tom wolf says he will sign the bill if it does get to his desk. donald trump continues to complain about how the republican party chooses delegates. >> he expressed his frustration in the cnn town hall. >> colorado thing was very, very unfair. i know rules very well but it is stacked against me and by the establishment. they saw how i was doing and they didn't like it. same thing in florida. >> reporter: ted cruz blasted trum april cueing him of being a bully, and using dirty tricks to intimidate voters and delegates. it is the republican nomination is dead lock on the first ballot paul rye on says he doesn't want it. the house speaker said he will
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not accept the nomination. he said parties choice should be one of the candidate ran in the primaries. >> count me out. i do believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not the to do this. >> and something to keep in mind here ryan also denied interest in the speaker's job when john boehner first a announced his resignation but as you can see, he later accepted the position. hillary clinton picks up a major endorsement from the new york daily news. it calls her a super prepared loyal realize. bernie sanders took inspiration from franklin roosevelt during a visit during the 32nd president's home in hide hide park. americans can learn from fdr's courageous stand against powerful interest. in other news, another legal setback for bill cosby and his wife. a judge in massachusetts denied camille cosby has to
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continue her defamation in the civil lawsuit. seven women sued bill cosby saying comedian ruined their reputations after they accused him of sexual assault. camille cosby will have to answer more questions from the accuser's lawyers next week, bill cosby denies all of the accusations. a former camden fire fighter quick of fraudulently collecting a disability pension plans to appeal the verdict. in this 2010 video from quest, shane streeter is seen taking part in the competitive fight. new while the fight was going on, streeter admits collecting from the state disability pension from two minor car accidents. he claims that they happened when he was a fire fighter. jury convicted him of fraudulently collecting 82 you this dollars. the streeter says the the jury got it wrong though. >> people think i'm faking. i'm in the faking it. i work out. i trained to make myself better. i wouldn't do anything to yep
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dies my health. >> doctor says the injuries were not work related. streeter faces up to ten years in prison when judge sentences him on may 20th. now here's a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> bucks county courier times is reporting this morning that the neshaminy school board voted to close oliver heckman and lower southampton elementary schools tuesday night as part of the district's ongoing consolidation efforts. the closures take effect at the even of the school year in mid-june. in the burlington county times, as the june 7th primary in new jersey gets closer, the burlington county board of elections is dead locked on requests for willingboro, mount laurel and riverside to change a number of the polling places. political maneuvering between democrats and republicans on the board appears to be causing a stalemate. from the pages of the intelligencer, the bucks county jewish coalition, the jewish federation of the greater philadelphia and non-area synagogues are planning a celebration to mark israel's independent.
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the festival will be held on may 15th in buckingham abe will be first such celebration in at least ten years in bucks county. that is your look at newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. coming up there is a new reason to layoff fast food. >> we have potentially dangerous item you could be sinking your teeth into. plus... >> just a child. he could have came to me at any point and talk to me. didn't have to be a coward. >> that mother is outraged after her sonnies criticized in a nasty letter from a neighbor, the huge outpouring of support after the story went viral. i waited until sun up the next morning hoping a truck, a car, anybody, anything would go by. >> just amazing. >> saved after nine days, stranded in the wilderness we will tell you how she survived for so long and quick thinking move that led rescuers to her.
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this next story has a lot of people fired up on social media mayfair woman got a nasty, really nasty a in must letter. >> it is really horrible. it criticizes her behavior of her son has autism. now the letter refers to the three-year old as a wild animal, and a brat. bonnie says that she has had difficult moment with her son in public settings, she says, however this situation was something entirely different. >> i said i don't care if it is the way you raise your child or if he is retarded, that heart. just to think of a child and to call him names, such perfectible names, i cannot find the word because there isn't any. >> the good thing is, that
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moran pose todd the letter on the neighborhood facebook page. she says she has received an outpouring of support and she also has a number of play dates now lined up for her son. this is, just lower than low, thieves strike at a historic philadelphia cemetery stealing very valuable doors. someone took the doors like these ones right off of the a plot at laurel hill cemetery in east falls. they are worth $5,000. the boarded up and anyone with information should call north west detectives. arizona woman survives nine days being locked in the wilderness. >> she and her dog stayed alive by drinking pond water and eating plant. seven two-year old ann rodgers, went missing march 31st in phoenix. she was riding a hybrid car but ran out of the gas and electric power. so tried to climb, to find cell service but she got lost.
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rescue crews found her car, three days after she went missing but they struggled to find her. >> that air rescue police helicopter landed, i just sat down and bald. >> after spending nine days in the wilderness, rescue teams finally found her and her dogs, he was treated and released from the hospital, so she's okay and man, is she strong. >> i always keep pop tarts in the the car in casey get the a flat tire. nine days, you you wouldn't find me i wouldn't last. >> she had her dog, dog was okay. >> it wouldn't be a happy ending for me. >> i want to shake her hand. >> let's check on the forecast, kate toy day. >> katie, is everyone waking up feeling as good as we are. >> it the is still a little chilly but it will definitely be nice and sunny today. that will be a running theme of the forecast for many days ahead here. a few little hiccups that come with that because it is so
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chill think morning with the nice light wind we have frost advisory for southern interior new jersey. freeze warning for far northwestern suburbs but take a look at storm scan, it is empty, and it will stay that way for the long hall, guys. so really a nice forecast. take a look at the wind speed they are very light, more than anything elsie will show you that it has calm down with regard to the wind but it is more northerly push. because it comes from the north it is allowing colder air mass to funnel in and we are off to a chillier start this morning. another hiccup in the next couple daises pollen, spring allergy season is here, me and my weather producer steve. we have decided we need allergy medications this morning so we took them together. when you talk about the pollen that is out there it will get to you. it is medium to high for next couple of days predominant pollen is still trees, mapel, juniper, alder for philadelphia region. it drops off on friday but it will stay on the higher side with the quiet weather stretch that is unfolding.
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another wonderful side effect of beautiful weather is fact thaw can grill out. brook is manning the grill. she has a sweet chef's hat on. >> yes. >> spatula at the ready. sunny, pleasant, brook what are you cooking up. >> little burger, hot dogs, special one for jim. >> speaking my language. 60 degrees with sunshine. grilling days do not end. jim might show up before it is all said and done here. we have seen these temperatures rebound nicely. by the time we get weekend, upper 60's to lower 70's just awesome outside. meisha, you are all about the health. you are cooking up a veggie burger. >> i want a black bean burger. >> yes. >> what is that. >> you'll love it. just don't worry bit. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction, at turnpike looking g for those just waking up with us, we have great news. katie just said it all sunshine dry roadways.
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this will help us out this morning. schuylkill taillight moving in the eastbound direction past conshohocken curve. basically moving in both directions these guys moving in the eastbound direction and westbound side, both side are starting to heat upright now but i can tell you right now as we push toward 5:30 this is still looking pretty darn good. i will say like i said the dry roadways will help us this morning. malvern take a look the at this, 202 in the northbound direction a approaching route 29, on both side looking good in malvern, basically anywhere i look right now we're looking really, really nice. schuylkill on i-95, moving in the southbound direction are two place that he is we look at bright and early and right now i can tell you it will be a nice day pennsylvania turnpike westbound all clear, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between downingtown and valley forge still there left lane is block, jim and brook, back to you. >> thanks, meisha but i don't want a black bean burger. >> stop it. >> i'll take one. >> i want a burger, burger. the sixers miserable
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season end tonight and phillies play one of their best games of the season. >> here's leslie with your morning sports. >> reporter: jared eichoff takes mound tonight continuing their series with the padres. the last night they earned their first home win of the season. charlie morton struggled, but pitching well going six and 23rd inning, seven strike outs. no score, bottom of the sixth, odougal herrera with the fly ball, and then, roll in the corner. he scores to the second. phillies take the lead they beat padres three to nothing. sixers last night in toronto home coming for nick stauskus who grew up outside of toronto. he to to the basket and delivers one handed dunk right there. sixers with the five-point half time lead. the in the third quarter when they were out scored 32-13. sixers hold ten-71 on the season with the 122-98 loss. final game of the year tonight in chicago. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal, have a
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great day. former philly is making quite an impression on his new team. >> astros fans are falling for eric crats and crats is falling for them. the 359 year-old backup catcher did a tumble during introductions at astros home opener on monday, got a big laugh, but his manager says he took the dive intentionally on a dare from his new pitching staff. okay. >> sure, you did. >> by the way after the fall krats tweeted #safe. they told him to fall, fall. do what you are told to to by your boss. family known for its viral videos is at it again. >> we have to tell but their new pairty all about homework. before you bite into fruit this morning, listen to this which fruits are loaded with the most pesticides. i have oranges back here. we will be right back.
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welcome back everyone. a big boost in the battle against the zika virus. president obama is expect to move forward on the bill approved by house to combat the virus. >> news comes just days after federal health officials raised the alarms. they say virus is scarier then first thought. as summer a approaches, thousands could be infect. don champion has the late from insuring. >> reporter: house approved measure provides financial incentive toss companies developing treatment for the zika virus but president obama says measure does in the go far enough. the administration want $1.9 billion in emergency fund to combat the virus. in a statement tuesday night the president called the house measure a small step forward, saying that it is ultimately insufficient on its own. >> everything that we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scar your then we thought. >> reporter: development comes days after federal health officials sounded the alarm. the virus is linked to the birth defect microcephaly and
5:25 am
new research are say there is growing concerns zika goes after avenue logical tissue in adults. >> it seems like the virus is attracted to nerve tissue or brain tissue and so we worry that in humans, that this virus may destroy nerve tissue, or attack brain cells. >> reporter: this 46 user old landscaper who does not want to be identified, came down with zika after traveling to brazil last month. he said symptoms were unbearable. >> a rash, a lot have redness all over my body, itching a lot. probably got to 110 temperature fever. >> reporter: mosquito that spreads the virus is currently present in 30 u.s. states. health experts say they don't expect widespread out breaks in the continental u.s. but warn we need to be ready. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a new warning about eating too much fast food.
5:26 am
people who eat more fast food are exposed to higher levels of the harmful chemicals, that are used in packaging materials and can leak into processed food. study at george washington university find people who eat most fast food have chemical levels as much as 40 percent higher then others. and how about this, strawberries are now at the top of the most contaminated produce list. according to a new report from the environmental working group they have the highest level of pesticide residue. the group analyzed 35,000 samples, 98 percent of the strawberry samples had detectable pesticide residues. the here's rest of the top five. apples got knocked down to second place, nectarines claimed third with peach necessary fourth and coming in at fifth place as most contaminated pre dues is celery. by the way avocados ranked at the top of the list for clean pro tuesday. >> that is good, i like avocado and strawberries i heard that once before.
5:27 am
but make sure you wash them. coming up next half an hour on "eyewitness news" crazy video you have toe when tourist tries to get a perfect picture of the plane. plus a warning before you get behind the wheel today, the big crackdown on distract driving, pat is in the studio this morning. >> misery of the 76ers season is almost complete coming up i'll give you three things you need to look forward to for next season plus inside look at something else for sixers are building, katie? something else building in the weather department is an area of high pressure to keep things very, very quiet and nice in this pattern for the next couple days, eventually, we will warm up to the 07's.
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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it has been five years since we have seen this, verizon workers, walking the picket lines, but it will happen again in about 30 minutes. we will show you why they are going on strike, right now, and the trouble it could cause for verizon customers. good morning, i'm brook thomas. i'm jim thomas. >> but i'm jim donovan. the here's what you need to know, to start your day in your morning minute. verizon says it is prepared for a possible strike, the union says it has been negotiating in good faith for months now, and now they


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