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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 14, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00 a historic higher. a delaware county police chief is breaking barriers and traveling a long way to do it. we'll introduce you to the new boss and see why she's in the spotlight. and we are talking about climbing temperatures toward the weekend but before we get there a cold night. freeze warnings in effect for parts of the area. i'll tell you where coming up. plus, light, camera, wildwood. some stars down the shore as hollywood uses the seaside town
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as a back drop for a new film and we've got a sneak peek. those stories and more are all ahead tonight but first a signature away. medical marijuana bill headed to the governor's desk. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, omega's dean. governor wolf is expected to sign it on sunday. but there is still some work to be done. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in the cbs3 sat center. david, this won't happen overnight. >> reporter: no, it won't jessica. governor wolf is confident that he'll sign that bill on sunday. he released a statement earl yes tonight but things won't change immediately it could take maybe a little bit longer than year. local lawmaker tried for years to get this signed into law. tonight it appears that his fight is just about over. with a vost 149-46 the pennsylvania house of representatives approved a medical marijuana bill that would make pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes. >> it's a new day in pennsylvania. marijuana is medicine it's com coming to pennsylvania. >> reporter: for years,
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montgomery county senator daylin leach has been one of the chief forces pushing for medical marijuana in pennsylvania. he and parents of children with seizures have aggressively pushed for the new law. collegeville resident erin mccann is one of them. >> we've tried 13 medications and he continues to fail all the medications her 12-year-old son ryan suffers from debilitating seizures and has for years. >> we decided it was worth this fight my husband had pancreatic cancer so, you know, we wanted to make sure it wasn't just for seizures. >> governor tom wolf released a statement wednesday quote i am proud and excited to sign this bill that will provide long overdue medical relief to patients and familiar who's could benefit from this treatment ". the new law won actually go into effect for about a month. a group working to reform marijuana laws. >> with medicine before 1937 when businessmen made it illegal in the 18 80's it was the most prescribed medicine.
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>> it will take time before marijuana dense pennsylvania sears are up and running in pennsylvania. >> anyone could get sick. democrat, republican it doesn't matter. we need to get people medicine and that's what we did tonight. >> reporter: the pennsylvania medical society released a statement saying they continue to have serious concerns about medical marijuana but members say they hope patient who's use it have positive out comes while things are getting set up in pennsylvania, there is a provision in the bill that says parents can buy medical marijuana for their kids if they get it legally from another state. live in the sat center tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david. a homeowner far from home stops a burglary in progress with the help of technology. take look at this surveillance video. you can see the thieves break into a home in upper pitts grove salem county. moments later they heard the voice of the homeowner she watched them break in on her phone and was able to speak them remotely and told them to get out. >> seemed kind of brazen to meme first off in the middle of the
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day or early morning they can kick in the door like that and pretty much disregard the dogs. >> the burglars got away with some jewelry and police are searching for the suspect. >> historic higher in delaware county. darby township has its first ever black female police chief. she served for nearly three decades with a department in florida and tonight our natasha brown introduces us to the new top cop. >> i regina j. price -- >> with those words -- >> chief, congratulations. (applause). >> regina price makes history becoming the first african-american female police chief in darby township and in delaware county's history. >> here's your badge of honor. (applause). >> chief price is new to delaware county but she brings an extensive history in law enforcement from her native flor. she served 30 years with the riff 53 era police police department retiring as major in january before lanning the job in darby township. >> i'm still a little
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overwhelmed by the whole thing it's still a little surreal. i'm extremely blessed to actually be here. i'm very proud to be a part of the darby township now and i'm so pleased i was selected as the chief of police. >> reporter: members of the small town community looked on many beaming with pride. darby township commissioner richard womack what set price apart from the rest after a nationwide search that began back in november. >> any time someone comes into your interview and they come in with a 90 day plan and she had already researched the township she went out out into the community and was talking to different residents and to see what their concerns were, i said that's the one. >> we're celebrating obviously the the fact you're the first woman of color i don't want it to be lost on the fact you were picked because you were excellent. >> price plans to definitely into her position promoting transparent see within the department and building bridges win the community she understand the gravity of the history she's made here, she wants residents
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to focus more on the goals she has for the township and the 22 police officers she's now in charge of leading. >> i'm more concerned they look at my experience, my training, what i'm bringing to the table. that way i can share it with the darby township and take a police department from where it is now to much greater police department. >> chief price is absorbing the moment taking her place in history. she will begin her first day on the job on thursday and she says she's ready to hit the ground running. in darby township, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". welcome chief price. tonight president obama says the fight against isis is going well but there is still work to be done. he receives a detailed briefing about the terrorist group at cia headquarters late today. >> isil hopes to weaken our collective resolve. once again, they have failed. their barbarism only stiffens our unity, and determination to wipe this vile terrorist organization off the face of the earth. >> pentagon officials say us air strikes have killed 25,000 isis
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fighters. millions of dollars stolen by isis has been incinerated. the attacks have helped iraqi and curdish forces recapture 40% of the ground lost in the isis surge. tonight 40,000 union knifed verizon workers are on strike in our area and all along the east cove. land line and cable employees walk off the job this morning. they've been without a contract since august. and say their main sticking point is job security. verizon is using non-union staff in place of the striking workers and it's unclear right now when both sides will head back to the bargaining table. we've all been there. nagging cough and runny nose getting a cold is no fun for anyone or for our four leg friends that prescription up a good question. >> can we make our pets sick. >> nicole brewer joins us with the answer. nicole. >> you know how it goes when one person in your house gets sick the others are sure to follow but does that include furry family members? viewers fran and terry want to know can our
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pets catch our colds? it's a good question, guys. and we headed to the pennsylvania spca to get some answers. ♪ >> can our pets catch our cold? >> what do you think? >> i guess. >> i believe the answer is no. >> germs are germs. >> can ban any kerr catch cold good i hope not. >> for the most part the answer is new. >> dr. seven is the head veterinarian at the pennsylvania spca he says cats and dogs can suffer from colds but the viruses are different from those that affect humans. >> we're very different kinds of organism. >> whole different species that type thing i don't know. >> what is it about our bodies versus there's? >> so it has to do with the environment the bacteria and the viruses 35 in, and animals tend to have higher body temperatures and lee centers in their body and the viruses and bacteria can't replicate in our bodies or vise versa. >> the on exceptions came in 2009 when a few cats were diagnosed with h1n1 or spine
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flew shortly another their owners contracted the virus. >> these are only sporadic number of handful of cases across our country over the last 10 years. >> the doctor says there are also a handful of communicable diseases you should be aware of. >> rabies being one of them, of course. which is why vaccinated your pets against rabies is such an important thing. another virus can be spread through the urine of wild animals if your dog a requires it you could a require it also. >> he has all of his shots. i have all of mine. so we're good. i think. >> while i was at the dog park another question came up. are colds contagious between pets? now according to the doctor, the answer is yes for cats. apparently upper respiratory diseases can be easily spread between our feline friends most don't show signs of that illne illness. >> how about that? were our cats and dogs sneeze i do say bless you though. >> i do every time. >> it just comes out. you too, right. >> they're family members. >> that's right. >> you got to love on them. >> thanks, nick.
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appreciate it we want to know what your good question. log on to question to submit your question. you can also tweet us just using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear your good question. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight zika fearings real life the cdc with new report and it's schetter ago light on the effects of the virus. kate? >> and it's a cold night ahead. freeze warnings and frost advisories to talk about. but then a warming trend. spring is back and in in big w way. i'll tell when we get back to the 70s coming up. >> wildwood goes hollywood. the movie shoot down the shore and the well-known actors hanging out in south jersey. >> also, call her a fish out of water but vittoria woodill was providing a pretty important service for people hoping to real in a big catch in montgomery county. how she's helping out the local fishermen when we come back. ♪
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared.
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that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ tonight us health officials say it's official. enough evidence is in to show that the zika virus does cause birth defects. sips last year doctors in brazil have been leaking zika infections in pregnant women to arise in newborns with a caution called microcephaly that causes unusually small skulls and other brain defects. the virus is spread through mosquitoes as well as sexual contact. us officials have been urging pregnant women to avoid travel to zika stricken regions of central and south america. new tonight gloucester county veterans finally collect
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the honors they earned on the balance field. the military presented 25 veterans with their war medals during the freeholders annual federal medal ceremony. "eyewitness news" in sewell as the son of world war ii veteran i was truly honored to be among those in the audience to salute our brave heroes much the gloucester county office of veterans affairs mater so night's ceremony possible and we thank good a taste of hollywood comes to the jersey shore. >> filming underway in wildwood on new movie called wetlands it stars heather graham and christopher mcdonald the crew was converted empty storefront on the boardwalk into a surf shop for filming the location manager explains the film's pl plot. >> ex philly cop gets his back together. his he can wife and his daughter moved to the shore. they own a surf shop we have created here in wildwood, and he wants to get back with his loved ones. >> welcome to the area.
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wetlands is set to open in theaters in 2017. tis the season it's trout season in pennsylvania. before fishermen can hook those rainbow trout someone, someone has to stock area waterways. >> we know who this is a perfect assignment for. vittoria along with volunteers she trudged through the streams of montgomery county to bring you the catch of the the day. ♪ >> reporter: fishermen have taken to the waters. >> happy trout season. >> i'm timing to swimming. >> the time for trout started april 2nd in evansburg state park trout are being dumped in the skippack creek. >> feels like they're ready for -- ready to be set free. >> they're ready for a little more room. >> i'm on trout dumping duty. stock the creek for the season of fresh fish with the pennsylvania fish and boat commission. >> whoo! >> standstill. >> okay. >> go ahead and slam the lid down. >> got it. >> there you go. >> hand it down. >> you got my first bucket. >> alongside fish culture lift ryan miller otherwise known
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as -- >> they call you will awesome. >> yeah, i've been told that. >> reporter: awesome because he's the man behind the fish. >> can i touch it? >> ahh! >> so he and i hopped a tank truck carrying seven separate fish tanks of newly hatched trout from the tylersville state fish culture station. >> we start taking eggs in may and june and these fish are 18 -- roughly 18 months old now. so we take care of them for a year and a half. >> wow. >> before we put them in the creek. >> what kind of trout is it? >> we have brown trout and rainbows today. >> reporter: a total of seven dumping stops along the skippack creek are made for chucking. >> how many buckets do you pour in at each stop? good today we're doing a tank a stop so 11 or 12 buckets. >> reporter: give these fish a nice home. pick a perfect spot. >> i was going to fish here hopefully catch some of the fish you just put in. >> man, i got to jump on the train. >> an effort that the community proudly lends a hand to. >> why you love doing this?
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>> because this is my gets me out into the nature only time i feel like i'm free really. it's a great thing to get the kids out and fun to be outside and have fun. >> and greatly appreciated. >> how does it feel to catch that trout? >> it was strong and it was very hard. but my dad catched it so it's actually both of ours. happy trout season. >> happy trout season. the regular season for trout runs through september 5th and anglers can keep a daily limit of five trout as long they're at least 7-inches long. but a lot of people think that naturally these creeks are just filled with trout. >> right. >> but the community does a great job it really pitch as hand in to making sure all fishermen can have a fun time this season. >> especially that young one sharing the glory with her dad. how about. >> luckily we were on happened. >> time for forecast with kate. freeze warnings, sunshine and warmer temperatures. got it all tonight.
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>> we got a little bit of everything tonight. what we don't have is snow. >> we're done with snow. let's just call it now. >> thankfully. >> no rain. i remember about week ago we were talking about a really really messy seven day forecast. well, now we've got a really beautiful seven day forecast. let's take look outside right now and we'll start off with the time lapsed video from earlier today. the leadership academy in philadelphia. it was blue sky as far as the i eye could see all day long. not cloud to be found in philadelphia today. nothing but beautiful blue sky. mild temperatures temperatures were below average today. only got to the upper 50s think being said still pretty good at least in compare sop with the fours we felt on saturday. storm scan3 shows a bank of clouds moving through right now. they'll clear out quickly much this system across the deep south will move out into the atlantic as we head into your weekend. not going to impact us directly but it will bring some indirect impacts which i'll show you in just a minute. let's start off with our cold night. a couple of cold alerts to tell you about they start at midnight
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gone until 8am anything you see in purple that's a freeze warning that's little more severe than a frost advisory it means temperatures will drop below freezing in some of these spots. the far northwestern suburbs as well as all of south jersey especially the cold spots here in interior south jersey. you want to move those plants inside. frost is possible in the nearby northwest suburbs and all of delaware, notice philadelphia and delaware counties not included in any of these alerts temperatures should stay far enough above freezing and even the frost level which general system mid 30s for us. it's still 47 degrees in philadelphia. still 49 in allentown. i think some of the coldest spots will drop down into the 20s and 30s. but as long as these clouds hang around for little bit longer possibly we won't see widespread freeze overnight tonight. already in the 30s in millville and atlantic city. nice warmup starting to move in off to the west and that's what we'll be feeling this weekend. we've got what's known as omega block in the forecast we call that it because this looks like the greek letter owe may g high pressure in the middle with low on either side nice gradual warmup into the weekend with
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that low stalled off the cove it will be windy and cooler down the shore. high pressure overhead that storm off the coast brings a tight pressure gradient at the coast this weekend strong winds and much cooler temperatures down the shore probably only in the 50s even as we head toward the 70s further inn lapped. so tonight down to 40 in the city. 20s and 30s in our far flung suburbs for your thursday mostly sunny and seasonal after a cold start we'll get to 62. then take a peek at this weekend forecast. 67 on saturday. 72 degrees on sunday. and by the way, this is going to be the first meetly dry weekend we've had since the first weekend in march. we've had at least a little bit of rain every weekend since then. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast take a look at all the sunshine. i'll run out of sunshines if we keep using this many. thursday 62. friday 64. sunday 72 degrees and we're nearing 80 on monday. back to cool front late monday could knock the temperatures back to the 60s starting tuesday but still we're at or above average for the next seven days.
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>> that's the way, yo uh-huh, uh-huh i like it. >> for real. >> leslie is here now with what's coming up next in sports. >> guys, let me break it to you. sixers season it's over. >> but phillies season just getting started they actually looked pretty good and the flyers they're headed to the playoffs game one tomorrow in washington. first time for many of the players. first time for their coach. we'll hear from him coming up
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>> lesley joins us now. certainly feeling like spring with the phillies in south philly. >> yeah, it's going to be feeling like spring this weeke weekend. more. the phillies playing game three out of four against the padres down at the ballpark. i can off on the mound for the phils. first inning, here's the offensive star of the gym with a big swing. franco with blast to left. gives the phillies a one to nothing lead. i can off was fantastic. seven innings, struck out nine and only gave up four hits. we head to the ninth inning and
2:30 am
gomez also been playing very well, he's there to pick up his fourth save of the season with more than just a win on the line. check this out it gets a pop out to freddie galvis and these kids will get a puppy. phillies within this 12 to one. the mets taking on the marlins at citi field. >> watch this foul ball dives into the stands. doesn't come close to the ball there. does he take out couple of fans in the front row but everyone is waving their okay. >> redid remain in the game and the mets went on to win it two to one. last game of the zach season for the sixers in chicago. trying for win number 11. and you think they got up early in this one. robert covington hits the three right here that puts the sixers up 42-18. okay they got this, right? they lead by nine at the half but the bulls just turn it on in the sixers crumbled. nice passing. jimmy butler with the slam right there. so yeah, sixers season will end with a loss. 115 hiv 105 the final. the flyers with their final
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tune up at the 68 zone before tomorrow night's game one against the capitals in d.c. they balanced their way into the playoffs and now the team take on the best team in the league. that doesn't seem fair. the coach first time for him in the playoffs. he's excited. >> to get through the excitement of being in, it's pretty easy to get to -- to get to the focus of what you need to do to be successful. our group worked really hard to qualify as one of the 16 teams in the playoffs. now we start over again. and we didn't get here just to get here. you know, we've got other goals in mine. >> well the public memorial to honor flyers chairman ed snider is next thursday april 21. doors to the wells fargo center will open at 11:30. that event begins at 1:00 free to the public and i'm sure a* there will be a lot of fans. >> no doubt about that. thanks lesley. >> ly sounds of summer are headed back to the ballpark in
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south philadelphia. legendary rocker is heading to philly. >> who it is and when you can get tickets when we come back.
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♪ here we go. coming back this summer to philadelphia. the legendary sir paul mccartney is heading back to cbp bring it. it will be fun. >> citizens bank park unveiled the details about the show this morning. he'll be performing tuesday, july 12th. now, sir paul was last in philadelphia last summer at the wells fargo center. tickets go on sale april 22nd. we'll be right back. ♪
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it's the official team for morning people sure watch the new "eyewitness news" this morning join jim donovan, brook thomas, katie fehlinger with weather and meisha johnson with traffic from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for lesley, kate and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean many we're always on for you at the late show with stephen colbert is next with sally
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fields. >> the flying nun. >> i have to get home and watch that. >> thanks for watching, family. sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started flipping homes and buying and holding income properties.
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