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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with president obama and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice. it is friday. and we are ready for the weekend. are you? well guess what, mother nature is ready, and she has a treat in store, the snow in the poconos, should be melting away, because it will get warmer by the day. good afternoon, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. we need a little good news, don't we? let's get right outside to lauren case any for casey live
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on the cbs-3 skydeck, enjoying the sunshine, lauren? >> it is so great. i don't even need this jacket out here, but i thought it looked cute so i put it on. temperatures warming up. chilly start this morning, patchy frost in some areas, but now, that is history. 57 degrees right now, in philadelphia. fifty-seven in the lehigh valley, 56 degrees in trenton, and after chilly start in ac this morning up to 55 degrees, storm scan3, showing us the trends of the last couple of days, and that's a bunch of nothing. just sunshine in full effect, high pressure in control across the region it, will keep the sunshine around as we head into the rest of the afternoon, just down right gorgeous, high temperatures topping in the middle 60s. and this beautiful weather is going to stretch into our weekend, we'll actually be warming up watch temperature to expect by the end of the weekends? i think you're going to like it, and all of the details comes g up. >> thank you so much, lauren. federal judge is expected to rule on a lawsuit between bill cosby and one of his accusers, both claim the other violated privacy clause in their
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settle. of decade old sieve i matter. jan carabeo picks up the story from the courthouse. >> federal courthouse today, first having to do with 2006 seek rosary clause goes back to civil lawsuit settle. bill cosby and one every his accusers andrea accuse the other person of violating that agreement. the third issue has to do with former district attorney bruce castor. bill cosby, back in the spotlight today, happening this afternoon, a federal court judge is set to way three separate issues, former temple employee and cosby accuser andrea constand, wants a judge to avoid a seek rosary clause surrounding their 2006 civil set many: meantime the lawsuit cosby filed against andrea, her and her mother, violated by cooperated with officials. con stand's attorney, says, cosby is simply using the
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courtesies tell to try to intimidate witnesses. the judge is also hearing motions in andrea's defemation suit against former district attorney bruce castor, castor declined to arrest cosby in 2005 when andrea alleged cosby sexually assaulted her, and now says she enhancing her story while filing suit. now, cosby has denied any wrong-doing, the hearing happening here today, starts at 2:00 this afternoon. in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". also, this noon, 62 year old ramon moralez is charged in connection to a hit-and-run in port richmond that killed 36 year old tommy dunbar. police say an s.u.v. hit and dragged dunbar, at aramingo and lehigh wednesday night. that suv was found empty, about a mile away, few hours later. moralez facing several charges including murder, homicide by vehicle, and involuntary manslaughter. chopper three, over the 600 block of woodhaven road in willingboro, burlington county, authorities are investigate the apparent
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homicide. police say man's body discovered inside a park car on the street. detective say gunshots were reported about 3:00 this morning, so far, there have been no arrests. and new cbs news poll shows how democratic candidate stack up against their gop counterparts, in possible november elections. hillary clinton has ten-point lead over republican frontrunner donald trump. clinton holds three-point lead over ted cruz, but trails ohio governor john kasich, by six points. the other democratic candidate, bernie sanders, he beats all of the republicans, he holds a 17-point lead over trump, a 12-point lead over cruz, and five-point lead over kasich. campaign 2016 has a long way to go before november. but the candidates are pulling no punches. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are at war over wall street, taxes, guns, and the minimum wage. correspondent weijia jiang shows the democrats and republicans are getting ready for tuesday's new york primary. >> it was a great debate.
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i feel really good about it, but we got to keep working. >> hillary clinton told supporters that a debate watch party not to take her lead for granted as new yorkers head to the voting booths next tuesday. bernie sanders, who is trailing clinton, in the polls, went after her hard in thursday night's debate. >> so we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she is going to bring change in america when she is so dependent on big money interests? i don't think so. >> cbs news political director john dickerson says there is a reason for sanders' new found sharp tone. >> what bernie sanders needs based on the democrats its is game changing moment because of where the delegates, are needs to not just win but win big. >> also zeroing in on new york donald trump hoping to stretch his lead. trump talked about his new york values during a republican party gala in manhattan. >> number one, honesty and
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straight talk. >> cruz, who once used the term new york values, to mockingly dismiss trump, told the crowd he has the best chance of winning in november. >> i am beating hillary clinton by 14 points among young people. >> but the latest cbs news poll shows john kasich is the only republican candidate currently beating clinton. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, in less than an hour jackie robinson day celebrations begin her in philadelphia. >> on this very day, back in 1947, robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball. the city of philadelphia has officially apologized for its treatment of robinson at that time. today's observance starts at 1:00 at the philadelphia stars negro league memorial park on belmont avenue. all major leaguers wear robinson's number 42 today. >> some familiar faces were in the spotlight again this morning. >> all eyes once again on your villanova wildcats.
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>> cheers. >> that's coach jay wright and senior ryan arcidiacono and daniel ochefu. wildcats very busy since winning the men's college basketball national championship last week. the team has been invited to the white house later this year. >> there is also a pep role right now in the parking lot of one balance a plaza for the flyers. >> a chance for fans to get flyered up for the stanley cup playoffs. now, last night the flyers lost the opening game of their first round series and forward sean, he could miss the rest of the playoffs with a upper body injury. the flyers lost to the top seeded washington capitols two-nothing, but they'll try it even the series tomorrow night in d.c. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", fisher price announcing big recall. parents of babies, you'll want to listen up. >> miracle philadelphia rubble -- from the rubble. babies rescued after deadly
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earthquake in japan. why doctors are calling her a miracle. >> and drop that phone. how new technology can tell you if you have been texting and how some police officers want to use it. we're coming right back. stay with
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>> back on "eyewitness news", crews are examining the damage from powerful earthquake, that killed nine people in japan yesterday. the 6.5 magnitude quake buckled, and brought down homes. it was the strongest earthquake to hit japan since 2011. and yet after all of that devestation, this sign of hope.
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nearly 100 after shocks rattled the count rip, rescuers managed to free a baby from the collapsed rubble of a home. the eight month olds girl was taken to a waiting ambulance, is expected to be just fine. doctors say she was not hurt, believe it or not, in this violent quake. >> and today marks the third anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. >> massachusetts governor charlie baker was joined by survivors and victims' families for a wreath laying ceremony pressure cooker bombs went off near the marathon finish line in 2013 killing three people and injuring more than 200 others. correspondent michelle miller shows us one colorful tribute there is making its yearly return along the marathon route. the daphodils in bloom throughout boston mark more than the change of seasons. >> the daphodils symbolize hope, and rebirth, they're incredibly cheerful. >> diane valley started the marathon daphodils project, after the bombings in 2013. more than 100 volunteers from the eight towns along the
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marathon route pitched in to plant as many of the resilient per end else as they could. >> the idea grew from a few to 100,000, to boston, 26.2 miles. >> potted daphodils grown and kept cool at a greenhouse south of the city, are time to bloom just before the race. more than 2,000 will go to businesses along the route. like marathon sports, the finish line storefront were the first of the two explosions took place. shane o'hara was there three years ago, sheltering survivors, and tending to the wounded. >> how did you know what to do? >> i don't think i knew what he was doing, more of reaction. >> o'hara fielded questions about what happened in front of his store since the bombings took place, when the daphodils arrived, he gets to share a different story. this one. >> when we line them up, it is a nice yellow life, just like the sun. who doesn't smile when the sun's out? >> all of these daphodils are
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being put along their spots on the parade route. i'm told the minute they hit the sun, they'll be popping. michelle miller, cbs news, massachusetts. >> michelle getting into the action there, and important news for parents shall fisher price is recalling tens of thousands of baby swings. the cradle and swings need to be fixed because a peg can come out, causing the seats to fall unexpectedly. so far no one's been hurt. we put the details information about the affected models on our website, >> nearly quarter of accident involve cell phone, texting, posting on social media and talking. now, lawmakers want to crackdown on offenders, that's new tool that could help. called a textalyzer, hand held device that could detect if you were texting during a crash t can't read your text, but can tell if you have recently sent 1f this becomes law, new york would become the first state to use this
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technology. speaking of texting, one movie theater chain has been discussing allowing texting in theatres. what they've decided after hearing from movie-goers, next. >> and speaking of the movies, an experience that will give you a movie and a work out. not so sure about that, lauren? >> and the work week is coming to a close. and that means the weekend is just ahead. talking about a warming trends, and more sunshine in store. that plus the phillies forecast for the game tonight. all of that is coming up in your eyewitness forecast that's next. blank
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>> friday night, big night in movie theatres. >> do you hate being distracted people talking, moving around, texting or checking their phones? yes, yes, yes? the ceo of amc theatres decided to allow some texting in some theatres. idea to attract more millennials who can't bear to be aware from their phones for
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the lent after whole movie and to get those kids into theatres when they're used to watching videos on their devices, well, movie-goers have spoken out, and now amc says, forget it, they're not going to allow texting in theatres. >> our viewers were pretty split on the idea. jason posted on cbs philly facebook page, i don't go to movies much. but why is texting such a big deal, as long as the phone is violence dollars. it is not as bad as people who talk during the movie. >> lorraine scarborough posted more inch considerate people, more stupid rules, maybe the theater should set up a he had quit lesson room. >> i love lorraine. >> let us know what you think, connect with us on our facebook page, on twitter and on our website >> jim and i are split. you got to break the tie. >> oh, i have to break the tie. texting in the movie, i say no. >> thank you. >> it is like a bright light, you for example and your eyes -- >> common sense prevails. thank you, lauren.
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>> now how is the weather going to be for tonight? >> beautiful, might not want to head up the mover this weekend it, will just be so nice to be outside. sunshine, been on this nice sunny streak, warming temperatures up, step-by-step, that will continue as we head into the upcoming weekend with some 70s in store, but it is beautiful right now. on this friday afternoon, 57 degrees, in philadelphia. getting a live look, glorious center city, nothing but blue skies to see, wind out of the east, they're nice and light at around 5 miles per hour, but it was a chill start to the day today. temperatures had been rebounding pretty significantly, 41 degrees in philadelphia. 33 degrees was our low temperature this morning in allentown, dropped down to the freezing mark in atlantic city, now temperatures moving up under all of the sunshine, up ear's in the lehigh valley, middle 50's after chilly start in ac, 56 degrees in millville. temperatures all across the area start that warming trend, mid to upper 50's, everywhere you look, after that cold start to our friday morning with clear skies last night,
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calm winds, really allowed temperatures to cool down, conversely during the daytime hours it helps temperatures to warm on up. what a difference we'll have as we head into the upcoming weekend, remember last saturday? high temperature of 43 degrees, our forecast high for for tomorrow, 67 degrees. that's much more spring lining. storm scan3 showing us trend all across the region, really working, we find cloud all the way down in the virginias, high pressure in control promoting unstable air, singing air, will keep us nice and clear as we head into the evening for the phillies game if you are lucky enough to head out to the ballpark, 62 degrees, right around first pitch, temperatures cool quickly with the clear skies, so pack extra layer along. ten of the game, temperatures will be down nearing the ooh degrees mark. we mentioned we do have high pressure to control, that's where it will stay. we had this pattern called owe mega block set up. because we're under the high pressure area in this blocking pattern we get the nice benefit. so we get the nice sunny skies and we get the warm temperatures underneath the
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big ridge, so head into the day today eventually top off at 65 degrees, overnight tonight, headed down chilly once again, down to 42 degrees, sunset at 7:40, not too bad. and clear skies tonight, might want to check our the meteor shower, kicks off tonight, and it runs through next week. average of ten to 20 meteors per hour, something cool to see, and we will have a lot of clear skies at nighttime. check out this weekend, up to 72 degrees sunday under sunny skies, warmth peaks on monday, 77 degrees under mostly sunny sky, and in the next seven days, not an april shower to see. hard to believe. just a lot of sunshine in store, and very comfortable temperatures, 60s, 70s, for everybody. >> oh, that's good. >> i like it. no complaints here. thanks so much, lauren. working out outside. it seems like the thing to do today. >> but new craze incorporates exercise and i max theatres. dana with more. >> reporter: i max built $1.7 million empire by
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supervising the movie go experience. and now, the company designed to get people to kickback and enjoy a movie. >> turn it upright here, right now, go. >> inviting them to click in, and break a sweat. >> just pick it up. >> i'm max shift combines indoor cycling, wall-to-wall screen and pulsating sound. >> it is a whole range of different imagery. >> brian, ceo of irks ma'am shift, hopes this combination shifts the way people think about exercise. >> think about fitness, right, biggest changes when they put the little screens on the bike, for i max come in and leap frog over it, creates something new and unique you've never had before. >> health club industry, 2014, up more than 7% from the previous year. experts say the increase is in part because of the growing popularity of boutique fitness, where instead of paying foreign tire gym membership, consume remembers paying for a specific class, like cross fit or yoga.
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>> whether keep going back is hard to say. >> jason kelly author of the upcoming book sweat equity thinks i max have some tough competition in crowded fitness field. >> long-term trends, what may shift is do people like soul cycles, do they like flywheels, do they like the i max concept? >> as for price, it is on par with the big competitors here in new york, go cycle flywheel, all three come in at $34 a class. and they hope if construction goes as planned, to be open here in a couple of weeks. i'm dana jack on son, cbs news in brooklyn, new york. >> i would try it. >> i would try it. >> i'd give it a try, but sometimes nice to throw on the shoes and like run outside. >> where it is not climate controlled. >> well, up next, a new gym that lets you exercise with your
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>> actors drew barrimore being honored as the annual compassion award, with that awards, excuse me, barrimore said she has been adopting dogs since she was 19 years old, roger waters of pink floyd, grammy winner, mark ronson, were also on hand. host nathan lane, says he really likes dogs. >> what do i like? you know, unconditional love, on four legs, you know, nothing better. >> for more than 150 years, the aspca has worked to improve the lives of homeless,
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abused and neglected animals across the country. >> and here is a great idea. gym for people and their pets. this started out as sheltering in kentucky but then the owners notice add lot of overweight pets. they decided to ad a gym where owners could work out with their pets, takes care of two things at once, they also have a doggy day care, as well, now the phillies located near for the knocks, so they can take care of pets while their owners who are soldiers are overseas. >> well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon today. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm brooke thomas. for katie who is off, lauren, and everyone here, thanks for watching. >> all right, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at >> the young and the restless is next.
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>> billy: what happened? >> phyllis: you know, everything's just going to hell. >> billy: the lawsuit? [ sighs ] so, who was it -- jack or summer? which one caved and outed us for lying under oath? let me guess. probably jack, right? trying to teach us a lesson. >> phyllis: no. my loyal and loving family stuck to the story and said we did nothing wrong. >> billy: so, that's it. so, we won, right? >> phyllis: [ scoffs ] >> billy: where's your "i bested a newman and all i got is this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt? >> phyllis: summer didn't want to lie. and i pressured her until she felt she didn't have a choice. and then jack wanted to protect


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