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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning, a philadelphia police officer suffers minor injuries in a car crash overnight. what may have kept his injuries from being serious. a teenager injured in a random attack while he was just waiting for a trolley. we hear from his mother, who wants to know, who did this, and why. >> and, a pair of deadly earthquakes, now it is a race against time, to save those trapped under buildings. we'll have the latest on rescue efforts in japan this morning. >> and, today is saturday, april 16th, thanks for being with us, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. we send it over to justin drabick. i hear he has very nice forecast for this weekend. >> not much to say, but will be perfect, pretty much.
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>> perfect, sounds good. >> what else could you ask for, compared to last weekends just talking about that snow, yes. >> hard to believe just one week. >> yes, but that is spring time this time of year in the delaware vale. you get a little bit of everything. but we're locked into nice stretch. if you like the past couple of days, you'll love this forecast coming up. gets little warmer, we keep skies nice and sunny, no increase in humidity either. very pleasant to get outside. still, chilly in the morning hours, not quite as cold as it has been. not dealing with any frost or freeze warning, but it is chilly, 44 at the airport, light wind out of the southwest, 6 miles per hour, slight windchill, feels like 41 degrees, current temperatures, head up toward the lehigh valley, mid 30's, 36 officially in allentown, 37 mount pocono, interior south jersey couple of spots below freezing at this hour around millville. thirty-seven in doylestown, 34 in quakertown, there is storm scan3, what it will like like for the next several days, just dominated by high pressure, so clear skies, calm winds, and generally going to
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be 10 miles per hour or less today. little breezy right along the immediate coastline. as there is some wind energy, just off shore, so push of cooler air in off the atlantic for south jersey and the delaware coast. inland, very nice, plenty of sunshine, mid 50's along the shore, up to 60 here at the poconos, and throughout this entire weekend, talking about this high pressure, over the northeast, this is locked in control, sunshine, warm temperatures, i'll let you know how long the high sticks around, and if we can see any rain in the forecast, details in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, we'll check in with you then. new this morning, philadelphia police officer is okay, after an accident involving his cruiser two,-car crash happened around 1:45 this morning, on north 52nd street at we losing avenue. now, it is unclear what caused the accident, but we're told that the airbags did deploy, and there were minor injuries. >> philadelphia police are looking for a group who attacked a teenager while he was waiting for a trial.
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investigators say, it is not the first time a random attack has happened in the neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter, natasha brown, talked to the victim's mother. >> i couldn't even look at my child. could that look like it was my child? >> heart pounding, heart wrenching moments, for chantel sexton, seeing her 17 year olson lying in a hospital bed barely recognizeable. on tuesday joffe sexton became the victim average dom attack while at 66th and elmwood. as many five teens stomped and beat him unconscious for no reason. >> five or six young males, punch him to the face, knock him to the grounds, knocked three of his teeth out, leave him on the ground. >> just three blocks away, a day before, police say there was another random attack on another teenager at a trolley stop. and a few days earlier, in that same area, a 52 year old man was hospitalized after a random and unprovoked attack while he was walking down the
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street. police believe all of these cases are linked to an r ogue and violent group of teenagers in we need these young men off the street. they are creating a lot of damage. >> joffe has a learning disability, and just ventured out to learn how to catch public transportation on his own. he is still wearing the scars from the vicious beating, still trying to regain a sense of safety. >> they beat my son half to death. and they had no reason to do this to my child. like, i want to know why. >> police believe these suspect are between the ages of 15 and 17 years old, they also believe they are known to the community where these attacks are happening, and they possibly live in that community. if you have any information, please, contact police right away. at southwest detective, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a fell wear care he -- a fire ends with a firefighter dead and another wounded. checking on the health after resident at a home in temple hymns, maryland, just outside
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of washington, d.c. when they arrived no one answered the door. so they forced their way in. this is when investigators say the person inside fired several rounds. >> right now, we're here, supporting the family, as best as we can, and we begin to prepare to send our brother home. >> and the other firefighter is in serious condition. the person who originally re questions dollars the welfare check was also wounded but not seriously. the person who reportedly fired is in custody and cooperating with police. >> search and rescue effort continue in southern japan, after two earthquakes just a day apart. the cakes have killed 29 people, injured another 1500, and as danielle nottingham reports, the islands nation could be in danger of more after shocks. >> papers, office supplies, even computers shook and topple over when a magnitude
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seven earthquake struck southern japan early saturday, cameras in the region recorded the impact at around 1:30 in the morning. rescuers pulled a man from the rubble before dawn. guest in the this hotel had a rude awakening, and several after shocks followed. the quake triggered landslide, cracking and crumbling roads, and sliding homes off of their foundations. part of this curved roadway fell down the hillside, leaving one car on the edge. a smaller deadly earthquake hit this same region on thursday. that 6.2 magnitude quake knocked down buildings and collapsed homes. >> emergency workers dug through the rubble for six hours to rescue this baby. scientists say the smaller quake was actually a for shock, and triggered the larger one. >> about five to 10% of the time the earthquake that's trigger get bigger than the first one, then we change the first one and call it a for shock, and big after shock becomes the main shock.
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>> scientists say still 50% chance of magnitude after shock hitting the same area of japan in the next few days. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> pennsylvania's attorney general is taking a second look at the lesean mccoy assault investigation. earlier this month, you might remember, philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, decided not to charge the former eagles running back, or anyone he will, allegedly involved, in a night club brawl in february. two off duty officers were injured, and state reviewing the da's decision at the request of the president of the fraternal order of police. there is a lot there that, you know, people don't know about. and, you know, we just wanted to make sure that we get another set of eyes looking at them. >> that was the detective who were investigating the case, got a copy of the case file, got copies of the videos. >> and, williams tells "eyewitness news" there was not enough evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal offense.
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>> a legal victory for the woman accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. a federal judge has ruled andrea constant is end tight told document or emails, cosby's criminal lawyer shared with former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor. the decision comes in the defamation lawsuit con stand filed against castor, remains freon $1 million bail. >> governor tom wolf will sign pennsylvania's medical marijuana bill into law tomorrow afternoon. in a statement, the governor says, he is proud and excited to sign the bill. and adds it will provide long overdue medical relief to patients and their families. pennsylvania will now be the 24th state to legalize the medical use of marijuana. officials, how much, say it will take a couple of years to set up. >> campaign 2016, bernie sanders said he did meet with pope francis, during his visit to the vatican yesterday. addressed hours after fiery debate with hillary clinton
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and in brooklyn thursday night, also, getting word, sanders released his 2014 tax return t shows that democratic presidential candidate paid about $28,000 in federal taxes, on adjusted gross income of nearly $206,000. as forefront runner hillary clinton, she campaigns in new york ahead that far state's primary on tuesday. and then she will be here in philadelphia on wednesday. meantime, the republicans are also focused on new york. and as weijia jiang reports, for the first time, that race seems to be more subdued than it democratic counterpart. >> i am very excited to be here in the vatican. >> bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to visit the vatican. but he did not stop delivering his message about income and inequality. >> widespread financial criminal at this on wall street played a direct role in causing the world's worse
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financial crisis since the great depression. >> hillary clinton visited a senior citizen center while campaigning in harlem. >> and i now know where to come when want a good game of dominoes. >> but clinton and sanders weren't playing games during thursday night's debate. >> we can raise -- >> the two candidates starred in their most heat dollars debate yet. >> if you're both screaming at each other the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> the republicans are focused on new york, too, hometown candidate donald trump hopes his roots will help push him closer to the nomination. >> i'm hundreds of delegates up, and i think we're going to close it out before the convention. >> ted cruz and john cast i can argued trump can't win in november. >> we have been winning state after state after state. and it is why i believe we're going to earn majority of the delegates, win the nomination, and beat hillary clinton. >> i don't know if you know there is i am the only republican that can consistently beat hillary clinton in the fall, the only one. >> cbs news poll backs that up showing kasich beating clinton
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by five points. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, volunteers of the democratic national convention if philadelphia this summer, will have to go through backgrounds checks. the philadelphia host committee has started seeking requests for proposals, for an experienced security firm to conduct the betting process. 10,000 volunteers have registered to help during the convention. >> and new this morning, pope francis is visiting the greek island of lessbos. right now spend being an hour meeting are refugees who fled war, conflict and poverty in hopes of a better life in europe. the vatican incest cents the trip is purely humanitarian and religious in nature and not political. but it does comment the european union implement controversial deportation plan. >> and, it has been three years since the bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. coming up next, this year's race get set to get underway
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next week. the color meant to symbolize hope and rebirth. >> plus, new device could help fight debilitating disease. wear it on your wrist like a watch. health reporter stephanie stahl will show you how it works when "eyewitness news" continues. we'll be right back.
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> it has been three years since the bombing.
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the explosion killed three people, wounded more than 260. and of the many tributes, none are more colorful than the yearly return of the daphodils along the marathon's 26.2-mile route. michelle miller shows us what's in store for the runners, and spectators, on monday. >> the daphodils in bloom throughout boston, mark more than the change every seasons. >> the daphodils symbolize hope, and rebirth. they're incredibly cheerful. >> diane valley started the marathon daphodils project after the bombings in 2013. >> more than 100 volunteers from the eight towns along the marathon route pitched in to plant as many of the resilient per end yells as they could. >> the idea grew from a few to 100,000, 26.2 miles. >> potted daphodils, grown and kept cool at a greenhouse south of the city, are timed to bloom just before the race. more than 2,000 will go to businesses along the route.
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like marathon sports, the finish line storefront was the first of the two explosions took place. shane o'hara was there, three years ago. sheltering survivors, and tending to the wounded. >> how did you know what to do? >> i don't think i did know what was doing, it was all more reaction. >> o'hara fielded questions about what happened in front of the store since the bombings took place, when the daphodils arrived, he gets to share a different story. this one. >> when we line them up, it is nice yellow life, and just like the sun. who doesn't smile when the sun's out? >> all every these daphodils are being plucked out of their spot along the parade route. so i'm told the minute they hit the sun, they'll be popping. michelle miller, cbs news, massachusetts. >> very interesting. and probably a loft sun this weekend? >> yes, the flowers will be blooming around here, a loft trees. allergy sufferers, not good forecast, it will be dry, little breezy, pollen will be
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blowing around, but it has been a rough weekend, really, the past month or so. we haven't had a dry weekend all the way through since early march. >> so this a long over do you? >> it is. enjoy. get outside. no excuses after the show today. step outside, you'll enjoy nice weather. very quiet again this morning, little chilly, similar to the past few mornings, not quite as cold, so no widespread frost or freeze warnings to deal with coming at thus saturday morning, but clear skies over center city, temperatures holding thrower mid 40's, some of the suburbs dropping a bit below freezing, but as far as the headlines go, not much change in the forecast, compared to the past few days, except it is getting a little warmer. abundant sunshine, temperatures warming up above average today, and looks like they'll crack into the 70s tomorrow, and it will start feeling more like mid to late may by the second half of the weekends into early next weekment and we will talk about if there are any rain chances coming up in this forecast, but this pattern that we're in, like i said, what a difference the past few weekends it's been. last saturday, 43 degrees,
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that's when we had that snow and today's forecast high into the upper 60s. that's what you get this time of year. it all depends on the pattern, now locked into nice mild stretch. thirty in millvillement one of the cold spots this hour. thirty-nine dover, delaware, 37 cherry hill. so if you are headed out early for that morning walk or jog or walking the dog, yes, throw the heavier coat on. still cool. at least we don't have windy conditions to deal with. had four officially at the airport. get to the northwest suburbs, similar numbers at this hour, 34 quakertown, 36 in pottstown. high pressure parked over the ohio valley northeast. you can see that on the satelite imagery. because all of the clouds are around that high pressure system, now, there is a storm off shore. that will actually track little westward over the next 24 hours, this just bridges some stronger winds right along the immediate coastline, for south new jersey, into delaware, ocean will be roughed up little bit. nothing too crazy, winds may get to up 15 to 20 miles per hour. that just keeps the temperatures little cool along the immediate coast.
5:19 am
inland with the sunshine, well into the 60s, high pressure system just sits over the region today. once again tomorrow, even warmer into the low 70s, monday, that's going to be the warmest day, approaching the upper 70s, but still feels good, because we're not talking about any high humidity levels. and i'll show this forecast pattern on the future weather model, not much change with the hi, all of the clouds rotating around the high, still clear on sunday, monday may get few fair weather clouds later on in the afternoon, because of this front that's going to drop in from the north, that will come through monday night, into tuesday, all that really does is just bring few more clouds and cools us back down, close to the average, as we head to the middle of next week. today well mid 60s, 50's, right along the shore line, into tonight, another cool night. four's, 30's, for the low temperatures, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. but into sunday, look, breaking into the 70s, all the way up to the lehigh valley, berks county, mid 60s, in the poconos. so enjoy today. mostly sunny skies, mild,
5:20 am
above average, 67. tonight, still cool, 42, for clear skies, headed to the ballpark tonight, first pitch 70:00, a comfortable, coming home from the game, little chilly in the 50'sment look at the extended full cast. sunday, 72, 77 monday, those clouds come in with that front, for tuesday, and we are back to the upper 60s, mid 60s, wednesday, that's the coolest day, rahel, next chance for showers, not until friday. >> what can you say about a forecast? >> perfect. i'm going home. you take over. you don't need me any more. >> i got it, justin, see ya later. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, there is new device that could revolutionize the way doctors treat parkinson's disease, health reporter stephanie stahl explains how it works. >> reporter: richard whitton berg one of the first parkinson disease patients testing this device which tracks his movement, every two minute. >> it is hard for me to determine in my diary when i
5:21 am
feel weaker, stronger, and that's one of the problems i have, is i am asked these questions, and i don't know the answer to them. >> the personal pkg worn on the wrist it, records when richards takes medications so his neurologist can see how his movement fluctuate with treatment. >> in many cases we've been table adjust the medications, and to really improve their quality of life, or to recommend that maybe they need more aggressive therapy. >> researchers say the device could be a game changer, because, patients can be monitored when not in the office. >> they can really give us information that otherwise would be almost impossible to obtain. >> richard has been living with parkinson's for nine years, the 75 year old hopes the pkg will help better manage his symptoms. >> i have eight grand kids. i want to be able to play with them. i want to be able to be active with them, as long as i can be. >> patients in the study wear the device for six to ten days even during sleep. so far early result look
5:22 am
promising, but it is too soon to say when the device might be available to more parkinson's patients. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the cbs-3 studios played host to very special event. alex's lemonade stand foundation, which raises money to fight childhood cancer, help it hero families event. kids there enjoying pizza, craft making and other fun. the gathering was a chance for everyone to mingle ahead of our june telethon benefitting the foundation. and, cbs-3 is once again proud to present the alex scott stand for hope telethon. join us thursday, june 9th, as we help raise money for alex's lemonade stands foundation, and the fight against childhood cancer. and, saint christopher's hospital for children is celebrating a milestone. the opening of the hospital's new critical care tower. new morning anchor, jim donovan, proud to host the gala which included leaders
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from around the country. the hospital says the multi-million dollar complex features the latest in technology, security, and the most up-to-date new owe natal intensive care unit. >> and the jungle book hits the big screen, how much director is re imagining the class wick we come
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage.
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but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. >> kevin frazier from entertainment tonight takes you behind the scenes. new jungle book move. >> i this week, one every disney's beloved animated films the jungle book gets
5:26 am
reboot that comes with a warning, might be too intense for your kid. from the new mowing bridge to bill murray's balloon, what it took to bring the animals to life. >> if you can't learn to run with the pack one of these days you'll be someone's dinner. >> that's the now 12 year old kneel taking on, had the challenge every act withing animals that weren't there, with the help of director, john. >> all of the crew was there, everybody was supporting me and puppet were helping me, that helped me interact. >> photo real animals and landscapes were added in later bringing the animated classic into the 3d world. >> kneel handled the action lying a a pro, but the movie has some wondering, is it too intense for kids? some critics say the animal something too real for kids to handle. but there are plenty of friendly animals in this jungle, like sir ben kingsly bagar a and with a ooh the
5:27 am
bear voiced by bill murray. >> what's that? >> that's a song about the good life. >> that jungle book, the real piece of art, and i always hoped i would get attached to it, so when john said would you like to do this, i really couldn't say no. >> if anything hoops that kid, i'll never forgive myself. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin phrase, now, back to you in the studio. >> i used to love that movie. all right, well, time to pick up the brooms and rakes. coming up next, it is your chance to help spruce up your neighborhood. now you can take part in philly spring clean up day. >> and, also ahead, decked out for the prom. how local high school student are getting their look for free. we're back in a moment.
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join us for real change. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. let's sends it taught justin drabick out on the cbs-3 skydeck, justin, last saturday it was snowing, it was wet. this saturday, a lot different. >> big difference, yes. i think everyone will be excited about this weekend forecast, and it is perfect. i'm going to say that. southern california weather, sunshine, mild temperatures, a little chill think morning, though, still waking to up some 30's, 40's, that's typical this time of year. we had clear skies, calm winds, there you go, 30 interior south jersey and
5:31 am
millville, along the coast, not much milder, mid 30's, atlantic city airport and at wildwood. inland, airport in philadelphia, 44 degrees, the northwest suburbs, similar numbers, mid and upper 30's at this hour, may drop another degree or two before sunrise. but we will see a lot of sunshine, that sun will rapidly go to workment temperatures by noontime should be close to the 06 degrees mark already. so there go. storm scan3, nice and quiet. through the morning, again, clear skies, chilly, 30's, 40's, depending on your location, but mild afternoon. we are jumping up into the mid and upper 60s, so high temperatures returning above average, like i said there is weekend, practically perfect, and here's y we have the sunshine, we have mild temps, low humidity, and light winds. what more could you ask for? if you have outdoor plans, so good day to get the yard work donor get that started, also wash the car, you can enjoy it for several days there is your weekend forecast today, 67 degrees in the sunshine, tomorrow, more sun, up to 72,
5:32 am
i'll let you know the warmest day, coming up in a few minutes. >> justin, i'm glad you said it, it is perfect. looking for reason get out, here is one, time to break out the brooms and the brushes, philadelphia's holding its ninth annual spring clean up, where you can help make the city of brotherly love look it best, "eyewitness news" reporter anita o in fishtown, see how they plan to clean up the neighborhood. hey, anita? >> in front. fishtown rec center now, you can see, there is trash strewn across the grounds, and this is exactly what the fishtown neighbors association and the fishtown beautification committee are taking care of today. so joining us now, the block captain, and also, ann harney, good morning, guys, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> very early. but you guys are getting early start. can you explain what exactly you guys will be doing today?
5:33 am
>> we are going to get rather groups of people from the neighborhood, and meet here, hand out various implements to clean the street, and pick spots that are close by, five different locations we will be hitting and cleaning up. >> and jeff, were you talking about certain areas in this neighborhood, too, kind of the worse hit. can you describe what you're seeing n grounds there? >> yes, couple of hot spots, like around the corner, that i just all kinds of trash, seems to be coming in from cars, traffic. and, you know, passersby, you know, you name it, and we'll hit that spot, too. >> everything you can imagine. >> sorry, but you can remind people that, you know, you don't have to bag it, anything you put out on the corner today throughout the city, in a particular location, you know, they'll pick it up. it doesn't have to be baggedment you can put the tires out, anything. you can put it out.
5:34 am
just today. >> and ann, why do you personally get involved? why is this important to you? >> i am to about 11 years ago it, seemed as if there was real strong neighbors association, and people were really eager to just get involved, and cheap up, and do various project, and it is community building, it is social, everyone became really good friends, and it just encourages people to come out and lends a hand, and it is fun. >> yes, it sound like fun event. it will be great weather. so, how many people are you expecting to show up today, and are you seeing casino of it grow every year? >> we're seeing it grow every month here in fishtown. how many people do you think? >> our last committee meeting we had record of about 20, 23 people, about 15 new, so, yes. >> but that was just a casual, just casual clean up in the neighborhood. so for this, this organized
5:35 am
city-wide, 75 people? >> we'll get a lot today. >> it will be a big day. >> a lot of people. >> it is going to be beautiful. little chilly right now, but it will warm up. so if you want to come out today, they are meeting here at the fishtown rec center starting 9:45, but also we'll have barbeque after. so of course that's something to look forward to, as well. but for now, live in fishtown, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. camden county woman has tested positive for the zika virus. on april 2nd, the woman visited her healthcare provider with symptoms of fever, rash, fatigue, and joint pain. the woman, who is not pregnant, recently returned from a country where zika has been prevalent. >> extraordinary boy from gloucester county is on a mission to help those with rare diseases. he's now back from washington where he met with us us senators to convince them to support a piece of legislation close to his heart. here's "eyewitness news" reporter trang do. >> reporter: like many seven year old, max loves to play
5:36 am
with leggos, but he also spent his free time doing something very out of the ordinary for someone his age. was on capitol hill advocating for a bill that could help him and millions of other with rare diseases, the 21st century cure act already passed the house. >> it was getting stalled in the senate. you know, he is just like we should do letters and pictures. so we did. we went down there. he told everybody about the cause. >> max has a a jennette syndrome affect how his body develops. no specific treatment. but if the act passes max and his mom, lisa, hope that will change. >> we can do more with the science that we have, and we, when a drugs gets approved for a larger population, there are things that we can do to help get that approved for people with rare diseases. >> maybe one day i am going to
5:37 am
get a pill every day before that day i would have get shots every, every, every night. >> max visited 83 senate offices across two days, leaving his original artwork at each one. his favorite office? senator pat toomey's a/k/a the senates official candy man. >> and always chocolate, taffy's. >> max can now call himself a successful lobbiest. he convinced senator bob men end owes dez of his home state of new jersey to support the bill. >> i'm really happen up. >> the senate version bill passed committee, could come up for full vet as early as next week, in williamstown, trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> way to go, small but mighty. >> well, the head of the philadelphia police department is recognized for his efforts to combat human trafficking. police commissioner, richard ross, accepted an awards from dawn's place for his dedication to working with trafficking victims,
5:38 am
survivors, dawn's place works to improve the lives of trafficking victims. >> tragedy at the palm beach zoo in florida, now shutdown after tiger bit and killed a veteran zoo keeper. stacey was in a area where four rare tigers lived when one of them bit her. police had to tranquilize the tiger before they could get her, who died at the hospital. zoo officials have contained the tiger. now, she worked at the zoo for three years, along with her husband, who is also a trainer there. >> and new jersey's agricultural community mourning the death of long time farm nerve burlington county. anthony russo, who owned russo's fruit and vegetable farm in tabernacle, died thursday in a farm accident. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan shows how the farmer's family is now paying tribute to his legacy. from the consistent flow of activity, would you never know that russo's fruit and vegetable farm in tabernacle
5:39 am
is going through one of the toughest times in their 75 year history. >> the family farm is four generations, four generations going strong. >> thursday afternoon, tragedy struck as owner anthony russo the third was preparing to seed a cornfield. according to state police, the 73 year old was making a justments to seating equipment, when the person pulling it with a tractor unexpectedly hit the accelerator. russo suffered serious injuries, and died at the hospital, a short time later. tabernacle mayor is a friend. >> our families have kind of grown up together. we've been very close for a long time, it is a tragic lost for our family but also for all of the families of burlington county agriculture. they've been part of agriculture for a long time. >> russo specialize in the jersey fresh produce, cultivating and harvest the hundreds of acres. their farm market offers everything from baked goods, to landscaping materials. >> russo's family members were too upset to talk on camera today, but they told me that and thely was a patriarch in
5:40 am
the true he is sense. he kept the family and the farm business together for decades. >> they are one of the hardest working agricultural families in the state. and it is a testament to their family that after a tragic lost yesterday, they put their boot back on, at 7:00 back to work this morning. >> family said in a message to custom that's as they grieve and pick up the pieces after russo's death they'll continue the farming legacy he loved so much. in tabernacle, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". an airline is dropping one of its fees, and we'll show you the mcdonald's of the future coming up next on "eyewitness news". also, ahead, a new kind of doorbell that makes much more than just a sounds. it lets people see visitors even if nobody is home. how the high-tech devices simplifying deliveries and fighting crime. >> and, prom fashions for free. the event that gives local teens a chance to find that perfect dress for their big night
5:41 am
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>> prom season is here, that means getting ready for the big event which could be costly. >> anadrenia hoff went to a big event, where some found their perfect dress for free. >> fairytale dresses, for what seems like a fairytale price. meaning, they, and all of this, are completely free of charge. >> we figure if we could help out a little bit, make it a little easier on them, by offering free of charge,
5:44 am
anything that they wanted. >> the idea came from a simple conversation. now, the philadelphia school district, red carpet glam event; in it fourth year. >> i didn't want, this junior prom, but they like it a lot, and i like. >> it sounded out at district student, but after the first five minute of the first event, who ever came, we let them in. >> from size zero to 30, the new and gently used dresses have been donated from individuals, and even designers themselves. >> as far as i'm concerned, i'm 95% sure i'm going to wear this to prom. >> don't forget about the bags, shawls and shoes. all details that will help a student shine without the added stress. >> for those people that can't afford like the dream dress, this program is actually helping them get the dress they want. >> now did you need a district issued id to get into the event, but it was open to adult student, as women, i was told that a 79 year old student came in, and got the dress of her dreams, for this formal wear season. reporting from the school district headquarters,
5:45 am
alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". cute dresses there. all right, well, philadelphia auction house will be auctioning some historic furnishing from mount vernon. the home of george washington. "eyewitness news" got a look at the 70 piece collection, which will be auctioned off next week,, to coincide with the philadelphia antique show. proceeds from the sale will benefit mount vernon ac which significance fund, centerpiece of the collection is a pair of chippendale mahogany castle back side chairs made in, get this, made in philadelphia back in 1765. that's historical, that's why they call it an antique. justin joining us now, justin there is weather is beautiful. >> calling it perfect. it will be hard to find a cloud in the sky. that's what we are talking about, oh, there is a cloud, really in the change in the forecast over the next couple of days, just few more clouds, temperatures actually warm up. still cool this morning, waking up to some 30's, four's, we take you up to the lehigh valley right now, northampton county. looking liver at bethlehem.
5:46 am
getting ready for nice sunrise in just over half hour or so. see over the mountain, looking, so skies starting to brighten up little bit. we go full sunshine today. make sure you have your sunglasses out, even throw the sun block on if you are headed outside to do some yard work. been a while since we had nice weekends, so sunshine, mild, and dry, this is the first dry weekend since march 5th and 6th. if you think about it, we had either rain or snow. at least one of the days. within the past month or so. and each day now it is getting little warmer. cool pocket of air over the middle of the weekment temperatures upper 50's, wednesday, low 60s, thursday, yesterday, we did reach the mid 60s, so that's right on average. today above average saturday, 70s return on sunday, and the warmest day will be into next week. thirty-six in allentown, 39 reading, 40's, for the warm spot, still near freezing, interior south jersey, but there is some mild air. look at st. louis, des moines at this hour, 50's, 60s, warm air mass will stick around, lehigh valley and track
5:47 am
eastward over the next couple every days as we are dominated by high pressure. so again, little chilly start this morning. even just to the north and west, state college, 0 degrees, 45 scranton. there is the high pressure area pretty much over the ohio valley, carving out the clear skies, we have some severe weather still to deal with out across the central planes. and some wet weather to our south. we're just protected, no threat of any rain, any time soon. so, the highs over us today. but we have a storm system well off the coast. it is that pressure difference between the high and the low it, will cause some wind along the immediate shore line, as this low pressure system actually tracks to the south and westment so watch out for breezy conditions for the jersey shore, and the delaware beaches, today and tomorrow, and we will get that wind off the ocean, so remember, ocean temperatures, 40's, 50 degrees, that means the coastal air temps are cool today. but just had head few miles inland, warm up nicely. not much change in the forecast dominated by the high pressure area throughout the weekend, into next week. we will watch this front, though, this is monday
5:48 am
afternoon, machine day night there is front will start to move southward. bringing in some cooler air for the middle of next week. but today, look at that, well to the mid 60s, upper 60s for the warm spot. tonight still chilly, three's, four's, ram i had warm up tomorrow. into the 70s even all the way up to berks county, lehigh valley, still cool, along the shore line. so today enjoy it, sunshine, 67 degrees. very mild. and then tonight, another cool night for the city, about 42, some 30's in the suburbs, and if you are headed out to the ballpark this evening, great evening for baseball. check out the phils-nationals, 63 at first pitch, 8:30, we will be in the upper 50's, so bring that jacket along. by 10:00 when the game starts to ends, mid 50's on the ride homement look that the full sunshine today, tomorrow, back to the low 70s, 77 for the high on monday, yes, that's warm, but at least not going to have to deal with humidity. upper 70s typical for late may. then that cold front moves in from the north, monday night, tuesday morning, cools us back down to the upper 60s, that is
5:49 am
still above average, little breezy tuesday, wednesday will be the coolest day at 64. and the overnight low temperatures at least stay above freezing, no signs of any freeze warnings coming at us any time soon. then by the end of next week, starting to warm up again, thursday, sunshine, 70 degrees, and then friday, that's really our next best chance for any wet weather. it is not a big storm, rahel, but we could be dealing with just couple of scattered showers in here, next friday. i this i we can hands thal. >> i think so. sixty-four on wednesday is our lowest of the week, i think we can hand thal. >> craze. >> justin, thank you. >> well, here is something you don't hear often. an airline dropping one of their fees. delta will no longer charge customers extra, to talk to an actual person, when book ago flight over the phone, or at a ticket counter. the phone fee was $25, and the fee for buying tickets at an airport was $35. >> and it is being called the mcdonald's of the future. the fast-food chain is opening a restaurant in missouri, that
5:50 am
will have chaos, allowing you to customize your burger, tan will also offer all you can eat fries. maybe not such a good thing. the restaurant plans to host play groups and children's book reading. new inter-active play room will feature table top video games and light boards. >> all right, well, answering the question of who is at the door is getting easier. like most areas of life, technology has arrived, and new crop of high-tech doorbells are on the market. allowing to you see and talk to who ever is there. police say they're even helping to keep criminals away. as cbs reporter chris martinez tells us, the high tech doorbells are linked to your smart phone. >> yes, fire department. >> false alarms. >> we're not home. >> stolen packages, attempted burglaries, even romantic serenades. all captured by rings, video doorbell. >> what casino of damn doorbell is this? >> when visitors press the
5:51 am
doorbell, or set up the system's motion detector it, sends alert to the homeowner's smart phone. last year, part nerds with the lapd as part of pilot program to reduce burglaries. >> there we are. >> robby owe done sell one of the program's participants, she and her husband are survivors of a violent 1980 home invasion. >> this is what robby o'donnell sees when i ring her doorbell. clearview of her front porch from her phone, we can talk back and forth. los angeles police say since the ring neighborhoods program began, they have seen 55% drop in crime. >> rings devices are powered by traditional electric wiring or battery, but they do require an internet connection. >> you're seeing a lot of concerns about what we call the internet of things. >> editor dan anger man warns like all systems depending on wifi, there is room for error. >> the biggest vulnerability real a lot of this new technology where maybe everything is not fully baked yet. >> says about half of all home
5:52 am
robberies occur during the day when no one is there. >> i'm a criminal, coming to the house, the idea i'm hearing a voice, motion detection goes off (is someone at my front door at 3:00? no one is supposed to be there. i can then say can i help you? they have no idea where i am. they leave. >> chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> the phillies were looking to jump above 500. and the champs keep having fun. villanova goes to wall street. that and more next in sport.
5:53 am
that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> the playoff bandwagon, big crowd turned out for flyers block party, and pep rally in bala cynwyd. fans broke out their orange and black, and got all flyered up with their free give aways, games, and meet and greets with flyers alumni. after falling to the capitols in game one thursday night, flyers are back on the ice, for game two, in washington, this evening. >> the phillies major league baseball and the city of philadelphia celebrated jackie robinson day. on april 15th, 1947, the brooklyn dodger made his major league debut, breaking baseball color barrier. many gathered for celebrations to honor robinson, as a philadelphia stars memorial park at 44th and parkside. last month city council passed resolution apologizing to robbinson for the racism he faced in philadelphia decades ago. it was a hard act to follow, but someone had to do it. after vince caused one of the greatest games in philly history, jeremy was the man
5:56 am
who got the ball as they opened series with the nationals last night, let's just say it wasn't pretty for him right from the get go. he would not strikeout 16, like the last kid did, not even close, that's our old pal jayson werth, silencing the boo's, he smacks a three run double. that will would put the nats up four-nothing, they torch him five in the first, he would last just three innings. then of course why not because why wouldn't he, bryce harper would get involved. and it is a long two-run homerun. put the nats up nine to nothing. the route was on, the phils got one back on a ryan howard homer, that fell nine to one. washington capitols present many challenges for the flyers, as they battle in the opening round of the nhl playoff. the cat led the league in point and had the nhl top score alexander, the flyer who was task with slowing him down, he is now out. forward sean will miss two weeks with a sprained shoulder. he suffered that in the game on thursday night in the
5:57 am
second period when he took that shot right there. that means they will be missing their best defensive center on saturday in a game that they could ill-afford to lose. they would hate to come down to philly down two games, but the flyers did find some positive's from game one. >> i loved our effort. we came up a little bit short. we didn't come heir to come up a little bit short. >> going in the game, so, no, we were rid there. >> all eyes were once again on the villanova wildcat. that's coach jay wright and seniors ryan arcidiacono and daniel ochefu opening the day on wall street. wildcats have been very busy since wing the national championship last week, coming up a trip to the white house, later on this year. they do it all over the world, but here in the united states the four major sports have held off until now. the nba will place ads on
5:58 am
their jersey beginning in the 2017-18 season, and it will small, just two and a half by two and a half inch space. but it will bring in big money. $100 million per year to the league. that's it for sports, i'm pat gallen, have a great
5:59 am
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