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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  April 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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four year old girl dice from gunshot wound watch police are saying about the gun that killed her. >> and, one day after a seconds earthquake in japan, the earth shakes in i can quid or, death and devestation, why it is called the worse quake to hit the country in decades. today is sunday, april 17th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. lots every news to get to. first a check on weather. justin dray brick joining us. justin, dry weekends for a chang, how about that? >> good stuff. i noticed you were extra nice to me today. is that because of the forecast. >> i didn't think i was being very nice to you. >> rahel brought in breakfast nor me, too. >> he's getting me because tiff. >> exactly. >> now, you're right, nice change for a dry weekend, first one since early march, march 5th and 6th, how about that? full sunshine once again, if you liked yesterday, you will love today. little warmer, talking highs back to the 70s, little chill think morning, in the city though, 45, at the airport, you can see, full sunshine out there already. going to be tough to find a
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cloud. nice breeze out of the northwest 6 miles per hour, but get outside the city do finds colder temperatures, 30's, dover delaware, wilmington, 36 in allentown, and at the freezing mark, still, quakertown, 35 in willow grove. so we do have the frost advisory, in effect until 8:00 this morning for bucks, montgomery county, up through the lehigh valley being tyne year south jersey again the temperatures down to the mid 30's, but we beginningly warm up with the sunshine out already. nothing happening on storm scan3, this has been like that for the past several days. so boring forecast, but that's a good thing, if you have outdoor plans, because it will be nice, 73 degrees, in the sunshine today, average high is 64, so well above that, 60 along the jersey shore in delaware beaches, still have the that breeze off the water but it will feel good in the sun. up to six after in the poconos, and make it a run close to 80 degrees, as we head into the work week, also talk about our next rain chance, showing you the seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> i guess i can be nice to you, justin, good forecast.
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>> all right, switching gears now, breaking news this morning, in kensington, one man is under arrest, after a violent stand-off with police. cherri gregg from our sister station "kyw news radio" is live at the scene with the latest and cherry, what are police telling you? >> good morning, rahel. police are telling us that there are four victims in this case, three are said to be dead, one is hospitalized. and now, police spoke with us, just awhile ago, and describe the scene, found inside of a home here 6600 block every east westmoreland street as a tragic scene. and as you can see, this is still very active scene, the police are still here. there is police tape as investigators look inside after home in the 600 block every east westmoreland near f street. police say that a gunman had barricaded himself inside of his home on this block. they say that it all began when they received a 911 call around 3:45 a.m. about a man getting shot in the arm in the 500 block of
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east wigs moore lands. continues with more calls about shooting inside after home in the 6500 block of that same street. police declared this a barricade situation around 4:10 a.m. they say the gunman called 911, saying, he wanted to surrender, swat police radio, and homeland security anti-terrorism unit, then spoke to the shooter through the door, chief inspector joe sullivan describes how police negotiated the gunman to surrender after an a one hour stand-off. >> homelands security unit hostage negotiators, working with police radio, were able to talk the isn't out, without any use of force, and without any injury to police or civilians. so it has been a long night. and, unfortunately, here it has been quite a tragic night. >> you can see the police here still working. sulliman said they found the three victims inside of the home. they are confirmed ton dead. he called it a tragic, tragic
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scene. again, three dead, one man hospitalized, no word yet on his identity. now, what we are still waiting to find out from police is the identity of the gunman who they say is known to police. we are also waiting to find out his possible motive or connection to the victim. again, he is said to have lived in the home here where those three victims were found, and police say there was a very busy night for them. this is the second barricade situation that they had to deal with. the other one, which is not connected to the shooting, was in the far northeast. but again, three victims dead, one hospitalized, and police continue to investigate why this happened. live in kensington, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, cherri gregg, thank you very much. meanwhile, family and friends are mourning a four year old girl. police say she was shot and killed by her older sibling, with a gun of their mother's boyfriend. right now, detectives are
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questioning the mother's boyfriends, stephen phillips, and reporter alexandria hoff has the story. report there is nothing quite as painful as having to use a child's name in past tens. >> she was a sweet, loving little girl. she was full of life. always willing to help. she was a great big sister to her little brother. she was always just very sweet. >> crystal dougherty the godmother of four year old tiara brother, many loved her and known as titi. the young victim pronounced dead, the result of gunshot inside of her home on the 200 block of may field street. >> it is crazy, i don't even know. >> reporter: those close family say the four year old girl had four sisters, three brothers, and lived in the home with her mother and father. >> four years old, she knows the alphabet, her colors, her name, knows how to spell
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everything. >> plenty for potential for a future that is no now no more. >> after searching for the mother's boyfriends all evening, did he arrive here at police headquarters for questioning. police believe that it was his gun that killed this child. but that it was likely in the hands of the four year old victim's five year old sibling. reporting from police headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked a fire at a camden county apartment complex. a viewer shot this eyewitness cam video from the mansion apartments on branch avenue in pine hill. firefighters got the call just before 9:00 last night, one building as you see there engulfed in flames. the fire grew to three alarms before crews brought it under control in about an hour and a half. no one we can tell you was seriously hurt. >> a powerful earthquake has hit he can gid or, killing at least 77 people, and injuring more than 500 others. the 7.8 magnitude quake rattled store shelves along the country's coastal region,
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quake's epi-center was 105 miles from the country's capitol kito. authorities say the airport there is closed and severe damage to the control tower. ecuador vice president said the earthquake was the strongest to hit the country in decades. >> us aircraft are helping with rescue and recovery effort after just hands back-to-back earthquakes. at least 41 people there have died. saturday's 7.0 magnitude quake toppled buildings and bridges, and an estimated two dozen people are believed to be trapped in rubble. the first earthquake hit thursday and experts say that quake was a foreshock. >> pennsylvania will become the 24th state to legalize the medical use of marijuana when governor tom wolf signs the bill this afternoon. lawmakers and advocates are expected to join him for the ceremony at the state capitol in harrisburg. the governor says the new law will provide long overdue medical relief to patients and their families. >> well, just two days ago before the new york primary,
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senator ted cruz is slowly cutting into done al trump's lead, while bernie sanders continues campaigning after his trip to see the pope. as brooke reports, the presidential candidate aren't holding back. >> reporter: wyoming republican leaders gathered saturday to pick 14 delegates to send to the national gop convention. >> i ask you to please support the men and women on this slate. >> reporter: ted cruz appeared in person, and won all 14 spots. donald trump denounced the process, at rally in up-state new york ahead of tuesday's primary, he called on republican leaders to reform the nominating system. >> you are going to have a rough july at that convention, you better get going. and you better straighten out the system. because the people want their vote. >> democratic candidate bernie sanders flew back from the vatican, where he met briefly with pope francis, to attends a fate and social justice rounds table here in brooklyn. >> while i feel good about our
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campaign, is we are just bussing through, and forcing a discussion that the establishment would just assume push underneath the rug. >> hillary clinton criticized sanders for opposing gun control, while campaigning in los angeles. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. >> clinton will campaign back in new york on sunday. in new york, brooke silva brag a, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still to come this morning, on "eyewitness news", pope francis makes an extraordinary gesture bringing back a dozen refugees from syria, to rome. find out why he did it and who will care for them. >> they say a one day strike, now teachers one of america's largest school district may be ready for a longer walk out. we'll tell you why they may leave the classroom. >> and after a frost advisory, there is a thawing in the air. justin drabick's forecast just minutes away.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> prisoners from yemen, couldn't go back to yemen because of the count rip's political instability. none of the men have bank charged, and all but one had been cleared for release from the us base in the cuba since at least 2010. >> the vatican says three syrian families who flew to
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rome with pope francis will be cared for initially by a catholic charity. the 12 syrian muslims include six children. they were forced to flee syria when isis bombed their homes. the my grant flew to italy from the greek island of lessbos where the pope met with refugees, he urged europe to not only welcome refugees, but better integrate them into society. well, the man who allegedly killed a maryland firefighter and wounded another has been released from custody. prince georges county police say they've not charged him, but they are continuing their investigation. police are trying to determine why someone opened fire on the firefighters who were there responding to a call for help. the wounded firefighter is expected to survive. >> chicago teach remembers making plans for a strike. the teachers union which represents about 27,000 teachers, held a one day walk out on april 1st. the union rejected an arbitrator's recommendation that it except a contract offer from the nation's third largest school system.
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they are unhappy over plans to cut compensation for teachers, and cuts in school funding. well, dangerous products that may be in and around your home. "eyewitness news" consumer reporter jim donovan, has information you need to know in this week's "3 on your side" recall round up. >> ♪ >> first up, 3,000 golf buddy gps bands are being recalled, the charging port can produce an electrical charge to exposed skin, two customers already burned. the recall involves golf buddy bgb5, led bands, their gps unit that operate as a pedometer, distance monitor, watch and come pre-loaded with golf course information. they've been society at golf shops and on line since last april for 250. stop using the wrist bands, contact gulf buddy for instructions on how to update the unit with the latest firm wear. next up: fine foods
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recalling refrigerated salad in 29 state after possible listeria contamination. various salads sold under different stores, wal-mart, safer way. they have use by dates ranking april 27th to may 16th of this year, and are always followed by a stamped number ten. return the salad to the place of purchase for a refund. >> finally, testify la motors recalled 2700 model sv's this week after the auto maker test showed third row seats could snap forward in a crash. tezsla said own kearse continue using the vehicle, but passengers shouldn't sit in the third row seats white the car is in motion until it is repaired. tezsla said it will tame five weeks to make parts available for repairs, customers will be notified when the parts are available. >> that's this week's recall round up. for more information, visit or follow me on facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> all right, will the as get a check on weather with
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justin, justin, if you didn't have a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday, you got today you. >> got t if you miss out today certainly more on the way for tomorrow. so kind after boring forecast, that's always a good thing, when we are talking about not a lot every change, when we have sunshine, warm temperatures in place each afternoon. but still chilly in the mornings, though, check it out, berks county, we have 36 degrees at this hour, light breeze full sunshine, little frost possible on the fields, that's why the frost advisory is in effect for a loft suburbs north of the city. then across interior south jersey, but ram i had warm up this morning. april so far actually temperatures have averaged below average. 1.7 degrees below average. but over the next few days, we will probably get back to average, even above, that as we finish offer the month. snowfall .3 of an inch. average half inch of snow for the month of april. highest temperature 80 degrees, that was april 1st, and our lowest temperature 29. we could make run at 80, tomorrow, and then today, though, this morning, once again, chilly start, 36 allentown, 45 at the airport, and now pretty much over the
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northeast, northern mid-atlantic it is cool. you get that with the clear skies, calm winds this time of year, but full sunshine again as the owe mega block continues, and we call this is the owe mega block because it looks like the greek letter owe meg a and we're right in the center here under high pressure f you're located there, you're setting up for some nice weather. then low pressure out across the west, denver, why they are seeing the snow. storm off shore. the blocking pattern, not a lot of change, this holds once again today and tomorrow. finally on tuesday, this owe mega block starts to breakdown, we change up our weather just little bit. there you go, with the blocking pattern, nothing but clear skies over the eastern half of the us. we have showers, snow, across the mountains of western us. high pressure over the northeast. and mid-atlantic for the next 24 hours, keeping us nice and quiet. there is the cold front that will bring little change in our forecast for the middle of the week. it is still to the north on monday, so we will be warm. tuesday, starts to sag southward. should come through dry. what it does, though, changes our wind direction out of the north, tuesday afternoon,
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bridges few clouds, and just knocks the temperatures back down, close to the average for this time of year. enjoy this afternoon, though, inland spots well into the 70s, even up in toward the lehigh valley, still cool, with the wind off the water, tomorrow morning, not as cold, 40's, 50's, by the time we wake up. our winds actually switching direction tomorrow, little bit, so even along coastal new jersey, delaware, we will be milder, 60s, maybe close to 70, but the inland spots, berks county, into the lehigh valley, around philadelphia, mid upper 70s, maybe some spots do hit 80 degrees. seventy-three for the high today. almost 10 degrees above average. tonight, clear, not as cold, low of 53. if you are headed to the ballpark this afternoon, excellent day for some baseball. check it out. first pitch, 1:30, 67 degrees, in the sunshine. warms up to 71 by around 3:00. by the ends of the game low 70s, so it will be a warm car ride home. extended forecast, even warmer on monday, our warmest day of the week, 78 degrees, we're back to 70 on tuesday, with a few clouds, six a wednesday, that's the coolest day.
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still dry. it is not until friday we see some showers. and then by the weekends still pretty mild upper 60s, low 70s, rahel being back to you. >> seventy-eight monday? you don't often hear people say i can't wait until monday. >> call out sick. take the day off. i didn't say it. >> time now 7:19. let's see how traffic is moving. here's ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning. >> good morning, are, unfortunately we have an accident to tell you about on this beautiful day. i-95 northbound, north of penndel. see the rid lane being blocked, traffic squeezing by. the saving grace in all of this, we don't have a lot of traffic, not a lot of volume on this portion i95. we move the traffic cam to 422 eastbound. this is just east of oaks, left lane blocked by a crash, this is the second crash today in this area. but so far we do have delays, as you can see, traffic is squeezing around it. because volume is picking up on this portion of 422. we will move the traffic cam again, to busy ben franklin
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parkway now. later on today, my producer kneel tells me greek independence day at the ben franklin parkway. right now there seems to be some sort of race or walk going on. we are investigating what type of walk it is. but the ben franklin parkway is shutdown westbound between spring garden street and the art museum circle along with martin luther king drive and kelly drive. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic sentiment i'm ann evans, rahel, back to you. >> ann, thank you. >> well, the flyers continue to struggle in round one of the stanley cup playoffs. they lost again in washington, handing the capitols a two-game series lead. the caps grab the lead in the first period, with john carlson, beating steve mason, to make it one-zero. once again the flyers were playing from the behind, when the caps up two-zero, took a while, but the flyers finally get on the board, dave bore check cuts the lead in half. too much yet again. the flyers lose game two, score, four-one. >> and the south street bridge lit up in orange in honor of
7:21 am
the flyers. special let's go flyers moving graphics, were also displayed on the bridge. just one of the buildings in this city lit up in flyers colors as they try to bring home the stanley cup. >> well, there is still much more ahead on "eyewitness news". >> brain power on display at a science fair, where elementary student get to judge grown up neuro science project. >> you think it is cool? >> yes. >> i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. with the science switch-a-roo coming up. >> and a man who sells hundreds of kind of candy, not only is he a candy connoisseur, but also an expert in making homemade peanut butter. in our next half hour, it is this week's edition of meisha johnson, dream drive.
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♪ >> participants can pick from tk, 5k, 3k, and something for children six and un. display every brain power at the university of pennsylvania. there was a neuro science fair, where brain axe got to show off their stuff, but get this? it was judged by elementary students. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl has the story of a special twist. >> these are all different animal brains. >> young minds hands on lessons about the brain.
7:25 am
>> it is cool. i like it. it is more stuff that we can learn than at school and when we are here we can learn a lot of stuff. >> brains are important? >> yes. >> this is pen's switch-a-roo science fair, thirds and fourth graders get to judge science project designed by pen student. >> i think we mostly want to get kids excited about science. >> the idea behind this switch-a-roo to make the scientists better communicators, and the student better scientists. >> in reality they're both the same size. >> reporter: vision project shows optical illusions and how still images can appear to move. >> eyes can trick you. >> reporter: with the hands on experience, kids got to see and work on real sheep brains. so what did you think of this? >> discusting. >> reporter: maybe, but just think about how much the brain does. >> i know it controls our body like i thought i was doing it on my own. >> reporter: pretty important organ, right.
7:26 am
>> yes. >> reporter: to save a head, students used play dough to make brain else wrapped in layers, then smashed them to the grounds. >> this is what happened when you fall on your head and don't have a helmet. >> it hurt your brain. >> yes. >> it went all out of shape. and it is just messed up now. that's why we need helmets. >> reporter: the winning exhibit was magic berries, exploring the sweet and soar science every taste. how your brain knows the flavor of food. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still to come in morning, on "eyewitness news", a violent stands off in kensington, and it ends in tragedy. investigators now releasing more details on what happened. >> and in no time at all, the wells fargo center will be trans forward for the democratic national convention, find out how the plans are coming along. >> and good morning, if you liked yesterday's weather you'll love today. it will get even warmer, we will talk about temperatures typical for late may, i'll break it down for you in
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eyewitness weather forecast. ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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>> good morning, breaking news we've been following in kensington.
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one person under arrest, after violent stand-off with police. >> cherri gregg from our sister station "kyw news radio" is live at the scene. cherri gregg, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, rahel. what we've learned is that three people are dead, and one man is hospitalized following the barricade here, in the 600 block of west moreland street, you can see, still very active investigation scene. multiple police vehicles. multiple detectives on the scene as they hold this home for further investigation. now, what we know at this point, three victims are dead, one man is hospitalized, the result of one gunman who had barricaded himself in his home on this block for more than an hour. police say the saga began when they received a 911 call around 3:45 this morning becomes man getting shot in the arm in the 500 block of east westmoreland street. it continued with more calls about a shooting inside of a home here.
7:31 am
police declared this a barricade situation. the gunman called nine is one saying he wanted to surrender, police, were able to get on the phone with him. they spoke to the -- they also spoke to the shooter, through the door, chief inspector joe sullivan said they convinced the gunman to surrender. and he explains how police negotiated it peacefully >> the house is being held for a crime scene. now the investigation is in its infancy. >> reporter: again, force was not use today get that gunman to surrender, but again, that chief inspector, joe sullivan, described the scene as tragic what they found there, still very active crime scene, police, homicide units still here, they asked neighbors to stay back, as folks begin to wake up, to try to figure out what happened. again, three dead, one man
7:32 am
hospitalized, no word yet on his identity. again, as we've been told, that the gunman lived in the home here. and the 600 block of east-west moreland street. there is no words yet on his motive or his connection to the victims. live in kensington, cherri gregg, kyy news radio, "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you. of course we will follow the story as the morning goes along. now, to what feels like a sudden change of seasons. meteorologist, justin drabick, out on the cbs-3 skydeck. justin, yesterday nice, today even better. >> even better. love warm temperatures, you will love this forecast, maybe the allergy sufferers aren't liking it because pollen levels hi, with all of the dry weather. chill think morning, we have the full sunshine right now. so rapid warm up over the next fewer hours, into the afternoon. still, the frost advisory remains in effect for areas north of the city. bucks, month good morning rip, up toward the lehigh valley, tyne year south jersey goes until 8:00. do have some locations where temperatures are dropping close to freezing. it is 34 up in the poconos.
7:33 am
forty-five at the airport, in philadelphia, 35, and at the atlantic city airport, storm scan3, nice and quiet. so again, with the clear skies, and the calmer wind, that's what's allowing the temperatures really drop off early this morning. through the morning, temperatures 30's, 40's, afternoon, plenty of sunshine, warming up well above average, almost 10 degrees above average as we reach lower seven's in a lot of locations, seven p for the high for philadelphia, full sunshine, at the shore around 06 degrees, little milder than yesterday, still have the winds to deal with off chilly atlantic ocean, mountains good shape today. high of 65 degrees. and if you want a warmer just wait another day. really going to crank up the warmth tomorrow. good news humidity stays low. also talking about next chance of rain when i show you the seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> four year old girl is shot and killed inside her kensington home. right now police are questioning the mother's boyfriend, and investigators say, an older sibling used
7:34 am
their mother's boyfriend's gun, to fire the deadly shot. the little girl was shot once in the face, and died at the scene. it happened yesterday, east mayfield streak. >> family, friends, release balloons in the air to remember little gave alicia west kensington, that's where the two year old boy was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. at lehigh year ago last night. his mother was injured, trying to protect him. >> hundreds walked for peace in north philadelphia. the peaceful demonstrated started progress plaza near broad and oxford before noon. then the demonstrated headed for city hall, where philadelphia police commissioner richard ross joined them. one day at a time group organized the walk, their goal to help stop violence and show people that they care. the group is in partnership with the police and the community. >> the presidential candidates are battling over who will serve delegates at the national convention. campaigning in person, paid off again, for ted cruz, as he
7:35 am
won all 14 delegates, up for grabs at the wyoming republican von schenn sean, leads donald trump with another string of defeats in the western states. now just under 100 days away from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. party officials join mayor jim kenney and former mayor ed rendell at the national constitution center for update on preparations. they say the host committee is ready to make the convention a success, after months of planning. >> way ahead of the dnc on diversity goals, given out seven major contract, six of them are to differs business. >> on time, on budget, a n ready to run abut full convention. >> and the public can expect some contests coming in the weeks ahead and special offers from businesses and restaurant when the dnc begins. >> ology dollars adult ya
7:36 am
us -- on the democratic side. town hall meeting with veterans in northern lib earth. >> i time and time again, he talks about the cost of war. and that if we can't afford to take care of our veterans, we shouldn't be sending them to war. he has talked about the consequences of these decision that is leaders in washington make, that very directly impact every single one of you. >> and congress woman gaff order serves as major in the hawaii national guard, and has deployed twice in support of the global war or terror. >> well, bernie sanders himself back on the campaign trail after brief audience with pope francis at the vatican. the vermont senator invited to take part in a academic congress for body that advises the pope, ain't view with cbs news correspondent set don't, says beauty resonate dollars from the hole he i father. >> there are pictures of this meeting with pope or was it behind closed doors? >> neither but we chose not to do pictures.
7:37 am
we didn't want anyone to think this was political. >> and, sanders build the trip as above politics, but some believe he was using it as an unorthodox campaign stop with the new york primary on tuesday. sanders dismissed those claims and says he met with the pope because he respected his work. the pope also calls it common courtesy. well, after the meeting, pope francis board add plane for the greek island of lessbos. he met with refugees who are trying to migrate into western europe. as omar villafranca reports, the holy father returned to the vatican with some precious cargo. >> pope francis visited the greek island of lessbos today to bring attention to the p hunks light of thousands of refugees forced from their country, toward the morae a refugee detention center. young girl grabbed francis' hand and kiss philadelphia, others fell to their knees and cried. one man pleaded with the holy father to help the refugee
7:38 am
children. >> francis and other spiritual leaders tossed wreaths into the sea and prayed for the thousands of my grant and refugees who died while trying to reach europe. >> the pope brought back three families including six children. to the vatican. >> everyone has to engage himself to find a solution or try to help with a solution for this situation. >> more than a million refugees have arrived in europe since 2015. omar villafranca, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still it come this morning, on "eyewitness news": >> yahoo! >> a bike rental shop, right by a great trail. meisha johnson loves to race.
7:39 am
some things got a little competitive. tomorrow on dream drive. >> and the flyers struggle to get even in round one of the battle for the stanley cup. we'll show you what happened later in eyewitness sports. and a chilly morning, is making for a warmer trend. meteorologist, justin dray brick, tells us how warm, when he updates us, and the forecast in just a couple
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> cons concur of notorious for slow downs, but more than just the curve. traffic reporter meisha johnson took dream drive and had a sweet time. >> ♪ >> i have smooth sailing up the schuylkill to exit at the little borough with a lot of charm. >> right now, we're headed to a candy store, where they grind their own peanut butter. >> hello, meisha, a welcome to edward's, i'm the store manager. >> you are the candy man. >> right. >> oh, i love it. >> founded in 1899, this candy and snack paradise is a conshohocken institution. >> everybody wants their malt balls. >> lots every candy. have been here for years and years, and still around today. >> i remember these, the candy buttons. oh, my gosh, you have hammer heads. >> hammer heads. >> the old-fashioned wax bottles. >> meisha, a you got to see this. wormed's largest gummy bear.
7:43 am
>> in is one gummy bear? >> here go. >> don't mind if i do. >> not into sweets in no problem. >> there was a shelf just filled to the brim with different hot sauces, hot was abby, peanut crunches. >> what sold me is that you grinds one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. peanut butter. i'm down here. >> okay. >> put a pawn of peanuts in. you get a pawn of peanut better. this is 5 pounds. >> look how big after bite i'm taking. oh,. >> all natural. >> oh, that's so good. >> it is as smooth as ice cream. my. >> we're going to go run the bike and burn some calories on the schuylkill river trail. >> hey, meisha, a i'm mark. welcome. we are full service sales and repair shops. if they don't want to buy a bike they can rent a bike and try it out. >> what's your secrete.
7:44 am
>> whole lot of delicious coffee. >> since i love cream, i think i'm going to go with a latte. >> if you're familiar with philadelphia, biking at all, then you're familiar with the schuylkill river trail f here to the art museum, down the city 13 miles exactly, out to valley forge, 10 miles. about maybe 100 feet from it here at the front door. >> okay, so we're going riding. >> yep. >> every single time i get on a bike i feel like i have to race. >> you might win. >> oh, i will ' win. ill win. >> ya. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i am the victor. >> meisha johnson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". of course meisha won. all right, good day for a bike ride, because it will be beautiful. >> exactly. no matter what you got planned this afternoon, great day, maybe just hang outside, washing the car, doing some yard work, good day for fishing, as well, little chill think morning, seeing temperatures all over the
7:45 am
place, depends where you are. still have the frost advisory, in areas north of the city. and across interior south jersey, but generally, some low 40's, all the way down to the low 30's, for some of the temperatures this morning. so we check in with the backyard, out in chester county, fran in nottingham, 38 degrees. but levittown, look at that, william already up to 747 degrees at this hour. we have the sunshine going for us today. out in chesterfield, ed connor, 34 degrees. another milder spot is up in eagleville, lou had 42. phil in philadelphia, at 39 degrees. forty-one down along the coast in ocean city. so, again, the story this morning, just like the past several mornings, weaver some frost out there, this is the shot out of chester field, new jersey, nice clear sky, calm wind. see the frost on the grass there. and good sunrise this morning. this is out of philadelphia, from bill chap line, thanks for send that picture n sun coming through the trees, a bun can't sunshine, it will be hard to find a cloud in the sky. we have calm winds right now, so conditions out on the delaware river, glassy conditions, looking across to
7:46 am
the city with the clear skies, no problems out there on the waterways today. the exception, atlantic ocean may be little rough with the breeze coming in from that storm well off shore. but, really the story is the warmer temperatures on the way. still chilly mornings. typically we average our last freeze right around now for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. the middle of april. so pretty much right there. don't have any freeze warnings in effect, or any chance of reaching the freezing mark for philadelphia. lasts little longer up toward lehigh valley, poconos, still could be few more chilly weeks to go here as we heard toward the end of the month, typically when we average last breeze for the northern suburbs. april 17th, today, average high of 64 degrees, we will be above that today. month from now, already mid 70s, what we average. then in june, that's when we start averaging low 80s. so, signs of summer on the way, certainly, here is the summer countdown, some highlights, memorial day, just 42 days away. when we average 80 degrees, that's 47 days away, and summer officially arrives, 63
7:47 am
days from now, and only 77 days, july 4th, time does fly. all right, back home here, again, nothing but clear skies over us. that's the trends today. and certainly tomorrow. look at this weather pattern. still, no change for the past several days. if you have been watching this pattern, high pressure remains lock over the northeast, and mid-atlantic. today, tomorrow it, does start it breakdown, though, as we head to tuesday, we notice the bands of clouds up, actually cold front, finally moves through the region from the north to south. doesn't have a lot of moisture with it, so not specking any rain tuesday. just few clouds, our winds start to shift direction out of the north. just knocks the temperatures down little bit. close to average. so no real true shot of cold air coming in the forecast. today, though, inland areas, well into the low 70s, even up toward the lehigh valley. still cool on the coast, 50's to about 60 degrees. tonight not as cold. we drop to the 40's, to low 50's, across the region, so looks like no threat of any frost tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow afternoon, it is pretty warm in the afternoon, highs upper 70s, getting close to 80.
7:48 am
but still, it is middle of april. we don't have to deal with any humidity. there is the owe mega block, still in charge, across the eastern half of the us, providing warm temperatures, but then starts to breakdown, jet stream drops little bit from the north. we get cool pocket of air coming in, for the middle of the week, nothing cold though. then temperatures just kind of level off. for the end of the week, into next weekends, right where they should be for this time of year. sunshine today. it is warm. seventy-three. tonight, clear, 53, not as cold. phillies forecast looks great today first pitch 1:35, 67 degrees. again we continue with sunshine, tomorrow, the warmest day, and then next chance of rain holds all the way off until friday. now, dow love watching the weather, when you can be featured in the newscast by becoming eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now back to you. >> justin, thank you. time now 7:48. let's get check on the roads and highways, ann evans here at the cbs-3 traffic centerment good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. good news: looking at i59 northbound, this is just
7:49 am
north of penndel. an accident, cleared here. we have no delays or problems. we will move the traffic cam again, to 422 eastbound, remember, we had big delay here, this is just east of oaks. that crash has been cleared, as well, and we are good to go, as well. we move the track cam to much busier area. this is the ben franklin parkway, westbound, not busy to traffic. more foot traffic. it is the donor dash today. and the ben franklin parkway westbound is shutdown between spring garden street and the art museum circle along with martin luther king drive between the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge. and kelly drive, between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion drive. kelly drive also shutdown for the man i flicking glad a today. that's the latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans, rahel, back to you. >> still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" this should have been just a normal play. what happened today flyers in game two against the cavs? next in eyewitness sports. but first, here's a look at what's on cbs-3 tonight.
7:50 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
7:52 am
>> flyers saturday night in washington, without sean, first period, flyers look good early, but that's john carlson. he gets the caps on the board first. just like game one, caps up one-nothing. now, perhaps, the worse goal
7:53 am
in playoff history. jason, just fires it down the ice, and somehow it finds its way through steve mason, and into the net. take another look. i mean, you can try that one a million times. and not have it go in. but here it does. and it costs the flyers. later in the second, jake voracek tries to bring the orange and black back with that goal. he scores. makes it two-one, washington. but the caps could not be held down much longer hearing is al innings, he gets in on the fun, one timer makes it three; the caps would add fourth. they win four-one, they go up two games to none over the flyers. game three, is tomorrow night. back in philadelphia. >> more playoff hockey, pen wins and rangers in pittsburgh. here is matt for new york, putting home. scored three in the second period. the rangers win four-two, the series tied at one game apiece. >> remember that 16 strikeout performance from vince? well it, feels like weeks ago now. friday night, jeremy got
7:54 am
torched by the nationals, and saturday night, it was aaron nola's turn. first inning, the nats would strike quickly. it is daniel murphy ripping one into the corner. that's a triple t would score one more. nola allowed three in the first inning. allowed five in the first inning the other night. then bryce harper once again, he hit homerun, two nights ago, he blasted another one last night, his fifth of the season already, the nats would leave seven-nothing. but wait. the phils got one. cameron rupp with homerun here. that would make it seven-one, but they needed a lot more than that. the nationals win eight to one. >> warriors, rockets, nba playoffs are underway. if you can't beat them, why don't you just, i don't i don't, punch them, fight them. patrick and kerry, doesn't work, not little. curry straps james hard end, and he flips it to andre iguodala, on the break. that would put the warriors up 26 points. but on the play, set curry
7:55 am
tweaks his ankle, woe leave the game. woe return, steve kerr said he's questionable for game two, but set said i'm going to play, forget it. >> while the calendar might say april, we got taste of fall on north broad street. the temple owls held their annual cherry and white game to give fans glimpse of the future of the owls program. head coach matt rhule showed off some of his top recruits, some of the top returns players from last year's game that had a break out season. the owls finish the 2015 year ten and four overall. and seven and one in the aac. from cherry and white to blue and white, penn state had their spring game as well with new quarterback trace mc sorely leading the wayne for james franklin's squad. how about turn out here? how about 65,000 fans showed up for the scrimmage? then we go from penn state to arrival. ohio state, their spring game. that's jerome baker. wow, beautiful one handed interception. got to be these crazy sticky
7:56 am
gloves. hey, football never takes a break. ate he is 12 months. we know. that will i'm pat gallen, have a great day. >> local school got a make over. volunteers painted the elementary school in southwest philadelphia, members of the international union of painters and allied trades, district council 21 provided the labor. volunteers also replaced broken glass in the doors and windows, and all part of the union's national community day of action. >> and community lead and families gathered support children and adults with autism and disabilities. mel mark head its dream makers ball at the hyatt at the bellevue, org says' 50 anniversary, and our ukee washington as you see there was the em kree for this black tie event. to create better worlds filled with compassion and opportunity for children and adults with disabilities. and that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 8:00.
7:57 am
breaking news into the child killed in kensington. police now say the girl's sibling was not responsible for the shooting. we'll have that for you coming up. >> also ahead, a deadly scene where an intense stands off with police took place overnight. we are live on the scene in kensington. where a gunman killed three people this morning. >> and we are talking to an expert about the medical marijuana bill. that's about to get signed by governor tom wolf this harrisburg today. what it means for patient, and how it will be prescribed. >> and, if you like the weather yesterday, justin is back to tell us about even warmer temperatures in our forecast. we will be right back.
7:58 am
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>> breaking news, father confess today accidentally shooting his four year old daughter yesterday in kensington. investigators tell us her father said he was playing with a gun when it shot the little girl in the face. she died inside their home. yesterday afternoon around 2:30 in the 200 block of east mayfield street. the father is in police custody, but they are not releasing his name at this time. and, today is sunday, april 17th, good morning to you. i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us, let's sends it over to justin dray brick. he has good forecast this week for a change. >> for a change. you know, you're right, the first nice dry weekend. >> it is. >> since early march, march 5th and 6th. so well deserved. >> has it been that long? >> about month and a half. last week dealing with snow, cold temperatures, now more like spring, actually more like late may, and making a run at 08 degrees possibly this week. already, it is shaping up to be a nice morning. little cooler


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