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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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jim: what have we come to? came into the weekend thinking that it been british invasion might go two straight weeks with will let -- danny willett taking the green jacket. nick: he can turn it over and he won't get into any trouble. that's perfect. jim: we'll see if he can throw one at the flag, give you a little bit of exile. sling one in there? nick: tiny draw if you're brave enough.
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jim: just a few seconds past the top of the hour and i want to welcome those of you just tuning in here for the final stages of the r.b.c. heritage. looks like we have a winner in branden grace from south africa. there's one golf shot remaining that could alter the outcome. it would have to be the rare eagle from the fairway, as luke donald is two shots behind. russell knox sharing second. he charged today with 67. bryson dechambeau, what a start to his professional career with a tie fifth. it's just past midnight in south africa you could tell by grace's reaction, this is a very big step in his career. nick: absolutely huge. he'll start thinking of even bigger and better things. he's committed to the american tour now. so wow, what a great way to
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start. you have your exemption. you're going back to augusta national next year. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: luke donald looking at the next shot here. a nod to zach, the caddie for branden grace. he's caddied for gary player and louis oosthuizen. in fact, he was with oosthuizen at st. andrews in 2010 when louis won. the open championship. no doubt his assistance today has gone a long way. tonight on cbs, it all begins with "60 minutes," "madam secretary," "the good wife," elementary. the "60 minutes" story, you've been warned about what to do and say on your phone but after you
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see what "60 minutes" found out about hacking your phone, you won't need to be warned again. nick: that's why they're just one yard away, they can't be hacked. stay close. jim: that's what it was. be careful who you hand your phone over to. now, luke donald. peter: he's going to have 199 yards. perfect lyrics perfect stance. jim: does he know he's two down, peter? peter: they both do. jason kokrak just walked by and asked me if branden grace finished at nine and i said yes. he looked a little bit dejected by that. jim: do you think he walks away if he ends up second, share second, does he walk away degeorgia teched? he had the lead for much of the weekend. nick: for luke?
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disappointed but the fact he hasn't won for four years, you're never sure about your nerve. the game went down and climbing his way up now. i think at the end of the day, maybe tomorrow, he'll say at least i built up my nerve. his putting stroke is fabulous. the smoothness of the way his left-hand looks past his swing looks good so maybe one more crazy, fantastic shot. jim: dottie and peter have talked all week about holeouts. there's the flag. nick: he went for it. just came up a couple of yards short. jim: we have a champion. there he is. nick: he's probably calling gary player right now. in fact, i guarantee gary will
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be calling him very quickly. jim: kokrak still has a lot to play for. luke donald is in that bunker. peter: he's got 197 yards and 7-iron. coming into today, this was the 10th time that luke had a 54-hole lead and he's really only converted two of those into wins. jim: three would be huge for kokrak but he's going to have to hole it from all off that right side. a big miss. nick: you could see in his shoulders before he even hit, that he was looking slumped, dejected. you have to stay with it. it's worth a few shillings the last hole. jim: dottie pepper, it's always fun to interview a champion fresh off a victory. it's all yours.
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dottie: thank you, jim. you went from missing the cut last week at augusta national to coming here and walking away with your first pga tour win. what was the difference? >> just the putting pretty much. this has putt me on the map a little. finished up 10th and i was really aiming to get back to this place. had some fun memories. i like the type of golf you have to play on this place and it's worked this week. dottie: you played a virtually flawless wound -- round of golf. when did you let yourself think that this may be the day? >> a couple of putts on the back nine. 12, 13, when i hit a couple of nice putts i knew i'm in there with a stretch. that last stretch of five holes, you can't force things. just have to stay patient and grind it and that's what i managed to do. dottie: you had a chance to make a few phone calls. who'd you call first?
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>> mom and dad. back home -- i'm actually heading home after the players so quite a big party when i get home. dottie: do you think you might hear from gary player? >> i'm sure i will. i just got off the phone with ernie as well. he's waiting for a plane in palm beach. it's great and i'm happy to be in this position. dottie: a lot of people are happy for you. well played. jim? jim: ernie and the champion both shot 66 today. i say friend and really, in ernie's case, it's probably more of a mentor. nick: they are very tight neither, the south african boys. he's done a great job with his foundation helping charl schwartzel, louis oosthuizen. they're kind of like a band of
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brothers, aren't they? jim: no question. so kokrak to play his third. peter, you had a chance to look at it. peter: it's a straightforward pitch and run under the circumstances. nick, you mentioned the slumped shoulders. when i gave him the answer that branden finished at nine under. all the air went out of his sails. which tells you how much he was trying to win this tournament. nick: then it gets expensive. peter: yeah, but you have to control your emotions. nick: it's the hardest thing, especially when you know you can't win. as you saw -- say, you let the wind out of your sails and you make some mistakes. jim: we've seen luke donald from this front bunker hit some wonderful shots in the past. needs to get up and down to share second. nick: probably will. jim: terrific bunker player. nick: yeah.
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jim: he's going to end up tied second. let's update the fedexcup standings. adam scott remains in front then jason day. russell knox now third. brandt snedeker and kevin kisner, who was the runner-up here last year to jim furyk. and we should mention the defending champion here still out. had surgery on his wrist. we saw him back week at augusta. anxious to get him out here playing hopefully in the coming weeks as he recovers. he was here today when it all started. nick: careful. he's going to spind a bunch down the last. jim: he could drop from fourth here into sixth. he just gave more fedexcup
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points and money to dechambeau and kevin na. i saw matt kuchar this week and we got to the story about how many great players have won here. he had an interesting theory. so many mayors build up getting ready for the masters to be in peak form at augusta and there's only going to be one guy walking away with the green jacket but you come here and maybe it didn't work out there. maybe something went wrong and you got off track early but you've been for weeks trying to get your game at the optimal position it can be. snowy i agree 100%. all the majors, you grind, grind, grind, get yourself ready, you play a major and have a week off. i agree totally. jim: your game has been trained to be at its best. nick: and relax. i played with ben crenshaw in 19 4, last round with ben.
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watched him hole the putts to win. that taught me greatness and i came here and -- nick: -- jim: won the following weekend. nick: i was worn out. i knew i was headed back to england. i'm either going to win or miss the cut. jim: it's going to be a double -bogey finish. that will move dechambeau and na into a tie for fourth. two-way tie and that did get very pricey for kokrak. fourth time runner-up here, luke donald. sharing second with russell knox. congratulations to branden grace. fabulous round of 66 to take the title. his first on american soil. "60 minutes," madam secretary,
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the good wife and elementary tonight on cbs. sir nick, enjoyed it, pal. nick: see you in texas. jim: jim nantz, nick faldo and all the crew saying so long from harbour town.
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this is the "cbs evening news." captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: good evening i'm jeff glor. the toll is rising after a devastating earthquake centered on the coast of ecuador, the president says 230 are zed, many more are hurt, crews are
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searching for survivors. it hit last nightly, magnitude 7.8, the strongest to hit ecuador since 1979, more than 179 aftershocks hit afterwards, we begin with manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: near the epicenter of pacific owner town of pedernales. the quake also claimed lives 85 piles south in the coastal city of manta. his desperate workers tried digging with his bare hands to find survivors. we are alive and a girl is dead he said. last night on lookers cheered as there teenager was pulled from the crushed hotel in this city. this appears to be the moment the quake hit.
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qus quito shock waves knocked off power. quito resident said he and his family escaped after the quake destroyed his house. in a minute it all came crashing down he said. as far as 150 miles south of the epicenter, the powerful quake caused buildings and roads in the city of quakil to collapse. first responders searched for survivors. ecuador deployed thousands of soldiers to help like vanessa santos. she says her sister, sister-in-law and nephew were killed. >> i.t. looks apop lip tick. >>ness -- apocalyptic. >> terror was my first emotion. i switched from a very casual
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mood, to being in complete shock very quickly within seconds. >> reporter: tonight the tape state department says, americans were injured just two canadians are among the dead. >> glor: manuel, thank you very much. in southern japan, there are still people missing, the u.s. military is joining relief efforts, toyota and sony are shutting down factories in japan this week as the recovery continues. the road to the presidential nomination runs through new york on tuesday. a cbs battleground tracker poll out today shows donald trump with a wide lead in his home state. if it leads, he would add to list overall lead. on the democratic side, our poll shows hillary clinton ten points beyond bernie sanders, clinton
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still has a commanding lead in the delegates count. julianna goldman has the story. >> reporter: be hillary clinton and bernie sanders kicked their campaigns into high gear. even though he's trailing in new york sanders is not letting up. >> make if you make $225 in an hour you maybe don't know what it's like to live on $10 an hour. >> reporter: the vermont start wants clinton to release text of her speeches and she says she will. >> i'm just concerned there's a changing set of standards for everybody else but me. >> the democratic race is gettingetting nastier than ever. protesting outside her fund raiser with george clooney but she says she and donald trump
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can unite their party. >> every one of us have been attacked by trump. >> there's crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. >> reporter: in addition to stepping up his attacks on clinton, trump tetched up his attacks on the republican nominating are process. >> to take these guys out and wining them and dining them, i don't want to do that. we have a bad system and the system has to change. >> on sun, rns chairman reince preeps says he won't be bullyby trump. >> i won't allow anyone to rewrite the rules of our party. >> the republican 19 national committee will meet next week in florida, but they don't want any rule making changes, before the convention.
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battleground poll shows more than half of republican voters in new york says their nominating process is unfair. >> glor: julianna, thank you. we're going to bring in anthony salvanto now. what is the key? >> well the poll finds new yorkers see donald trump as authentic and electability in november but the biggest key is whether or not can he get over 50%. it is the size of the win that matters here because if he gets the bulk of the delegates in new york it would put him back on path to eventually get the nomination. >> glor: and this path leads out to california. >> yes, where he is up in our current polls but california will probably be decisive, a win in new york and subsequent states he still will not get a majority until we get to california. >> glor: how do things look for democrats an tuesday? >> chi hillary clinton keeps her
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lead. specificity, that's propelling her. but either way jeff, the delegate map won't change much. >> glor: thanks very much. >> severe storms, barry petersen is in denver. >> reporter: across the region sunday was not a day of rest. it was a day of working to clean up and shovel out. mike hillen is a fifth grade school teacher. >> which are surprised at how much snow you got? >> very surprised. it was a lot. this was probably 18 inches or so. >> it's very, very heavy. very, very wet. >> reporter: the worst of the storm now over this was the chance to get the last of the cars out of ditches. and the storm continued its swath of destruction elsewhere, altus, oklahoma saturday night
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and kent county texas, a mall in hays text remains closed after heavy rain collapsed the roof. denver international airport is pretty much back to normal after hundreds were stranded saturday, when more than 850 flights, i 7% of daily operations were cancelled. this is wet, heavy snow. it's really good for making snow balls and as for that storm, it's often its way to west texas. >> glor: barry petersen, thank you. wbz meteorologist eric fisher is tracking the storms. eric what's next? >> jeff, a lot of rain is the focus over these next 48 hours and texas and oklahoma in particular. moisture rich air is feeding off against the gulf of mexico, bang up against stalled fronts and we'll see prodigious rain levels
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in the next couple of days. tonight through monday, moving down to the houston area and more showers and storms are going to develop as we head through the day on tuesday. a widespread 4 o8 inches of rain, parts of central texas to central oklahoma, could see isolated totals up to a foot. be prepared to take action, road closure certainly, flooded rivers, pretty dangerous situation happening, san antonio large ail. different float, tomorrow is the boston marathon, 120th, warm race for the runners out there but all told, beautiful day, 70° and cooler at the finish in boston. thousands waiting. >> glor: eric fisher thank you very much. security will are tight at tomorrow's running of the boston marathon. some of it invisible to those running. jeff pegues. >> reporter: the boston
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marathon officials believe they are ready for anything and everything. no credible or specific threat against the event still commissioner williams is unable to let his guard down. >> what happened three years ago, who would ever think that boston would be a ta tag ton marathon. >> tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev, injured 260 people. >> i had run that race and had finished that race about an hour before the bombs went off and to go back there in my official capacity and to see the damage done by those two individuals is something i'll never forget. >> reporter: boston police acknowledged it is a soft target. to protect the spectators and runners, there will be police lining the route, surveillance cameras, and even sensors that
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can warn of drones that will be banned. infrared cameras can detect a heat signature. >> potential trouble spot, even 600 feet up. >> reporter: in an underground emergency command bunker the national guard state police and federal agents share information and monitor online chatter. in the wake of the attacks in brussels, there is more coordination with federal investigators than ever before. so brussels changed things here? >> it did. sort of brought back a lot of emotions over what happened here. almost three years ago now. but i think obviously, we got to stay focused on the race, and make sure it goes off safely. >> reporter: the crowds typically get bigger the last two piles of the race. on top of that 40,000 fans are expected to take in a red sox game tomorrow afternoon and jeff
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complicating the task at hand for police they expect many fans to head here for the finish line as well. >> jeff pegues, thanks. stopping a decades old problem street racing. officers say in recent months they have seen a rise in crashes, some deadly. here is chris martinez. >> reporter: it's an every-weekend sight in southern california. streets and highways transformed into tracks for dangerous, high speed illegal treat racing. it's a crime the los angeles task force is working to wipe out. >> to discourage the behavior and ensure that this behavior is not welcome in the city. >> reporter: sergeant jessie garcia and his team are working with other state and local agencies targeting areas where rationers typically gather. the l.a.p.d. is designating a
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dozen racers to stop those before they start. the task force did a test run last september, and it worked. while l.a.p.d. saw a drop in racers at that time, they saw racers taking more risks, sometimes with deadly consequences. in february, street racing led to this fiery crash on interstate five, that killed three people including michelle littlefield. , john littlefield had is her father. >> i never believed it would happen. >> sergeant gars ya garcia sayss seen a sharp increase over the last couple of years. is social media egging this on? >> social media is essentially fueling this because it provides them an outlet as to what's going on. >> fast and furious series, says
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racer in real life are becoming more violent. this video shows a street racing group attacking a police suv earlier this month as officers attempted to break up a race. >> we have been seeing weapons inside their vehicles, these are not just for show either they involve money. >> reporter: why do this now? >> we have come up with a strategy that works. we protect their quality of life and safety that's what we're here for. >> reporter: he hopes this new initiative will do exactly that. gist martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: that is the cbs news tonight. i'm jeff glor, good night.
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>> next on snooze snooze a philadelphia community rocked by a deadly triple shooting what we've learned about the suspected gunman and the agency involved in the investigation. plus governor wolf officially legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania. lauren. our warming trend continues tomorrow i'll let you know who can see 80 degrees and rain
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>> signature of governor tom wolf medical marijuana is legal in pennsylvania. we'll break boundary strickss surrounding this bill and talk with local families who are very happy th


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