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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, april 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe weather is slamming the country's midsection. a flash flooding emergency sparks overnight rescues in texas. millions could be hit today. desperation and despair after a massive earthquake kills hundreds. we're in ecuador with the search for survivors. donald trump says there might be violence if republicans do not nominate him. and bernie sanders returns to studio 57. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ applause ] national emergency declared in ecuador following a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. >> the search for survivors
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continues. >> official admitting they can't even calculate how many people are missing. >> many parts of the country are barely recognizable. >> in southern japan there are still two people missing after powerful earthquake. the u.s. military is joining rescue efforts. in the primary, donald trump is looking for a big win. >> we have crooked hillary, crooked hillary. >> could say whatever he wants to say about me. i could care less. flash flooding in texas with some areas seeing up to six inch of rain. colorado pounded by a slow-moving snowstorm. >> you wouldn't think you'd have to do this in spring. the top researcher says american women need be worry about pregnancy and the zika virus. >> right now there are no local transmitted cases. tight security in boston as the city gears up for its marathon. >> it makes us ready for any type of scenario. a junkyard inferno kept hundreds of firefighters busy in los angeles. >> i saw the fire over there! >> all that -- a little boy draws on the
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mirror before pinning it on the caped crusader. >> who was that? slice foul. >> nice! >> check out the elevation. >> it's beautiful. >> you got to see -- >> thank you. >> all that matter -- >> what i do today is break them up. >> how exactly are you going to break up the big banks? >> i'm going to the big banks, i'll sit them down, and yadda, yadda, yadda, they'll be broken up. >> on "cbs this morning." >> what? >> everyone thinks you are by far the funniest -- i mean, the most qualified -- >> what the hell am i? >> you're bald! [ applause ] >> bernie's getting upset! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." a huge spring storm is hammering large areas of the country's
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midsection. dramatic video shows a series of lightning strikes up close overnight outside houston. >> torrential rain and flooding led to more than a dozen high-water rescues in houston overnight. the city has activated its emergency operations center. the violent system stretches about 1,000 miles from the dakotas down into texas. we have more from dallas on the growing fears about flooding. m m manwel, good morning. >> reporter: the rain was relentless overnight. look behind me. this is the spillway of a reservoir in the middle of the city where the water level has been consistently rising. the situation much worse south of here in the houston area. 60 high-water rescues and counting. some parts near houston have received more than 16 inches of rain already, and that's more than they typically get in a month. [ thunder] >> reporter: rolling thunderstorms battered portions
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of texas late sunday night. lighting up the skies over houston. >> a canoe or something. i got to work tomorrow. >> reporter: the rain came down in buckets overnight. nearly 13 inches in only six hours. torrential downpours flooding streets -- >> my street's currently a river. >> reporter: -- trapping cars and threatening homes. the rush of water transformed yards into lakes. >> sure it's a back yard. this is how it rains in texas. >> reporter: and normally slow-moving creeks into raging rivers. along the texas gulf coast, rising waters spilled on to roadways in and around galveston. >> i came from work at united, and i can't get home. >> reporter: bernice harrell has been trapped at that gas station for over three hours because of the floodwater. >> i've never seen anything like this out here. i just want to get home.
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>> reporter: houston has the largest school system in texas. officials there have decided to cancel classes for the day because the weather is expected to last all day. gayle? >> thank you, manuel. the 7.8-magnitude quake in ecuador killed at least 272 people on saturday night. more than 2,500 others are hurt, many others still missing. >> the destruction stretches hundreds of miles from the epicenter along ecuador's coast. we have more from guayaquil, the site of one dramatic rescue effort. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the power of that 7.8 earthquake was enough to bring down this bridge in guayaquil. it is 300 miles from the epicenter of the quake. this here is the windshield of one man's vehicle on the ground left behind after rescuers tried to save the man. his car was crushed when the bridge fell on top of it.
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his wife was in the car with him. she survived. the man died instantly. the bridge collapsed. you see it separated here. rebar sticking out. the largest city in ecuador has damage, but for most part it is minimal. north of here, people are using their bare hands this morning to pull their neighbors from the rubble. rescue teams pulled this woman from the rubble sunday. she was trapped under a fallen roof. and people cheered as a small child and several others were rescued from a five-story building that had collapsed. these are the few stories of triumph in what seems like a sea of devastation. hundreds of people are dead. thousands more are injured. and ecuador's vice president admits a large number of people are still unaccounted for, possibly buried under debris. "i saved my family at least," this woman said.
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"my little nephew is still inside." this appears to be the moment the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck saturday night. this woman tries to brace herself between two cars as the ground rocks violently beneath her. alice gandelman and her husband are from california. they on vacation in san clemente. the northern california couple say they're used to earthquakes but nothing like this. >> the shaking continued and got more and more intense. there was a big boom. it was about 49 seconds long, which is a very long time to have the earth moving under your feet. >> reporter: there is significant damage. more than 100 miles south of the epicenter in portia vajejo where a hospital classed. nearby, 180 prisoners escaped from a jail. at sunrise this morning, search and rescue will resume across this country in the hardest hit areas. in the city, one man was quoted as saying, "you can hear people calling for help, but we just
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can't get to them." >> boy, heartbreaking to hear. thank you very much, david, from ecuador. video shows the widespread destruction in japan after two massive and deadly earthquakes there. homes are collapsed and roofs torn apart. the u.s. military is joining the relief effort. a violent 7.0-magnitude quake struck kyushu. access is limited to hard-hit areas. teams are looking for survivors. the death toll is at least 42. nearly 1,100 people are hurt there. we're just getting word this morning of a possible mass drowning of refugees in the mediterranean sea. it involves a ship that reportedly left egypt, possibly headed toward italy. the italian president says this morning it seems several hundred people have died. officials have expected a larger flow of refugees from the middle east to europe as the weather gets warmer. turning to politics, new
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yorkers vote tomorrow in one of the country's biggest presidential primaries. the latest cbs news/background tracker poll shows donald trump leads ted cruz by 33 points. trump also has double-digit leads in pennsylvania and california, two more states with lots of delegates. in spite of his advantage, trump is still bashing the republican party's nominating rules. he calls it a rigged system. we have more from outside trump tower in manhattan and a preview of the vote. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump needs to reset his campaign. new york will give him a good opportunity to do that. after a string of delegate losses to ted cruz, trump is well positioned to win most of the state's 95 delegates. now, that will not end the feud with the republican national committee but will give the campaign something it's been craving of a late -- a victory. >> i hope it doesn't involve violence, and i don't think it will. but i will say this, it's a
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rigged system. it's a crooked system. >> reporter: over the weekend, donald trump mixed veiled threats of violence with his long-running rant against gop rules. >> the republican national committee, they better get going because i'll tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. >> reporter: rnc chairman raeine priebus defended his party's rules. >> i'm talking to many media outlets as much as i can to set the record straight. i'm not going to allow anyone to rewrite the rules of our party. >> reporter: ted cruz continues to outmaneuver trump for delegates. in wyoming, cruz swept all 14 of the delegates available at this weekend's convention. in georgia, a primary trump won and where cruz came in third, cruz grabbed 32 of the 42 remaining delegates at gatherings across the state. prompting trump supporters in one meeting to walk out, taking the american flag with them. in a significant shift, trump now says he knows the rules but
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chooses to ignore them in the name of reform. >> it would be easy, i'll go, i'll fly wyoming, i'll meet the chairman. i guarantee you within ten minutes, he's my best friend. he'd drop a guy like cruz in about two seconds, okay. but i just don't want to do it because it's not the right thing to do. we have a bad system, and the system has to change. >> reporter: the rnc rules committee which sets the rules and procedures for the july national convention meets later this week in florida. the rnc chairman sent emails to key members of the committee urging them not to change anything lest trump and his supporters become more agitated and other campaigns more confused. norah? >> it's going to be an interesting week. thank you very much. our battleground tracker poll finds hillary clinton with a ten-point lead in new york's democratic race. bernie sanders brought out a big crowd yesterday. organizers say more than 28,000 people attended a sanders rally
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in brooklyn. the biggest he's had so far. we have more from the eve of this important vote. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. pressing matters took both candidates out of new york for a spell this weekend. clinton raised money with george clooney in california. sanders met with the pope in rome. now they are back, fighting for votes in a state where they both have deep roots. >> got to vote. >> bernie sanders. >> i'm not going to lose. >> reporter: the brooklyn-born senator made the rounds of his home borough sunday from the brooklyn bridge to prospect park with a record-breaking homecoming party that, according to the campaign, drew 28,000 people. >> our parents would take us to prospect park -- [ cheers ] -- they still have the sales ead elephants. >> narrato >> reporter: it wasn't all light hearted -- >> hillary clinton and i disagree on trade policy,
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disagree on minimum wage policy. [ boos ] >> reporter: clinton let loose a little in washington heights. but in brooklyn, she got down to business, too. >> we talked about the greed and recklessness of wall street. i take a back seat to no one in taking that on. >> reporter: sanders disagrees. in this new ad, he doesn't name clinton, but it's clear she is the target. >> while washington politicians are paid over $2 hu00,000 an ho for speeches, they oppose raising the living wage to $15 an hour. >> reporter: on "face the nation," sanders repeated the attack. >> maybe it you make $225 hour, you don't know what it's like to live on $10 an hour minimum wage. >> the people who are behind the fight for 15 support me, not him. ♪ >> reporter: money came up again in california outside a $33 per-plate fundraiser at the home of george clooney. demonstrators rained dollars bills on clinton's motorcade.
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even clooney said he gets it. >> it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. >> reporter: clooney says he's raising money to get democrats elected so they can change campaign finance laws and get money out of politics. in fact, he says he likes bernie sanders, too, because he's so passionate about that issue and hopes he stays into the race until the very end. >> thanks, nancy. our next hour, senator sanders will be here in studio 57. later today i'll interview president obama at the white house. you can see parts of the conversation tonight on the "cbs evening news." more tomorrow on "cbs this morning," and the full interview will air tomorrow on a pbs program. >> wow. looking forward to that. a lot to talk about. >> absolutely. brazil's first female president, dilma rousseff, is a step closer to being removed from office. the lower house of congress voted yesterday to impeach her.
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[ cheers ] rousseff is accused of manipulating government accounts to manage the budget. brazil's senate will decide in may if she should stand trial. if so, rousseff would have to step down temporarily just months before brazil hosts the olympics. british official this morning are trying to determine if a drone hit a passenger plane. the british airways jet was about to land at london's heathrow airport at the time. nobody was hurt. it may be the first reported incident of its kind involving an airliner. mark phillips is at heathrow now bring us up to date. a lot of people have been worried about this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this was, many people say, an accident that was waiting to happen. of course, it's an accident that never should have happened because there are strict rules about flying drones around airports. still, it appears that despite the rules, there was a drone in the air here at a busy period yesterday when an inbound flight carrying 139 people coming from
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geneva collided cou, the pilot , with his drone. he's convinced the plane was in the collision. the plane did land safely. it was examined and allowed to continue on its flight later yesterday afternoon. police are taking the report seriously. they issued a statement saying, "an object believed to be a drone had struck the front of the aircraft," and they've launched an investigation. the british have been struggling with drones like everybody else. they're everywhere but are not supposed to be around airport for obvious reasons. there are strict penalties. of course, first you have to find the drone, and then you have to find whoever was flying it. there is also the pilots association saying that they have been calling for experiments to see what would happen when a drone did collide with an airport. now that that's happened, luckily the damage was not serious. >> thank you very much. about 30,000 runners are
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getting e-trade -- getting ready to start the boston marathon. the third race since the deadly bombing in 2013. miles of fencing separates runners from fans along the route. an estimated one million people are expected to come out and cheer on the runners. we have more there the starting line in hop kinton, massachusetts. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this is where it will begin for runners. for law enforcement, the race to secure this event began last year. there are 55 different agencies involved in this. a lot of the attention is going to be on the boston police department and what it does three years after the bombing. signs at the massive security effort were evident on boston's boylston street. >> we're not going to live in fear. we're going to have a great time and be aware. >> reporter: about 5,000 uniformed officers from eight cities and towns will line today's marathon route. throughout the event, the national guard, state police,
7:18 am
and federal agents will use this underground command bunker to share information and monitor online chatter. overhead, four massachusetts state police helicopters will be on patrol. their infrared cameras can zoom in on suspicious objects from more than 600 feet up. at 120 knots, they can cover the entire route in just 13 minutes. during a practice run, we could see the red sox warming up before a game at fenway park. security was ramped up after the 2013 attack when tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev set off two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line, killing three and injuring hundreds more. >> it just sort of brought back a lot of emotions of what happened here. >> narrator: boston's police commissioner, william evans, is a runner himself. following the recent attacks in brussels and san bernardino, he decided not to participate in this year's marathon. >> i need to be out on the route making sure everything goes
7:19 am
well. >> narrator: commissioner evans says he still worries about copycat attacks. >> what happened in paris and what happened in brussels makes people uneasy. i think anywhere can be a target. >> reporter: but there is no specific or credible threat against this marathon. commissioner evans says his department is working with the fbi to track whoever may be a threat. gayle? >> thank you. glad they've got good weather today. such a good attitude. >> such a good attitude. good luck to all the runners. >> i'll say. we thank you again, jeff. she lost her husband in the september 11 attacks. ahead, how this woman believes that president obama is blocking justice. >> if someone you loved was murdered and the person was just able to go away scot-free, would you be okay with that? i don't think anybody would.
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america's big money mystery
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could be solved this week. >> the change to our currency. how could alexander hamilton and some of the most important women in our nation's history fare? >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." [alarm bell ringing] oh no, the car! told ya somebody should've waited in the car. it says there's a black car three minutes away! i'm not taking one of those. that one! they gave authorities the slip, in a prius. now the four most-wanted men in the world are stealing our hearts. is that us? i think that's us! public support is at a fever pitch. what started as an amateur heist is now a global phenomenon. one does have to wonder, how long can this chase go on? look, we're trending! let me see that. we're famous! toyota. let's go places. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty is recovering this morning. and the search is on for a shooting suspect. officer james mccullough was hit in the leg last night, while trying to stop a car theft near 59th and market, in west philadelphia. police have one suspect in custody and they're searching for a second. now let's get a check on the weather kate. >> i jim, once again, just stunning outside. such a beautiful day unfolding for us yet again. this is where we actually peak with the warmth, there is cold front that waits in the wings off to the north, that's going to be dropping into to pay a visit tomorrow to knock the temperatures back, so for now, bright, sunny, a little cool at this hour. to the point that i highly suggest you walk out the door maybe with just light jacket. right on cue, going not shot
7:27 am
outside pleasant valley middle and high school, beautiful blue it, will last all day today. flirting with 80 here this afternoon, by tomorrow, obviously, drop off on the thermometer, but despite that cold front, it is dry, meisha, and it is still above average. >> yes, sure is, going to feel great. thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, what you are looking at right now video of overturned box truck caring bricks on its side, in trenton, new jersey, 59 -- 95 south princeton pike, two right lanes block, trying to squeeze by in the one open lane. also, route one southbound the off ramp to 95 and 2959 is closed because of it, jim, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a next update 7:55, up next on cbs this morning new bill could
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most new wealth fs it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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map. took questions for nearly four hours on tv. we can all think of a few questions we'd like to ask him. the actual questions and answers were truly amazing such as when he was asked who he would save from drowning first, the president of turkey or the president of ukraine. >> translator: if someone is determined to drown, you can't save them. [ laughter ] >> wow. i think we can take from that response that vladimir putin would be the world's worst lifeguard. you have chosen to drown, my friend. for you, there is nothing i can do. >> wow. >> if you're determined to drown. >> determined to drown. you could have come up with something better than that. okay. always good to see john oliver. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
morning." coming up this half hour, new frustration today for families of 9/11 victims. their effort to take saudi arabia to court is facing roadblocks. why the obama administration may want to shield the kingdom. and reopening a cold case nearly 60 years after a crime. a murder conviction is overturned because of a surprise discovery. ahead, why the only suspect is free despite being implicated by his own mother. time to show you some of the headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" reports the supreme court will hear argument today in the fight over president obama's executive actions on immigration. his plan would shield millions from deportation and allow them to apply for a program to grant them work permits. more than two dozen states are challenging the action. the "wall street journal" reports on how pope francis chose the refugees that he brought back to rome. the pope decided only about a week ago to fly the families to italy from the greek island that he visited on saturday. he did not choose him on the basis of religion. the 12 syrians are muslim.
7:32 am
they had arrived by boat in the past two months. >> boy, do they feel blessed. "the new york times" reports on defense secretary ash carter arriving in iraq for a surprise visit. carter will talk to the country's leaders about strengthening iraqi forces, working to retake mosul from isis. a senior u.s. official said that will likely mean at least a small number of additional american troops will go to the war zone. "the guardian" reports on chinese state media saying for the first time that a chinese military aircraft landed on an artificial island in the south china sea. the plane reportedly arrived sunday at a new airport. it evacuated three sick worker. the united states has criticized china's construction of artificial islands. it is concerned they could be used for military purposes. and "the "sun sentinel"" reports on the palm beach county zoo reopening after a deadly tiger attack. a malayan tiger mauled a keeper on friday. the male tiger had not been involved in any prior incidents at the zoo. the tiger has not been blamed for the attack.
7:33 am
several local, state, and federal agencies are investigating. president obama this morning is under new pressure from families of 9/11 victims. they want him to back legislation allowing them to sue the saudi government. the controversy picked up new urgency after a "60 minutes" investigation looking at links between saudi officials and the 9/11 hijackers. that information may number a classified section of a congressional report. chip reid's at the white house where the president is getting ready for a visit to saudi arabia. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. saudi arabia is a key u.s. ally and has threatened to retaliate financially if that bill becomes law. the obama administration opposes the bill, and that has made some 9/11 families very angry. >> i'm completely outraged. >> reporter: lori van auken is convinced the 9/11 hijackers were helped by saudi agents. her husband, kenneth, worked on the 105th floor of the world trade center's north tower. for years she and other 9/11 families have tried to hold the
7:34 am
saudi government accountable in federal court, but because foreign governments are immune from suits in the u.s., their efforts have so far failed. > if someone you loved was murdered and the person was just able to go away scot-free, would you be okay with that? i don't think anybody would. >> reporter: congress is now considering a bill to permit lawsuits against countries that contribute material support or resources for acts of terrorism. the obama administration says the proposed legislation could lead to retaliation overseas. saudi arabia has already warned it will dump hundreds of billions of dollars in u.s. assets if the bill becomes law. >> it feels like blackmail. the government, the president is siding with saudi arabia over the 9/11 families. >> known as the "28 pages." >> reporter: on sunday's "60 minutes," steve croft reported on a classified portion of the 9/11 report kept locked away in a secret vault. this is your snofs former government officials say the 28
7:35 am
heavy redacted poij c eed -- res contain information on the hijackers while in the u.s. >> i think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom spoke english, most of whom had never been in the united states before, many of whom who didn't have a high school such a complicate -- could have carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the united states. i think the 28 pages are a key part. >> reporter: van auken wants the pages released to the public. >> it's hard to have a case when you can't see your own evidence. >> reporter: president obama leaves for saudi arabia tomorrow, and it's very possible this issue will come up in his discussions with the saudi king. the embassy of saudi arabia did not respond to "cbs this morning's" request for comment, but last week it said, "the 9/11 commission confirmed that there is no evidence that the government of saudi arabia supported or funded al qaeda."
7:36 am
charlie? >> chip, thanks. this morning, one of america's oldest cold cases is reopened again. a retired police officer was convicted of murder in illinois more than half a century after the crime. jack mccolla was released on friday after a prosecutor found he could haven't done it. mccollough says he will sue the state for the suffering of five years imprisonment. erin moriarty has been covering the case. >> reporter: the murder of 7-year-old maria riddoff occurred nearly 60 years ago. mccolla wasn't convicted until 2012. last week his conviction was overturned. what happened to maria is sadly once again a mystery. >> i will sign an order vacating the judgment -- >> reporter: jack mccullough sighed heavy before leaving a free man. >> i thought i'm going back to prison. he went the other direction.
7:37 am
god bless him. >> reporter: the decision came after the dekalb county state's attorney said a review of the evidence including newly uncovered phone records confirm mccollough was miles away when maria riddoff's kidnapping occurred. >> new information, this information that the trial court did not have available to consider when it made its ruling. >> reporter: in 1957, 7-year-old maria disappeared after a stranger approached her and her 8-year-old best friend offering them piggyback rides. riddoff's body was found five months later. jack mccollough was an early suspect but had an alibi. >> i was in rockford. 40 miles away. >> reporter: the case went cold for five decades until mccollough's only mother appeared to make a stunning deathbed declaration. >> she grabbed my wrist and -- in the strongest grip. she said those two little girls and the one disappeared. john did it, and you have to tell someone. >> reporter: the new investigation revealed another
7:38 am
possible crime. one of his sisters said mccollough raped her as a teenager. he was acquitted of rape but later stood trial for maria's murder. unable to present his alibi evidence because most of his witnesses were dead, mccollough was found guilty. is it possible then that you were acquitted of what you did do and convicted of what you didn't? >> that could be. >> reporter: is that what happened? >> don't know. i may have been a sinner, but i'm not a murderer. >> reporter: mccollough hasn't been exonerated, but his conviction has been overturned which means that he could technically be retried for the murder, although that does seem unlikely. and -- >> why does he have an alibi at the trial -- >> it was documented in fbi reports. but most of the agents who wrote the reports were dead or couldn't testify. they were too old. and so the judge deemed it
7:39 am
hearsay and wouldn't allowed it admitted at trial. that's what got him out now. >> interesting. thank you. >> thank you very much, erin. >> thanks. the national movement to put women on paper money could get an answer this week. coming up next, we'll look at where it may leave america's hippest founding father, who do you think that is? and bernie sanders has just arrived here at the cbs broadcast center. if you have to head out, you don't have to leave us behind. here's senator sanders coming in the front door. watch us live through the cbs all-access app.
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♪ the treasury department is getting ready to finally announce its overhaul of some of our currency. the agency began hinting last summer it would add a female face to the $10 bill. now sources tell "cbs this morning" that it might end up on the $20 bill instead. the official word may come this week. julianna goldman is at the
7:44 am
treasury building in washington with what could happen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. treasury originally planned to announce which women would be on the $10 bill by the end of last year. but it turned out to be more controversial than they expected. millions of people weighed in, and now that redesign is getting a redesign of its own. >> it's time for women to be on paper currency. >> reporter: last june when the treasury secretary announced a woman would be joining alexander hamilton on the newly redesigned $10 bill, he couldn't have predicted a broadway musical would complicate his plans. ♪ >> reporter: the smashing success of "hamilton" brought newfound fans of the founding father rallying around the first treasury secretary-turned-pop icon. and now people familiar with the process tell cbs news that he will expecting hamilton to remain on the note and women in history will be on the back.
7:45 am
>> alexander hamilton's one of my heroes. he's not leaving our money. >> reporter: that's not all. he's expected to announce a woman who will eventually be on the front of the $20 bill, replacing andrew jackson. what some might consider far more prestigious placement that he hinted at last month in an interview with charlie rose. >> we're going to put a woman on the face of our currency. this is not just about the $10 bill. this is about a series of bills. tripoli wasn't just the musical that -- >> reporter: it wasn't just the musical that derailed the plan. it was negative input from social media and women on 20s who wrote an open letter saying, "relegating women to the back of the bill is akin to sending them to the back of the bus. the rosa parks analogies are inevitable." this is one of many faces for consideration on the currency. other possibilities include the african-american abolitionist harriet tubman, and former first lady, eleanor roosevelt. while any decision is bound to be controversial, one person who
7:46 am
says they'll be pleased. hamilton creator lehman will miranda-year-old said, "you're going to be very happy." while the announcement is expected this week, treasury officials would not comment for the story. because of the intricacies in the currency redesign process, the new $10 bill won't go into circulation until 2020, so the new 20 wouldn't be until sometime after that. >> wow. thank you. that's a long time away. >> a long time to wait. >> i know. >> i'm glad they're thinking about the $20 bill instead. >> i agree. >> wasn't the original plan, to be the 20. then we were talking about the 10? >> i agree. yeah. >> more 20s in circulation i think. movie night, a football stadium had a surprise ending. ahead, why families had to run for cover after a sudden twist in the
7:47 am
i wafor 18 years.taryian. but i smoked. and i got heart disease. my tip is, it's hard to serve your country when you're too weak to put on your uniform.
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which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. video shows a little bit of chaos on the field at the nissan stadium in nashville. think about there -- the tennessee titans were hosting a movie night for the season ticket holders for over the weekend when the sprinklers turned on. the spray sent the families running. the water was switched off in less than a minute, but some of the crowd were drenched. the titans apologized for the mishap. >> i assume they did more than that. >> no. >> they may like the season ticket holders. >> water and popcorn doesn't go so great. >> no. bernie sanders has returned. he's back at studio 57 on his last day of campaigning in new york's primary. hey! there he is. sitting in the green room. i couldn't see. hello, senator, sanders. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> we're great.
7:52 am
we'll tell you about tomorrow's vote and what happens if he doesn't win. i bet he's not thinking about that. and don't forget the "eye opener" e-mail, your world in 90 seconds direct to your inbox. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons they give you on your 50th. what's up with that? hey we hear you. that's why our members love aarp the magazine. it celebrates you. with fun and provocative content, from lifestyle and entertainment to in-depth reporting. and it's just one of the great benefits of membership. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq.
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7:56 am
>> firefighter recovering from an ankle injury suffered while battling two alarm fire in upper darby. the home on the 100 block of ardmore avenue was being renovated at the time there. were no injuries. the cause is under investigation right now. and now, it is time to send it right over to katie fehlinger with the eyewitness weather forecast, and good morning, brooke, just, you know, more of the same, more sunshine, more warmth, just absolutely stunning conditions outside. and it stays that way through the entire afternoon. storm scan, totally quiet for you once more, you have beautiful blue sky, temperatures are really starting their rebound at this point. we are already flirting with 60, guys, and just going to keep ongoing, looks like, easily into the upper 70s, we
7:57 am
flirt with 80 in a lot of spots, stay dry tomorrow despite passage of cold front, that's why you see the drop off on the thermometer, 70 still above average. >> loving that, thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, newark delaware accident here involving school bus. car hit school bus, were children in the school bus, no injuries to the children, however, minor injuries, to the driver of the vehicle. this is old baltimore pike westbound near route 72, also, accident, 95, headlights moving in the northbound direction past broad pulled off to the shoulder than overturned truck here, still out there, in trenton, new jersey, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a next update 85, coming up on cbs this morning, democrat bernie
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning. monday, april 18th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. the vermont sanders is drawing huge crowds ahead of the primary. sanders on how he plans to grab a surprise win tomorrow. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. 60 high-water rescues and counting. some parts have received more than 16 inch of rain. the earthquake was enough to bring down this bridge. people are using their bare hands to pull neighbors from the rubble. donald trump ntsb eeds to r his campaign. he will have a chance after a string of delegate losses to ted cruz. now they're back fighting for votes in the state where
8:01 am
they both have deep roots. an accident that never should have happened because there's strict rules about flying drones around airports. this is where it will begin for the runners. for law enforcement, the race to secure this event began last year. the obama administration opposes the bill, and that has made some 9/11 families very angry. >> i'm completely outraged. turned out to be more kfrl than they expected -- controversial than they expected. now the redesign is getting a redesign of its own. donald trump has received the endorsement of "the new york observer," published by his son-in-law. ted cruz failed to get the endorsement of his family's christmas newsletter. [ laughter ] i'm charlie rose with king and norah o'donnell. severe weather stretching from
8:02 am
the dakotas to texas. dramatic video shows a series of lightning strikes overnight outside of houston. thunderstorms are rocking texas. >> torrential rain and flooding led to more than a dozen high-water rescues in houston overnight. the city has activated its emergency operations center. schools across the city are closed. >> tomorrow's new york primary will hand out nearly 350 delegates, 247 democrats, and 95 republicans. every one counts especially for gop candidates facing a possible contested convention. donald trump leads nationwide, but ted cruz is still outmaneuvering him. cruz swept all 14 of wyoming's delegates at this weekend's state convention. trump says he knows the delegate rules but ignores them because he wants to reform the system. >> it newest poll shows hillary clinton leads by ten points in new york. bernie sanders drew a huge crowd yesterday in brooklyn. event organizers say more than 28,000 people came to hear the brooklyn-born senator rail against big money in politics. >> and supporters in california
8:03 am
protested clinton fundraiser hosted by george clooney. tickets started at $33,000 a person. protesters threw fake cash at clinton's motorcade. clooney says most of the money raised will go to congressional candidates. >> i'm a democrat. so if you're a republican, you're going to disagree, but we need to take the senate back because we need to confirm a supreme court justice. because that fifth vote on the supreme court can overturn citizens united and get this obscene, ridiculous amount of money out so i never have to do a fundraiser again. >> clooney says he think the clinton campaign hasn't done a good job of explaining its fund-raising. vermont senator bernie sanders joins us. we're pleased to have him back at studio 57. welcome. >> good to be with you. >> you saw what george clooney says. he's trying to raise money to help hillary clinton because he wants to see a lot of democrats elected because they'll change campaign finance laws. >> well, i'm a big fan of
8:04 am
george, but i think there is a different way to do it. that's what our campaign is about. you can raise large sums of money from individual contributors. we get it, $27 apiece, seven million individual campaign contributors. you don't have to be dependent upon big money to run a winning campaign. of course we want more democrats in the senate. want to regain control of the senate, do better in the house. but again, you can do that without being dependent on the top 1% for your contributions. >> i think the question is, you're an independent running on the democratic party ticket. are you going to help other democrats raise money to win the united states senate? have you done that? >> absolutely, of course i have. if you look at the letters that i have sent out in support of other united states senators, i've raised many millions of dollars. let me tell you something else, and i say this very sincerely. and i think the polls indicate this. for democrats to do well, not only at the highest level but in the senate races and in the house races, we need a large voter turnout. i think there's very little
8:05 am
doubt that a bernie sanders winning the nomination and being the democratic candidate will in fact create the kind of excitement and large voter turnout not only to win the white house but to regain control of the senate, to win governors chairs all over the country. >> a big day in new york. polls are showing hillary clinton is leading you by ten points. what do you see in the polls that the rest of us don't, that you feel confident? >> we've won eight out of the last nine primaries and caucuses. i think we have a lot of energy as indicated by the 28,000 people coming out of the rally in brooklyn and other very large rallies we've had. if the voter turnout is high, i think we are going to do very well. that's been the story of this campaign. voter turnout, well, we will probably not do well. also, very often polling underestimates our strength. that's -- in michigan, a poll had us 20 points behind. the day before the election, we ended up winning. >> independent voters can't vote -- >> now you're on to a big issue. nothing much i can do. it's bad new york state election
8:06 am
law. what it says to the many hundreds of thousands or more independents who would like to vote tomorrow for me or for anybody, they can't participate. i think that that's wrong, and that does hurt us. we win independent voters -- >> you also know this, she's way ahead in superdelegate. donald trump says the republican system is fixed. >> rigged -- >> what? >> rigged. >> yeah. >> is he stealing my terminology here? nothing this guy won't do. >> how bad is the democratic system? >> i have serious problems with it. this is the establishment folks. these are elected officials, these are money people who are superdelegates. and the truth is most of them are now supporting hillary. but let me say this -- as you may know, in poll after poll including your own polls here at cbs, i run much longer against donald trump than does hillary clinton. and the reason for that, by the way, is we had a lot of independent voters. i think as this campaign proceeds and we do well,
8:07 am
superdelegates and others will say, you know, we've got to beat trump. bernie is the stronger candidate. >> what if in fact you're winning the contests, the last six or seven, but she's getting a significant number of the delegates? the delegates will nominate the candidate. >> right. we think that there is a path toward victory. >> which is? >> winning delegates. in other words, california -- >> how you do do it? >> by getting more delegates than she. does for example, we have won eight -- >> you haven't been doing that is the point. >> i would say that we have cut her lead by one-third in the last month. that's pretty good. that's what happens when you win eight out of nine caucuses and primaries. we'll see what happens tomorrow. i won't speculate. you've got california, you've got oregon, you've got pennsylvania -- >> what does it mean if you lose in new york? >> what does it mean if i lose? it means that i lose. >> what does it mean for your campaign? >> we're going all the way. we're going all the way through california, going into the convention in philadelphia. we think we have a path toward victory. and we're going to fight for
8:08 am
every vote that's out there. >> senator, you've made an issue abut transparency. hillary clinton -- today is tax day. we're paying our taxes. hillary clinton has released the eight years in addition to ones before. that you only released one and did it on friday. >> yeah. >> hy haven't you done that? >> i will tell you the reason. it sounds too simple, but it's true. in our family, we don't have 15 accountants. my wife works -- >> you have to pay your taxes on time like the rest of us. not that hard to release your summary -- >> first of all, we have released our taxes -- >> one year. >> we will release -- i've said we will release more, and we will release more. what it will end up showing is that our total income is less than the amount of money that hillary clinton got for one speech. sorry, nothing very exciting. >> i was surprised -- >> what is the suspicion? >> people who don't release their taxes -- >> we are going to release our taxes, so let's end the suspicion. it's the question, we are occupied with the campaign right now. we will. i said we will, and we will.
8:09 am
>> you're starting a political revolution. what scares a lot of people. what does that mean? and the other thing i hear about you, no disrespect intended, but he's an older candidate. how is he going to make this work? the only people i hear saying that, by the way, are older people. young people are not saying that -- >> the reporters -- the reporter who are following me around on the campaign trail -- >> no -- >> they're saying, stop it, you're going too far, too fast! >> your wife when she joined you last time -- i miss her today -- she said he has the constitution of a 16-year-old. how do you address issue about you, the political revolution, the old guy on the campaign? >> political revolution is very important part of what this campaign is about. and this is what it means -- it means that given the nature of economics and politics in america today, where wall street and wealthy campaign contributors in the corporate media have so much way that the only way to transform america, we deal with paid family and meal leave, we deal with income
8:10 am
inequality, no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can do it alone. you need millions to stand up and demand a government that represent all of us, not just the 1%. that's what i mean by that. >> okay. >> here's an issue that means a lot. a new york tabloid, "the daily news." it is about 9/11. the bill in congress about suing saudi arabia. you favor? >> yeah. >> so -- >> no, no, been suing saudi arabia. >> sorry. >> it is about suing any government, not just saudi arabia, that may have been involved in terrorism which kills americans. >> you support it. president obama says don't do it because it will open us up to a lot of suits. and the saudi government has threatened to sell a lot of their things they're holding. >> president obama has a valid point, and it concern me. what's also involved is, i believe, 28 pages of classified information on 9/11.
8:11 am
>> have you read them? >> no, i have not. and what i think there is some speculation, and i'm not into speculation, is it may indicate that part of the saudi family may have funded some of the terrorists. look, let's be honest about saudi arabia. this is one of the wealthiest families in the world. this is a family that spreads this virulent extremist ideology which is extreme islam. they set up schools all over the world teach this. i have real concerns about that. i think getting the truth out about the role saudi arabia may be playing is good -- >> the president can release -- >> yes, he can -- >> the 28 pages. >> they radio-- they are lookin releasing them, i think they should. >> did you watch "saturday night live"? you were on it again. >> i was busy running around out there. >> do you enjoy the imitation as much as we do? >> larry david is a brilliant
8:12 am
guy. he acts more like me than i do. >> as a member of the united states senate, you are allowed to read the 28 pages. will you read them? >> will i go read -- >> do you think you should know about them if you're running to be commander in chief? >>y yeah. the difficulty is if you read them, you're going to ask me, you'll say, you read them, what's in them. and i have to tell you honestly, i have not yet. >> okay. i was asking do you think you should -- you can say it's classified information until it's released. >> yeah. i could. >> thank you, senator. thank you. >> great to see you. thank you. ahead, how to protect your
8:13 am
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:17 am
new concern over smartphone security after last night's "60 minutes" investigation. a group of hackers showed how they gain access to a phone's camera with a simple text message. >> reporter: john herring warned us he could spy on anyone through their own phone as long as the phone's camera had a clear view. we propped up the phone on my desk and set up cameras to record a demonstration. first, he sent a text message
8:18 am
with an attachment to download. then herring called from san francisco. [ ringing ] and proved the hack worked. >> hello? >> now i'm broadcasting video through your phone. >> my phone's not lit up. >> i understand. >> weird. >> that's so creepy. >> pitch black for us. >> how do you protect your privacy? dan ackerman with our partners at cnet is here. good morning. it was incredible to see the investigation last night. how vulnerable are we to hackers like this? >> yeah. we're all vulnerable. but some of the things you saw demonstrate read high-level things. people who can do that are not looking for people like you and i. and even the hack they showed -- >> how do we know that -- >> maybe you guys. but -- >> maybe people want to see norah getting out of the shower. we don't know. >> why plant ideas in people's heads? >> yeah. >> remember that. >> don't bring the phone in the bathroom. >> does it surprise you?
8:19 am
>> no because we've known about these things for years including the ss7 hacks with the underlying data network behind the phones. it's high-level stuff. most hackers are looking for low-hanging fruit. the engage in phishing and social hacking. they're not very tech savvy. >> i don't have any low-hanging fruit. but in terms of how you're vulnerable, if you only -- if you click on the link would you be vulnerable. >> that's the important thing. a lot of the time, 90% of the time when you see phones or computers hacked it's because they've allowed some outside software on to their device. either someone got hold of your device and installed it, or in that case, they sent a text with a mall issue attachment and you download -- malicious twaattacht and you downloaded it. >> it's a phone number -- >> that's scary. they've known about that for a couple of years. that's a vulnerability in the underlying architecture from mobile phones that frankly people say security agencies around the world are not rushing to plug up because they can use
8:20 am
it also. >> what's your bottom line here about what we should worry about, not worry about, what we should do? >> they used to say before the age of the internet, there was no bank vault enough secure that a thief with enough time and resources couldn't get into it. the same is true for any technology. the best you can do is eliminate yourself from being one of the easier targets, when that it's two-factor authentication from your phone or e-mail where you get the text with the temporary pass word, or changing the user name and passwords on your router or any internet or things you buy. if you keep the fault admin password, anyone can try and maybe get in. >> all right. thank you, dan. >> a word to the wise. >> we should leave our phones in the other room. >> thank you. thanks a lot. i don't want to see charlie getting out of the shower. and coming up, a "cbs this morning" contributor in the toyota green room with the joy
8:21 am
and pitfalls of public speaking. we'll be right back. after as their getaway car,t of foua new development:e a prius prius owners from all over america have descended on the chase - hi! to play what appears to be an automotive shell game with authorities. ♪ it's total confusion down here. the prius 4 have literally vanished. they're just gone. [laughing]
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:24 am
♪ now five months old, nora, the polar bear, made her public debut at the columbus zoo and aquarium on friday. nora was raised by zookeepers after her mother started to abandon her for long periods. she weighs 50 pounds now, and she loves to play. norah, does she have blue
8:25 am
sunrise. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. there are no injuries but tense moments for parents after a school bus was involved in a accident in new castle county. chopper three over old baltimore pike and lb drive in newark in the past hour, there were children on the bus but non-injured. driver of the passenger car that struck the bus has minor injuries. >> now, let's check in with katie for a look at the wetter. >> the weather continues to be very, very nice indeed. lot of sunshine, lingering all day today, for yet another day, we continue to warm up for yet another day. this is where we actually peak with the warmth. storm scan remaining totally devoid of any storms here at the local level, stays that way for few more days, in fact, but perfect baseball weather down at cbp this evening, 71 degrees, busy down there, near the wells fargo
8:26 am
center, as well, with with the flyers. with that, perfect tailgate weather, upper 70s in the sun, tomorrow little cooler, very weak front crosses through to knock the temperatures back, only comes through with a few clouds and breeze, coolest day of the next five comes wednesday, it is actually seasonable, how much, then we rebounds again to the low 70s for thursday, friday, tide off will be few showers and thunderstorms very likely, as well, meisha? >> seventy-eight will feel amazing, thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, just waking up with us, this is video of overturned box truck caring bricks in trenton, new jersey, 95 south at princeton pike, two right lanes still blocked, and also, route one southbound the off ramp to 95 and 295 also closed right now. >> this accident, 95 headlights moving in the northbound direction past broad street still there, pulled all the way out to the shoulder. it was blocking two lanes, now it is pulled all the way off to the shoulder. you can see, certainly going to get some gaper delay and slow downs approach with all of the crews on scene, brooke, back to you. >> thank you very much, meisha, a i take it. next update at 8:55, visit
8:27 am
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♪ i'm truly sorry that they were not declared. >> hollywood star johnny depp and his wife, actress amber heard, apologized in a very unusual video that was posted on line overnight. last april, the council snuck their dogs, pistol and boo, into australia whendent was filming his latest movie. heard entered a guilty plea of falsifying a document. here's what the couple said in the video. >> we disrespect australian law. they will tell you. >> australia's free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. that is why australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws. >> heard will not face punishment if she maintains good behavior for the next month. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, from
8:31 am
barry field to kanye west, the search for likability can lead to extremes. cbs news contributor faith saley in the green room with a new book on how far we go for approval and when to draw the line in the age of social media. that is ahead. right now, it's time to show some of the headlines from around the globe. "the seattle times" reports on amazon offering month-to-month subscriptions of its prime services. this is seen as a direct challenge to netflix. prime customers can now pay $10.99 a month for all the perk, including video, special shipping, and music. for video only, it's $8.99. an annual prime subscription costs $99 a year or $8.25 a month. "the buffalo news" reports on the university at buffalo in new york sending more than 5,000 acceptance emails by accident. oops. the emails went out on wednesday. a few hours later, the school sent another e-mail apologizing. the miscommunication occurred when a staffer put together an
8:32 am
incorrect e-mail list from an applicant data base. anyone who received the wrong e-mail will get an update on their application status by friday. that's so nerve-racking. you remember when you're applying for college and waiting, waiting, waiting to find out. oops, didn't mean that just yet. >> good noness. "the guardian" says a ship may go to sea with a silly name. a poll chose "botti mcboat face," by the more than 3-1 margin. it was to reflect the bishop's mission and celebrated british naval history. a former bbc announcer made the suggestion. he apologized. the agency that helped pay for the ship will decide what to call it -- >> it does look like boaty mcboat face. red, green, white. the name seems fitting. >> looks like a nice boat to me. >> it does. "the new york times" reports on internet use and praising can's prime minister, justin trudeau. friday. a reporter jokingly asked him to
8:33 am
explain quantum computing, and he did. >> a regular bit is a one or zero. a quarter quarter much more complex than that. as we know, things can be particle and weight at the same time. the uncertainty around quantum state allows us to build more information into a smaller commuter. that's what's exciting -- computer. that's what's exciting about a quantum computer. >> he must be the only prime minister in the world who can explain quantum computing. >> that's what call a drop the microphone moment for him. >> absolutely. >> awesome. >> the crowe loved it. the -- crowd loved it. the former teacher announced $50 million in funding for physics research. >> go, prime minister. in nearly seven years as krabtor for cbs' sunday morning, faith saley has looked at questions from the downside of too many selfies to the meaning of vocal fry. >> my name is faith, and i am not a pet person. america's young women are running out of oxygen.
8:34 am
what else could explain why so many of them sound like this -- do you know what made the "mona lisa" so compelling? she has an air of something called mystery. we don't know quite why she's smiling, but we know why you're smiling -- you're smiling because you're about to post photographic evidence that you're at the louvre, y'all. a woman has appeared just once on a paper bill. isn't it time for some lady dollars? call it a quirk, a trend, or an epidemic. vocal fry is everywhere. i'm faith saley, and i approved this message. >> vocal fry. she's at the top of her game on tv. she also has a new book called "approval junkie," adventures in caring to much. she reveals that developing confidence without seeking approval from others was an uphill battle for her. hello, faith saily. >> do i look okay? >> i thought this was interesting because you said everybody cares what people think. even when they say they don't, they really do. and there's a difference between being a people pleaser or a
8:35 am
perfectionist. >> yeah. >> when you talk about approval junkie. >> yeah, there's a big spectrum. there's sally field who's so honest and raw and right now you like me, right. so moving. then you have the kanye wests who love to tweet that they don't care what people think. then they tweet back at all of their critics. i think the people who proclaim the loudest that they don't care are not being honest with themselves. >> approval junkie means what to you? >> someone who is vulnerable and human enough to admit the smack of a high five feels really good. applause feels good. laughter sounds good. i don't think it's a perfectionist, right. a perfectionist won't try for fear of falling short. an approval junkie tries and falls and takes a bow. and i don't think an approval junkie is a people pleaser because, you know, if we try to please everybody, you're sort of doomed to mediocrity. i think a real approval junkie is somebody who embraces the root of the word and continue -- relentlessly tries to prove
8:36 am
things to herself or himself. >> has it served with you? >> it has in the long run, charlie. i think that this book is about my relationship with approval which has evolved. and i think that i had to learn to seek approval for the right things, for most fulfilling things, from the right people. the right person is ultimately myself. but along the way, i would hope lots of kids want to make straight as or listen to their parents or eat their vegetables or write thank you notes. when you're wantonly trying to find approval from people who are never going to give it to you, and i've had that experience, i think -- >> you say approval from the wrong person. you saying about on your hands and knees with your butt in the air trying to get approval from your was-band. >> her what? >> her ex-husband. >> it was a moment of prayer. no -- >> i'm trying to get it from him, and i will never get it. so stop it. >> right.
8:37 am
right. seeking it from people who are never going to give it to you is a waste of time. and if you can harness, it's a human need if you can be honest and harness the energy for validation. you can surprise and stretch yourself. >> you write a letter to your daughter, one of the essays, to your daughter about the pitfalls of being an approval junkie. >> about the pitfalls. i think -- certainly in this day and age especially with young women, you can fall down a social media rabbit hole. my daughter is 1 and does not yet have an instagram account. but -- >> i hope not. >> i think that you can wantonly try to accumulate everybody's likes and dislikes and re-tweets and use a filter on your pictures. and i hope that my daughter, and i wrote to my daughter and not my son because i think there are a million more ways that we judge women than we do men, i
8:38 am
hope that my daughter will seek approval from people enough to sort of flummox her detractors. but will also really seek approval from herself and maybe that involves embarrassing herself sometimes. but you know -- enough to fail and get back up again. >> and there on page 90 was the name charlie rose. i'm just reading the book and -- >> and gayle king, as well. i'm sorry. >> charlie -- >> yes, i write about what i learned going from being an actor, seeking everybody else's approval, wanting people to like me and cast me, to becoming i journalist and commentator. someone who gets to interview people and turn the spotlight on other people. >> yes. >> i write about how good it feels when occasionally some people i interview flirt with me, right. you're wondering where this is going, charlie. and i -- i mention that, you know, russell brand and ryan gosling -- he seduced me with his eyes, i realize that really wasn't about me.
8:39 am
those type of gentlemen would seduce anyone with their eyes, even charlie rose. >> faith, congratulations on the book. we like it. we approve. >> oh, good. thank you. >> we approve. >> thank you. >> you look great today. good luck. good luck. >> an "approval junkie" goes on sale tomorrow. ahead, a woman who says he recylcl -- who says she likes being underappreciated in basketball. she's only
8:40 am
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> ♪ there's the cut and lay-up. >> that's lebron james at the first quarter buzzer beater in the playoff win over detroit. james is shooting for his sick pth straight nba final. >> i think he's going to have a great time and will do well. they might win the whole thing. >> yeah. >> no matter who battles for the championship, t the league winning. the nba brought in more than $5 million in revenue last season. more than 60% jump over the past decade. the average player salary is a little more than $4 million a year. all the players depending on a woman making history while fighting for their future. we talked to the first female head of a major american sports union. good morning. michelle roberts runs the union
8:44 am
representing over 400 nba players. the 59-year-old is responsible for negotiating with the league's owners on everything from salaries caps to benefits to player shares of the profit. roberts is only 5'5", but as you'll see, she got to where she is by standing tall. you see the woman in the black and white coat? fans may not know who she is, but players flock to her. they recognize her power, and she knows their worth. >> i am michelle roberts. and i'm the executive director of the national basketball players association. >> reporter: does it feel good to see that? >> yeah, it does. it really does. >> reporter: roberts has been the union chief since 2014, looking out for the players' interests when dealing with the nba. she replaced billy hunter who was ousted after players questioned his leadership. in going for the job, roberts knew she had to make an impression. i want you to read something that i understand you presented to some of the players.
8:45 am
>> uh-oh. >> reporter: before they elected you as their representative. >> oh, my past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think i was someone they could sleep on. yeah. i said that. that's true. >> reporter: that one quote made quite a statement. >> it sent a chill down my spine. >> reporter: james jones, a 13-year veteran and secretary treasurer of the players association, knows exactly why he wanted roberts for the job. >> she was direct. she was straight. and she told us, if you sleep on me, i will bury you. that's -- that was refreshing for us. >> reporter: that's somebody you want representing you? >> without a doubt. >> we didn't have a bunch of heroes when i was growing up. >> reporter: while some claw their way to the top, robert stomped her way there. she grew up in the projects, in this south bronx neighborhood. is it at all hard to believe that you made it out of this neighborhood and have become as successful as you are today? >> at the risk of sounding arrogant, no. i knew i was going to get out of
8:46 am
this neighborhood. >> reporter: with little money, her mother who raised five children alone, would take roberts to the bronx supreme court to watch trials for entertainment. when you look at this courthouse, what does it represent? >> this is where i manifested this foolish thought that i might be a lawyer. >> reporter: after graduating from university of california berkeley law school, she became a fierce attorney in washington, d.c., where she says being a woman had an unexpected advantage. >> someone who doesn't know you and hasn't -- doesn't take women seriously will look at you as their opponent and breathe a sigh of relief that you are not a man. initially, that kind of response to me would make me furious. it didn't take long before it amused me because i knew that they weren't working as hard, they weren't staying up as late because they assumed that they would deliver their be game. i always delivered my a game. >> reporter: it's nba commissioner adam silver who now needs to bring his a game.
8:47 am
the team owners and the union have begun discussing the next collective bargaining agreement which covers everything from revenues to rules. these are young men who are rich, talented -- >> stop saying rich all the time. >> reporter: they are rich. they are rich. by most people's standards -- >> the owners are richer. >> reporter: i'll buy that. that sounds like maybe you guys will be looking for little bit more of an equal playing field there. >> there are increased revenues. so obviously we're having discussions about increased compensation. >> reporter: roberts, who has no children of her own, has come to embrace the players not just as employers but as an extended family. >> these guys, they may change teams, they may change agent, they may even change wives and girlfriends. but the one constant as long as they are players is the players association. my feeling of obligation to them is genuine. >> i would say spoken like a true mom.
8:48 am
>> at 450 kids. >> reporter: the current collective bargaining agreement expires next year which is why talks are starting now. roberts has galvanized players like lebron james and stefan occuri which potentially adds more power -- stephen curry which potentially adds more power to a union that she's trying to turn around. >> a bad ass. i never heard of this woman until today. >> she is fierce. so much experience, dynamic. and it will be interesting to see what she gets for the players. >> watch that, adam silver. >> going into the tees, you think cleveland could go all the way? over golden state? >> i do. >> i do, too. >> i don't know. i don't know. i love those guys. thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," the spirit of america's most iconic child stars shines gene. and the diamond ring after the break.
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♪ on the good ship lollipop the late shirley temple black-owned a ten-carat blue diamond ring that's up for auction. her dad bought the ring for her at just -- bought the ring for just over $7,000 back in 1940. that was aroundler her 12th birthday. she had appeared in around 40 movies. it appeared before her movie "the blue bird." nearly 30 years later she was sworn in as a u.n. delegate. first on "cbs this morning," we're here to show you the ring. ta-da. do you want to try it on, norah? >> i'm afraid to -- >> it goes up for auction tomorrow. at sotheby's in new york. it could fetch $35 million. worth more than everybody in this room combined. working overtime. >> if we had $100 billion, we could afford it. >> we could do it. >> gorgeous. >> that does it for us. >> is it heavy? >> we'll see you tomorrow on
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good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> police in west philadelphia, are searching for the man they say pulled the trigger and shot a philadelphia police officer, in the line of duty. officers james mccullough was shot in the leg, as he tried to stop a car theft, near 59th and market, at around 1:30 this morning, officer mccullough is expected to make a full recovery. police have one suspect in custody, but the alleged gunman is still on the loose. let's switch it up and head over to the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the weather center live this morning, what's going on, katy? >> looks fantastic out there, brooke, another day featuring more sunshine, nice warmth out, there as well, how we peak when it comes to the warmth, there is a cold front you can see well off to the north, drifting south, as it continues to drift south it, runs into high pressure. so it is not going to bring
8:56 am
any wet weather to the area, knocks temperatures down eventually. where we stand already, here in the 60s, mount pocono, actually warmer than it is in the city of philadelphia. you don't see that very often, but everybody does warm up nicely today, we flirt with 80 in philadelphia, under that sunshine, and by tomorrow, that cold front that we just showed you drops in, bridges couple of clouds and breeze, back to 70, and the coolest day of the work week, comes on wednesday, but meisha, you know, it will be sunny and actually seasonable day on wednesday anyway. >> i was just going to say, not even that bad, 64, yes, thanks, katie. good morning everyone, so this is where we have jackknife tractor-trailer market street at front street, ramp to 95 north, right now, is closed. it is closed right now, because that jackknife tractor-trailer. also, just in case you missed this, overturned box truck caring bricks, trenton, new jersey, # a south at princeton pike, two right lanes blocked also route one southbound the off ramp to 95 and 295 that's closed. we go to the wide, see the slow downs on the schuylkill, nine on the schuylkill, 19 on
8:57 am
95, as you push in the southbound direction, 23 on the vine, seven on the blue route heading in the northbound direction, brooke, over to you. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm brooke thomas. good morning. fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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