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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with president obama and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stand bid, police, officer shot. the radio call for help as philadelphia police officer is shot in the line of duty this noon. the officer is recovering. but the alleged shoot is her still on the run. good afternoon, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. authorities tell us that officer was shot while trying
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to stop two men from breaking into a car. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at police headquarters with the latest thon very active investigation. walt? >> that radio call is about as scary as it gets, and police work for the second time in four months, police officer in west philadelphia's 18th district, shot, fortunately, this officer, james mccullough, 24, two year veteran, not only survived, but according to police here, expected to be out of the hospital shortly. >> 8:30 last night, out in west philadelphia, around 59th and market, salford market streets, officer chasing suspect in a prior robbery, attempted carjacking he tackles the suspect, police say the suspect opens fire, wounding him in the leg. the officer at that point applying his own tourniquet, to stop the bleeding and firing three shots at the suspect who is still on the loose. second suspect was apprehended nearby short time later. police commissioner richard ross at the hospital grateful
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to see the officer's injuries were in the any more serious. >> officer mccullough actually tackled the one mail, and then he shot immediately. and then he gets up, the suspect runs northbound on salford street, with the officer attempting to chase him, he can't do it because he is shot in his left leg. he fires three times. the manhunt still underway for that suspect who is armed, we're expecting update here around 1:00 this afternoon, you may many, in january, officer jesse hartnett, gunned down, only about five blocks away. suffered a devastating wounds to his arm, but also, survived. suspect in that attack now being held for trial. again, one suspect, in the carjacking and robbery in custody here at the homicide unit. but the gunman, still on the loose, we'll have update for you in a little bit. live from police headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt. >> meanwhile stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage of the philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty. when we're not on tv we're on
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line at philadelphia police just wrapped up a news conference announces murder charges against a father who allegedly shot and killed his four year old daughter. at first murray phillips told the girl's five year old sibling playing with the gun when it went off inside the home east mayfield street saturday. later phillips allegedly admitted he was the one holding the weapon and it was an accident. he faces charges including third degree murder, and involuntary manslaughter. fire fight is her recovering after suffering an ankle injury battling a two alarm fire in delaware county. this happened on the 100 block of ardmore avenue in upper darby overnight. we are told the home was being renovated at the time. and no one was living there. right now there is no word on how it started. >> no complaints from me weather wise. >> we had warm weekend, only getting warmer. let's get first look at the forecast with katie out on the skydeck. >> oh, can you not beat this. it is so nice. and if you like the weekends,
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and you really like warmth, you will probably count this as your favorite day of this latest stretch of the sunshine and the warmth. it feels so comfortable outside. but temperatures are only going to continue their climb through the rest of the day. we have the strong april sun angle, beating down on us here. and boy is it making it feel nice and toasty. virtually no wind. i mean, very slight breeze, but it feels good. let's take to you storm scan, you will not find any storms out there today, folks, it continues to remain totally empty working over time, not tracking much of anything. perfect conditions for the boston marathon runners up across eastern massachusetts, as well. but here is a look at our temperatures, check it out. already at 75 degrees at the airport, and generally speaking, right around that range, through the rest of the region, it is so darn comfortable outside. only going up from here. so, we toyed with flirting with 80. it looks like actually going to hit t we went ahead and bumped up the daytime high, certainly mild, low seven 70s around the shore towns, and the poconos, as well. and that sun will continue to shine. there is a cold front on the
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way, how much, folks. i'll tell you what about the temperature whether do you have break out the umbrella coming up later in the full forecast, guys, we send it back to you. >> with weather like this, turn out for tomorrow's new york primary could be big, polls show republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton hold double digit leads on their closest challengers. correspondent jamie yccas shows the presidential primaries: >> reporter: hillary clinton greeted workers in yonkers, new york. >> i think new york values our america values. >> hold ten-point leads over rival bernie sanders. but sanders says polls often underestimate his strength. on sunday hads campaign says he drew 28,000 people in brooklyn. although many could be independents. >> the fact that independents cannot participate in the democratic primary here works against us, because we usually win independence by two to one. >> reporter: even though
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frontrunner donald trump is scheduled to overrule, he is still bashing. >> it is a rigged system, it is a crooked system. >> reporter: ted cruz picked up all every wyoming 14 delegates. on good morning america he said trump doesn't handle losing well. >> we have won five in a row. donald is upset so he is throwing a fit. >> reporter: latest pole shows trump leading cruz in new york by 33 points, trump also has double digit leads in pennsylvanian california. two more states with lots of delegates. jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime our local primaries are fast approaching, primary day in pennsylvania and delaware is april 26th and new jersey will hold its primary on june 7th. philadelphia mayor jim kenney wants to make his universal pre k proposal a reality but says it will take a major public investment to get it done. >> pre k is absolutely something that we need. and we need it for as many children as possible, our
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goal, 10,000 kids, between now and then the end of this first term. and continuing to grow that cohort as we move forward. >> the mayor was joined by the philadelphia teachers union, and the within reach campaign, call for universal pre k. they want the candidates to make it a top priority in the national debate. >> well, former eagle spear heading an effort to build young men of character. troy vincent brought his call to men program to philadelphia this morning. vincent now an nfl executive, he and other leaders and sports in business want to put out good exam tonight young men. today's call to men was direct today philadelphia's coaching community. but vincent says it is for all men. >> we have to make sure that we put our arms, around our communities, so this is for society. this is way beyond sports, this is about young men, coming together, making a difference in our communities. >> vincent says sports helped him overcome domestic violence as a child, and promoting a he
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calls a respectful manhood to prevent violence and discrimination against women. >> the flyers bring playoff hockey back to south philly tonight for the first time in two years. it is also the flyers first home game since the passing of owner ed snider. the flyers have their hands full this playoff series, they're down two games to none to the washington capitols who had the most wins in the nhl this season. the flyers have managed only one goal in the series so far so let's go flyers. >> indeed, indeed. well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", before you dig into lunch, we have easy tricks to control your eating. >> we'll take to you ecuador, where they are reeling from a massive earthquake. we'll show you what rescue workers are worried about right now. >> actor johnny dep drew a huge crowd but not for a movie, he was heading to court with his wife. what she had to do to
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>> more after shocks are rattling ecuador following saturday's deadly magnitude 7.8 quake. just shear devestation, stretching hundreds of miles along the country's coast. more than 300 are confirmed dead in the death toll is expected to rise even higher. right now, rescue crews are combing through the damage, desperately is her clinic for survivors. correspondent david begnaud shows us the destruction. >> reporter: rescue teams pulled this woman from the
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rubble sunday. she was trapped under a fallen roof. >> and people in ecuador cheered, as a small child and several others were rescued from a five story building, that had collapsed. these are the few stories of triumph in what seems like a sea of devestation. >> i saved my family at least, this woman said, but my little nephew is still inside. >> this appears to be the moment the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck saturday night. >> this woman tries to brace herself between two cars as the ground rocks violently beneath her. there is significant damage, more than 100 miles south of the epi-center, where a hospital collapsed. nearby 180 prisoners, escaped from a jail. now daybreak, search and rescue have resumed in the city, one man was quoted as saying we can hear them yelling for help we just can't get to them.
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david begnaud, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". take a look at this earthquake related damage in japan, landslide triggered by one of two powerful quakes swallowed everything in its path. authorities say at least 42 people died, more than 1,000 others were hurt, and many are still missing. >> well, british authorities are trying to confirm if a drone drove my a pass inning plane, plane landed safely heathrow airport london, no one was injured, but british pilot says his plane collided with a drone, as it approached the airport for landing. the plane wasn't damaged, but an investigation is ongoing, drones are prohibited in that area. still ahead on "eyewitness news", johnny dep's wife avoids jail with a apology. we'll show it to you. >> and how is your will power? we'll show you how to stay strong when you are tempted with delicious food. hey, katy? >> i need to hear this story. that is a fact. well, for example, we are tracking a cold front right now. that's going to be dropping into our neck of the woods
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here over the course of the next 24 hours, the temperatures will drop, i'll tell you how far they're going to drop off here in my full forecast coming up. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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security is tight in boston today where right now thousands of run remembers participating in the 120th boston marathon. >> it is perfect weather for the race, and the nearly 1 million spectators lining the streets, cheering on the runners along the course. this is the third race, since 2013 bombings that killed 30 people hurt more than 260. this image captured the world's attention back in 2013. boston marathon survivor jeff was being wheeled away after losing both of his legs in the
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attack. the new jersey native wrote a book about that day, and his recovery, and now, that memoir, called stronger, is going to be a movie starring jake. >> they're positivity out there, given the state of the wormed as it is, most important thing we can do, both of us feel that responsibility. >> he has been in boston for more than a month filming the movie with the same title. the film is expected to hit theatres, sometime next year. meanwhile, the wife of actor johnny dep will not be going to jail. >> her name is amber heard, accused of smuggling the couple's dogs into australia. the star couple were greeted by large crowd when they got to court, and investigators say heard brought the dogs to the country while dep filmed another pirates of the caribbean movie and used illegal immigration document. a lot of people are talking about the couple's apology played on video in court. take a look. >> when you disrespect australian law, they will tell you.
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>> i am truly sorry pistol and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> clear out everything when you enter australia. >> a conviction on charges of illegal importation could have sent her to jail for up to ten years. she was not going to jail, but she will have to pay a fine more than 7500us dollars. >> they're not that convincing. who was forcing them to read that statement? >> did you see them? >> well, that's all i can say, they're actors. >> like held hostage against their will. >> us a because of pistol and poo. >> how do you transition from that? well, you know, let's just make a quick cut here. talking beautiful weather yet again today, have you guys stepped outside at all? >> no, not yet. >> you need to. it is glorious. i'm telling you, it feels so comfortable, it is warm for sure, but not humid, look at you two! >> fantastic outside, yes. jim donovan has the best hair
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in television, who are we kidding, but that said the wet letter cooperate for everyone's hair for the day. show you what's going on, frankly folks, not a heck of a lot. i do have to show you what's happening far off to the north, cold front, brinking in in wet weather right now, rain, but notice what happens in the last couple of hours, see how the purple starts to disappear? cold enough air earlier this morning had most of this in those puppet and pink, indicating frozen precipitation, as this drops south, probably going to be fizzling away completely, probably see couple of clouds and that's it, meanwhile, they have ended up getting ham wedder strong storms across the deep south. >> this system is eventually going to migrate east, but will take a couple of days. we still have this giant dome of high pressure setting up a blocking pattern, that's why that part of the country has been seen day after day of nasty thunderstorms. we call it the owe mega block, because it kind of looks like the owe mega greek symbol owe mega, the only reason it has that name high pressure set
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up, so many days now of just beautiful tranquil weather with every passing day getting milder and milder and milder. today is where we peak. so through this afternoon, right around 80 for the high, notice, once this front starts to dip south, there is little bit of wet weather attached to it, 2:00 a.m. overnight. notice what happens though. just totally fizzles away. probably see couple of clouds through the day, notice bit of breeze, that's it. don't worry about wet weather. even right through wednesday, nice sunshine for us, little cooler by that point, seasonable, then we track that next storm, that's out over the planes. that is when it finally gets here, high pressure starts to breakdown, what we are looking at here, temperature change over the last 24 hours, it is 14 degrees warmer at philadelphia international airport, than it was this very same time yesterday. so, we are really warming up very efficiently here, in part, due to just totally clear sky. but that april sun angle starting to get just stronger and stronger with every passing day. out overlooking the soccer field here kutztown middle school, 72 degrees, not too much cooler by comparison, we switch over to the baseball diamond at middle township
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high school. couple of kids looks like out for recess, why not? perfect baseball weather. definitely the case here for the first pitch for the phils tonight in south philly. 71 degrees, i mean, perfect. 71 degrees with sunshine, very light winds, as well. now, looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, again, specking high of about 80 today. dropping off about 10 degrees, tomorrow, from that very weak cold front coming along, but, even though we're dropping 10 degrees, it is still above average by about four, 5 degrees. so you just can't beat t the nice stretch frankly keeps ongoing, though today is my personal favorite. >> thanks a lot. katie. >> you got. >> anything with sun. well, it is lunchtime, all i am thinking about what we will eat after we're finished. >> i already ate. hang on though, tips on thousand eat right whether you are going out for lunch or hitting the supermarket. here's mary maloney. >> if you have ever gone grocery shopping on an empty stomach, chances are you have made a few bad choices. put together some tips on dieting and one way to avoid filling your shopping cart with items you later regret
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buying, by simply chewing gum. people who chew gum while shopping had fewer junk food cravings and opted for healthier options. if you are worried about what to eat when you are out, remember, healthy foods first. pile on the veggies. then go for the meats and sides. another great way to control your eating? by paying with cash. study shows you're more likely to load up your cart when using plastic. if you are trying to lose some extra pounds, skip the cooking shows. people tends to snack more while watching food related tv. you can also try using smaller plates for meals. studies show your brain correlates the size of your dish with how much food you're supposed to eat. and, drink more water. drinking several ounces per day can keep you hydrated, and help reduce calorie intake. for today's health minute, i'm marry maloney. >> i never go to the supermarket hungry. >> you can't. and that one has definitely worked for me. because i have gotten burnt that way, where i go hungry and a lot of bad stuff comes
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home with me. >> craziest thing you brought home? >> craziest? too much stuff from the bakery, yes. >> needs need to be disciplined, yes, you do. well, you have to control yourself one fast-food restaurant is about to offer all you can eat fries. >> common. >> find out which
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> if you are 125% of americans who wait until the last minute to file your tax return, that last minute is not too far off. it is the stroke of midnight
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tonight. if you don't have them filed by then, you have to request a six month extension. but keep in mind, even if you file an extention, you still have to pay any taxes you owe by today. well, some day soon your mcdonalds could look like wawa. >> mcdonald's said it is tested automated kiosk, will select customizeable burgers andes desserts like a key pod, also testing owl all you can evening french fries, unfortunately, right now, the only rest trained to wind in st. joseph missouri. >> well, that's "eyewitness news" noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas for katie and all every us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line for you at the young and the restless is next.
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>> jack: billy? i saw your car outside. we need to talk. billy? >> phyllis: jack? what are you doing here? >> jack: you go first. >> phyllis: i just got out of the shower. billy said there was a robe upstairs, but i couldn't find it, so i ended up putting this on. you should have seen us. we were covered in mud. we had quite the experience. >> billy: yeah, it was hilarious. i, uh -- i just took phyllis on the dirt bike to clear her mind from the deposition. she insisted on driving and going straight through a swamp. >> phyllis: yeah, well, i tried to avoid that. >> billy: you didn't try very hard. >> jack: what you do with your free time is your business. you're gonna have a lot more of it now. you're fired.


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