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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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took a tourniquet from his car, wrapped it around his leg, and then prevented himself from bleeding more heavily until he could be rush to the hospital. a caravan of police vehicles brought accused shooter 23 year-old scott griffin to police headquarters at mid afternoon, shortly after his arrest, for allegedly opening fire, and wounding officer james mccollough a in west philadelphia on sunday evening. >> he is a dangerous individual, obviously, with very happy to get him off of the streets as quickly as we did. >> reporter: investigators say the 24 year-old, two year veteran was shot in the leg by griffin, whom he had chased and tackled, fleeing the scene of a robbery and attempted carjacking nearby. >> is there a slight wrestling, right then and there and suspect starts to take off, officers mccollough starts to chase him. at that point he turns and shoots. >> reporter: second suspect in that robbery carjacking samir coyett was arrested nearby after police say he had been chased and beaten, by the man
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who had allegedly victimized. >> the shooter, had a lengthy record, been arrested four times. non-shooter, three times. >> reporter: police say they are grateful officer mccollough, wounded only five blocks from where officer jesse hartnett was ambushed and shot in the arm in january was not more seriously hurt. >> acts like last night, you know, like the one that officer hartnett was involved in, speak volumes of what the men and women not only of this department but across the country do each and every day. >> reporter: now the commissioner is saying officer mccollough is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. coming up at 6:00 his alleged attacker according to these court record that we have obtained was just released from prison five days before the shooting, last tuesday after a judge dismissed all gun charges against him, and he walked free. more on exactly how that happened, coming up at 6:00.
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live from police headquarters, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty, when we're not on tv we can always get latest on our web site at cbs right the now we have some breaking news in trenton a crossing guard has died after getting hit the by a pickup truck, that is traveling at a high rate of speed this happened near lay lor street on route 129, the driver of the truck stayed at that scene, officials are investigating. a philadelphia father is accused of shooting his own, four year-old daughter a and then pointing the blame at another child. thirty year-old maurice phillips is charged with murder and related charges for the death of tyra phillips. the little girl was shot on the 200 block of east mayfield street inens canning ton on saturday. at first police say phillips tried to blame the child's five-year old sibling for the shooting. >> took blood and actually wiped it on her shirt to try to even more so show that she is the one, who fired the
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lethal shot but once we brought him into the homicide unit we broke town his story a and he quickly admitted to his shooting. >> police say they had six other children inside the bedroom at the time of the shooting but no one else was hurt. a fire fighter is recovering this evening after hurting his angle battling a two alarm fire in delaware county. authorities say the flames whipped through a home on the 100 block of ardmore avenue in upper darby overnight. we're told that home was being renovated and no one was living there. there is no word on what started the flames. well, turning now to campaign 2016, voters in new york, will vote tomorrow and one of the biggest primaries, front runners donald trump and hillary clinton recently lost several contests but they are hoping their hometown ties will put them back on a winning streak. weijia jiang has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump met with minority supporters including a rent advertise
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star am rosa at trump tower on the eve of new york's primary. >> our country is divided, we're totally going to come together. >> reporter: new york businessman head in the contest with the the 33-point lead over nearest rival ted cruz, cruz isn't even in new york, he is campaigning instead in maryland which votes next week. >> we're here today because our country is in crisis. >> reporter: in upstate new york, ohio governor john kasich tried to present himself as the alternative to trump. >> we don't lose anything. what are we losing. we live longer, we are healthier, our education is better. >> reporter: in the democratic race hillary clinton is trying to hold on to a ten-point lead, both she and bernie sanders urged supporters here in new york city, to show up at the polls. >> we're not taking anything for granted. it turns on who comes out and votes. >> reporter: clinton met with union workers at a car wash in queens. while bernie sanders thanked striking verizon workers for
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standing up to corporate greed. >> that is the kind of greed that is destroying the american middle class. >> reporter: sanders has pulled off an upset victory before, and is hoping to to it again. weijia yank for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime our local primaries are almost here, primary day in pennsylvania, and delaware is april 26th, and new jersey will hold its primary on june 7th. the you had is sending 200 troops to iraq to help with the fight begins isis. new forces will be closer to the front line, advising and training iraqi units. u.s. defense secretary ash carter revealed the move during an unannounced trip to iraq today. this comes during a fight to retake the key city of mosul from isis. it brings the number of u.s. forces in iraq to more than 4,000. terror in israel, more than a dozen people are injured in a bus explosion, in jerusalem, where police are calling a terror attack. police are now searching the burned out bus to determine who may have planted the bomb,
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they say man who was seriously injured is under investigation. the blast comes as israelis prepare for passover, amid of the wave of palestinian attacks. a new 290 million-dollar technology center is reaching the midway point on the delaware waterfront. >> when it is complete it will be one of the largest manufacturing companies in camden, and could, add thousands of jobs. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan gets a sneak peak inside. >> reporter: piling as loan could stretch from camden to atlantic city that is how big holtech interested in technology park is along the camden waterfront now midway through construction. >> the construction is going remarkably well. >> reporter: they are building 600,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space. the company specializes in equipment for nuclear and other types of the power plant. they have site in several countries but want to grow in camden and that means jobs. >> we expect to have have 400 to 500 jobs in design and manufacturing this time next
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year and we expect to it ramp up to a thousand or a few thousands. >> reporter: possibly as many as 10,000 employees in the next couple decade, if their products sell as they envision. while some of the roughly 300 construction employees do come from affair, most of them are drawn from the local union. >> we're hiring as many camden residents as we can an hol tech international want to be a catalyst for change. we're bringing manufacturing back into camden. >> reporter: holtech and subaru are new wave of investments in camden ignited by 2013 economic opportunity act which hand out big tax breaks to companies if they build or move to camden. holtech gets 260 million in tax incentive while moving jobs from the current offices in marlton. >> it stinks. >> reporter: sherry worked for super market across the street from holtech in marlton and she's not too happen bye a company offering in her town because camden can offer tax breaks. >> it should be more level. they should not get tax breaks. >> reporter: holtech say they were kept from moving to south
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caroline and they are partnering local schools to grow a local work force n camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight is shaping up to be a very busy evening in the philly's sports scene. >> and, take to the ice for game three of the playoff series, capitals at wells fargo center and phillies, of course, are playing at citizens wang park. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do joins us from south philadelphia where tailgating is underway a lot of traffic, in our air were tonight, hi there, trang. >> with this gorgeous weather you can see it is going strong. fans so excited for first home playoff game after two games away in washington. also lot of emotion out here tonight, as many are remembering flyers founder ed snider. >> a special game tonight for so many, flyers fans. >> we're super excited, this is the first hockey game so he is super pumped for flyers. >> reporter: also super pumped to be at her first flyers game, chippy. >> lets go flyers. >> reporter: this marks first home playoff game since
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passing of flyers founder and chairman ed snider. >> and i'm glad we can be here for the first game after he passed away, real sad and i imagine it will be an emotional moment. i hope they win. >> reporter: flyers are down two to nothing in the caps in the playoff series, and some just happy the team made it to the post season at all. >> it the is just the playoffs, a heck of a treat. sure, we have to go autopsy against the caps but we beat them in the regular season towards the end, so it is not improbable. >> reporter: everyone, keeping a game face on. >> hopefully fans will pick the team up and we can get back in the series. anything can happen. >> reporter: and those lucky enough to attend tonightes game will be treated to an interactive light show in honor of ed snider. if you are not coming this game it is best to avoid this area as we mentioned during phillies game, going on at exact same time so traffic is expect to be a mess. for now we are live from the ballpark, i'm trang do for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> flyers caps, phillies caps, leave now. you should be there for now. thanks, very much. coming up, down zero and two in the series, hear from the guys about the make or break game. our leslie van arsdal will have that in sports. right now coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a wild scene in texas, a major flooding turns streets into rivers. and submerging dozens of subdivisions. the one family escapes and empty floating refrigerator why authorities say the worst may not be over. also a new breast cancer test that spares some patient from his unnecessary, chemotherapy, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us how it works and who might benefit the most. and can't stay up to watch, good question, we are rerunning your favorites right here on "eyewitness news", at 5:00. coming up why are people allowed to park in the middle of the street in south philadelphia. it is one of our top ten good questions and i'll have the answer at 5:55. kate?
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after a stunner of the weekend, it has been a beautiful monday, we're in the 80's right now but changes on the way, we have cooler air and chance of rain returning to the forecast after a long hiatus without any rain, we will tell you when it gets here and when to maybe grab a jacket when you leave the here and when to maybe grab a jacket when you leave the house all coming up when we eighty six million adults have a serious medical condition called prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you may be one of them, and your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher. the good news is that you can prevent or delay diabetes. talk to your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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well, some dramatic pictures emerging tonight from houston where there has been so much rain, it has led to widespread, flooding. more than a foot of rain has fallen in the houston area submerging scores of subdivisions and several highways, thousands are without power. since sunday night about 20 inches of rain has fallen in the houston area. thirteen buy yous and creeks overflowed their banks, shelters have been established for those having to flee their home. a reporter, covering the texas flood became part of the story. he weighedded in the flood water to help a man escape from the sinking car. you can see the man struggling to swim but a reporter rushed to his aid. new after shocks, complicate the frantic search for survivors, in ecuador.
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authorities say at least 350 people were killed in a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on saturday. thousands of others were hurt, in as many as 100,000 people may need relief assistance. secretary of state john kerry says u.s. will help in anyway possible. u.s. forces have joined relief effort in southern japan, they are delivering food and emergency supplies, to remote areas, devastated by two powerful earthquakes last week. authorities say at least 42 people died and more than a thousand, were injured in the quake, on thursday, and saturday. well, tens of thousands of runners celebrate marathon monday by taking part in the boston marathon. >> cbs reporter don champion tells you today was 120th running of the event and third observance of the bombing attacks that killed three people that injured hundreds near the finish line. >> and there she is... >> reporter: ethiopian runners, and others won 120 boston marathon crossing the finish line just afternoon.
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over the next few hours, 30,000 other runners followed, including boston area native lauren simco, who has run the boston marathon six years in a row. >> i kind of like last years weather better because it was cold. >> reporter: in 2013 she crossed the finish line 90 minutes before the twin bombs killed three people. she admits the experience gave her perspective. >> at the end of the day it is so much more than just your time, it is about the people, the community, and just my family and friend and just the whole community coming together. >> reporter: about 1 million spectators line the marathon route to cheer on the runners from here on boylston street. closer to the finish line that meant security screenings part of the massive police presence. >> it makes me feel safe and secure because i was nervous. >> reporter: for run hours finished, nerves gave way to relieve which gave way to pain and something better. >> most incredible thing i have ever done. >> reporter: father belton
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says 2013 bombings put boston on his bucket list. >> you watch what happened and if you are a runner, you know it is something you need to do at some point in your life. >> reporter: mission accomplished. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, this is also the 50th anniversary of the first woman to finish the boston marathon. she hid in the bushes near starting line for what was at the time, a male only rid. and pretty incredible. >> for runners it may have been on a warm side. >> okay. >> yes. >> i wouldn't know that because i'm not a runner. >> me either. today would have been a perfect day for running in my book for that many miles but what a beautiful day. i just asked what was the best day in your opinion, sat the kay, sunday or today. >> i like sunday good i liked sunday. >> i was out identify in the afternoon for a long walk. >> beautiful. >> eighteen holes is a long walk.
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>> a walk with some golf. >> did you carry your own bag. >> with some golf. >> okay. most people are saying sunday is their favorite day, today on the warmer size, temperatures in the 80's right now, saturday, cooler, it was a chilly breeze from the northeast, sunday yesterday was springtime perfection. lets take a look outside right now and we will see how this evening is shaping up, that deep blue sky is looking gorgeous, tonight. i say 81 degrees at the moment is our high today. it is feeling more like june then april, and not a lot of complaints here. we told you this would be peak of the heat so fit ties warm it will get cooler. we have a to you more nice day with temperatures in the 07's still coming this week. another lot beautiful blue sky north and west of philadelphia in kutztown it is 78 degrees there. right now nothing but a few clouds, overhead. storm scan three is clear we have talk since last week about how this blocking pattern has us in the good stuff but unfortunately for some parts like houston we just mentioned not quite as good. you can see tons of pattern here. here's the storm center.
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notice how it is sitting. we are under a big dome of high pressure. warm front right about here, that is going to turn in the back door cool front over next few days but notice thousand rain over south texas and louisiana justice not moving. that is what you get in the blocking pattern nothing really moving, so when you are stuck under rain you can be stuck under it for days and it looks like houston area, portions of louisiana a through the next few days could get another three to 4 inches of rain on top of what has already fouled and over a foot. >> and back door cold front notice add different tomorrow. eighty-one. boston got to 67. tomorrow, that cooler air moves in, boston's high tomorrow 51. new york's 58. for us we will trim heat back down to 47 degrees. temperatures right now 81 in philadelphia 80 in wilmington. eighty in reading. eighty-two, in allentown, one more look at that houston rainfall. look at that. that is in the 20-inch range to the west of houston so luckily that rain heading our
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way. something we have to talk about tomorrow is breeze picks up is a a fire weather watch, low humidity, strong gusty wind, dry brush in place, and continued to see dry stretch in the pine barons area very prone to wild fires this time of the year, never as we say further to throw cigarette butts out the car window especially on a day like tomorrow. tomorrow, sun and clouds, still warm 74 degrees. wind picks up in the afternoon. wednesday when we feel brunt of the back door cool front with temperatures in the mid 60es a. now back to 71 degrees on thursday. three day forecast, looks like a repeat of last week, beautiful days forever, but not so fast my friend we have some rain to talk about, by the end of the week and i'll break that down for you. >> not so fast, my friend. >> we have had a good run. >> amazing week. >> thanks. >> a appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" it is number one movie at box office but jungle book is creating a clem air to some parents. >> coming up the conversation you might want to have with
5:21 pm
the children before seeing the film in theaters. leslie. well, ukee we have game three flyers/capitals, flyers may be down but they are not out, they know what they have to do, one of the things they have to stop this guy alex ovechkin, he is dangerous, we will hear from the flyers and their game plan next.
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flyers return home to the wells fargo center to take on the caps. >> they are down two to nobody but hopes are still high that they cannery bound with a little home cooking. >> let's do this. >> that always. leslie van arsdal is live, with more on that, leslie, what is going on out there. >> it sure does. you know, basically thinks a win this one or forget all about it kind of a game. the flyers know exactly what they have to do. they have been in these games but they have to find tune some things especially on the power play. capitals two games to none flyers hope to start digging out of that hole tonight.
5:25 pm
coach dave hakstol feels they are playing well and isn't changing things up for game number three. >> the guys are playing well. he is seeing pucks and reading plays extremely well. the challenges us to do a better job making it difficult for him to do his job. >> we are been playing fine. the way we're playing right now, we're playing the rye way. we're getting our chances. we have to stay witt. >> flyers struggled to sustain pressure particularly on the power play. capitals goalie brandon holt by has been a big problem, allowing just one goal in two games. >> he is great goaltender. it is not for any reason. he is a great goalie. it is frustrating when you see something bouncing off the post or off his body and to the post and realize how lucky can he get but he is a good goalie for a reason. >> us forward is doing a bet josh to take the right path to get in holtby's face and it has not been easy. they are a very good defensive
5:26 pm
hockey team and but we have to find a better way to do it. >> this will also be the first home game since the passing of the flyers chairman ed snider, so it will be obviously be an emotion will game for players and fans here. there is numerous tributes that are planned for mr. snider throughout the game. coming up at 6:00 we will get more into that and how the fans will be able to take a part of that tribute. now back to you ukee and nicole that will be wonderful. >> thanks, leslie. coming up next half an hour a warning for pet own hours walk their dogs, at the jersey shore. and face of millions of undocumented immigrants are under review by the supreme court. find out what could happen, if there is a split decision. fighting breast cancer, without chemotherapy, health reporter stephanie stahl tells you about a new gene test, how it works and why it may spare thousands of patient from his unnecessary, treatment. and new at 6:00 a gorilla with a story to tell, she's expecting, but wait until you hear how officials at philadelphia a zoo, found out,
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about the pregnancy. we will be right back.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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supreme court hear oral arguments over president's executive action on immigration, a case that could have a pro found impact on millions of undocumented immigrants. we will start with new developments in the america's immigration debate i'm nicole brewer. guess case off. >> aim's ukee washington. texas and 25 other states have filed suit, aiming to stop the president's executive actions which they say, only congress has the power to implement. cbs reporter paul reid has more from the high court. >> reporter: hundreds of undocumented immigrants protested outside supreme court on monday, they say the fear of deportation is
5:31 pm
overwhelming. >> i pray every day. it is not a normal will life. >> reporter: marlene uribe are exactly the kind of people impact by president's executive action that will stop deportation of millions have undocumented immigrants. texas and 25 other states sued the government claiming president obama over stepped his legal authority. >> our efforts to stop the president's illegal immigration plan go back to the fundamental principal is that one person doesn't have the unilateral authority to change the law and make new law. >> reporter: government says that the president has the authority to set priorities on immigration enforcement and questions whether texas and other states have the right to sue. >> the justices this morning seemed very concerned, and vigorous questioning about whether the state of texas had standing or right to even be in court. >> reporter: justice anthony kennedy, who is considered a swing vote on the court was critical while questioning the government's lawyers. >> justice kennedy ace begins
5:32 pm
it could abe four-four split. >> it could be. >> then what happens. >> then what happens is we go to november. >> reporter: then representative louise guitar essays a split decision will galvanize vote hours will elect officials to change law in congress. paula read, cbs news, the supreme court. four-four split would mean lower court rulings company stand and president's plan would likely not be implemented before he leaves office. increase in gun sales has created tens of thousands of jobs in the last year. that is according to the national shooting sports foundation which says that nearly 25,000 manufacturing and retail jobs were added in 2015. that is up 10 percent from the year before. sales are being driven by desire for self-defense, and concerns that guns could soon be harder to acquire. mayor jim kenney is pushing to make universal prek a reality in philadelphia, but a says it will take major public investment, to get it done. >> prek is absolutely, something that we need. we need it for as many
5:33 pm
children as possible. our goal, it is 10,000 kid between now and the end of this first term and continuing to grow that cohort as we move forward. >> reporter: the mayor was joined by philadelphia teachers union and within reach campaign to call for universal prek. they want the presidential candidates to make proposal a top priority in the next debate. well, this week expect some delays on route 130 in burlington county. the new jersey department of transportation says that today through thursday crews will be completing safety improvement work on the crystal lake damage repairs on the route 130 bridge. state officials say that the left lane of route 130 will be closed in both directions between cr662 in bordentown and crystal lake park in mansfield. a dog dies after eating something it found on the beach in north cape may and now animal control has issued a warning. on friday, two-year old dog described as healthy, did not swim in the water but began vomiting, and then collapsed in a coma-like state and died
5:34 pm
at a hospital. shore animal control is advising pet owners to only walk their dogs on the beach on aleve leash and to be aware of anything that the dog put in its mouth. pennsylvania senator patrick toomey is presented with the humane society's legislative lead's ward. "eyewitness news" at pspca in hunting park. each year humane society award lawmakers for leadership on protecting animals and sponsoring pro animal legislation. >> there is a measure of decency of society that we have being the willingness and character and determination to protect most vulnerable and our animals are most vulnerable. >> senator toomey also says that he appreciates all of the hard work done to keep animals safe here in philadelphia. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a test that can help determine whiz early stage breast cancer patients can safely skip chemotherapy. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is there with the results of the new research released today. >> just came out this afternoon, guys. while often life saving,
5:35 pm
chemotherapy is difficult and for most patients, but doctors say that some women will be able to survive without chemo and that can be determined by genetic testing. today this new research says that gene testing can accurately identify which patients can skip chemo. >> she's a two time breast cancer survivor, she had chemotherapy in 2002 after she was first diagnosed. >> you have exhaustion that isn't helped by sleep and you get cognitive impairment. >> reporter: ten years laters doctors found a different type of breast cancer. >> i really didn't wanting to through chemotherapy again. >> reporter: so doctors recommended the ma'amaprint test which analyzes 07 genes. new study looked at 3,000 breast cancer patients and found many early stage patients could avoid chemotherapy after surgery. >> would machine with by logically low risk tumors,
5:36 pm
even if they are clinical high risk, don't benefit from chemotherapy. >> reporter: until recently a large tumor or cancer cells in the limb have node automatically meant chemotherapy. >> if you are at a low risk you have just as good an outcome at five years if you don't have chemotherapy. >> reporter: dianne's score was ultra low so she had a lump removed, radiation and no chemo. >> i was just so relieved. >> reporter: dianne is currently cancer free. new doctors say that there are other kind of gene tests that work the same way, to identify patients with early stage breast cancer, who can safely, not get chemotherapy. lots of people obviously interested in this and it is something you need to talk tour doctor about. >> amazing the advancement they are making so exciting. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. still to come tonight the jungle book opens up with one of the biggest debuts ever, but some, parents are questioning its dark intent and nature. what experts say you should discuss with your children
5:37 pm
before and after watching the film. why can you park in the middle of the street in south philadelphia? it is top zero good question that launched our popular segment on the 11:00 o'clock news. if you didn't see it, in worries, we will launch the best of good question, right here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and coming up what the experts say about the decade old parking mystery. kate? well, beautiful early summer-like day but we are tracking cooler air and also return of rain and thunder to the forecast. i'll tell you when coming up in the seven day when we come right back.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible
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amazon takes on netflix with its own stand a loan streaming services. the plan cost $8.99 a month and could benefit people that want video and movie streaming but don't want to subscribe to amazon prime. that subscription also offers video screaming and other perks for $99 a year. the option launches just as netflix move toward higher subscription rates. the deadline to file your taxes if you have not already is quickly approaching. the returns have to be post marked before midnight tonight. if you need more time you'll to have request a six month extension. but please keep in mind even if you file for that extension you still to have pay any taxes thaw owe, by today. are you done. >> yeah. >> yes. >> all done. >> all right. >> it was cutting it close. >> i got a guy, i'm done. i got a guy. >> you got a guy. >> good stuff. >> coming up another twist in the game of thrones, drama, how president obama is getting involved. >> um-hmm. >> we will have that n
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i have heard a lot about this movie. i have to see it. >> i'm looking forward to it too. >> disney's new live action
5:45 pm
version of the jungle book debuted at the top of the box office this weekend, pulling in 104 million-dollar in the you had alone. >> a lot of money but is it too scary for kid? the insider's debbie joins us now from los angeles with more. hi there, debbie. >> ukee and nicole, this movie is beautiful but it is also very intense at times. so parents at homes your kid may have some questions after they see it. we assembled a panel of experts to help. here's our insider's guide to the jungle book. we all saw the jungle book. how do you think it compares to the 1967 classic. >> i think apples and oranges. the these are two totally different films. this was not going to be all singing songs and happiness. >> reporter: can our young are kid handle wild, scary villainness disney's live action version of the jungle book in our round table breaks it down. fandango tara mack mar, romey, and parenting reporter donna
5:46 pm
petro. >> that is, forbidden. >> your five-year old to see it. >> i did, which i have questioned. >> the kiddies constantly in peril in this film. surprising thing is if he loved it and he wasn't scared at all. >> you took your seven year-old, donna. >> i did, and he got into my lap, very quickly and stayed there the entire time. >> so it was scary for him. >> he came out of the film and said that was awesome, i loved it. >> i cannot help but notice this strange odor, today. >> reporter: so what do you think is an appropriate age to take children to see this film. >> i would say for safety zone, eight. i feel like eight just to blanket statement. >> i think you are right. my eight year-old might not be able to handle it. >> that is right, it depend on the kid. we have so much more on the insider, ukee and nicole, back to you in the studio. >> good stuff, thanks very much. you can watch insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. kate bilo joins with us
5:47 pm
our forecast, there are lots of people in south philadelphia right now ready for baseball, ready for hockey, tailgate, beautiful weekend. >> best day to tailgate. >> it will be hard to get people to go inside the stadium. >> it might be. >> it will be so great in the parking lot. it is a gorgeous night outside. no problems out there. it has been a great stretch of weather. question is how long can this possibly last. >> how long can it possibly last. >> well, we have some rain that will clear it out. >> we always have some bad news. >> there has to be a lit built of bad news. but not much. we need rain. the plants, hours need rain and it will come in friday. good news it does look like next weekend or this coming next weekend will be nice. we will see sunshine with temperatures in the 50's. one day of rain is not too bad. lets look at is what happening outside, we will go outside to the roof cam at cbs broadcast center looking beautiful, blue sky, as far as eye can see. it has not been a good week for clouds if you are a fan of cloud formation, we have not
5:48 pm
been seeing much, if anything in the way of cloud cover for the past several days, and, it has been comfortable for past few days, saturday was chilly, we are sitting and feeling that north east wind pick up, it was chilly, yesterday not chilly at all, today opposite of chilly nice and warm temperatures in the 80's. and 82 at the philadelphia international airport. eyewitness weather watchers, loving this day, they are reporting temperatures in the 80's, all across the map here. william is in levittown, 83 degrees with sunshine. 16 percent relative humidity. feels like desert southwest. and i said last week this would be like forecasting in san diego, palm springs, but not philadelphia generally in april to have this nice long stretch, you know, saying april showers bring may flowers had to come somewhere. it doesn't look like it came from this april. it has been dry for quite sometime. greg mccoy says warm summer like day, bright sun, humidity on the rise, pollen collecting on my caps. yes, pollen is high. we will look at that in a moment. lets take a lot storm scan
5:49 pm
three which shows just a little bit of rain off to the north, over portions of maine, but notice how that is moving a little bit southward and that is that back door cold front we have been talking about, it will not come in wet for us but it will bring south cloud cover possibly tomorrow and also a strong gusty breeze, and then temperatures will start to drop. in the meantime, you can see where cold front is. this will come through on friday, not bringing us kind of rain they have had in houston but will bring us some wet weather. in the meantime, it is dry, warm, 28 right now in philadelphia. eighty-three in allentown. seventy-seven in lancaster. you can see that line, how much cooler it is behind the front and how warm it is out ahead of it. this is warm sector of the storm. entire eastern half except for northern maine. we have had temperature surge today. low this morning was 47 degrees. high today, 82, and cool start, nice warm afternoon and cool, comfortable night as well. future weather shows that back door cold front. it does not have any rain. high pressure builds back in late tuesday into wednesday,
5:50 pm
and it is another dry stretch but notice you can see how those cooler lines moving in, thickness start to drop a little bit and temperatures will start to head downward for a couple days before rebounding, as we get into thursday. here's your pollen report. we are at 111.2 very high, tomorrow high as well. wednesday, not looking great, either, so if you are an allergy sufferer, probably not enjoying this weather quite as much as you would otherwise, definitely need medicines the next few days. here's your phillies first pitch information case, great baseball weather. feels like june. 77 degrees with sunshine through tonight's game in, problems at citizens bank and take a look at your overnight outlook not too bad, not as chilly, no frost advisories, 56 degrees our overnight low. tomorrow, still warm, not as warm as today, little breezy so we have that fire weather watch tomorrow afternoon, and still seven , four feeling great. wednesday, cooler, sunny, thursday looks great, friday is day we have showers, possibly a rumble of thunder or two and weekend is sunny and seasonal with highs in the
5:51 pm
mid 60's a. ukee and neck coal back over to you. >> one of the co hosts of the talk seen here on cbs-3 is getting a divorce. >> we are separating and i have filed for divorce a couple weeks ago. you know, it could have been a painful thing to go through but really painful thing to go through in public. >> tearful iisha tyler made that announcement on today's show. she and her husband have been married for more than 20 years, they were college sweethearts n divorce papers the causes cited as irreconcilable differences. journalist are now after one of the perks of the president obama. white house got advanced copies of the hbo show game of shows. now journalist are filing a freedom of information challenge to try to force the president to share the dvd's. the hit show, it is in its sixth season. really. >> really. >> that is a tricky way to go about it. >> i'm telling you can't wait to see it.
5:52 pm
>> they can't. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight why are people allowed to park in the middle of the street particularly in south philadelphia. >> it is a top ten good questions, i'll have the answer up next. it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column
5:53 pm
oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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5:55 pm
a fact that many of you tune in every night at 11:00 to see our very popular good question segment. we realize not everyone can stay up quite that late. >> i get a lot of e-mails that
5:56 pm
say just that they cannot stay up until 11:00. we thought it would be great to run top ten good questions on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. best example of the segment be we launched in january. we are beginning today with the piece that started it all, back by popular demand, lot of people asked about this one. your people allowed to park in the middle of the the street in south philadelphia. lets take a look. >> what do you say to people getting all, in your business, wondering about parking in the middle of the street. >> i think they should, take a deep breath and get a life. >> i was to talk if i was on the corner, you know, it would be bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. >> reporter: in south philadelphia eighties not wise to question convention. >> i cannot go there. >> reporter: but, what makes life easier. >> park in the middle of the street in south philadelphia is a golden ticket. >> we're having a reaction to it. >> it is crazy to me. >> reporter: we had to know, why are people allowed to park in the middle of the broad street. >> there is no place to park. no where else to park.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: that hasn't stopped philadelphia parking authority in the past. >> cheap suit. >> reporter: it turns it is in the up to them. good to hear hopefully never will be their jurisdiction. >> wow. >> police enforcement, on broad street. >> reporter: first, lou campeo said they used discretion for decade, started out as a courtesy to funeral homes along broad street and then urban legend, that the broad street diner. >> south philly men come in, it was when mobsters used to run, extra run. >> and, early on. >> reporter: it has been a problem a long time. >> it goes back, historically to, the number of cars in, south philadelphia. >> if we didn't that have allotted middle where would we go? >> that is the cause. >> reporter: so for at least for now. >> we will getaway with it, we he getaway with it.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: if it ain't broke. >> don't fix it. >> reporter: that is not to say there aren't any rules, if you land a spot in the middle be sure not to cross the line, if you park too far up on a turning lane captain tell me you will get a 51-dollar ticket. >> how about that. i have done it once. >> have you. >> when i got out of the carry was like, hey. >> is this okay. >> yes. >> it is totally allowed. >> it is legitimate. >> you have to get that spot. >> top spot. >> yes. >> it is tonightes good question is a good one why are hockey players allowed to fight? of course, flyers played the capitols in game number three of the playoffs at the well tonight. first two games were a bit chippy as we say in hockey but is what the deal why would referees let the players fight it out, i will have that answer coming up tonight at 11c. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using the #, cbs-3 good question. and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 an emotional night in south philadelphia,
5:59 pm
there is a lot at stake as flyers host the capitol in game number three, but the late ed snider will be on their mind, how they plan to honor their chairman's memory. a suspect gunman behind bars in the philadelphia officer recovering, after being wounded in the line of duty, tonight we're learning more about that suspect, and yes was on the streets in the first place. plus ntsb released a new report in the deadly amtrak crash in chester earlier this month, what investigators are saying about the workers on the track at the time of that collision. kate? and temperatures in the 80's today, has it feeling like early summer but how long can this last? we're talking temperatures dropping slightly and our next chance for rain, in the forecast "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. and now at 6:00 o'clock
6:00 pm
playoff hockey returns to philadelphia with extra special meaning. the flyers were on home ice for the first time since the passing of chairman ed snider, and tonight reminders of his legacy are every where. it is sure to be an emotional night the for players and fans alike in south philadelphia. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal is in the with the fans taking part in the special ceremony honoring mr. snider, leslie. >> that is right this will be a special night, and as you said very emotional night for players, organization and the fans, every fan coming here as they walk in will get one of these t-shirts, with the silhouette of the late great ed snider on the t-shirt. there is a huge banner as you drive-in to the sports complex and there is a huge video tribute, planned in his honor and of course, the players thoughts are here for mr. snider. >> it will be an emotional night for flyers organizatio


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