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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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philadelphia with extra special meaning. the flyers were on home ice for the first time since the passing of chairman ed snider, and tonight reminders of his legacy are every where. it is sure to be an emotional night the for players and fans alike in south philadelphia. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal is in the with the fans taking part in the special ceremony honoring mr. snider, leslie. >> that is right this will be a special night, and as you said very emotional night for players, organization and the fans, every fan coming here as they walk in will get one of these t-shirts, with the silhouette of the late great ed snider on the t-shirt. there is a huge banner as you drive-in to the sports complex and there is a huge video tribute, planned in his honor and of course, the players thoughts are here for mr. snider. >> it will be an emotional night for flyers organization and the fans as they honor
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founder and flyers chairman ed snide shore died one week ago. his initials, on the ice. >> we're playing for mr. snider here, you know, it would be emotional, not only for the players, and the staff and the organization but also for the fans. so it will be something to see. >> we have to find a way to turn this into a positive and use that energy and i think he is probably watching to somewhere upstairs and the best he can do is get a big win for him. >> reporter: sports icon brought hockey to philadelphia and for five decade was heavily involved with the team. the players know the building will feel this loss, they need to stay focused. >> it is important to not just get too high or too amped, we have to keep things in check. it will be exciting to get back out there on home ice and everything that has happened, within the organization, within the last week or so,
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emotions will be high but in order for us to be successful we cannot over do things. >> reporter: now there will be a moving video tribute, at the beginning of the game, the pregame video tribute and every fan will get one of these bracelets which will light up at different times so that every single fan can be a part of what is going on here tonight. we will send it back to you ukee and nicole. >> as you allude todd mr. snider will be on the mind of the fans tonight. live look, lets give you outside the arena as fans file in the wells fargo center. tonight they are hoping the team on the ice can pay tribute to the late chairman with the big win and even can tals fans we taught up with say they respected ed snider. >> i think it will be a really motional night with the passing of mr. snider and hopefully fans will pick the team up and we can get back in the series. anything can happen. we will see how it goes. >> he was a great owner. being a caps fan you have to respect ed for everything he
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he has done for franchise of the flyers and just a great guy all the way and great with his honor and commitment to the flyers. i tip my cap to him. >> all fans attending the game will receive a commemorative t-shirt with the silhouette of ed snider, within the flyers logo. tonight, we are learning more about the suspect accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer in the leg. court record show suspect was just released from prison after a judge dismissed gun charges against him. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at police headquarters to explain just how that happened, walt. >> reporter: nicole, the accused shooter scott griffin is being interviewed by detectives right behind me, these court record obtained by cbs-3 shows he has a record of 14 convictions and in fact had been just let out of price than last tuesday, after an arrest on gun charges. charges that were dismissed, by a judge, due to lack of
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evidence. >> unaudible. >> reporter: most dreaded of all police calls, officers shot, sounded across police radio sunday night, 24 year-old officer james mccollough wounded in the leg police say by a suspect he had chased and tackled, after a robbery and attempted carjacking. >> there is a slight wrestling, a tuesdayeling right then and then suspect starts to take off. officer mccollough starts to chase him. at that point he turns and shoots. >> reporter: the suspect 23 year-old scott griffin brought to police headquarters in this caravan of vehicles in mid afternoon shortly after his arrest without incident in west philadelphia. a second suspect, in the robbery carjacking, samir coyett arrested earlier on sunday evening. >> a shooter had a lengthy record and been arrested 14 times. the non-shooter has been arrested three times. >> reporter: record show griffin had been arrested on multiple weapons violations
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march 16th, but was released from prison last tuesday, after a judge dismissed those charges citing a lack of evidence. the district attorney's office immediately refiled the charges, but record show before griffin could be taken into custody, he a allegedly gunned down officer mccollough. >> he is a dangerous individual, obviously we're very happy to get him off the streets as quickly as we did. >> reporter: griffin's court appointed attorney did not respond to our request for comment. meanwhile, everyone is praising the police officer's courage, officer mccollough after a being wounded police say continued to chase the suspect, fired three shots at griffin, and he was not struck, and then went to his car, got out a tourniquet and applied to it his own leg wound to help control bleeding before it was rush to the hospital. he is expected to be released in the very near future. live from police headquarters, walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just unbelievable walt,
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thanks. a father is charged with murder for allegedly shooting his own young daughter in a roomful of children this happened on saturday at a home in the 200 block of east mayfield street in kensington. police say a four year-old named tahere phillips died instantly. six other siblings were in that room. thirty year-old maurice phillips eventually confessed but blamed a five-year old child at first and even tried to stage the crime scene. >> through the inngation we found out he took blood and wiped it on her shirt to try to even more so, show, that she's the one that fired the lethal shot. >> phillips later turned himself into the the 24th police district. his preliminary hearing is set for next month. we have new developments tonight on the deadly amtrak trash in chester. a new report find that the crash earlier this month may have been due to a communications issues. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us from our satellite center with more,
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david. >> reporter: new report unfortunately not many answers. >> two lock time amtrak employees were killed when the derailment happened earlier this month. tonight we are taking a closer look at that report just release aid few hours ago. amtrak car number 89 struck a backhoe april 3rd, wounding 41 people, more than previously reported. according to the national transportation safety board, 344 people were on board, and no one on the train died, but veterans amtrak workers peter adamwitch and joe carter were killed. train was going 106 miles an hour, according to a new report released monday that backhoe at center of the accident was being used to clean hardened mud spots and other minor debris on the tracks, main track two was removed from services and work continued with constraints on tracks one, three and 46789 train 89 was not supposed to travel on track three, occupied by the backhoe but authorities say that somehow the train slammed into the backhoe, causing the accident. experts cited a clear communication issue.
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the train was on its way from manhattan to savanna, georgia. amtrak estimated damages of 2.2 million-dollar. now this is a preliminary report, more reports will be released over the next year, that is very typical with the ntsb. we are three weeks shy of the one year anniversary of the major amtrak i should say crash in port richmond that killed eight and injured dozens. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to weather where you could not ask for a better start to the week. marvelous monday, with you will it stay this way. meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck and we have a look ahead, kate. >> we do nicole. it is a beautiful afternoon, soak it up while it is here but we don't expect anymore days quite as warm as this, if you like it in the 80's you may have to wait for a while. temperatures heading downward but still at or above average most days this week. it looks like we are dry at least for next couple of days. taking a quick look outside right now and it is feeling
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very comfortable. in fact, well above average. 81 degrees in philadelphia we will hit our high of 81 last hour. eighty in allentown. seventy-nine in reading. cooler at the coast and thanks to that cooler ocean water. we are on a temperature roller coaster here, but notice average high is just 65, even on our coolest day which is wednesday we will be close to normal and then back to the 70's but we have a few things to talk about rain does return to the forecast, i'll tell you which day you'll need to grab the umbrella when you leave the house and we have a fire weather watch for tomorrow. we will tell what you that means when i join you inside. >> thanks, kate. still to come on "eyewitness news" exciting news from the philadelphia zoo, one of their gorillas is expecting but you might not believe how zoo keepers found out she was pregnant. we have the answer coming up. a special place for delaware county for young people suffering from developmental disorder. reason why this play ground can help and where you can
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at the playground it is dedicated to a dell care county elementary school. >> autistic support playground at this elementary school. play ground was custom built with specialized equipment to support children with autism spectrum disorder. >> we will encourage exploration and discovery and provide a just right experience, for those seeking sensory stimulation. >> nearly 50 students at primrose elementary have been identified as having autism. new addition will soon be joining the philadelphia zoo. for the first time in more than two decade, a baby gorilla will be born there. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more on the gorilla family and surprising way the staff found out that momma was pregnant. >> they have not have had
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happened at philadelphia zoo since 1994. >> it is surreal heart heart honey, a 21 year-old momma gorilla will soon have a baby to protect. >> that is great because the baby gorilla is coming out from a mom's belly. >> probably come every couple of weeks, they love it. >> reporter: check out this result sound photo taken by zoo staff a peak at growing baby grill. they were able to see, limbs moving and fingers, you know, development. >> reporter: few weeks ago over counter pregnancy test confirmed what zoo staff suspect. >> the same that you would use in your home. >> her belly has definitely popped out. >> reporter: baby will be a welcome addition. honey is western lowland gorilla one of five of her kind at the fail zoo. >> critically ending nerd our habitat through a combination of habitat loss, poaches, the bush meat trade and in fact most recently they are impact by things like ebola a. >> reporter: while they are carefully following honey's pregnant see. >> able to look at different body parts and in case there
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were an injury. >> reporter: so far, so good. the zoo says they will wait to name baby after finding out whether it is a boy or girl. girls have have a pretty similar pregnant see period as human just under nine months. honey is expect to give birth in the early fall. reporting from the philadelphia zoo, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will all be uncles and aunts. >> yes, cool thing. >> very fascinating creatures. >> kate has your forecast, your wonderful forecast, oh, yeah. >> it has been so nice for so long. you get used to it. it will be rough when we have to grab that umbrella. >> well, at some point. >> but right now, um. >> right now, you just need sun umbrella, possibly this afternoon sitting outside, maybe at baseball practice, soccer practice, just a sun you have to worry about definitely put on that spf in april you can get burnout side and that will be the case for next couple days. the umbrella you'll need by friday. let look at is what happening outside we will take you out to bethlehem a beautiful shot at northampton county.
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camera mounted on top of the hotel bethlehem. blue skies, green grass, everything in bloom. this is such a beautiful time of the year. we have had a great spring stretch after a rocky start to april, things have turnout really nice over the past week or so. and your live neighborhood network looking good, live look from the middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse at 56 degrees. you can see fields are packed as we look toward bays and ocean, nothing going on, it is quiet and it is beautiful. storm scan three is showing the setup here. we are still in this blocking pattern. we have been talking about this since last week but there is a warm front across portions of new england really. this will start to purpose back to the south. it is already starting to move further south. that back door cold front we have been talking about. actual cold front associated with this storm is back here, and notice, it is not moving much at all. rain coming south to north and really been drenching the houston area in particular over the past 72 hours or so. take a look at how much rain,
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that green, grayish white shading that is five plus inches of rain. 20 inches of spots. they are expect to get at least another three or four over the next day or two. we have talk about it last week having being in the blocking pattern and stuck in the good stuff for days like we are. other times we have been stuck under the rain for days and days. temperatures right now, feeling great, 81 degrees in philadelphia a. eighty in allentown. 79 degrees in wilmington. you can see the difference. talk about that back door cold front. we have a high that got up to 67. new york city got to 78. watch what happens thomas that cool air invade, boston's high only 51. 16 degrees cooler. new york city is 68. we will drop at least seven or 8 degrees have we will be around 74 degrees for tomorrow. ocean water still cool. that factors in as well with that northerly flow. you can see wind change, overnight wind are generally light, tomorrow, don't see a whole lot of rain or any showers with this, the radar is clear but tomorrow afternoon we have win from the
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north, and northwest at 25 miles an hour, and because it is breezy and because air is so dry we have a fire weather watch for the entire area tomorrow afternoon. so low humidity, less than 30 percent relative humidity. wind gust 25 to 30 miles an hour. dry bunch and branches around and continued dry stretch means fire threat is quite high, especially areas most prone like pine barons in south jersey. overnight a few cloud, mild not as cold as recent nights. fifty-six is your overnight low. tomorrow sun and included turning breezy. wind north westerly ten to 20 with gusts as high as 30 tomorrow afternoon. high still warm at 74 degrees. and let take a peak at that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, looking good. in more 80-degree plus day. wednesday coolest back to 65 which is right on target for this time of the year, mid-april. thursday we are back to 71 with sunshine. increasing cloud. friday is when a few showers roll through, some steady rain at times, rumble of thunder or two and then cold front
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clears, we will not be stuck in days of this like they have been in south east texas. we will clear it out for weekend and weekend looks really good. we will clear out saturday, sunday mostly sunny and seasonal, not a normal but highs in the mid 60's and looks dry for this weekend as well. you cannot complain about that. >> no, that snow we had was distant memory what was that two weeks ago. >> week ago saturday. >> i just put boots away. i'm like not again. >> yes. >> it is just not happening. >> i won't let it happen again. >> regardless of what mother nature says. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> here's the "cbs evening news" tonight, a flooding emergency in the lone star state, homes, buildings, under the water, as neighbors helped each other reach safety by any means necessary. plus the president makes news with charlie rose at the white house, and boston strong, the marathon bombings took her leg but not the her
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spirit. her story tonight on "cbs evening news".
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huge game in south philadelphia tonight, fly guys are hoping to cut series deficit to just one game against the caps. >> yep, they have to. "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal is live at the wells far go center. what is the mood like in south philadelphia. >> well, i will tell you whatever those flyers playoff hockey, everyone is up for this game, it games three, the flyers need to win this one they are down two games to none, it is going to be as we were talking about earlier an emotional game for the flyers. they need to keep that in check tonight. the lets talk about the previous two games, flyers really stayed inside those games, the flyers came out playing tough, physical hockey, goalie brayden holtby has been amazing as well as players in front of him. flyers know they will have to use their speed to get past
6:24 pm
him. >> you know, we obviously, you know, they're a bigger team then us. their defense has done a good job of not giving us time and space down low and doing a good job of boxing us out and let holtby see a lot of pucks. i think we have to get to be quicker and get to the net. >> now, earlier today the eagles front office met with the media, doug pederson and howie roseman asked questions about the draft. howie roseman what will the bird do. >> we're opened to all of the options. we are opened to trading up or trading down, if it was compelling, because we do like being in the top ten. that is why we moved up in the first place. at the same time we're very ready to pick at eight. we necessity we will get a good player. we're excited about that as well. >> i'll tell you, it is a busy night because we have phillies taking on the mets and here we are getting ready for the flyers to hit the ice.
6:25 pm
game three flyers/capitals playoff hockey at its best. back to you ukee good that it will be, thanks. we will keep it on the nhl this flyers series has been the tip of the iceberg, a lot of pushing, shoving and fights. >> it can get brutal. >> it can. >> it brings up tonight's good question. why are hockey players allowed to fight? i will have that answer straight from one of the broad street bullies tonight at 11:00. i want to know. >> yes good i have never known the answer to that. >> they just want to have it good they get penalized. >> depending on the degree. >> but tonight at 11:00. >> that answer. we will be right modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it.
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well, some day soon your mcdonald's could look like wawa. >> yeah. >> mcdonald's has actually said it is testing automated kiosks so customers will select customizable burgers and deserts from a key pad like do you at wawa. mcdonald's is also testing out all you cane frenchfries. >> oh, no you didn't. >> what? that is incredible. lose a lot of monday own that. >> unfortunately right now only restaurant equipped to hand this will new system is in st. joseph, missouri. >> for now. >> you have to wait for those all you can eat frenchfries. thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we will be back right here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight more than 90,000 abandoned buildings litter baltimore but new initiative aims to change the view of the
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city. we will have that story. take >> pelley: the water is deep in the heart of texas. refrigerators, containers, mattresses the only ways out. also tonight, cbs news is in ecuador where hundreds are dead in the earthquake. the search goes on for the missing. more americans are ordered into iraq, and in an interview with charlie rose, the president makes a bold prediction about a key battle ahead. >> mosul will eventually fall. >> pelley: and she survived the boston bombing. >> >> reporter: are you still angry? >> yes, i am. >> pelley: now she's turned anger into energy on the dance floor and at today's marathon. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: houston filled up like a bathtub with a stuffe


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