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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 19, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, going home. a philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty leaves the hospital tonight. what we're learning about the man who police say pull the trigger. and it was a beautiful summer like monday but it's going turn cooler over the next several days. and we're tracking the chance of some rain in the forecast. i'll tell you which day you'll need to break out the umbrella. and a night of remembrance how the flyers paid tribute to the late ed snider before game
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three of the flyers capitals stanley cup playoffs. we begin tonight with an officer's homecoming day after being shot in west philly. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live outside police headquarters with new details into that investigation. greg? >> reporter: nicole, good evening. police say the alleged shooter is 23-year-old scott griffin. undercover narcotics officers arrested him earlier this afternoon. of course, he right now is behind bars as the officer he's accused of shoot in the leg is back home with family. less than 24 hours after being shot in the left thigh, 24-year-old philadelphia police officer james mccullough a two year veteran of the force is released from penn presbyterian hospital. our cameras rolling as he flash add thumbs up before being he is cored away by his fellow officers. >> he's exhausted. he was up all night long adrenaline probably mostly which is understandable. >> reporter: shortly before
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9:00 sunday night mccullough is a proved by a woman who says two men carjacked her near 59th street and market. and as he and his partner approach the car -- >> the shooting suspect first gets out of the vehicle, there's a slight wrestling, tussling right then and there and then the suspect starts to take off. officer mccullough chases him. at that point he turns and shoots and shoots him one time in the leg. >> reporter: police say mccall la fires three times at the suspect and has to apply his own turn coy nicety to stop the bleeding. the shooter is 23-year-old scott griffin arrested monday afternoon also behind bars his accomplice 20-year-old zamir, investigators say griffin was carrying possibly the same weapon used to shoot mccullough when he was arrested. >> we're not sure if it's the weapon. we believe that it is. but we have to wait for the ba licks to find that out. >> they're quite familiar with the alleged shooter. >> the shooter has a lengthy record he's been arrested 14 times much he's a dangerous individual obviously. we're very happy to get him off
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the streets as quickly as we did. >> reporter: happy to have griffin off the streets and happy to have mccall la back home. now police say both suspects face charges of both attempted murder as well as robbery. neither right now tonight have yet been arraigned. we're live at police headquarters. i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks. community mourns a four-year-old girl shot to death allegedly by her father who police say was playing with a loaded gun. "eyewitness news" at a prayer vigil tonight on east mayfield street in kensington. those who attended called for action against violence and honored the little girl on saturday afternoon police say her father maurice phillips shot her in the head while playing with a loaded gun. her six siblings were in the room but were not injured. phillips is now facing a murder charge. emotional tribute tonight before the flyers play off game in south philadelphia. >> we have the team and fans honored flyers chairman ed snider who passed away last we
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week. lesley joins us now. this is just kind of a tough game all around. >> in every way. there are very few people who hold league wide river answer like ed snider the team honoring their late owner with a pre-game ceremony feature iconic moments from his owner and founder of the time. it was incredible tribute to mr. snider. it had everything light show, video tribute, kate smith and a movement silence. emotions running very high for the flyers. they did get a nice boost of energy to start the game just 57 seconds into it michael, gets the goal off the rebound right there and take a look at the fans the building going crazy. it was electric and downhill after that. second period, ovechkin picking up his second goal of the series the flyers lose this 16-one. and it was a bad night for the flyers in terms of penalties the team picking up 51 minutes. but the fans picking up another two minutes. we'll explain coming up later. >> okay.
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>> lesley, thanks. >> it actually happened tonight and watching play off hockey games brings up a good question. why are the players allowed to fight? we see it all the time. the refs do very little to intervene. i'll go to the experts to get that answer coming up around 11:12. new developments to night involving the deadly amtrak crash in chester. we're learning the backhoe at the center of the crash had a right to be on the tracks. as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt reports, this revelation came in preliminary report released today by the national transportation safety bore. >> reporter: amtrak car number 89 struck a backhoe april 3rd wounding 41 people. more than than previously reported. according to the ntsb, 344 people were on board. no one on the train died but veteran amtrak workers peter adamovich and joseph carter, jr. were killed the train was going 106 miles per hour. the crash was captured on internal cameras and the train's event recorder.
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>> we're still gathering facts on that information as to who had the authority to be on that track. >> reporter: now it seems we have more of an answer. according to the new report, that backhoe at the center of the accident had authority to be on the tracks and was being used to clean hardened mud spots and other minor debris. train 89 was not supposed to travel the track occupied by the backhoe but somehow the train slammed into the backhoe causing the accident. train experts have cited a communication issue. the train was on its way from manhattan to savannah. amtrak estimated damages of $2.2 million. this is a preliminary report. more reports will be released over the next year. we are just about three weeks shy of the one year anniversary of that major amtrak crash in port richmond. eight people died. dozens were injured. reporting live tonight in the sat center david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david. the death toll from the devastating earthquake in ecuador topped 400. officials say 413 people are
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confirmed dead. about 2500 others injured. video from the scene shows rescuers safe ago man from rubble in man at a. they cut a hole in the ceiling to pull that man and two others out. one of many rescue efforts going on across the country following saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake. sad news from the entertainment world tonight actress doris roberts has passed away at the age of 90. the emmy award winning actress had wonderful career dating babb to the early 50's. best known for her role in everybody loves ramon she played the mother to ray romano's character on the long running sitcom that aired right here on cbs. roberts died overnight in los angeles official cause of death has yet been released. in campaign 2016 voters prepare to go to the polls tomorrow for the new york primary. gop frontrunner donald trump campaigned tonight in buffalo. trump is hoping for a big delegate hall in the empire
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state. at the time cruz has moved on to maryland where voters will cast ballots next week. meantime ohio governor john kasich held a town hall in new york on the democratic side senator bernie sanders held an event on long island. meantime hillary clinton is making a late night appearance tonight the democratic presidential frontrunner joins steven colbert on the late show after failing to eat a peace of cheesecake in new york last week, see what happens when colbert teaches clinton the proper way to eat the dessert. that ought to be good. >> be sure to catch the late shoeff with steven colbert tonight at 11:35 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. >> well excitement is in the air at the philadelphia zoo. >> it's all centers around the popular gorilla exhibit. zookeepers are getting ready for something that hasn't happened in 20 years. >> the wedding dress of a princess. how local student diners are recreating history one stitch at a time. >> kate good another quiet day
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tomorrow. temperatures though on their way down. first we've got this back door cool front and then another chance for rain and thunder in the forecast. i'll tell which you day to grab the jacket and which day to grab the umbrella and take a look at the upcoming weekend as welcoming up in weather. >> also tonight the gloves are off. why are hockey players allowed to fight? that's a good question. the answer when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪
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down three games to 91 now. the flyers are in the midst of a major play off battle with the washington capitals. you don't have tock a hockey expert to know it's a physical game. >> yes it is. >> times the gloves come off. so why are hockey players allowed to fight? good question much especially during the request for the stan the cup. ♪ >> why is fighting a loud in hockey? >> i don't know. >> hockey players i feel like are the most passionate. >> more physical than most sports. >> i don't think you shall be allowed any sport. >> it's tradition it's the way the game evolved. >> kyw news sports reporter jeff ash says it goes back to the 1800's. >> hated each other off the ice. when they came to may hockey they had added incentive. >> that tradition continues to draw fans to the game. >> people can't wait for it to happen. >> i go to watch hockey but it's always fun to see a good fight.
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>> i don't think hockey would be hockey if that wasn't fighting. >> but why this particular spo sport? >> almost constant contact unlike any other sport. >> in the nhl ash says you may not get ejected but you will spend time in the box. >> the referee will call a two minute minor for roughing. how about if they drop the gloves and they start together fists at each other that's five minute major. >> ash says most teams have designated fighter but believes intimidation is no longer the way to win. >> you want the goals scored. you don't want necessarily the goon or the enforcer that had get five minute penalty and hurt the team. >> does fighting still serve a purpose in hockey? we asked the broad street bully himself bob the hound kelly. >> it's like going to stock car races you expect to see accidents. that's part of the game. >> most fans we spoke to agree. >> keep it in the game the part of the game. >> that's what brought me to the game. 20 muss years ago. that's why i'm here.
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>> something to watch. >> there you go. >> in caulking to jeff ash the inform hl is one of the few leagues were the games get chip peach you won't see in college or the olympics. >> i notice they don't shake hands at the end of a game. unless it's a playoff series. >> interesting. >> will you look that up for me sometime. >> that's a good question. >> great question. what's your good question log on to question to submit your question. or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. of course we can't wait to hear from you. new edition will soon be joining the philadelphia zoo. for the first time since 1994 a baby gorilla will be born there. honey a 21-year-old momma gorilla is pregnant and expected to give birth in the early fall. the zoo staff found out honey was expecting by an over the counter pregnancy test. all tra sound photo gives us a sneak peek at the growing baby gore rail la. the zoo says they'll wait to name the baby after finding whether it's a boy or girl.
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spring is popular time for weddings but you don't need to be tying the knot to appreciate beautiful wedding dresses. >> that's for sure. there's a new exhibit that showcases the history of bridal gown including one that was fit for a princess. vittoria woo ill has that story. >> reporter: whoever cup the bride. bridal party of wedding dresses that tell a story in detail from decades ago. like a dress requested out of the pages of a magazine in the 1930s. >> she brought the image from vogue to her dress maker here in philadelphia nina bell and had it created for her wedding. >> reporter: wedding guest dress slightly in distress. >> train that is have trailed through time. and finally, a true replica princess dress on display. philadelphia's princess princess grace of monaco. >> we wanted to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of someone so much important to this community.
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grace's wedding took craft people six months to create. the lace is very good approximation of the rose point lace that was used for grace kelly's gown. >> meet martin curator of the swan grace kelly and century of bridal fashion exhibit at philadelphia university. >> every mannequin is the same but every down is different. each object is telling a bit of history. >> reporter: student designers like maria are taking a page out of these design history books. and making gowns iconic but with unexpected materials. >> this section is all wedding invitations. these are plastic bags. and these are plastic containe containers. it's really exciting because everyone who comes into the library can see it. >> a plus. >> now the original designer grace kelly's wedding gown was
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helen rose. accustom -- costume designer rather from ngn studios who on bee last studios gifted it to her for her wedding. which took mace on april 19th, 1956. 60 years ago tomorrow. also, the raven hill mansion part of philadelphia university is formally raven hill academy where grace kelly had attended school. so it's right on campus when she lived in that neighbor but lots to learn at their philly bridal expo which will be there through june 24th. absolutely amazing. and that gown at the end where the student created it out of just unexpected materials, cups, i mean, so much to see. just so exciting. >> i heard you give it an a pl plus. >> a plus plus. >> plus plus. >> i gave her something extra now that we're here. >> beautiful. >> you got that right. >> thank you tori. appreciate it. >> got to give the weather a plus plus as well. >> no doubt about that. >> gorgeous. >> today was perfect spring day. it was actually more like an early summer day we're talking
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82 degrees. unfortunately, if you liked 82 degrees we're not going to have repeat of that. we're going to be back to the 70s. the 60s. but no cold weather in the forecast and we'll real only one day in the seven day we have to worry about dragging out the umbrellas. not bad overall. right now take you to time lapsed video from earlier today. this is from bishop eustace in pennsauken much nothing but blue sky all day long. you can see the fields the kids out there playing on the fields recess or possibly sports practice after school. it's 62 degrees. still right now which is actually really comfortable for this time of year not as chilly tonight as recent nights have been. take a look at storm scan3 a front starting to push back southward. it will eventually draw cooler air down from eastern portions of the canada the next couple of days. the showers will head out to sea cooler air starts to filter in tomorrow that will knock us down about five, six, 7 degrees tomorrow but gusty wind will pick up as the front swings through and then wednesday we'll
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feel the difference definitely will be cooler but still seasonal. our next weather maker is this one right here it's a front that drapes all the way down into portions of the south. this is the same system that's been bringing rainfall to the houston area over the past several days eventually it will lift to the east and will bring us shower and thunderstorm activity friday but take a look how much rain has fallen doppler estimates in the past 72 hours he's stop especially the western part of the city over 15-inches of rain in spots and just devastating flooding on going there and it does look as though the rain will continue over the next few days when you get into one of these blocking patterns, nothing really moves very quickly so the rain doesn't hit and move out it will lingers for days upon days. kind of like the nice weather has been doing for us. right now 64 degrees in philadelphia. 60 in allentown. 65 still in reading. very comfortable for this time of year. 52 in wildwood. little bit cooler down the shore because of that 51-degree ocean. highs today across the northeast you can see boston got to
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67 degrees for the high today. new york 78. we hit 82 here in philadelphia. but there's that book door cold front. look at the difference after 67 today. boston lucky to get in the 50s tomorrow. new york back to skate and we dropped from 82 to 74 so it does start to bring little cooler air in. we'll start to feel the brunt of that cooler air on wednesday. but still 82 so far above average that even once it cools down close to where we should be this time of the year. here comes the front. radar here but nothing making it as far as showers are concerned. you can see the blue shading that shows the increase in winds and tomorrow late morning into the early afternoon the winds do really pick up. gusting to around 30 miles an hour at times through the midday and afternoon hours. so you've had days and days of dry weather. you have strong gusty winds. very dry air low humidity a fire weather watch issued for the entire region noon to 8:00 o'clock tomorrow. humidity below 30% winds gust 25 to 30 miles an hour got all that dry brush out there.
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so ease please be safe any burning activities you don't want to do them tomorrow certainly and never throw cigarette butts out the car window on day like tomorrow. overnight a few clouds, mild 56 degrees. and for tomorrow, not bad at all. little cooler than today back to 74 with a mix of sun and clouds. keep in hyped normal high is 65. wednesday even as it turns cooler still right where it should be. thursday clouds start to roll in the in the afternoon still a nice day. friday the day you need the rain gear, showers maybe a rumble of thunder. that clears out and then the good news is, the weekend looks pretty nice once again. seasonal, great spring weather with highs in the mid 60s and some sunshine each day. >> seasonal. looks great. >> friday and we need a little bit of rain. >> yes, we do. >> after this stretch i think we can take it. >> we can handle it. >> thank you. >> coming up next tonight, lesley whoever with sports. >> i wish i had better news. (laughter). >> you know things are bad when the fans get a penalty. the flyers dig themselves a deeper hole and the fans did not
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game three flyers/capitals after such a promising start, things went downhill fast. the flyers got on the board first after emotion tribute to owner ed snider. michael, gets the goal, 57 seconds in. flyers take the lead. after that, it is all fell apart for the flyers. john carlson gets his third goal of the series right here in the third period. and then we have our old friend alexander ovechkin picks up his third goal of the series. that makes the five-one. it got so bad fans were throwing bracelets they received pre-game on to the ice and at the capitals. the flyers lose sykes-one. they trail the series three games to none. here's steve mason. >> definitely not what we wanted to have happen there. the and tire third period was just not good all around. >> i just thought it was, you know, it wasn't good for the
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game. plane and simple. we were on national television. i don't think -- it displays our game very well. >> first trip to the of the season for the mets to philadelphia. the phillies took two out of three during the second series of the season and look who it is. not the green guy. the guy right there. kris tee taking in a game night. to the first inning we have david wright he's going to get mets going with opposite field homer. i can off pitch very well. pitched seven innings and struck out nine. guess what, wright decided to have a big night. homers against here in the ninth. the mets hit four homeruns and the phillies lose five-two. busy day in south philadelphia eagles front office met with the media today. head coach pederson and hoe wee roseman taking questions about the draft. roseman was asked if the eagles might want to move up. >> i think we're open to all of the above. i think we're open to trading up. i think we're open to trading down if it was compelling.
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because we do like being in the top 10 that's why we moved up in the first place. at the same time we're very ready to pick the eight and wee get a really good player. we're excite the about that as well. >> football will be here soon. >> i'm anxious to see what they do. thanks, lesley. appreciate it. >> coming up next a cook off with a twist. we'll have that story whe
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tonight many in philadelphia came out for a special kind of cook off. >> "eyewitness news" at the international house philadelphia for the annual taste of success event. dozen food entrepreneurs compe competed to tonight for cash prices. our new morning anchor jim donovan was the emcee there. guests got to sample all the food offerings and participate in raffles. the proceeds go to entrepreneur works which helps local entrepreneurs. we'll take short break. we'll be right back.
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. i with news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with jim donov donovan, brook thomas, katie fehlinger and meisha johnson with traffic. for kate, lesley everyone here i'm ukee washington.
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>> i'm nicole brewer. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is neck with hillary clinton. >> thanks so much for much whatting. have a good night, family, and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started flipping homes and buying and holding income properties. than and his team are currently looking for a small group of motivated individuals who want
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