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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> philadelphia police, officer mccullough waking up at home hours after leaving the hospital. what's next for the suspect accused in his shooting? >> unfortunately some of the fans there ... >> flyers fans showing their anger at the team's poor performance. we'll show you how they ended up costing the flyers even more. >> and today is the new york primary, but the candidates are g their sites to the keystone state. well, today is tuesday, april 19th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. meisha is here as always with traffic. first, let's check in with katie with the forecast. >> and the forecast remains still pretty quiet guys once again, still under the influence essentially of high pressure, right now looking at
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storm scan3, still not much to see other than couple of clouds out there. tracking frontal boundary will be crossing through here today, doesn't produce much more than little bit of modest cool down. when we take you out though to the latest and greatest in terms of any kind of advisories, watches, warnings, red flag warning. now, if you are not familiar with the phrase, all it really means is that you need to be very careful today from noon to 8:00, region wide, really any time obviously, but specially today, heightened risk for any wild fire to spread easily. in short, if you are grilling out on nice day like this, or maybe trying to toss that cigarette butt, make sure to put those kind of things in the proper recepticle. again, if wild fire gets sparked it can spread very easily with the kind of weather conditions we've got. very dry air, little breezy, and certainly some fine feels out there to work w so 56 is the current temperature at the airport, very mild morning, mid 50's, even up in the poconos right now, west to northwest breeze up that way 10 miles per hour. you will notice there is a breeze in the recall here today. still well above average, even
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despite the passage every cold front. 74 degrees, the expected hi, and partly sunny generally the cloud cover we call it here across the entire region. certainly cooler by comparison, the mountains, sim any because you do have some of the cooler air nudging in here. so we only flirt with 60. again, still above average region wide. >> it is gorgeous, katie, great advice. that's great advice. katie just gave you. make note of. that will good morning, everyone, vine closed right now between broad street and the schuylkill. it should be lifting sometime soon. we usually see that maybe around 5:00, pushing the 5:00 hour. make note of it right now the vine is closed between broad street and the schuylkill both eastbound and westbound. construction here, 422 eastbound between trooper and route 23, left lane block, you can see the cones in the roadway there, and also, water and sewer repairs here in mt. laurel, new jersey, take a look at this, hartford road closed between sixth avenue and union mill road. again, use alternate because of the closure, brings road, larchmont boulevard or arc road probably going to be your
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best bet to maneuver around that. also, some downed wires here, mays landing, new jersey, route 50 southbound past the a.c. expressway, only the shoulder getting by. not going to slow you down just now, but certainly will, as we progress, i'll let you know when it clears, more construction on the pa turnpike eastbound, also, balance a hill road and valley forge both left lanes and right lanes. jim, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, meisha a man shot twice in the stomach, and lives to tell about it. it happened overnight on the 200 block every west clarkson avenue. in the city olney section, police tell us they found a dozen shell casings at the scene. the 22 year old victim was rushed to the hospital and has already been released. so far, though, no arrests. >> the suspect accused in the shooting after philadelphia police officer are set for arraignment later this morning. police identify the alleged gunman as scott griffin, as also behind bars is griffin's ac police. they say griffin shot officer james mccullough sunday night,
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officer trying to stop two men from stealing a car near 59th and market. the two year veteran of the force left pen presbyterian hospital yesterday, just one day after he was shot in his left leg. new information this morning, about the deadly amtrak crash in chester. on sunday morning, april 3rd, a train struck a back hoe killing two workers, and injuring 41 people on the train. the preliminary report indicates the back hoe did have approval to be on the tracks, while workers did maintenance. track maintenance was planned over the weekend, april 1st, through april 4th, track two was removed from service during that time. trains were supposed to be running on tracks one, three, and four, the ntsb says this information is preliminary, and could change. >> meanwhile, bill cosby's wife camille will answer questions today during a deposition in boston. it is part of a defemation lawsuit filed by seven women, who accuse the comedian of calling them liars when they went public with sexual assault allegations. mrs. cosby previously
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testified in the case last february, a judge last ruled she must continue, but is prohibiting, quote, improper questions including ones that fall under protected conversations between spouses. >> happening today, man accused of shooting and killing pennsylvania state trooper heads to court. thirty-two year old eric frame spent 48 days on the run after allegedly killing trooper brian dixon and hurting another trooper back in 2014. today's hearing focuses on the possibility of the death penalty in the case and other matters. train faces charges including first degree murder and terrorism. also, today, atlantic city officials head to court in the latest attempt to take over the resort city finances. officials are asking a judge to freeze atlantic city spending until the city hands over the millions of dollars it owes its school system. the state education department is suing the nearly broke city. the city paid half of a $8.4 million payment that was due last friday.
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>> the taliban is claiming credit for an attack in kabul overnight. coordinated assault left more than 200 people hurt including children. there are people dead. terrorists struck key government security agencies in one case, even stormed a building. at least one blast came from suicide car bombing. last week, taliban insurgents announce plans for quote spring offensive. >> just hours before the new york primary, a and fortunate slip of the tongue by frontrunner donald trump. while campaigning in buffalo, the presidential hopeful was about to deliver prepared remarks, trump mistakenly mentioned the name after convenience store chain instead of 9/11. >> very close to my heart because i was down there, and i watched our police and our firemen down at the 7-eleven, down at the world trade center right after it came down. >> trump visited the national september 11 museum in new york earlier this month.
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meanwhile, ted cruz is already focusing on the pennsylvania primary. he will head to philadelphia tonight for election watch party, then stop in erie tomorrow afternoon. john kasich will be in delaware county on thursday, for a town hall on penn state's brandywine campus in media. later he'll attend the chester count he republican party dinner. kasich has pennsylvania roots. he is from just outside pit burying. democratic candidates hillary clinton plans another stop in fishtown tomorrow night, will talk to voters at the philmore, last night on the late show, clinton stressed her ability to work with opponents. >> this is just one of those efforts you have to get up and work on every single day. you have to be willing to mind whatever common grounds exist, try to make something good happen. >> now, clinton did not eat cheese cake during campaign stop, but got lesson from colbert, he hit it with a fork, then stuffed the larger piece in his mouth.
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>> bernie sanders planning the campaign at two rallies in pennsylvania today. his first stop is erie's bay front convention center. later elegant be at penn state recreation hall in state college. last night in long island. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama will pay a royal visit, dining at kensington palace. paying there are respects to queen elizabeth, who has her birthday. in addition to lunch with the queen, prince william, prince harry, will host the obama's for dinner. >> the flyers now have their backs to the wall. they'll face the capitols tomorrow night at do-or-die game four of the stanley cup playoff. last night the flyers opened the scoring on goal by michael ravel, less than a minute into the game at the are rocking wells fargo center. flyers playing their first home game since the death of owner he had snider. that will was it for the flyers. the caps scored twice, and the
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caps rooted the flyers six to one. ugly part of the game here, brawl broke out in the third period, several players were involved. the fans were involved, too, through wrist bands on to the ice. capitols and the flyers tried to get them to stop. the fans ended up earning a delay of game penalty for their trouble. the orange and black could be eliminated from the playoffs tomorrow night. >> and hopefully that won't happen. women, still ahead this morning, hundreds every jobs getting filled today. how you can apply. >> also ahead, michigan's governor says the water in flint is safe. we'll show you how he plans to prove it. >> plus historic flooding in the southwest, and the worse may be yet to come. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> we've seen the lotion and we've seen the high. >> what days were the high? >> hollywood remembering actress doris robbers who passed away take of 90. the emmy award career date back to the zero east, but may best be known for playing the meddling mother on everybody lovers raymond. last month she took part in panel focused on age i am in hollywood. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. >> michigan governor rick snyder is so confident flint's water safety he's going to drink it for the next month. snyder was sipping a glass of tap water yesterday, while he visited the town. he stopped at a house which at one time had high levels of lead. he ended up leaving that house with 5 gallons of their water and said he plans to visit other homes to get a refill. >> now, this is the last thing they need, but texas is actually going to get more rain today. >> well, the area around houston specially hard hit, 13
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buoy's and creeks overflowed after foot of rain fell. highways, homes, were submerged in flashflooding. a state of emergency is in effect in some areas there. >> meanwhile, the time is 4:43, meisha is watching the roads this morning. >> but first, katie is here with another check on your forecast. katy? >> look at the footage from houston, it is unbelievable the amount of rain that fell in just a short amount of time. we'll look at doppler estimate that came down, but at least looking at pretty pleasant weather. i come bearing more good weather news for the area. start down to the lone star state, doppler estimate very quickly, this is just over the course of the last 72 hours. okay? so three days worth of rain. lock at these estimation cents, we zero in, especially just west of houston. look at that. over a foot of rain has fall never that area. it is just unbelievable. when you get that casino of water in that short amount of time, there will be extreme flood being. and that footage obviously told that story very well.
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so hearts going out to the folks down across that part of texas. but at least right now, things have had a chance to calm down, so hopefully we will get a chance to see some of the rain drain away before the next round comes. this is the next storm, though, that eventually starts to move our way. at the moment, we're tracking cold front dipping in from the north. you can see that basically just dragging itself southeast. but fizzling as it goes. and that, as a result, means we're still looking at nice dry day here at the local level. so expect granted couple of more clouds than we've seen in recent days, little breezy also little cooler by comparison to yesterday. still 74 degrees, still 10 degrees above the average, but northwest wind will be noticeable, so just by comparison, it is going to feel cooler to you. later tonight un generally clear sky, breezy once more, certainly cooler than it is right now. it is all about perception, cooler than t'was the night before? yes, it will be. but actually very seasonable when it comes to that low. looking forward in the forecast, it does drop off little bit more tomorrow. under more sunshine, nice day. 68 degrees, which by the way
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again is still above average. then moving forward, back in the mid 70s on thursday, starting to see the clouds gradually rebuild, looks like some showers start to move in that night. but specially friday, that looks like the the wettest day of the forecast, more rain, maybe couple of rumbles every thunder, too. >> happy tuesday, weaver some police activity out here, 95 north near woodhaven, that right lane, you can see that, doesn't seem to be affecting too many of up. but you can see plenty of headlights out there already for being early, not even in the 5:00 hour yet. make note of that. the vine was closed both directions westbound and eastbound, looks like the westbound side just now opening between broad street and the schuylkill, eastbound side, still waiting on that, we'll let you know as soon as that opens up completely. also construction 422 eastbound between trooper and route 23, left lane still compromised by the cones, make note of. that will of course we'll let you know when it all clearance. 422, we are casino of used to this, knows it usually clears in the 5:00 hour. this is where we have some
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sewer repairs, and this closure looks like it is going to be out there until about noon at the earliest, maybe even later, so this is in mt. laurel, new jersey, hartford road closed between sixth avenue and union mill road. do you have use this alternate up until at least noon, so brings road, mt. laurel boulevard or arc road. route 50 southbound past the a.c. expressway only the shoulder is getting by right now. busy morning indeed, jim, over to you. >> meisha, a still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, another major rock band cancels a concert in north carolina because of their bathroom law. >> but first, here is a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> welcome back, suspect who, alleged gunman, 23 year old
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scott griffin, officer mccullough out of the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds to the leg. >> police are interviewing the victim after shooting in olney. 292 year old victim was hit twice in the stamina hail of gunfire about 10:00 last night, was released just hours later. >> so far, there have been no arrests. >> today is a big day in campaign 2016. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton hole double digit leads on their challengers. republicans ted cruz and john kasich have already planned pennsylvania stops, the pennsylvania primary is a week from today. >> well, if you are looking for work, grab your resume, head to philly today. >> the philadelphia international airport airport 2016 job fair. more than 30 businesses and government agencies who operate at the airport will be on hand to fill hundreds of openings. the event starts at 10:00 and goes until 3:00 this afternoon. it is at the liacouras center on temple's campus, so good luck. >> time is 4:49.
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time to check on business news. >> hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, hena, we hear major retail is her announcing layoffs. >> that's right, hundreds of nordstrom work letters soon be out after job. seattle based department store says it is cutting 350 to 400 jobs, mostly in corporate center and regional support teams. those caused a up to $50 million in savings for nordstrom. to cushion the blow to workers, the company says it will minimize the impact by closing any unfilled positions. back to you. >> we understand that north carolina there is another boycott from a musical group, as far as this lgbt law? >> reporter: that's right, pearl jam is the latest ban joining the boycott in north carolina, calling it quota despicable piece of legislation that encourages discrimination against an entire group of american citizens. bruce springsteen, boston, and cirque du soleil also canceled upcoming shows in protest.
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law among other things will force transgender people to use bathrooms according to their gender at birth. brooke, jim? >> thanks so much, hena, we'll check back in with you in just a little bit. >> jim is little tired this morning, right, but at least well spent begin deed, i spent last night with a lot of great people at a special cook off in philadelphia. >> this was the annual taste of success event held at the international house in philadelphia. a dozen food entrepreneurs competed for cash prizes, i was proud to emcee and of course sample some of the food office, proceeds go to entrepreneur work which help local entrepreneurs, i think, my fifth year there. amazing young culinary talent there. >> awesome. >> yes. >> did you have a lot of up? >> yes, yes, ate well. >> that's always a good sign. >> yep. coming up after the break, another check on traffic and weather together. >> when the sunny streak may ends, what? >> no, no, never going to
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they're one of thatmeltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis
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that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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>> today will be another stellar day. little cooler than yesterday, notice, there is little bit more after breeze out there. we do have a cold front crossing through, coming through dry. so other than couple every clouds out there, by comparison to recent days, just skewing the sunshine little bit more readily. that's really it today, guys. storm scan does remain empty once more, pollen, here's something that the seasonal allergy sufferers can complain about, though, these pollen levels are awfully hi, already sneezing and sniffing this morning. if you know you suffer from the seasonal allergies, get the meds ready to go. trust me on that one, with the breeze out there today, definitely going to blow the pollen around, make it worse for you. it is a nice day, you don't opportunity have to sit inside the air-conditioning all day. mid 70s, sunshine, not bad. little cooler tomorrow. still technically above average. looking lies a nice day, maybe little breezy in the morning. by thursday night potential for few showers does return to the forecast, but friday at this point does look the wettest to help wash away
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pollen at least, some showers, maybe even thunderstorm on the docket for us for the tail end of the week, meisha? >> keeping it all in perspective, seasonal, still not bad. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. well, we were dealing with the vine construction, over night construction, between the broad and the schuylkill, both the westbound, and eastbound, were closed for quite some time. now you can see westbound open, eastbound just opened as well. so the vine, all clear. looking good there. construction, 422 eastbound, between trooper and route 23, the left lane is block, you can see kind of the flashing lights and the cones in placement make note of. that will i will let you know as soon as that clears, but it is still out there on 422. also, construction here, pa turnpike eastbound between valley hill road and valley forge, that right lane is blocked. just a moment ago, also between virginia driver and bensalem. the left lane blocked, that's now since been cleared. so just dealing with this balance a hill road and valley forge on the pa turnpike. sewer repairs here, take a look at this, in mt. laurel, new jersey, heart for the road closed between sixth avenue and union mill road. you will have to use alternate. briggs road, larchmont boulevard or arc road your
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best bet to get around this for now. i'll let you know when it clears, jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a if you are headed out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, how the philadelphia fire department is hoping to cut down on non-emergency 911 calls. the south non-profit work to go find solution to poverty. and area resident attends an immigration rally at the u.s. supreme court. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we're taking you inside a new state-of-the-art indoo playground. >> we'll show you what makes the play so special. >> plus, inspiring stories of the boston marathon. the huge obstacle some runners had to overcome to cross the finish line. >> and this could be the strangest video you see today. what sparked that bulldozer battle in the middle of the
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>> two men who shot a police officers, now, learning more about one of the suspect frequent run in's with police. frustrated philly fans get another black eye. this time for throwing wrist bands on the ice at last night's flyers game. how the fans ended up hurting the flyers. >> and it is primary day in new york, but the candidates are about to make a big push for pennsylvania. we'll let you know when the candidates are coming to town this week. >> well today is tuesday april 19th, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan.
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>> i'm brooke, let's top things off with katie and your forecast. >> yes, the forecast still actually pretty decent despite the fact there is a cold front dropping in, i feel like you hear the phrase cold front, and you expect wet weather. won't happen this time, yes. so -- >> calm, calm. >> simmer down, it will be all right. no umbrellas needed just yet. what it does mean is that we might see some other issues crop up. things like high pollen count, things like the fact that you might have an elevated fire risk today, so let's talk about all of that. first and for most, the colds front. you can see it is brinking in wet weather across portions every new england, that is stops south, it continues to start sizzling and that means we just stay dry, just don't have to worry about wet weather today. the breeze does kick in, however, and because, check, you have got low humidity, check, gusts up to 30 miles per hour, dry brush and branches outside, because we haven't had a lot of rain, and that continued dry weather, all of these check marks mean the fire risk will be evaluated. a


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