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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i'm brooke, let's top things off with katie and your forecast. >> yes, the forecast still actually pretty decent despite the fact there is a cold front dropping in, i feel like you hear the phrase cold front, and you expect wet weather. won't happen this time, yes. so -- >> calm, calm. >> simmer down, it will be all right. no umbrellas needed just yet. what it does mean is that we might see some other issues crop up. things like high pollen count, things like the fact that you might have an elevated fire risk today, so let's talk about all of that. first and for most, the colds front. you can see it is brinking in wet weather across portions every new england, that is stops south, it continues to start sizzling and that means we just stay dry, just don't have to worry about wet weather today. the breeze does kick in, however, and because, check, you have got low humidity, check, gusts up to 30 miles per hour, dry brush and branches outside, because we haven't had a lot of rain, and that continued dry weather, all of these check marks mean the fire risk will be evaluated. so as of noon today, the entire region will sit in a
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red flag warning, all of that means is that you have got to be awfully careful with any kind of open flame. you will grill out, toss cigarette butt, do it safely and in the proper way. 55 degrees the temperature right now at the airport, mild start to the day, actually, though, looking a lot cooler by comparison in millville, for example, the pine land area, just in general, little cooler, because of that wooded area. allowed to drop off little more readily, can cool down more easily, right? looking forward in the forecast, call it partly sunny all day today, bit breezy as the day goes on, as we mention, but still above average. even though it is cooler by comparison, mid 70s where we top off today. >> sounds good to me. thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. this is where we have around this area some police activity, many did a last looking at 95 north before woodhaven do, have police activity 95 north near woodhaven, right lane compromised, make note of. that will overall things looking good. a loft early risers, we crack into the 5:00 hour, we can
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expect that typically, monday through wednesday tends to be busier travel days. looking in new jersey for the first time this morning, 42 freeway at creek road, looking good, looking exactly what we want to see, hopefully holds steady. construction here 422 eastbound between trooper and route 23, still out there. compromising the left lane, it is still blocked. you can see the flashing lights and cones still out there. also, some construction on the pa turn peak eastbound between valley hill road and valley forge. that right lane blocked for little while there. it was also between virginia drive and bensalem, the left lane block, but no more. sewer repairs in mt. laurel, new jersey, take a look at this, hartford road closed between sixth avenue and union mill road. you will have to use alternate. briggs road, larchmont boulevard or arc road will be your best bet for now. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha a well, new this morning, philadelphia police have a mystery on their hands. when a woman is found with a slashed neck in kensington. police say someone spotted the victim walking on the 2900 block of frankford avenue when police approached her, she collapsed. right now, she is being
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treated for stab wounds and a slashed throat. no word on a suspect or motive all right, two suspect in the shooting after philadelphia police officer are in custody and expected to have their first court appearance later this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at police headquarters. jan? >> brooke, good morning, behind bars, today, is this alleged shooter, scott griffin, as well as his alleged accomplice. today they are both expected to be arraigned on number of charges, including robbery and attempted murder. meanwhile, the office here was shot is recovering at home. >> philadelphia police officer, james mccullough, released from pen presbyterian hospital monday evening, departing with a thumbs-up. not even 24 hours after being shot on the job. >> we just are happen that i officer mccullough will recover and he's going to be okay, but his partner responded the way he was supposed to, as well as all of the men and women out there. they continue to make us proud each and every day.
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>> his alleged shooter 23 year old scott griffin, tracked to this west philadelphia neighborhood, earlier in the day. police say he was arrested without incident, but he was armed, possibly, with the same gun used to shoot officer mccullough. >> undercover narcotics officers actually saw him, they approached him, took him into custody, and he actually has a weapon on him. the shooter has a lengthy record, arrested 14 times. >> in fact, records show, given arrested on multiple gun charges on march 16th, but was released just last tuesday, after a judge cited a lack of evidence. the district attorney's office immediately refiled the charges. now, griffin, and his alleged accomplice, 20 year old sam ear, are behind bars. arrested sunday night, shortly after the shooting. >> we are very happy to get him off the streets, as quickly as we did. >> sunday, police say, the two men first robbed a man in the area of 59th and market street, and then tried to steel a woman's car. that's when officer mccullough and his partner stepped in,
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and mccullough shot in the process. >> our officers are out there every day, protecting us, and showing the courage and resilience that we admire. >> and, top brass continue to praise officer mccullough today, saying as his partner was taking him to the hospital this weekend, he took out his city issued tourniquet, placed on his own leg to stop the bleeding. as you know, he is now well enough to recover and recuperate at home. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, jan. >> bill cosby's wife have to answer more tough questions today under oath. camille cosby set to testify in a defemation lawsuit filed by seven women. they say bill cosby ruined their representations after they accuse the comedian of sexual assault. camille cosby not to stop the deposition from happening, but a judge says she has to testify. bill cosby has denied all of the accusations against him. well, happening today, eric train face, accused in
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the shooting death of pennsylvania state trooper brian dixon in september of 2014 at police barack in the poconos. another was injured in the shooting. he was on a run for a month after the shooting and could face the death penalty. >> talk about rough night for the flyers. team pushed to the brink of elimination after getting blown out by the capitols. >> now, fans are being criticized for showing their frustration by throwing special bracelets on the ice. lesley van arsdall has the reaction to the ugly scene. >> reporter: game three flyers-capitols. after such a promising startings things went downhill fast. now, the flyers got on the board first, after emotional tribute to owner ed snider. michael gets the goal, 57 seconds, and the flyers take the lead. after that, it all fell apart for the orange and black, john carlson third goal of the series here in the third period. and then, our old friend, alexander, will pick up his
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third goal of the series, second of the game, that is going to make it five to one. it got so bad, that fans were then throwing the bracelets they received pre-game on to the ice, and actually at the capitols. flyers lose this 16 to one, and they now trail the series three games to none. here's steve mason. >> we wanted to have happen there, and, you know, the entire third period was just not good all around. >> i just thought it was -- it wasn't good for the game, plane and simple. you know, we were on national television. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> flyers now have to win four straight games to save their season. they'll go for win number one tomorrow night at 7:00. well, it is to up you, new york, in less than an hour, voters head to the polls in one of the biggest presidential primaries in the country. >> brian web explains why the steaks are so high.
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>> brooklyn born bernie sanders pounded the pavement and ramped up the pressure hoping to pull off an upset win in new york. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> hillary clinton has a ten-point lead over sanders in her adopted state. she spent the day drum willing up support from her biggest backers, women and minorities. >> and i need your help to keep going and to make the case for the kind of country that we want. for our children, and our grandchildren. >> for the republicans, if donald trump can capture more than 50% of the state-wide vote, it puts him in position to win all of new york's 95gop delegates. even a slip of the tongue during a speech in buffalo didn't seem to trip him up. >> i watched our police and our firemen down at 7-eleven, down at the world trade center right that far came down, and i saw the greatest people i've ever seen. >> ted cruz, who criticized
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trump's so-called new york values, is bracing for a tough day, while insisting he's the best bet for the gop to win the white house. >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton, and we will turn this country around. >> the polls show trump has more support in his native new york than ted cruz and john kasich combined. brian web, for cbs news. >> four of the five candidates are focusing on pennsylvania, which holds its primary next week. tonight ted cruz will be at watch party in philadelphia. john kasich will make stops in pittsburgh today, and in media, and king of prussia on thursday. bernie sanders will speak at rallies today, in erie and state college, and hillary clinton heads back to philadelphia tomorrow night. >> ♪ here is a look at your newspaper headlines, from across the region. >> well, in the intelligence err, two hallway drinking fountains, one sing in a teachers lounge have been
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shutdown at milford middle school after testing revealed elevated levels of lead. residents notified of the situation in a e-mail, school's 460 students will be allowed to drink bottled water in class. >> from the cover of the burlington county times, new jersey's secretary of agriculture among those seeking a change in the estate tax. one who of the so-called death tax it is, lever i had in new jersey. since many farms are passed onto future generations there is growing concern that impose ago largest tate tax prevent many families from continuing to farm. from atlantic city, good news from ac electric, will be receiving 113-dollar credit on their upcoming statements. the credit was agreed as part of merger settlement, negotiation that is exelon had with new jersey regulators. >> and that's a look at some of your newspaper headlines from around the delaware vale. >> well, coming up: race against time in ecuador. >> the amazing survival stories coming out of the deadly earthquake.
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plus: >> my refrigerator is floating, my turn fewer is float being, my walls are singing, my downstairs -- >> devastating flooding down south, as torrential rain soaks neighborhoods, why people are blaming politicians for some of the problems. >> also, running with a purpose. the huge obstacle some run hers to overcome to finish the finish line at the
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>> welcome back everyone. rescuers in ecuador look for more survivors following last week's earthquake. >> they found three people alive, who were trapped for more than 32 hours, in what's left after shopping center. at least 413 people are confirmed dead, including a american. video from the scene shows rescuers saving a man from rubble. they cut a hole in the sealing to pull this man and two other out. >> deadly flooding in texas submerged entire neighborhoods, highways, and closed schools. one man was spotted using a
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refrigerator to get his family to dry land. omar villafranca has the latest from houston as more rain is expected today. >> while the flood waters may be receding, parts of texas are not out of the woods yet. forecasters say, more rain is on the way for part of the state hammered by heavy rainfall monday. the state's governors warning residents of the possibility of more flashflooding. >> please remember the easy phrase turn around, don't drawn. stay out of the rising water. >> houston got the worse of the high water with up to 20 inches of rain fell yesterday. his wife is among those who drowned, when her car got stuck at an un pass. >> i understand, but this? high water in the middle of a sit, and there is nothing that could be done? >> as the water roast -- rose, dozens of horses at an equestrian sent her to be saved.
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using air mattresses and refrigerators. >> there is no hope for us, you snow. >> many residents here in houston remain angry at city leaders over how long it took emergency teams to respond. houston's mayor says the city hasn't forgotten about them. >> my primary responsibility is to make sure people know that the city sees them, and that the city is responding to them. >> the governor has issued a disaster declaration for nine counties. omar villafranca, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that's a mess. >> it is terrifying. >> unbelievable video. i am floored, just looking at some of the video, guys, you know, the kinds of rain that rolled through that area, actually we will show you a 24 hour loop on the radar, and get a sense every just how heff that i rain was. let's go on right out to it. this again is a 24 hour loop back over the i10 corridor, right through houstonment look at that, it is unbelievable the rainfall intense tip, and it takes forever to get out of there.
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so let's watch this loop go through one more time if we can. there it goes. incredible, incredible, the casino every rainfall intensity that bubble up over the area. thankfully things have had a chance to calm down little bit. as we heard in omar's package, some of the rainfall will have a chance to recede somewhat. but they're not out of the woods just yet, because, still, unfortunately, blocking pattern that kept us in beautiful weather. that blocking pattern has allowed the additional rounds every rain and nasty thunderstorms, not just over houston, but good portion of the plane states over the last couple of days. now, at this point, tracking cold front, don't worry about it bringing wet weather. later tonight high pressure will take its place, back into some quiet weather through the day tomorrow. even through the day on thursday, but you can see, the same storm actually essentially that brought all of that storminess across the planes, starts to creep ever closer, and with time it starts it get here as early as late thursday night, but specially into friday. so, we start to see the radar bubble up here toward the tail end of the week. meantime, though, we have different set of concerns when it comes to the weather.
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red flag warning into effect at noon today. it means be careful with open flames. never toss a cigarette butt out the window, find right recepticle. i'll sound like your mom on that one, make sure that you're smart about any open flame today. first pitch looks fantastic though for our phils once more in south philly this evening. 65 degrees, couple of clouds, little breezy, but feels good, then we look forward in the forecast, coolest day of the next few comes tomorrow. under the sunshine, back to the mid 70s on thursday, and friday, again with the next storm on the way, could see few rumbles every thunder, but definitely the wettest day is friday. meisha. >> counting our blessings for the beautiful weather here, katie. thank you so much for. that will good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. ninety-five north before woodhaven, where we, around this area, where we had some police activity around woodhaven, the right lane blocked, that police activity now gone. what you can see, moving in both the northbound and southbound sides of 95, i would say, volume levels are certainly starting to build now, we can expect that as we push toward 5:30, but i would say interstate 951 of the once
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we keep our eye on first and for most, see moving in both directions, even in the northbound side, starting to heat up just little bit. make note of that. boulevard moving in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, looking good, i would say, this is holding fairly steady, and that's he can actually what we opportunity see as we push through the 5:00 and to the top of the 6:00. the vine looking at this, closed between broad and schuylkill earlier today. now all open on the westbound side and the eastbound side. looking good. i would say volume levels are kind of starting to heat up gist little bit. i would say that this is very normal, very typical in the world of traffic. and typical in the worlds of traffic is not a bad thing. downed wires here, in mays landing, new jersey, route 50 southbound past a.c. expressway, only the shoulder is getting by right now. jim, brooke, over to you. some incredibly inspiring stories are coming out of the boston marathon. >> yes, these runners cross the the finish line hours after the winners, but they really give true meaning to the term boston strong. three years after she lost part of a leg in the marathon bombing, adrian ran all
5:20 am
26.2 miles, on prosthetic leg, it took her almost ten hours, but she raised her arms in triumph that she finish the race. patrick downs also survived the bombing and he crossed the finish line at the exact time the first bomb explode in the 2013. >> all i did was just exercise for few hours, our city really, really beautiful city. i'm so proud to be from here. i'm so proud to have taken part in this. >> now, down's wife lost both of her legs in the bombing. he ran to raise money to help other people with disabilities. that's awesome. this is not, though. an argument between construction workers in china turns into demolition derby that you have to see to believe. check this out. the workers used bulldozers to settle some sort of dispute. several bulldozers rammed each other, tipping them over, and sending cars speeding from the scene. police say they made arrests, but won't comment any further,
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while their investigation continues. >> terrifying! >> drug store is trying to make shopping even more convenient. >> we'll let you know where you won't even have to hop out of your car to pick up your purchases. >> lining that. and fit for a princess. where you can see this famous wedding dress and the lessons local student are learning from it. most new wealth fs it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics
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princess. >> ♪ >> here comes the bride. and a bridal party of wedding dresses, that tell a story in detail from decades ago. like address requested out of the pages after magazine in the 1930's. >> she brought the image from vogue to her dress maker here in philadelphia, nina bell, and had it created for her wedding. >> a wedding guest dress slightly in distress. >> trains that have trailed through time. and finally, a true replica of a princess dress on display. philadelphia's princess, princess grace, of monaco. >> we wanted to celebrate the 60 ' wedding anniversary of someone who was so important to this community, grace kelly's wedding gown took 35 craft people, six weeks to create, this gown took three crafts people five months to create. the lays is very good approximation of the rose point lays used for grace kelly's gown.
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>> meet char chill a, grace kelly, century every bridal fashion exhibit at philadelphia university. >> every man quinn is the same, every ground is different, first gown from 1854 through the grace kelly gown, each object is telling a bit of history. >> and suited designers like maria -- maria are taking a page out every these design history books, making gowns iconic, but with unexpected material. >> this section is all wedding invitation. these are plastic bags. and these are plastic containers. it is really exciting, because everyone who comes into the library can see it. >> vittoria is out there giving out grades. >> i love it. >> that was vittoria woodill reporting. of today is the six of zero's anniversary of grace kelly's wedding. >> i thought that was great, especially, like a project runway, invitations --
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>> i think it is cool, too. artistic. >> coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", we are taking you inside a new state-of-the-art indoor playground. >> we'll show you what makes the place so special. justin? >> two weeks after that fatal amtrak 89 crash, we now know more about the crew that was working that day, and killed. that's coming up in a live report. >> and justin, we are once again in the midst of some quiet weather, despitehe passage after cold front. but eventually the rain will return. i'll tell when you do you have dust off the umbrella coming up
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who investigators say was allowed on the tracks, just before the deadly collision. thanks for joining us, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. also, checking weather and traffic together in just a minute. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day. it is the morning minute. >> rebounds, he scores. >> after that, it all fell apart for the orange and black. >> wind up, blast and score. tries again. scores. >> he is a dangerous individual, we're very happy to get him off the streets. >> suspect accused in the shooting after p


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