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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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michael strahan quit live. what we heard about tension on the set. >> in a perfect world i'd do it all forever. >> the new gig that got him to leave and who will be kelly's next co-host. >> plus who is really at fault for last night's dancing with the stars scandal. >> then doris roberts in her oww words. e.t. remembers the everybody loves raymond star. our 35 year look back with tv's ultimate mother-in-law. >> if you worry about what you didn't do yesterday, you're full of regret. >> and then stars like y
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who is the bombshell devouring a giant burger. yeah, girl. but there's some stars not at all like us. who snapchats when their life is in danger? >> and taylor swift opens up her home. >> do you want to see the rest of the house? we talk fashion, cats and calvin. >> i'm a very spontaneous >> she is revealing things that even the most die hard swifties do not know. >> aging isn't something that freaks me out. >> this is entertainment tonight. everybody loves raymond's doris roberts one of the most loved tv moms of all time passed away. we'll pay tribute to the primetime great. and there's a huge shake up going on. >> it's a big one. michael strahan is leaving live what was this mean for kelly ripa and why would he walk away from a $10 million a year gig? >> shocking tv news, michael strahan is leaving live with kelly and michael. >> the talk buzzing today about michael's jump to gma. in a statement abc news said
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strahan will start his show in september. he is not replacing any currrnt hosts. his new salary, well that's unclear but gma co-anchor robin roberts earned $14 million a year. that's 4 million more than michael's reported current salary at live. so what's the real story behind his live exit? we have two reporters on the story. bill carter that covers the media for cnn and e.t. senior news editor. >> there maybe another angle to all of this and there is that there was tension on the live set. e.t. has multiple sources that tell us the relationship with michael and kelly was never really perfect and didn't get better throughout the years. it stemmed from how quickly michael rose to fame after starting the live show. >> and this is interesting. a source at live tells us that kelly didn't know about michael's decision to leave the show until after to broadcast. >> we also hear that the
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relationship between strahan and the show's executive producer was really never the perfect match. >> strahan had nothing but praise for kelly and his live colleagues today. he wrote in a statement, kelly has been an unbelievable partner and i am so thankful to her and the entire team. >> i don't know what michael has been promised at gma but i think he's going to have to have a prominent role there to leave the show but i also think that the motivation for abc here may be that gma lost the lead in the morning that they had and they thought they had overtaken the "today" show and now the "today" show made a big come back. >> you want to remain on what's your angle? >> yeah, i'm never going. >> i was talked to him shortly after he started working on the morning show two days a week in 2014. >> live is my family. in a perfect world i'd do it all forever. >> well we hope that he can stay at gma for a long time. by the way, the search begins in the fall for a new co-host and who is going to get the seat next to kelly? >> it will be interesting. the big question here in new york today. some of my picks and the names we are hearing, neal patrick harris. we're hearing that four years ago he didn't have enough time to do this and now there's a little less on his plate so he's
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considering this. what about andy cohen and anderson cooper? the second anderson heard about this this morning and put in call and said how can i do this? what about her husband? everybody loves every time he sits in that chair. >> i don't know. i think working with your husband all day long could create problems. i'm going to throw out o you're not going to like it but he just quit dancing so maksim. why not? right? abc loves cross promotion. >> thanks so much. >> maks on dancing with the stars the show got hit by controversy last night. nyle performed a waltz that
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moved people to tears but then there was some anger when the judges totally messed up his score. >> former top model boss tyra banks driven to tears thinking she saw him get three tens but one of the tens on the graphics. >> the graphics are wrong. he really got 9s. >> when the judges make their they write them on to a that is the final score. >> i got the best dance of the week so i'm happy with that. >> despite the controversy he is in first place but there's mo drama. maks versus kim field's switched up partner >> that's literally not a waltz. it's like half a step. i can't even criticize the frame because there was none. >> he is usually with jodie sweetin. she was paired with val who is
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maks brother and thee came in second. there is favorism. he has to step up. you're going to come and replace me basically you better bring what i used to bring. >> if anything it just fires him up. >> she reacted to the loss of doris roberts. her grandma on full house. >> she'll always be a piece of full house history. >> so many people in hollywood have great memories of doris. especially her everybody loves raymond family. he said she had an energy and spirit that amazed me and did everything with such a grand love for life and people and i
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will miss her dearly. >> this is the last time i saw doris. about a week and a half ago she was going to see a movie. we found so many priceless moments. there she is when the raymond cast reunited. you'll see all of that in about 12 minutes. >> that was a fun reunion but we have a lot more to show you right now and i guess being royal is not quite good enough for william and harry because they really want to be jedi knights >> they are. >> tonight's know and tell. >> even princes get to be fan boys. william and harry duke it out jedi styles where star wars episode 8 is currently i production. check them out getting some looe. and we can't help but find this adorable. william having a moment with bb 8. >> how are you today? yeah? >> the royal brothers got up close and personal with all the
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props they hung out with the cast and harry got some pointers from luke skywalker himself mark hammel and william had to poke fun at daisy ridley. and scott eastwood and nina dobrev sparked major speculation. a source close to the actress tells et they're really good friends and nina has been hooking up with someone else and that someone else isn't famous. >> next as if you needed any more proof that rob kardashian is officially done with his reclusive ways we bring you the airport interview. >> you guys are a big deal now. >> rob is ready to talk about everything after landing in los angeles with black china including why he always wears the same outfit. >> how often do you change? >> here's an even bigger reveal. >> i take uber daily. >> and then rob broke the the reason his middle of the night drive to texas in january
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to bail blac china out of jail when she was busted for intoxication and ecstasy possessio >> i don't think i should say. >> but rob, if you're not allowed to drive, why did we see you behind the wheel last week? >> totally busted. >> he's a kardashian. he doesn't care. laws, what do laws mean. >> but they realize they're going to be on camera. >> no they don't think it through. they''e not thinking it through that far nancy. up next what you never knew about taylor her insecurities, her secret nickname and the calvin keepsake we found hidden around her
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rod. >> we got your back after your latest instagram. you watching calvin harri perform has the internet feeling all the feel and while we loved all 9.5 minutes of your home tour our faif is all the secret calvin references you have hidden. >> my boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for christmas. >> so sweet. but there's also the wall art that says you have successfully buried yourself inside my head. date february 26th, 2015. that's the day after the two first met at the britt awards and a photo of the couple from the night they partied at t billboard awards after party and there's lots of other cool things we learned thanks to those questions. >> what's one thing you still have? >> security. >> if you could raid a closet whose would it be? >> blake livel
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>> she has her award scattered all over her house. a grammy here. two vma moon men in the kitchen. >> what song do you wish you had written? >> the friends theme song because of the royalties. >> but we have to go full circle and end on one more secret reference taylor made to >> what is your favorite scented candle. >> tree house. >> do you know why? it's the same candle that calvin keeps in his studio. >> and still ahead tonight celebrity daredevil. motorcycle road trip and who is the sports illustrated cover girl zip lining in the cloud. >> then stars like you chaoing down on a burger. stars not like who rented an italian mansion
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next door to george ccooney. >> and a look back at the inspiring life of everybody loves raymond mom doris roberts. >> i'm a survivor. >> we'll be right back. >> closed captioning provided by.
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hungry. the right music and it's an instant commercial. someone not like you mariah. she got this more than $12,000 a night villa for free. it's an 18th century mansion near george clooney's pad and designed the 8 bedrooms and sparkley pool it has a bill yard room and working fountain. where else can she film her new edocu series. >> also kim and courtney kardashian. when your private helicopter has to make an emergency landing in iceland you have to snapchat it. don't worry, the gang is all fine. >> a seat belt was hanging out that was making a rattling noise. >> why are they wearing their
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seaa belt? >> it might not have gone with their jacket. >> here's another way the stars are like you or not. they have motorcycle riding with their friends. look at this. lady gaga hopped on the back of her fiancee's bike and went cruising around with his baag. biker sheik and ready for adventure. >> have you noticed once you become a parent you don't do those things anymore. >> right. absolutely not. >> apparently swim suit model and new mom brooklyn decker hasn't gotten the memo yet. >> okay. >> oh goodness. all right e.t. let's go. i have always been a little built of a daredevil. that changes now that i'm a new mom because i'm thinking my child and hissfuture. but i push it a little bit. >> new mom and dad chrissy and john getting information from
7:20 pm
brooklyn. >> you take them outdoors. >> brooklyn is a sierra club ambassador and her need for speed in the nines is for the services 100th anniversary. >> i grew up camping this is so muc >> listen, brooklyn someone tough cookie. at the super bowl in dallas she got caught in a freak ice storm. he pulls over the ice storm and brooklyn hops on the hood of the car and scrapes the ice off the windshield. she's like wonder woman. >> we will always know doris roberts as raymond's tv
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she won four emmy's and she sat down a ccuple of years ago. the bond that they all shared. everybody loves doris. >> we believe that we were the best there was and were. >> they were a real family. when they wereeall together they couldn't stop chatting and gossiping with each other. doris was a mother to them all. >> i do as much as i can. >> doris was 55 years old we first met her. 1981. the first year e.t. went on the air. she was starring in a now forgotten sitcom called maggi >> you don't worry about
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tomorro you don't know what's going to happen. you don't know what is going to happen so it just fills you full of fear and if you worry about what you didn't do yesterday you're full of regret. >> she won her first of five emmy's on st. elsewhere. >> endurance. >> hanning in long enough to win an award. e stands for emmy but also endurance. >> we got to know her as the sassy secretary in remington steel. >> i'm having the best time on that show. >> but it was in 1996 we embraced her into our family. audiences were just starting to get to know marie barone. >> this woman is just life. >> yourrback door is locked. >> we look it now. >> oh. keep the kids out? >> oh, that's a good idea. i broke a knife in it. >> doris survived by her son michael and three grand children. >> they're the joy of my life. this is devan, this is kel
7:23 pm
and this is andy. and they're fabulous. >> my mother marie, doris roberts. >> e.t. visited the set of raymond more than 20 times and we learned doris was a beacon not only for women in their golden years but all wom >> who other crazy broad do you know that is at 71 years of age. i'm out there and my kids tell me i rock and i'm rocking. i represent a world of women that are dismissed because they're older and i'm out there and working and winning awards. that's a great role >> yes it is. we'll be right back.
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pack include a private tour of lucas film studios. it's all online on >> travel considerations provided by. >> 10 million peoppe watched the voice last night and they had a surprise when they heard blake say that. >> that's probably going to be my last album. that's probably going to be my
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last album. coach on the voice from now on. >> that's not true and thankfully it really isn't true. >> it's not and blake was just joking of course because he said this album was going to be his last because he feels it's the best work he could ever do. that's why he's saying it will be his last. that's the title of the album out on may 20th. >> drop the mike best work. >> like i can be done now i feel so good about this one. there you go. bye, everybody. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do,
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>> me and my wife we're very han >> from romeo's modeling gig to cruz's shot at music stardom. >> justin bieber's manager has taken notice. >> we get in on the dancing love fest. >> i love val. >> who has the best gift for maks and peta's upcoming debuts? ♪ i'll make love to you >> and we look back at the legacy of doris roberts. >> shame on you raymond. >> the final interview with the television icon. >> i'm too blessed to complain. >> plus our insider bonus. kate hudson giving up her family secrets. >> what's the one thing that you inherited from your mom. >> watch out kanye, dropping the mike. >> come on kate hud. >> now hollywood from the inside out is the insider together with yahoo!.


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