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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: some undecided admitting sweet treat was good enough to influence their vote. >> mainly ice cream supporters but could change my mind a bit. >> new yorkers, you have always had my back. >> reporter: fresh off her new york primary win hillary clinton becoming a familiar face in philadelphia a head of the pennsylvania primary, making two campaign stops in the city, 's talked about his connection to that region. >> i have lived many years in philadelphia. john kasich is stumping
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hard in pennsylvania as well, allegheny county native is planning two local appearances tomorrow, one will be a town hall, on penn state's brand i wine campus in media. the other is at a republican dinner in king of prussia. and, front runner donald trump will take his campaign to harrisburg tomorrow, on friday, he is expected to rally with which supporters at delaware state fair ground in harrington, kent county. again, both pennsylvania, and delaware, holding their primaries next tuesday, voters in new jersey will cast their ballots june 7th. upper darby police say they have found a loaded gun inside a student's locker at bonner prendergast high school. school was will be down after student notified the principal he witnessed a drug deal go down outside the school. what the students involved had a gun. police say they search the school and found a 9-millimeter in a female student's locker. she was arrested. three other students were arrested on drug charges. just a beautiful day will turn into a chilly night and
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more changes on the way. let look first a at the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo outside on the sky deck, kate. >> it doesn't get much more perfect than this for a spring afternoon. sunnies shining. the it is cool, comfortable, not too hot, it is a goldie locks day, not too hot, not too cold just right. practically perfect today in philadelphia, top ten day this spring, certainly for your wednesday, temperatures were comfortable, sunny skies, low humidity and light wind, that, of course, is key this time of the year. we have had windy days but just a cool, pleasant breeze through the a afternoon and temperatures still about 5 degrees above average. we're at 70 right now. seventy-one allentown. seventy in reading. cooler down the shore. we have 58 in atlantic city. fifty-three in millville. zooming out you can see our next system starting to head our way. we are in the warm sector tomorrow and another warm one but notice showers and thunderstorms lining up along mississippi river. those get here on friday.
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i will time out your friday, and tell you when heaviest of the showers and thunderstorms will move through and what it means for you as well. now back inside to you. >> thanks very much. major delays, one of the main bridges in the delaware valley is under going emergency repairs, and that is causing some frustrating traffic jams. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live a at delaware memorial bridge with more on what is causing headaches, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, they say misery loves company and there is plenty of company here but i'm a's not seeing any love for the situation leaving new jersey. you have all of the traffic from the new jersey turnpike from 295, from all of the side roads and it is merging down to just one lane, heading here south, over the delaware memorial bridge. officials say this is work going on the bridge that has to happen right now. there is no way to sugar coat city and miles of snarled traffic is a pain.
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there was plenty to go around in south jersey heading down to the delaware memorial bridge. >> i kid you not we have been here for 90 minutes plus and this bridge another 20. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: some people sitting in bumper to bumper traffic faired better than others. >> taking phone calls, thank goodness for smart phone. >> i have my wife with me we are listening to music. >> reporter: some people come up with conspiracy theories. >> chris christie 2.0. bridge gate 2.0. facts add up. we have one lane opened. we have a bridge from new jersey going to the another state, i'm just saying. >> reporter: here's real explanation with officials from the delaware memorial bridge. during a scheduled project tuesday morning a contractor discovered three suspension ropes on the delaware bound span needed immediate repairs. so traffic is reduced to just the one lane furthest from the ropes. >> it is all about reducing vibration, reducing the weight of the bridge so they can dress the issue. >> reporter: spokesperson tj murray says closing bridge to just one lane during the day
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hasn't had happened in decade but repair work has to continue around the clock. >> our main priority is always the safety of our traveling public and this is only way we can address this. >> reporter: since this could last for several days some advice for army veteran jim curtis: bring supplies. >> gator aid, chips. >> i'm used to it. changes the in the military you are always used to changes. >> reporter: hurry up and wait. >> yeah, her i up and wait. >> reporter: live look from chopper three over the scene heading over the delaware memorial bridge right now, traffic is backup for miles. officials with the delaware river and bay authority say expect this for possibly, several days. they will not give us an exact time line right now, it all just depend on how quickly they can make repairs. oh, by the way the bridge is in no danger of collapse. reporting live i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cleve. we have more grid lock to talk about an overturned dump truck
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blocked eastbound schuylkill expressway this afternoon. chopper three near the university of knew exit. the authorities say one person suffered minor injuries. traffic is moving again in the eastbound lanes. man accused of shooting philadelphia police officer james mccollough is held without bail. the scott griffin was arraigned on attempted murder charges. griffin allegedly fired the shot that wounded mccollough in west philadelphia a sunday night. mccollough a is recovering at home, griffin's alleged accomplice samir coyett was arraigned yesterday. investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that gutted hunter's glenn apartments in burlington county. chopper three was over the scene on route 130 in delran this morning as smoke billowed from the roof. it took fire fighters less than an hour to get a handle on the flames. fortunately no one was hurt. the eagles surprising fans today with a blockbuster trade with the cleveland browns. >> they now have the second pick in the 2016 draft and sports director don bellies joining us live from the stadium complex a lot going on
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down there today, done. >> reporter: big day. this day was all about the the flyers but eagles stealing the headlines from now until the nfl draft, eight days from right now. now lets get you the details on the specifics of this trade. once again, the eagles trading with the cleveland browns to get number two overall selection in the draft. over the next two years the eagles will ship five draft picks to cleveland, meanwhile as you know they get number two pick which should a how them to take a one of the top two quarterbacks in this years drafts during mini camp practice today the general manager howie roseman had this to say. >> yeah, that is the only way you can make this trade is to be very comfortable with both of those guys. we have spent a ton of time investigating these guys, looking as well as what is out there going forward, looking at the quarterback market not only this year, next year, in 2018, and understanding although this doesn't fit an
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immediate need that this is a rare opportunity that we're in. >> stockpiling at the quarterback position. so who is on the table? well, cal jared goff is expect to go number one overall to the los angeles rams. two time pack 12 player of the year. that leaves carson wentz, fifth year senior, 23 years old, seasoned in that regard because he is an older player but he played in ncaa, division 1aa, so that is part of the concern there for him but once again eagles making a massive deal. the as i started off by saying this day was supposed to be about the fly guys n less than two hours they will take on the washington capitols as they try to avoid east limb nation. they are down in the best of seven series 03. we will take a look at morning skate here today and the head coach dave hakstol has got to make moves and he is doing that. we will see new line ups in the front line, and also beyond, and also in net, michael neuvirth will get the start as goalie.
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he had a career year for him. eighteen wins, and eight losses, on the season. the here's what he had to say about this massive start here tonight. >> i feel good about my game. definitely will play with confidence. you know, i have been flag well and i will be ready. >> we're worried about game four here at home and, you know, we know we can play better. we know we can play better as a team. we just got to go and enjoy the game here. >> reporter: you can't score -- if you can't score you cannot win for that matter. so the flyers out scored in this series 12-two so far, eight to nothing on the power play. they will look to get on against brayden holtby the great goaltender for washington capitals here tonight. i also want to let you know at 6:00 we will hear from the guys over at wip about this massive trade by the philadelphia eagles. that is the story from the sports complex, i'm don bell, back to you in the studio.
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>> big, big, day, thanks buddy, appreciate it. coming up on "eyewitness news" climate change and your health, doctors are saying climate change is an urgent health issue, the illnesses that they say might explode if the world does not make changes right now. plus a new type of clothe ago this takes you from the gym to the coffee shop and maybe even the office. change is coming to your wallet, we're not talking about changes in coins but wallet, we're not talking about changes in coins but bills, we will sho prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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well, president obama a is inside saudi arabia, it is his first stop on a week long trip to the middle east and europe. the president called on saudi arabia and other gulf allies for greater cooperation and military backing in the fight begins isis. members of the congress want the president to press the king over human rights issues and to raise the cases of westerners imprisoned in middle east. president obama will a tend a summit of the gulf cooperation
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council tomorrow. pope francis expressed his solidarity with those affected by deadly earthquake in ecuador. he told his weekly audience to pray for victims and those that are suffering there. more than 500 people were killed in saturday's powerful quake and 200 others are still missing. on healthwatch tonight doctors chime in on climate change issuing a new report saying it is a major threat to publish health. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details on that. >> reporter: don't usually hear doctors talking about this but college of physicians say many serious health issues are related to climate change and they say you need to be addressed immediately. extreme weather conditions like the historic flooding in texas is partially blamed on climate change by many scientists. now american college of physicians is warning climate change will have a devastating consequences on everyone's health, unless aggressive axis taken. >> we are the physicians of the nation and world that will bear brunt of taking care of most of the conditions, that
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result from a rise in climate. >> reporter: ac p says science is clear, and compelling that climate change can cause potential health problems, including heat-related illnesses, respiratory issues like asthma as well as insect and water born diseases. >> we have had more incidents of heat stroke then we have in the prior decade. infectious diseases, tic born diseases, lyme disease, malaria, dangy fever and more recently z ika virus has been associated with higher temperatures in parts of the world. >> reporter: there are concerns natural disasters and rising temperatures could lead to behavioral and mental health challenges. >> more stress, more anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: the group says it wants to convince people who are skeptical about climate change, that the health dangers are very real. the report says that the elderly, poor and sick are the most vulnerable to climate change health related issues.
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report also said that it should be tout in medical schools that medical students should learn about health consequences to climate change. >> perfect place to start. >> stephanie, thanks. >> check out the night skies, swirling around the celestial north pole. national weather service in seattle, shared this time lance image of the overnight sky. the celestial north pole is near north start, and also known as polaris. it is estimated that it is 433 light years from earth. it is out there, far away. >> yes. >> i bet you looked at stars when you were young. >> oh, yeah, i loved that kind of thing. i loved the universe. they said the voyager probe is moving so fast it could cross the atlantic ocean in five seconds and at that rate it will get to the next star in 73,000 years, that is how huge it is. >> unbelievable. >> share some decent weather news. >> sharing beautiful weather. what a perfect day outside. if you are a fan of star
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gazing tonight would be a great night to do it. full moon happens in two days. it is very bright. it is beautiful. it stars will be on display, this evening. it is a gorgeous evening outside. lets look at what is going on to our spring garden camera. we have deep blue skies, looking at intersection of the broad and spring garden streets in philadelphia. it looks gorgeous. it has been a perfect day, not too hot, again not too cool, not too windy, just perfection. you don't get much better then this for a spring day f we could bottle this and open it at 98 degrees in chicago and 20 degrees in january, this is kind of day we would tap into often. lets lot at time lapse from our live neighborhood network and see what a great day from sun up to sundown, sun hasn't set just yet but nothing but blue skies and not a cloud to be found over the city of philadelphia today. storm scan three shows the system churning over portions office central part of the country bringing scattered rain to portions of houston. western part of the city of
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houston got hit with the devastating flooding earlier in the week. they are getting a digsal rain here this evening. this is starting to be more progressive, front is pushing further east and that comes through on friday. in the meantime high pressure in control. we are looking at sunshine and pleasant conditions but on a clear night with light wind we know what that means it will be chilly. we will wake up to 47 tomorrow morning in philadelphia but notice spots across burlington, atlantic counties in new jersey down into the lower 40's and coldest spots, may see some frost. i have a frost advisory to tell but, very scattered, mainly cold spots in atlantic, burlington, ocean counties and portions of northern new jersey from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., that is actually tonight into tomorrow morning. mild stretch continues in the meantime, tomorrow turning breezy in the afternoon, and temperatures once again, well in the 70's, a nice mild day for us. showers will approach on friday. the first half of the day on friday looks generally dry, a shower or two but maybe even some sun. best chance have of showers and storms will be friday
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afternoon and evening and then that clears out and then we can end starts off on a beautiful note mostly sunny gannon saturday. you can see how dry it has been. we have not had any measurable rain and we have 2.74 inches below average so far on the spring. so with the dry conditions and wind picking up tomorrow, portions of the area will be under a fire weather watch through midday hours on your thursday, so again, not a great day to light up the fire pit, light up charcoal grill, anything like that. forty-seven overnight. clear, moon lit for your thursday sunny and mild becoming breezy at 72 degrees. eyewitness weather three day forecast, looking very nice, pass over begins sundown friday into saturday, looks beautiful for that. friday is day we could have showers and thunderstorms around but good news we have to have it happened it will get done before the weekend, right. >> true. >> very important next week. we will have the seven day next hour. >> thanks, kate. prominent ab licks is in harriet tubman will be new
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face on the $20 bill. she was known for bringing slaves to safety on the underground railroad is first woman on the u.s. bill in 100 years. she will replace andrew jackson. right now there is no word when the new $20 bill with tubman will be into circulation. still ahead on "eyewitness news", people magazine names its most beautiful woman in the world. any guests? do you like to binge watch shows? netflix wants to help you do that anytime, anywhere. also turning on ward children with special needs into fashion. it is not just a fun project but a fundraiser, find out the big goal on the other
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septa is helping boost disadvantaged small businessness our area representatives from the authority's procurement department hosted an open house, "eyewitness news" at septa headquarters and during that working session small business owners learned how they can do business with septa by pursuing contracts and purchasing opportunities.
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today's story of brotherly love a bucks county fashion designer inspired by her artistic grand niece is featuring work of the disabled children. >> they hope to raise money for other children and we met three of the artists behind this fashionable fundraiser. >> eight year-old hazel shaw can't speak, or move her body, easily. >> she was born with missing a piece of her ninth chromosome that has left her, pretty much were difficulty walking independently and speaking. >> reporter: but with help she has been learning to paint her colorful artwork under the eye of the debbie martin of debbie martin designs incorporated. >> she doesn't have a lot of mobility so she's able to move her hand and finger paint and it was very colorful. >> reporter: debbie had an idea feature hazel's artwork in scarves. >> this is hazel's painting with her hands. 20 percent of the sale price of each of hazel's scarves is going to a fund called hazel's hope raising money for
5:25 pm
playground for disabled children and research into treatment. the scarves proved so popular that debbie asked for more disabled children to submit their art. >> i immediately thought of adam's art and was like you got the to try this. >> reporter: one of the first chosen was by adam marcussoni who has autism. the his mom wendy stein showed off the final result. >> it is just gorgeous. i love heavies bryant it is, purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, red and white. >> another scarves by wendy a's three-year eld son nicholas who has asburgers. >> and then i get the a blue background with water color and then we go with the yellow faded off, into the background. >> such a great cause, and we have received so much help, from other people, so great to pay it forward and be able to help out, yes. the scarves line has already sold several hundred scarves
5:26 pm
since september raising $2,000. they hope this is just the beginning of the kid, helping kid. >> we hope to help a lot of kid make life ease year. >> by the way, the scarves are available on line and in several local boutiques, to find out where go to cbs everyone coming together. >> that is great. >> coming up in our next half an hour you asked for it, you got it. >> we are airing top ten good question segments in less than half an hour. find out why we close our eyes when we niece, alex. >> reporter: pennsylvania is now the 24th state to legalize mar medical marijuana a but one very important group will be left out. i'm alexandria hoff. i'll explain who and why coming up. also tonight targeted -- weighing in on the transgender bathroom issue. the change come go to stores
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos -
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sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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up in smoke, as people across the country celebrate 4/20 day unofficial holiday for recreational use of of marijuana a. one group in pennsylvania is completely shut out from accessing the drug, for medicinal purposes. not even the state's newly passed medical marijuana law can help them. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. cbs news poll find public opinions on marijuana legal says reached a new high. 56 percent of americans think marijuana should be legal, up from 53, of supporters last year. pole will pole find only 36 percent of people think marijuana should be illegal compared to 43 percent last year. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at penn treaty park in philadelphia to explain why this one group is barred from accessing medical marijuana, alex? >> reporter: well, good evening, medical mar juan ace now part of pennsylvania law. provisions will allow parents with sick children to get relief almost immediately.
5:31 pm
but even with this new law, veterans are largely left out. >> it is law. >> yes. >> reporter: on sunday, a heavy push that has taken two and a half years was sealed with a signature from the governor. >> we for the like crazy to make it happen. now it has happened. it is the law. that is not the end of the story. >> reporter: certainly is not according daylen leach who spoke at an event with governor wolf yesterday, regulations still have to be crafted and implemented and the industry itself must become up and running before medicinal cannabis can be utilized for those approved to use it. but since this is not federal legislation, it leaves out veterans who received their medical care through the office of veterans affairs. a federal program. >> the va will not be able to cover this under current federal law. they will just to have pay for it, okay or somehow find money to do it. >> reporter: active members of the pennsylvania national guard may have options, in securing coverage, otherwise,
5:32 pm
disabled vets who are unable to afford a prescription from private doctors may have to continue to wait, to see if federal hearings on dropping marijuana from schedule one narcotic pan out. again, we are talking there about medicinal marijuana in the form of oils, recreational use, well, that is another story. even though while many people are out here simply enjoying sunshine, there are others who find it, worthy of risking a city fine to celebrate to daze's unofficial holiday. reporting live from fishtown i'm alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, alex. in montgomery county, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane briefly takes the stand during a pretrial hearing in her criminal case. there are new developments that could have an impact on the start date of her trial. "eyewitness news", reporter walt hunter has that story. >> do you have anything to say, general. attorney general kathleen kane had no comment but her attorney told the court during a 20 minute hearing that she's appealing several legal issues in both local and superior
5:33 pm
court, meaning her trial, now set for august, could be delayed. >> appeals always delay what is happening in the trial corridor, we have to also move for a stay, but obviously that is a motion that would be made. >> reporter: kane's case now takes a legal turn similar in some ways of that of comedian bill cosby whose preliminary hearing here on sexual assault charges is on hold, as the superior court weighs an appeal request, kane's attorney strongly denying the appeals are a delaying tactic. >> it is not to delay the case. we're preparing a trial. >> reporter: as we have seen with the cosby case in this same courthouse appeals can become quite complicated. the court first having to decide if it will consider the appeal issues before then probably going forward and reaching a decision. the bottom line, appeals like the ones kane's attorneys
5:34 pm
reveal here always take time and if they push kane's trial date past when her term end in january she could face justice as a former, rather than current attorney general. walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three michigan officials are charged in connection with the flint water crisis. prosecutors say that deq supervisor steven bush and district engineer michael priceby refused to order chemical treatment that could have prevented the lead crisis. michael bassco is charged with evidence tampering n204 water going to the city of flint was not properly treated and lead from the pipes contaminated the drinking supply. >> if you break the law, there are consequences. mr. bush and mr. prysby altered test results. we have charged mr. glass co with felony tampering of the evidence by altering and falsifying reports. >> reporter: prosecutors expect more charges to be filed. police are asking for the public's help nationwide to
5:35 pm
catch the suspect who killed a fitness instructor at a texas church. forty-five year-old misty beaver as arrived at the church at monday to set up for her 5:00 a.m. work out class. her body was discovered by students who planned on tending the class. police released surveillance video of the suspected killer who dressed like a police officer. he was seen roaming the halls of the church before the murder. >> the person has a very distinct walk, there is just a distinct mannerism about this person that should be very apparent to somebody. >> authorities believe the suspect was already in the building, when the mother of three arrived, that she may have interrupted a burglary in progress. target takes a stand on the transgender bathroom controversy playing out across the country. target says transgendered customers can use rest rooms correspond to go their gender identity, the latest corporate reaction to laws slams by critics by lgbt.
5:36 pm
and, according to the gender on her birth certificate. >> still to come tonight an old friend, it is named world's most beautiful woman. >> holy ultrasound. no, really. holy ultrasound what a woman says she sees when she looks at image of her unborn baby. go from the gym to the supermarket, maybe even the office, without getting changed, a new type of clothing for women when we come right back, kate. >> today was a picture perfect spring day if only they could all be this way but we have rain in the forecast and ill will's tell you when it gets here and if it clears out in time for the weekend.
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ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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well, if you have ever paid with a credit card that has a chip you have probably noticed it takes a while to process. >> now visa is upgrading software so it does not take so long. company says it may take only two seconds now to register, normally you have to leave the card in while transaction processes and that takes 20 seconds. it does president sound long but if you have the line of people behind you, you can feel the pressure. >> been there, done that. soon you may be able to watch house of card and other netflix shows while off line, netflix ceo, now says, the company is opened to the idea of letting users down load shows, and movies, instead of just streaming them. this way customers will be able to watch off line in places like planes and subways. and just in time for summer, the bubalis only produced in the small area of it liz and growing demand is
5:41 pm
limiting supplies. i guess that means you have to buy more when you see it. >> that is right. and mom to be, see what she described as a holy image of her growing baby's ultrasound. now that photo is going viral. >> take a peak, do you see it? right there. allie meyer says it appears to show an image of jesus on the cross. the expected mom didn't even notice it at first until someone pointed it out, at her baby shower a week later. >> it looks like jesus hanging on the cross, and so we took a picture and blue it up to get a closer look and it is so much detail like you can see the hair and his legs crossed at the bottom and everything. >> myers baby boy is due in june and she likes to think that the image is a subtle message from god. >> how about that. >> look at that. peoples most beautiful woman in the world and the first photo of christie t
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
why should we trust a like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better.
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we're getting a first look at john legend and his wife christie teigen's new baby girl, teigen posted this picture right here of her with one week all luna simone on
5:45 pm
instagram. caption read hi, my lulu. this is teigen and legend's first child who were married in 2013. people magazine named world's most beautiful woman. >> it is jennifer aniston. insider's louie agear joins us from los angeles to tell us more. >> reporter: aim he not mad at that choice, ukee and jessica. so what is it about the 47 year-old that continues to fascinate. tonight we will go inside jen's beautiful rise to the top of hollywood's beauty chain. >> very excited, sort of teenagery kind of a moment of feeling very, very flattered. >> reporter: teenage dream come to life, at 47. as jen is bronzed, tone, and owning, peoples title of the world's most beautiful women. donning a floral dress for the cover, behind the scenes she puckers up in a slip dress while showing off her yogi flexibility with a smile. >> it is just the second time on the cover of peoples most
5:46 pm
beautiful issue. really special year for her. she's a newlywed and enjoying happiest time of her life. >> reporter: jen's current style can be summed up as effort less stylist sophistication but charlotte trick says that was not always the case. >> jen says that she was definitely very stylish. when she was a teen she was in a gothic phase, to quote her, in the the 90's she was all about mom jeans and cowboy boots and really she looked back and can't believe she wore this stuff. >> reporter: we will have so much more tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. get all of your entertainment news from the insider weeknights at 7:30 right the here on cb is s3. kate joins us now and man, this whole weather scenario we have had going the last few days, really, i can get into it. >> you can get used to this weather, forever. it has been just spectacular. today, in my opinion might be the best day just yet. it has been around 70 degrees.
5:47 pm
not too hot or chilly. we have had blue skies all day long. not even a cloud in the sky and not a lot of wind. if you like warmer we had 80's on monday. cooler with that cool, crisp breeze we had mid 60's last saturday. for my money today is it, takes the cake. things are changing just a little bit. lets look at what is happening right now, take you outside to the roof cam in center city, of course, live picture from where we are we have got a beautiful view here. so lucky. things looking great outside in center city tonight. great night to go for a walk, head to kelly drive, around art museum steps, iconic philly this things to dor owed hut on, grab food, sit outside and enjoy this perfect spring evening. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers. i bet they are loving this day as much as we are. you can see temperatures right around 70 degree mark. seventy-two checking in with alan in delran. the lots of sunshine there. 72 degrees. look at that clear, blue skies. that is what everybody is saying today. there is not a cloud for miles and miles: and sandor in
5:48 pm
newark at 69 degrees. almost said your name wrong sandor but i got it right, brought it back. blue skies, warm sun, what a nice stretch of weather, and what a nice stretch of weather it has been. cooler down the shore. the let's head into south jersey. this is not shore but mays landing. alex is at 59 degrees. he has got sunshine, chilly. dry conditions again today. plants need rain, on friday, they absolutely do but again just some great shots from our eyewitness weather watchers. i wanted to highlight wissohickon creek from phil looking gorgeous. what a great day. blue skies, in problems, lots of pollen out there let look at the what is going on, on storm scan three clear skies, high pressure in control not even a cloud to be found today, very, very dry air, low relative humidity out there this afternoon and this evening. humidity will be creeping up a little bit tomorrow and then certainly into friday as this next system approaches. you can see this lifting to the north and east, when you see this system lifting it is
5:49 pm
an indication that it is weakening. this front will not have a ton of force and energy with it coming through on friday and air has been so try but it will produce scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm, first time we have seen rain since last tuesday. temperatures right now still 70 degrees at the airport. zero seven in reading. seventy-one in allentown. much cooler 55 in wildwood. looking for a reason to get outside we have the meteor shore, debris from the comet thatcher radiates from the constellation, best viewing from midnight to 5:00 a.m. ten to 20 per hour. that bright moon will be full and that will limit view a little bit. looking bright with that bright moon tonight. future weather shows clear skies tomorrow. 11:00 a.m. cloud hold off. tomorrow afternoon a few more cloud but still a very beautiful day. friday scattered showers around in the morning, continuing in the afternoon but heaviest should be friday afternoon and friday night. good news is we will push it to the south and sun comes out early saturday morning. friday, expect showers, maybe a thunderstorm.
5:50 pm
possibly quarter inch to half inch of rain and slow commutes on both end and in the afternoon and evening. then that gives way to a beautiful weekend, 70 on saturday. sixty-six on sunday. both days fantastic for outdoor plans. overnight clear and moon lit, it is chilly, down to 47 degrees. tomorrow looks great, sunny, mild, breezy. seventy-two is the day time height. eyewitness weather seven day forecast friday is day we have scattered showers and then are storms that puts an end to the sun creek but comes back for the weekend and that is important. next week a chance have of showers monday into tuesday and we will start to turn cooler, by next wednesday, ukee, back to you. >> kate, thanks. you make it and philadelphia endorsed from fashion to food having a famous face a attached to the label can be ideal for companies trying to sell their stuff. >> as "eyewitness news" anchor jim donovan explains more celebrities are jumping on the fitness fashion band wagon and the big new trend, athlete leisure wear. >> reporter: fans of beyonce can now look like the queen.
5:51 pm
items from her new fashion line ivy park are now for sale. the it is part of the fitness meets fashion trend called athlete leash hure. kate hudson, carrie underwood and other celebrities have launched active wear lines. the point, make style establish, flattering clothe ago this can go from the kim, coffee shop and some cases the office. the multi purpose fashion helps widen the base of people buying these brands. meaning more money for the apparel companies. the fitness fashion market has been hotter then ever. according to u.s.a. today the last fiscal year nike's women's business grew 20 percent. that is more than twice the rate of the growth on the mens side in the same time period. it is in the just nike, according to research from the npdgroup from june 2014 through june 2015, women fitness apparel out paced the overall fitness apparel business growing 9 percent as compared to a little less than 7 percent in the entire industry. when talking about a multi
5:52 pm
billion dollar industry those percentages do add up which means more celebrity and brand wanting to cash in. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", can't stay up to watch good question at 11:00. >> we have you covered, we are rerunning your favorites on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. coming yup do we close our eyes when we sneeze? the answer to that good question is next.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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many of you tune in every night at 11:00 to see our popular good question segment but we realize not everyone can stay up quite that light. >> we thought it would be great idea to run top ten good questions on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. these are best examples of the segment which we launched back in january. >> back by popular demand why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? nicole brewer has the answer.
5:56 pm
>> you ever notice when you sneeze, you close your eyes. >> right. >> why is that. >> maybe it is just instant reaction. >> i'm not sure. >> putting me on the spot. >> why do we do that. >> it is called and involuntary reflection our brain is honorary mote control, it is taking it over. >> reporter: doctor ron danoff is physician at aria health. brain send signal to our nerve which then stimulates the muscle. >> every muscle is contracting, achew, including the muscles around our eyes. >> what do you do when you sneeze in the car? >> that is a good question. >> if you try to keep your eyes opened, you just can't. >> i heard it is impossible and if you do that your eye will pop out. >> i could see that happening, popping something. >> i'm guessing that isn't the case. >> in the waiting room when we have people sneeze do i not see eye balls on the floor. >> doctor rob says our eyes are secured by six muscles, so we won't do any damage, but what if you hold it in. >> when you hurt your ears what happened.
5:57 pm
>> i don't know where it goes exactly. i don't want to spray everybody. sometimes i will go, hold it in. >> is it healthy to hold it in. >> it will not hurt you most times but just a healthy response to get an irritant out of your nose. >> i let it fly. >> you don't care where you are. >> you shouldn't. >> so how fast does it fly. >> i don't know how they measure speed but it is estimated between 100, 200 miles an hour, particles of air and mucus when we sneeze, projectile will out of there. >> hundred miles an hour, wow. >> wow. >> mine are faster then a hundred miles an hour, 108. >> my advice if you have to sneeze, let her fly, just cover it up. >> i was just going to say i'm still learning how to do that. i use a lot of sanitizer. >> you got to have it. >> tonight another good question, what is the best time to buy or sell a home. you often hear spring goodies time to put your house on the market or look for a new home but is that the case.
5:58 pm
>> i guess you want to buy a home, after people have gone through a spring and summer season and not had any luck. >> what is the real answer to our good question? what is the best time to buy or sell a home? nicole brewer has the answer at 11:00. if you have a good question, log on to cbs question or tweet us, use #cbs-3 good question. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a blockbuster deal could bring one of these two quarterback prospects to philadelphia. golf. >> sports director done bell will break down wild trade eagles made this afternoon and what it means moving forward. campaign 2016, swings through philadelphia, hillary clinton is here and it is just the start of the several visits by candidates to our region. when they will be in our area. >> being his grandson was the most beautiful experience of my life. >> honoring his grandfather's
5:59 pm
legacy, derrick snider talks with our stephanie stahl about the lasting legacy of ed snider and his courageous battle with cancer. >> a gorgeous spring day it will be, nothing but sunshine, comfortable temperatures and low humidity, how long can we keep this beautiful stretch going? we have some changes coming up in the forecast i'll tell what you they are all right new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. pepperoni pizza or sausage what do you like better. >> he is not talking about take off but eagles gm howie roseman is betting on the future and bird have a chance to take one of the top two quarterbacks, in this years nfl draft following a blockbuster deal but what does it mean for the franchise moving forward? good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. we will get the right out to sports director don bell, hoist live in the sports
6:00 pm
complex in south philadelphia. don, everybody is going wow. >> wow. >> reporter: wow, it is right. absolutely shocking move by the philadelphia eagles a move that is felt here in philadelphia but all around the national football league. so lets check out the details of exactly what happened here today, this afternoon. the eagles sending five draft picks over the next two years to the cleveland browns for the right to take the number two selection and number fl draft which happens eight days from today. making this move will allow them to take one of the top two quarterbacks, in this years draft class. the general manager you heard just a few moments ago howie roseman who talked during today's mini camp. >> in the near future we have an opportunity to compete every year. that is starting at the quarterback position. by us having the depth chart that we have we feel stronger at that position then we have in a very long


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