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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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what really killed prince. we are at the scene of his shocking death. >> the autopsy today when an inside source is telling e.t. about his prescription drug problem. >> the story you haven't heard about the music icon from those that knew him best. >> have you thought about having the time to say good-bye. >> his lovers, sheila e., kim baysinger and carmen electra in tears. >> i just wanted to tell him that i love him. >> plus the musicians he mentored. >> he helped fulfill so many moments. >> there will never be another prince. >> only we're with mariah carey fighting back tears on stage. >> i'll never get over it.
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>> blake shelton on gwen. >> we have a bond that's remarkable. >> as the voice coach's kiss a tell. >> are you getting audio in get the microphone in here. >> now, for april 22nd, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. we are all still in shock over the loss of the one and only. the musical genius prince. we were all hoping it was a hoax but sadly it is all too real. >> michelle turner is in minneapolis for e.t. and has the latest on the death of prince roger's nelson. >> a sad day here at prince's paisley park studios. an autopsyygot underway this morning and was completed at 1:00 p.m.. the body is being released to family and toxicology results could take weeks to be completed. that was the big question. what was the cause of dea a source very close to the
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situation tells e.t. prince had the flu that turned into walking pneumonia and was dealing with a hip injury and had a problem with the painkiller percocet. we were told his issue with this narcotic dates back years. >> was there medication taken from the home? >> i'm not to get very specific on what was taken from home. >> there are reports that he could have been on percocet. have you gotten any information about that or talked to anyone abo that? >> this case is under investigation and i'm not going to talk about that at this time. >> this was prince's last public performance. he cancelled the atlanta concert the week before. >> no word yet on funeral plans. meanwhile prince's close friend l.a. reid made a revelation.
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>> one thing that spooked me about it all is he has a song called let's go crazy and it says don't let the elevator bring us. ♪ >> one time when i was with him privately he said you know what the elevator is, right? >> i said no. he said well the elevator is the devil. scared me. i don't like to talk like that but he said that. for me it is really haunting when i read that he was found in an elevator. >> people continue to come here to prince's paisley park studios to remember the singer but of all the tributes you have seen, this one is really sp it's mariah carey last night in paris. >> i'm not sure if everybody has heard the news yet that we lost one of the greatest, most incredible geniuses that we have ever had in mu >> you paid a very emotional
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tribute to your friend prince. what does he mean to you? >> i love prince since i first heard him and then later in life i got to know him and he helped me through so many moments where i needed somebody to guide me through. >> she talked exclusively to carley steel last night in paris during her european concert tour. >> i'll never get over it. >> i don't know if i would be able to put on a show and be festive but i said i'm in paris and that's what prince would want me >> let's have a moment of silence for prince. or you can shout as loud as you can. >> mariah wiped tears and dedicated one of his classics to prince. ♪
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>> i felt that one sweet day was an appropriate tribute for him and i felt like i was stumbling over my words because it wasn't rehearsed. it's not how can you talk about this? >> one thing that was cool and funny and made me laugh is he didn't like when people did his songs. he didn't like cover songs. otherwise i would have done something of his. >> he would have loved it. >> i tried. >> also getting a lot of attention today, justin bieber for his comments saying prince was not the last greatest living performer. i sat down with his colab ray to this morning and she addressed the controversy. ♪ >> well, he's not the last
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greatest living performer. some people think of it as a shot, you know? like a dig. what do you think about that? >> his timing was bad that's all. his timing was bad. >> have you thought about how you're going to say good-bye? >> yeah. i don't know if i can. >> still emotional, sheila here to minnesota to find answers on how prince died. she spent last night inside the artist $10 million paisley park compound where he was found unresponsive. it includes this massive reporting studio and this lounge area with large projectors and screens and this relaxation room that show cased the singer's love of purple. >> the monument is the museum. it's been a lot of fun in that building. >> i have heard there's an underground vault there that prince holds a lot of his recordings. >> there's a place down there that if tornado's happen that's where you're going to go.
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>> the bbnker. >> yeah. >> i got you. >> there have been reports that maybe there was a problem with painkillers. was he having trouble his hip still? >> you think about all the years that he was jumping off those risers. they were not low and they had the heels on. would have messed up his knees and him doing the splits. he was in spain all the time. >> inside prince's private world the 57-year-old reportedly didn't like the internet or cell phones. he didn't trust itunes or youtube and as for religion he converted to jehovah's witness in 2001. >> he was this different, weird, sexy person that we were weirdly and wildly attracted to and didn't understand why. >> how can be be prettier than me? i don't understand that.
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>> yesterday we were with the coaches of the voice still grappling with the loss. >> there will be never another prince. his music. his message, his movement, there's only him. >> i knew him got to hang out with him a bunch. not only him but what he did for a lot of us. >> the voice's event hit somber note. >> a little heavy and a little sad and depressed. >> he had an impact on the world. not just music. that's what hurt the most. we lost a super hero. ♪ >> but no one can deny the power of music and blake revealed to us his own duet with gwen stefani. >> we wrote the song which is very personal for us both because we obviously ha bond that is remarkable.
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it's as good of a song as i've ever written in my life. >> adam is gearing up for a bit of a music break. for good re >> how are you prepping? >> i'm ready to be a dad. >> it's not always great but it's what we're here for. >> i'm looking forward to adam having to wake up before noon or 1:00 for the first time in his life to go change his d i think the baby is going to do more for adam than adam is going to do for the baby. >> i don't know are you okay with all of this going on here? >> we all love it. okay. well on monday, 11 contestants will perform on the voice on nbc but over on abc will jodie sweden after being rushed to the hospital. she got hurt during rehearsals and the moment was caught on tape. >> no word on whether or not she will be cleared to dance or she fears this is the end of the road. >> one other quick update for you. you know all the drama
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surrounding michael strahan's departure from live. she was supposed to be headed out for a little getaway with her husband but with all the attention we learned sh head to another caribbean vacation spot. you get your privacy. we'll see if she returns on tuesday as abc has promised. >> i think she'll be back. >> i know she'll be back. there's a thing called a contract. she'll be back. >> the hit song that you didn't know that prince wrote. >> manic monday. how many do you know? because there's so many m and later we're with the women that captured prince's heart. carmen electra and his love interest from purple rain. which oscar winner did he try to turn into a singer? >> we'll be right back.
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hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> exactly how i feel whenever monday rolls around. who can forget that song from back in 1986 but did you know that it was actually prince that wrote it? that was meant for him but he reportedly decided to give it to the bangles because he had the hots for the lead singers. >> he wrote so many great songs for different artists and a lot of people are discovering the songs and saying prince wrote that? >> prince wrote the glamorous pife in 1984 and it reached
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number one on the dance charts and received two grammy nominations nothing compares to you became an international hit reaching number 1 in 16 different countries. >> prince wrote i feel for you back in 1979 and the cover in 1984 would be the version everyone remembers. it was so good, in fact, it won prince a song writing grammy for best r&b song. >> prince also wrote under different names. he gave manic monday to the ban gals. and under the name alexander nevermind and prince even went country under the name joey coco writing the song you're my love for kenny rogers. and prince not only wrote his for other artists inspired greatness as well. in 1983 stevie knicks wrote stand back. while she was recording it princeecame by the studio to help her finish the track.
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>> what a great song. he was a musical genius. prince's long time stylist said every one of his songs was a prayer or foreplay. >> no doubt. that's such a compliment. >> that's true. so many songs prince wrote were about his women and coming up next we talk to them includin an emotional carmen electra. >> plus how the stars of everybody loves raymond came together to remember their tv mom. >> she was the mvp of that show. i was a nobody. >> that is straight ahead. >> closed captioning provided by.
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and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> well, here is a beautiful image of prince. his second wife gave it to share with you and she told me last night innpart, prince and i had a magical journey together and i love him immensely. the love we shared, the music we made and our life together is forever engraved in my heart and then told me that it was actually prince that encouraged her to start her own charity over 10 years ago. she was an amazing woman and she did it. it is called in a perfect world and it is for children in some of the poorest parts of the world and get this, she said that she just reached out to prince a few days ago to let him know that she was building a
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school in his honor and she told me, quote, my heart aches that the school will now be built in his memory. she is just heart broken beyond words over his passing. >> wow. that is amazing. so glad she is doing such positive things. she was one of the beaut women that captured prince's heart and inspired him. in tonight's big piiture. prince's music. >> i think more than. >> sorry. i wanted to tell him that i love him. >> she was tara patrick. prince discovered her and changed her name and molded her into a sexy singer. in her only interview she opened up about also being his lover. >> did you have a romance? >> we did end up having a romance. he said i believe in you and i want people to take you serious and people know that you're my girlfriend they're going to think that i'm just doing this for you because you're my girlfriend. >> the romance would end when she moved out to pursue her own career in l.a.
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>> he sent me a little letter and c.d. and it was a song the most beautiful girl in the world and the letter said until you love me again, the most beautiful girl in the world. ♪ >> she was the love interest i purple rain. she was coy about a love affair between the two. >> i don't kiss and tell we work together. we sing together. we write the lyrics. we share clothes. we care for each other. we have respect. >> purple rain was inspired by the singer that dropped out of the film when she broke up with she died in february of health related issues at the age of 57. the same age we lost prince. >> it was
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>> music seemed to connect to his romance. he even tried to turn her into a singer. but living in prince's spotlight wasn't easy. >> well, you have to deal with the reaction. >> his first wife. the mother of his deceased child told us they lost touch after their split. >> we don't really have much to talk about. we don't have any child >> also ballerina missy copeland and marvin gaye's daughter. no other performer could capture his heat. so it's easy to see why the ladies were caught in his spell. >> you've never seen a star like that. with the sexuality. >> he's all man but he's very in
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touch with his feminine side as being a strong man and that was that was sexy. he was like i have eyeliner on but i'm a man and i'm going to go kill it. >> see that was the beauty of prince. >> he actually buried the lead because your wife was caught up in the spell. >> she was. back in the day she went on a few dates with prince. there's a couple of insights she wanted me to share. at the time she was this wild child opposite this music icon that kindly and compassionately called her out on it and encouraged her to be a more generals you version of herself and the other thing is that in their days together he didn't even make a move on her. complete gentleman. all shy and so, so sweet. so maybe a little insight into
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the man behind the music. >> he was a gentleman. earlier this week ray ramono lost a beloved member of his family. >> and last night we got the chance to talk to her for the first time since we all heard the sad news. >> she meant so much to all of us. >> ray spoke at a comedy benefit one day after the raymond cast got together to remember the real wommn behind marie barone. >> don't let them touch you. >> as much as she was this overbearing intrusive mom, in real life she was just there. >> it was sad to see her go. >> also her tv granddaughter. >> always had really wise words& and, you know, it's really such a it's really sad to see her go. >> they were with us today. tomorrow is the anniversary of another loss. sawyer. jeffrey was her real life brother that committed suicide after suffering from mental illness.
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elizabeth launched a website honoring her son and raising awareness. >> he lives on and it creates a legacy for him is super important for me. >> we will have much more of this interview this weekend on e.t. >> more of our memories of prince coming up.
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>> this weekend we'll have a full tribute to prince on e.t. a legend gone way too soon. good night everybody. ♪ eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition that increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. you could be one of them. small lifestyle changes can help you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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gloverwhen i visitedi knew whmy family in georgia.ike when i saw bernie sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation, it was powerful. dr. martin luther king jr. was building a poor people's movement where blacks, whites, latinos, asian-americans would come together around economic justice, and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us. that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ >> number one, prince tributes rocked the spike lee's dance party at the apollo swarmed by fans and broadway's purple rain as
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hollywood says good-bye. >> the inside prince's empire. what will happen to his $300 million and his hidden vault of hits never heard. >> how many songs? >> and number three, why prince gave kim k. the boot. ♪ >> plus our insider bonus. prince's fashion rain. >> trend setter that wa afraid to push the boundaries. >> the heels, the sparkles, the ruffles. >> he really didn't care what people thought o >> how hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo! >> hello everyone and welcome to the insider. >> and we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> no bigger story right now than the untimely death of music icon prince as the investigation


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