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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 24, 2016 3:05am-3:36am EDT

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welcome back everyone. new tonight delaware county high school marching band gets back together and after 50 long years, well, they proven they've still got it. ♪ >> they sound great. cardinal dougherty alumni band celebrated the 50th anniversary of the band winning the world's music competition in holland. the group embark on european tour and even performed for the pope and other world leaders. prom night at dupont hospital for children in wilmington. this is eyewitness cam video of excited teenaged patients making their grand entrance. they were dressed to impress clearly looking very sharp. hospital staff and family members all made this a night the children will never forget. coming up next the latest from
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well to an expanded edition of "eyewitness news" tonight i'm natasha brown many very latest on our top story. the search on for a gunman who police say abducted a woman and sexually assaulted her in cobbs creek. the woman told police she was forced into the suspect's car at 49th and lancaster around 4:00 o'clock this morning. she says she was then tied up and sexually assaulted. the vick testimony was able to free herself around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon at 57th and large wood and she was taken to the special victims unit. tonight, the community is on edge. >> i'm just glad she got some help 'cause because that's scare reach stuff like that don't happen around here. >> just after that i went to grab my sister from somewhere, and it's like i told her stay where she was, wait for me. you want to be careful. there's too much going on out here. >> police are still searching for the suspect. they say he has dread locks an
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long beard. meantime pop super star prince has been laid to rest two days after his sudden death zen shock waves around the world. crowds gathered outside prince's paisley park mansion in minnesota today family and close friends gathered inside for a private service. publicist says that his body has been cream mated and will be interred privately. a musical celebration of prince's life will be held at a later date. and we've have new details on very horrible story. intense manhunt is underway for the suspect who's killed eight members of one family in ohio. investigators say they have now received an overwhelming amount of tips. cbs news correspondent david begno tells us 911 calls reveal the moments these victims were found.
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>> ohio's attorney general released 911 calls a day after the execution style murders left this small ohio town realing. there are few clues about the killings that are spread across four crime scenes. all eight were members of the road den family. seven adults an 16-year-old young man. >> i just found marques with a gunshot wound. >> is he alive? >> no, no. police work through the night expanding their search to try and fine the killer or killer who are still on the loose. one man was detain at gun point. he was one of 30 people questioned young the victims. grandmother dana and her daughter hannah who was killed with her four day old child laying in bed beside her. the child was unhurt. authorities have said it appose some of the victims actually tried to put up a fight before being shot dead. others were killed in their sleep. to the person who comes forward
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and gives authorities the information they need to make an arrest in this case, cincinnati businessman announced saturday he'll give that person a $25,000 row war. cbs news pike county ohio. ♪ now to campaign 2016. the presidential candidates and their surrogates are criss-crossing our area just ahead of tuesday's crucial primaries. former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife hillary at the dining car in northeast philly today. and he also spoke to supporters in montgomery and delaware counties. he asked pennsylvanians to vote for the democratic frontrunner. >> we have to pull this country together again. we got to quit being small and petty and meek and divided. that's what she wants to do and we can do it so we can all rise together. (applause). >> former president also visited the irish rover station house in langhorne, bucks county. he took pictures with customers,
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shook hands and even signed autographs. and now the republican presidential candidates are also working very hard to pick up those last minute votes ahead of tuesday's five state primary. correspondent brian web shows us why donald trump and his campaign are not exactly seeing eye to eye. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging at a campaign stop in connecticut. he took aim at the election process he calls rigged and hillary clinton who he calls crooked. it comes after trump advisers insisted their candidate would tone things down. this is crooked hillary clinton. people start yawning and leavi leaving. >> the whole thing is a disastrous. >> his rival ted cruz is in indiana today where he critici criticized both trump and clinton as politician who can't keep their promises. >> usually they talk good on the campaign trail, then they get an office and be tray us.
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i have to give donald credit. he's betraying us before he got elected. >> reporter: clinton spoke with working families in new haven, connecticut, today, a good showing on tuesday would give her nearly 90% of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination. >> going to take everybody wor working to turn that around and to get back to where we're really trying take care of people. >> reporter: bernie sanders isn't giving up yet. he couldn't to do attack clinton on her connections to wall street and support for wars in the middle east. >> secretary clinton heard the same evidence that i did. she voted for that war. >> reporter: republican candidate john kasich campaigned in rhode island. he's trailing trump and cruz heading into tuesday's primary. brian web for cbs3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania is a crucial state for both parties. face the nation moderator john dickerson tells us ukee washington -- tells our ukee washington that is delegates in the key stoat stone state will play a very important role in
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selectinselecting the party nome he says bernie sanders really does need big win. >> he can't just fight her to get even he has to beat her by 10 points to be able get enough delegates to even come close to matching or -- excuse me that slinging lead she's already got so it's not just that he has to get to zero. he has to beat her by a lot and a lot of different contests. >> john, let's flip the script could the commonwealth of emerge as key player in crowning the nominee there are unpledged delegates in the republican race who are not going to be tied to anyone candidate. and so if donald trump doesn't get to the 1,237 he needs to have majority of delegates, unbound delegate, unpledge delegate is going to be gold for him because he's going to be trying to make the case to that unbound delegate so he can win on the first ballot at the convention. so it may become the key state of all key states or more
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appropriately the actual delegate from the state may be the ones that make the decision in the end. >> tuesday is going to be huge. john dickerson as always we appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. >> thanks, ukee. join john dickerson on face the nation tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on cbs3. and now as pressure mounts on pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane candidates are lying up to succeed her. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us several want her job. >> reporter: five men from five different backgrounds and different parts of our state told "eyewitness news" they believe they are the best person to replace outgoing attorney general kathleen kane. she's had several legal troubles over the past year involving grand jury leaks and pornographic e-mails. we start with republican state senator john rafferty from collegeville. >> how do you move past the dark cloud that hangs over the attorney general's office right now?
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>> your word and office going forward will be a place people will look out for professional responsibility, will be look at for one that's going adhere to the commonwealth attorneys act. decisions are not going to be made for political reasons or personal vengeance. >> kane was indicted last year an nounsed in february she would not seek re-elect. allegheny district attorney steven zappala says kane broke the trust of pennsylvanians. >> i've been district attorney for 18 years and i'm going to do for the office of the attorney general what i've done as district attorney. i'm going to go in there every day and we'll demonstrate the issues which involve the people of pennsylvania in this case opposed to the people of allegheny county first and for most on everybody's agenda. >> during our interview with each candidate we talk about other pressing topics like medical marijuana, just signed into law by governor tom wolf on sunday. shapiro is the chair of the montgomery county commissioner
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and says the medical marijuana roll out will be a primary in his administration. >> i think it's important that the players who are selected to run these dispensaries are reputable. i think it's important that we learn from the other states where medical marijuana is already legal how it should be dispensed in a way that doesn't it up too many barriers for people who need it for their kids or or whomever. >> republican candidate joe peter is that so former police officer and police chief. he served in the clinton and george w. bush administrations. we asked him about police and community relations. something that's been strained recently across the country. >> the good cops don't want dirty cops because it gives everybody else a bad name. it's probably true in every other profession. doctor, nurse, tee which are, you name it. and we have a responsibility and an obligation not only to protect and serve, but to honor the civil rights and civil liberties and to be the protector of those for all the citizens. >> but in the end john morganelli the democratic district attorney in northampton
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county says it's all about experience he claims the most experience in the race. >> i've done 25, first degree murder cases to verdict, and i've taken off the streets some of pennsylvania's most dangerous criminals. i'm asking the voters to look at my record as a prosecutor in the courtroom doing murder cases doing investigations in the grand jury. >> all five men plan to crit cross pennsylvania through the election on tuesday. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania and delaware primaries are this tuesday april 26th. new jersey's primary is jun june 7th. as we gear up for tuesday's primaries a look at one of the most con testified races in the area plus still ahead our alexandria hov off sits down with the four candidates who want to represent pennsylvania's second district. >> lauren. >> sunshine in store for sunday but r
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welcome back. take look. monster fire burning out of control right now in gilbert, arizona. this at five alarms at this point. you're looking live at firefighters try to tackle this blaze. the fire erupted at an apartment complex that was under construction. nearby homes have been evacuat evacuated. residents say burning embers are actually falling on to homes
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miles away from this fire scene so again a five alarm fire burning out of control in gilbert, arizona. no word of any injuries at this point but evacuations are underway and no word yet on cause. all right. lauren casey is with us with a check the forecast. another sunny day tomorrow. >> yes. and then some rain in the forecast. we need everything to green up nicely. >> that's true. >> speaking of things in colors, check this view out of the ben franklin bridge it will up in purple to honor prince. hell hoe philly showing some pride there representing, showing some love for the purple one. purple reign. look at that moon. it was full yesterday. so nearly full today. just a gorgeous shot there of the ben franklin bridge honoring prince and, yes, we do have clear sky conditions giving us a great view of that moon this evening and clear skies will last tonight and through the day tomorrow giving us a nice round
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of sunshine. mild temperatures so a bit cooler tomorrow but temperatures right around average and we cruise well above average as we head into monday. we bring back the rain chances starting on tuesday and we'll have several rain chances as we head into next week but for right now all clear skies and cooling temperatures. 56 degrees we get live look at center city physical. that north wind now in control ushering in that cooler air. wind speeds up there around 12 miles per hour and temperatures are really starting to fall especially north and west of the city down into the 40s low 40s in the poconos. nearing the 40-degree range in lehigh valley we're at 56 in fill. 53 right now in ac. 54 in millville, and you might have noticed especially this morning and yesterday a little bit of a sticky element to the atmosphere feeling a touch muggy dew points about that sticky factor check out the dew point change over the last 24 hours. much drier air building in and that will stick around through the day tomorrow. compliments of this northerly wind flow driving in that drier
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and cooler air and still bit of a breeze its many of our roaring sites right now. storm scan3 showing us a bunch of nothing the rain has well cleared on out. the cloud deck cleared on out as well as and high pressure moving in taking control of our weather pattern and that is the case really as far as the eye can see clear sky conditions across the eastern half of the country so nice and quiet for tomorrow and tonight mostly clear chilly breeze down to 43 degrees. that means our wind chills drop into the 30s by tomorrow morni morning. so chilly start to our sunday. but then as we head into midday and into the afternoon, no problems there. 66 degrees. less than a breeze and bright sunshine taking it throughout the day can't say the same as we head into next week. we'll see rain chances especially on tuesday. wednesday we return to dry conditions and then thursday it's back to shower activity so kind of leave that umbrella by the door was you'll teed to use it several days into the work week. fast forward on future weather because we don't need to see tomorrow or monday it will be all sunshine in store but as we
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head into monday night, showers start to build in especially north and west of the city even into tuesday morning we could be dealing with scattered shower activity as we head into the second half of the day we get that heat of the day. so destabilize the atmosphere we can see around of thunderstorm at activity roll through the delaware valley as we head into tuesday afternoon and evening. but for tomorrow, all is quite a little bit cooler down the shore 60 degrees a cool breeze off the ocean. a beautiful day in the poconos. great day for a hike. 58 degrees under abundant sunshine as i mentioned as we head into monday temperatures warm um. 77 degrees we will have to dodge some showers an few thunderstorms as we're heading out to primary in pennsylvania and in delaware back to dry weather on wednesday and a little bit cooler at 66 degrees. then it's back to rain in the forecast with chance of showers on thursday. mainlmainly dry on friday. back to sunshine on saturday. those temperatures 60s and 70ss all the way through.
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>> that's all that matters. thanks, lauren appreciate it. >> to our continuing coverage of campaign 2016. the second district which actually stands north and west philadelphia plus a portion of the montgomery county it is poised to see the most contested congressional race in more than two decades. the four democrat cat tick running including chaka fattah eager to sit down with alexandria hoff to help educate voters just before the polls on tuesday open. >> reporter: in attempt to unseat an 11-term chaka fattah -- >> u.s. congressman second district pennsylvania. >> three candidates joined the long-time incumbent in race to represent a large section of philadelphia and part of the montgomery county in washington. >> second congressional distri district. i'm running for united states congress in the second congressional district. >> i'm running for the second congressional district in pennsylvania. >> reporter: why have you decided now is the time tore run for this office. >> after the congressman facing some of the challenges he's
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facing i i knew a lot of people would be looking for an altern in a at a time. >> chaka fattah challenges we'll come back. let's start with priorities on capitol hill. what would be first on your agenda? >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> in 1980 at the age of 26, dwight evans was elected to state senate with a drive towards economic development. >> my experience i've learned in harrisburg in the last 36 years about neighborhood building, block by block and the importance of what neighborhoods mean. education would be the first thing on the agenda in washington. it would be education policy. >> lower merion township commissioner brian gordon is a lawyer who placed large emphasis on civil rights and school funding g what we shall be thinking about and doing look at the industries that we have and we should really be preparing kids closely for jobs in the industries that we have. >> attorney dan mew off's clear efforts towards creating affordable housing and combating gun violence. >> if elected one of the first things i would do introduce
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legislation to make mandatory criminal backgrounds checks a priority for a nation. >> i serve on the appropriations committee. i'm the senior member of congress for my area, and there's no place that you can look to in philadelphia and not see my work. >> congressman chaka fattah served the second district since 1995. >> the choice really is whether we want to start out with having a freshman in the minority party and a place with seniority is everything. >> reporter: the elephant in the room is the trial that congressman fattah will face next month on federal corruption charges. >> do you fear any of your voters have lost any trust in the process? >> i will get re-elected and continued to my work because i think we'll get these charges are not going to amount to anything. >> reporter: do you feel like the taxpayers in the second district have been shorted by the current congressman. >> i got into this race not because he was inn died. i got into this race because when he was indicted i new
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people wine looking for change. >> putting aside the inn dime he's done some wonderful things for philadelphia. he's brought millions if not billions dollars to the city and he hasn't addressed the more fundamental problems of poverty, of violence of the brokenness of schools. >> i think that it's important that everything be on the table, that we should be very guarded about how we handle the public trust and it comes 26th the voters will make that decision. >> i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news". stay with cbs3 "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 including tuesday's primaries in pennsylvania and delawar
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